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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 10, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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the story of dispute. the. calls for new elections out dependent found irregularities in last month's vote. also coming up. tests in iraq people demand better public services then an end to corruption. spain's 4th election in 4 years after a campaign dominated by catalonia. surge. and jordan decides not to renew
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a 25 year deal that gave special land access to israeli farmers on its territory. he will call for new elections after the organization of american states said it was unlikely he secured enough votes in last month's election to win outright accusations that morales rig the election count to secure a 4th term had triggered widespread protests. have a new national election that the believe in people to democratically elected representatives brothers and sisters in the media and the people who believe after making this decision i want to call on everybody to reduce the tension we'll have a duty to classify believe i'm calling for respect respect for property and respect for authority and for all social groups. on saturday police in several bolivian cities joined the demonstrators guards outside the presidential palace were among
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those who left their posts announced the move accusing police of staging a coup a latin america to see newman joins us live from santiago in neighboring chile so obviously this is what the protesters have been pushing for but is it still a surprise that morales appears to have given. rachelle i'm rather surprised that he gave in that quickly because he had said that after the event depending on the results of the organization of american states audit he would allow for a 2nd round a knock off round he had not spoken about a brand new election and this is what his opponents were demanding nothing short of that and not only this the oas also recommended that there a new electoral board a new electoral tribunal be named clearly indicating that the current one is was not transparent and could not be trusted and president morales says that that is going to happen as well so he was under tremendous amount of pressure he also had
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spoken of you we've just heard him he thought he needed to protect property and families overnight his own sister's house had been attacked and set on fire so things were wherry very quickly spiraling out of control and so he did his face was very very stern but is he's had to take this about face probably against his his wishes but he's done it and hopefully this will help defuse a very serious crisis so any indication when we're going to hear how this new election is supposed to happen what's going to make this different than the 1st time. with a new election with the aged the new government was supposed to be sworn in in january when the new election will be is not clear presumably it will be fairly quickly and i think what could be contentious is. the composition of this new electoral board that's something that's going to have to be debated and negotiated
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with the opposition if this call for calm and peace that president what alice is calling for is going to happen is going to be needed all right we'll see a new man are one american or with the latest and we see it thank you thank you. they rocky government says a security crackdown is not the solution to curb weeks of protests that have led to the death of over $300.00 demonstrators but it's warned of tough punishment for anyone using extreme violence that includes security forces using live ammunition clashes continue in the capital baghdad between demonstrators and security forces the government to struggle to contain mass protests over corruption access to basic services and iraq's political system for more now let's go live to baghdad our correspondent mohammed jam jim is there so what else is there is the government saying about about calming things down mohamed. well richard let me start with that new death toll that you mentioned just a moment ago we just received confirmation of this in the past 10 minutes or so
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from the to shut assata he's a member of parliament and he's the head of the parliamentary committee of human rights and mr assad had told us that the latest figures as far as the death toll here since october 1st 319 people have been killed due to violence he said that most of those killed have been anti-government protesters some of those killed have been security forces certainly that is a startling update because up until now they're up the government has only been saying that somewhere around 250 protesters and security forces have been killed in fact many activists we speak with on the ground here believe that the death toll may actually be higher but according to mr assad he it is now 301000 also in the past couple of hours there was a statement that was issued by the office of the president here president but him saga in which as you mentioned he stated that a security crackdown essentially is not the way to end these protests he went on to
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say that an electoral reform law would soon be announced that they were working on it he also went on to say that the executive and judicial authorities have begun legal action to prosecute those accused of corruption and he mentioned in that statement that security forces have been told repeatedly not to use live ammunition when they are at protest sites now beyond that we also got a tweet that was pretty substantial in the last couple of hours from the most of those so that his head of the southers bloc he's a very popular shiite cleric here and of his bloc is the biggest bloc in parliament he issued a statement via twitter in which he said that he continues to stand firmly with the protesters here that was in response to these reports that were emerging yesterday that perhaps some deal had been made between various political factions to continue to stand behind the current government and try to put an end to the protests may. people were wondering where mr russell that would would come down when it comes to these reports what his response would be there had been some rumors that perhaps he
