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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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this is al-jazeera. this is the news. coming up in the next 60 minutes saudi arabia says yemen's who the rebels have hijacked a ship towing a drilling rig in the red sea the rebels captured 2 military. police used tear gas and water challenges protesters tried to reach a group of demonstrators holed up in a university. i mean at the top stories from europe including
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clashes on the streets of georgia's capital tbilisi as fountains of protesters attempt to blockade the parliament building. and i'm leah harding with sports australia's prime minister slams rugby star israel folau for his comments on the country's bushfires claim the fires are god's way of punishing australia for passing same sex marriage and abortion laws. saudi arabia says yemen's who's these have hijacked a ship towing a south korean drilling rig in the red sea but the rebels they've captured military vessels the official has told al-jazeera they will release the drilling rig once they can confirm that belongs to south korea the saudi government is called the incident a terrorist operation who these have in the past targeted vessels off yemen at the southern mouth of the red sea. joins us from yemen's capital sana take us through
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this and try to clarify exactly what's happened here is this the hijacking of a saudi ship and a south korean oil rig or are we still trying to ascertain. yes according to the office full statements by the whole thing is that the he said that they have already can be skated by the cost guards of. 2 military vehicles but they haven't given more details about the about these vehicles the mention that the have been the money regional waters so the coast guard have carried out their dinner a procedures on they have killed or skated or they have stocked these 2. military vehicles are into the yemeni course lines but so far the according to sources that i've talked to said that the these 2
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vehicles or the. car south korea and a south korean ship meant or a rare oil rig but they haven't given more details but according to our southern sols or from the how these government they said that the there were 2. ships one belongs to the south korea it's an oil rig on board that. there was there were 28 sailors while the other. ship was belongs to saudi arabia it's an oil tanker that contains a big quantities of oil this same healthy source expressed. outrage that the international community. have already out cried over these ordinary procedure
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while shipments of oil are still being kept and banned by the saudi authorities despite that the united nations have already given them clearance to enter yemeni. tone tell yemeni waters. just just clarify for us as well what the process is from here and when are under what circumstances these vessels would be released you hearing anything about that. there were according to the holy souls that are going to held a press by the. official of the army spokesperson all speak about the the circumstances of the incident and why the coast guard carried out their procedures on the have during their patter all so and also will talk about the procedures how they are going to release but according to a source that i have talked to the. told me that the they are ready to receive any
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confirmation by the south korea in case it it it it has such already it belongs to them and also a journalist source told me that the where is this oil rig is being taken because the the red sea is fall with a big result of reserves of oil specially that this is is just. they were not any day digging inside the red sea which has big reserves of oil ok thank you for that mohamed we can discuss this further now phil dark on is a partner at dr global a maritime security risk management company he joins us by skype from kent in the u.k. phil i don't know if you were listening to our reporter mohammed the basically he's saying that who things have confirmed to him that they have see or seized these 2 vessels one perhaps a saudi vessel the other a south korean or already when you hear this what are your immediate thoughts
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particularly when it comes to the legalities of the situation. good evening so the 1st thing to remember is to put this into the wider context we've seen over the last 6 months alone the power play the interchange between iran and saudi arabia and let's not forget that's exactly what this is about so no doubt there has been that the proxy influence through the booties by iran on to saudi assets and really the target here is the saudi vessels the tug the sunny battle that is saudi flagged and is likely to be saudi crude so that's the real aim or target of of the of the capture as it were so what's our reaction well this is exactly what we've been advising our clients for the last 6 months it is that saudi assets in particular are a specific threat form or a 1000000 backed will proxy efforts against their own saudi assets in the areas particularly in the sudden red sea now we've seen it play out in the straits of hormuz all who is as well and more recently of course the drone attack on the saudi
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on thirty's all of the time when aramco is of course looking to float so this is this is prime time to get that attention and it's look at the wider context of what's going on with potential peace negotiations yet the hooty are letting us all know that they are still a player. i want to go through some of those things but the who things are also general cording to our reporter there expressing surprise that there should be any outrage or any outcry about this legally how is this seen under maritime law. well anything that is in international waters is of course if you interfere with that then you are going against effectively a sovereign asset so it is an illegal act as there were a lot of this just think back to you on the straits of hormuz there are lots of ways of trying to present a situation as being illegal are all that conducting an illegal activities and they are actually conducting illegal ones but really outrage in terms of interfering
