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0. where ever you. took as president defends what he calls his right to help libya's tripoli government as a battle zone warlords forces for control of the capital. this is al jazeera live also coming up. to be given a chance but these anti-government protesters have already made up their mind. more protests in india. citizenship more. internet services in parts
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of the country. we have a president who is a pathological liar. spurred on by donald trump's impeachment the democrats who want to replace him face off in another direction. egypt says it rejects any move by turkey to play a bigger role in the libyan conflict libya's internationally recognized government has given the go ahead for closer military cooperation with turkey it could see turkish troops deployed to the capital tripoli to help defend it from warlord holy for have to reach allan's as more. libya's warring forces are on the move here soldiers of highly for have to libyan national army advanced west aerobraking now and hoping to open a new front for months they've been fighting on the outskirts of tripoli against the army of the government of national accord on thursday the u.n. backs g.n.
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and announced its agreed to receive greater military help from turkey but that. after an as an office site is receiving support from home this is known to all by say raj with his lawful and legitimate government and not receiving any support currently based on us why decide and provide them with the assistance we can afford . this is a proxy conflict that splits the middle east and north africa and beyond the u.a.e. saudi arabia egypt and russia have all given greater or lesser assistance to have to but if we have to or might topple the government of national accord has spurred turkey into overt action for turkey their interest is not libya itself anybody who looks at a map of the mediterranean will see that egypt to turkey south south cyprus greece and potentially libya if it falls on the half that and therefore goes into the u.a.e. or bit is forming a sort of maritime choke hold on to turkey for taking libya is the final chance to prevent this chokehold from taking place although libya's g.n.a.t.
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has ratified the security and military cooperation deal it struck with turkey last month it's not immediately clear what kind of military support turkey might offer libya or when but it reinforces turkey's role in influencing libya's future like with syria russia and turkey have taken different sides increasing their diplomatic leverage and corporation. we russia by the way are in permanent contact with mr seraphina's government with marshall have to we continuously communicate with our partners including those in turkey in europe in other countries in our opinion the best solution would be to find compromise between the 2 sides of the conflict. at the u.n. al-jazeera asked the secretary general spokesman for his take on turkey's military assistance i think the secretary general a couple times yesterday was very clear in his expression and frankly of his i would say is frustration at the situation in libya of the constant flouting by
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various member states of the arms embargo and of the continued fighting that we're seeing in and around tripoli and other places in the country but now fighting certainly isn't over yet rory chalons al-jazeera the man chosen to be lebanon's prime minister has asked his divided country to give him a chance to lead it out of crisis but it's a tough sell to protesters it's been months demanding a total overhaul of the governing system and see how sandia is part of the problem tony burke the reports from beirut. 24 hours ago he wasn't even in the running but on thursday last sunday ab was appointed lebanon's new prime minister and given the difficult task of leading the country out of its worst political crisis in decades you will have no new deal of unease and if it should focus on preventing the collapse of restoring confidence and safeguarding national unity by consolidating bridges of understanding between all of unease people political and security
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stability is a priority today and it is a cornerstone for the protection of their country 5 years ago mr diaz service education minister in a cat's government now he's promised to be a unifying force and has asked the country to bury its divisions and give him a chance not everyone is prepared to do that many see him as part of the old political order they want overhauled they want someone that resent us you know and as. our guys say is not related to anyone from all the parties and all the politicians this country and doesn't belong to the whole sectarian and also. and the idea is that we've been 60 days on the streets and our demands are very clear. lebanon has suffered from nearly 2 months of often violent and disruptive street protests over government corruption spiraling inflation and a dire economic situation but there are those who believe mr can succeed look now
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and lebanon is suffering serious military and economic pressures and risks a social explosion the current social revolution may lead to insecurity and instability and we all have to help the app is a technocrat and specialist and everyone should understand that the former university professor was not elected unanimously the large influential sunny bloc led by the former prime minister saad hariri did not support mr diablo or nominate its own candidate he was backed by the predominately shiite hezbollah alliance the media in israel has already described mr diablo as hezbollah's man. and this shows that as well as dealing with lebanon's pressing domestic issues he was also juggle the interests of outside powers such as iran syria the us and israel which have all played a part in the country's political instability. and was after mr diablo accepted the nomination people were still out protesting although in fewer numbers but in sunny areas of beirut and lebanon the 2nd largest city tripoli there were reports of