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had been a part of this agreement as well he today has said that he is not part of that agreement so he is still standing very much on the side of the protesters as you mentioned it's been a tense day right now it's a little bit calmer there have been clashes the news yesterday was that on saturday 4 people in baghdad for protesters were killed as a result of violence and many people here worry that it is going to continue to be violent until the government really responds to the demands of these protesters that continue to come out day after day richelle all right jim with the latest there from baghdad mohammed thank you. prominent opposition figure comes soca has been released in cambodia 2 years after he was charged with treason so it is the co-founder of the bank cambodia national rescue party which was dissolved ahead of elections last year her minister who says ruling party won most of the seats let's focus free for now the charges against him they remain and he's banned from politics and can't leave the country and other key opposition voice and raincy
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arrived in malaysia on saturday had left cambodia 4 years ago after facing a prison sentence on defamation charges cambodian government says he's welcome back but warns he could face several legal cases. international pressure east building on one side and that he showed that he would open. the door open the way for me to return to cambodia but this time he said it to be different i mean. mall positive more favorable while powerful because. from inside the country become again people are. still increasing the pressure on. raincy have been battling longtime leader who listen he's been in power since 1985 and is on the world's longest serving prime minister's rights groups and political opponents say he's repeatedly stifle dissent
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when has the developments from bangkok. this would appear to be a tactical move by the government in cambodia on 2 fronts one is that we know sam rainsy the acting leader of the cambodian national rescue party arrived back in the region on saturday flying into kuala lumpur the malaysian capital still vowing to return from exile to cambodia to lead an uprising against the government this would appear to be a move by the government in cambodia to take the wind out of the sails of sam rainsy and to call into question the relevance of any plans returned by him the other thing is the european union has been investigating the decline in democracy and human rights in cambodia and is threatening to withdraw or cambodia's tariff free status for its goods that are exported to the european union it delivers its report to the government of cambodia on choose day one of the key demands of the
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e.u. is that kim should be released from house arrest and the charges against him should be dropped who've seen one of those steps taken by the government he has been released from house arrest but still some severe restrictions remaining on him and the case against camps a car still stands as polling is underway and spain's for election and for years the leftist pajamas party has vowed to help the incumbent socialist party leader public places said he will get assistance and hopes of forming a leftist coalition minister peter sanchez call for the vote after failing to form a new government however opinion poll suggests that this might not break the deadlock in the elections coming weeks of political tension and violent clashes between catalan separatists and police delamater is standing by live for us in barcelona 1st though let's go to china hall who is any spanish capital of madrid so gentle there seems to be maneuvering going on even as the polls are still open.
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yes the polls you don't open only a busy polling station here you can see one problem. spain hasn't voted with participation turnout may be a little lower this time than it was in april but still expected to be around the 70 percent the difficulty though is in trying to form a stable government for election this in just 4 years. stable government has become much rarer much more difficult since the economic crisis since the years of very polarizing austerity that followed the sort of put paid to the old system of politics where power was swapped from one big party on the left to one big party on the right there are now multiple parties on both sides including both extremes add to that the backdrop to this election the unfolding drama in catalonia over independence a crisis many voters see it as a direct threat to the unity of the state and so you've got this sort of very combustible politics in spain that makes it very hard for any one group to work with any other there hasn't been
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a majority governance since 2011 well the socialists and had their senses are expected according to the polls once again to win the greatest share of the vote as they did in april but without a majority that means there may be horse trading you mentioned it there if there can indeed be a coalition on the left they couldn't form one in april they may not have the numbers to form one now and mr sanchez has said he's looking towards a minority administration that would require at least the tacit approval of the people's party the conservative party on the right expected to do much better this time around they in turn will be looking further to their right to the far right vox party they don't want to be pushing any more support their way the votes party expected perhaps to become spain's 3rd largest political force so when you put all of these things together a question of can they form stable government this time the fall election in 4 years the answer is far from certain ok john hall will wrap up there and a trench on a thank you jonah mentioned catalonia let's go to how to delamater is live for us
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in barcelona to the issue of catalonia the cattle on separatists and has been a constant issue for the past year is that the it's an issue in this election explain how this is all playing out. and certainly many would tell you that it has been the dominant issue not only in this election but the election that happened earlier in the year in april and i think what people will be looking at later on when the 1st results come out is how well the dependence parties have fared in this election catalonia in children has $48.00 seats in the congress in madrid now it's a matter of seeing among those $48.00 seats how many will be given to the pro independence party now if they have a large showing in congress in madrid then they would at least it will solve the catalonian issue it won't solve. anything when it comes to these dream of
