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money to go to. africa on some 60 publish. your school truth is it anyway on al-jazeera. china accuses the us of a smear campaign after american politicians called for sanctions over the treatment of the muslims. hello there on the stand and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up refining the case for the impeachment of donald trump 300 pages of evidence released as washington prepares to hear the legal arguments. all across the atlantic in london divisions within nato are on full public display as leaders mark 70 years of the world's largest military ally. and more children die as
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a measles outbreak ravages the south pacific island nation of so. now china is condemning a u.s. bill that threatened sanctions against senior communist party officials because of their treatment of reagan muslims hundreds of thousands have been detained as part of a crackdown in the northwestern region of the bill passed by the u.s. congress is the closure of detention camps and it names members of communist party who washington says are responsible for abuses well let's speak now to adrian brown andrews in hong kong adrian what are we hearing from officials in beijing and i know this isn't the only u.s. bill that they're unhappy about. yes that's right as predicted we've had a fierce and swift response from the chinese foreign ministry they have called this
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bill malicious they say that the united states is wantonly smearing china's efforts to try to combat the terrorism problem that it says it has in the far western province of shouldn't jangan its warning of on specified retaliation now why is this so sensitive for china well changing lies at the heart of president xi jinping zambia one belt one road project and for that project to work shouldn't jang has to work in china says for the last few years should jang hasn't been working because of what it says has been a growing terrorism problem china's response to that has been draconian it has set up what human rights groups say are nothing more than reeducation camps cans that china says are vocational training centers where we get to learn to try to find ways to improve their lives well human rights groups insists that is simply not the case it has now been taken up to the highest levels reaching the house of representatives and potentially president donald trump could now sign this act into
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law this in many ways is a defining moment for we good people because the president of the united states is now listening to their plight the timing of all this of course is also very important just a week ago president from signed into law the hong kong human rights and democracy act which means that the special trading status that hong kong enjoys will now be subject to an annual review it also means that hong kong officials who are deemed to have suppressed human rights could themselves be sanctioned and with the shin jang weaker act the united states is also saying that senior chinese government officials including the communist party chief of shin jang could himself be. sanctions so this is a very important moment for china's relationships with the united states and it's a reminder that this is not just a diplomatic war we are in the middle of
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a cold war and a trade war to adrian brown there speaking to us from hong kong thank you raging. well donald trump's political rivals have laid out what they say is overwhelming evidence of the u.s. president's misconduct in office the 300 page impeachment report says trump used his power to seek help from ukraine's president to benefit his re-election bid these are castro reports from washington d.c. . house intelligence chairman adam schiff presentation of his committee's report on donald trump offered little more than was already known but it's a key moment in what could be the impeachment of a president this is not about ukraine this is about our democracy this is about our national security this is about whether the american people have a right to expect that the president i states is going to act of their interests with their security in mind and not for some illicit personal or political reason
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so americans should care deeply about where the president and states is betraying their trust in him betraying that old foot he took to the constitution to protect our country and defend its institutions according to the report president trump solicited interference from ukraine to benefit his reelection conditioning a white house visit for the ukrainian president and $400000000.00 in u.s. military aid on a public statement that ukraine would investigate joe biden's family for alleged corruption trump denies he did anything wrong a white house spokeswoman released a statement saying at the end of a one sided sham process chairmanship and the democrats utterly fail to produce any evidence of wrongdoing by president trump this report reflects nothing more than their frustrations chairmanships report reads like the ramblings of a basement blogger straining to prove something when there is evidence of nothing. the evidence came from 17 witnesses including state department and white house
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insiders who testified trump ran a shadow campaign that undermined official u.s. foreign policy toward ukraine there was also the partial transcript of a phone call in which trump asked ukraine's president for a favor the biden investigation republicans rebutted with their own report offering a very different reading of the facts they say the testimonies are here say that the phone call was perfect and that the democrats' efforts to impeach the president are an attack on a duly elected leader to laura provides nothing except a dreary drowsy appraisal for this country to watch as the impeachment process slowly drags on with no direction no focus because they're having one big rabbit and the big problem is the president that nothing will and they can't prove the process will now shift to the house judiciary committee which will draft articles of impeachment likely to focus on abuse of power and obstruction of congress
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americans have been evenly divided on whether to impeach and remove trump from office both political parties are claiming to be protecting american democracy heidi joe castro al jazeera washington now nato is the it is all arriving at the venue for this time as in the u.k. as in fighting between some of the biggest member countries threatens to undermine the very alliance itself the u.s. and french presidents in particular have disagreed on several points including the role of nato lives out of there as don't know how and what from shortly but 1st here's out of medicare james bass. it's supposed to be nato 70th birthday but there's no celebration instead an atmosphere of disagreement and division with the u.s. president who once called the alliance obsolete now saying he fears that france might leave nato and i heard.
