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i'll really help clean up the mess culture the pop culture is the fastest way it goes soft the steady age the problem mr toilets witness documentary on al-jazeera. iraqi security forces stormed protest sites in baghdad firing live ammunition and tear gas at demonstrators demanding change. no i'm maryanne demasi in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up india's hindus win control of the religious site that's also contested by muslims in a dispute that sparked some of the worst violence since independence. brazil's controversial former president needed to silva gets
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a hero's welcome after he's released from prison saying he's free and ready to fight and many marks 30 years since the fall of the wall in a world that many say is more divided than ever before. demonstrators in iraq's capital have fled a barge of gunfire and tear gas a security forces move in to clear protest sites the iraqi human rights commission says at least 4 people have been killed and more than 100 injured anti-government protesters have been on the streets for weeks saying they're fed up with corruption and a struggling economy is actually going to reports now from baghdad. on saturday evening security forces from baghdad to basra and karbala confronted protestors in baghdad there were reports of gunfire and. tear gas at a square and
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a bridge near tahrir square shortly after the iraqi human rights commission started reporting that demonstrators had dined there was a good omen said we're being peaceful and we have people from tribes and they're firing at us. with the sort of the work week on sunday it's clear security forces were trying to ensure the protests in the iraqi capital were confined to talk where square that's been the epicenter of the anti-government protests which began on october 1st the military says they won't disperse peaceful protesters but they will ensure life returns to normal. we're going to arm them we have to rest anyone who books to bury this kind of crime is dangerous to work. we have given orders to all forces in baghdad of appropriate states to arrest people who got divided i would take them towards the shooter if you go the. sources say most political parties
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have reached a deal to keep prime minister. in power the thinking goes since there is no one to replace him he should be the one to implement the reforms protesters are demanding ahead he says he will introduce an amendment to reform government ministries it would include hiring younger people and creating greater transparency the influential shia cleric solder and his followers the largest bloc in parliament remain united with protesters and are calling for him to resign natasha going to aim. baghdad well india's top court has ruled a disputed win it just might be given to him the construction of a temple piece of land in the state of pradesh is claimed by both hindus and muslims supreme court says alternative land will be set aside to build a mosque and reports now from you danny. it's a case that has polarized hindus and muslims in india for decades now the supreme
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court has made its decision on the land dispute in return for the. hindu say this piece of land is the birthplace of their date. in december 1992 hindu hardline groups destroyed a mosque that had stood here for more than 400 years the muslim community here insists this is the site of where that mosque should be rebuilt but the court has ordered the creation of a government trust to oversee the construction of a hindu temple instead while awarding to have a land somewhere else to build a mosque in its decision the court said the hindu this claim on the site was on a better footing than the evidence provided by the muslim side prime minister nuri the more the welcome the word ticked and says it brings a new dawn for india so be it as
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more mom labor has less when i am today the supreme court has ruled on an important case that has a history of hundreds of years behind it the whole country wished that the matter should be heard in the court on a day to day basis which took place and today the decision is out just regarding heart of one of them in every class every community people of every sect the whole country has accepted the verdict with open heart it reflects on the ancient culture traditions and sense of harmony in india. the muslim community has expressed disappointment and your large this is why i believe. there. is so little. this report and all. the core technologies the site is important to both religions but it's a setback for muslims some of them would have preferred the high court order of 2010 which granted 2 3rd of the land to the hindus and one 3rd of it to muslims
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management it should have been given to the both they should allow for temple and a mosque there but the government's given to the mosque elsewhere and that's wrong the state government has deployed its forces a new they had to ensure security but the situation remains tense this is been an emotional issue for many hindus and muslims the government of mary in the movie has called on both sides to exercise restraint but some minority groups in this country say that they are being marginalized and discriminated against for millions of muslims this decision is likely to reinforce that concern after more al-jazeera new delhi. brazil's former president always in osceola to sell that has been greeted by a crowd of supporters a day after being released from jail looters banana gys in brazil's left wing
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opposition after a supremes court ruling secured his conditional release is one of thousands of convicted criminals who have the right to remain free until all appeal options are exhausted but president. brazilians to remember luna's corruption conviction right wing groups have warned they're ready to protest looters release on the streets. leave here i stand in front of you is a. free. i am free and i sleep with a clear conscience. and i doubt i very much doubt that both sonora rests with an easy conscience. and. has more on this now from san from sal bernardo to count in the state of south palla. we're here in town but i'm out of the town for this is lou let's leave us town this is where thousands of people have come to greet him after he left prison on friday night he found that night in the city of police and