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with a freedom of navigation absolutely this will be an illegal act in that sense but butties really. will be worried about that you know because there's a wider picture here going back to that wider picture you mentioned just just a moment ago of course not it's not just the capacity to be able to carry out operations like this and hijack a vessel but also those attacks on the saudi oil plantations as well what does this then tell us about the ongoing capacity of the who are these so many years into this conflict and i think that's exactly the point has been trying to be made here now there's no doubt that they're being backed by external resources i mean the attacks example on the oil facilities that was a high intensity attack that required a lot of resource this one far less so this is definitely within the hooty capability without specific backing or significant results edition to them so it's totally in line what they're capable of doing phil thank you so much for giving us
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a ton of pressure at that thank you now turn to hong kong protesters they are confronting police as they try to rescue people caught up in a university standoff demonstrators have been holed up inside the campus for several days before dawn on monday police entered the grounds and faced a barrage of petrol bombs and arrows they responded with tear gas and water cannon more salami. then the weapons were used in a poorly attended university which has become a weapon factory as well as a refugee for extremely violent viruses the development so robbins has reached a critical level rochus has so intent to murder our officer at all cost. later a number of demonstrators fled the university building some on motorbikes several were arrested but it's not known how many remain inside now large groups of people have been marching to the campus to try to break through the police cordons and
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free people inside what mcbride has the lightest from. another night of running street battles on the streets of hong kong this is the cow loon district of the city again the sidewalks have been ripped up for the bricks to turn into ammunition to throw at police barricades have been set up and there have been clashes between protesters and police all around the streets here the call went out for protesters to turn up in this particular area of cow loon because it's just a couple of blocks away from polytechnic university for the protesters to be in support of the perceived students inside who are still there after several days although there have been a number of them came out today there were clashes and a number of them have been arrested by police these protesters were determined that
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by creating hotspots in other areas of callaloo and they would draw away police manpower and take some of the pressure off the police cordon around the university allowing some of those protesters the chance to get away because all of them do face lengthy prison sentences the police say that they will be charged with a number of offenses including rioting which does carry a lengthy prison sentence for the protesters themselves obviously wanting to avoid that they've been looking at opportunities of trying to get out but the police are determined that all of them will have to give themselves up eventually and will face prosecution. was probably more ahead on the news hour including dozens of people arrested in iran a key. of leading riots you guys petrol price increases. power shortage of onions in bangladesh is causing hardship for the poor. but in sport here with all the
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action from the 1st day of the new the davis cup in madrid. police in georgia have been using tear gas and water cannons to try to clear protesters gathered near the parliament building in the capital tbilisi with more on this and the rest of the use from europe let's cross to lauren tyler you now want to. thank you this is a 2nd day of mass demonstrations in the capital of the 4 less of it republic thousands of protesters have gathered in 4 locations close to the parliament building demanding an early election several arrests have been made and the protests began on sunday when 20000 people rallied in tbilisi it was sparked when parliament failed to pass planned electoral reforms which would see full proportional representation when 1st of all could has more from tbilisi. protesters
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are now moving off track down the street. 34 hours you rightly said with. protesters on sunday put padlocks up around parliament's entrances and had blockaded the streets around parliament and i think they were expecting. a long wait before the police took action in fact the police have reacted very quickly indeed moving off down the street now clearing the opposition supporters who were. calling for the government to resign after a very. last week against electoral reform. the government had promised to make changes to the electoral system so that there could be a proportional representation in elections next year with a remake on that when the lawmakers rejected this legislation us we cannot court
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the opposition very angry. the opposition say george air is no longer a democracy because everything is ruled they say by one man it's seen a ministry the country's richest oligarch who is governing chairman of the ruling party and it was he that made the promise of democratic reforms back in the summer so when he's covering party m.p.'s chose not to endorse those reforms that's what brought people out onto the streets again those tensions were reignited off the governing party who will make his chose to reject that legislation here in holland last week. and the reason is president alexander knew shanker has cemented his grip on power and election it's been criticised by international observers results from sunday's vote for the will now need a government will not face a single opposition politician in parliament the 2 previous opposition members nay
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110 members 70 were not allowed to stand again international observers say the election did not comply with our standards this election how demonstrate that an overall lack of respect for democratic committee. in a country in which the power on the dependent upon amount is limited and fundamental freedoms are restricted. for boat voters candidates and amateur elections are in danger of becoming a formality. russia's foreign ministry says 3 ukrainian naval ships that were seized last year have been returned to gunboats and a tugboat were taken in the coach straight between mainland russia and crimea which was annexed by russia from ukraine 5 years ago the handover is another step in efforts to end the 5 year conflict in eastern ukraine where russian backed rebels are fighting the government. under a strain of it go too far has more from moscow. 3 ukrainian ships started their
