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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 11, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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protesters demanded the fall of latin america's longest serving leader now if those quits following that controversial election. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. socialists fall short of a majority in spain's general election as there's a surge in support for the far right. medical workers being in the line of fire as iraqi security forces target government
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protests. and playing up with these people south africa's rugby world cup winning captain trophy to his hometown . but in america's longest serving leader bolivian president evo morales has resigned in the face of widespread protests of his disputed reelection morale those who spent nearly 14 years in office by the announcement in a televised address to the nation hours after the country's military chief called for him to step down the presidents of venezuela and cuba have condemned what they are calling a coup against morales international monitors have called for october's election results to be an out because of alleged irregularities a little i'm resigning from my position as president in order that people from culture obama and the poor people are not on anymore. i'm resigning for them we
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don't want day to be confrontation early this morning we met ministers and we decided to resign in order for there to be new elections for the live full lives all for the country. mariana sanchez has more from santa cruz in bolivia the 1st reaction from thousands of people who have been protesting in the past 2 weeks because of the results of the electoral votes on the 20th many. many squares around the most important cities of the country with some people turning a national 9. many people. fired. and cheering if you will it's unclear will take over as vice president. yet also resigned he should have been they want to take over and the next one d should be the senate precedents but she has. signed.
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well mexico's foreign minister says his country would offer morale there's asylum if the former leader sorters a number of leaders in the region have been responding to this news on twitter brazil's president jaya balsa nara said denunciations of election fraud resulted in the resignation of president was the lesson for us is the need in the name of democracy and transparency to count votes that can be ordered to the voters he's a sign of clarity for brazil while venezuela's president nicolas maduro tweeted we categorically condemn the consummate coup d'etat against the brother president if a morale is the social and political movements of the world to clear our souls in mobilization to demand the preservation of life of the bolivian 100 peoples victims of racism in america editor of asean human joins us by skype from santiago and lucy
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a let's talk about some of this reaction it is being cast as a crew of course morale is very much playing the role of victim in the country saying this is an attack on indigenous people an attack on poor people in bolivia. yes that he is certainly doing that and he made no mention of the fact that the organization of american states had issued a preliminary results of its audit of those elections that took place exactly 3 weeks ago which showed clearly that there had been a manipulation or him put it another way fraud however that the the ex-president now blamed his rival economists amish that and also another major leaguer of the opposition not at the head of the armed forces for forcing him out which is very interesting but we are here in the east and charges of blue collar not only for what alison his supporters not only from the venezuelan intubate leaders as you would expect but also from other countries and other leaders for example the former
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foreign minister of chile another one yes was no friend of him who would advise and he says that as much of himself is calling this also a pool of talent and integrate with the to institutional democratic order that had been one of the islam would absolutely kill elections as had been demanded by his opponents and i don't deny his american slaves it's another that they were all together to be forced to resign apparently pushed out by the army sat and there are a lot of questions out there the say there's questions about the ongoing role of the army now there are questions about the political future the political vacuum that exists in the country and just how much support there remains for morale his and his party. well he does have support is no doubt about that whether he actually won the elections in the 1st round as he had playing loose is one thing but he does and his supporters and his political party continues to have the majority in the clone wrist he has a lot of support on the streets of some areas of the country and it's not clear
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that his supporters will heed this call to just basically back off to prevent bloodshed the other thing is of course it was the it just fill that void the the head of the vice president presides the president of the senate in the lower house to to the next in line and also resign now we have the president of the supreme court possibly filling that role but that hasn't been tired yet so it's going to be a very unstable situation in the coming hours and days into the sea thank you so much for that parent who is a journalist focusing on latin america at the grammys and that's an independent news website she believes morales was press it out as president undemocratically. the i think there's no question that what we've just witnessed in bolivia is a military coup what else do you call it when a president is forced to resign after the head of the armed forces someone noble livy and actually voted for called on the president to step down and we should keep
