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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 10, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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a prominent opposition politician is freed in cambodia but still faces charges of treason. you're watching al-jazeera life from our headquarters in doha and also ahead spain's 4th election in 4 years after a campaign dominated by catalonia. and fears of a far right surge. more deaths in baghdad as iraqi security forces move to take control of protest sites across the city. police in several bolivian cities turned
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against president everyone ralitsa as the organization of american states recommends another election. follow the prominent opposition figure soca has been released in cambodia 2 years after he was charged with treason so as the co-founder of the band's cambodia national rescue party which was dissolved ahead of elections last year the prime minister hun sen's ruling party won most of the seats is free for now the charges against him do remain and he's bans from politics and can't leave the country now another key opposition voice sam rainsy arrived in malaysia on saturday he had left cambodia 4 years ago after facing a prison sentence on defamation charges become bloated government says he's welcome back but warns he has to face several legal cases or both so and renzi have been
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battling long time leader one cent he's been in power since 1985 and is one of the world's longest serving prime ministers rights groups and political opponents say he's repeatedly stifle dissent it's. is following developments from bangkok. this would appear to be a tactical move by the government in cambodia on 2 fronts one is that we know sam rainsy the acting leader of the cambodian national rescue party arrived back in the region on saturday flying into kuala lumpur the malaysian capital still vowing to return from exile to cambodia to lead an uprising against the government this would appear to be a move by the government in cambodia to take the wind out of the sails of sam rainsy and to call into question the relevance of any plans returned by him the other thing is the european union has been investigating the decline in democracy and human rights in cambodia and is threatening to withdraw or cambodia's tariff
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free status for its goods that are exported to the european union it delivers its report to the government of cambodia on choose day one of the key demands of the e.u. is that kim should be released from house arrest and the charges against him should be dropped or seen one of those steps taken by the government he has been released from house arrest but still some severe restrictions remaining on him and the case against camps a car still stands or polling is underway in spain's general election prime minister petra sanchez has already cast his ballot in the country's 4th election in 4 years sanchez called for the latest vote after failing to rally enough support to form a coalition government but opinion polls suggest that it might not break the deadlock the elections come amid weeks of violent clashes between catalan separatists and police let's bring in her adopted home means she's joining us from barcelona from
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what you've been seeing how is turnout ben hooda. well actually we've been at this polling station there are some of the university for the past few hours that i have to say there has been a steady stream of voters you can see from me it's quite hacked. early hours it's about noon here in barcelona so it seems that there is quite a significant turnout at least here we also heard from the interior ministry that elsewhere voting is good according to plan peacefully that all the polling stations are opened and operating but i think here in catalonia people feel that they have much at stake and maybe that's why we see such a large turnout so far yeah and what are these issues that are at stake talk us through some of them. well the main issue really is how to get out of this. crisis how to get. to solve it for
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independence gap has picked up steam again over the past few weeks and ever since those 9. sentenced to jail by a court in madrid over several charges including sedition now a lot of people here were very angry about that they were handed sentences that went from 9 to 13 years and people think that that was way too harsh and ever since that you did see a sort of energy into this floor independents move certainly yes yesterday for example there was a big rally here in barcelona just outside this university dad is an issue that has paralyzed the country at least since 2017 that is one of the reasons the caretaker prime minister wasn't able to form a coalition back in following the elections earlier this year in april they
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couldn't agree on a budget dysfunction is running in 2019 over the budget of 2018 still is certainly the dominant issue in the political stalemate of this country and i ask anyone if they think that after casting their ballots things will change many would tell you that they have little hope for dad because even though polls predict that sanchez and his socialist party would get a majority he still doesn't have that outright majority to be able to form a government alone you would still have to hold coalition talks and when it comes to the issues there is no meeting point at this stage ok thank you. they were going to zation of american states it's unlikely bolivian president evo morales secured enough votes in last month's election to win outright it's recommending a new vote helped accusations that murali rate the election count to secure a 4th term triggered widespread protests in bolivia on saturday police in several
