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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 9, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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exposing deep truths in denmark's adoption system. a witness documentary on al-jazeera. saying you have no idea what it means for me to be here together with all of you. brazil's former president lula da silva is freed from jail after a supreme court ruling. i'm stan grant this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. a wave of anger on the streets of chile a day after the president announced tougher measures against violent protest. iraq's top clear it calls for more protesters who killed there in clashes with
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security forces a ring of fire fears bush files will get even worse as people rush to get out of their homes. until a police of firing tear gas and water cannon at protesters who were throwing rocks in response. this was the scene in the capital santiago just an hour ago demonstrations 1st began over a hike in metro affairs but have now spiraled into widespread anger against government economic policies more than 20 people have been killed nearly 2000 others injured in violence over the past few weeks allen american editor lucien human is live in the capital city i've got 3 weeks of those previous protests now
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and we're continuing to see this tension grow. absolutely stan we're now entering day 23 of these protests there continuing it's been a very very tense day indeed while tens of thousands of people are gathering peacefully in. the main area of midtown santiago called. on the periphery there were groups of people wearing masks. throwing stones and trying to destroy private and public property looting the most significant incident was when they set fire to a mansion that's more than 100 years old that houses the university of. fire trucks tried desperately to get there but barricades have been built all around there are some of the protesters tried to help the firefighters when they finally managed to arrive but the building has been consumed by the blaze in fact
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many of the protesters have tried to appeal to these violent groups to please join the peaceful protests but to no avail in fact and right where i'm standing now there was a confrontation a short while ago between some of the residents and another small group that tore down street signs set fire to a rubbish bins and other things right behind me the the fire fighters just a short while ago were here and put out the blaze that was a barricade in this part of the town so this is happening in many parts of the city and in the country right now and it happened just as president peña. less than 48 hours rather after stamping it out announced what he called measures to try to stop what he describes as organized crime violence. you're about supposed. to stop this violence we look at the 3 weeks that these protests have been running we've seen consistent from piñera rejected by the protesters we've seen
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a crackdown an investigation. it's abuses and still we see this momentum and more and more people on the streets how is this going to play out. i don't know i can't answer that but what i can tell you is that the human rights charges continue in fact the health minister for the 1st time conceded today that many of the injuries that we're seeing would can be classified as abuses of human rights are a lot of people injured tonight from bullets fired by the riot police shotguns and rubber coated. bullets as well pellets but there also there's also a lot of vandalism a lot of looting and nobody knows how to stop that there is a moment of movement calling for people to get together to propose much deeper more profound reforms than the ones that the president has offered so far today
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a very significant one was announced by the minister of finance who signed an agreement with the opposition parties or most of them at least to raise taxes on the richest 2 percent of chileans this is quite significant but not enough clearly to stop these protests from continuing because people of calling for far more profound social reforms than the ones that they're being offered at least up until now because we see a thank you for that joining us live there from santiago now to brazil and with the defied the former president has walked out of prison after 19 months. of the was supported surrounded. in the city of probate or a judge ordered his release after brazil's top court ruled to end mandatory jail time for convicted criminals who have lost their 1st appeal who was sentenced to more than 12 years in jail ahead of last year's presidential election the.
