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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 322  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2019 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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he's accused of defying orders from the spanish the local authority but not removing the yellow ribbon a symbol of support for cattle on independence from a government building. iran has reportedly breached another limit of the 2015 nuclear deal the un's nuclear watchdog says it's exceeded $130.00 tons of heavy water it's a further bridge after iran announced it was increasing its uranium enrichment capabilities earlier this month russia has returned 3 captured naval ships to ukraine ahead of a planned peace summit next month the vessels had been moved to a handover location in the black sea russia sees the ships off the coast of crimea a year ago those are the headlines and news continues here on out is era after inside story for.
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for some and a war criminal for others for lanka's new president to go to buy others a part is sworn in but is he the white man to diffuse ethnic divisions and fix the economy this is inside story. hello welcome to the program obama sure lanka's new president is positioning himself as the strong man who can fix the nation's most challenging problems promises by a good as a boxer to improve security and the struggling economy gain support of the ballot
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box but tickler from the scene had a buddhist majority but his swearing into office highlights the island's ethnic and religious split similar to his brother mahinda during his 2 terms as president many tamil and muslim voters reject the. go to was defense secretary while his brother was president when the tamil tigers were defeated 10 years ago and the 26 year long civil war both accused of war crimes and muslims have faced hostility following that is there so side attacks that killed 263 people let's hear what the new president had to say the government should always set an example and this is how i provisionally zone and efficiency should be done quite a strong one of government administration many. think not going to shoot me problem or at all times. corruption will never be tolerated under
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my administration. we want to remain neutral in our foreign relations and stay out of any conflict amongst the world powers. rosa parks supporters believe he is the president that country needs irrespective of. kind race religion if we work together we can compete in a world economy. and that is why i think i would make mr porter beyond supporting and i think it's a great time to put all our differences behind and work for the country is the only person who can bring this country back on track. we're so happy and. who really really comfortable relaxed really said that he has come back and we have been working we're listening because we did it all of family and everybody here just issue an order to do it but many others especially the tamil minority see
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him as a leader who should be tried for war crimes by its groups have long called for investigations into alleged white abuses the u.n. says at least 40000 sri lankans were killed by security forces during the final stages of the civil war around 10 years ago when go to buy a defense minister his presidential election victories also raising concerns among muslims there fear his popularity among the seen holly is would further deepen the divide between the 2 communities when his brother mahinda was president corruption allegations dogged infrastructure projects us through lanka borrowed heavily from china. let's meet our guests on skype from colombo rajiv jensen independent candidate and former member of parliament in oxford in england raj binnacle associate professor of the
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london school of economics he's also the author of nationalism development and ethnic conflict in sri lanka and all skype from singapore russian a cup or research analyst at the institute of for south asian studies. of the national university of singapore or warm welcome to you or a receiver how was was a pax as credential as war time defense chief this size of in winning the presidential election well i think roger clark so obviously was very popular in this election because of his record if in street not least because it seemed that the security apparatus that broken down with the appalling attacks that we suffered in. april this year when it seemed that the current government really ignored the warning supplied by a lot of people including the indian government but i think it did more important
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that as he said if the chief is going to concentrate on efficient feet. and reduce corruption because one of the biggest problems this country has faced for a long time was the fame had to develop economically because you know that has been rampant corruption and the last government which came in not the platform of clinton let's actually you know bankrupt the country even more than before because of an appalling bomb scam because the prime minister obviously didn't understand doing he was told that he could make some money that the people who stole the money would have gotten much more than they gave it so i think aqaba is approved today between very conciliate treat and indicated a desire to work together with all the people who is the way forward i think we might soften little bit thronged you know some nations in the west who have absent
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ignored human rights violations in that favorite countries the case of mr mitchell good being perhaps the most outrageous example of hypocrisy we're trying to attack the roger pot government as they did before and then they went to a low quacked even will be army command at the time was very much a part of this last government and he was such more if the new approach but i think we can overcome that because i think will be needed is 3 and efficiency and trying to see and i hear mr argument that with my book of. russia yes what was. most important for voters in sri lanka was it the need for someone who would run and if an efficient government or someone who would provide them with security. yes i think they're going to head out to parks as a sort of persona reflects the fact that he's not a populist politician like his brother or his very much middle class professional
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someone from the military in his formative years so it is very much the case that he speaks of fire the need to have quick solutions efficient solutions to difficult problems and as his background shows without necessarily having much regard for the consequences that it would have in the russian e v rosa parks are more of a political dynasty in sri lanka is this is something that could further drive the nation into a more 'd autocracy in the near future. i think it's very difficult to see at the moment because if you look at sri lanka election history they have a particle going through time. dynasty in fact even. our former leader run it as well so i think that in
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woman it's very difficult by idea is the there. they're going to buy he's someone with a proven track record in terms of when he was on when he was the defense secretary and also as a secretary are of development so there are no beyond what i read that you would be able to deliver and that they would be able. to receive and when you look at the pattern during the election you would see that the scene buddhist community voted for gore to buy because they trust him but of the same time the muslims and the time he is really told seem to trust him against the backdrop of this ethnic divide isn't this something that could further polarize the nation in the future. well it has the potential for doing still but i think you know it is a mistake to keep talking about signal of buddhists because the catholic vote it
