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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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and this is not as ugly as someone else's nationalising studio dates on al-jazeera . saudi arabia says yemen to the rebels of hijacked a ship telling a drilling rig in the red sea the rebels have captured 2 military vessels. grant this is al jazeera live from also telling up hong kong police used tear gas and water cannon as protesters tried to reach a group of demonstrators holed up in a university campus. police move against protesters blockading georgia's palma.
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and will leave the rest in its dust the people with the drive to buy the bloodhound the world's fastest. saudi arabia says yemen's who the rebels have hijacked a vessel south of the red sea this ship was telling you south korean drilling rig the saudi news agency says a group of the rebels seized the vessel on sunday the officials told reuters they will release the vessel if they can confirm that belongs to south korea mohammad a lot live from the capital sana just give us some clarification on this we're hearing different things up with a sighting they see these military vessels the saudis saying something else 'd.
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so they can. also. be. international law. so the sorts. of. we're really having problems there with muhammad line from sana in yemen now we move on to the situation in hong kong protesters are confronting police there as they try to rescue people caught up in a university standoff demonstrators have been holed up inside the campus for several days before dawn on monday police entered the grounds and faced a barrage of petrol bombs and arrows they responded with tear gas and water cannon . most alarming. weapons were used in 47 university
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which has become an factory. for extreme really violent viruses betterman so this reached a critical level rochus so intention. of course. later a number of demonstrations fled the university building some are on motorbikes several were arrested but it's not known how many remain inside large groups of people who've been marching to the campus to try to break through police cordons and free the people inside what mcbride has a license for. another night of running street battles on the streets of hong kong this is the cow loon district of the city again sidewalks have been ripped up for the bricks to turn into ammunition to throw at police barricades have been set up and there have been clashes between protesters and police all around the streets
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here the call went out for protesters to turn up in this particular area of cow loon because it's just a couple of blocks away from polytechnic university for the protesters to be in support of the perceived students inside who are still there after several days although there have been a number of them came out today there were clashes and a number of them have been arrested by police these protesters were determined that by creating hotspots in other areas of callaloo and they would draw away police manpower and take some of the pressure off the police cordon around the university allowing some of those protesters the chance to get away because all of them do face lengthy prison sentences the police say that they will be charged with a number of offenses including rioting which does carry a lengthy prison sentence for the protesters themselves obviously wanting to avoid
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that they've been looking at opportunities of trying to get out but the police are determined that all of them will have to give themselves up eventually and will face prosecution. but it's backed out to our breaking news story saudi arabia says yemen's who the rebels who hijacked a vessel south of the red sea mohamed joins us live from the yemeni capital sana'a what more can you tell us about this and apparently involves a south korean vessel. yes the whole these other already confirmed that have already there can be skated to military vehicles or shrubs in the yemeni regional waters they say that this is the. procedure that the carry out swan's they find out any foreign or stranger boats on yemeni international waters this is according to the whole of these sars he has
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confirmed that the. way the 200 overall relief. beer is a reg that has been that could be called or requested by the southern koreans if this the are still these news are still also not confirmed what. he said that these these 2 results are from a multinational have their multinational g.'s but they cannot could know couldn't confirm that it belongs to the southern korean and it's also a reg but. the source that have talked to me that the he said that this found out an oil rag a law along with the 2 vessels the same source also wondered why the international community especially that such crowd cry has been has been called over this issue of kemba stating coming skating to military ships once the yemenis have been able
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to enter. into the whole day to seaports. even these. shipments have been terminated by the united nations and then there later on they were banned by the saudi authorities so let's just be clear about this now they are confirming that they have this ship and it is a south korean ship and it was told when something is well i want to be clear on what the process is from here and when and under what circumstances it would be released for. yes the source that i've talked to from the house he's told me that if something korean korea called for the release of its . oil greg. they would do so. after taking out all carrying out the paperwork all the. official contacts between then and