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a lot of different. because you are right there is a very very very nasty statement to essentially 20. 1 of the countries those comments were particularly pointed as president trump's next public meeting was with the french president there were uncomfortable moments when they were asked about european countries including france not taking back their nationals no prisoners in syria having fought for eisel. would you like some nice isis fighters you could give them you you could take everyone you want to take a. very large number fight with you on the wrong are focused on the. community based. you have foreign fighters coming in from europe this is the only week of all of them we have in the region the number one problem of the front 5
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this is the point really. of my youth is the reason. this is where he grew politician is ours where the green party enters over. from the trouble disagreements are not the only ones at this summit the french leader attacked turkey because of its recent incursion targeting the kurds in northern syria to see. this and the feel of the quality. we needed to keep. things now finding against those who fight with us. short of. turkey's president later met with his u.k. host prime minister johnson as well as president marc raul and the german chancellor merkel he's threatening to block nato has plans to protect poland and the baltic states unless others agree with him on syria. for that despite all the
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differences which exist and which we have to address also have to discuss the future of nato and things we have in common strategically but i am relatively optimistic about this meeting on top of all the other problems i'm told there is currently considerable tension between chancellor merkel and president mark roll over european defense and europe's role in nato the state of the alliance right now is full of division it is a multi dimensional mess. london. on as his secretary general against health and back was the 1st to arrive at the summit venue in what that's just north of london and he says china will be a big focus we have seen the russell china. including their investments in the fence capability is china's. law a 2nd largest offense spending in the world the next 2 do not did states.
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recently displayed new modern capabilities including and nuclear weapons so we have to address these. the rise of china together. and look forward to the on the doing datta of these leaders meeting for the 1st time when our correspondent trying to hell is also in what fed chair and i see that leaders have started arriving and as we saw there in james's report things did get off to around the bad tempered stocks on tuesday so what's the mood like there today. yes that's right well as as you say james laid it out there to choose day essentially laid bare all these divisions and differences between key nato allies that this summit was specifically designed to avoid highlighting and laying bare that what i've got to do today centuries is a very short meeting it's just
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a couple of hours that have very little face time together as a group these nato leaders this is a 70th birthday celebration as it were it's not a proper summit there are no big decisions to be made or pending here it's meant to be a kind of low key celebration of the you know the world's most successful military alliance and they will have to work hard to put forward a show of unity in the face of all of this division which is why you've got the likes of jens stoltenberg turning up here this morning. deflecting criticism and questions pushing the conversation in a different direction towards china boris johnson the host turned up saying there's more that unites us than divides us this was in the last half hour and reinforcing nato has commitment to its collective defense in the face of all of these questions that have arisen not least emmanuel macros are sold on what it means this alliance what is it here for what is its nature what is its future questions about the
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integrity reliability of turkey a member of nato as a member going forward with its fight against the kurds in the north of syria. fighters the kurds that many nato leaders see as it having been invaluable allies in the fight against i sill turkey has bought russian air defense equipment turkey has threatened the collective defense infrastructure of nato by saying if you don't come aboard and agree with us but the kurds the terrorists not allies then we won't support the bolstering of defenses in eastern europe on nato's eastern flank against russia donald trump even wading in again calling on nato members to pay up and pay more for their own defense threatening trade efforts against the likes of france if they don't all of these things swirling around of what is supposed to be a day that is a show of unity one for all for one nato slogan looking a bit thin it has to be said going into this meeting or joining say this is all meant to be a bit testy has been making some very not statements ahead of this meeting and
