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where ever you. his promise to serve up bricks it but hours away from the u.k. election there are signs boris johnson is facing a tough race. hello and welcome to our ages there on live from doha i'm martine dennis also coming up israel faces another vote but there's little hope it will break the loop of elections that are paralyzed the government. violent protests in india after parliament approved a citizenship law that many say discriminates against muslims. and find out how to
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china's trying to balance the demands of its being middle class with efforts for green a feature. of the final opinion polls ahead of thursday's election in the u.k. appointed to a narrow victory for prime minister boris johnson's conservative policy but the prospect of a hung parliament where there is no clear winner still can't be ruled out and that raises the possibility of bracks it being further delayed or even canceled the valka reports from london. after touring the country boris johnson was back in the capital to deliver his final campaign message the conservative policies lead in opinion polls has narrowed ahead of the vote anything less than a majority could be disastrous for the conservatives and johnson's hopes of delivering bracks it on the proposed we had 24 hours to end the deadlock 24 hours to. the gridlock 24 hours in which we can remove the parliamentary roadblock and
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get a working majority for a sensible moderate dynamic one nation. labor leader jeremy corbyn was also back in london labor may be lagging in the opinion polls but coleman is optimistic of a last minute surge and support raise the sights and hopes that people work with people as they develop and improve their communities work with people under a labor government that's trying to develop all those things that we're so proud of in our manifesto. it's been a grueling campaign laden with photo opportunity johnson was up before dawn delivering milk echoing his promise to deliver bricks it. another stop another useful metaphor this time a pipe factory in darvish a reminder that johnson's breaks it plans come ready to serve. as a message not everyone can stomach corbin's last day of campaigning also began
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before sunrise in the scottish city of glasgow before winding his way down the country through marginal constituencies johnson and corbin have been targeting traditionally labor seats in northern england where large numbers of people voted to leave the e.u. but in an 11th hour intervention 15 former labor m.p.'s launched this advertising campaign in several regional newspapers urging voters to reject jeremy corbin accusing him of failing to tackle anti semitism in the labor party corbin says the party rejects all forms of racism and in south west london the liberal democrats concentrated efforts on targeting conservative seats we should voted to remain in the e.u. in the 26th referendum i still believe we can stop forest johnson stop breaks and build a brighter future. on the eve of election day the normally illuminated houses of parliament are mostly dark and shrouded in scaffolding another metaphor perhaps of a political system desperately in need of repair. there has been
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a bitterly fought election campaign a battle over breaks in the future of britain's public services including its esteems national health service when polling stations open on thursday morning for some it will be an obvious choice for others though disillusioned by years of political uncertainty it will be a much tougher decision before. westminster. israel is to have another election next march 3rd in less than a year now the prime minister benjamin netanyahu nor his main opponent benny gantz were able to form a governing coalition after september's inconclusive vote harry forsett reports from west jerusalem. it was the outcome feared by voters in september's inconclusive election warned against by israel's president but ever more grimly inevitable in the months since a 3rd election in less than a year the main opposition party accuses the prime minister benjamin netanyahu indicted in 3 corruption cases of clinging to office in order to strengthen his
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legal position or fear for your to these elections are going to be a vest civil of hate violence said discuss so make sure your children are not near the t.v.'s in the following 3 months. long before the midnight deadline passed benjamin netanyahu had already fired the starting gun on his election campaign via facebook posting an interview with a blue and white politician in which he endorsed a 2 state solution with the palestinians now senor who counted we don't want a palestinian state who go forward with who will they imposed on us new elections this is unnecessary and in order for this not to be repeated one thing has to be done we have to win big repeated talks between blue and whites leader benny gantz and netanyahu went nowhere netanyahu insisting that he stay on in office for several months at least guns refusing to serve with an indicted prime minister dances last gasp demand that netanyahu give up any prospect of parliamentary
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immunity from prosecution was rebuffed by the prime minister and there was no bailout from netanyahu former ally and defense minister avigdor lieberman he refused to bring his party into a right wing coalition and so israelis are going back to the polls next year in the meantime netanyahu will have to face down a leadership challenge from a senior look could rival and a potential legal challenge to his the chitta mysie to stand as prime minister while under indictment but few are betting against a 3rd consecutive battle between netanyahu and dance and for now at least the polls suggest a 3rd inconclusive result are a force that al-jazeera west jerusalem. u.s. president donald trump assigned an executive order which he says is intended to end the anti semitism but their affair is that it's designed to restrict criticism of the israeli government and fisher explains. president donald trump has regularly boasted of his pro israel record he did it again as he signed a new executive order this time into fighting what the white house sees as
