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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 19, 2019 2:00am-3:00am +03

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this is al-jazeera. back to board this is a news hour live from the headquarters in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes establishment israeli civilian settlements in the west bank is not per se inconsistent with international law the u.s. says it no longer considers israeli settlements on palestinian land illegal. hong kong police warn protesters besieged inside a university that surrender is the only option also this hour is saudi arabia says yemen's who the rebels have hijacked a ship towing a drilling rig the rebels say they've seized 3 ships including
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a saudi one. and police in georgia fire water cannon and tear gas to disperse protesters body outside parliament demanding an election. thank you very much for joining us the u.s. has abandoned its non standing position on israeli settlements in the occupied west bank saying it will no longer consider them illegal secretary of state michael bell says the construction of civilian settlements is not inconsistent with international law says he will leave the status of the west bank to israelis and palestinians to negotiate calling the establish of civilian settlements inconsistent with international law hasn't worked as an invents the cause of peace . hard truth is there will never be a judicial resolution to the conflict in arguments about who is right or wrong as
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a matter of international law will not bring peace this is a complex political problem that can only be solved by negotiations between the israelis and the palestinians when israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has welcomed washington's decision this is the people of israel this is a historic day and another great achievement to our policy after president trouble recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel recognized sovereignty over the golan heights the u.s. administration has now put an end to the lie that settlements are illegal. saya better catches the palestinian chief negotiator he says the u.s. decision is a violation of international law israeli settlements in the occupied palestinian territories including is jerusalem. not only illegal under international law they are war crimes and the statement of mr secretary of state of the united states is absolutely. rejected and must be condemned. because once superpowers once
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the term of mr bush and decide to undermine international law once they become an administration that's pro is that i was a patient pro israel war crimes and this is constitute a major threat to international peace and security and this is turning international community from the rules of international law the doors of solving conflict by peaceful means into the horrors of the jungle. and the jordanian foreign minister has tweeted saying the settlements are an illegal action that will kill the 2 state solution jordan's position in condemning them is unwavering he says we warned against dangerous consequences of the us change of position on settlements the european union's foreign policy chief. has reaffirmed the e.u.'s policy on israeli settlements saying all settlement activity is illegal under international law and it erodes the viability of the 2 state solution and the
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prospects for a lasting peace while we have 3 correspondents covering all angles of the story in a moment we'll go to harry fawcett in west jerusalem and need abraham in ramallah in the occupied west bank but 1st to jordan in washington d.c. ross just how significant a shift in u.s. policy is this decision and why now. well there are reports that this was supposed to have happened perhaps a week or so ago but then there was the ongoing conflict between hamas fighters and the israeli army in the southern part of that country and so there was a delay reportedly but this is a significant change this is a change in 41 years of u.s. state department legal opinion which had been tweaked a bit by the u.s. president excuse me ronald reagan but that was in the early 1980 s. for the most part u.s. presidents and their governments have said that settlements of israeli citizens in
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the occupied west bank are illegal because of standing international law under the geneva conventions and under a number of un security council resolutions going back to the early 1970 s. they have repeat it really criticized these efforts to expand the number of israelis living in the occupied west bank without a comprehensive peace settlement between the israelis and the palestinians and of course those who have been watching in recent years know that the presidency of barack obama was quite adamant in driving that point home and in basically standing aside when there was a question before the u.n. security council in december 2016 about this very issue even though the prime minister benjamin netanyahu was allowing the construction of these communities to take place seemingly without fear of international punishment all right ross thank
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you for that mess go over to jerusalem now and harry fossett harry the timing of this is certainly very interesting just how big of a game changer is this u.s. decision on the ground. well i mean in terms of the policy for israel and its continued settlement construction the occupied west bank obviously it gives israel another justification to continue in that vein one of the questions is whether it will give benjamin netanyahu any further leeway to exercise officially more israeli sovereignty in the occupied west bank of course before the last election in september he promised to annex the jordan valley in its entirety. and that was something he said he would do after being given a mandate which of course he didn't get in another inconclusive election what didn't happen then was explicit u.s.