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order to confirm that the. oil rig belongs to the south in korea but the whole feed themselves have not yet of fishel the speaking about the circumstances why they have come to skated these. these 2 results but the source from the whole of these told me that the they have carried it is a usual care measure that they are carrying out by themselves once they find out any foreign or strange vessels in the yemeni regional waters. but i will leave it there of course we come back to find out anything more in the story. riot police in georgia moving in on protesters outside the palm and police used water cannon to disperse the demonstrators earlier protesters set up barricades around polman to prevent m.p.'s from entering the calling for early elections often polman failed to pass
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a promised electoral reform bill dorman farms to work has more from tbilisi. protesters are now moving off down the street. for hours you rightly said responded. protesters on songs i put padlocks up around parliament entrances and had located the streets around parliament and i think they were expecting. a long wait before the police took action in fact the police have reacted very quickly in 3 moving off down the street now clearing the opposition supporters who. were cooling for the government should resign after a vote. last week against electoral reform. the government had promised to make changes to the letter system said it could be
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a proportional representation in the elections next year with a remake when the lawmakers rejected this legislation last week a not got the opposition very angry at. the opposition say that your chair is no longer a democracy because everything is rules they say by one man we've seen a vinnie speedy the country's richest oligarch who is governing chairman of the ruling party and it was he that made the promise of democratic reforms back in the summer so when he's governing party m.p.'s chose not to make reforms that will draw people out onto the streets again we've seen tensions to feed those tensions were reignited off the. chose to reject legislation here in parliament last week. iran has reportedly breached another limit of the 2015 new deal the un's nuclear watchdog says it's exceeded $130.00 tons of heavy water it's
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a further breach of the agreement after iran announced it was increasing its uranium enrichment capabilities earlier this month the revolutionary guard in iran says $150.00 people are under arrest for leading petrol price rise riots $4.00 people have died during the demonstrations dorsetshire bari reports from tehran the . hooligans and thugs that's how rainy and authorities are describing these demonstrators who have come out for 30 days in a row. there are no rallies or marches instead petrol stations have been set on fire banks and even police stations attacked. these scenes are not taking place in the capital tehran but in other major cities including shiraz as fond masha. and now a security crackdown has been ordered to make sure they don't happen again. the intelligence ministry the revolutionary guard and local police say they will be out in full
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force the violence started when the government announced a sudden 3 fold increase in fuel prices. a decision which the president says was not made lightly the government says the revenues raised will be used to help the poor yet. we explored all avenues to try and help those in need we had 3 choices 1st to raise taxes across the country 2nd to increase the size of oil and 3rd to increase the price of fuel we need that revenue to help millions of people who are struggling it was not an easy choice to make the spike government reassurances that this fuel price increase want to feck the price of other goods in the country many iranians are not helpful. not a member of a matter of course it will affect other prices the press of gasoline has always been important here are we supposed to make up the difference with a small subsidy from the government it was in the kitchen some people's lives lose depend on fuel and this will impact the lives you do in the present fuel goes up it
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impacts the price of other things. the government defends its decision and maintains that those causing the disturbances are not part of what it considers to be the general public. the government recognizes the people's right to protest but a protester is different from a writer i think today's demonstrations are 80 percent less than yesterday and i think by tomorrow it will all be gone in the capital security forces were highly visible in certain parts of the city on monday aiming to prevent any further unrest it's not just the security forces that have been deployed across the country officials have also announced a complete internet blackout and as nearly 60000000000 iranians wait to receive their subsidies many are wondering if the disruptions will be worth its north as a bari. they started back again to our breaking news story saudi arabia says that the rebels have hijacked a vessel south of the red sea now the ship is apparently towing
