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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 19, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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all you access. palin has been impounds to investigate the escalation of violence in darfur what this means could free speech and the democratic ranks of its citizens police on trial on al-jazeera. donald trump is impeached he will face a trial in the senate after the democrat controlled house of representatives indicted him on 2 charges. december 18th. a great day for the constitution of the united states. fighting talk from the president he attacks his political rivals at a campaign rally. crazy nancy pelosi as house democrats. say with any market share it really is it's a disgrace. i'm
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stunned grad this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up bolivia's prosecutors issue an arrest warrant for exalt president evo morales. and a deal between 2 companies to form the world's 4th largest automaker but there are doubts some brands will survive. for only the 3rd time in 243 years a u.s. president has been impeached donald trump's been charged with abuse of power and obstruction of congress the vote following more than 8 hours of the visit debate in the democrat controlled house of representatives she now britain's it begins our coverage from washington d.c. . the result was never in doubt don't trump is the 3rd u.s.
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president in history to be impeached article one is adopting article 2 is adopted i mean research gentleman from new york over several hours the democrats repeated arguments that have now become very familiar the president needs to be held to account many speaker the house of representatives must now consider 2 articles of impeachment against president trump the 1st article charges that the president used his public office to coerce a foreign government into attacking his political rival the 2nd article charges that the president took extreme in unprecedented steps to obstruct our investigation into his conduct. taken together the 2 articles charge that president trump placed his private political interests above our national security above our elections and above our system of checks and balances what we are discussing today
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is the established fact that the president violated the constitution is a matter of fact that the president is an ongoing threat to our national security and the integrity of our elections the basis of our democracy a central charge against the president is that he was demanding the ukrainian government announce an investigation into joe biden and his son hunter in return for an official white house visit with a tree any over the republicans argue that the democrats have failed conclusively to prove that case they say president trump was right to be concerned about corruption in ukraine in addition they argue that home to biden's position on the board of a ukrainian energy company while his father was taking the lead in ukrainian policy as a vice president does warrant further examination and they argue that impeachment is simply the attempt to overturn the results of a 2016 election we on the republican side have no problem taking our case to the majority and to the people of this country because they elected donald trump and it is a matter for the voters not this not in this way not in the way this is being done
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it is trampled everything this house believes in our democrat colleagues have weaponized the impeachment provision of the constitution to nullify the votes of 63000000 americans who elected president donald j. trump this is not about a phone call or your crane or even his use of the executive privilege you have to remember that 95 of the democrats on this floor today voted to impeach donald trump before the july 25th phone call ever happened between president trump and president selenski a trial is expected to be held in the senate in january the republican leadership is hoping for a relatively quick process of perhaps 2 weeks the president is almost certain to be acquitted. the polls suggest the u.s. public is evenly split on impeachment and like donald trump's approval ratings have increased since impeachment proceedings began in the autumn. washington while the vote was happening donald trump was telling supporters at a rally in michigan that the impeachment was an attempted coup through their.
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deprived actions today crazy nancy pelosi says house democrats. have branded themselves with an eternal mark of shame and it really is it's a disgrace you are the ones interfering in america's elections you are the one subverting america's democracy we did nothing wrong nothing whatsoever this is just an excuse. you are the ones obstructing justice. you are the ones bringing suffering to our republic for your own selfish personal political and partisan gain where we have 3 correspondents across this story in a moment we'll go to john hendren of the trump rally in michigan we have white house correspondent kimberly help at 1st i will go to heidi jo castro who's on capitol hill some people of course been watching these incessantly hour an hour
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others are just joining us so let's take a step back and have a look here heidi at what has taken place and historic moment the impeachment of a president take a sword. absolutely stan you know it's been 2 months of this impeachment inquiry but really it's been 2 plus years of this partisan bitch ryall that's all climax at these historic votes that we just saw which formally impeach is president trump and we saw these votes on the 2 articles of impeachment unfold almost clearly and soley along partisan lines all but 4 democrats in the house of representatives voting to approve the the impeachment of trump there was one independent who sided with those democrats in approving the articles and then every single one of the republican members in the house voted against the impeachment not a surprise at all given all the partisan arguments that we've seen unfold today as
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well as through these last few weeks and those arguments have been pretty much the same a repetition republican saying that this entire impeachment process is illegitimate that democrats are pursuing it out of partisan distaste for trump and for his policies while democrats are framing this in historic terms saying that the founders of this country had envisioned using this tool of impeachment to hold those who who occupy the highest offices in the land to account when they be trade their country and their same donald trump did that when he requested that ukraine interfere with the upcoming presidential elections house majority leader nancy pelosi spoke with reporters shortly after these historic votes. a great day for the future of the united states a sad one for america that the president's reckless activities.
