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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 9, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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doctrine and the protests in chile against that kind of money makes the world go round but maybe the such a thing is the wrong kind of investor. counting the cost on al-jazeera. i i i wave of anger on the streets of a day after the president announced tougher measures against banning them. allow him sammy say than this is al jazeera live from doha so coming up i brazil's former president lula da silva is freed from jail after supreme court ruling. security is stepped up across india had
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a court verdict on the ownership of a religious site claimed by both hindus and muslims. and 2 people are killed as bush is devastated straightest eastern coast. we begin in chile where group of protesters are openly defying president sebastian pinera threat of tougher security measures against violent protesters mosques demonstrators have set fire to a university in the capital santiago and some a looting and destroying properties past few hours police fired tear gas and water cannon and protesters it flew rocks demonstrations 1st began of a hike in metro fast but have now spiraled into widespread anger against government economic policies. and 20 people have been killed and nearly $2000.00 injured in violence in the past few weeks and not all. demonstrations to be.
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explained. as chile enters day 23 of this social upheaval we are still seeing the 2 faces of these demonstrations on the one hand tens of thousands of people again marching peacefully. the main convergence point in midtown on the periphery of all that there are smaller but very violent groups many of them armed with incendiary device. riot police. and private property on this occasion. was the setting of. more than 100 year old mansion that houses the university of the firemen took a long time to get there to try to put it out because of the barricades and been set up a lot of peaceful protesters tried to help but it was too late to stop the whole building from being destroyed by. all this is happening less than 48 hours after
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president. announced a long list of what he called measures to stop the violence from continuing. one of latin america's wealthiest countries but also one of its most unequal president sebastian pinera those efforts to calm public anger against it do not seem to be working let me reverse the santiago metro days after protests broke out for the year also announced a package of social measures last month there include a 20 percent raise in the universal basic pension and the freeze in the electricity tariffs the right wing leader sacked some members of his cabinet but protesters continue to demand he steps down. eric fine's worth is vice president of the council of the americas he says efforts to end the violence need to come from both sides the government was clearly taken by surprise as most observers were as well no doubt about that the police force in chile is frankly too small to deal with
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nationwide protests and we know the history of chile which makes bringing in the military into the streets very problematic which they did at the beginning and i think they've been reluctant to do but but it really was the wrong impression for many observers and many people in chile where do we go from help here i mean i think that they have to have a nationwide dialogue they have to find ways to meet the demands in some way of the protesters to the extent possible but from the protesters perspective they also have to do their part in other words it's one thing to cause mayhem in the streets and destroy things but they have to have rational demands that can actually be met by the government too and at this point it doesn't it's not clear that that's the case there has to be leadership there has to be unified demands that the government can actually meet otherwise it's just chaos and mayhem. with a defined faced in the air brazil's former president walked out of prison 19 months after being jailed for corruption and money laundering
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was he was surrounded and cheered by supporters of the city's police chief a judge ordered his release after brazil's top court ruled when bandits jailed from those who lost their 1st rule rule was sentenced to more than 12 years in jail for the last year's presidential election you know. you have no idea of the significance for me to be here with you i know my whole life talked with the brazilian people never thought that today i could be here talking with men and women who during the past 580 days were here saying good morning lula good afternoon lula and yelling good night lula no matter if it were raining if it were 40 degrees or 0 degrees. and lula's releases galvanized his supporters histories about with more on that. former president left the prison where his being at for the past year and a half in the state of pa tonight including t.v.
