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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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to the refugees striving to co-exist with nature ok so what's going on there simulating what's happening when they listen. to conflict on al-jazeera. saudi arabia says yemen's who fees have hijacked a ship towing a south korean drilling rig in the red sea. on our entire lives is al-jazeera live from london also coming up. on kong police tighten the siege on a university campus where hundreds of protesters are trapped and trying to get out . i. can and until gas to disperse protesters rallying outside parliament to demand an early election
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. and as food and fuel run short in bolivia the interim government uses planes to bypass road blockades by moron his supporters. follow saudi arabia says yemen's who fees have hijacked a ship towing a south korean drilling rig in the red sea the rebels say they've captured military vessels hoofy official has told al-jazeera they were least the drilling rig once they can confirm it belongs to south korea the saudi government is calling the incident a terrorist operation who thieves have targeted vessels off yemen the southern mouth of the red sea in the past. joins us live from the yemeni capital sanaa what further details of you managed to gather about this. yes the whole visibility confirm that they have can be skated the 2 vessels as the
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coast guards were carrying out their regular patrols and the red sea and that they have found out that the 2 vessels. they hope these. sources that the military vessels bought more details we will receive. within just 5 to 10 minutes as the whole of these reveal of the all have the will release a press statement to give more details about the 2 vessels 3 the spokes person or the joint forces of the international could nice government. released to the social media that the were there were 2 vessels the one that belongs to south korea it's. all regs while the other is. that belongs to the saudi arabia but we couldn't confirm such a press statement by this spokes person or the army as it has been circulated
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through or through social media why the saudis accuse the forty's have communicated a tard boat along with the south korean oil wreck the hope these as you mentioned that they have already confirmed that the the the received any confirmation that these vessels blong to south korea they will carry out the legal procedures in order to release them and what the youth is trying to achieve with an operation like this. the have carry such operation of the says these are the source that i've talked to told me that the the coast guard very carrying out their regular patter all of the sort they have found out these foreign vessels and the yemeni. riddle waters and so that the you have can be skated them because they haven't
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received any permits and for those 2 vessels to go through yemen's a resident of waters marionette i thank you very much indeed field icon is a partner at dry and global a maritime security risk management company he says this incident is a sign of why detentions in the region we've seen over the last 6 months alone the power play the interchange between iran and saudi arabia and let's not forget that's exactly what this is about so no doubt there has been the proxy influence through the booties by iran on to saudi assets and really the target here is the saudi vessels the tug the sally vessel that is saudi flagged and is likely to be saudi group so that's the real aim or target of of the of the capture as it were so what our reaction will this is exactly what we've been advising our clients for the last 6 months it is that saudi assets in particular are
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a specific threat form to reign in backed proxy efforts against their own salary and assets in the areas particularly in the sudden red sea. leaders of yemen's internationally recognized government of return to the country of the 1st time since being forced out during clashes with separatists in the summer prime minister main malik's aid has arrived in the port city of aden where the government is based return is one of the conditions agreed under a peace agreement brokered by saudi arabia fighting between yemeni government forces and southern separatists backed by the u.a.e. to turn the city into a battleground it also revealed splits in the saudi a mirage the coalition is helping the government fight to see rebels yemen's civil war has killed more than 100000 people and pushed the country to the brink of famine. thanks.