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are having. if you are of the future. so i do this this day this fall as something that we did to honor the vision i back down to establish for the public the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform to defend our democracy and that republic and the aspirations of our shelden and that they will live in a democracy and that we have tried to do everything we can can make sure but that is their reality. now the process is that the articles of impeachment go to the senate where there will be a trial that hasn't happened yet take us through what the who the stages from he'll . that's right so now house speaker pelosi is set to choose the impeachment managers these are members of the house who will serve
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essentially as the prosecutors in the senate trial but that zeroes in on a key question that we still have an answer which is when is she going to make that selection of the impeach managers and when are they going to literally walk across the capitol and deliver these articles to the senate chamber which would officially pass this into the next stage of the impeachment well she was asked that by reporters in this press conference and she was very coolly with her answer she would not lay out a timeline and in fact said that she would not make a decision until she is convinced that the senate will hold a fair trial so that really leaves things open and we are uncertain exactly when this impeachment will proceed forward. thank you for that will donald trump has been rallying supporters at battle creek in michigan for more than an hour now he's just wrapped up that speech john hendren is there john what does he have to say.
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well the president was clearly energized by this impeachment process and by the crowd that was here in battle creek michigan spoke for by my count a little 102 hours the vote them for about a 3rd of that according to his prepared remarks anyway about a 3rd of that was on a beach made you heard the votes earlier where he said the democrats branded themselves with a mark of shame he said they are the ones who are endangering democracy and he gets energized by these crowds and he continues on even when a little more than 30 minutes longer than he was expected to speak and he was received even worse if you see absolutely this was a crowd of many thousands that by one count about 800000 some of them were waiting outside along with a very small no. for a protester when the president was not at all now he offered no apologies he was doing mayans and he made it clear that he's going to seek reelection in 2020 min to
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do that it needs the help of states mind michigan michigan is one of those states the swing states won by a very narrow margin no republican in done that since george herbert walker bush in 1988 and trump won with 47.3 percent of the vote to hillary clinton's 47 percent of those and about 50000 votes and that is about the number who vote right here in this county so he's in one of those places that he needs to win in 2020 inclines a look of the crowd that is here he certainly got a lot of supporters here john thank you for that john hendren there at that trump rally kimberly health that is at the white house this is the 3rd president now to be impeached but the difference here is he is going to seek reelection the question i suppose out of all of this is how this is going to play politically what's your assessment. yeah this is the real we're in uncharted territory as we said
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so many times with this president and this presidency and the fact that voters will ultimately have the ability to weigh in on whether or not the congress acted appropriately is certainly remarkable donald trump has already commented on the fact that he believes that this is helped his poll numbers that they have gone up particularly in battleground states i think it's also important to note here that donald trump has essentially as a master marketer he's taken what most people would see as a very devastating moment and already he's shining it up and packaging it as something that's not heard of him but it's hurting the opposition democrats essentially he made the argument that they are they have the stain are on there are sort of legacy not him even though this is of course a historic moment for the president in that he's going into the history books as the 3rd president to be impeached this is the sort of trademark to fire ants of
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donald trump and well it is a very 'd somber moment we're also seeing his white house team also in working in concert rebranding all of this as we saw the democrats like house speaker nancy pelosi talking about this very somber moment the press secretary was tweeting out the moment where after the 1st article of impeachment democrats cheered these are the kinds of moments and those contrasts that donald trump supporters seize upon i think was really notable as the president was talking there was somebody wearing a t. shirt that said keep trump impeach congress very quickly he was elected to be the disrupter in chief in washington he kept that promise and he wants to do it again there was something saying that can't believe thank you so much for that can be healthy for the white house still ahead on the al-jazeera. muslim leaders from around the world confront the challenges facing their community. and one of the world's most watched food. pullbacks disrupted by protesters in wasilla.