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hours long journey back to home to the home port of their search or ukrainian the black sea port they have been transferred or released to ukrainians by russians in the neutral waters of the black sea today some 30 kilometers off the coast it has been a year since russia arrested after opening fire and wounding several of sailors are arrested this 3 ships nearby the crimean peninsula territory russia actually alex from ukraine in 2014 now un maritime tribunal as a provisional measure ordered russia to release both the ship and the sailors sailors have been released as a part of an exchange of prisoners a deal in september and now comes the ships the russian says they're not doing this because of this order but because they finished their investigations russia says that ukrainian ships actually violated state or real waters of russia this
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step comes ahead of the 4 way summits on east ukraine and there is a summit between the presidents of ukraine or russia france and chancellor of germany to discuss how to solve the conflict in the east ukraine that has been lasting for 5 years this is the last in a line of positive steps towards returning to the negotiating table. back to. report from human rights watch says a violent crackdown on protesters and. crimes against humanity the rights group says these forces opened fire on protesters they also committed crimes of sexual violence witnesses of the. bodies into the river nile. transitional government is accused of leading the attacks. responsible. reports from. down the street brings
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painful memories for. he says he was here on june 3rd one of found. that had been going on for 2 months when soldiers raided it he gets in. the soldiers came from all directions and started firing at the protesters they burnt the tents where some of the protestors we ran and hid inside a nearby building but they raided that and started beating us when i saw them beating the girls who were also hiding i told them to let the girls go and beat the men instead that's when one of the soldiers took an aim and told them to shoot. this it in started in april after a month of anti-government protests against president bashir the demonstrators demanded. accusing him of corruption and mismanagement the country which he ruled years after the sit in the military council forced him from power and took over but
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it continued even after he was gone between protest leaders and the military council dragged down they argued over who should run the country during its transitional period protesters demanded a civilian rule. after nearly 2 months the came to a deadly end. to the protest movement. 120 people were killed and over 400 were injured during the raid by soldiers dozens were reported missing. the june 3rd attack did not just rooting it on armed protesters women and men reports of being raped as survivors reported witnessing protestors some still alive being tied to a block and thrown into the river while a few feet away oh the rights group human rights watch says what happened bad day could amount to crimes against humanity the evidence points to a clear pattern that is widespread and systematic and points to
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a policy that the government had adopted of using live ammunition against peaceful and unarmed protesters when crimes like this of the serious nature are committed as part of a systematic pattern of attack that they can qualify as crimes against humanity a committee to investigate better have caused by the transitional government sworn in in september it includes members from the military and the police sides protesters accuse of being involved in the attack. offenses. and that took place on the. offenses. committed by individuals not even even if it is executed by a force. protesters say they want justice for the lives lost that day and they
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won't rest until it's delivered morgan al-jazeera. iran has reportedly breached and all the limits of the 25th day nuclear deal the un's nuclear watchdog says it's exceeded $130.00 told. it's a bridge off to iran to resume creasing it's you're right richmond abilities earlier this month. the revolutionary guard in iran says $150.00 people were wrist for leading riots against patrol price increases for people have died during the demonstrations. reports from tehran. to go hooligans and thugs that's how rainy and authorities are describing these demonstrators who have come out for a 3rd day in a row. there are no rallies or marches instead petrol stations have been set on fire banks and even police stations attacked. these scenes are not taking place in the capital tehran but in other major cities including shiraz as fond masha. and
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now a security crackdown has been ordered to make sure they don't happen again. the intelligence ministry the revolutionary guard and local police say they will be out in full force the violence started when the government announced a sudden 3 fold increase in fuel prices a decision which the president says was not made lightly the government says the revenues raised will be used to help the poor. we explored all avenues to try and help those in need we had 3 choices 1st to raise taxes across the country 2nd to increase the size of oil and 3rd to increase the price the fuel we need the revenue to help millions of people who are struggling it was not an easy choice to make the spike government reassurances that this fuel price increase one affect the price of other goods in the country many iranians are not helpful almost on a man's in a matter of course it will affect other prices the press of gasoline has always
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been important here are we supposed to make up the difference with a small subsidy from the government it draws in the chest and some people's lives lose depend on fuel and this will impact their lives usually when the present fuel goes up it impacts the price of other things. the government defends its decision and maintains that those causing the disturbances are not part of what it considers to be the general public. the government recognizes the people's right to protest but a protester is different from i think today's demonstrations are 80 percent less than yesterday and i think by tomorrow it will all be gone in the capital security forces were highly visible in certain parts of the city on monday aiming to prevent any further unrest it's not just the security forces that have been the poor across the country officials have also announced a complete internet blackout and as nearly 60000000000 iranians wait to receive their subsidies many are wondering if the disruptions will be worth its. own.