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lisa in hong kong have tightened there see a university campus that's become the center of a standoff between demonstrators and security forces were just as launched petrol bombs after hundreds were pushed back by water cannon and tear gas as they tried to make their way to the park technic university they want to free young activists who've been holed up there for several days hundreds of tried to escape only to be met by rubber bullets and tear gas senior officials have appealed for protesters to leave the campus and cooperate with police but many are refusing to be arrested dozens of protesters have managed to stage a dramatic escape i should mean down plastic ropes of demonstrators lowered themselves from a bridge they documented on the campus to a fly over below and then sped away on motorcycles which is news agency says some of them were caught and arrested another group of protesters were seen leaving the university reportedly to surrender to police robert wright has the latest from hong kong. another night of running street battles on the streets of hong kong this is
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the cow loon district of the city again sidewalks have been ripped up for the bricks to turn into ammunition to throw at police barricades have been set up and there have been clashes between protesters and police all around the streets here the call went out for protesters to turn up in this particular area of cow loon because it's just a couple of blocks away from polytechnic university for the protesters to be in support of the perceived students inside who are still there after several days although there have been a number of them came out today there were clashes and a number of them have been arrested by police these protesters were determined that by creating hotspots in other areas of callaloo and they would draw away police manpower and take some of the pressure off the police cordon around the university
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allowing some of those protesters the chance to get away because all of them do face lengthy prison sentences the police say that they will be charged with a number of offenses including rioting which just carry a lengthy prison sentence for the protesters themselves obviously wanting to avoid that they've been looking at opportunities of trying to get out but the police are determined that all of them will have to give themselves up eventually and will face prosecution. joseph chang is a political activist and member of the alliance for democracy grit he expects the majlis to escalate as more hong kong demonstrations try to leave the campus. it's supposed to mean the end game so to speak it done publicly believes that now it has arrested more than $4000.00 baucus to us and the surrounding of the party can't you
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it may well be a t.v. in the last batch of arrests and and believe that you can break the hot core of the radical potus to get police to surround the is still in profit status eve field service to allow them to leave peacefully and in the months i've just surrender all 3 future arrests and serve the prosecution certainly desists not be acceptable and that is why they still have. rather don't bother than confrontation going on some of the prophesies supporters are coming in from the outside the parents say they want to break the. siege of the police so as to allow the children protestants who are have been so rounded and kept in captivity in the probably a penny you to be able to escape tools and freedom and that is exactly why we
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expect said the actions after the coming hours or so. and he's in georgia have fired tear gas and water cannon to clear protests is running for a 2nd day near the parliament building in the capital tbilisi thousands of protesters gathered in 4 places near parliament shouting long live georgia and demanding an early election opposition activists say more than 20 were arrested the protests began on sunday when $20000.00 people rallied in tbilisi they're angry that parliament failed to pass planned electoral reforms which would see full proportional representation from and 1st you will get has more from tbilisi. protesters are now moving off far down the street from right the parliament. 34 hours you rightly said we sounded the protesters on songs i put padlocks up around parliament entrances and hundreds blockaded the streets around parliament and i
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think they were expecting. a long wait before the police took action in fact the police of reacted very quickly indeed they are moving off down the street now clearing the opposition supporters who are worth cooling for the government to resign after results. last week against electoral reform. the government had trimmings to make changes to the letter system so that they could be a proportional representation in the elections next year with a remake of that when the lawmakers rejected this legislation us we cannot cause the opposition very angry. for the opposition say that george air is no longer a democracy because everything is rules they say by one man between a even history the country's richest oligarch who is governing chairman of the
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ruling party and it was deemed that made the promise of democratic reforms back in the summer so when he's governing party m.p.'s. it is not doing those reforms that brought people out onto the streets again those tensions were reignited after doubling party rule makers chose to reject that legislation here in parliament last week. belarus's president alexander lukashenko has cemented his grip on power in an election that's been criticized by international observers results from sunday's vote reveal shanker will now lead a government that will not face a single opposition politician in parliament the 2 previous opposition members in the 110 members embley were not allowed to stand again international observers say the election did not comply with their standards u.s. election have demonstrated an overall lack of respect for democratic commitments in a country in with the power and independence of parliament is limited and fundamental
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freedoms are restricted for both voters and candidates parliamentarian elections are in danger of becoming a formality. russia's foreign ministry says 3 ukrainian naval ships that were seized last year have been returned to gun boats and a tugboat taken in the current straight between mainland russia and crimea which moscow annexed from ukraine 5 years ago handover is another step in efforts to end the 5 year conflict in eastern ukraine where russian backed rebels fighting the government. is president all trump has tweeted that he likes the idea of testifying in his own impeachment inquiry even though he insists he's done nothing wrong trump says he would strongly consider testifying in writing to quote get congress focused again impeachment inquiry is examining if trump withheld military aid to ukraine in order to pressure its president to investigate trump's political rival joe biden.