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how i'm pleased to say the weather is quite in down now across eastern parts of the united states this is the band of platte valley that led the violent storms across those southern areas of the country i would towards the east coast the dry weather grassy pushing its way back aim behind at least for todd but cold and crisp temperatures in new york widest 3 degrees celsius smog is full of seeing the 4 lots of sunshine across the eastern 3rd of the country's best places the cloud into central parts of the country leavitt's was the pacific northwest more cloud of rain coming in across british columbia sliding down into washington into oregon as well tended to snow as a pushes over the cascades and nudges its way east with some very heavy rain also
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coming in as we go on through friday avalanche risk well and truly up as we go on through the next couple of days that cloud in central as will ease a little further race with warming up in new york just about getting above freezing once it will be up in atlanta as well getting back into double figures as we go on and see friday and out across the caribbean lots of sunshine want to shall see has to be said the heaviest showers it was the western side of the region pasta cuba could see some showers might catch a shower with same in jamaica but the heaviest right we were across central america . 2 years of a 5th grade the damage caused to the precious grasslands a chilling is being revised with one of the world's biggest advocate conservation projects. they're pretty and out of the patagonians anatomy if they're kind of on and there. like this one is then you know that the system is mirroring back and
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that they feel no surrender. and that's my hair on fire. on al-jazeera. they're watching al-jazeera here's a reminder of our top stories this hour. the 45th president of the united states donald trump has been impeached members of the house formally charged with abuse of power at obstruction of congress a trial senate is expected next month. trump has called those impeachment proceedings and attempted true he says it's a desperate if it by the democrats to win the 2020 election. a model for droid
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is an associate professor of political science at howard university and the author of republicans and the black vote he joins us on skype from washington d.c. nice to have you with us michael i'm just wondering if there was not something in a of a tuple about what we've seen play out here from the moment donald trump was elected there was some sides of the democrats are refusing to accept the legitimacy of the presidency by still the testimony we've heard in the hearings president trump has not acted with the legitimacy of the presidency is will will be always hating to this man. well i have to tell you i'm not surprised that we're here you know each president his face with significant opposition that in some of the most virulent of those opponents would call for impeachment but nobody really takes that to be particularly serious but with president trump we have a completely different ballgame so to speak and his actions throughout his
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presidency and most particularly as those included in their articles of impeachment well while not it inevitable is certainly not surprise you say a very different bold guy will the son to be said generally of american politics and i'm wondering if impeachment in this case does not necessarily mean what it could mean of course it's a story of course it's significant but is it going to have the impact and of course when it goes to the senate in all likelihood donald trump will be acquitted well he might be acquitted and quite frankly i think it's going to be very difficult to get 20 republicans to cross over and vote with the democrats you have to have 67 votes and 100 seat senate 2 thirds majority to remove someone who's been impeached and quite frankly that's not likely to happen but the reality is though that. it will certainly send
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a message but more importantly it is going to have a significant impact on president trump's reelection campaign he is conducting themselves as if this doesn't matter politically. but it does and it will be a cloud over him is going to make it more difficult for him to wear win reelection even if this assuming of course that the senate does go to acquit and just on the senate how significant will it be setting the terms of that of that hearing who is allowed to be called as a witness who ultimately testifies in the influence of the supreme court chief justice john roberts in being able to impose himself on the pot as a night shift of the senate in the partisan nature of american politics now going up as a great question i will tell you i teach mustards this all the time the rules impact the results and we won't know exactly where this is going to land until we
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know that the rules that have been set for that agreed upon by the united states senate right not there yet there's going to be some back and forth over who gets to testify in the shape of form of a trial and we'll get there soon enough but but that is certainly a concern that is that it provides it presents a variable that i think should cause pause for anyone who wants to be very definitive about a lot of this you mentioned chief justice roberts the the the chief justice of the united states supreme court presides over the over the trial in the senate historically in such cases the chief justice has been very deferential to the senate and i think that's likely to be the the same case here. but so much of this has been unpredictable we don't yet know exactly how roberts is going to conduct this but i will tell you i wouldn't be surprised if there was some things happen that we don't actually perceive right now michael fauntroy
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a pleasure to have you on the program sir thank you my pleasure thank you. muslim leaders are meeting in the malaysian capital to tackle the biggest issues facing the islamic world regional and ethnic conflicts like those in syria and kashmir will be top of the agenda pillar gets will also work to combat islamophobia the turkish and iranian president katty is mia and the malaysian prime minister speaking at the summit we'll go live now to mohammed vall in kuala lumpur take us through the significance of this summit. right this summit has been raised from the level of a forum that forum has been going on for the last 5 years but this time around because mahathir mohamad the founder of that forum in one in 2014 has decided to raise it to the level of a summit and he says he said just a while ago in his speech that he invited most of the muslim countries at various
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levels to this discussion that aims at looking at the problems the very serious problems facing the islamic world including as you mentioned islamophobia including the displacement and internal wars and also wars on whistlin countries as well as those people those few muslims whom he mentioned he said to be trying to take revenge in the wrong way which has generated the so-called terrorism and also islamophobia so lots of issues including also the development. that those are the broad lines of what's being discussed in this summit by the leaders of muslim countries including turkey iran. turkey on my leisure and also other countries are various levels the leaders are now discussing these issues and it is going to be 3 days including the not only the leaders of those countries but also experts and thinkers from muslim countries trying to find solutions mahathir