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support for that announcement so this while it isn't directly talking about that is of course a big signal the united states does not challenge the legality or the illegality of settlements in the occupied west bank and further nessun yos own electoral fortunes it's a very important and sensitive time he's in the in the middle of trying to convince israel that any plans that his rival benny gantz has in his last 2 days of his opportunity to try to form a coalition government any plans he has of trying to form a minute minority government with the support of palestinian israeli parties in the israeli parliament that that would be a huge threat to the israeli state that terrorists would celebrate that tehran would celebrate he's been arguing against the joint list grouping of parties having anything to do even from the outside with a gun said ministration and this gives him the opportunity to further drive a wedge between benny gantz is blue and white party and the palace in israeli
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parties indeed he was tweeting to that effect benny gantz is giving a statement of support of this us announcement the palace in israeli parties led by iman know they have rejected and condemned it along with the voices you've been hearing from the. the west bank as well and so this is it whatever the motivations of it if something is likely to be used for. his benefit is used trying to cling to power all right harry thank you for that let's get reaction now from the occupied west bank media even aim is in ramallah for us need to what palestinian leaders saying about this u.s. decision mostly condemning it saying that although it wasn't surprising from an administration that has been siding with the right wing israeli government it's still nevertheless as horrific and as difficult for palestinian officials to hear we've heard from the spokesperson of the palestinian president to dana who
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says it's not up to the u.s. to the legitimate story to legitimize. illegal israeli settlements in the occupied west bank we've heard also from hamas movement to us said that this is a continuation of a u.s. policy that has been showing a cover and providing a cover for the israeli occupation to member folly we are almost 2 weeks away from the 2nd anniversary from the announcement of the u.s. president on trump of the u.s. is intention to recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital which eventually happened and we saw moving the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem what about the palestinian people need to how do these settlements affect their daily lives. of course the issue of settlements it's at the core of the israeli palestinian conflict it's something that palestinians
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face on a daily basis we're not talking about units that are scattered here or there but they are planted inside the occupied west bank including east jerusalem they are connected by a series of roads infrastructure they are taking up palestinian resources than they were if palestinians will tell you that they've rendered the west bank into a piece of swiss cheese that they are killing any opportunity for a contiguous palestinian future palestinian state of course the israelis have been using this support of donald trump since his election 3 years ago peace now organization says that plans for a new illegal israeli settlements have doubled persons on the ground would tell you that they have to see settlements mushrooming on a daily basis so it's a very difficult issue for palestinians and we we heard many many of them saying that this decision will give even more of
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a green light to the israeli government to continue building more and more israeli settlements thank you for that need a brain life for us in ramallah in the occupied west bank now this latest us move is part of a bigger shift in american policy under president donald trump in december 27th formally recognized as the capital of israel he then ordered the us embassy to relocate from tel aviv to jerusalem this angered palestinians and do drew widespread international condemnation and then in march this year trump recognized the occupied golan heights as part of israel the directive made the u.s. the 1st country to recognize israeli rather than syrian sovereignty over the region all this is also promising a so-called deal of the century to resolve these really palestinian conflicts and bring peace to the region that speak now to joel rubin who's a former u.s. assistant deputy. and secretary of state's who is now the president of the washington strategy group his life from the u.s.
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capitol thank you so much for being with us. so as we've heard that another big shift in u.s. policy on the palestinian israeli issue is another gift to netanyahu what are the motivations here yeah this is deeply problematic it's very troubling that the trump administration believes that this is the right thing to do in general and certainly this time and my fear is that this is a green light to a creeping israeli an extension of the west bank that we very well could see become official israeli policy and now the united states would have no reason to oppose it so why now clearly because that's a yahoo is in a tough reelection moment he may go through a 3rd round of votes and he wants to get all of the right wing support that he can for his base but also for president trump why now because his biggest donor sheldon adelson has been asking for this for a number of years and trump is in trouble and now he gets a chance to get benefits
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a helpless a yahoo and b. help him self politically here at home but the loser is the united states on one level but clearly the palestinians are the real casualty of this horrible policy international law and joel clearly states that settlements are illegal we've heard to the european union's reaction does this announcement by the trump administration further isolate the u.s. and what will it change the realities on the ground do you think. so it's hard to imagine the united states getting any more isolated than we have become on the middle east but this has been the approach of president trump he is not interested in alliances a he has not shown a strong interest in the european union in nato in the united nations and he has some key allies in the middle east saudi arabia is the one that comes to mind most closely that he likes to have a close relationship with but he doesn't really take into consideration how the