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banks will reopen in lebanon on tuesday a week after staff went on strike nationwide union leaders agreed to new security measures after employees complained of intimidation from clients demanding money the bank strike follows weeks of anti-government demonstrations to prove living conditions and political change. new president has been sworn in and says all communities must move forward as one nation but no fernandez reports rajapaksa as inauguration ceremony in the ancient border city of. the. new president received a raucous welcome as he arrived at. a sacred an ancient couldst site at. his inauguration ends of world and campaign and the defeat of main rival. the majority single a buddhist community voted for rajapaksa in large numbers in
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a polarized election that saw the tamil and muslim minorities back premadasa. and. the new president struck a conciliatory note it has made an address. i made a special request to the muslim communities to be stakeholders in my victory but i didn't get the response i hoped for as a new president i'm once again asking you to join me as true considered to its progress of this country. rajapaksa was defense secretary and his brother mine that was president when the 26 year long civil war with tamil tiger separatists ended in their defeat 10 years ago. both are accused of complicity in war crimes charges they have denied the new leader made clear some of his plans the government should all set an example to the society professionalism and efficiency should be the cornerstone of government administration
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meritocracy and technocracy should be promoted at all times. corruption will never be tolerated under my administration he supporters voice their hopes for the future. of the country months. now. because of that keeping good hard on him and he will hope that he will rebuild this country that the new president has his work cut out particularly with improving the economy burdened by crippling debts and slow down following the east as suicide bombings on churches and. as president secured an overwhelming victory with convincing support from the sink majority analysts say his success as a leader will depend on his ability to serve all communities of. finance.
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and rather. attached to do so dish of food in most of south asian countries would not be complete without some onions but they've become unaffordable for many families in bangladesh prices soared to record highs after night bring in india but exports 2 months ago to the child reports from dhaka. only on one of the most staple cooking vegetable in bangladesh cooking it is also the hottest topic right now in bangladesh media it has also taken over the fortune media by way of satire and parody what used to sell for $0.36 per kilogram is now selling for 3 dollars part kilogram government started providing subsidized right onion for the marginalised poor by way of special delivery vehicles but the people here can say that the army and fear are rotten. these onions are not of good quality some of them are rotten but what can we do the prince the too high and we have no choice as
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poor people. some of the reason why price skyrocketed in recent months is because a bang of the government's failure to import onion in timely fashion india's ban on . export of on the end to bangladesh and some unscrupulous trader holding onions to manipulate market price. you can't get onions because there's a lack of important india is banning exposure which is also why onion prices have gone up. in prices too hot for cooking most poor people and even the middle class stop using onion as a cooking ingredient. we have stopped buying onions because the prime minister has forced us to cook her dishes without it is not possible for us ordinary people to buy onions at such a high price as a symbolic gesture the prime minister herself has not to use onion as an ingredient in our cooked dishes although the prices have slightly going down because the government started air lifting on importing onions from middle east europe and even central asia but prices remain still high in the market for most people. still
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ahead on the al-jazeera. regional leader goes on trial accused of disobedience for refusing to remove separatists symbols from public buildings. without leave the rest in its dust the people with the drive to make the blood world's fastest. at school the bron james is on form for the ally like using. that. hello it is still raining and snowing to some degree in iran and i think you could work that i just by looking at the satellite picture this is active weather stretching all the way across the gulf in society to the east the sun doesn't get
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much out of it to the west the sun is out so the temperatures are reasonably good there it's at $22.00 but the snow which has been destructive in terror on the other party route is just going to repeat itself at best you've got 10 in the city so the snow from the city will melt in the suburbs and elsewhere and it's a bit of a nuisance to be honest that's a picture to see on wednesday since to some degree but equally the cloud to the east shows itself rather more active snows creeping up through afghanistan as well but you saw what was happening across the gulf so tuesday's a wet looking day no longer in kuwait but in bahrain and saudi in qatar and further west tails off to a few thunderstorms that say for example in riyadh the front is going soft bringing heavy rain towards u.a.e. during wednesday the show mild strong only comes in afterwards and temperatures drop to be 22 years and max in doha 16 in other yad in southern africa though it's been windy and wet in many places recently things are a little calmer the main rain up towards malawi and mozambique.