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a south korean drilling rig jerry north what is the chairman of the risk management and security company must. he joins us on skype from maine star in. just breaking to our reporter on the ground there who says that from his sources there are confirming that the who fees have seized this vessel they will now be trying to determine exactly where it comes from what the process is and then release it how do you respond to that news got here through very carefully this it's 30 days yet we don't know exactly what's happened and what i see in this one report out there that they. have taken this vessel. and and i think what we need to do is just wait until you get more information see what's actually really going on you've got one story of a story in the saudis and. the evidence was just speaking to a reporter again the hoof is a sign that the crowd understand why the international community would be concerned about this seize a vessel if it is suspect and then they carry out their own processes before
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releasing it that's not necessarily print for instance how south korea will see it if indeed it is a south korean vessel yet how many very different view on this from that he's. not a recognized. that just about organization 'd but they have demonstrated over the last few years during the civil war in their conflict against the saudi the coalition that they do have ability in the marathon to do things and to just to disrupt the missile attacks or laying mines or in this case they've taken a vessel for whatever reason they've chosen to take it and not just an ability with its maritime capacity but clearly as we saw with the strikes on saudi oil plants as we've seen with the capacity of the who these to maintain this resistance years now into this conflict it says that the idea of a military resolution to this is looking creasing the unlikely doesn't it given the
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ongoing capacity of the of these. well that's a very difficult that's a very difficult one to judge but yes they certainly demonstration a great deal. out across the whole spectrum of areas so insurgency type warfare and the fact that it may take it into the marathon in the way i have is well actually it's quite it's quite different from what we've seen from other terrorist organizations which always struggle to operate in the in the maritime domain and there has been some reporting some speculation that they've been discussions between saudis and who thinks of course the the restoring the troops around the region which might have led to potentially some sort of a bright through but when you see incidents like this and the guy was still wanting to find out the exact details but a potentially provocative measure like this what does that say about the potential for being able to continue negotiations or negotiate some form of settlement the end of this conflict. relation like the saudis who you have got there you know
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quite a reasonable maritime capability at the bed sea in the southern red sea is really their own and for that to be operating in the way they are where a vessel of this type of support vessel whether it's towing something or not we will see it as a port that's operating in the southern right say it it's a very. it's a an area which is full of islands and that means. you do have to be very wary of who's around you and what's going on but the fact that the saudis can't necessarily protect us all the time in that area is is quite a serious issue for them if that's what they're doing putting vessels through there and and then having that he's snatch them from under there ours northwood thank you again for giving us your time on the program thank you. catalona years later kim
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toro is on trial in barcelona for alleged disobedience toure is accused of ignoring orders from the spanish and the truth already to remove a symbol of support for the separatist movement from a government building tensions have been high in the region since the jailing of a number of cattle leaders last month ago has moved from barcelona. is in call. ahead of his arrival at the tribunals the catalan regional president thought about said that he wasn't merely turning up just to defend his position but to accuse the central spanish government of violating his rights and the rights of catalans however the view of the electoral board smain taining that his actions jury in the april election period of painting their yellow ribbons to public offices amounted to using tools of political propaganda and out those yellow ribbons are the symbols that the procession is have been using to identify and support the
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politicians who have been since jailed for sedition it is part of the on go in crisis that is ongoing here in this region signifying the fight between the central government and pro separatists sympathies of the government in catalonia meanwhile daughter himself could be to spot for up to 2 years for those actions if he is found guilty but this is certainly not going to be in any way laying any of the issues here with spain's government still struggling to try and find the numbers to be able to form a government in itself the catalan issue is still very much at the focus of that and they're going to need the catalan politicians if they're going to be able to successfully form some kind of government in the future. russia has returned 3 captured naval ships to ukraine ahead of the play and peace summit next month the vessels had been moved to ahead of