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independence that many have in this region but they could certainly use their number of seats to have an impact or maybe to block any kind of dealings or any kind of you know legislation at the national level in madrid but people here do not expect that anything will change when it comes to day old cause. any advance or any kind of you know breakthrough of this deadlock between the 2 sides madrid and barcelona on how to deal with this independence aspirations or that is something people are not betting on what they want to know is really who will come to power and how much would the catalan parties have of power or influence in madrid right how to tell me with the latest from barcelona how to thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera spread across hong kong on the 24th
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straight week of unrest. 50 years and counting a look at what's behind the global success at the children's show sesame street. how the weather's not too bad across southern parts of china the wetter weather is further south of course we've seen some heavy rain into the philippines recently and now we have trouble storm machree pre-lit bringing those floods into central and southern parts of vietnam damaging winds set a possibility through monday the winds ease off the rain is a touch as we go on into cheese there you can see that wet weather will stay in place if the north is generate roy try and find in hong kong temperatures around 26 percent think of cloud it's a central part of china and he said you see some very thick cloud we have of course
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had our tropical cyclone making its way across the far north east of in the through kolkata this is the same thing called the 201 millimeters of rain in just 18 hours here now we're seeing that western weather fade its way across bangladesh and that's easing its way up towards the far north east of in the bull of course but it was called a topical santana match before that so still a few showers in place there to the far northeast of the region but it could tilt rather has been recently a study by chews that it is largely dry notice down towards the south of india heavy showers coming in here and also affecting sri lanka. mass protests forcing the government's hand but are we seeing the home try to talk to passengers we follow journalists on the frontline business fishtank
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free press committed to reporting the facts police officers pointing guns at journalists and say stop can think of hong kong fact and fiction the truth is in any way on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera let's take a look at the top stories right now and present a morality says he will call for a new elections after a report by the organization of american states that irregularities marred last month's vote accusations that morale is rigged the election count to count rather to secure
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a 4th term triggered widespread protests and bolivia. iraqi government says the security crackdown is not the solution to curb weeks of protests to lead to the death of over 300 demonstrators warned of tough punishment for anyone using extreme violence including security forces using live ammunition. voting is underway in spain's 4th general election in 4 years i minister pedro sanchez called for the latest vote after failing to rally enough support to form a new government however opinion polls suggest that this might not break the deadlock. people in protesting in hong kong now for the 24th straight weekend. and one mall riot police trust in plainclothes arrest people suspected of having committed vandalism anger at security forces is running high after a student died on friday it all and while police were clearing and demonstration earlier and we violence has also spilled out onto the streets with police making
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more arrests across the territory there is widespread public anger at the arrest of several opposition lawmakers on saturday clarke has more from hong kong. a couple of 100 people are gathering here in central hong kong individual to remember the 22 year old student who died last week after being involved in a punter's. when he fell from a top of the 3rd floor the 2nd floor suffered a brain injury and on friday i died of a cardiac arrest now this is off to a day of protests on sunday here in hong kong where 6 districts were targeted we saw some violent confrontations during these protests and the focus today on sunday was shopping malls and we had a number of a shopping center is damaged and to yasser damage done some barricades were set on 5 abbado's practices and the police did my summer recess now also on sunday we saw the release of an interim report by the international panel into the ongoing investigations of these protests not that international panel was critical of the watchdog that said unless the power to make
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a momentum assessment and it also questioned it's one of the sources not an ability to do its job now this comes after 5 months of protests and this week on monday we have another general strike up planned by this anti government movement. at least 14 people have been killed and millions more have been forced from their homes after a psych longbow ball hit eastern india and bangladesh winds over 120 kilometers an hour over trees from the ground and destroyed homes in india's west bengal and bangladesh has called the region and estimated 2000000 people spent the night in storm shelters with many low lying areas flooded the cyclon has heavy rainfall continues to affect some regions. from a release from prison brazil's former later lowered to silva has been rallying his supporters against the government. his condemning the right wing president's policies and is calling on left leaning parties to take back the presidency in the next election traceable reports of hometown champa.