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still ahead. iran's revolutionary guards warn that decisive action will be taken at the rest of the fuel price rises goes on i am and why people are rushing to buy onions in bangladesh some waiting to queue hours. had some very stormy conditions across the eastern portions of europe plenty of cloud give you an idea where the bulk of the weather is but as i say within this we have had some pretty strong thunderstorms has been damaged this is in rome many trees have come down there are $200.00 weather related incidents although functionally no reports of any injuries and of course to the north into venice the floodwaters really a just not showing much sign of receding still the streets are full and yes well
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there is more rain on the way as we go through tuesday this is the next system its way across the central regions of the med really golfing much of the rains down towards the south but a break across mainland europe system to the north snow and rain through scandinavia then another system just waiting in the wings across into western europe that will gradually work its way east was as we go through wednesday slightly push the rain across into the u.k. and down into spain and portugal but the right in italy that will shift towards the southeast as we go to wednesday but that same system in the central med that is like a british long northern areas of africa algeria and tunis the attempt is not too bad there is having said that 17 celsius in tunis warm in chapell a bit traveling up into coastal areas and this in the story as we go on into wednesday. a story 1400 years in the making.
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story of succession. jersey and tells the story line of the. account of the results. on one of the top stories here now to syria saudi arabia says yemen's who sees of hijacked a ship towing a south korean drilling rig in the red sea rebels say they've captured military
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vessels. dozens of protesters in hong kong have staged a daring escape from a besieged university shimmying down plastic ropes and escaping on the bikes that police have been stopping activists from leaving the protected university after they occupied it for several days. and police in georgia have fired tear gas and water cannon to clear protests as running for a 2nd day in the parliament building in the capital tbilisi. and the 7 civilians have been killed in the 33 others injured by ass trikes in the libyan capital tripoli according to government sources drones targeted a factory in the south of the city of the victims of mostly from bangladesh would have been well had has more. military sources with tripoli and back the government of national accord say that the airstrikes which targeted a factory in whether to be area in southern tripoli and killed a number of innocent civilians and wanted dozens of them the other strikes
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according to the government sources were launched by a drone loyal to the world lord khalifa haftar and many other sources say that this attack could constitute a war crime we know that the victims are just regular workers at the factory in where there will be a area and they have nothing to do with the ongoing fighting that according to sources with the government of national accord medical sources say that most of the victims are from bangladesh others are from african countries along with libyan victims in that were killed or wounded in such attacks we know that since the beginning of the fighting forces have been targeting get his attention areas and civilian locations including get a make them detention center back in july the civilian operational airport in
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tripoli and also many other medical facilities including the field hospitals ambulances and also medical teams we know that some of such attacks could constitute war crimes and have to as forces have been targeting that is eventually with heavy weapons and airstrikes since they launched a debilitating campaign to seize tripoli back in april. 13 european embassies in libya have issued a joint statement calling for the immediate release of libyan m.p. she had. say what was abducted from her home in the eastern city of benghazi in july by masked men and her husband and son were badly beaten her family says she was kidnapped by forces loyal to libyan warlord holly for have to after she criticized him during an interview with television station. let's return
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to our top story now events in the red sea mohammed a lot of joins us live from the yemeni capital sana'a so you've got i gather more information now from the who things about this incident. have revealed to the press release on. how these run. flight cv and also on your months of flight t.v. . have the reveal that the have already convinced get it 3. vessels called robert 3 have captured them or can discredit them after the crow on board of these 3 vessels have not responded to them on the international 12 maybe radio frequency or something like that the used to contact results we have mentioned that the. among the 3. visitors was saudi.