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they're likely to be the center of attention as you say so well member states actually get a chance to resolve their differences. well as you say turkey has to do on the president and immaculate minimal matter on the french president the 2 big sort of disruptors if you like of that show of unity mr erdogan laying down the gauntlet threatening as i said to block defense measures in eastern europe if nato doesn't play his game emmanuel macron calling into question turkey's reliability as a member will they resolve that almost certainly not they may find a way of papering over the cracks in a joint statement of unity later today but central and key questions about turkey as a member of nato will be that statement by mr erdogan if you don't follow me in the fight against the kurds as terrorists i won't support the baltics that cuts deep that goes to the very heart of what it means to be a member of nato which is the idea of collective defense one for all all for one if
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mr erdogan doesn't stand for that and he's tacitly approved and indorsed in his position by president trump as appears to be the case well then you've got a real problem deep at the heart of nato and that isn't going to be a result today and how they want to hold the developments for us at that level talking to them throughout the day thank you general. ahead hunger crisis in zimbabwe by the un says things on the west they've been going for a decade. how we should see some odd weather pushing into northwestern parts of europe over the next couple of days at the moment we do still have a fair amount of quiet weather clear weather loves to clear skies early morning mist and fog rusty clearing into the early part of the name but this weather system
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up towards a northwest that will herald a change as we go on towards the weekend already seeing some very lively showers across that western side of the mediterranean eastern spacings into red so downpours some flash flooding as a result solved that side on the other side of the med littlest here as well just around greece western side of the sea of the turkish mountains some snow in an hour for causes that cool crisp the weather into those central parts cold enough into the northwest as well with some snow the northeast there pushing over towards that western side of russia 4 celsius the 4 moscow will celsius 2 with some brighter skies some bost spot in sunshine the 4 berlin as the winds start to pick up some shows there into central parts of the met still disturb just around the western side of the med around the valley erik's and there we go with mild cloudy skies out west where the tumbling in london will get up to around 9 celsius by the end of the week if you show us also affecting both west and possibly africa with some rain for northern parts of morocco along with more than areas of algeria. sponsored by
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countdown and this. one is the last time you were out on the streets protesting whether on line you feel the weight of the system you walk through each and every level or layer further further into the jail or if you join us on say we. everyone has a voice so. i want to give people. hello
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again i'm just. a reminder of our top stories this hour the committee holding the impeachment inquiry into u.s. president has laid out what it says is overwhelming evidence of misconduct in office report says trump used his power to seek help from ukraine and his reelection bid. nato as leaders are riving at the venue for this summit in the u.k. as in fighting between some of its biggest member countries threatens to undermine the alliance the u.s. and french presidents in particular have disagreed on several points including the very role of nato. and china is condemning the u.s. congress which has passed a bill threatening sanctions against communist party officials blamed for abusing. hundreds of thousands are detained in camps in the northwestern region. of a more on this let's now speak to max who's here in doha he's a professor at georgetown university and specializes in modern chinese history so max i see that beijing is describing this u.s.