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roads being blocked and tires being burned mr diablo begin talking to all parties this weekend but it's clear that not everyone wants to listen. but there's still a lot of talking to be done before hasn't he is able to head a new government and that process can still take months but the question is how will his nomination translate for the lebanese people and will it be enough to stop the violence and the demonstrations tony burke 3 al-jazeera beirut. protests have started up again in new delhi and elsewhere in india the go to citizenship law that opponents see is anti muslim 3 protesters were shot and killed on thursday hundreds were detained the new law makes it easier for refugees and migrants from 3 neighboring countries to get indian citizenship but it excludes muslims protesters say it goes against india's secular constitution so business is in new delhi where more protests are taking place i'm standing here in front of jamie i the university
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where some of the 1st protests against their controversial us citizenship law started and now all of these people are chanting for freedom over here. yesterday they were the last of protests across the country 3 people died during the protests but most of these death have happened in b.g.p. which is the ruling party of truth states now these people are not actually allowed to gather even now section $144.00 which. doesn't allow people to protest or gather more than 4 people at a time it has been imposed but these people are saying that they are not going to baghdad now curfew has been imposed in the state in mangalore and they did that even as of the services have been cut down in certain areas. and now these
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protests there are some more protests by the pym army which is the so-called untouchable group who are protesting. in another part of delhi but like yesterday it is expected that most of these people are going to be arrested and. people here are saying that they are not going to stop protesting now what is also interesting what what we have seen when we went to the state is that where people were the men couldn't come out the women started coming out in large numbers from their homes to protest against this controversial law. on any other day these markets in india would have been heaving with people now all the shutters are down and police can be seen standing in every corner. many of the residents here have instead been doing this. mothers and sisters of students of
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good muslim university where police crackdown on protesting students have now taken the movement outside the campus they too are now protesting against the new citizenship amendment act a law that allows religious minorities from neighboring countries to apply for indian citizenship the legislation specifically excludes muslims how might a man protest approach has started because of the police brutality against students of m.-u. and john mia. no not how we are housewives we are now on the streets for the future of our children the residents here say they have never felt this anger before you know this so there's anger not just against the citizenship amendment act which which of course is there but also against the police brutality the crackdown on the internet and on allowing people to assemble and protest peacefully so i think that has that has increased the scope and the width of the issues that are being
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protested regardless of your views on the citizenship amendment act you should be there protesting against this kind of crackdown on the right to protest and the right to criticize and the right to freedom of speech and expression. security forces are here in large numbers. gas and rubber bullets the security forces of here are saying that these women don't have the right permission to protest over here the women are saying that they have gone to all the required authorities to get that permission but that has not been forthcoming and now it's a standoff. in many parts of the country including the capital new delhi the government has imposed restrictions on public gatherings of more than 4 people across the country civilians have come out to protest nevertheless and have been detained while the government is willing to review provisions within the law they
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are not willing to retract it this will likely lead to a larger standoff. china's president has wrapped up his visit to macau on the 20th anniversary of the handover of the former portuguese quality. is the gambling capital progress since the return to chinese rule and warned against foreign interference in both the kal and hong kong's internal affairs. what i would like to emphasize is that after the return of hong kong macao to the motherland the pairs of the 2 special administrative region are completely china's internal affairs which brooks no finger pointing from any external forces the chinese government the chinese people's will to safeguard national sovereignty security and development interests are rock hard we will never allow any external forces to interfere in hong kong and macau affairs. military students from saudi arabia studying in the united states of being cleared to fly again following an
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investigation into an attack at an air base the pentagon said on thursday it found no threat in its review of around 850 students and lifted a freeze on operational training earlier this month the saudi air force officers shot dead 3 people at the base in florida. at least 19 civilians have been killed in the latest round of russian attacks on rebel held areas of northwestern syria dozens more were injured shelling it is strike seen live province in recent weeks there are reports that government forces are preparing for a ground offensive to secure the main highway linking the capital damascus with the northern city of aleppo still ahead on al jazeera. catastrophic. in new south wales. is preparing for its entry into the olympics.