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above now. you have no idea of the significance for me to be here with you i who my whole life talked with the brazilian people never thought that today i could be here talking with men and women who during the past 580 days were here saying good morning lula good afternoon lula and yelling good night lula no matter if it were raining if it were 40 degrees or 0 degrees. valentyn assad is with the atlantic council's latin america center and she says despite lula being barred from running for office he is likely to use his strong base of support that he continues to have his supporters are still very much engaged with him and see in him a central figure for the life that he is definitely someone that is bringing a changing point to a deal left in brazil this is a inflection point for the left in brazil and they would take less release and is
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this just momentum to actually unify themselves in this industry. fight that they have for social causes and inequality in brazil and i think that this is also a year of lay's definitely not going to be able to engage in public in politics not going to be able to be a politician himself again or run for anything political but he's definitely going to be a vocal voice in the political scene in brazil let's talk more about this now to raise a bar in são paulo to raise a fur defied figure still a very popular figure how is this going to play in brazil. well that's what many people here are wondering about what happened today when love as he left the prison with his fist up high in a way proclaiming victory he also said that he's ready to fight it's not clear yet
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how he's going to do it because in brazil because of what is called known as the clean slate he would be banned from running for office and that's why he's asking not totally to be happy to be released from prison but also he wants all of those cases against him to be canceled and that's has been one of the calls that he wants to be proclaimed innocent a little fever left a prison today as i said before with his fist up high he told people that they were the voice of democracy there were hundreds of his supporters out there he told them that when he was imprisoned they were trying to kill an idea not only a human being and he also attacked the federal police the judiciary among others saying that he had been in a sense all along about the trial against him has been flawed in the law was imprisoned last year he was accused of receiving bribes from an engineering company in exchange for public works contracts as i said before he's been insisting that
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he's innocent but in spite of this all of this investigation was part of the car wash over option investigation that was handled by the very controversial judge here in brazil known as federal model who went from being a hero or who is a hero for many of the people you talk to here in brazil to being by many of manipulating many of the cases that he's handled model is right now the minister of justice here in brazil is very close to joey to natter on many say that lula was imprisoned in order to help boards on how to become president because of what happened this day brazil is more polarized than ever and we do know that this saturday there's going to be protests against against the supreme court's ruling but also lula will be arriving here to some but not of the where he's from where thousands and thousands of people will be waiting for him. there is about live from sao paulo now to iraq and 17 rockets have landed close to an army base this south
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of the city of mosul they are a base also houses american troops which are part of the u.s. led coalition helping you iraqi forces battle remnants of vassal they've been no reports of casualties and in the iraqi capital baghdad they have been more violent protests the iraqi commission for human rights at least 23 people have been killed in the un wrist since sunday iraq's top cleric has called for calm. has more from baghdad. for 18 year old on this day at this hour the music must be mournful sitting among fellow protesters he places clarinet in tribute to the hundreds of end up he's killed since anti-government demonstrations began in early october and says this is the best way to convey his feelings. my house is on fire when i play the said music because i remember that they all have a mother waiting for them they gave the souls for us they sacrifice these souls for
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this country. here in and around but that is to hit a square a cross-section of society in every direction a span of generations the elderly taking great enjoyment in teaching the young the importance of this moment when you're sincere more than anything else is the result of protesters committed to coming out day after day demonstrators with herman to affect trade doing for sure a better future for it off and on. the scale of these demonstrations is unprecedented the mood in some areas positively joyful yet activists tell us this movement couldn't be more serious and they believe things are far different this time and you know a lot of that in previous protests it's been limited to the youth but with these protests after our youth were killed we felt the need for all of us to come out when men and men elderly people the young and even children have come up with these
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protests now everyone wants change many here also lend a helping hand some brew and give away a. while others like the distribute flyers advising protesters out to stay safe and we all have rights in this country and if we don't act like no one is going to get whether or not government officials ultimately understand the magnitude of these protests makes no difference to that area who says protesters will not be deterred we've done it again that would be and runs by you and they say go back to arsenal continue your life everything will be all my new life still going to be all over many of our friends are natalie's getting die here this is not going to be all over until we had our ice here and now and all keys are raising their voices like never before some scenes like the one put on by this street theater group are showcasing iraq's plight in ever more creative ways as a country bullied by regional and international allies fighting hard to stand on