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also seems to have gotten very solidly for a good cover of the box of this time which wasn't the case in the 2015 election but i agree that he has to do a lot to actually make sure that the time knows and the muslims are you know feel that they are part of a united 3 lanka i think one very good sign if the time isn't the muslims avoid aborting for what you might call the extremists time in and muslim candidates and you know seem to have voted very heavily for assad to premadasa who is in a sense not. sort of a pushover that the tamil politicians and the muslim politicians have a hue and i think what is important is that copyright the puck and perhaps they should work together which i did on this deal with the tamil people and the muslim people and does not and now himself to be held hostage by the time ill and muslim
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politicians who have shown themselves to be of polling the rent seeking in the last 10 or 15 years in when they jump from one side to be other. and want to be part of . the ruling government the ministers have to stop directly in the same portfolio for the last 10 years and they've done nothing for the time in all the muslim people the sort of economic development that is essentially in the north should actually what better on the go. his brother system and did a lot of infrastructure development but it failed to actually consolidate the grassroots and i think one important thing is that good up of rajapaksa will work well with the grassroots i do know that when i was advised on reconciliation he actually to. all need to get out to the divisions of the district and not work in colombo which are much enjoyed doing and i learnt
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a lot from what the people in the villages and they need a lot of careful attention and support board for social services or and for economic development or a local supply that rushes we have seen go to by others a bus are trying to reach out of the muslims and the term is sitting he's swearing a ceremony do you think that he would be able to build bridges with the 2 minorities. i think it's a big ask because i think from the perspective of the 2 minorities he is the worst possible person that they could have wished for to have as president and that's both because of his style and also because of his track record and what he has been saying most recently on the air on the election platforms so there you know he is the person that is most closely associated with some of the
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most serious allegations of abuses and misconduct during the war he was a at the head of it i mean the buck stops with him so i think that it is not a mistake that in the terminal in the muslim parts of sri lanka the vote for good or bad our departure was of the order of about 10 percent i mean there was an extraordinary landslide and this reflects the fact that people are deeply fearful of him and of what he holds out for them what we're talking about someone who seems to be in desperate need for reinventing himself if he wants to build bridges with the time isn't with muslims because he faces other geishas of corruption some of the worst. abuses committed against people over the last few years. well a very i mean yeah i think that his house records. deathy made him appear to be someone who has lost control because he's
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a running him and he doesn't know we project himself as a slight communal national this and. liberal leader so at this point there could be a slight pushback from the minority from the from both the temple and the minority communities for its president so he would have to do quite a bit o. work to really. be invent himself one could be perhaps initiating some social cohesion programs that were dying immediately after the war 2 and. different religious leaders and really going down into the grassroots russia the the president seems to be willing to appoint his brother mahinda as prime minister don't you think that this is something that could put him on a collision course with a parliament. no i think what he has to be seen i think he needs to offer the provision to mind the right partner who did
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a great deal during the election campaign where the mind the electorate accept it i really don't know it may make sense for him not to leave the rule of a senior minister. by a new did you know having been president because he can be secure in the knowledge that his legacy will not be traduced the way it was by the last government. but having said that i think the important thing is for the target to get a new prime minister through the last prime minister through the university ate up by the people in this country including many people in the un beat and bush lied to premadasa who did his best just couldn't get over the you know appalling behavior of. becoming prime minister if i think we need a new prime minister i am appalled we need to make sure that parliament support the new prime minister and i don't think backed would be a problem. but i think he will need to be moderate in the pruitts he will need
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to as the last 2 the other 2 said need to work very hard to get more confidence from the tamils but you know this is a question of perception and what i really find quite all food is that right to the conduct of the wall. you know the journalists had a good friend at the economist and they were really very very upset about the behavior and the speeches of sort of from sake of the army command but because farrakhan take up became the darling of the west all his me you know really rather outrageous to it statements none of which go down demand will completely forgotten any became a hero and i think we have to be very very clear that they need to work very hard to get over the i but propaganda of the west which you know any delegates here about because you know. perfectly well how they allow you to get away with murder
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and then attack other people and actually engage in regime change and don't care a damn about you know the consequence of the people of that as still seen in syria i saw it look up at the nothe job but i think you'll be able to do it because it's very professionally with the group i see your point but then this is going to be a question to russia during the time of the journalists were pretty much concerned about about their safety there was a clampdown on freedom of expression and people are saying that go to buy is no slightly to replicate the same legacy which is clamping down on dissent in sri lanka. yes in fact during the previous government of mine that i depart there was a very difficult environment a suffocating environment of control and surveillance and a. compression of media freedoms including the disappearances and even the death of
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the assassination of an important media figure and the individual that is most directly connected and that holds the responsibility for that is none other than what our better parks are so if there is anybody in that previous government that has to be held accountable for it and that has to be asked important questions as to what happened and why did it happen it's got a bit out of pocket who is now the new president. rushdoony russia is also planning to repeal the 19th amendment of the constitution that introduced greater checks on the president and transfer some of his powers to the parliament is this a serious step forward if he decides to go on that particular. article in the constitution well they have been trying to get to death like time to repeal the $1000.00 amendment which would mean that there would no longer be the constitutional limits on the president for 2 terms and if that happens then.