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hello today the flood warning is in italy and the wind will do throughout the alps but actually the last 24 hours has seen this cloud this power over italy fast amounts of rain in both portugal and spain 10240 millimeters and that in a short space of time certainly causes floods and that's all coming in to the west to the east we've had something of a southerly breeze a lot of cloud there but not much coming out of it so forecasts wise temperatures are quite high 13 in vienna 10 in warsaw 5 in stockholm you should be seeing low single figures or even subzero at this time of the year as well because the as a region it's in the fairly warm planting so of course rain keeps going through this is tonight into tomorrow it eases up in spain and portugal it comes traits
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more now in italy and again in the alps where you've got wind then snow so the avalanche risk given the temperatures also going to be quite high this is come saturday that some of this will spill over into morocco as ever the case so about forecasts is a tidy one temperature wise probably talk about us in the high teens maybe 20 in the clouds for the cross area towards 2 days in between friday and saturday most of it will be dry casual spots are right now less disappointing even for december. sponsored. enough because technology could be sent. to live side by side. challenges canyon. to help small scale farmers cultivate a new future but can mobile phones really be the seed of change it's
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a starting place because it's going to be. this is a reminder about top stories protests of new delhi and elsewhere in india against the citizenship people. killed. and hundreds to time the new law office a path to citizenship for those who did minorities from 3 neighboring countries but due to exclude muslims. egypt says it rejects any move by turkey to play a bigger role in the libyan conflict libya's internationally recognized government
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has given the go ahead for closer military cooperation with. the. new prime minister has sparked more protests a group of people gathered outside his home to reject his nomination. to be given a chance. donald trump is demanding an immediate trial in the u.s. senate after being impeached by the house of representatives but house speaker nancy pelosi says she won't send the case until she knows how the proceedings will be managed in the senate which is controlled by trump's republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has already asked colleagues to correct what he calls a toxic impeachment. meanwhile 7 of the democrats who want to replace donald trump hill they follow debate of the year in los angeles there were heated exchanges of everything from the economy to climate change rob reynolds has. said the impeachment was topic number one all the candidates support president donald
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trump's impeachment and all said they would be the best nominee to beat him in november but my job is to just go out and make the case why he doesn't deserve to be president not in states for another 4 years cannot how the president made that temperament was dishonoring the presidency of the united states we need a candidate for president who can draw that sharpens distinction between the russian of the administration and a democrat who is willing to get out and fight not just the wealthy and well connected but to fight for everyone else that's why i'm in this race no matter what happens in the senate it is up to us in 2020 this is our chance to refuse to be taken in by the helplessness to refuse and reject this cynicism of like in previous debates climate change played a prominent role i believe i'm the only person here who will say unequivocally this is my number one priority and maybe just baby instead of spending 1.8 trillion
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a year globally on weapons of destruction baby at american president i've heard it said this lead the world it said a spending weapon but hey they're killing each other out baby we pool our resources and fight our common enemy your senator just climate change or there were contentious moments you. would. have had to have the average citizen car had or had. time here to. listen to this argument senator elizabeth warren criticized indiana mayor pete booed a judge over accepting campaign. contributions from wealthy people the mayor just recently had a fundraiser that was held in a wind cave full of crystals and served $900.00 a bottle why does he have. this is the problem with the issuing purity tests you
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cannot yourself asked former vice president joe biden and senator bernie harris clashed over the subject of universal health care. but your hand up for 2nd. just the way he did you know you know i know you know biden has maintained the lead in nationwide polls for several months now and many democrats seem to believe he is best positioned to beat donald trump in november as had unsteady performances in many of the past debates but tonight was probably his best showing thus far robert oulds algis iraq's last chance for. the battle against bush fires in australia is about to get even more difficult extreme heat and strong winds a forecast for saturday rising the fire danger level in the most populous states to catastrophic at least 50 bushfires are still burning out of control in new south wales where an emergency has been declared to volunteer firefighters were killed on thursday when the truck was struck by