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allies feel so this is consistent with that approach and now the danger is that our allies like jordan and egypt who he will occasionally notice as important countries for the united states and for security there are unhappy and i'm sure saudi arabia as well is not interested in having this conflict be perceived as one where they are siding with the trump administration so present trouble here a negative blowback but he doesn't really 'd pay attention to that so much for his calculations so what about jarryd question a so-called dean of the century then where does this leave that does this mean that the 2 state solution is that once and for all. it's never been clear what this deal of the century was going to look like and clearly jared kushner doesn't have much confidence in it because neither he nor the trump administration is un failed it and it looks like this is something that is really been more of
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a messaging vehicle to try to describe an interest in peace but there's no there there and right now the palestinians have to be looking at others in the region and looking at allies united states and saying can we get a change can we get something different because this idea of a deal of the century is just an illusion of the century at this point. a lot of people will say today especially the palestinians that the u.s. is no longer qualify to play ever old in the space process under this administration do you think that whoever comes after after this administration will be able to undo all this and put the u.s. back on track as. a negotiator in this crisis as a viable negotiate. it it's hard to gauge who will come in next in this moment but clearly that i'd states is a critical player president trump he is disqualified himself from peacemaking at this stage but yes if another president comes in if it's
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a democrat and all the democrats right now are on the record of supporting a 2 state solution many of many of them have been very aggressive in their opposition to president truman's policies so yes they can come in and they can turn things back in the other direction and try to lean into this issue but the danger is as you know better than i in the region a year from now is an eternity and a lot can happen on the ground and the israelis are not going to sit quiet but it's in israel's interest and it's the key thing to remember that all this discussion it's also in israel's interest to not end up in the part state it's actually have peace with the palestinians and moving forward on settlements uncontrolled is not going to help them get there either thank you so much for sharing your views with us joel rubin former u.s. state department official joining us now from washington thank you very much for your time. in other world news dozens of protesters are staged a dramatic escape from the polytech e polytechnic university in hong kong but many more anti-government protesters remain trapped but he's have warned them to surrender and that is that their only
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option mesko to clark. hong kong forests for an update on the situation on the ground just give us a sense of what's happening right now at the university campus this morning. well as you mentioned a number of overnight we have reports of about 100 after midnight here in hong kong who were escorted out by a bunch of lawmakers so the councilors here the lives of counselors who negotiated with police to get a safe exit with those students there are a number of the 16 years of age they were charged on the spot they were arrested or maybe charged down the track the rest were detained and taken away and we also had some dramatic escape as well where we are now this is where a number of the protests took place almost like a distraction at the university so those other protesters who were still holed up inside could have skype so we still believe there's a hardcore group the hold up university in the callan campus but certainly
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overnight we saw some of skype but where we are now this is quite a dramatic scene where we are and we've got situations like this scattered across all around the university we're about a kilometer from the university right now and this is as i mentioned with thousands of people took to the streets last night to distract the police so those people of the protesters students inside polytechnic could get out and so what kind of damage and disruption is there on the streets of hong kong this morning and also how much support is there among people in hong kong for this protest movement after everything that we've seen in the past few days. well if you can see behind me i'll walk you through it they said this is one of the busiest roads in kalon side we've got the harbor on my left and here we've got roads blocked we've got damage we've got everything from titles and chairs rubbish bins and these burnt out so clearly this is where a fire took place overnight and as i mentioned this was kind of one of many rallies in assemblies and much as that kind of occurred last night but the damage is
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extraordinary it's extensive as well it'll take a long time for this to be cleaned up and this as i mentioned this is just one spot there are spots like this. the whole way around polytechnic university in kelowna and so with regards to support i think certainly there is still a widespread extensive support for the actual message which is the anti government movement it was about the extradition bill at the moment it's against police brutality there's accusations the place used excessive force but i think there are questions being raised by some about the damage that's been caused in hong kong and what future hong kong holds with situations like this thank you for that live for us in hong kong. plenty more ahead on this al-jazeera news hour including trump insists the impeachment investigation is a witch hunt but now says he may be willing to testify plus using words as weapons in iraq protesters build a makeshift library in their fight for change and belgium make