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bill as a policy that wantonly some is china's efforts to eliminate and combat extremism how's that likely to be playing out domestically does that resonate with chinese citizens. absolutely in the next couple of days i'm sure that's the way that the chinese government will explain the u.s. actions on television in the newspapers and it will play very well into their domestic narrative that ethnic unrest and ethnic separatism in china is the result of foreign meddling within china's domestic affairs this is deeply deeply believed throughout the chinese public max how much of an impact does this inclusion of targeted sanctions in the bill have i mean i know madam this is a naming and shaming effort but presumably is also of great affront to sets and individuals and i see beijing is also threatening to retaliate. i agree with you and the nature of this question i think the chinese officials members are trying to come his party are very infuriated by this policy many of the come as party members
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who are in leadership positions and since john do not travel abroad very widely these are politicians who do not have officials who don't have a very global profile and most likely do not have large amounts of financial resources abroad however it's embarrassing this is deeply embarrassing and makes all of this is coming off the back also of several leaked documents about china's weak a policy so at this stage do we have any idea where these are coming from surely it suggests some dissent certainly disagreements at least within the communist party itself it does indeed i think that one of the one of the really remarkable things about these some of the revelations in these documents is that in 2016 in 2017 as they deliberate of these policies. paying another chinese officials stated very clearly that they were going to pursue these with without regard to global opinion and i think they really underestimated the strength of global opinion and the ability of people around the world to scrutinize this and they also underestimated
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resistance within the the communist party itself they did not for see that there were officials in sin john in other parts of china within chinese academia who are who are also disturbed by these policies well max the u.s. bill this recent one had broad bipartisan support so really it's the u.s. saying despite deep divisions within congress they stand united on standing up to china so how much of this do you think it is about the treatment of weekends and how much of it is a kind of reaction to china's growing global influence i think it's it's it's deeply influenced by china's global it global its business interests and its growing involvement in in parts of the world economy that it wasn't involved in 10 or 15 years ago i mean those of us who are. being in china and studying ethnic relations and the history of china's religious policies we're aware of the deep resentments and deep. conflicts within the chinese countryside but it wasn't
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a global issue the congress it's impossible to imagine the u.s. congress taking this kind of action in 2008 or 2009 but right now we have a convergence of growing anxiety about china's involvement in sometimes in very remote parts of the world in places deep within central europe deep within latin america and of course deep within democratic societies like the united states and australia and china is also going to be a big topic at the nato summit today max i mean that as a professor at georgetown university here in doha thank you for your analysis now iraqi security forces have arrested a deputy of the late isolator baghdadi. was captured during overnight raid and how we just city that's in kirkuk province baghdad he killed himself while surrounded by u.s. forces back in october but our correspondent also jabari is live for us from baghdad there was a significant arrest what more do we know at this stage. a significant arrest
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indeed what we do know is that security forces arrested. late last night in the province we believe that he was a very high ranking eisel official. we know that he served time in. a prison in basra prior to the formation of this group and that he had a very close relationship to the former leader now he himself is believed to be from salaheddine province and he did serve as the military emir of that province for a few years at the height of isis reign in iraq but this certainly comes at a very important time in this country this will be seen as a very significant victory for iraqi forces fighting that was left behind of this group since they announced that it was defeated eisel was defeated in iraq in 2017 but this comes at
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a time when the country's in turmoil in all senses and this news will certainly be seen as a positive step for iraqi security forces dosage of ari that live press and baghdad thank you. now someone is government is struggling to contain a measles outbreak that's already killed at least 60 people most of them children under the age of 4 schools and businesses have been closed as the crisis escalates 171 new cases were recorded just in the past 24 hours just to washington reports the country in crisis scrambling to vaccinate its people and get this outbreak under control. measles is an entirely preventable disease but that's not prevented many parents in samoa from having to bury their own children. who really. we really want to. take a. situation. where
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. they can get healthy the queues for vaccines are getting longer at health clinics around this pacific island nation. to make him. head for the new treatment. and i'm lucky enough to know if they're especially in the triple destroying. children under the age of 4 other most at risk the outbreak which began in october coincided with the global rise in measles cases more than 60000 people have been vaccinated since a state of emergency was declared in the middle of last month but many are now asking why more wasn't done earlier to combat some devastatingly low vaccination rates in 2018 only one in 3 children under 5 had been vaccinated health authorities say the low rate was due to
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a medical mishap last year when 2 babies died after they were given wrongly administered doses so despite the efforts to rebuild trust into the medical system there's not necessarily. very favorable ground here this is how we explain 4 1652 'd cases. an average of $175.00 per hour 24 hours as the crisis grows the government is both touring its vaccination campaign most civil servants are being sent to health clinics to help out and authorities. urging other people to stay at home just to washington al-jazeera some. 6 people including the head of a japanese charity have been killed in an attack in eastern afghanistan their vehicle was ambushed by gunmen in jalalabad a local politician says the attackers then fled to the scene no group has yet
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claimed responsibility while the international criminal court's chief prosecutor is renewing efforts to open a formal investigation into war crimes in afghanistan or been sued us as the afghan government the taliban and the united states all face accusations of abuses allegedly committed between 20032004 the court rejected the request to investigate earlier this year regional officials in mexico have visited the site where 23 people were killed in a weekend gunfight at least 100 heavily armed gang members fought with security forces in the town of villa union on sunday that battle contributed to a national death toll of 127 dead in 24 hours that's the highest on record in the movie business and we took the import we've had it for a long time the warning from the north east cartel rumors and its presence in the north of the state even places in other towns the warning that they want to into the state here will deliver over the gang c.l.