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bolivian cities crossed the line to join demonstrators guards outside the presidential palace were among those who left their posts denounce the move accusing police of staging a coup. has appealed for dialogue between political parties to put an end to the unrest. to preserve the new bolivia life itself and democracy i invite the parties that obtain legislative seats in the latest election to dialogue i invite them to an open agenda to debate in order to pacify bolivia. after being released from prison brazil's former leader who led to silva has been rallying his supporters against the government of georgia your boss a narrow he's condemning the right wing president's policies and is calling on the left leaning parties to take back the presidency in the next election terrorism reports from those hometown of sal bernardo. was received as
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a hero. in the state of help. if there is one place where the former labor union leader is loved it is here and. i want to build this country with the same happiness that we built it when we govern this country my dream isn't to solve my problems today i'm a guy that doesn't have a job a president without a pigeon not even a television in my apartment my life is totally blocks the only thing i'm susan of is that i have more courage to fight them before on thursday the supreme court said convicted criminals should exhaust all their options to defend their case before going to prison this benefited new law and many others. but lula has not been absolved and still faces at least 7 other cases against him oh wow in the last presidential election was already lost lots of us of course because of the car wash corruption investigation involved some of them i don't know that you
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love the feel was out in spite of its legal troubles and they say many here believe that he's the man to challenge joey was one of those precedences i was. says is the only one that can save brazil sposato is most afraid of the it's over because he is our representative he's our leader and this country will change flew real will. do to see them outside. but in the capitol. thousands marched through of any. to protest against their last release they condemned the supreme court's decision and are calling for a change in the law that would imprison those who lose their case in a 1st appeal was 1000000 people hear that even as there is so much impunity in brazil and we want things to change we are denouncing the decision so looking go back to prison. jade also maddow asked his followers on twitter not to give
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ammunition to a man he called the scoundrel he also defended his minister of justice said your model as a judge led the carwash corruption investigation his impartiality has been questioned and that's why lula is requesting a retrial. brazil is polarized between those who love him and want him back in the presidency. and those who are angry with the corruption that happened while he was in office. he is planning his political comeback he's already. the biggest political rival. that is how will. the gamble brazil. at least 4 more people have been killed in violent protests against the government in iraq's capital clashes continued in baghdad on saturday night as demonstrators lit fires and threw petrol bombs they were met with tear gas and live ammunition for weeks people have been demanding better public services as
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well as an end to corruption let's cross live to baghdad and speak to her about death toll continues to climb higher mode according to the human rights commission in the country. you know that's right and 1st let me start by mentioning that we are hearing from eyewitnesses that there are renewed clashes that are going on in an area on and around sinek bridge this is one of the bridges that leads from the area close to your square which is the epicenter of the protests here and by that that 2 other area other parts of the other heavily fortified parts like the green zone and government installations and these these protesters that were killed according to eyewitnesses on saturday a saturday evening that happened because you had to add up the security forces trying to clear those areas likes in that bridge like other bridges and to push the protesters from those areas that lead to other parts of it that back to square
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tension we're told right now is rising and people are concerned there could be more clashes throughout the day in that violence that occurred yesterday over 100 people were injured now i should also mention to you there has been a statement that has been released just today by amnesty international they are urging it off the authorities to immediately rein in security forces after these protesters were killed on saturday let me just read you one sentence from the statement it says but dead and busted i have seen yet more bloody days of excessive force meted out against protesters and off the authorities must immediately order and into this relentless unlawful use of lethal force of course we should also mention that the government here officials have denied that any protesters were killed in bucket on saturday all that being said there are also still protests and clashes we were told going on in busta also in asia and also in nasiriyah which is south of baghdad we're told that there have been clashes throughout the day there are protesters that are taking up space and sitting in front of the education
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building we are basically essentially right now waiting to find out if there's going to be any more violence throughout the day as you mentioned the protesters even though they have been targeted and they continue to say they are determined to come out day. after day that they want to ensure that their demands get met now you did have these statements that emerged from the prime minister's office that i've been mighty yesterday in which he promised that there would be some electoral reform and that all that would be made clear in the coming days also one interesting development you know the internet has been blocked several days the past few weeks over and over again in baghdad and other parts of iraq well yesterday just about a half an hour or so after the statement emerged from the prime minister you had the internet restored in about an hour after that it was cut again today it is running but it is a rather much slower speed than it usually is so this is interesting because you had the prime minister mentioned yesterday in his statement that the internet had