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a growing problem of anti semitism on university campuses across the u.s. as this is our message to universities if you want to accept the tremendous amount of federal dollars that you get every year you must reject anti semitism and i essentially the order extends part of the 1964 civil rights act it allowed the department of education to withhold federal funding from any college that discriminates on the grounds of race color or national origin that no is extended to religion and critics say that effectively suggest use of people who share the same race or collective national origin. the new order could significantly impact the b.d.s. movement it are just a ploy caught divestment and sanctions campaign against the israeli government for its treatment of palestinians living in the region some have claimed b.d.s. is anti semitic while supporters say it's not targeting
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a religion but political action but as the group has grown on american campuses it's been accused of creating a hostile climate for jewish students by conflating it clear the criticism for israel and make it equal to you know anti semitism they're trying to censor any the free debate here in the u.s. when it comes to the israeli policy is donald trump is aggressively back to israel since taking office he moved the u.s. embassy to jerusalem in the face of international opposition and recognized the golan heights territory seized from syria as part of israel but he's been accused of making anti-semitic remarks and defending. united says he chanted anti jewish slogans he was criticised for comments made in a speech to jewish groups in florida at the weekend reinforcing jewish stereotypes a lot of you are in the real estate business because i know you very well you're brutal killers not nice people at all but you have to vote for me you have no choice you're not going to vote for pocahontas i can tell you. many jewish groups
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have praised the president's action u.s. congress trying to take a similar action to the executive order even with bipartisan support it stalled. breaks that logjam alan fischer washington well we've been speaking to. his deputy director of the arab american institute and he told us why he feels president trumps executive order is problematic for the risk here is that students on college campuses who are simply engaged in pro palestine advocacy for human rights could get into serious trouble simply because their criticism of israel can now be construed as anti semitism this by the way it is blatantly unconstitutional it's a violation of free speech which is one of the most fundamentally cherished. values in american life there is no question about the fact that at the summit there's a is on the rise and it is a growing problem and in fact bigotry in many forms is rising in the current political climate that this president has contributed to but this is the only change that this executive order makes is specifically that expression of
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definition to criticism of israel so harassment of american jewish students on college campuses was already a violation of title 6 of them under civil rights the civil rights office so there's nothing new on that particular front this is clearly just an attempt to pander to the pro israel base that this president feels accountable to. at least 70 soldiers have been killed in an attack on a military camp in western the share it happened it in art is that's close to the border with mali so far no group has claimed responsibility but fighters linked i saw and al qaeda are increasingly active there police in new zealand say they're finalizing a plan to recover 8 bodies from a volcano that erupted on monday they say getting the victims off white island is its number one priority but only if it's safe to do so volcanic activity has been increasing there and scientists warn the situation is volatile more than 20 people
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remain critically ill in hospital across new zealand and australia suffering from severe burns. they've been violent protests in parts of india against a controversial citizenship bill which is about to become law it grant citizenship to minorities who face religious persecution in pakistan in bangladesh and afghanistan part it excludes lots of them refugees and opposition politicians and rights groups say that is because of the government's hindu nationalist agenda and 2 of our reporters are from new delhi i was they chanted slogans around the bonfire and called for overdraw all of the citizenship on them and this happened as india's upper house debated and passed the controversial legislation it says that religious minorities including hindus sikhs christians and bodies who migrated to india because of persecution from afghanistan pakistan and bangladesh would be granted
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citizenship these protesters in the state of assam say their struggle is against inclusion of migrants irrespective of their religion because they want to preserve their indigenous culture and livelihood i'm dealing on live i give all i want to live on the border have been each and every one of our own land our invasion of women rule all over and against this bill we condemn this being. least fire tear gas to contain the crowd while a column of assam rifles a paramilitary force that 70 soldiers was on standby in the state to such columns were on standby in tripoli or another state in the northeast where there's been protests against the bill for similar reasons india's lower house has already passed a bill. the indian government says this legislation is meant to protect religiously persecuted minorities from neighboring countries but many are asking why it's excluding muslims during