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early this saturday he came to know them better not a lot to see these people to see him for the 1st time he said during a speech that he got used to seeing a family among others but he didn't feel the people the love the people here for him for him did everybody on that people that the man that have lifted millions of people out of poverty in this country and what many here are hoping is that from not now on no less a fever when we come the leader of the opposition the man that will run for the presidency in 2022 the man that is the challenger tell you also not us presidency of course not everyone is happy brazil some people in other parts of town i will say that they were old. protests against the russian. the. the. the meanwhile police in bolivia have abandoned their posts outside the presidential palace as discontent among security forces after last month's disputed election
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offices were cheered by crowds as they left the palace allowing protesters to walk up to the doors of the building has been rocked by violent demonstrations over allegations president obama royalists rigged his reelection. the organization of american states is conducting an audit of the vote count. the world's most profitable company has announced it will offer up to point 5 percent of its shares to individual investors saudi aramco has published its prospectus detailing the initial purchase offer of efforts by the saudi crown prince to diversify the kingdom's economy away from oil now germany is marking 30 years since the fall of the wall a pivotal moment in history which ushered in the end of communism in eastern europe will separated communist east berlin from the capitalist west in a year after it came down germany was reunified a chance and i'm glad muckle who has self grew up in the east has used the anniversary to urge european leaders to defend democracy john mccain reports now
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from berlin. world germans remember a joyous moment which many thought might never happen the removal of a physical barrier that divided a city a country a continent but in the end it was a wave of people power which swept over them and yet it was the people in power who let that wave top of that within weeks that same government was tapped within months the 2 germans would become one. angle america was one of the many east germans who walked into west berlin on that night in 1909 for her now as chancellor the night of november is a time for remembrance to feel him and to many people became a victim of the dictatorship we were not forget i remember the people who were killed here at this because they were looking for freedom as i also remember the 75000 people on the empress and because they tried to flee their country. the
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sudden fall of the wall transformed the city almost overnight and for some berliners it was hard to process. because. it took me a long long time to integrate east berlin into the wider city the feeling was that it was a completely different world and it took me about 10 years to embrace the border in my head about. it for those growing up in the newly liberated east life was suddenly very different gone with the certainties of centralized communist planning replaced by rapid privatization and rising unemployment some analysts say this rush to capitalism had clear consequences the starting position of its germany after unification was very bad because of the one to one is german the west german mark conversion which essentially meant an immediate appreciation of these german currency and rendered most is german firms completely if not obsolete it is
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completely noncompetitive. the industries that now flourish in the east bear little resemblance to their communist predecessors these days eastern g.d.p. is 82 percent of its western counterpart monthly salaries in the east are around 20 percent lower than in the west and the gap between the 2 is greater now than at any point in this century underlying this economic reality is the political one for the last 4 years a succession of states in the old east have seen a stark rise in support for the far right and left fueled in some minds by the refugee crisis and a lingering sense that reunification has not brought what was promised 30 years ago east germans began the process of abandoning communism here 30 years on there are many who began to wonder if democracy is any better dominic can al-jazeera burnim. it with al-jazeera live from london much more still to tell you about white flags
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over eastern ukraine signal a pullback from both sides after 5 years of conflict and 30 years after the berlin wall came down we have the story of an even bigger one that went out ideas late. and sells them very hot dry conditions across the east of australia of course he's continuing to burn and there is no rain in the for calls this is a particular region really is just north of sydney's all the way along the east coast in new south wales and so of course we've just seen image after image like this this is terry just up the coast from sydney about 300 kilometers. just backing these blazes constantly now the winds on sunday still pretty strong still coming from the dry interior that should change as we head through monday and that's because all this rain has setting up the southeast bringing the rain showers into
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hobart maybe a stray shan't. well but that is moving out of the way meanwhile out across the west it is very warm temperatures on the rise in perth 33 celsius on a monday but as a say by monday the system pulled away from the east coast so the winds should be lighter and sunny not coming in quite the same direction from the hot and dry interior and then across towards that new zealand both alans quite a bit of rain in your forecast it's not particularly cold 23 for you in christ church on sunday with those rain showers they will continue across into or planned as well and as we head into monday shutout a bit more showery in christchurch rather more persistent rain showers in oakland and feeling fresh in cross church as well with the high the 30. dreams johnson and entertainments await the people to rise above the violence around so it's my role to keep these girls at different times that they can leave