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been blocked and that they were doing that because social media platforms had been used to incite violence here the fact that the internet keeps getting cut is one thing that's really irritated the demonstrators here and it's another reason they say they continue to come out because they don't believe the government is working for them or taking their demands seriously at all that in ok and how much jim thank you very much for that update from baghdad it's still ahead in just a moment on all the syria saudi aramco reveals details of its plans to sell shares highlighted risks including include terrorism and armed conflict 50 years and counting what's behind the global success of the children's show sesame street. hello welcome to another look at the international forecast was not looking too bad across japan at the moment we have got some right in the forecast that's moving out
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of the yellow sea through the korean peninsula into the sea of japan and it will continue to drive its way further east was as we can through the next couple days on monday there will be some bits and pieces of rain around but take the lee across that western side of honshu temperatures in tokyo getting up to around 20 celsius make the most of it sheltered by the mountains it should be largely dry and bright here fine and dry as we go on in situ so that wetter weather northern areas of honshu into. clear skies come back in behind and even across the korean peninsula be getting up to around 12 or 13 degrees not quite as warm as that for a beijing hey we're going to see temps getting up to around 16 celsius we got a little bit of cloud into northern parts of china a little bit of clouds here into central and southern parts of china but really the main weather is taking place a little further south through the south china seas where we do have tropical storm machree making its way towards vietnam we are going to see some flooding into central and southern parts of vietnam over the next couple of days for the southern
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parts of china dry come down into southeast asia well the usual ration of showers for many but dry for much of indonesia. and the territory that's been under constant siege for 12 years. and in a state of perpetual conflict with its neighbor. women are swimming against the tides and challenging stereotypes in that isolated society. al-jazeera wild fun is 5 palestinians making a difference. the new women in gaza on al-jazeera.
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here with al jazeera hello again top stories this hour. positionally been freed from house arrest but the treason charges against him still remain his release comes a day after the co-founder of their band party arrived in malaysia from self-imposed exile in france. voting is underway in spain's 4th general election in 4 years mr petro sanchez holds for the latest vote after failing to rally enough support to form a new government but opinion polls suggest that it might not break the deadlock. the organization of american states has recommended that bolivia should hold another election its preliminary report says it's unlikely the president secure the percentage point margin needed to win outright police in several bolivian cities have joined protests over last month's disputed votes. or saudi aramco has
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announced details of its plans to sell shares for the 1st time it's also listed risks investors may face once the company's shares are publicly listed so in its prospectus highlighted terrorism and armed conflict is having the potential to affect the company as well as its share price in september its oil processing facilities were attacked hitting global oil supplies there's also the risk of the saudi government capping how much crude oil the kingdom is able to produce directly impacting the company and may be directed to undertake projects or work on other initiatives by the government which go against its immediate commercial objectives al-jazeera as economics editor has more. it's not shortly difficult to price. based on just geopolitical risk so we have to look at the fundamentals of a company or of a business to understand how and how we can value that company now that obviously
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you know the crown prince mohammed bin some man wanted the valuation of 2 trillion dollars he's not going to get that he realizes that now one has to tell he's his thinking on that and he thinks he can get $1.00 trillion dollars but investors still aren't convinced they think that the company is possibly worth between one trillion to $1.00 trillion dollars and now we wait and see until the book building process begins where basically they tout the shares to fund managers and they say what price would you feel comfortable buying into this particular stock and at that point will understand by the 5th of december what price each of those shares is going to be worth and what value will be put on the company. iran's president has announced the discovery of a new oil field which could boost the country's reserve by a 3rd the field was found in the southern province hasan rouhani says it contains