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was received as a hero. in the state of help. if there is one place where the former labor union leader is loved it is here on capitol hill i want to build this country with the same happiness that we built so that when we govern this country my dream isn't to solve my problems today i'm a guy that doesn't have a job a president without a pynchon not even a television in my apartment my life is totally blocks the only thing i'm serious in all of is that i have more courage to fight them before on thursday the supreme court said convicted criminals should exhaust all their options to defend their case before going to prison this benefited new law and many others. but lula has not been absolved and still faces at least 7 other cases against him was in the last presidential election was already lost a lot of us of course because of the car wash corruption investigation involves
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some was a member i don't know that you love the feel was out in spite of its legal troubles on the stage many here believe that he's the man to challenge the judge he was one of those precedences right. says he's the only one that can say brazil sposato is most afraid of. it's over because he's our representative he's our leader and this country will change fluey oh will. do to see a man outside. but in the capital. thousands marched through. to prove. test against release they condemned the supreme court's decision and they're calling for a change in the law that would imprison those who lose their case. was. there is so much impunity in brazil and we want things to change we are denouncing the decision salute looking go back to prison jail also maddow ask his followers on
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twitter not to give ammunition to a man he called the scoundrel he also defended his minister of justice. as a judge led the carwash corruption investigation his impartiality has been questioned and that's why lula is requesting a retrial brazil is polarized between those who love and want him back in the presidency. and those who are angry with the corruption that happened while he was in office. he is planning his political comeback he's already. the biggest political rival. brazil iran's president has announced the discovery of a new oil field which could boost the country's reserve by a 3rd but he was found in the southern province. says it contains an estimated
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$50000000000.00 barrels of crude oil iran face a strict u.s. sanctions including limits on its oil sales after washington pulled out of the nuclear deal. discovered a large well field with the capacity of 53000000000 barrels of oil which was a stump province were telling the white house that even though you impose sanctions on our oil sales our engine is discovered another 53000000000 barrels of oil. and iran has taken a major step towards building a 2nd nuclear power plant despite facing pressure from the u.s. to stop its program concrete pouring has begun on the plantain bashir province tehran has ramped up in richmond of uranium in the last week stepping further away from the 2015 nuclear deal officials at the power generated by the plant will save millions of barrels of oil each year iran insists it is not developing nuclear weapons. 25 years after the signing of a peace treaty between jordan israel the jordanian government has refused to renew a cause that allowed israeli tourists and farmers this a free access to 2 large stretches have
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a territory that area runs along the border between the 2 countries as part of smith reports another sign the relationship is under strain over israel's treatment of the palestinians. there may be a peace agreement between jordan and israel but it's under considerable strain. so these are some of the last israeli tourists to walk across the border without passports to visit jordanian sovereign territory that's been owned and farmed by jews for almost 100 years jordan is not renewing a 25 year deal that granted privileged access and a lot of us will lose some of our income that we could puts makes a living from these lands we've got a deep emotional attachment to the area. israel got vital security cooperation along its longest land border when it signed the peace treaty in 1994 out of the room is to see this valley become the valley of peace jordan's king hussein and his
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people were promised political and economic benefits but they've not materialized i think it's true that if there'd been progress on the palestinian issue it would have helped with a way to tional jordan i think jordan was also disappointed with the economic benefits that it hoped to gain from the peace treaty there was talk of one stage that we would have one airport in the south of and so forth jordan israel and israel decided that we didn't want to proceed with that then last year as farmers cultivated crops that take years to mature the u.s. recognized all of jerusalem as the capital of israel and jordan's economy continue to struggle everything combined to intensify jordanian public opinion against israel and these were all issues that king abdullah reflected on that sunday state opening of parliament. last old model or don't be so that's our national position on the palestinian cause a steadfast supporting our palestinian brethren to establish their independent state along the 4th of june 1967 lines with east jerusalem as its capital today i