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in mind able morales is a mandate regardless of what you think about the october 20th result does last until this january so even if we were to invalidate the last of the this last election a vote still is the president or should have been the president until january and instead we've seen him step down saying that he's stepping down because members of his party. will have actually fallen under threat there holmes of mares and governors were were were attacked by violent demonstrators who threaten to carry them out of their houses and set them on fire we saw public journalists journalist working for a bolivia television dragged out of their offices by these very clearly right wing violent non-democratic protesters and demanding they stop their broadcast of the demonstrations this to me appears to be completely undemocratic and a clear attack against able moralise and his mandate he was willing to go for
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elections again. now to spain where the ruling socialist workers party has won the largest share of the vote in the 2nd general election this year with 120 seats it falls short of a majority as a did in the polls and now it's facing a difficult path to form a stable government john holl reports from madrid. muted celebrations for the socialists in spain who win once again the largest share of the vote but not a majority forming a government will be fraught with difficulty caretaker prime minister pedro sanchez called this election after earlier coalition talks failed and believing the socialists would improve their standing in april's vote the gamble hasn't paid off he will now be under immense pressure to negotiate a coalition likely to include the extreme left uniter party and even relying on catalonia separatist parties for support even if these parties the socialist of
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them are the most of the counseling nationalists are left leaning parties they are very different they have different interests of course want independence these those very much against the size of the socialists catalan separatists have been hugely influential in this election and the last one in april and it will be unthinkable to many in spain that they might provide the key even if just through some voting arrangement to unlocking a socialist government. in barcelona delighted at what some will see as a victory for the independence cause and to make matters worse for the socialists the ongoing capital and drama that threatens the break up of the spanish state has provoked a shift in public opinion to the right the conservative people's party has been rehabilitated and the far right vox party has doubled its share of parliamentary seats to become spain's 3rd political force. no one wants to see another election but whatever governing arrangement arises out of this fractious and fragmented
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political landscape it is likely to be neither stable nor longstanding joho al-jazeera madrid. now we have reports just in that hong kong police and shot a person in the chest using live ammunition during protests to stop traffic going into the city center now it comes a day after another day of rallies with police firing tear gas and water cannon at crowds of anti-government demonstrators on sunday anger at security forces is running high after a student died on friday sarah clarke has more now from hong kong. couple of 100 people are gathering here in central hong kong in a vigil to remember the 22 year old student who died last week after being involved in a protest when he fell from a car after the 3rd floor the 2nd floor suffered a head on friday died of a cardiac arrest now this is after the protests on sunday here in hong kong where 6
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districts were targeted we saw some violent confrontations during these protests and the focus today on sunday was. that we had a number of the shopping centers damage and damage and some barricades were set on fire by those protesters and the police did make some arrests now also on sunday we saw the release of an interim report by the international panel into the ongoing investigations of these protests and international was critical of the watchdog it said in the hours. and i get them into the system and also question its like the resources and ability to do its job and this comes after 5 months of protests and this week on monday we have another general strike lives on by this. a thick blanket of toxic small because again engulfed india's capital new delhi residents have been complaining of breathing difficulties and irritation of the eyes a public health emergency has already been declared in the city after air pollution reached the worst of the levels last week the small he's also being blamed for
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soaring miscarriage rites and infant deaths. in australia fathers warn the biggest city there is facing a catastrophic threat residents on the outskirts of sydney of being urged to leave their homes as bushfires get dangerously close the urgency cruzan high temperatures and strong winds are likely to further fuel the flames at least 3 people have died thousands more being left homeless by the bushfires in new south wales and queensland. still ahead on al-jazeera presidency chimping arrives in greece for talks as china's state owned shipping company by its big plans to expand a key port hundreds of indian sikhs make a pilgrimage to pakistan for the 1st time in more than 70 years.