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a little bit of history at the new look t.v. spot in madrid we'll have the details coming up in sports and. saudi arabia says yemen's who fees have hijacked a ship towing a soft korean drilling rig in the red sea the rebels say they have seized $3.00 ships including a saudi one the sailors on board have been taken to a healthy controlled port near ho data fishel has told on jazeera they'll release a drilling rig if they can confirm it belongs to soft korea the saudi government is calling the incident a terrorist operation in the past targeted vessels off yemen's coast at the southern mouth of the red sea monitor our top has more from yemen's capital sanaa. according to this press release released that they have captured the 3 vessels one
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belongs to saudi arabia while the they have been giving more details about the other 3. according to sources. the other 2 believed to be belong to south korea it's an oil rig but the whole thesis during this press release haven't giving the identical more details about the other 2 they have mentioned that they have tried to contact the crow on board of the vessels but they haven't received any reply and that's why because they haven't given them any permission to go to go inside the yemeni region waters so they have to target them to the neighbors the yemeni cause line we have captured the 3 vessels. just 3 miles from this yemeni cost line band island. city a militant city of official how medallion houthi in
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a tweet he says that the staff on board of these vessels. would not be harmed and that the if he received any can frame a confirmation from south korea that this these visitors belong to them that they will carry out the legal procedures in order to release them. the un's nuclear watchdog says iran has breached another limits set out in the 2050 nuclear deal the international atomic energy agency says tehran's heavy water production has exceeded 130 tons last week iran also breached a cap on uranium enrichment after turning a research grant out for dial into an active nuclear facility the u.s. has now announced it's sending sanction waivers for that plant it was supposed to become a civilian research center under the 2015 nuclear deal meanwhile iran's revolutionary guard say they have arrested $200.00 people during protests against petrol price
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increases at least $6.00 people have been killed in often violent confrontations with security forces since the demonstrations began on friday dosage a barrier reports from tehran. to go hooligans and thugs that's how rainy and authorities are describing these demonstrators who have come out for 30 in a row. there are no rallies or marches instead petrol stations have been set on fire banks and even police stations attacked. the scenes are not taking place in the capital tehran but in other major cities including shiraz as for han and masha . and now a security crackdown has been ordered to make sure they don't happen again. the intelligence ministry the revolutionary guard and local police say they will be out in full force the violence started when the government announced a sudden 3 fold increase in fuel prices a decision which the president says was not made lightly the government says the revenues raised will be used to help the poor. of war the whole u.k.
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we explored all avenues to try and help those in need we heard 3 choices 1st to raise taxes across the country 2nd to increase the size of all y'all and 3rd to increase the part of this fuel we need the revenue to help millions of people who are struggling it was not an easy choice to make. despite government reassurances that this fuel price increase want to feck the price of other goods in the country many iranians are not helpful almost on a member of a matter of course it will affect other prices the purse of gasoline has always been important here are we supposed to make up the difference with a small subsidy from the government it was in the kitchen some people's lives lose dependent fuel and this will impact the lives in the present fuel goes up it impacts the price of other things. the government defends its decision and maintains that those causing the disturbances are not part of what it considers to be the general public. the government recognizes the people's right to protest but
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a protester is different from i think today's demonstrations are 80 percent less than yesterday and i think by tomorrow it will all be gone in the capital security forces were highly visible in certain parts of the city on monday aiming to prevent any further unrest it's not just the security forces that have been the poor across the country officials have also announced a complete internet blackout and as nearly 60000000000 iranians wait to receive their subsidies many are wondering if the disruptions will be worth it north as a bari teheran. in spain the president of cuts known as regional government has appeared in court on charges of disobedience came to where i was ordered by spain's electoral committee to remove pro independence symbols from castle on government buildings but he refused and prosecutors now want to declare him in a legible for public office for up to 2 years.
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accompanied by his family applauded by his supporters this was kim torres day in court the catalan leader may be the latest regional politician caught up in the crisis this time an act of disobedience for failing to remove pro independence symbols from catalan government buildings during the 29000 election campaigns. about. president of the catalan government fulfilled my juicy which is to defend the rights and freedoms of my fellow citizens dora may be the 3rd consecutive catalan leader to a fallen foul of spain's laws but that hasn't led him to backing down from his view that the region should have the right to self-determination even the threat of being barred from office for up to 2 years didn't stop him from displaying the pro separatist images on government buildings. but a procession is meant the yellow ribbon became
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a symbol of their support for the cats alliance politicians who were jailed for sedition last month over their role in the $27000.00 illegal referendum however electional board placing those yellow ribbons on public offices became according to them a tool of political propaganda. the regional leader has been a figure who hasn't shied away from voicing his pro secession convictions which is led to criticism that he is only representing one section of catalan society. what he is doing which is not playing as a president but playing as an activist is legit in made for at least half of the population in catalonia which is like playing this role of pushing the borders pushing the limits of the state and not really behaving as the president of the land but as the leader of course the session is if found guilty daughter will likely appeal to spain's highest court the supreme court in madrid the wider castle