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an estimated 50000000000 barrels of crude oil iran faces strict u.s. sanctions including limits on it or also after washington pulled out of the nuclear deal. we discovered a lot you will feel with the capacity of 53000000000 barrels of oil which is a stump province we telling the white house that even though you impose sanctions on employers sales of engineers discovered another $53000000000.00 barrels of oil police in hong kong are trying to break up more protests it's the 24th straight weekend of unrest and anger at security forces is growing demonstrations started against a bill that would allow extraditions to china that's been shelved but anti-government sentiment continues to spread so sarah clarke is joining us from hong kong you're at a vigil in the central part of the city what are you seeing there sara. what is a vigil to member a 22 year old died on enough friday this week to last. been involved in
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a protest on early monday morning here in hong kong he fell from a cop had a brain injury and on friday after 2 operations he had a cardiac arrest and died now this is that one particular vigil there's about people here are paying tribute to that student without protest but you're out somebody has been 6 districts targeted by those protests the protest movements and the focus on the shopping center shopping mall and obviously a couple of confrontations between police in 2 areas one and 2 in the morning where we were in shock teams and now we had a number of protesters damaged stores the empty and smashed shopping centers now the police presence has been quite heavy across the city today simply because the targeting 6 districts and the saving on sunday so that not. they've also got and the 2nd 5 shopping centers being being targeted are focused on and i should say on monday the protest movement is encouraging a general strike that general strike will be the people targeting the transports
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various transport systems including the m.t.r. which is the chinese system as well as roads and they call it a general strike simply because they're trying to stop people getting to work on time on monday so as you mentioned this is now the 5th month of protests here in hong kong and sara an international independent excuse me international panel investigating hong kong's police watchdog and its ability to investigate the force has now released an interim report which is critical of the watchdog what more has the report says. well this is certainly an interesting development the government set up this international panel to support all what with hong kong's watchdog to do an investigation into these ongoing protests in the interim report the progress report was released by twitter of i want the panelists professor clifford starts from kill university in the united kingdom and that particular port said that the hong kong's watchdog the body lacks power and that the body must enhanced its power
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and its ability to going to deliver a proper report and to investigation. ongoing protest it said the body had a light touch and it was an oversight body and also a question how can my comprehensive assessment and said that the watchdog must provide its results is and i said what i said it should be interesting development was how it was released this was released on this particular panelist i get the government has responded to that and this is an interim report but certainly having i handle an international panel critical of hong kong watchdog is an interesting development in these ongoing. sarah clarke thank you. protesters who are out overnight in lebanon's capital with a musical approach. crowds they root streets in front of government buildings dancing to music from loudspeakers they're been to government protests for more than 3 weeks now they're demanding significant constitutional changes the economy is at the roots of the crisis in lebanon and the
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political stalemate is threatening to cause further financial turmoil politicians have been struggling to form a new cabinet since the resignation of prime minister saad the government stephanie decker reports from beirut's lebanon's economic crisis is being felt everywhere here in the back alleys of beirut we're going to did have a lot of prices have gone of people can no longer afford it thank god that's what we say to the more privileged areas of the camp. money your stock in the country your vessel is outside. not paid for suppliers have not been paid would you this charge and deliver if you're not fit but want to michelle are both businessmen and they like everyone else here don't know what's going to happen next i told one of the corporate there actors at the bank i import food you're not going to have food next week there's no food and the guy says may not. let me wire funds banks have
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introduced restrictions on certain financial transactions limiting withdrawals and blocking almost all foreign transfers the limitations on the 1st account is not a fixed and transparent thing everybody that goes and they ask for branch in the back. as 2000 a month of $4000.00 a week now if you know so you get these conflicting reports that if you deposit a check today that's a commission of $3.00 it's everything is being done to make it hard for you to get access to your funds there is so much uncertainty it's been nearly 2 weeks inside how do you resigned as prime minister leading to a caretaker government the economic crisis started long before the protest movement and much needed economic reforms are on hold all the politicians baker as to who is going to be part of the interim governing body and the longer that goes on for the more serious situation can become sami attala is an economist he says the country
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cannot afford not to have a government right now essentially where we actually have the fear of devaluation capital controls in place huge that this is unprecedented so we could effectively that our standard of living will be shaken and then next few months where by in fact you know all business is closed down because you know the parties are going up the political deadlock means nothing is being dealt with on friday the world bank urges lebanon to form a cabinet within a week. everyone is worried for me the biggest fear there is the on 33 you have no idea what to do when you don't know everybody i talked to is is getting caught. under the beds and people are just waiting and scared. the country is at risk of bankruptcy and currency collapse the result we're told of decades of poorly managed economic policies and didn't make across the board corruption stephanie decker