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a location in the black sea russia seized the ships off the coast of crimea a year ago more than 13000 people have been to eastern ukraine over the past 5 years in fighting between progress the separatists and ukrainian forces of exam dressed janowicz go for it has war from moscow. 3 ukrainian ships started their hours long journey back to home to home port of ukrainian the black sea port they've been transferred or released to ukrainians by the russians in the neutral waters of the black sea today some 30 kilometers off the coast it has been a year since russia arrested after opening fire and wounding several of sailors are arrested this 3 ships nearby the crimean peninsula territory russia actually alec's from ukraine in 2014 now the un maritime tribunal as a provisional measure ordered russia to release both the ship and the sailors say
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lives have been released as a part of an exchange of prisoners a deal in september and now comes the ships the russian says they are not doing this because of this order but because they finished their investigations russia says that ukrainian ships actually violate its territorial waters of russia this step comes ahead of the 4 way summits on east ukraine and that is a summit between the presidents of ukraine or russia france and chancellor of germany to discuss how to solve the conflict in the east ukraine that has been lasting for 5 years this is the last in the line of positive steps towards returning to the negotiating table. the mayor of venice is urging the united nations to study the effects of climate change following the worst flooding in the italian city for 50 years water levels have started to fall but residents and tourists are still waiting through several parts of the famous city and it's
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a good. business as a way to give a signal that europe exists we need scientists here they need to come here and create a permanent place where they can study and then recount what is happening here because of climate change with all its effects pinnaces a frontier we are in the trenches we are the trench of the world think of all our little islands that risk being completely submerged by the sea and then all the natural calamities that are happening like right now not just in europe but also in the united states. banks will reopen in lebanon on tuesday a week after staff there went on strike nationwide union linkers agreed to new security measures after employees complained of intimidation and quads to mounting money the bank strike follows weeks of anti-government demonstrations demanding improved living conditions and political change. sri lanka's new president has been sworn in and says all communities must move forward as one nation but no fernandez reports from. rajapakse is in or you are many in the ancient buddhist city of
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deprived. the. new president received a raucous welcome as he arrived at. a sacred an ancient couldst site. his inauguration ends a whirlwind campaign and the defeat of main rival. the majority single a buddhist community voted for a rajapaksa in large numbers in a polarized election that saw the tamil and muslim minorities back premadasa. the new president struck a conciliatory note it has made an address. i made a special request to the family and muslim communities to be stakeholders in my victory but i didn't get the response i hoped for however as a new president i'm once again asking you to join me as truthful and considers and to work towards progress of this country. rajapaksa was defense secretary and his
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brother mine that was president when the 26 year long civil war with tamil tiger separatists ended in their defeat 10 years ago both are accused of complicity in war crimes charges they have denied the new leader made clear some of his plans the government should all set an example to the society professionalism and efficiency should be the cornerstone of government administration meritocracy and technocracy should be promoted at all times. corruption will never be tolerated under my administration he supporters voiced their hopes for the future. of the country wants. now. because of that keeping good heart and. we
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hope that we will rebuild this country. the new president has his work cut out particularly with improving the economy burdened by crippling debts and slowdown following the east as suicide bombings on churches and. as president secured an overwhelming victory with convincing support from the sinking majority analysts say his success as a leader will depend on his ability to serve all communities of. finance. and rather. to do so food in most countries would not be complete without onions but that become of affordable for many families in bangladesh prices have soared to record highs after neighboring india banned exports 2 months ago reports from dhaka. n e n one of the most stable cooking vegetable in bangladesh cooking it is also the hottest topic right now in bangladesh media it has also taken over the fortune
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media by way of satire and parody what used to sell for $0.36 per kilogram is now selling for 3 dollars part kilogram government started providing subsidized right onion for the marginalised poor by way of special delivery vehicles but the people here can say that the army and fear are rotten. these onions are not of good quality some of them are rotten but what can we do the prince the too high and we have no choice as poor people. some of the reason why price skyrocketed in recent months is because a bank of the government's failure to import onion in timely fashion india's ban on export of army into bangladesh and some unscrupulous trader holding on to manipulate market price. you can't get onions because there's a lack of important india is banning exposure which is also why an in prices have gone up. i mean prices are too hot for cooking most poor people and even the middle
