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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 25, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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call home. will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. and overwhelming win for hong kong's pro-democracy movement after months of protests against chinese of. hello i'm martin danish or without jazeera live from doha also coming out violence erupts in the lebanese capital government supporters attacked protesters blocked roads to demand change. the death toll rises in kenya after heavy rain triggers landslides.
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a new evidence emerges of china's repression of more than a 1000000. the hong kong chief executive kerry lyon has promised to listen humbly to voters after a big win for pro-democracy campaign as in local elections their candidates are on track to win an overwhelming majority of the seats in the city's district councils now is a crushing blow for kerry lam after months of protests against china government china's foreign minister meanwhile various aerated that hong kong is part of china no matter what happens in elections. sara cox reports from hong kong. as dawn broke hong kong woke to a new political landscape more than 70 percent of voters cast their ballots in sunday's district council elections the pro-democracy party secured
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a record number of seats a lot of people actually sacrifice a lot of stuff but they suffered a lot in the last 6 months to actually get this result and i think people are very . they're so united and they are so together to try to actually try to win something joshua long was disqualified for running but his party claimed victory in his electorate unseating the incumbent post councilor remarkable achievement in that this election is the efforts of callers especially motorists. protests are a hotline for lying there's the pray the price span the time or even sacrifice in the protest movement until now the probation parties held the majority in the district councils but anger against the government eroded their support they've apologized to the public for misreading the vote those aligned to the post camp say
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it's a nightmarish result and the city's government will need to reassess the people's demands have spoken quite loudly and clearly haven't it so i believe what we now do is such a quote of 5 major demands and whether any of them can be dealt with by the more satisfactory than before the district council elections are traditionally and on a vengeful poll but after 6 months of anti-government demonstrations and increasing violence this election was considered a barometer of public support for the protesters this is a win for the protesters that could be a point for them to say we've we've arafat's on the street have converted into a tangible political outcome of this is a good opportunity to step back and take stock and and think about what next for the protest movement so it may see a period of relative calm for hong kong after a very turbulent 6 months the pro-democracy movement celebrated their victory on monday but some protests is rallied to show their support to those who are still holed up inside the polytechnic university for more than
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a week the district council vote comes ahead of the midst of council election next year sunday's record turnout is considered a message from voters to reopen the discussion on the city's political reform the government now has 10 months to make changes before voters go to the polls once again sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. all right from hong kong now we can go live to beijing our correspondent there is andrew thomas and andrew an unequivocal message coming from the people of hong kong ultimately to beijing what sort of reaction if we had so far and what more can we expect. well martin has been really interesting because being here in beijing you wouldn't know that these elections really had happened let alone that the results of turned out in the way that they have now the media in china the state media was talking about these elections in the run up to them and even at the last minute they were saying that the high turnout suggested people coming out to big numbers to support stablished parties
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are going to example of that this is the english language china daily newspaper a mouthpiece of the government there's a headline this is monday morning but printed sunday night turnout sets record in hong kong district voting inside never tauriel which says and i quote that the elections or both the record turnout and a record number of candidates demonstrates the hope the hong kong residents have that the chaos will not continue clearly they were expecting these elections to go the other way and to be able to use that essentially to say there's been a referendum on the chaos and the violence has been condemned by the people that hasn't happened and as a result the media has gone silent china daily is website which of course many hours now to update that hasn't it's all in fact is leading now with a piece about japan china relations nothing to do with the elections has disappeared off the media and what's interesting and as well in the last 45 minutes the ministry of foreign affairs has held its daily press conference now they spokes person there was asked twice about what these election results about what is going on in hong kong and again neither time did he gauge in that at all he simply