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even by him there rajapakse would be would be able to contest or forthcoming for another presidential elections they'll be held in time to. receiver reza pasa has been promising that once elected president he would provide strong leadership improve the national security and tackle economy now my question is how can someone like rosa parks tackle an issue of the high debt and the sluggish economic growth the has crippled the country for quite some time now will be financial that question i'd like to look at what we do previous speakers said. you know you have to remember that a lot of the attacks on journalists were alleged to have been done by thought from sake of the british high commission defense that cache who reports have been suppressed by the british government actually called me into his office when i was
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there for a workshop and told me that they had been informed that behind the groups that kill us and they would promote the was the army commander farrakhan sacre he did tell me that apparently the group headed by start them think and while they want. all the reports that were issued by the international human rights organization the united nations it was saying basically the or happened under the watch of my handle as a whole is to be hold accountable for those atrocities committed against journalists who were wise. i'm just reading that what the british high commission to me at the time was that gautama knew about clerical i'm sorry cause that scott and certainly both he and my english should be tougher but you have to remember this was in the midst of a war and after the war was won they actually when farrakhan take a try to stop the resettlement of a lot of the time males and that in his resignation letter yet he was mind of ignoring his advice to people tamils longer i think they're they you know they
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moved him out and then he became the darling of the west so i think you have to look at the situation in 2009 and what the british defense attaches said you need and you have to wonder why the british are not revealing is reports even the law it needs better try to get them similarly with the argument about the 19th amendment you know i was one of those who went against mind the rajapaksa because i felt that we needed to use the power of the president and what we wanted and rockne said was to give more part of the punishment but what ronnie of the commission it did was try to get a good pretty fine cute little hands of prime minister and it is deliberately meant that must be changed the independent commissions must be truly independent not appointed by. members of the executive like the prime minister who are shooting at a point a lot of friends they believe the president were so i want to make it very clear that while we need reforms the reforms should be inthe towards reducing the power of the executive including the president and the prime minister and giving more
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power to parliament including financial control i need to have not been enough and i would be in parliament i try to get cool given statute 3 ponds so that it could actually instruct the executive or simply to take them on site and this sort of event and that for them to run out of time i need to move forward i need to move forward because i have almost 3 minutes left. russia. with rosa parks are now in power how is it likely that he would be able to bring back relations with china to what the is to be and his brother my in the well i think this 2 things to bear in mind over here which is that the. administration had previously a close relationship with china now sri lanka is a small strategically important country and has to deal with the fact and has to
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calibrate that relationship but these 2 large countries in the region india and china and the previous are to parts of asia and was considered to have tilted too close to china and incurred a significant amount of displeasure and concern from new delhi now the interesting thing is that whatever departs has made it very clear that he plans to improve and revamp the security sector and the intelligence sector to cultivate closer ties with foreign intelligence services so i think that that is likely to lead him into a closer relationship with india as opposed to with china exactly so much quite possible. that that allusion ship will will. it's quite possible that he will be looking to reach out to india and terms of intelligence cooperation while at the same time also maintaining links with china a very briefly russian a less than a minute if you don't mind my hand almost caused a diplomatic crisis with india when hell are chinese submarines to dock is for the
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twice without informing india should the indian government now be pretty much concerned about. in power well the whole submarine issue was there. to india and india was i happy that she likely did not consult new delhi when the decision was taken but i think i'm very good to a biased presidency he's going to have a balance and no more new ones foreign policy. to what my dad. during his own president see i think he's going to try to balance their relations like india and china but also with other big powers i should like it's a small state indian ocean pine tree so it's going to. i wish we had more time to continue our conversation about the different aspects of the story in sri lanka poor browser's vinocur. with jensen how thank you very much indeed for your
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this is al-jazeera. this is the news hour coming up in the next 60 minutes saudi arabia says yemen's who the rebels have hijacked a ship towing a drilling rig in the red sea the rebel side captured 2 military vests. hong kong police used tear gas and water counted as protesters tried to reach a group of demonstrators holed up in a university campus. i mean aren't.


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