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al-jazeera. wildfires which raised parts of australia stricken east coast have died down but authorities warn they are likely to get worse again in the coming days at least 3 people have been killed and dozens injured more than a 1000 firefighters are working to put out fires across new south wales and thousands of people have been forced from their homes. so in uncertain times there is one place where there are always sunny days and everything is ok we're talking about sesame street's the puppet phil children's show celebrating its 50th anniversary filled with jingles and positivity sesame street also tackle serious issues like death h.i.v. homelessness and divorce chris's salumi explains. all it was only $1.00 big bird ventured out of his usual neighborhood to celebrate at the empire state building. 50 years of entertaining and educating children on
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sesame street. the television show is modeled on a new york neighborhood and built on the notion that learning can be fun while diversity should be celebrated. catchy songs and goofy creatures from elmo to cookie monster are the building blocks of its success and don't forget those celebrity appearances backed up we have celebrities on the show because we would like to draw on parents when parents watch the show with their kids the learning is the perv because you have a conversation about what you watch together sesame street's appeal extends well beyond u.s. borders big bird the celebrity around the world the children show airs in a 150 countries making it the most watched in history. local characters often grappling with local issues are what sets the show apart whether it's zaria
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an afghan girl who loves to learn in a country where most don't go to school no talk about grown up problems or carly an american whose mother is a drug addict in a country in the midst of an opioid epidemic. it's the universe reality that all kids deserve respect opportunity kindness and a little bit of fun but married with what's called to be relevant and what are the educational needs of the respective countries put it all together and it's no wonder kids keep coming back to sesame street christian salumi al jazeera new york and tens of thousands of people have celebrated the coronation of japan's new emperor at a national festival in tokyo the festivities were originally scheduled for october 22nd but were delayed due to typhoon. now hito became emperor in march after his
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father abdicated the 1st monarch in 2 centuries to do so and rugby world champions south africa are on a 5 day victory parade throughout their country sunday sees the springboks in port elizabeth the hometown of captain sia. he's the team's 1st black captain and he led them to victory over england in the final a little over a week ago buspar aid will also go through the township. where a cohesive group of. the headlines on al jazeera this hour cambodian opposition politician comes soaker has been freed from house arrest but the treason charges against him still remain his release comes a day after sam rainsy the co-founder of their band party arrived in malaysia from self-imposed exile in france voting is underway in spain's 4th general election in 4 years prime minister petro sanchez called for the latest vote after failing to
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rally enough support to form a new government but opinion polls suggest that it may not break the deadlock. they're going to zation of american states has recommended that bolivia should hold another election its preliminary report says it's the to stickley unlikely that president ever mirali secured the 10 percentage point margin needed to win outright in several bolivian cities have joined protests over last month's disputed vote ralitsa is appealed for dialogue between political parties to put an end to the unrest. to preserve the new bolivia life itself and democracy i invite the parties that obtain legislative seats in the least election to dialogue i invite them to an open agenda to debate in order to pacify bolivia at least 4 more people have been killed in violent protest against the government in iraq's capital cautious continued in baghdad on saturday night as demonstrators lit fires and threw petrol bombs for weeks people have been demanding better public services
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and an end to corruption police in hong kong are trying to break up more protests it's the 24th straight we can define unrest and anger at security forces continues to grow demonstrations started against a bill that would allow extraditions to china. or a giant saudi aramco has detailed a list of risks as it prepares to sell shares publicly for the 1st time it singled out terrorism government interference in business and state caps on oil production iran's president has announced the discovery of a new oil field in the southern was a stand province house and rouhani says it contains an estimated 50000000000 barrels of crude oil. you're up to date with the latest headlines on al-jazeera we'll have more news for you right after inside story thanks for what.
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india's highest court rules in favor of hindus in a long running dispute with muslims over religious sites will this end a controversy that's lost 3 decades or will live inflame tensions further this is inside school. hello welcome to the program i'm hasn't it is one of the world's most contentious property disputes a lightning rod for the divisions between hindus and muslims in india both play claim to a religious site in the city in the country's biggest state with a pradesh.


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