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repeated the old mantras for example that stopping violence and restoring order is the most important priority in hong kong hong kong he said again is an internal chinese matter so for the security and maintain the one country 2 systems is what matters nothing else we don't want foreign interference in hong kong he said but asked twice specifically about what those election results mean for what the feeling is in hong kong he would not engage in that at all he was asked as well explicitly about whether beijing could still support kerry lamb in the context of these election results and he said essentially that carried out. still had unequivocal support from here in beijing but again no engagement or tool in the substance of what these election results mean and you really get the feeling here in beijing that this was not the result that beijing was expecting hence the mere silence right andrew so it's obviously taking beijing some time to formulate a response is there any. any chance that in that
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response eventually will be a commitment to at least revisit those 5 core demands that are coming from the protesters in hong kong one of which of course is universal suffrage which we presume they will have no truck with not say we've been talking about this now haven't wait for a few weeks will this event all this demonstration all this change the way that beijing sees the situation in in hong kong and so far it has changed virtually nothing with the exception of course of the formal dropping of those controversial extradition laws that started all of this off again the one thing we can say out of this press conference that ended just about 20 minutes ago now is that support for carolina still on a critical of course her resignation is one of the demands of the protesters and you would think in some ways that these election results would add some balance to that nothing on that though a nothing yet on changing beijing's overall attitude to those demands all right
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andrew thanks for that andrew thomas and live in beijing now a major roads reopened in lebanon's capital after some of the worst filings in more than a month supporters of to share movements hezbollah and amal clashed with anti-government protests as in beirut both sides threw stones at the other for hours security forces had to form a barrier to separate them and this confrontation represents some of the worst violence since nationwide protests began in october zaina harder has the latest from beirut. what we saw last night violence and unrest at least for 3 hours this area where we are became a front line that bridge behind me the ring road a main artery in beirut was where protesters who are demanding a change in government were blocking roads and then supporters of the mainly shia parties amel and hezbollah carrying their party flags chanting the names of their
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leaders attacked them using metal rods and clubs as they made their way towards the protest site of the protest site in martyrs square you will now see how the tents have been destroyed by the supporters of hezbollah i have to mention that this is not the 1st time an incident like this has happened but this indeed is the most violent incident yet there is tension in the street there's a deep divide in this society has followed leader has said that the grievances expressed by the demonstrators are legitimate but he has accused the protest movement of being backed by foreign governments and these calling this a conspiracy against the group saying that the ultimate aim is to change the balance of power in the country accusations that people in the streets deny they say that they want a better living conditions they have no faith in the ruling elite and who have been in their words involved in corruption for decades and mismanagement and they want
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new faces but clearly the divide is the violence in the streets political turmoil as well as an economic crisis. 9 people have been killed in attacks in eastern democratic republic of congo around the town of beni protests as took some of the bodies to the mayor's office demanding more support from the security forces a rebel group calling itself the allied democratic forces the a.d.f. is being blamed for the attacks. and also india r.c.n. investigations underway into a plane crash in the east of the country at least $29.00 people were killed when the small plane went down just after takeoff on sunday from goma 9 of those killed were on the ground they were all members of the same family. well the number of people killed in. the 56 rescue are in west which is close to the border with uganda. to get to the thousands of people
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because of. roads and bridges to weigh up to a 1000000 people are affected across the east african region because of the heavy.
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counting is underway presidential election follows years of social and political turmoil west african nations sent troops there to contain any possible violence.