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belongs to saudi arabia they haven't given yet more details about the other 2. solve korean. or not. that have thank you very much indeed. now u.n. report has accused iran of breaching another limit of the 2015 nuclear deal un's nuclear watchdog says it's accumulated more than $130.00 tons of heavy water it's a further breach of the agreement after iran in outs it was increasing its uranium enrichment capabilities earlier this month as president donald trump you know actually withdrew america from the deal last year and reimposed economic sanctions on tehran iran's revolutionary guards have warned anti-government protesters they will take quote decisive action if an rest over fuel prices doesn't end since friday people have been take to the streets across iran to protest against the increase $150.00 people have been arrested and iran's state news agency says 6
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people have died in the violence reports from tehran. but to go hooligans and thugs that's how rainy and authorities are describing these demonstrators who have come out for a 3rd day in a row. there are no rallies or marches instead petrol stations have been set on fire banks and even police stations attacked. these scenes are not taking place in the capital tehran but in other major cities including shiraz as font and masha. and now a security crackdown has been ordered to make sure they don't happen again. the intelligence ministry the revolutionary guard and local police say they will be out in full force the violence started when the government announced a sudden 3 fold increase in fuel prices a decision which the president says was not made lightly the government says the revenues raised will be used to help the poor. we explored all avenues to try and
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help those in need we had 3 choices 1st to raise taxes across the country 2nd to increase the size of oil and 3rd to increase the prices fuel we need the revenue to help millions of people who are struggling it was not an easy choice to make the spike government reassurances that this fuel price increase one affect the price of other goods in the country many iranians are not hopeful almost all the members of a matter of course it will affect other prices the press of gasoline has always been important here are we supposed to make up the difference with a small subsidy from the government it was in the some people's levels depend on fuel and this will impact their lives usually when the present fuel goes up it impacts the price of other things. the government defends its decision and maintains that those causing the disturbances are not part of what it considers to be the general public there's almost a government recognizes the people's right to protest but
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a protester is different from a rioter i think today's demonstrations are 80 percent less than yesterday. by tomorrow it will all be gone in the capital security forces were highly visible in certain parts of the city on monday aiming to prevent any further unrest it's not just the security forces that have been the poor across the country officials have also announced a complete internet blackout and as the early $60000000000.00 iranians wait to receive their subsidies many are wondering if the disruptions will be worth it north of the bari al jazeera terror on. and to government protesters in southern iraq have blocked the roads leading to the country's main port a stand off and preventing employees and tankers from entering iraq relies heavily on imported food and the own custer port receives grain vegetable oil and sugar shipments is the 2nd time it's been blocked since protests began in october the 1st closure cost the country more than $6000000000.00 in the capital baghdad protesters
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have forced the closure of iraq's central bank they've also by the bridge leading to the green zone the fortified area home to government buildings and embassies this is the largest wave of protests in iraq in decades at least 320 people have been killed in the unrest. bolivians are facing food and fuel shortages and supporters of the ousted president has continued to block roads there the new interim government says it's created an air bridge to the main city lepas with military planes delivering supplies they're working on similar plans for other cities around has resigned and fled to mexico after winning an election many believe was rigged but he still has a lot of support in poor rural areas there is a book as well from the past. we're here not far away from the presidential palace morales supporters continue to protest you back there demanding the resignation of interim president any 9 years because they say he will lead it in willingly and
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even though what. they're in seeing here is likely to show no doubt that according to the no name only one who really knows a man she does not represent her and the one selection of this country right now taking off jodi arias has taken several controversial election said of politics or election she started to worry that's what many other critics so say she wrote is that it's a great relations with many sweaters that sign a contract that on the rise in this is to use excessive gold and many many other things when we will you are seeing. protests like this one are happening all around the country and this is generally done shortages here in the back earlier today we were able to see several young lines of people trying to get chicken. and galileo other things because oh brother do i really i'm not meaningly right not only orders