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also announced the expiration of the peace treaty annex is on the outcome and backer and the imposition of a full sovereignty over every inch of those lines. perhaps the most important crop the fruits of peace has failed to take root here the jordanian government now says that the israelis will be given continued access to the farmland until the end of the season next april as long as they apply for visas and the farmers hope that by then some sort of longer term the arrangement can be found to allow them to continue farming. burnitz with al-jazeera on the jordan israel. and in certain times there is one place where there are always sunny days and everything's ok talk about sesame street puppet feel children show is celebrating its 50th anniversary with jingles and positivity sesame street also tackle serious issues like death hiv homelessness and divorce or since a lonely has more 2. oh it was only $1.00 big bird ventured out of his
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usual neighborhood to celebrate at the empire state building. 50 years of entertaining and educating children on sesame street like the television show is modeled on a new york neighborhood and built on the notion that learning can be fun while diversity should be celebrated can be. catchy songs and goofy creatures from elmo to cookie monster are the building blocks of its success and don't forget those celebrity appearances backed up we have celebrities on the show because we would like to draw on parents when parents watch the show with their kids the learning is d. per because you have a conversation about what you watch together sesame street's appeal extends well beyond u.s. borders big bird the celebrity around the world the children show airs in
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a 150 countries making it the most watched in history. local characters often grappling with local issues are what sets the show apart whether it's zaria an afghan girl who loves to learn in a country where most don't go to school no talk about grown up problems or carly an american whose mother is a drug addict in a country in the midst of an opioid epidemic. my mom needs help it's the universe reality that all kids deserve respect opportunity kindness and a little bit of fun but married with what's called truly relevant and more to the educational needs of their respective countries put it all together and it's no wonder kids keep coming back to sesame street kristen salumi al jazeera new york tens of thousands of people have celebrated the coronation of japan's new emperor at a national festival in tokyo the best evidence were originally scheduled for october
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22nd or delayed because of typhon haggis there he became emperor and march after his father abdicated the 1st monarch to do that in 2 centuries. to the headlines right now on al-jazeera present a member alice says he will call for new elections after the organization of american states said it was on likely he secured enough votes in last month's election to win outright accusations that morales rigged election count to secure a 4th to 4th term had triggered widespread protests. i was examined as we do have a new national election that will allow the believe in people to democratically elected representatives brothers and sisters the media and the people who believe it after making this decision i want to call on everybody to reduce the tension of things we all have a duty to classify believe you i'm calling for respect among families respect for
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property and respect for authority and for all social groups they're ok government says a security crackdown is not the solution to curb wakes or protests that have led to the death of over $300.00 demonstrators but it's more the tough punishment for anyone using extreme violence including security forces using live ammunition. but it is underway and spain's 4th a general election in 4 years the prime minister picture is sanchez call for the latest vote after failing to rally enough support to form a new government however opinion polls suggest that this might not break the deadlock either elections come in weeks of violent clashes between catalan separatists and police. people in hong kong have been protesting for the 24th straight weekend now. in one mall riot police dressed in plain clothes arrested people suspected of having committed vandalism anger at security forces is running high after student died on friday to
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follow them all pleas for clearing a demonstration earlier in the week. at least 14 people have been killed and millions more forced from their homes after cycling bowlful hit eastern india and bangladesh and over 120 kilometers an hour trees from the ground and destroyed homes in india's west bengal and bangladesh has called the region iran has taken a major step towards building a 2nd nuclear power plant despite facing pressure from the u.s. to stop its program concrete pouring has begun on the plant and bush era province has wrapped up and rich ramped up that is a merchant of ukrainian you raney i'm in the last week stepping further away from the 2015 nuclear deal. or so the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera the listening post is that next. other current efforts to contain the spread of nuclear weapons doing enough to keep the world safe the most crucial political challenge is
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how to stop nuclear explosion from up with this plan to get the executive secretary of the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty organization is seen as tools town jazeera. how is it covering stories around the fire because trust a journalist wait for your kind of guy the more i think that there is a movie to the most dangerous part of the mining industry one particularly around. our battle story. hello i'm richard disparate and you're watching a special edition of the listening post when journalists talk about the most dangerous beats in the news business they talk about war zones or trying to cover drug cartels in mexico however environmental reporting is not far behind according to the new york based committee to protect journalists in the past decade 13 reporters doing environmentally related work have been killed another 16.


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