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from the capital. and this is i said to 1st presidential election since early sunday morning she's kept a close tell you of the vote in her neighborhood as an independent observer for candidates. for both this election campaign isn't just about choosing a new president but it's also about changing the country's divisive political culture when candidates may start insulting other candidates and i think this kind of behavior shows the kind of person you are and what you can do for your country in the future. is the front runner in this election he's the candidate of the powerful african party of the independence of keep bird and also known as the sea it was founded by independence leader. and to this day all presidents have been from this party and it continues to hold the majority of seats in parliament important to note however is that the function of the
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president is limited to nominating a prime minister. whoever gets the most votes and is elected into office will have to share power with their p.r. agencies and all their incumbent president mario vos is much to blame for the current political crisis opposition candidates say that their p.r. agency and its members have their share of responsibility for the political crisis . bera fought with us over the management of resources he enjoys the support of angola who is looking to exploit box site in this unexplored mineral rich country west african countries like nigeria and cynical view and goal is interest in getting the sound with suspicion when people really mean. 'd and all these countries i feel really really comfortable because the same way i talk to all ins i talked about unions among african additional west african troops have been
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deployed as part of a stabilizing force some of these countries supported rival candidates and. caught in this regional power play are the people who are like nurse to santos who has gone almost a year without pay because of the political crisis or unemployed graduate student. who can't find work for this election is a chance to finally get a say in the direction of her country number 2 because hawke al-jazeera bizarre. if you don't want to come here and out there and reading it just speeches very u.s. soldier accused of war crimes claims the career of one of the most senior i think is running the whole thing is that he sounds ambitious plans for on is how it could take heaven from spain is the world's biggest pretty soon.
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hello again welcome back to international weather forecast well over the last couple of days we have been reporting about the very heavy rain here across parts of italy but italy up here towards the northwest where they have seen some flooding going on but also down here across much of the south just in the last 24 hours over $120.00 millimeters of rain has fallen across that area very heavy rain and it's going to continue as we go towards the next couple of days the serve low pressure really not moving too much very slow system bring a lot of heavy rain across much of the area today though we expect to see a little bit of a drift over here towards the east so for the southern part of the balkan peninsula it is going to be quite heavy rain as we go through the next couple days we'll be watching that very very carefully here towards the west though the winds are going to be on the increase as we go towards midweek a system is coming out of the atlantic and that is going to bring some very gusty winds to parts of france as well as into the abbey and peninsula we could be seeing
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a quite a bit of a surf as well as search along the coastal areas there for athens so your winds are going to be a problem as we go towards the next holiday is monday very windy conditions stormy for you as well tuesday we do have some rain in the forecast and by the time we get to wednesday things look a little bit better and here across the northern part of africa we are going to see some rain for tunis as well as for tripoli in your forecast. sponsored by qatar. was the last thing the president said to you about impeachment when you last spoke to him. that's not a lot of. damning allegations that were all years ago how worried are you that the conditions are still right for another i think they are right join me man of the house and as i put up from questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate here on al-jazeera.
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these are the top stories here at out 0 hong kong's chief executive kerry lamb has promised to listen the humbly to voters after pro-democracy counted as one almost 90 percent of seats in the local elections the result follows months of protests. a major road has reopened in lebanon's capital after some of the worst violence in more than a month supporters of to share movements with anti-government protesters in beirut . the number of people killed in landslides and flooding in northwestern kenya has risen to 56 rescue workers have been sent to west arcot which is close to the border with uganda but are being hindered by bad contingent conditions. now highly
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classified chinese government documents are giving an insight into the mass attention of ethnic minorities mostly muslim weekend's rights groups estimate more than a 1000000 people have been locked up in camps in the jang region into monohan reports . the chinese government says camps such as this in the shin jiang region are centers for education and vocational training documents obtained and verified by the international consortium of investigative journalists reveal they in fact operate as extrajudicial internment camps for the compulsory indoctrination of ethnic minorities mostly muslims the documents detail how police use an artificial intelligence driven data system to select who will be detained once inside the camps every aspect of their life is controlled from frequency of toilet use and haircuts to visits from loved ones inmates the documents say are ultimately judged