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hello there's some pretty good weather conditions in to most southern and eastern sections of china the cloud is further to the west moving through the interior but as we go through monday and choose a site in hong kong some pretty good time bridges and some pretty good sunny skies 27 celsius a nice day in shanghai on monday 23 more cloudy or 4 cause as we go through tuesday but not cold at 22 and then to the south this is where we're seeing strong winds and also the rain and that is because it is coming from the latest tropical storm machree now this is working its way into vietnam it will certainly making landfall on monday very heavy amounts of rain could be coming from this storm system we could actually see some localized flooding maybe 200 to 300 millimeters of rain in some local areas scattered showers further to the south and then as that storm system just really dissipates on cheese day the rain back into 4 calls across the south very unsettled sucked into more southern sections of the philippines and fairly widespread rain across much of even some showers on tuesday across into to
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cause as i'm sure as a maybe a thunderstorm and then we. head over to india and in particular here's the bay of bengal this is the latest on this is matt mode and this will continue to weaken as it goes through monday pushing some showers across into mamre and then by choose a mostly dry showers into southern sections of india. the weather sponsored by qatar and. in a territory that's been under constant siege for 12 years. and in a state of perpetual conflict with its navy. women are swimming against the tides and challenging stereotypes in the isolated society. al-jazeera wild follows 5 palestinians making a difference. the new women of gaza on al-jazeera. when
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you're watching al-jazeera here's a reminder of our top stories this hour bolivia's president evo morales has resigned after widespread protests against his disputed election the presidents of venezuela and cuba have used. a preliminary report to the october election found ballots alterations explains ruling socialist workers party has won the largest share of the vote but fallen short of a majority after the 2nd general election to see if the hard drive vox pop who saw its support surged to almost double i pulls purcel. hong kong police of short a person in the chest using live ammunition during protests to stop traffic going
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into the city center that comes off to another dive rallies with police firing tear gas and water cannon the crowds of anti-government demonstrators on sunday. security forces have again opened fire on protesters across iraq killing at least 9 people. 6 demonstrators were killed in baghdad while the other 3 were shot dead in the southern iraqi city of nasiriyah security forces say they've been targeting some cool infiltrators at protests at least 325 people have been killed across the country since protests began at the start of october iraqi doctors and nurses have been volunteering in baghdad's tavoris quit to help treat wounded protesters but they say they too are now being targeted by security forces the tests are denying with this exclusive report from the capital. the doctors and nurses trying to save lives in tahrir square say we're in a white lab coat has become
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a bull's eye on their backs many were afraid to speak with us on camera saying they're worried the government over tally aid against them for volunteer ing after their day jobs to treat injured protesters started and stopped it is that whenever they are targeting us to prevent the treatment of their injured 2 days ago on a bridge there were chasing us we were hiding on sites 3 and they were shooting at us from home vs who they are and who they get their orders from we don't know these men and women have formed a volunteer army of health care professionals for protestors doctors nurses pharmacists nurses assistants even medical students work in tents like this one spread across tackier square which has become the epicenter of the protests the wounded arrive in a steady stream primarily via tuck tucks which can more easily navigate the crowds the medics also venture out onto nearby bridges which have become
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a battlefield as protesters confront security force and. this is a 1st time experience from maine and i'm not scared i saw them. my brothers holding injured and no one cares about them they are also targeting us with live ammunition the iraqi human rights commission says at least 4 bad eggs have been killed in baghdad since it is a government protest began on october 1st the medics we spoke to say the people shooting at that attacking them are wearing military uniforms. we talked to iraqi military spokesman abdul karim hala if about allegations that health care professionals are being attacked the city that they are 60 to 70 people belong to one particular group and they are reading anti-riot police uniforms they go to the front of the protest this they are not police they are not bought off our forces of eons are militias we don't know we have started an investigation to track
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them. how that says these people he calls infiltrators are also attacking security forces. in tahrir square medics are now feeling especially vulnerable after 2 of their colleagues were recently stabbed in the back walking among the crush of protesters to get to the wounded they say their determination to help and heal all in need is stronger than any fear that asha going to name al-jazeera baghdad thousands of turkeys defense ministry says at least i people have been killed in a car bombing in northeastern syria the attack happened and so the village along syria's northern border ankara blames the kurdish y p g turkish troops took control of last month from kurdish forces after u.s. troops pulled out and the u.s. has condemned as strikes on syrian medical facilities in the province where 7