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the british iraqi journalist is visualizing complex statistics in a simple. i think some really exciting opportunities to break apart from the systems of power and to collect data in a way that represent different. challenging mainstream misconceptions. by creating 100 illustrations doesn't alienate people it doesn't make people feel like i'm not smart enough to understand this truth is it anyway on al-jazeera. the prime minister. mission is true to the british on the 31st of october and making this country the greatest place on a person's departure is to late for home follow the drama of bricks it on
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al-jazeera in china cancer drugs can be pretty beautifully expensive some desperate patients travel to india to buy cheap generic versions but what cost when ace dollars dollars smuggling to survive on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera here's a reminder about top stories this hour saudi arabia says ruthie's have hijacked a tugboat towing a south korean drilling rig in the red sea the rebels captured 2 military vessels the saudi government is calling the incident a terrorist operation and says it poses a real threat to international shipping and trying. a tense standoff is continuing in hong kong between riot police and pro-democracy protesters at university
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demonstrators have barricaded themselves inside the campus 4 day. broad police in georgia moving in on protesters outside police used water cannon to disperse demonstrators it calling for early elections after the cloud of promised electoral reform. rival party leaders in the u.k. have spent the day trying to win the support of business executives with less than a month to go ahead of the general election let's go back to lauren tyler in our london news. standbys yes they confederation of british industry represents nearly 200000 businesses of varying sizes and expressed concern with all the main party's policies ahead of its annual conference in london paul brennan reports. the c.b.i. his annual conference presents a vitally important shop window for the competing political leaders the chance to persuade these company owners and executives that they have the policies the vision
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and the capability to make the economy better prime minister boris johnson 1st to the podium is the prime minister boris johnson he had a pill for delegates to swallow next april's planned cuts in corporation tax has been shelved but he sure did that pill by pledging to unlock the u.k.'s potential with investment in infrastructure education and technology i think this country needs a government that believes in business and understands the vital importance of wealth creation the need to support business small family business cutting business rates then having last week pledge to renationalise the u.k.'s broadband labor's jeremy corbyn was potentially on difficult ground here so he addressed the c.b.i. skills shortage concerns with a promise to create a 3rd of a 1000000 new apprenticeships and his vision of an economy based on equality it's not anti business to be against poverty. it's not anti business to say that the
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largest corporations should pay their taxes just 'd a small companies do and it's not anti business to want prosperity in every part of our country and finally liberal democrat leader joe swinson describing her party as the party of business largely because the lib dems government would be committed to scrapping grex it altogether. frankly we have seen enough promises of reviews of business rates from the conservatives it is time for clear action that will give proper help to our small businesses in return the leaders represented with the c.b.i. own manifesto on taxation reform an immigration system based on contribution and ambitious targets to address skills shortages across british industry if we're to tackle the challenges of the country faces the climate crisis rescaling tackling regional inequality that means business and government come together that is the only way we will actually do it the c.b.i.