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on ideological transformation study and training and compliance with discipline and order. in the classes they would tell us that we were poisoned by religion that islam is an infectious disease that it came from abroad that if they needed to be a religion in china that it must people does him and we should not believe in any other religion. human rights lawyers say the documents confirm what many have suspected about the camps but there's a system inside of these camps you know where you get more points for being indoctrinated with you know the sort of central chinese communist propaganda and removing in recent iran is. that it's the most orwellian thing that ever seemed or as human rights. chinese government has rejected leaked documents as fake news. documents when you're talking about is it peer fabrications if you want to have a document about this but you know training education center we have many documents
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we have a 7 papers published international legal experts say in term and camps are a violation of china's laws and constitution but the chinese government has long stood defiant against foreign criticism phantom on al-jazeera amazes epidemic sweeping through samoa has worsened according to health officials 25 people have now died from the disease almost all of them young children more than 2000 cases have been reticent a state of emergency was declared more than a week ago. the plight of the range of refugees who fled to bangladesh for me and been the focus of world attention for some time now but there's another muslim group that's also living in crowded camps in bangladesh which has been largely forgotten and their child a reports now on the bihari community. yes mean shafi has been living in this camp since 1971 when she was 7 it's been a long arduous journey since then now she has
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a several grandchildren and wants them to have a better life than she has had. we faced many fold problems on clean water limited space to sleep frequent electricity cuts and so on it's very hard for us to sleep eat and live in such a small place you can't possibly stay healthy in such an environment there are 7 of us who share this room which barely can accommodate 2 people. this camp is one of 17 bangladesh it has just one school conditions are dire in this camp nearly 25000 people are crammed into an area smaller than the size of a football fail houses are separated by distance of one metre wide passageway used by resident and livestock this small spaces are home to entire families with very limited access to basic services recently biharis where in the news when dozens of people were injured in a fight between police and camp residents the violence was triggered when
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authorities tried to cut the electricity supply police say. there were protests in the camp for several days i went to my workshop to get some work done during the fighting with the police suddenly some stray shotgun pellets hit my body and one of my eyes from which i can see anymore most of those living in the camp get no help from the authorities and create their own jobs but they also face constant threats of evictions and now the biharis are facing challenges like camping and the fast or the authorities say the biharis the city you know bang that is affording people for the need for judgment so they are no more instead less already fiji so why they are fighting the government there are private plans so the government is trying to evict the camp without any ne or without any settlement. but where the biharis school the government is considering relocating those living in the capital dhaka to a new settlement but 300000 people spending multiple generations fear they'll continue
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to face discrimination and which are 3 al-jazeera dhaka bangladesh. more than 60 doctors fear that wiki leaks founder julian assange could die in prison they've written an open letter to the british government to demand his transfer to hospital the doctors say he's suffering from physical and psychological problems the u.s. wants to extradite him on espionage trial charges. that a year ago i led the presidential race is too close to call and a recount of ballots has been ordered center right candidate. who has a slim lead and is hoping to beat the left this broad front which has been in power for the last 15 years about 2700000 voters are choosing between a and the governing party is danielle martinez. the official who oversees the u.s. navy has been fired for his handling of a high profile war crimes case the controversy pitted the navy commander against
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president trump gabriel elizondo reports from washington. the top commander of the u.s. navy one day shot down rumors he was going to step down over the handling of a war crimes case involving a navy seal gallagher story contrary to popular belief i'm still here i did not threaten to resign. but let us just say that we're here to talk about external threats and he gallagher's not one of them on the next day after those comments navy secretary richard spencer did not have to resign on sunday evening he was abruptly fired after pushing back against president donald trump it all stems from the case of the navy seal who walked out of a military jail in july a free man after being acquitted of war crimes he was accused by fellow navy seals of murder in iraq in 2017 including shooting unarmed civilians and stabbing a wounded teenager to death gallagher whose lawyers argued any civilians he killed
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was done so in the heat of battle was happy with the acquittal top navy commanders were not and demoted him in rank after pushing for his expulsion from the seals because he was found guilty of a lesser charge of posing for photographs with the dead iraqi but the special operations soldier had a powerful ally of his side president donald trump who parted gallagher for any wrongdoing restored his rank and demanded the navy halt any further investigations against any and that is what led to spencer's firing when a departure letter to the president wrote he cannot in good conscience obey orders from trump he believes quote violate the sacred oath he took his navy commander trump tweeted sunday night the reason spencer was fired was because he was not pleased with the way gallagher's trial was handled and cost overruns within the navy. when trump pulled u.s.