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civilians were killed in explosions the attack is thought to being carried out by the syrian military or the russian allies. iran has taken a key step in building its 2nd nuclear power plant despite pressure from the u.s. to stop its program the poorest of concreteness began at the facility in the southern port of british iran insists it is not developing nuclear weapons and that power generated by the plant will save millions of barrels of oil each year tehran has ramped up enrichment of uranium in the last week for the skiving back its commitments under the 25th day nuclear deal which the us pulled out of last year monday marks the 50th anniversary of the death of palestinian leader yasser arafat the nobel peace laureate died in suspicious circumstances after years of work to try to win the conflict between israel and palestine the arafat foundation will hold its annual meeting on sunday to granting the warden his name and encouraging achievements in national work and abraham has more from ramallah. the main thing
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people talk about here when you bring about a father is his movement to the people they say he was a person will displayed there and he carries about his people's day to day issues we've heard from people who says that he came to their funeral to the son's funerals to pay condolences after their children were killed by israel in confrontations some people would tell you that he wasn't fearful or hesitant to use other means of resistance against israel other than the peaceful resistance now we spoke to leaders who worked with him and he respected his style of leadership who said that while he ultimately made the final decision he was keen to have the liberations discussions and reach a consensus among them before the decision is made now having said that we've talked to other analysts who say that even though he was. very with good topics he
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didn't necessarily have the same feeling of the same sense when it came to state building they criticize him for not having the utmost respect for the rule of law and the legislative council but here he is still remembered by many palestinians as a leading figure iconic gathering palestinians at the time were now they are split and he still remains here as a symbol for the palestinian people. at least 13 people have been killed across india and bangladesh off the bull tore through coastal areas in the by a big goal millions were evacuated from their homes ahead of the storm's arrival wind speeds reached 140 kilometers per hour closing down ports of the airports in both countries. being has a child as later has arrived in athens for a 3 day visit to discuss bilateral relations investment and trade c. jumping will also go to paris the mediterranean sea port controlled by china's
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state and shipping company called scott johnson has more. stomach these pluckers has no doubts about the benefits of china's presence and greece's largest put his crude repaints ships but during greece's economic crisis they lost most of their work now that's changed. the work has increased 5 fold the chinese were important because they came in as a large entity with money and customers trust large companies like us and his crew are going to repaint this 50000 ton tanker the paris port of origins shipyard couldn't normally have handled such a large ship but 3 years ago the state owned china ocean shipping company cosco bought a controlling stake in the port and last year it brought 2 floating docks to expand its ship repair business costco has big plans it's going to build berths for the world's largest cruise ships and turn the ports empty warehouses into $4.00 and
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$5.00 star hotels costco has increased piracy contain a business sevenfold during the decade that it's been managing it there's no arguing with the numbers costco has invested $2000000000.00 here over the past decade and created 2000 direct new jobs and it plans to invest almost another $1000000000.00 in the next 5 years to create another 2000 jobs such growth would be unimaginable under greek state control the question is what are the political ramifications of such as to teach chinese state investment in greece the 3 month old conservative government here has reaffirmed the country's ties to the e.u. and us but greece and china commercially important to each. the institute for international and economic studies estimates that piracy is now the entry point for 10 percent of china's exports to europe that's worth as much as $50000000000.00 to
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the chinese economy but many say greece isn't reaping the full benefits i think that the greek side may not be gaining more than one percent of the overall benefits to be drawn from this project compare the overall worth of those commodities to what is actually getting into greece's state coffers and you will see that there's a huge gap between the 2 figures when chinese president see jinping and greek prime minister q.t.r. cause me to meet that may also be a major subject for discussion jumps out all pull us out jazeera paredes. for the 1st time in over 70 years a corridor or has been opened on the india pakistan border to allow sick pilgrims to visit the shrine of the founder of their religion but like everything else between these 2 countries the pilgrimage also has a political undertone as some have been devout reports. it's a historic gathering for the sikhs in one of their holiest sites in pakistan
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they've gathered from all walks of life from all over the world to celebrate the 550th birthday of the founder of sikhism grunow nick. it's also a special occasion because it's the 1st time in 72 years that sikh pilgrims are able to cross the indian border into pakistan a special temple or good water has been built in the qatar poor area where the guru spent the last years of his life. the little passage they have opened should be broadened to the extent that our broken hearts join and love between the countries increases so they do not waste time in a war as an animal. lover and sikhs are a small minority now but pakistan's 2nd city lahore was the capital for the 18th and 19th century sic empire and many of citizens holy places are in pakistan for secret groups from all over the world this handprint represent that of their very lives we do not like people from india have welcomed the opening of the car door but they want access to be expanded the fife like beavers well previously sikhs