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a debate in parliament opposition parties spoke about the fear gripping india's muslim community which is also the country's largest minority. students and to provide an indonesian protested against the legislation and described it as discriminate tree. to citizens would be guarded under the citizenship of many muslims would have no protection. it got to meet the time that you got it whether it is a question of giving citizenship to people who have come because of which is torture the minorities or any mussolini's need don't worry i want to say this clearly nobody needs to worry or anyone frightens you don't get scared because number interim government is leaving with the spirit of the constitution so minorities will get food protection. many political analysts say the legislation could have a lasting impact on the social fabric of. al-jazeera a new daddy. still to come here and us democrats warn that donald trump is on the
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verge of dictatorship as they move ahead with efforts to impeach him and russia says reports of attacks on civilians in syria's italy province are fake news. hello again welcome back to international weather forecasts were here across parts of iran we are watching a system moving through into pakistan as well bring some rain across the region over the next few days that will also be moving into india and in the higher elevations that rain will mean some snow so for cool expect to see attempts there of about 5 degrees as we. go towards thursday much better conditions as we go towards friday but over here towards quaint city expect to see some rain maybe some thunderstorms as we go towards friday saturday though it looks
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a little bit better with attempt a few of $21.00 degrees here in the gulf though expect to see some rain in the region as well that may not be too heavy but we could if they see a passing shower as we go towards the next couple days that will also mean for bottle and you could see some rain as well 3 day forecast for doha it looks like this sunday on thursday rain on friday and improving conditions by the time we get towards saturday well across southern africa the rain is here as well we're going to sing durban continuing with the rain attempt a few of $25.00 degrees johannesburg not looking too bad at $26.00 but plenty of sun down towards cape town with attempt a few here on thursday of $28.00 coming down to about $27.00 as we go towards friday but durban probably seems the better conditions here on friday with $26.00 degrees in your forecast. the weather sponsored by countdown and this. one is the last time you out on the streets testing whether on line you feel the weight of the system when you walk through each and every level or layer further further into
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the jail or if you join us on sand the entry has to start from day one whether again you and attention or you incarcerate this is a dialogue everyone has a voice to tell us they 6 o'clock our coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people their reason for joining the global conversation on how does iraq. of the top stories here it out 0 voters in the u.k. heading to the polls later on for a general election that will determine the country's future in europe the final polls point to a narrow win for prime minister boris johnson but don't rule out the prospect of
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a hung parliament. israel's parliament has voted to dissolve itself sending the country to its 3rd election in less than a year now the prime minister benjamin netanyahu nor his main opponent benny gantz were able to form a governing coalition after september's inconclusive. police in new zealand say they're finalizing a plan to recover 8 bodies from a volcano that erupted on monday they say getting the victims off white island is its number one priority but only if it's safe to do so. here as democrats have warned a president donald trump is on the verge of dictatorship while republicans have defended his record it was part of a fiery debate by the house judiciary committee over the 2 articles of impeachment the democratic party is leading efforts to fully charged with abuse of power and obstruction of congress the president has repeatedly denounced the whole thing as a witch hunt we'll go live now to washington our correspondent is gabriel elizondo
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so gabriel the judiciary committee then considering these 2 articles of impeachment an important step towards the all important votes of the whole house of representatives. that's right important and really historic this was very much a historic next step in this entire impeachment process in congress it's right now in the house of representatives this went late into the evening on wednesday here in washington it was a 3 and a half hour session there was a lot of interest in it almost all the american t.v. networks broadcast the entire thing live to millions of americans here that were watching it and what it was it was a chance for all 41 members of the house judiciary committee to have 5 minutes each to state why they were for or against the impeachment of president donald trump to no surprise all 24 democrats said in their brief remarks that they were for
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impeachment all 17 republicans said that they were against impeachment and both sides gave variations of the same arguments we've been hearing for many days and weeks now the democrats saying that donald trump abused his power and obstructed congress the republicans saying that that that this was just a matter of the democrats trying to push donald trump out of the white house here's a little bit more of what both the top democrat and top republican on the judiciary committee had to say with the president we consider ally who advances american security interests by fighting in american adversary the president weakens america where the president demands that a foreign government investigators domestic political rivals corrupt our elections to the founders this kind of corruption was especially british is free and fair
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elections are the bedrock of our democracy is our elections are corrupt everything is corrupt. so tonight we've experienced we're in december after a year of trashing this institution a year of trying to trash this administration and this president we come up with abuse of power and can't define it we come up with the obstruction of congress after 72 days i know they're desperate you know how i know adam shifts own words yesterday we can't go to court that would take too long the judiciary committee will meet thursday morning where they are expected to take a vote it's really a formality because with the democrats having the majority of the judiciary committee they've already said that they have the votes without a doubt to vote to impeach donald trump so then where would this go in the process