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its own 2 feet a happy ending for the assembled crowd who hope one day this outcome will be more than just fantasy. and dizzy but that. a spokesman for grand ayatollah ali al sistani is urging the military and police to avoid using excessive force against the protests in the last half hour a lot. to judge out the peacefulness of the protests in the various forms should be paid great attention the biggest responsibility is on the security forces they must avoid using excessive force on peaceful protesters. still ahead on al-jazeera the indian town of the whites according verdict on a controversial piece of land that sacred to hindus and muslims adding fuel to the fire how protests in lebanon are affecting a fragile economy. how
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i think weather is just about changed over mainland china knows that much time in the sky what's developing is still coming out of the high ground to the west but the action is down the south china sea it is another tropical cyclone developing here it will drift towards vietnam along the quiet weather behind it it's slowly cooling down it's 19 in shanghai is 27 in hong kong humidities quite down a long way down there except for the west with a ground rises this cloud does develop rain every now and again now given what's happening in south china sea and give not stockton's drifting towards vietnam is gathering most the most are into it allowing very few showers develop further south they will be some in borneo admittedly there will be some as i have been recently in k.l. and singapore but mostly it's a cloudy and humid picture here not particularly wet and struck java shots the
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showers well the chances pretty low to be honest though they are showing themselves rather more new and sort of y.c. and of course born here by sunday it'll be feet ma'am again the feels the effect of that tropical cyclone bringing rain and strong winds and now on to the next 2 days northern bay of bengal another tropical cyclone one that started with that last one was in vietnam came across redeveloped and is already producing rain in addition west bengal the winds are still strengthening still to come. the weather sponsored by can't tolerate. a story 1400 years in the making. a story of succession and the leadership. tells the story of dispute and division of the hall. the caliph episode to jersey.
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this is al jazeera and these are our top stories this hour. form a leftist president is out of a lot to serve in 19 months of a 12 year sentence for corruption and money laundering lula da silva was released follows a supreme court ruling overturned in the process for criminal appeals security forces of fired tear gas at anti government protesters in capital. the city's main university is also on fire believed to have been lit by vandals protesters are demanding education and economic reforms. protesters in iraq are continuing their
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campaign against the government demanding an overhaul of the political system security forces of fired tear gas and used stun grenades on demonstrators in baghdad. india's top court is expected to rule on the ownership of a controversy a plot of land considered holy by both hindus and muslims thousands of troops have been deployed in the northern town of yoga security has been tightened across the country the provincial government of out of protests has ordered all schools and colleges to remain closed until monday and india's prime minister narendra modi has tweeted appealing for calm saying whatever decision the supreme court arrives. it will not be a victory or defeat of anyone i appeal to the countrymen that all of us prioritise that this decision should further strengthen india's great traditions of peace unity and goodwill at least 2000 people were killed in 9092 in communal riots
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following the demolition of a mosque on that piece of land in order to has more. the city on the banks of the river in north india is the epicenter of the divide between hindus and muslims. at the heart of the dispute is this piece of land claimed as the birthplace of the hindu day. it is also claimed by muslims who say a mosque was here for 400 years until it was demolished by hindu war 27 years ago. now 68 vividly remembers the day. father was burnt alive in the courtyard of the house one of at least 2000 people killed all over india in the hindu muslim rights which followed. as the coach delivers its word dicked says he doesn't seek revenge not even justice
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a final resolution. no violence after the court's decision whether it comes in favor of the human or the muslims but we don't want clashes to erupt in our city. that is a common sentiment in. reclaiming their heritage and. it's about politics they say dispute is about domination of the hindus. and then by the british it is time they say for the hindus to assert themselves as the majority but for many muslims it's about whether their rights are protected. hopes of a compromise have been raised by a committee set up by the supreme court to invite communities to. differences. from a group called muslims for peace says that if muslims when they must get to the hindus
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as long as assurances are given with that other mosque won't be attacked again. if they come with this guarantee muslims must think about gifting or exchanging land for. the. hindus involved in the supreme court case seem agreeable to the compromise. and appropriate. where the. that. im wrong about the supreme court and the potential for history repeating itself.