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needed a visa and would either flight across via a checkpoint in rugger the corridor in qatar for is visa free but that doesn't grant the program's access to other sites and as with most things between these nuclear neighbors the program was used to send a political message to prime minister. if prime minister modi is a thing to this i want to tell an injustice breeds chaos give justice to the people of kashmir so this whole region can be freed. to cease gathered from many parts of the world it's also a networking opportunity for their political ambitions such as the hollister movement sikhs living abroad are planning a referendum in 2020 on the question of a separate sikh state in northwest india. the indian government calls the movement a concoction put together by pakistan's intelligence agencies which pakistan denies but many sikhs openly support the idea programmes from india or those planning to travel to india did not want to appear on camera we need that respect anywhere in
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the world the respect we get in pakistan being a 6 according to the un charter everybody has to be right to follow their religion . and even indian supreme court has given that peacefully we can. now there's a movement going on dystrophin 2020 thing so that a peaceful we are asking for votes we're not bringing guns and the reality is nobody supports us we are now on money and we spend on but this cause we are committed to even everyone getting our life our kids will fight for it. every people to people contact between india and pakistan is seen as a milestone towards building bridges but with major underdog issues such as kashmir and deep mistrust from both sides a lot more work is needed than just opening temporary corridors. down to 0 percent of the artists. the 1st black captain to host the rugby world cup was put on
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another starring performance ear khaleesi played up to adoring fans in his hometown of port elizabeth in south africa his team is on a 5 day victory parade around the country off to beat england footie $2.00 to $12.00 in the cup final in japan the trophy tour also taking in the township is why they were called the sea grew up our correspondent from ada miller reports reporters as. tens of thousands of people have gathered in port elizabeth and in townships like sweetie we see our khaleesi comes from that's where he grew up in that's we he began he's a career as a rugby player now captain of the springboks thousands of people imposing the birth have come together to welcome him back he had spoken about this being a significant return one there was quite emotional this is especially the case given that c. a police a came from very challenging circumstances not having the access to rugby that perhaps many others have had and this is why he says this win is so important it's
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shown south africans across the board that anything is possible the people here are as excited as we've seen across the city we see a khaleesi and other springbok heroes that's what people here consider them to be a team day they say war to rightly put the cup back to south africa. this is al jazeera these are the top stories bolivia's president evo morales has has resigned after widespread protests against his disputed reelection the presidents of venezuela and cuba have libeled his departure a coup a preliminary report into last month's vote found ballots alterations ariana sanchez says born now from santa cruz dilla sierra in bolivia. close reaction from thousands of people who have been going to lukes because of the results of the electoral votes on twitter the 20th nearly
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a 1000. minutes on the most important service of the country. from tupelo in the national. 9 many people like you. and cheering if you will spain's ruling socialist workers party has won the largest share of the vote in the 2nd general election this year but the party led by acting prime minister pedro sanchez fill short of a majority the vox pop he saw its support suds to almost double april's results we have reports just in that hong kong police of short a person in the chest using live ammunition during protests to stop traffic going into the city center now it comes off for another day of rallies with police firing tear gas and water cannon and crowds of anti government demonstrators on sunday anger at security forces is running high after a student died on friday. security forces
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have been fire on protesters across iraq 6 demonstrators were killed in baghdad while another 3 were shot dead in the southern iraq to city of nasiriyah at least 325 people have been killed across the country since protests began last month. turkey's defense ministry says at least 8 people have been killed in a car bombing in northeastern syria ankara blames the kurdish y. p.g. for the attack turkish troops took control of tel last month from kurdish forces after u.s. troops pulled out at least 13 people have been killed across india and bangladesh after cyclon bauble tore through a coastal areas in the bayou of bengal when speeds reached 120 kilometers per hour closing down ports and airports in both countries those are the headlines and news continues here on al-jazeera afterwards.
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foreign help on the front lines of libya's civil war the united nations accuses several nations of violating and. how outside powers redrawing the battle lines of this conflict and can they be stopped this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm mr. foreign powers on making the fighting in libya's civil war even less a draft u.n. report is accusing several nations of violating. amplifying what it calls a prop.


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