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there were hundreds of his followers waiting for him outside carrying banners proclaiming his innocence lula spoke there he told his followers that they were the voice of democracy he also said that his imprisonment was meant not to in jail a man but an idea an idea of equality that is much needed in brazil today also said that he's ready for a fight and even though he wouldn't be allowed to run for office because of a clean slate a law that bans officials who have been convicted for corruption among other things from being part of any type of political race and that's why he's asking for the annual ments of the cases against him was imprisoned last year accused of receiving bryant from an engineering companies in exchange of public works contracts he has always proclaimed that he's innocent the man that put him behind bars is a very controversial judge here is a judge said a few more who's currently the minister of justice in brazil he has been accused of
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lacking impartiality during his trial some recordings were released where he was heard in a way helping prosecutor put a gate case against. what happens in brazil he would rather see us release has polarized brazilian society even more. now let's take a closer look at the case against lula he was jailed for corruption and money laundering after it was revealed he accepted a beachfront apartment from a construction company in return for a lucrative government contract his case was linked to what's known as the car wash scandal that simply hated the state oil company petrobras and many businessmen and politicians across latin america lula insists the case against him is politically motivated 'd and his appeals are pending in both of brazil's top courts the leftist leaders served as brazil's president between 2003 to 2010 he was tipped to win last
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year's elections but was barred from running after his conviction and imprisonment frontin assad is with the atlantic council's latin american center she says despite little of being barred from running for public office is likely to use the strong base of support he continues to have his supporters are still very much engaged with him and see in him must enter a figure for the life that he is definitely someone that is bringing a changing point to a deal left in brazil this is a inflection point for the left in brazil and they would take less released and this just momentum to actually unify themselves in this in this fight that they have for is social causes in inequality in brazil and i think that this is also a year of late definitely not going to be able to engage in public in politics not
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going to be able to be a politician himself again or run for anything political but he's definitely going to be a vocal voice in the political scene in brazil. in the coming hours india's top court is expected to rule on the ownership of a religious sides both hindus and muslims claim the land was 16th century mosque was raised in 1992 thousands of troops have been deployed in the northern town of oil the provincial government of the pradesh has ordered all schools and colleges to remain closed until monday security is also be heightened across the country and india's prime minister narendra modi's tweeted appealing for calm he says whatever decision the supreme court arrives that on it will not be a victory or defeat of anyone i appeal to the countrymen that all of us prioritise that this decision should further strengthen india's great traditions of peace unity and goodwill at least 2000 people were killed in 1992 in
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communal riots following the demolition of babri mosque in iowa the year and 12 or has more. the city on the banks of the so you river in north india is the epicenter of the divide between hindus and muslims. at the heart of the dispute is this piece of land claimed as the birthplace of the hindu deities it is also claimed by muslims who say a mosque was here for 400 years until it was demolished by a hindu mob 27 years ago. in iran as her now 68 they believe remembers the day iran's father was burnt alive in the courtyard of the house one of at least 2000 people killed all over india in the hindu muslim rights which followed. as the coach delivers its word dicked says he doesn't seek revenge not even justice
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a final resolution. no violence after the court's decision whether it comes in favor of the him. but we don't want clashes erupted on city. that is a common sentiment in. politics they say dispute is about domination of the hindus. and then by the british it is time they say for the hindus to assert themselves as the majority but for many muslims it's about whether their rights are protected. hopes of a compromise have been raised by a committee set up by the supreme court to invite communities to. different. from a group called muslims for peace says that if muslims when they must get their share
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of the land to the hindus as long as assurances are given with that other mosques won't be attacked again. if they come with this guarantee muslims must think about gifting or exchanging land for. the. hindus involved in the supreme court case seem agreeable to the compromise. and appropriate. where the. im wrong about the supreme court and the potential for history repeating itself. well still ahead on al-jazeera iraq's top cleric calls for calm as more protesters
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are killed in russia the security forces. and the power struggle in guinea-bissau after the prime minister last just days in the job. hands of his a huge downpours both rain and snow up in kashmir but you see the clouds disappearing now so what we have had will probably be the end of it even afghanistan looking sunny down is true throughout everywhere to the west over to the eastern med we're still quite warm with temps in the twenty's in turkey so 27 in beirut not just below 30 in baghdad even tehran still hung on that sort of level but the cloud in southern iran will develop into something in the next day or so in the arabian peninsula but it's left behind this fine looking weather was temperatures barely changed and the winds as yet not that strong so what to watch