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is gravely worried that a conservative majority in december's election could still lead to a no deal bracks it also has fears that a brightest and best immigration policy could end up being unbalanced for the economy and it has concerns too that labor's plans to renationalise certain parts of industry could end up having a chilling effect on investment so no single party will leave this conference with a political endorsement but the very chance simply to lay out their sales pitch is reason enough to be here paul brennan al-jazeera at the c.b.i. conference in greenwich the president of catalonia is regional government has appeared in court on charges of disobedience when toronto was asked by spain's electoral committee to remove pro independent symbols from catalan government buildings during campaigning for april's national election the board argued that the symbols breached campaign laws he refused and prosecutors are now seeking to declare him ineligible for public office for 20 months not
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a logical. terminator see that as a way i did not comply in other words yes i disobeyed it but it was impossible to comply with an illegal order if you want to in this room knows that this order was illegal dictated by an institution that did not have the competence to do so. a 15 year old girl has died after a bridge collapsed in southern france a mother was rescued after a suspend bridge fell into the town river in the town of town north of toulouse when the 60 rescuers have been looking for survivors including the driver of a truck and a possible 3rd vehicle believed to be on the bridge when it collapsed italian police say they've broken up a cross border criminal gang trafficking millions of dollars worth of archaeological artifacts from the 4th and 5th century b.c. restrained video shows excavations in the southern region of calabria artifacts were illegally exported and sold around the world italy's paramilitary art crimes
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court made $23.00 arrests in door raids in britain germany france and serbia as well as in italy the health minister said thousands of artifacts were recovered. about with more from london shortly for now. thank you laurent bolivians of facing food and fuel shortages as supporters of the former president continue to block roads has fled to mexico after winning an election many believe was rigged but still has a lot of support in poor rural areas among them the city of where 9 people died on friday after security forces fired on protesters tourism board reports. the city of the province of bison mourning. pinas was shot during a protest carried out by it will more supporters here his relatives say she was shot in the head. we are set and her to because he is not the only one that was
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killed they took the others a few hours away we want a solution because when we took him to the clinic we had to pay a lot we want justice. even what alice resigned last week after being accused by the oas of committing fraud in the presidential elections but for these people he was the man who dignified them most of the people are from indigenous communities and are coca leaves growers and they were trying to go through the main road towards the capital they were prevented by the police they had to escape and they're telling us that they were ambushed right and this. facebook live video was filmed by one of the protesters. was 18 years old and was shot in the stomach while filming the clashes live. he was killed that day. so is that. they are militarizing this whole area because they want to believe we are criminals they shot at us from everywhere and they can do it because we are poor. the actions
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of security forces are currently being investigated they're accused of using live ammunition and excessive force on from what i list demonstrators. man says the response by the military was disproportionate. what happened was a massacre in this country they want to say it was a confrontation on friday the government issued a decree that exonerates the armed forces of any killing and one hour after that decree the police and the military started using live ammunition against protesters . the government says the protesters were infiltrated by foreigners and were using improvised weapons. i have asked the attorney general to investigate what happened he told me the delay was because the rule to did not want to give the bodies we have asked the attorney general to investigate this as soon as possible the tropic was the launching pad for it will more or less political career as
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a leader of the growers federation many people here remain loyal to him and do not trust in the new interim administration many say at call for elections and pointed to a negotiation is crucial to prevent further north of life. let's go now to live in the capital la paz tourism there are people gathered behind you there of course . is not in the country anymore but is it fair to say that the momentum and the anger amongst people to get out in the streets and support him isn't whining. well the protests on going to support. around the country i'm very monday gathered here and they're demanding the resignation of entering. not. just a matter that she was connected to power through others and even though what alice has basically resigned by class by beyond the forces of it i know i'm
9:42 pm
a country in this country syrian people here said what they want and they want to let you know that nobody thinks that be fair when this is going to place. yet clearly having a problem. with mr. or says. hello. to result i think we just lost it for a moment that what we're talking about here is the need for elections i don't let you know there is soon to be to do with this mission that we're seeing all the streets oh. yes that's a great connection it's not very very good here right now but what's what we know it's been going is this problem techs are having nationally and we also know that
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there's not some negotiations ongoing between the members of the able but movement towards socialism and members of the current administration a problem to have but yet cannot agree when this election will take place like whoa this is only going to show their struggles not only here in the past fighting the taliban by likewise so that we have left at least 9 people dead and surrounding all of the capital of us and there is something that has generated some shortages shortages of gas of. eggs and other things there yesterday we were able to see long lines of people trying to get many of the sites that are now difficult to find and discovered they are negotiations ongoing in order for this elections to take a place we know that the catholic church is involved the european union is involved the united nations is involved the problem is right now there is not a date and that's what angering many of the people here and what they were telling us this is something crucial for what's happening right now in bolivia some of its women are going to are saying that before abel what alice came to power they