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in crisis there is yet little sign that there is any resolution in the offing or a leadership that is able to reconcile both the procession ist and the pro unionists anytime soon so. fast learner. still ahead on the hour a crucial figure in his brutal crackdown on tamil rebels he's sworn in as president leading minority communities where. an onion crisis why the staple foods becoming unaffordable for so many bangladesh and australia's prime minister weighs in on the latest controversy surrounding rugby style israel from now we'll have the story coming up in sports just stay with us. hello there we've got warnings in effect through the eastern coastal areas of the
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united states these storms rolling out the eastern seaboard and another system working its way towards that same area meanwhile vehicle that cold air in place to the north. seattle but to the east of that through the mountain ranges we have got snow piling in on tuesday out towards the west how much is 16 celsius in san francisco and not as cold as it was across so these areas of canada so 3 celsius in toronto still hovering around freezing in also a and then by wednesday we will actually see the temperatures climb up a little bit but we've got to conditions particularly through the central plains in the u.s. it does kick quite nicely away from the southeast 18 celsius in atlanta feeling good some good sunshine but then look at this we have got rain pushing down into california across into nevada and again some snow into the mountain tops across the caribbean and central america we have some areas of rain but not as heavy as we have seen mostly drive through the yucatan peninsula some nice sunshine in calls about 25 on tuesday and also some pretty good conditions 3 much of cuba and through
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the bahamas more a working its way through jamaica towards haiti similar story wednesday and as you can see not a bad day with a high of 26. an inspiring quest for knowledge that led to remarkable achievements al-jazeera world meets the algerian entrepreneur. who helped pioneer computing in the arabic language and the egyptian islamic scholar honored for his contribution to arab culture both building successful lives abroad but never forgetting their roots arabs abroad the translator and the innovator on al-jazeera leak stories generate foundations of headlines these protests are saying down with the system and down with all of the parts with different angles from different perspectives just
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because we came to prison there's a me right stopped at the gate separate the spin from the facts the western media jumps on stories without giving them the misinformation from the journalism it's about telling the stories of those human beings out there with the listening post on al-jazeera. a recap of our top stories on this al-jazeera news hour the u.s. has abandoned its longstanding position on israeli settlements in the occupied west bank saying it will no longer consider them illegal science president has condemned them all but it's been welcomed by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says.
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historical. protesters are still trapped inside a university campus in hong kong following a prolonged standoff with police does and says cage the building on monday after a night of violence. send fled before they could be arrested and saudi arabia says yemen's who the rebels have seized a vessel towing a south korean ship in the red sea the houthi say though they will release a ship if it's confirmed it's from south korea and doesn't belong to saudi arabia. to iraq now where anti-government protesters in the south have brock's roads leading to the country's main ports the standoff in basra is preventing employees and tankers from entering iraq relies heavily on imported food and horse receives grain vegetable oil and sugar shipments this is the 2nd time it's been bronc since the protests began in october the 1st closure cost the country more than
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$6000000000.00 in the capital baghdad meanwhile protesters are forced to closure of the central bank of iraq they have also occupied the bridge leading to the green zone the fortified area home to government buildings and embassies this is part of the largest wave of protests to hit iraq in decades at least 320 people have been killed in the unrest now makeshifts library near the center of protests in iraq's capital is becoming a hub of learning it's occupied by people demonstrating against unemployment poverty government corruption and failing public services including education that tasha go name has a story from baghdad. there's a saying here you gyptian is right the lebanese publish the iraqis dream they're doing just that in tahrir square yet the center of the protests in baghdad iraq easter stopping by a library opened last month it's in an abandoned building that has become
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a leon to mark during weeks of government demonstrations nonissue government came in the last at home there are people who didn't finish their studies or they have a low educational level this will motivate them when they see people reading here their educated people. encouraging them to succeed and return to school. this library is a gift to protestors is operated by the well known l. moderate institute which publishes a daily newspaper thousands of books in arabic and english ranging in topics from cinema from science to have been donated. past and use it is an injured veteran of the iran iraq war in the 1980 s. he says it's clear someone doesn't like this library in the building nicknamed the turkish restaurant which used to be on the top floor of the site being attacked most here in the turkish restaurant as a librarian it upsets our enemies in the officials that attacked the protesters