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for well proper right now i think it'll start off in southern iran and then probably just clip the emirates on its way towards counter in eastern saudis assessing night sunday even monday this whole line could produce some substantial sunders towards 1st proper rain of the changing season that is all looking fine bit breezy maybe not particularly cold not particularly warm or nice to be on so if you don't know thunderstorms enjoy the blue sky southern africa of course should be active weather wise and eighty's the circulation on saturday so just ignores the fact that in the southern hemisphere that's an area of high pressure so it's a daytime waltz for using big thunderstorms in the eastern side of south africa. the weather sponsored cantata. off a current efforts to contain the spread of nuclear weapons doing enough to keep the world safe the most. political challenge is how to stop a nuclear explosion from happening in this planet to get the executive secretary of
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the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty organization iciness there about books town. i. was. watching out just there a time to recap headlines now security forces are fired tear gas at anti-government protesters in scouting santiago this is these main universities also on fire believed to have been lit by vandals protesters are demanding education and
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economic reforms i. was ill for my left this president is out of jail after serving long seen months of a 12 year sentence for corruption and money laundering looted the silvas release follows the court ruling overturning the process for criminal use. india's top court is expected to rule on the ownership of a contentious religious site it is a muslims claim the land was centuries old mosque was raised in 1992 security has been tightened across the country with thousands of troops deployed in the north of idea. let's take a closer look at the controversy that has few dates back to 885 over a hector of land claimed by hindus and muslims hindus believe it's the birthplace of one of their main deities. arma hindu groups a temple was demolished to build the 16th century mosque known as barbary messages
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in 1992 hardline hindus demolished a mosque they wanted to build a temple there well that sparked violence across the country 2000 people were killed most of them muslims in 2010 judges in the law about the high court ruled the land on which the mosque on stood should be equally divided into 3 parts one for muslims and 2 for hindus and later that year both groups mounted a legal challenge in the indian supreme court. vora joins us now from new delhi 1st bring us up to speed with the security situation there this morning. sami we were 6 in a a very recently and the town is very small but very very tense the entire country is very anxious as you rightly said this is one of the most important word it's and everyone has been waiting for it with much anticipation even the security personnel
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12000 police men and women have been deployed in there for they stats where this disputed site is in ringback 6 other states other precautions have also been imposed like students cannot go to schools they cannot go to colleges and all educational institutions have been shut until monday on top of that the 5 judges who are going to be very soon now delivering this word they have been given enhanced security religious leaders both the hindus and the muslims have called for peace the indian prime minister has also tweeted saying that this is a word it is not going to be one side's wikia another sides last so we hearing a lot of noises about why or lot of noises over keeping calm about that is because in 92 there were riots after bob remasters demolished in which 2000 people were killed all over india. and biggs just to explain how politically
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sensitive this case is for the b j p ruling party solve whose leaders were implicated in an official inquiry report into the very more destruction of the more. well some groups of in the activist are linked to the power of the agent our party but you're right about the inquiries that have taken place against some of the top leaders of the b j p this was a watershed moment in indian politics the hindu nationalist party which is fairly at all in the center had been wanting more political space and this event gave them a gave them the space that they craved in the political scene they started raising this as an issue in the eighty's but in the ninety's early ninety's in $92.00 about the mosque was demolished by a group of activists which claimed their allegiance to the party edge of the party so this is a watershed moment in indian politics i was speaking to a really seen a supreme court lawyer earlier today and he said that for the hindus you know this
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is about having the temple built for their day to rum for the muslims it's about much more for the muslims it's about whether their rights are going to be protected in this country anymore and the places of worship only sort of symbolizing that but there are lots of other people as well who say that this is a question of law you know can we leave india be a country where you can actually it is a mosque and then validate that act of vandalism by giving the word that it is more towards one side than the other so there are many important questions and that is why this case is one of the landmark he says in this country. thanks so much 17 rockets have landed close to an iraqi army base south of the city of morsel of how you are a base also houses american troops which are part of the u.s. led coalition helping iraqi forces battle remnants of ice all have been no reports of casualties. and the iraqi capital baghdad there have been more protests the