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an impeachment inquiry into a u.s. president or trump could be gathering pace with potential new information a lawyer for the 4 but they're still security advisor has written a letter which suggests that john bolton would have a lot to reveal if compelled to testify and it gallagher has more from washington d.c. well no real surprise that john bolton the former national security adviser didn't show on thursday for these impeachment proceedings the democrats didn't really expect him to do that but what is interesting about this latest development is the letter from john bolton's lawyer which essentially says that mr bolton has information about meetings and conversations in relation to ukraine that haven't been heard about yet in these impeachment proceedings and i jump in a century saying it's up to a judge whether here appears before these proceedings so we don't know how long the legal wrangling all that case will take but it's very interesting to hear that john bolton is essentially dangling a big carrot on a big stick meanwhile of course the democrats are focused on what will be happening
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in the next few days we get the 1st open court hearings but from some of the testimony we have heard we know that john bolton was said to be exasperated by the trumpet ministrations alleged attempts to withhold military aid in return for dirt on a political rival meanwhile as i said what washington d.c. what the entire nation and especially the democrats are focused on now are these open hearings begin on wednesday. meanwhile the acting white house chief of stuff has defied a subpoena ordering him to testify at the inquiry correspondent can believe. all thing is a scare as u.s. president donald trump continues to attack the impeachment investigation another witness has refused to show up acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney is the latest in a string of white house officials to defy requests by democrats to testify in the congressional impeachment inquiry get over it democrats want to talk to about statements he made last month he told reporters trying deliberately held up
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military aid to ukraine to pressure it to investigate trump's political rival former vice president joe biden we do we do that all the time with foreign policy mulvaney later walked back those statements and democrats want to know why veiny was one of 13 witnesses scheduled to testify in closed door hearings this past week just 2 showed up as congress moves toward the public phase of its investigation to begin next wednesday trump says he's opposed to those hearings well they shouldn't be having public fears that contradicts republican members of congress who stormed a closed door session recently protesting the private hearings and have asked for more openness democrats allege trump abuse presidential power when he spoke in july with ukraine's leader a call prompted a whistleblower complaint the foundation of the democrats' impeachment inquiry
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trump released a transcript of the call he says shows no wrongdoing he's considering releasing a 2nd transcript of another call with the korean president back in april i had a call. your was 500 you know i have a lot of balls but i have no problem relates to get a bird friends very democrats allege just the opposite. there's a heck of a lot of evidence of the presence of the people francis but we have to give a fair hearing as they try to be open minded in there and say next week the world will hear publicly from key witnesses in this investigation one of them bill taylor has confirmed privately what donald trump has vehemently denied that trump tied ukraine aid into an investigation into former vice president joe biden can really help get al-jazeera the white house the world bank. to form a new cabinet quickly libeling the country's ongoing instability as deeply concerning they've been more than 3 weeks of protests as demonstrations call for
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major changes to the political system design order reports the crisis is now threatening fuel and medicine imports. the crisis in lebanon is deepening there soon could be fuel shortages importers say banks are not giving them the dollars they need to buy supplies the lack of foreign currency was a problem even before protests against the ruling elite began 3 weeks ago at the time the central bank promised to facilitate access to dollars and guarantee fixed exchange rates for importers. the government resigned and banks have reversed the decision banks want 85 percent of the payment of lebanese liras and 15 percent in dollars plus they have imposed fees importers can no longer afford the additional costs lebanon's largest protest movement in years was triggered by the economic crisis people are demanding a government independent of political parties to prepare for early elections there
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is a political standoff and it is hurting the economy and hospitals are now warning of what they call a health catastrophe now. well the patients may start dying because of the lack of filters for example our stocks won't last more than a month the government must pay its juice to the hospitals right away and banks should ease transactions so we can pay importers banks are placing restrictions on the withdrawal of hard currency and financial transactions outside the country remains blocked apart from some exceptions there's so much that. there's no dollars . it can only. limited quantities there has been no progress on forming a new government caretaker prime minister stadol had 80 is pushing for a politically neutral government to steer the country out of the crisis that is reportedly how to raise condition to return as prime minister and he knows he has
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the support of the international community and among a number of political blocs which puts him in a strong position in negotiations it will be hard to find a replacement and if he steps aside the crisis could go on even longer but the governing alliance continues to insist its parties remain represented in any future cabinet. the world bank is warning that the stalemate could lead to an even sharper economic downturn lebanon is facing difficult days ahead. beirut a former twitter employee accused of spying for saudi arabia in the united states is being granted by i'll. add another employee allegedly access the personal account information of more than $6000.00 twitter users include prominent critics of the saudi royal family i've been charged with acting as agents of riyadh without registering with the u.s.