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it's not about using weapons we can fight using knowledge and culture but one of the protesters main complaints is what they say is the deterioration of the educational system such as 50 students often packed into one classroom illiteracy is also a concern the iraqi human rights commission says around 8000015 to 25 year olds can't read or write including a high proportion of young women unless of course what happened with the deterioration of the educational system in iraq its own purpose for the iraqi people 2019 we have schools made from ma that's a catastrophe. news of the library has spread more books are on the way the ministry of culture is planning to set up a tent in tahrir square filled with reading material for war veteran has the news if hopes the government understands these young people are creating what he calls
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a revolution of culture and ideas intended to transform iraq natasha going to aim al-jazeera baghdad. police in georgia have detained 18 people after carrying anti-government protesters camped outside parliament last week governing party legislators rejected a bill that would have formed the natural system from tbilisi robin force a walk in reports i were under orders to clean the streets outside parliament from protest is ok was that anyone else who happens to be in the way journalists included the police have responded very quickly to listen 24 hours since the blockade started around the parliament now they're simply moving down the street clearing people away some of the street and actually sitting down in the hope that the slogan. was worse. but it didn't take long to remove the
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makeshift camp last week government make his rejected a bill on silly proportional voting it would have made it easier for opposition parties to win more seats in elections next year or so protesters declared parliament how to balance they accuse the governing party's chairman. of breaking his promise to reform jews elect who kind of position leaders say even use really is an unelected oligarch with too much control over the country and we have another example of what is force for you is what is was voted through to the purposes to great comfort for those people were insulted by the charter the promise of god and you got very forcibly at the heart of all of this others to make government officials say the opposition who is deliberately trying to stop the rest not steal my part of the opposition has unfortunately again misled it supporters and what we have seen during the past 2 days went beyond peaceful protest in
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particular i am talking about the pickets of parliament and other state institutions and those activities that were taking. there were hopes electoral reform would have defused tensions instead of broken promises. to just political process. who've been forced. to believe. russia has returned 3 naval ships to ukraine after seizing them last year 2 gunboats and a tugboat were taken in the care straight between mainland russia and crimea which moscow annette onix from ukraine 5 years ago the handover is a major step in a push to end a 5 year conflict in eastern ukraine where russian baths rebels are fighting the government. he has frozen donald trump has tweeted that he likes the idea of testifying at his own impeachment inquiry though he insists his done nothing wrong the inquiry is looking into whether trump leveraged military aid to pressure
2:39 am
ukraine to investigate his political rival democratic presidential candidate joe biden a white house correspondent kimberly hocket explains the talk about the witch hunt is that what you mean is that we never in modern history has a sitting u.s. president testified before a congressional inquiry but president donald trump says he might in a monday tweet trump said i like the idea and will in order to get congress focused again strongly consider it congress is looking into whether or not the president committed impeachable offenses when he withheld military aid to ukraine he's in office and way over his head and trumps tweet is a direct response to this challenge on sunday from his democratic political rival house speaker nancy pelosi the president could come back before that committee and talk speak all the truth that he wanted he expected if he wants to take the oath of
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office where he could do in writing it's unlikely trump would appear in person and would offer only written witness testimony trouble went to great lengths to avoid in person. during the last investigation of his presidency looking into whether his 2016 campaign for the white house colluded with russia after months of discussions trump eventually submitted only written witness testimony to the department of justice only chairmanship those are the whistleblowers we don't at last week's public hearings republicans repeatedly criticize witness testimony as hearsay so given not had directly hurt the president withhold military aid to ukraine to secure a political investigation against his rival former vice president joe biden that's when a democratic congressman quit. the person who started it all come in and testify present trump is welcome to take a seat right there maybe that laughter from the tory asleep thinskinned president
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that is profit trying to up the ante dangling his potential testimony in front of the impeachment committees as congress prepares for another week of testimony new polling shows 70 percent of americans believe president trump did something wrong regarding ukraine but only half of americans believe he should be impeached kimberly healthy at al-jazeera the white house. deforestation in the amazon has hit its highest level in a decade brazil's space agency says the world's largest rain forest lost nearly 10000 square kilometers of vegetation that's a rise of 29.5 percent between august 28th and july this year environmentalist subliming brazil's right wing president who favors developing the rain forests for economic gain erica beringer is a senior research associate at oxford university is ecosystems lab she says both in