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troops out of northern syria in october it was against the advice of the pentagon this entire ordeal with the navy seal is just the latest example of a president not afraid to use his title as commander in chief of the u.s. armed forces to defy the military commanders when he deems it necessary he rolls on dough al-jazeera washington and pakistan wants to increase its own live production to be say a commie a country has more land that says of all of cultivation than spain which is currently the largest producer in the world come all high the has more on pakistan's potential. every august can import over $2000000000.00 worth of edible oil and although the bag borne of the country's economy depends on agriculture very little attention has been given on how to solve pakistan's future crises by coming out with new revolutionary ideas exile and revolutionaries are in
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their way and farmers in the border are rarely are now planting olive groves such is the only way. to come out with another source of revenue but it will also help the country save billions of dollars every year on the import of a different voice in their government often job because your department launched our flagship program they're developing into an olive valley since. 201516 in this project we have planted almost more than 1000000 trees on an. 800 acres you can say 3200 hacked years and 750 different farmers who walked benefit of this project not only 3 great carbon think it really also stop blind erosion and experts say
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that it will also mitigate the effects of climate change the potential for or lived in pakistan is great not totally related to country on the map of oil exporting and all its producing countries it will also help raise revenue for poor farmers. probably is a very beneficial and really useful product specially for decision it was this is the sort of place where you don't have a lot many legs for the resources. to build for 4 to 5 years but when you get the old will to go different you don't feel is. what 30 just compare for. richard. reid an area of 2400000. an expert. on had more than 4 and 5000000. for 3. and particularly or liberal because the country is running out of water you
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need farmers here are now beginning to realize that by growing our lives they will not only mitigate the effects of climate change but also help both their incomes. are it is time for us to take a look at the top stories here it out. hong kong's chief executive kerry lamb has promised to listen humbly to avenge his offer to present among candidates one almost 90 percent of seats in local elections the result follows months of protests in beijing china's foreign minister research that hong kong is part of china no matter what happens in elections a major road has reopened in lebanon's capital after some of the worst violence and movement among supporters of shia movements clashed with anti-government protests
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in beirut sana'a to has more from the lebanese capital what we saw last night violence and unrest at least for 3 hours this area where we are became a front line that bridge behind me the ring road a main artery in beirut was where protesters who are demanding a change in government were blocking roads and then supporters of the mainly shiite parties amel and has a lot carrying their party flags chanting the names of their leaders attack them using metal rugs and clubs. at least 11 people including a soldier have been killed in attacks in the democratic republic republic of congo people in the town of benny's say the army and un peacekeepers are not protecting them they've also set fire to the town hall a rebel group calling itself the allied democratic forces is behind the violence near the ugandan border 46 people have been killed this month alone. and investigations underway into
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a plane crash in the eastern democratic republic of congo at least $29.00 people were killed when a small plane went down just after takeoff on sunday 9 of those killed were on the ground there were members of the same family the number of people killed in landslides and flooding in northwestern kenya has now risen to 56 rescue workers have been sent to west pocket which is close to the border with you canda but are being hindered by bad conditions i'm easels epidemic that sweeping through samoa has worsened according to health officials 25 people of died from the disease almost all of them young children more than 2000 cases have been registered and the state of emergency was declared more than a week ago all right those are the latest headlines up front is next. on the ground in the process russian uses mercenaries in conflicts from syria to libya the future of the ram go it's a 2 trillion dollars business saudi state owned oil on the ballot plus google takes
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on the big guns in the game you can see the cost on our. with protests raging in hong kong and a brutal crackdown against muslims in how far is the chinese government willing to go to maintain its iron rule. i made the house and also on the show this week the trumpet ministration announced that it no longer considers israeli settlements in the occupied west bank to be a violation of international law but is there any basis for making such a controversial claim that's out debate but 1st enemies of the people that's what hong kong's chief executive called protesters who have been demanding greater freedom from beijing.


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