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class stopped using onion as a cooking ingredient and of on the very same money and we have stopped buying and because the prime minister has forced us to cook or dishes without them it is not possible for us ordinary people to buy onions at such a high price as a symbolic gesture the prime minister herself has not to use onion as an ingredient in our cooked dishes although the prices have slightly going down because the government started their listing on importing onions from middle east europe and even central asia but prices remain still high in the market for most people. no emergent traveling at supersonic speeds without ever leaving the ground a british jet engine on wheels called the bloodhound is on the trial of the world lead speed record for the miller has the story from south africa. its developers say it's the most advanced straight line racing car ever built its aim to break the world land speed record at a speed of 800 kilometers an hour the bloodhound ellis saw is one of the world's
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top 10 fastest cars but it aims to double that speed next year it's been bull to break the record sit more than 20 years ago at 1227.9 kilometers an hour it is very difficult to describe because it's a bit like flying a jet fighter and it's a little bit drop like driving a high performance racing car but since most people haven't done either of those things that probably doesn't help in very simple terms it's very hot the cockpit it's very noisy there's a lot of excel aeration there's a lot of g. slowing down again and. the simplest thing i can say is the ground goes past very very quickly despite the sweltering heat the hugs and region deep in the kalahari desert provides the ideal testing ground the open flat surface has been carefully prepared by hundreds of local community members who have removed tons of rock for a smooth ride organizers say at the largest area of land ever cleared for
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a motor sports event and at full design speed the car covers 1.6 kilometers in just 3.6 seconds it's powered by a rolls royce e.j. $208.00 engine normally found in a euro fighter typhoon jet the thrust produced is equal to $360.00 family cause the 90 kilogram solid element in wheels have been specially designed for the desert surface they're built to spin at up to 10200 revolutions a minute more than 4. times faster than the wheels on a formula one car at top speed but our project has been going for 10 years. and it's done an amazing job of inspiring people to get involved in engineering over the years. almost was too good at doing that and it means the entrepreneur itself almost fell by the wayside because it was too good at doing education side of it. and to project the best went bust last year trying to ministration that's when i
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got involved once testing is complete the call will return to the united kingdom for any modifications before it attempts to break the world record the bloodhound l.s.r. is a combination of foss jet f one car and space ship the engineering team says it's bolt the world's fastest car to inspire people everywhere. al-jazeera than in the northern cape. this is al jazeera these are the top stories saudi arabia says yemen's who the rebels have hijacked a vessel south of the red sea riyadh says it was towing yourself korean drilling rig the saudis a group of armed who the rebels seized the target on sunday. they have captured military vessel but they will release it if they confirm it belongs to south korea . a tense standoff is continuing in hong kong between riot police and pro-democracy
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protesters university demonstrators have barricaded themselves inside the campus for days there were a large groups of people on the streets of the city reportedly making their way towards the building. most alarming they did weapons were used in the 43rd at university rich has become a bit unfair treat despair as a refugee for extremely violent viruses 50 betterman so really this reached a critical level righteous. so intention. cost riot police in georgia are moving in on protesters near the country's parliament police used water talent to disperse the demonstrators earlier protesters set up barricades around the parliament to prevent m.p.'s from entering it calling for early elections catalogue he is leading leader kim is on trial in barcelona for alleged disobedience he's accused of defying orders from the spanish electoral
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authority but not removing the yellow ribbon a symbol of support for cattle on independence from a government building. iran has reportedly breached another limit of the 2015 nuclear deal the un's nuclear watchdog says it's exceeded $130.00 tons of heavy water it's a further breach after iran announced it was increasing its uranium enrichment capabilities earlier this month russia has returned 3 captured naval ships to ukraine ahead of a planned peace summit next month the vessels had been moved to a handover location in the black sea russia sees the ships off the coast of crimea a year ago those are the headlines and news continues here on out is era after inside story for.
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and the war criminal for those for one cause a new president with a buyout as a sworn in. the white man to defuse ethnic divisions and fix the economy this is inside story. hello welcome to the program. sri lanka's new president is positioning himself as the strong man who can fix the nation's most challenging problems promises by a good. to improve security and the struggling economy against a.


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