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from here it would go to a vote of the entire body of the house of representatives and that could happen as early as next week that is the critical vote that would essentially be the impeachment vote a president donald trump it then would go on to the senate for a trial that is looking like it will happen in january gabriel elizondo live in washington thank you a russian official has dismissed ripples of russian attacks on civilians in syria is it the province as foals special on voyage alexander love that n.t.'s spoke to there is a some a binge of aid in kazakhstan that's where the latest round of syrian peace talks of being held. all of it completely fakirs no proof to it because when our nation is making from fulfilling some military task. you
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know it is checked all the locations of all of the fighters of the headquarters and so on is checked triple times so that in order not to make any mistake and another not for the civilians to cause any damage is among the civilians so i am 100 percent sure that these are and it's a pity that the position they listen to it and they correspond this to the. among the international community you know this is a 1st not good but at the same time i should tell you that. we tell the opposition take everything in your hands. and it will be completely if there is no provocation from their side we will guarantee that there will be no. attacks from the from the governmental troops. the united nations says it is unable to verify
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assertions that iran was behind attack. plans belonging to the state oil company were hit by drones or missiles in september. saudi arabia the u.s. and its european allies say iran is to blame but the u.n. secretary general says investigations can't conclude that the project tells you well of iranian origin. the panel has a very particular mandation doesn't necessarily see all the evidence that is available we and our partners have made a mint having seen a lot of evidence and we have concluded and have stated publicly that we believe iran to be responsible and we think there's good evidence for that. the chilean government has been accused of failing to stop human rights abuses carried out by its own security forces the country has been experiencing its worst period of social unrest since returning to democracy in 1900. new memory pool from the
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capital santiago fool. the international human rights day has a very special meaning in chile past and present in 1985. was among a group of women who denounced rights violations in this very same spot defying chile's then military dictatorship we were informed back then the secret police committed horrors and clandestine interrogation centers today there is a different type of horror because it's happening in democracy it's not possible that women are being raped and stripped in police stations and that human rights continue to be abused. international human rights state also marks the 13th anniversary of the death of chile's former dictator general augusto pinochet. members of the historic generation as they're called were joined by many of today's
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most outspoken rights activists like ruby. security police blew up this woman's eyes with a tear gas canister and she is now blind it happened a short while ago when she was returning from work. human rights organizations say that many of those injured or killed in more than 7 weeks of social unrest have been peaceful demonstrators or even bystanders sensitive to charges of abuses presidents of us. promise to implement stronger safeguards but in. its history has shown that it's not one must always work to perfect. to assure that in chile human rights will always be respected. the governments promise to retrain police and assure that they respect protocols for and to drive weapons is still a work in progress this is the cartridge of the type of pellet that has left many protesters blind but it is not the only danger according to the president of the
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medical associations human rights commission there is also as actually being placed inside of the water cannon and we have seen many of the people here there giving 1st aid also tell us that much of the protesters are suffering from severe acid burns. adding to the criticism chile's former president we shared by chile today the u.n. high commissioner for human rights says she will soon issue likely be a harsh report on events taking place in her home country. you see in human al-jazeera santiago. and south africa's president cyril ramaphosa has partly blamed acts of sabotage for recent power cuts which are the worst in the country's history a week of heavy rain and flooding of aggravating problems at the cash strapped state electricity company eskom it's been forced to cut supplies nationwide eskom says it's working to stabilize the power grid by the end of march. so the teenage
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activists get a turn berger's between the lines of donald trump and u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi to become time magazine's person of the year it praised for inspiring a global movement to fight climate change the swedish environmentalist started to protest last year when she skipped school and camped outside sweden's parliament demanding action well news of the time magazine on that came through as to attended un climate talks in madrid where she accused business and political leaders of misleading the public about their climate change plans. that china is the world's top carbon emitter 85 percent of its primary energy still comes from fossil fuels most of that from coal but has been investing in renewable power thek aids rob matheson explores whether china's surging economy can ever go green.