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government. the international court of justice says it will hear a case filed by ukraine against russia it concerns moscow's alleged support of pro russian separatists in eastern ukraine this decision comes as ukrainian army and russian backed separatists are set to withdraw troops from the front line on saturday. you know strike here emergency crews warn they're in uncharted territory as they begin another day of fighting bushfires hundreds of houses have already been destroyed in the state of new south wales there are reports of people trapped in their homes and rural firefighters say at least one person has died victoria b. has more thanks ever so much possible strain go up in flames in hot windy conditions wild bushfires the common but this season an extended drought has caused the fires to spread more rapidly than usual it was a sort of came over our house house yesterday afternoon and then died down i have
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no idea and then out with their winnings at lunch time is picked up again so i think it's all sort of compete out of hand at the mine if it out of control here. the bushfires in new south wales and queensland cover a 1000 kilometer stretch of countryside police have voted 4 and a half 1000 people to leave their homes along queensland's sunshine coast local radio stations have stopped normal programming instead they're broadcasting advice about how to survive a house fire and local officials say they're struggling to get the bushfires under control because of the draw most of the fuel on the flammability of the fuel even the smallest of embers are landing and taking hold and developing as you far's very quickly so you end up getting this exponential rapid spread of the mine far from moving across the landscape and unfortunately we can expect more of that to die for those whose homes are in danger difficult decisions will have to be made i'm not
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going to go. near in 10 minutes i'll be out of you know. i'm not you know strong winds and high temperatures are expected to ease this weekend but low humidity levels continue to make it challenging for firefighters and worrying for residents whose homes and lives are at risk the tory gates and be. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories i. brazil's formal leftist president is out of jail after serving 19 months of a 12 year sentence for corruption and money laundering well the deceivers release follows a supreme court ruling of the turning the process for criminal appeals. now. you have no idea of the significance for me to be here with you i my whole life to talk with the brazilian people never thought that today i could be here talking
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with men and women who during the past 580 days were here saying good morning lula good afternoon lula and yelling good night lula no matter if it were raining if it were 40 degrees or 0 degrees. security forces of fired tear gas that anti-government protesters and capitol santiago's main university is also on fire believed to have been lit by than those protesters are demanding education and economic reforms in iraq protesters are continuing their campaign against the government demanding an overhaul of the political system security forces of fired tear gas and used stun grenades on demonstrators in baghdad more than $280.00 people have been killed since demonstrations began last month. india's top court is expected to rule on the ownership of a controversy a plot of land considered holy by both hindus and muslims thousands of troops have been deployed in the northern town of securities been tightened across the country
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the provincial government of outer protests has ordered all schools and colleges to remain closed until monday. a former twitter employee accused of spying for saudi arabia in the united states has been granted bail. had another employee allegedly accessed the personal account of the motion of more than $6000.00 twitter users they include prominent critics of the saudi royal family the international court of justice it will hear a case filed by ukraine against russia it concerns moscow's alleged support of pro russian separatists it is did you cross the decision as kiev zombie and russian backed separatists a jew to withdraw more troops from the front line on saturday those are the headlines and news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story.
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is nuclear nonproliferation still a realistic goal for russia hosts a conference on the issue at a time of global i mean is about atomic ambitions in iran and north korea is that the place called out 10 minutes and abolish nuclear weapons this is inside story. hello there and welcome to the program. now the country with the world's largest stockpile of nuclear weapons is holding a conference on preventing their spread and use delegates from more than 40 countries in russia as concern.


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