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mohamad in his speech said we may not find solutions but will also find a way or start a way that will lead to solutions we have invited everyone for this is caution and we're with tried not to exclude anyone but this is by no means an attempt to to to find to actually to create something different or something that is replacing the side he did not mention i see by name but he and. luda to that this is not this is not the usual comprehensive gutting but we wanted to start small and if we find something something that we can raise to the level of the entire islamic that we will have to stop those have a listen to the indian speaking right now so i make civilization is in a sense of like you to kill or a line of thought. you
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know what and here and also if you have the height of racism to. integrate people into different different levels in. their religion yes. we are committed to or human values and i respect all those. we are interested in looking at the. relationship between politics and development. there has to be so vanity an ability to govern locally to one's own interest. just. when there is economic stagnation. it is difficult to
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think in terms of being free in terms of having their own decisions. that's why a couple have put at the forefront economic development. and the 2nd strategy which will last until 2030 in 3 stages or identity i'll revert to a very says well are very important and it's part of our economic planning. openness to the outside world is also important to us. also. being. able to accept diversity and respect for other religions. not us. extremism is the result of lack of confidence alike of identity and. our
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beliefs on beliefs in international cooperation. first in giving and conditional economic aid to needy countries. development of education and fighting poverty is at the forefront of what assistance to countries. some people are trying to. ensure that. violence is part and parcel of. extremism exists everywhere and the religions can be
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a part of the fueling elements of extremism and. poverty. and ignorance also plays a part but it's not. all subject is closely allied. to. the importance of stability. and that requires. looking for the call one oddity in the relations between countries and respect and not interference in other country's internal affairs. justice is also very important. in the longer. development development and can see the reconsideration based all mutual understanding.
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and we have been listening to the emir of qatar tom in been. speaking there that islamics islamic summit in kuala lumpur talking about the economy economic stagnation his plans for qatar's economic development talking there about extremism as well warning that extremism comes from a lack of confidence and also saying that extremism of course happens everywhere that meeting in kuala lumpur of islamic leaders believe that then continue to follow that throughout the day. and i. just go back to you just listening there to what the cat hour of the mirror has been saying particularly talking about what he sees as the role of religion in the world in dealing with issues of extremism.
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right that's exactly one of the the the central points themes of this discussion of this summit mahathir mohamad the prime minister of malaysia he said although we're not here to discuss religion but we are here to look at what's wrong what one wrong for the islamic world that caused this amount of problems but the top been around for a long time and we haven't been able to solve them so both leaders in their speeches have tried to tackle that issue they talked about terrorism they talked about fanaticism within islam and the need for muslims to look at that issue and address it as just one of the of several issues they that they approach in this summit is a little bit different from what we have seen during the last several decades with the for instance they they have a theme that centralizes on development the think that even though we have wars and conflicts and all kinds of issues. issues to deal with we can't wait
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for the solutions of those problems we can't wait with regards to development and we even think that if we can develop our countries economically and work together we can maybe move ahead and resolve those other problems baba thank you so much for the live there from kuala lumpur. but this is al-jazeera these are the top stories the 45th president of the united states donald trump has been impeached bemba's of the house formally charged him with abuse of power and obstruction of congress a trial in the senate is expected next month a great day for the constitution of the united states a shadowline for america that the president's reckless action to gauge the chaos
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after having. articles of impeachment. i do this this day this all a something that we did to honor the vision i backed down to establish for the public a sacrifice of our men and women in uniform to defend our democracy and that of heaven and the aspirations of actual and that they were all for democracy and that we have tried to do everything we can can make sure all part of where we actually were trouble is called those impeachment proceedings an attempted coup he says it's a desperate effort by the democrats to win the 2020 alexion you are the ones interfering in america's elections you are the one subverting america's democracy we did nothing wrong nothing whatsoever this is just an excuse.
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you are the ones obstructing justice. you are the ones bringing suffering to our republic for your own selfish personal political and partisan. believe is attorney general has ordered the arrest of former president evo morales on charges of sedition and terrorism but others resigned and left bolivia in november after protests and allegations of irregularities in the presidential election protesters have rallied again in new delhi after india's top court postponed hearings on a controversy or new citizenship law until january it says it needs more details from the government well those are the headlines of course the news continues here on out is your right after the bottom line. what kind of. people willing to pick up the coast we bring you the stories and developments that
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are rapidly changing the world we live in so is it possible for trump to actually obliterate the economy counting the cost on al-jazeera hi i'm steve clements and i have a question what is the dangerous and murky deep state the president keeps talking about let's get to the bottom line. when you hear the term deep state what image does it conjure up is that a secret illuminati that controls everything around us so who are they president donald trump has been claiming that there is a vast deep state conspiracy against him for years now like when he said this last month in kentucky we are finally putting america 1st. yet they. are trying to resist any changes to their failed policies. they believe in.


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