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region is a perfect site to carry drugs into the us and above all else be able to sell it it's been many years since they carried drugs through our state which is forced them to go to other states or lose the drugs which later in the up on the street. extreme weather and a failing economy have left nearly half of zimbabwe's part population facing severe hunger and starvation the u.n. says it's the worst crisis there in a decade and the situation is only expected to deteriorate further with little rain forecast before the april harvest reports. these parched lands of zimbabwe were once known as the bread basket of southern africa but with just one year of normal rains and half a decade their strong out crops are dying adults too and millions of people need food to survive it's essentially a national catastrophe half the population almost $8000000.00 people on the brink of starvation and the causes are essentially a combination of climate change and particularly growth and economic collapse
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the the economy is in freefall. the government recently reshoots zimbabwe dollars for the 1st time in a decade but put restrictions on how much people can patrol from banks that doesn't help when prices of food and other commodities have soared to record highs making people's income nearly worthless the rate of inflation is estimated to have reached almost 500 percent the 2nd highest in the world after venezuela the drought and poor maintainance has affected part generation and lead to lead the blackouts and is a shortage of water and medicines. families are having to lead tough choices in cases of children for instance they have to make a choice about whether to check whether the children stay buckets warm and do chores and site try and other means of livelihoods or go to school in the areas
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families have got to decide on you know what kind of meal that will help for their day because families and i've been areas andrew liveris most insists instances sometimes can only afford one meal a day the u.n. says zimbabweans are on the brink of manmade starvation and economic crisis feeding into a climate crisis putting millions at risk. for al-jazeera. there and these are the headlines china is condemning a u.s. bill that threatened sanctions against senior communist party officials because of their treatment of way to muslims hundreds of thousands have been detained as part of a crackdown in the northwestern region of. the bill passed by the u.s. congress adjourns the closure of those detention camps and it names members of communist party who washington says are responsible for abuses adrian brown has
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more from hong kong a foreign ministry spokeswoman has accused the united states of the venton least smearing china's efforts truths. right to combat terrorism and extremism in the far western province of shouldn't because this bill militias and the language has been growing stronger throughout the day and the reason why china is so annoyed of course is that what has now happened in many ways represents a defining moment for we good people this is in a sense a moment they've been waiting years for because their plight has now become a foreign policy priority for the united states the committee holding the impeachment inquiry into us president donald trump has laid out what it says is overwhelming evidence of misconduct in office the 300 page impeachment report says trump used his power to seek help from ukraine's president to further his reelection bid the white house describes the inquiry as an illegitimate sham how these are castor has more from capitol hill the house intelligence committee has
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been giving its stamp of approval on this report and now it is now passing that report on to the judiciary committee which is significant because it is the judiciary committee that will draft articles of impeachment basically these are the charges that trump would face once this goes to a trial in the senate nato leaders are arriving at the venue for their summit in the united kingdom as in fighting between some of its biggest member countries threatens to undermine the alliance the u.s. and french presidents in particular have disagreed on several points including the very role of nato itself and her chief installed and back says china will be a big focus of the meeting well those are the headlines to join me for more news here on al-jazeera after the stream stay with us. we were told that between russia has this been addressed by turkey we listen
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what is the proposal. for capello you know we meet with newsmakers and the stories that matter. i for me ok and i'm really glad when you're in the stream the sex trade is a nightmare for the millions of women and girls who fall into it but surviving is only half the battle and ramdev an innings latest chapter of the comic book series pre-i shakti india's 1st woman super hero and rape survivor the chances shed light on the challenges survivors face trying to get back to a normal life today we meet the woman behind priya and the last. series was born in the aftermath of the brutal gang rape and murder of a young woman on a bus in delhi in 2012 and sadly it doesn't seem like much has changed last week in
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the southern city of hyderabad a group of men gang raped smothered to death and burned the body of a 27 year old woman all right people.


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