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the ruins of this community 3 short films show how the foments creates a home and family and gives hope and opportunity i. ha selects on al-jazeera. welcome back to look at the headlines this hour the iraqi human rights commission says at least 4 people have been killed during clashes in baghdad security forces have been using live ammunition and to gas to try to play a protest sites in the capital. india's supremes court has ruled
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a disputed religious site in the country's north be given to hindus for the construction of a temple to the hindu god rom the land in the town of iowa has long been claimed by both muslims and hindus and brazil's for president and he's emasculated to silver's held a rally a day off to secure his conditional release from prison the president. brazilians to remember his corruption conviction. well now to the 10s of thousands of people are still stranded without shelter after last month's flooding in the northwest of the democratic republic of congo mayor of the town of says almost $37000.00 people 2 thirds of them children a homeless they're in desperate need of clean water food and medicine as floodwaters are not receding the initial flooding began 3 weeks ago after the river bust its banks and has worsened due to heavy rainfall. out troops have started withdrawing from another front line in eastern ukraine raising hopes that
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a new round of these talks could soon be held a 5 year conflict between government forces and russian backed separatists has left more than 13000 people dead set vasser reports from moscow. first a white flare was shot from the russian backed rebels side then the answer came quickly from the ukrainian side signs that after a week of delays troops have started to pull back from the front lines in donbass in eastern ukraine this 3rd troop withdrawal in the past few weeks is the last precondition set by russia to revive peace talks that have been stalled for over 3 years but reservations remain on both sides of the road. in 2016 when the decision was taken with did withdraw here but then we have the enemy was moving forward to the positions we lived so the ukrainian side reacted adequately and took its previous positions so if the enemy does not fulfill their obligations we'll return to our positions which we have just lived. over the years
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fighting continued despite several cease fire agreements ukraine has accused russia of inciting violence and backing the separatists with military and financial support russia has always denied this on friday the international court of justice in the hague decided to investigate these claims made by ukraine since president followed him as a lenski took office in kiev he has reached out to russia to end the war yes spoken on the phone with president vladimir putin and there was a high profile prisoner exchange in september but the ukrainian president has faced protests at home and accusations that he is handing over the east to russia the peace process involves elections and a special status for us troops have now 3 days to complete their withdrawal and the area will be cleared of mind the ball is now in moscow's court and while zelinsky has been trying to revive the so-called talks between. ukraine russia france and germany moscow has been reluctant to commit but while there are differences about
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the advantages of a peace deal on both sides some say the chances of success are better than they have been for a long time step fastens al-jazeera moscow thousands of catalan separatists a rallied in barcelona ahead of spain's general election on sunday the demonstrations have been organized by the secretive protest group democratic tsunami which uses a mobile app to organize its supporters calls for catalonia is independence of dominated the election campaign the country's 2nd this year how to abdel-hamid reports now from barcelona. it's a day of reflection and here in catalonia people are considering their uncertain future political campaigning is banned on the final day before sunday's election but the message still resonates. the pro independence camp making its voice louder throughout the evening as only 16 may get their way that cannot
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vote but he is camping out here to show his frustration. defied the way that there was no way that there is the best for us. on. 2 different parties. only the people. ever since were sentenced to jail for their involvement in the field secession attempt back in 2017 there is a renewed energy among those who want to break away from space the organizers of this rally are group that calls itself democratic tsunamis quite elusive nobody really knows who's behind it but it is believed that some of the most senior leaders are backing it now it organizes itself. spoke up and stated aim is to keep up with street pressure acts of peaceful civil disobedience
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until they sit and talk. and that's just got access to the tsunami at you know seen the cow doesn't. it indicates the p.v.t. is near the place where we live and what we need to do we are excited because we think it will help people to mobilize even more. because of an issue has dominated this campaign and the previous one earlier this year it has brought spanish politics to a stalemate and there is little illusion that the vote will bring him to do that but at the for me personally. politicians in the u.k. are keeping up their campaign promises ahead of next month's general election with pledges to extend child care packages and the availability of doctors but are all parties getting their fair share of news coverage the pro illiberal democrat party thinks not and it's now threatening legal action as paul brennan explains no let up in the policy announcements despite it being a weekend here in the u.k.