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couldn't they were not able to get on a plane because they were discriminated against and the reason why they're here to do it is because they want any administration that takes office to know that something like that can never happen again to rosa thank you to as a boy live there from the possible round by supporters it of ephemerality. deforestation in the amazon has hit its highest level in a decade brazil's space agency says the world's largest rainforest lost 9763 square kilometers of vegetation that's a rise of 29.5 percent between august 28th maine and july this year and vajra middle of sublime in brazil's president jaya balsa naro who favors developing the rainforest for economic gain there is a senior research associate at the ecosystems lab at the university of oxford and a visiting research associate at lancaster university she joins us by skype from
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santorum in brazil nice to have you with us just remarkable numbers when you look at the at the level of deforestation i want to get to the causes in just a moment but what is the impact of this we've already seen fires at record levels more broadly what's the impact of this deforestation. this impacts that we're losing the most rich eco system on the arts they are losing their system to have the largest amount of biodiversity and that the store is a large amount of carbon and once we've barn and forest if there is all this current event back to that much here footing has been climate change so this is that. and when it comes to the reasons here are some of course this is all because of the expansionist economic policies of job also narrow others though there are illegal logging illegal land seizures and so on that also contribute to this where does the balance in this fall. well we have
9:46 pm
a government the right now the heads of all county have a meeting with them the grabbers miners and of illegal loggers that school bind it with sharp cuts in the budget of the environmental ministry and of the environmental agency which is the agency that oversees commanding control operations in them and then. also we have a government that has a speech that has a rhetoric which is which is pro the forestation which says that we should not curb the forestation so when all of this combined we have what is seeing right now which is the top part of the forestation which we have the highest the forestation rate for an 11 years we're going back in time but the government no itself is saying that something needs to be done and is looking at ways of trying to could this. well are they address conversation in a more action please that's what is going on i mean have a lot of talking and no action we have budget cuts we have just last week thing by
9:47 pm
remember ministry minute meeting of the land grabbers all this but they gather is not going to change it's not going to change the forestation and then mind that there's a correlation figure from the space agency there's an include september at all that september and october of 2019 because that's outside the period that in one accord and those 3 months or also very high levels of deforestation so it's one thing to say it's another to do we need to do that work now in terms of a little more action what more action would you like to see from the international community indigenous groups in brazil have been cited for instance that the european union should look at putting sanctions on companies that use products that are sourced from the brazil run for just. coming the national command perspective we need funding we need funding to cover the forestation from 2004 to 2012 for the reduce the 1st station by 80 percent so presumed always how to reduce the perspiration you know is what america is and the were fact on the ground. the
9:48 pm
forestation however there right now we are not following our know how we need the political will and the international community is reading for it and to provide answers and also to provide pressure think think of trying to change this political well within result or burger thank you again for giving us your god thank you very much will emerge and traveling at supersonic speeds without ever leaving the ground of british jet engine on wheels called the bloodhound is on the trail of the world land speed record from of the miller has the story from south africa. it's developers say it's the most advanced straight line racing car ever bolt it's aim to break the world land speed record at a speed of 800 kilometers an hour the bloodhound ellice are is one of the world's top 10 fastest cars but it aims to double that speed next year it's been built to
9:49 pm
break the record sit more than 20 years ago at 1227.9 kilometers an hour it is very difficult to describe because it's a bit like flying a jet fighter but it's a little bit drug like driving a high performance racing car but since most people haven't done either of those things that probably doesn't help in very simple terms it's very hot the cockpit it's very noisy there's a lot of acceleration there's a lot of g.'s slowing down again and. the simplest thing i can say is the ground goes past very very quickly despite the sweltering heat and the hugs and region deep in the kalahari desert provides the ideal testing ground the open flat surface has been carefully prepared by hundreds of local community members who have removed tons of rock for a smooth ride organizers say at the largest area of land ever cleared for a motor sports event and at full design speed the car covers 1.6 kilometers in just 3.6 seconds it's powered by a rolls royce e.j.
9:50 pm
$208.00 engine normally found in a euro fighter typhoon jet the thrust produced is equal to $360.00 family cause the 90 kilogram solid aluminum wheels have been specially designed for the desert surface they're built to spin at up to 10200 revolutions a minute more than 4 times faster than the wheels on a formula one car at top speed but how projects been going for 10 years. and it's done an amazing job or inspiring people to get involved engineering over the years it almost was too good at doing that and it means there are probably itself almost fell by the wayside because it was too good to do in education chartering. and a project that most went bust last year into ministration that's when i got involved once testing is complete the car will return to the united kingdom for any modifications before it attempts to break the world record a bloodhound l.s.r.
9:51 pm
is a combination of fast jet f one car and space ship the engineering team says it's bolt the world's fastest car to inspire people everywhere from either miller al-jazeera skin band in the northern cape. still ahead on. a i. thank.