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our us policies are having a significant effects on the amazon. this in fact is that we are losing the most rich eco system on the hours we are losing the eco system that has the largest amount of biodiversity and that is stores a large amount of carbon and once we burn and forest that there is all this current going back to the atmosphere putting has in climate change so this is. a faster phase we have a go over on the right now that has openly have meetings with many grabbers with miners and of illegal loggers that combine it with sharp cuts in the budget of being environmentally ministry and of an environmental agency which is the agency that oversees commanding control operations and then isn't. also we have a government that has a speech that has a referee which is which is pro deforestation which says that we should not curb deforestation so when all of this is from vine if we have what is seeing right now which is these hot part of the forestation which we have the highest the
2:43 am
forestation rate for 11 years we're just going back in time at least 7 civilians have been killed in $33.00 others injured by air strikes seen in libya's capital tripoli according to government sources warlord tiny for have ties drones target is a factory where the victims were working in the south of tripoli the victims are mostly from bangladesh with some others from african countries since the beginning of the battle for tripoli in april more than a 1000 people have been killed in libya up to 100 has more from trippy. military sources with tripoli and back the government of national accord say that the airstrikes which targeted a factory in whether to be area in southern tripoli and killed a number of innocent civilians and wanted dozens of them the other strikes according to the government sources were launched by a drone loyal to the world lord khalifa haftar and many other sources say that
2:44 am
this attack could constitute a war crime we know that the victims are just regular workers at the factory in where did will be area and they have nothing to do with the ongoing fighting that according to sources with the government of national accord medical sources say that most of the victims are from bangladesh others are from african countries along with libyan victims in that were killed or wounded in such attacks we know that since the beginning of the fighting forces have been targeting it is eventually areas and civilian locations including get a make one detention center back in july the civilian operational airport in tripoli and also many other medical facilities including field hospitals ambulances
2:45 am
and also medical teams we know that some of such attacks could constitute war crimes and have the us forces have been targeting it as eventually with heavy weapons and air strikes since the launch of the military campaign to seize tripoli back in april. sri lanka's new president go to by rajapaksa has been sworn in and is calling on all communities to come together as one nation. for non-dance reports i mean occupation ceremony in the ancient city of poor. the. new president received a raucous wellcome as he arrived at john valley say a sacred an ancient couldst say. mama his inauguration ends of world and campaign and the defeat of main rival such a claim of. the majority single a buddhist community voted for go to rajapaksa in large numbers in
2:46 am
a polarized election that saw the tamil and muslim minorities backed premadasa. the new president struck a conciliatory note it has made the dress. i made a special request to the and muslim communities to be stakeholders in my victory but i didn't get the response i hoped for as a new president i'm once again asking you to join me as truthful and consider zones to work to its progress of this country. rajapaksa was defense secretary and his brother mine that was president when the 26 year long civil war with tamil tiger separatists ended in their defeat 10 years ago. both are accused of complicity in war crimes charges they have denied the new leader made clear some of his plans the government should all be an example to the society professionalism and efficiency should be the cornerstone of government
2:47 am
administration meritocracy and pick not prosy should be promoted at all times. corruption will never be tolerated under my administration he supporters voiced their hopes for the future. of the country months. now. because of that keeping good hard on him and he will hope that he will rebuild this country that the new president has his work cut out particularly with improving the economy burdened by crippling debts and slowdown following the east as suicide bombings on churches and who. has president secured an overwhelming victory with convincing support from the sink and his majority analysts say his success as a leader will depend on his ability to serve all communities of sri lanka finance
2:48 am
al jazeera and rather. the most south asian cuisine wouldn't be complete without onions but they've become unaffordable for many families in bangladesh prices have soared to record highs after neighboring india banned exports tanveer child every for some dhaka. only and one of the most staple cooking fashionable in bangladesh cooking it is also the hottest topic right now in bangladesh media it has also taken over the fortune media by way of subtle and parody what used to sell for $0.36 per kilogram is now selling for 3 dollars part kilogram government started providing subsidized right onion for the marginalised poor by way of special delivery vehicles but the people here can say that the army and fear are rotten. these onions are not of good quality some of them are rotten but what can we do the prince the too high and we have no choice as poor people. some of the reason why
2:49 am
price skyrocketed in recent months is because a bang of the government's failure to import onion in timely fashion india's ban on export of onion to bring with their. and some unscrupulous trader holding onions to manipulate market price yes bother me that i'm learning you can't get onions because there's a lack of important india is banning exposure which is also why a new prices have gone up and in prices too hot for cooking most poor people and even the middle class stopped using onion as a cooking ingredient here's kind of on the crazy money and we have stopped buying because the prime minister has forced us to cook or dishes without it is not possible for us ordinary people to buy onions at such a high price as a symbolic gesture the prime minister herself has not to use onion as an ingredient in our cooked dishes although the prices have slightly going down because the government started air lifting on importing onions from middle east europe and even central asia but prices remain still high in the market for most people.
2:50 am
big team.
2:51 am
thank you very much belgium have made a little bit of history by becoming the 1st team to win a match at the new look davis cup finals in madrid on day one of group stage action they defeated colombia in group d.