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election campaign boris johnson's conservatives have pledged 50000000 more doctors appointments by the year 2025 by big investment in the medical profession the liberal democrats have pledged to extend free childcare to 35 hours between the age of 2 and 4 and all the way down to the age of 9 months and labor is promising 30 hours of free childcare between the ages of $2.00 and $4.00 but separately to all is that the liberal democrats are particularly angry this weekend over the exclusion of their leader from televised live debates in the run up to the election the b.b.c. has announced that it will host a head to head to bait involving boris johnson the conservative leader and jeremy corbin the labor leader on december the 6th but joe joe swinson the liberal democrat leader is not invited and the liberal democrats are already consulting
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their lawyers over the fact that joe swinson was excluded from an i.t.v. debate due to take place on november the 19th just once and has been talking rally here in london and that the election voters are being told that the only choice they have is between a conservative or labor government but that is simply not good enough. now the laws which govern fair and balanced coverage of political parties in the run up to elections long predate the advent of leaders' debates which only started in 2010 and in the light of the liberal democrat complains the electoral reform society is now saying that there really needs to be new rules perhaps even a debates commission we should have a much more clear and transparent and standardized approach to leaders debates when the election season rolls around it shouldn't just be left to deals with certain broadcasters and the whim of particular party leaders of the broadcasters have issued statements in their defense i.t.v.
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saying its coverage plans are fair meet our obligations for jew impartiality and serve i.t.v. view as well and the b.b.c. gave a statement saying our plans are for head to head debates between boris johnson and jeremy corbyn a 4 way question time additionally involving nicholas sturgeon and joe swinson and then a $700.00 debates where wider views were also heard we believe this is fair proportionate nevertheless the liberal democrats are continuing to consult the lawyers on now to developments in hong kong thousands of people have held a vigil for a student protester who died on friday crowds gathered in town are park after police gone to read the mission for the event 22 year old child she log fell from a building on monday while protests were being dispersed by police but police say they're not to blame though the incident has field public anger against them in while 6 opposition politicians have been detained and an arrest warrant has been issued for another crackdown is linked to
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a meeting of hong kong's legislative council in may to discuss the controversial extradition bill which sparked the pro-democracy protests scuffles broke out says opposition members try to stop a bill which would have allowed people to be sent to mainland china for trial sarah clarke has more now from hong kong. thousands of people have gathered in time our park and found the lives of council building on the harbor front here in hong kong to remember the 22 year old student who died this week as a result of a phone from becoming law where he suffered from a bad brain injury and died of a cardiac arrest on friday there are a number of student wide impromptu vigils and rallies overnight on friday but this particular gathering here behind me several 1000 people have gathered and they've got the police approval to go ahead with this particular memorial and this comes in the wake of a number of lawmakers allegedly counselors who were detained overnight we know of 3 that have been charged with the arrange of charges violating the lives of council powers we also know of another 4 who've been notified that they too will be
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arrested the charges related to the incidents back in may and in particular a 182 who was late to a meeting or started a meeting ahead of time this is a attracted widespread criticism from those pro-democracy groups who say this is political persecution this is the government's attempt to target these pro-democracy lawmakers in the lead up to the district election which will be held on november 24th in hong kong. so back to the boat and wall now and as jamie celebrates its destruction another of the world's most notorious barriers has reached its own milestone its 25 years since the united states 1st 1st up a substantial war on parts of its southern border with mexico and as john homa reports this is a barrier that looks like it's getting bigger. 5 years after the berlin move came down another from the mit secure u.s. border was just going up. before 994 that was just