9:52 pm
you. because they don't support now with thank you stan will salt star in australia
9:53 pm
where the prime minister scott morrison has condemned comments made by controversial rugby star israel folau about the country's bushfires a conservative christian folau suggested it was god punishing australia for passing same sex marriage and abortion laws for laos currently in a legal battle with rugby australia after being sacked for anti-gay remarks on social media i thought these were appallingly insensitive comments. that are reporting comments and you know he's a free citizen he can say whatever he likes but that doesn't mean he can't have regard to the to the grievous offense this would have caused to people whose homes have been burnt down and i'm sure to many christians around the struggle for him that is not their view would oh it's day one of the new look davis cup taking place in madrid and 1st up on center court was the defending champion croatia up against russia and a group beat match it was not the start that the croats would have wanted though
9:54 pm
born no go hotel khan world number $23.00 andre of rubble of and it was the russian who drew 1st blood for his country and the spanish capital of winning 6363 as russia took on one nil lead over the way she. there was also a surprise early on when canada and italy played their opening singles rubber world number 158 vasic hospices defeating 12th rank fabio fognini 7675 to hand the canadians a one nil need. meanwhile in group d. belgium are one nil to the good against a colombia each of the 3 groups in action on monday are currently in their 2nd rubbers. colin kaepernick former teammate eric reid says the quarterback has proved that he's still capable of playing in the n.f.l. capper nick held a private workout on saturday to attract a new team it was originally organized by the n.f.l. but capper nick change the venue at the last minute after a media we're not allowed inside the league said that they were disappointed and
9:55 pm
rapper jeezy has partnered with the n.f.l. accused of turning a legitimate opportunity into a p.r. stunt their greed disagrees the n.f.l. wants to control the narrative by not letting. independent media into the work out to document the work oh it's college supposed to trust the organization that by bono he's not you know. the whole goal of this is to show everybody that column is ready to play the game he took his work out to a different location we showed that he proved that it was reported that his arm was has always been the way he was and a fellow wise daisy was all these other pundits trying to slander calling for him protecting himself and wanting transparency well switching gears over to basketball and some incredible teamwork between le bron james and danny green for the l.a. lakers thanks to moves like this the lakers completely dominated over the atlanta hawks le bron exchanging passes with green before finishing in the al you in style
9:56 pm
james got 33 points altogether and later in the match he returned the favor sort of he missed the 3 point attempts but green was there to make sure they at least came away with 2 the lakers won by 21 and condemn the hawks to their 2nd big loss at the staples center and 24 hours having lost the clippers by 49. elsewhere the injury hit golden state warriors lost their 7th game in a row this time it was against the new orleans pelicans j.j. redick top scoring for the pelicans with 26 points including 63 pointers the warriors losing by 8 points. international limpid committee president thomas baucus defended the decision to move the tokyo 2020 marathon to sapporo boxes a decision was made with the athletes best interest in mind considering the heat in the japanese capital there are one or 2 wars east of france lead so we think if they would be better prepared for races to be than they are those who wanted to
9:57 pm
benefit from these but the responsibility of the all you see is to take care of their health it's all healthy trying to make it possible for a all athletes are very well possible to complete the race. organizers of next year's olympics are promising the most futuristic games ever and the mascots have had a tech upgrade to japanese school children have been getting a demonstration of how robots will welcome athletes and guess the mascots developed by the toy car company are remote controlled by a human in another location and bigger robots robots have been designed to help some fans find their seats again finance. all their creepy and kind of cute well that's all yours for financial records you got to be a big hit on. and that's it for me for this user will be much more use than just about. us into an article cited.
9:58 pm
from lagos to jerusalem i am on the go moses clenching. form my last story in history. 3 short films that show how people take a stand against evictions in a struggling communities the 1st time they arrested i was 11 years old a.j. selects on al-jazeera.
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it's a tough time for the afghan security forces taliban attacks have increased suffering heavy casualties and the prospect of a withdrawal of u.s. forces hangs over them yet young men are still joining up some for reasons for others it's the only way to get a job despite the risks. an army bomb disposal engineer in helmand province he knew the risks he was blinded in both eyes and lost a leg when a roadside device exploded as he try to defuse it always aware of the danger of seeing friends wounded while working on mines i wasn't scared to lose and legace to sacrifice we have to mike to serve this country every war it's a devastating impact on. earth rise explore some of the efforts to recover what was lost from the syrian scientists safeguarding one of our most valuable resources these are important southpaws we have to make sure they are surviving to the
10:00 pm
refugees striving to co-exist with nature ok so let's. simulating what happens. to conflict on al-jazeera. saudi arabia says yemen's who thiis have hijacked a ship towing a south korean drilling rig in the red sea. and. live from london also coming up. police tighten the siege on a university campus where hundreds of protesters are trapped and trying to get out i. can and and tear gas to disperse protesters rallying outside.


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