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a falling tree near sydney more than 700 homes have been destroyed to savor the washington ease in sydney and looks ahead to this weekend's worrying whether. conditions we'll get west tomorrow which will be saturday here in australia it's this dangerous combination off the heat wave and those gusty winds now we have been in a heat wave this whole week but it is expected to get much worse this weekend there are 50 fires burning out of in control but more than 100 fires burning in new south wales alone that is really as most populous state but this is a nationwide crisis we just heard from authorities in the state of south australia where they've had to actually shut off how it has some parts of the set the stage just to keep community safe now while the only is crisis is unfolding and escalating this week has been a bit of a political storm as well as truly as prime minister scott morrison hasn't been in
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the country this week he's been in hawaii with his family on holiday and many people here question the appropriateness of a proper minister going on holiday well such a crisis is unfolding well so much of the country is on fire i have just heard a few hours ago from prime minister morrison who said in a statement that he deeply regrets if he's holding a cause any offense to the many australians who have been affected by these bush violence. kind of the supreme court has ruled that it's some russian spies can keep you citizenship after these periods deported from the u.s. forest be a dodge the secret life of his family was the inspiration for a hit t.v. series kristen salumi has more from new york the parents of 25 year old alexander vava live were actually arrested in the united states back in 2010 as part of a wide f.b.i. sweep that rounded up 10 undercover russian agents who were working in the united
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states it was such a sensational case that it was the inspiration for a television series that focused on a family like the volga lobs where the parents were working undercover and the children had no concept initially that their parents were spies the children in this case were actually born in canada their parents had moved there in the waning days of the cold war and storm the identity of dead canadian citizens to integrate into society and then they moved to the united states in the 1995 under canadian law if you're born in that country you're entitled to citizenship unless you're the child of a diplomat or a foreign government employee and that's what the canadian government was arguing in this case that they did not deserve citizenship vav a lot of argued that his parents were not formal employees and the supreme court sided with him this decision will benefit is expected to benefit not only him but
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his older brother who has a separate case pending in canada they claim that they've never felt connected to russia where they were granted citizenship after being deported they claim that canada is the only place that they feel they belong. tens of thousands of sudanese of celebrated the 1st anniversary of the start of the uprising which eventually deposed. he reports in the capital. with chants similar to those that crying out during the start of anti-government protests last year this train takes off from the sudanese capital to a place nicknamed the city of steel and fire where the revolution started a year ago. while those in power to marked its 1st anniversary the same way they started every demonstration last year with the singing of the national anthem. the sunnis to really prove how resilient they can be and how strong they are and how can they stand up to anything using their creative power in the case of
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energy and their determination in this alliance through tough times it's all began over the high price of bread in the northeast and. within hours it spread to other cities and soon turned nationwide people demanded there is a nation of president obama and bush who had to govern for nearly 30 years they also called on his entire government and ruling party to go in the military deposed bashir in april and following months of political turmoil filled with determination and persistence to see change by demonstrators the military hunta and protest leaders reached a power sharing deal in august and then from the transitional government. sudan's revolution has been costly in terms of lives these pictures show just some of those killed during protests over the past 12 months and even though bashir and his government are gone and a new transitional one is then demonstrators who demanded change say their revolution is far from over activists say more than $250.00 protesters were killed
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since the start of the protests have of that during an attack on a pro-democracy to 10 on june 3rd and 12 months on in a revolution where people called for freedom peace and justice the demand for justice has taken a front seat. so result we want retribution for those killed they've given their lives for change to happen because of them were able to celebrate today. the transitional government has set up a committee to look into those allegations the government also disbanded the former ruling party in line with some of the demands made by the people the sudanese professional association which led the calls for protests as much work remains after this all this progress. sounding for freedom. for justice. and demanding peace and we think that it's come a long way and we still have a long way to go it's just a matter of time so for now people here examine and reflect on what they've