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china produces about 20 percent of the world's carbon emissions coal makes up around 59 percent of china's energy consumption and thick smog can still hang over beijing in winter as people light relatively cheaper coal fires to ward off the bitter chill. but in recent years coal mines have been closed and the building of new power plants has been restricted near heavily polluted areas. in the last couple of years you see smog almost every day in winter the pollution was very serious but since last year it's getting much better the number of electric vehicles in china has been booming the amount of investment that china's been making over the last 7 years in renewable energy has been significant and the pollution levels from its power stations has leveled off but despite that china's emissions the hole for the 1st 6 months of 2019 rose by 4 percent china as
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well as the middle class is being blamed for the surge in demand for new housing and infrastructure has meant more work for china's steel and cement factories and a rise in pollution. the result of that is overcapacity industry a lot of questionable. infrastructure projects in other areas so that's the part where there is space to build what you actually need but. stop building just because you want to create demand for more steel and cement and construction work china has argued for years that it shouldn't be criticised for using coal to power it's remarkable transformation. into the world's 2nd largest economy i think china and. at that time some other developing countries believe that this is our right to develop the course they've recognised that yes it's our rights to develop but on the other hand it's also about our rights
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for you know people's right to brave healthy here the skies above beijing maybe clear more often but why china's new middle class demand new homes chinese factories are likely to continue pumping out pollution rob matheson al-jazeera beijing. traverses take a look at the headlines here at al-jazeera of ages in the u.k. are going to the polls later on thursday for a general election that will determine the country's future in europe the final polls point to a narrow win for prime minister bars johnson chris hopkins worked for the 7 to come rez polling firm which has slashed the conservative party's lead over labor to just 5 points he says labor has taken support from another left leaning party the liberal democrats we have seen the labor party make some progress here
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what they have managed to do throughout the campaign is to squeeze the liberal democrat vote were found you know 2060 remain voters were initially considerably more split over whether they would vote for labor or for the poor democrats and what we've come to the conclusion now is that far more are going to vote for the labor party and the looked at and that can only be good news where as you know for the conservative party they were always had quite a significant majority of the lifo and that hasn't really changed the campaign. israel's parliament has voted to dissolve itself sending the country to its 3rd election in less than a year now the prime minister benjamin netanyahu nor his main opponent benny gantz were able to form a governing coalition after september's inconclusive it us president donald trump has signed an executive order he says is intended to tackle and he said it isn't critics say it's designed to stifle criticism of israel's government at least 70
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soldiers have been killed in an attack on a military camp in the air it happened in the heart is near the border with mali so far no group has claimed responsibility india's hindu nationalists government has secured parliamentary approval for a controversial citizenship law the bill uses religion as a criteria to determine who could be granted citizenship protests as a discriminates against muslims u.s. democrats have warned president donald trump is on the verge of dictatorship while republicans have defended his record it was part of a fiery debate by the house judiciary committee over the 2 articles of impeachment trump has repeatedly denounced the whole thing as a witch hunt all right those are the latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up next the strain. we were told to get to that because russia has been addressed by turkey we listen what
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is the proposal. for a couple and you know we meet with newsmakers and tweet about the stories that matter. china has invested hundreds of billions of dollars in infrastructure projects across the world but is its global riots good or bad for poor countries i'm femi oke. it is day 3 of our special series looking at colonialism our attention was drawn to articles accusing china of economically exploiting countries around the world with some going so far as to say it's on the verge of a colonialist power so is china's unprecedented development cause for concern or celebration look for the hash tag on twitter because colonialism and send us your thoughts.


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