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iraqi mission for human rights says at least 23 people have been killed in the on rest since sunday iraq's top cleric is calling for calm i'm a gem jhoom reports from baghdad. for 18 year old i'm mot on this day at this hour the music must be mournful sitting among fellow protesters he plays his clarinet in tribute to the hundreds of at these killed since anti-government demonstrations began in early october and says this is the best way to convey his feelings just tell joe i'm in my house is on fire when i play the said music because i remember that they all have a mother why i sing for the mahatma they gave the souls for us they sacrifice these souls for this country here in and around but that is to have a square a cross-section of the society in every direction a span of generations the elderly taking great enjoyment in teaching the young the importance of this moment when you're sincere more than anything else is the result
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protesters are committed to coming out day after day demonstrators with herman to effect 3 point sure a better future for iraq and iraq on. the scale of these demonstrations is unprecedented the mood in some areas positively joyful yet activists tell us this movement couldn't be more serious and they believe things are far different this time and you know that at that in previous protests it's been limited to the youth but with these protests after our youth were killed we felt the need for all of us to come out when many of the men elderly people the young and even children have come up with these protests now everyone wants change many here also lend a helping hand some brew and give away or. while others like dalia distribute fliers advising protesters how to stay safe we all have back to. this country if we don't act like no one is going to get whether or not government officials
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ultimately understand the magnitude of these protests makes no difference to dahlia who says protesters will not be deterred we didn't get to be in the roads by you and they say go back to your home continue your life everything will be all my new life like going to be all or maybe all of our friends our families getting die here this is not going to be fun to we had our rights here and now and all keys are raising their voices like never before some scenes like the one put on by this street theater group are showcasing iraq's plight in ever more creative ways as a country bullied by regional and international allies fighting hard to stand on its own 2 feet a happy ending for the assembled crowd who hope one day this outcome will be more than just fantasy. and disease but that. a spokesman for grand. standing is
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a gene that from place to stop using excessive force against protesters in the last fall from our time our city mayor to look to judge out the peaceful ness of the protests in the various forums should be paid great attention the biggest responsibility is on the security forces they must avoid using excessive force on peaceful protesters. key white house officials told impeachment investigators the trumpet ministration did pressure ukraine to investigate the president's political rivals the inquiry released more transcripts from closed door hearings but documents relate to testimony from a former white house advisor and an army officer assigned to the national security council they detail a series of meetings before and after dog house phone call with ukraine's president and the gallic has more from washington d.c. well some of what lieutenant colonel alexander has said is already known but what we've got in this latest transcript is a lot more fleshing out of the details than in essence what the lieutenant colonel
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is saying is there was no ambiguity in the july phone call between president trump and president selenski in this army offices opinion is also ukraine expert and a recipient of the purple heart he said it was clear that president trump was asking the ukrainians to dig up dirt on our political foe in return for military aid in his opinion that was a threat to national security so these are pretty explosive charges in a pretty explosive testimony from someone who served his entire life for the u.s. in the u.s. military also went on to say that john bolton had reportedly reacted exasperated to what was going on had called rudy giuliani president trump's personal lawyer 108 and is someone who is going to take everybody down so this is just yet one more testimony from a senior official who has firsthand knowledge of what was going on in these various meetings and in that july phone call but i think what the democrats are doing now
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as explosive as this is is focusing on the open public hearings which will begin next wednesday that will be a chance for the american public to hear from these officials and hear what they heard firsthand. turkey says it will start sending captured are still members back to their countries of origin next week the interior minister said about $287.00 iceland members were recaptured since the start of the offensive last month he's accused western countries of a lack of cooperation let the taylor is a senior research or a human rights watch she says western nations should be working with turkey to repatriate citizens we'll have to see how this plays out but the best option for western europe would be to cooperate with turkey rather than continue to drag its feet and and reject the pleas of authorities in the region and its own citizens for them to take back their own people i have