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what's crucial now is a negotiation we know that it is happening between able what i list party and the government is involving the united nations the european union and the catholic church working for you for this people that have come to approaches here in the weeks i inquired and when able but alice came to office women wearing skirts indigenous women were not able to get on a plane because they were discriminated against and what they're saying is that the reason why they're here is because behind that something like i never had the young . people have been rushing to buy lifted subsidized onions in bangladesh capital dhaka as prices soar to record highs the cost of onions has rocketed since neighboring india banned exports in late september after crops were badly hit by heavy monsoon rains a killer of onions is risen from $36.00 u.s. cents to $3.00 us dollars an increase of more than 700 percent in the bangladeshi prime minister has stopped eating them coming chandra has morphed aka. n e
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n one of the most stable things vegetable in bangladesh cooking it is also the hottest topic right now in bangladesh media it has also taken over the social media by way of subtle and parody what used to sell for $0.36 per kilogram is now selling for 3 dollars part kilogram government started providing subsidized rate for the marginalised poor by way of special delivery vehicles but the people here can say that the onions here are rotten. these are not of good quality some of them are rotten but what can we do the prince is a too high and we have no choice as poor people. some of the reason why price skyrocketed in recent months is because of buying of the government's failure to import onion in timely fashion india's ban on export of onion to bangladesh and some unscrupulous trader holding onions to manipulate market price. you can't get
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onions because there's a lack of an india banning exposure which is also why an in prices have gone up and in prices too hot for cooking most poor people and even the middle class stop using onion as a cooking ingredient fans can have on the christian money and we have stopped buying because the prime minister has forced us to cook or dishes without it is not possible for us ordinary people to buy onions such a high price. as a symbolic gesture the prime minister herself has a larger quote not to use onion as an ingredient in our dishes although the prices have slightly going down because the government started airlifting on importing onions from middle east europe and even central asia but prices remain still high in the market for most people. italian police say they've broken off across border criminal gang trafficking millions of dollars worth of artifacts from the 4th and 5th century b.c. police training video shows excavations in the southern region of calabria artifacts were illegally exported and sold around the world italy's paramilitary
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crime squad 23 arrests in dawn raids in britain germany france and serbia as well as in italy. let's take you straight to breaking news event said listen to teachers it might compare this business people and should it be restored to believe all arenas to access a free and open internet. the world's watching their own people enjoy a better future when their government begins to respect basic human rights abandons its revolutionary. posture and its destabilizing foreign policy in the region and behave simply like a normal nation. the choice is clearly with the regime. continue with iran president rouhani recently announced the run will begin uranium enrichment activities at the ford al facility there for the united states will terminate the sanctions waiver related to the nuclear facility at fordo effective december 15th
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2019. the right amount of uranium enrichment for the world's largest state sponsor of terror is iraq. iran originally constructed for it as a fortified underground bunker to conduct secret uranium enrichment work and there is no legitimate reason for iran to resume in richmond at this previously clandestine site iran should reverse its activity there immediately iran's supreme leader is reverting to his tried and true method of using nuclear brinksmanship to extort the international community into accepting the regimes destabilizing activity the united states rejects this approach completely and calls on all nations to do the same the only viable way forward is through comprehensive negotiations addressed the full range of iran's threats. in their entirety gran's most recent action is yet another clear attempt at nuclear extortion the only deepen its political and economic isolation from the world. they also want to spend
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just a minute talking about iraq the last few weeks united states has watched the protests very closely we support the iraqi people as they strive for a prosperous iraq that is free of corruption and reigning in malign influence we stated clearly that iraq's leaders must protect human rights as iraqis lift their voices to secure a flourishing democracy calls are consistent with a troubled initiations track record as being a force for good throughout iraq if we work with the iraqi security forces to take down the isis caliphate and will continue to make sure it cannot reemerge the united states remains the largest humanitarian donor to iraq providing more than 2000000000 dollars in food water medicine and shelter since 2014 alone and we're the largest donor as well to stabilization. rebuilding more than 500 schools 100 health centers 50 water treatment plants with many more projects coming
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online soon. now our commitment continues we will not stand idle while the corrupt officials make the iraqi people suffer today i am affirming that states will use our legal authorities to sanction corrupt individuals. that are stealing iraqi's wealth and those killing and wounding peaceful protesters like the iraqi people taking to the streets that our sanctions will not discriminate between religious sect or ethnicity they will simply target those who do wrong to the iraqi people no matter who they are turning now to israel. the trump administration is reversing the obama administration's approach towards israeli settlements u.s. public statements unsettling that timothy's in the west bank have been inconsistent over decades in 1998 the carter administration categorically concluded that israel's establishment of civilian settlements.


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