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achieved so far while making it clear that they still want to see more being done to complete their evolution. is their own. brazil's president says his government is on the brink of finalizing a bill that allows mining on protected indigenous land. is the legislation just needs congressional approval or both scenarios campaign promises including what he calls assimilating indigenous people into brazilian society but rights groups say he's only putting them at risk. with surfing and skateboarding getting into the olympics in a bid to add more youth appeal the next in line for inclusion is breakdancing is said to be approved today with the paris summer games in 2024 despite being promoted by organizes a very different badge for research from melbourne in sweden. he is firmly established on the bright dancing scene in
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a veteran at the age of 12. he and his 6 year old brother a part of a generation that could see breakdancing breaking as it's known complete an unlikely journey to the olympics with final approval for the paris 2024 summer games expected in a year's time. do you think you could be. yeah my age. 16 around so i was in the books so you know grading medals was really. the present hard practice. is hosting the undisputed masters unofficial end of year world championships competitive breaking is run by different promoters scattered across the globe but the license for the olympics has been applied for by the world down sports federation which usually organizes dancing. this is always been a culture not
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a sports meaning our ruling body as such but with the boring bouncing federation taking its until impacts many of them breaking and could be forgetting its roots but then just part of it is if we remove what this dance is really about. 3 represents what is though an avenue out from people and get all derived from people that come from impoverished backgrounds we have to keep that part of alive and i don't think you could be that successful about really earning the respect of the community or of course for the people that really live in. the culture is also being lived in countries like new and cameroon these are some of the places in which the olympics could provide exposure and aspiration for breaking its competitive element just as long as going into the games doesn't make it all about the medal.
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this is the top story. in new delhi india against the citizenship law. the new law office a path to citizenship for persecuted from 3 neighboring countries but excludes muslims egypt says it rejects any move by turkey to play a bigger role in the libyan conflict. recognise government has given the go ahead
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for military cooperation with. the nomination of. a group of people. to be given. control. was struck by a falling tree. china's president has wrapped up his visit to macau on the 20th anniversary of the handover of the former portuguese colony being praised the gambling capital's progress since its return to chinese rule he also warned against foreign interference in both macau and hong kong's internal affairs well. what i would like to emphasize is that after the return of hong kong macao to the motherland the pairs of the 2 special administrative region are completely china's internal affairs which brooks no finger pointing from any external forces the
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chinese government and the chinese people's will to safeguard national sovereignty security and development interests are rock hard we will never allow any external forces to interfere in hong kong and macau affairs u.s. president donald trump is demanding an immediate trial in the senate die after being impeached by the house of representatives but house speaker nancy pelosi says she won't send the case in to see knows how the proceedings will be managed in the senate which is controlled by trump's republican body senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has already asked colleagues to correct what he calls a toxic impeachment. well those are the headlines the news continues here on out to syria right after the strike. with one of the highest murder rates in the world the main challenger one of central america smallest countries is gang related violence you are
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a country that's not real but you are levels of. that look like contrition the president of el salvador. talks to al-jazeera. i am and i'm really going to why all mel paddles still a thing today we discuss an issue that is near and dear to our hearts the lack of women in media if this is an issue that's important to you let us know how it affects your life tweet us or join our live youtube chat and you too could be in the stream. so we have man france is imposing manaus when it comes to speaking engagements men continue to outnumber women by a large margin in the media well the same rules apply have you noticed over the past couple.


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