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a flimsy fence crossing it was just a matter of a quick call you gave them near or over into some mine up and coming here until 994 was like coming to a posse on saturday the right to a 1000 people with mexicans already on the u.s. side selling food in secondhand clothes to those waiting to cross with guides or not it was very easy. but then came the 1st rule and it's gradually transformed in size and scope into this high tech barrier the baby of president donald trump. we're building a beautiful rock a big one that really works while the berlin wall was to keep the east german population in. this one is to keep people out mostly poor latin americans away from the prosperous united states to be say that it's in the ira because many more deaths than the barely move ever did this growth that's been painted on the wall itself by activists is meant to show the numbers they say that
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thousands of people have died but not by trying to get over the wall but instead by trying to get around it and through the desert. only actually covers a 3rd of the border but what flanks it is for amid a book many dive code or just. meanwhile border cities like to quanah have become waiting rooms for those looking to get in through the front door like cloudier from a cuckold who's requesting asylum and don't want to tell me but if my partner and i sell dyson scoreless and the gang started extorting us asking for a warrant then for what we earned so we decided to simply stop sending then they abducted and killed my husband. she fled. waiting to see if the us will take her and her children but the countries tightened up the asylum system president trump says it's who was. recently has put pressure on mitt's code to stop
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margaret from other countries even before they reach the us buddha. or is the whole undertone mexico is now playing the role of policeman detaining migrants on its southern border to become like a wall in the south. despite the many believe this fine loops to go to the us is essential in protecting you from crime or simply an unmanageable number of people. that's why unlike the berlin wall it's still up and being extended join homan oh does it one so 3 decades ago east berlin is sampled the sweet taste of freedom what better way than to celebrate the anniversary and to market with a chocolate wall that's what this is our a shock let's hear patrick raja spent days molding this masterpiece 200 kilograms worth of it and it's a replica chocolate all complete with authentic eighty's style graffiti only just
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smash it down again on the street in the style of 1989 is delicious she says of the wall are unlikely to survive as long as the genuine article sty. it's amazing childed cute as a chocolate stuart in a few minutes it's amazing to share that's how used the party's on a certain window as you'll need in these times i even have goosebumps by speaking about it if you'll know what i wanted to do. could remind her of the headlines before we leave you demonstrators in iraq's capital of fled gun firing tear gas a security forces move in to clear the protest sites the iraqi human rights commission says at least 4 people have been killed in baghdad anti-government protest as have been on the streets for weeks now saina fed up with corruption a struggling economy and a lack of basic services going to him at all. i think what you're seeing by
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security forces here in the capital is a strategy to couldn't find protesters to tahrir square that has been the epicenter of these protests since they began on october 1st what we're seeing are clashes between security forces and protesters in areas surrounding tahrir square you mentioned clashes in which the iraqi human rights commission says at least 4 people were killed this evening those clashes took place at a square leading to tahrir square india's supreme court has ruled that disputed religious sites in the country's north be given to hindus the land in the city of ayodhya has long been claimed by both muslims and hindus in 1900 hindu nationalists destroyed a 16th century mosque on the site ruling paves the way for a hindu temple to be built there and also awards muslims land in the same city to construct a mosque. brazil's well resident always in a suit in
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a decision has been greeted by a crowd of supporters a day off to being released from prison is one of thousands of convicted criminals who now have the right to remain free until all appeal options are completed the president. urged brazilians to remember looters corruption conviction and troops have started withdrawing from the front line in eastern ukraine raising hopes that a new round of peace talks could soon be held it follows all the retreats that have taken place in the past month all part of a series of measures aimed at ending the 5 year conflict between ukrainian forces and the russian backed separatists more than $13000.00 people dead a.j. selects is the program coming up next with 3 short films about dancers performing in adversity and rhea kharaj rocca. u.s. president donald trump is about to host turkey's president rejecting about iran at the white house with their countries and odds over syria and threatened u.s.
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sanctions. join us for extensive coverage to the disney. days only a simple couple jakarta rise of think. busy. cutting . edge a muppet food. and jamming ticket i won't go. with my one point.
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