2:52 am
it was up to david go find to put belgium in an unquestionable 2 nil lead against the south americans steve darcy's won the 1st singles rubber for the europeans and go funded the business here although he needed 3 sets 3663 and 63 the final score. russia are also up and running after seeing off defending champions croatia they took a 2 nil lead against the croats after karen catchin of defeated born at church in 3 sets earlier on. got the russians off the mark canada also had an opening day victory over italy denis shapovalov won his match and earlier world number 150 wasik 1st this is defeated 12 funny 7675 this new format for the davis cup sees 18 countries compete in just a week it is the brainchild of barcelona and spain footballer gerard piqué there are 6 groups of 3 teams in total and each tie will consist of 2 singles and one doubles match all matches are best of 3 instead of 5 sets the 6 group winners plus
2:53 am
the 2 best 2nd place teams will qualify for the quarter finals but not everybody is happy with the new format. i'm i know secret. 2 of the biggest points of difference we davis cup and what the competition was about was one home and why. you couldn't do that in any other format of off tennis and how great dan and if you look at the pinnacle of our guy in the grand slams the abyss of 5 sets so that was the other point of difference and so for me. this is a new form switzerland and denmark have made sure of their places at euro 2020 after a tense night of qualifiers the 2 together with the republic of ireland were battling it out for the 2 automatic qualifying spots switzerland 61 win away and gibraltar ensured that they would take their place at next year's showpiece denmark drew in ireland which was enough for them to qualify for euro 2020 elsewhere there were wins for spain sweden and greece and italy handed out
2:54 am
a 91 hiding to armenia former france striker terry henri says he has big plans as the new manager of montreal impact this isn't his 1st gig as a manager he was sacked after just $103.00 days at monaco after failing to flip their season around on ri says those dark days made him better and he hopes he becomes a better coach in canada. they're important us one thing you learn the most by that when you find out a lot about yourself in the situation situations and i say. but yeah i'm not scared of coming in i see the positive side of it i played against against the system and when i was coming in all the time i saw all passionate defines well as i saw a lot of australian prime minister scott morrison has condemned comments made by controversial rugby star israel folau about the country's bushfires follows a conservative christian and suggested the fires happened because god was punishing
2:55 am
australia for passing same sex marriage and abortion laws flaws currently in the legal battle with rugby australia after being sacked for anti-gay remarks on social media i thought these were appallingly insensitive comments. vajra polling comments and you know he's a free citizen he can say whatever he likes but that doesn't mean he can't have raghad to that to the grievous offense this would have caused to people whose homes have been burnt down and i'm sure to many christians around distracted for him that is not their view would hold. calling copper next former teammate eric reeves as the quarterback has proved that he is still capable of playing in the n.f.l. capper nick held a private workout on saturday to attract a new team it was originally organized by the n.f.l. but kaplan it change the venue so that the media could attend the league said they were disappointed and rapper jay z. who's partnered with the n.f.l. accused capper nick of turning a legitimate opportunity into a p.r.
2:56 am
stunt eric reed disagrees the n.f.l. wants to control the narrative by not letting. independent media into the workout to document the work of its college supposed to trust the organization that by bono is not enough. the whole goal of this is to show everybody that college is ready to play this game he took his workout to a different location we showed that he proved that it was reported that his arm was has always been that way so was the n.f.l. wise jay z. was all these other pundits trying to slander calling for him protecting himself and wanting transparency an interesting debate going on there while the international olympic committee president thomas bach has defended the decision to move the tokyo 2020 marathon to sapporo bok says the decision was made with the athletes best interests in mind considering the extreme heat in the japanese capital there are one or 2 boys east of france leeds who would think if they would
2:57 am
be better prepared for races to be then they are those who wanted to benefit from these but the responsibility of the you see is to take care of their health it's all health returned to make it possible for all athletes if ever possible to complete the race organizers of next year's alum pics are promising the most futuristic games ever and the mascots have had a tech upgrade to japanese school children have been getting a demonstration of how robots will become athletes and guess the mascots developed by the toyota car company are remote controlled by a human and another location and bigger robots have been designed to help some fans find their seats game vignettes well that's it for sports we'll have more for you later. thank you very much for that that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera but do stay with us we've got plenty more news and analysis coming up after this very short break thanks for watching i'm just.
2:58 am
an investigation into the real powers that control the world health organization their obligation to their shareholders completely overwhelms any consideration of public health can they be trusted with building a healthier future if their loyalty becomes questionable reason of people that are caught in the h one n one push isn't getting much effect at thank you now i w h o has this chat who says don't hear terms of trust that you trust who are knowledge is the. tool to notice there are. they don't believe in the 2 state solution the do
2:59 am
you still believe in the 2 state solution we listen what i said was that pakistan would never start a war i'm anti war we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the edges their own. on counting the cost with breaks it make america great again to make it india are we seeing a backlash against globalization or is it just of an economic war plus francis richest man is worth more than 100 $1000000000.00 we find out if france is an unequal society counting the cost on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every.
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has now declared that settlements are not per se illegal under international law. the us at bans its stance on jewish settlements drawing praise from israelis and outrage from palestinians. play watching al-jazeera live from doha with me fully back to bill also coming up on kong protesters manage a daring escape from a university campus besieged by police while waiting to arrest those still inside the men's who thieves.


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