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a hard time believing that western europe with its mature democracies and its robust judiciaries and investigative systems does not have a way to absorb several 100 several 100 of its own nationals back into its system this strikes me as being an empty argument a shallow argument western europe is going that been content to oust sorts its citizens to other countries it's time for that to stop for it to stop hiding its head in the sand and to do the right thing by its nationals who are suffering suffering in terrible dire conditions in camps in prisons hundreds of children have died in these camps shame on western europe it's time to act or form a twitter employee accused of spying for saudi arabia in the united states has been granted bail. and another employee allegedly accessed the personal account information of more than 6000 twitter users thanks lou prominent critics of the
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saudi royal family have been charged with acting as agents of reality without registering with the u.s. government. the prime minister of guinea bissau now a step down just days after being appointed by president jose maria virus that's after leaders of other west african nations gave him an ultimatum the regional body of course wants to make sure the country holds fair presidential elections later this month nicolas huck has more from dakar in neighboring senegal there's sense of relief and call me in the capital of guinea be so after the announcement of the resignation of the president appointed prime minister moussa you know in bali 4 and members of his government the west african body ecowas launched knelt to made him against this government saying that they needed to step down or they would face sanctions out west africans heads of state met may in an emergency meeting over the
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political crisis and be soured they have announced that there will be more troops on the ground already there are west african forces protecting the parliament building the prime minister's office and the president protecting the prime minister's office specifically because the prime minister refused to step down we're talking about i was to go mess after he was fired by the president the president himself wanted to step in with the military to force him out of office now he this it didn't take place thanks to the west african forces the elections are supposed to take place on november 24th i received gomez is running for reelection his mandate ran out in june earlier this year he's running for reelection but he's met with mounting contestants including our recent go mess to current prime minister was running against him so this will be a tightly run race and the west african heads of state it seems want to keep a close watch on it to ensure that there will be a peaceful election taking place there. 2 people have been killed as firefighters
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battle a record number of bushfires emergency services say 7 others are unaccounted for in the eastern states of new south wales and queensland hundreds of homes have been destroyed prime minister scott morrison announced financial help for farmers. thank. you and let's take you through the headlines here now to syria now security forces are fired tear gas at antigovernment protests is in chile's capital santiago the city's main university is also on fire believed to have been lit by vandals protesters are demanding education and economic reforms was ill former left this president is out of jail after serving 19 months of a 12 year sentence for corruption and money laundering later this elvis release
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from as a supreme court ruling overturning the process for criminal appeals now. you have no idea of the significance for me to be here with you i my whole life to talk with the brazilian people never thought that today i could be here talking with men and women who during the past 580 days were here saying good morning lula good afternoon and yelling good night lula no matter if it were raining if it were 40 degrees or 0 degrees. india's top court is expected to rule on the ownership of a contentious religious site hindus and muslims claim the land where a centuries old mosque was raised in 1902 security has been tightened across the country with thousands of troops deployed in the northern town of your idea. protesters in iraq are continuing their campaign against the government demanding an overhaul of the political system security forces of fired tear gas and use stun
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grenades on demonstrators in baghdad more than $280.00 people have been killed since demonstrations began last month 2 people have been killed as firefighters battle a record number of bushfires emergency services say 7 others are unaccounted for in the eastern states of new south wales and queensland hundreds of homes have been destroyed a former twitter employee accused of spying for saudi arabia in the united states has been granted bail. and another employee allegedly accessed the personal account information $6000.00 twitter users they include prominent critics of the saudi royal family they've been charged with acting as agents of riyadh without registering with the u.s. government. headlines it's talk to our just stay with us. u.s. president donald trump is about to have tapped his presidential rejecting about a run at the white house with their countries and on syria and threatened u.s.
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sanctions. join us make sense of average it doesn't want. you to. see. the $6945.00 an american b. $29.00 bomber dropped the 1st of atomic bomb over the japanese city of hiroshima. at least 140000 people were killed in the attack. tens of thousands more died later because of the effects of radiation ever since the end of the 2nd world war there's been an international consensus and effort to contain the spread of nuclear weapons the global community has created several organizations and signed treaties to prevent potential nuclear attacks as of today 9 countries have admitted to possess.


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