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tv   Darfur Football For Peace  Al Jazeera  December 24, 2019 9:00am-10:00am +03

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peace it will be here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera saudi arabia has sentenced 5 people to death for the murder of the journalist. but 3 of the most senior suspects have been cleared so the arabia's public prosecutor maintains the murder was not premeditated you have an amah and the whole loaded the investigation is carried out by the public prosecution revealed that there was no premeditation not murder at the beginning of this assignment it was a spur of the moment action when the leading negotiator inspected the consulate premises and it was established to him that it was impossible to have the victim may he rest in peace transported to a safe place to continue with negotiations consultations were made with a leading negotiator and it was agreed with the perpetrators to kill the victim
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inside the consulate in an expert on extra judicial killings this described the saudi investigation and the trial as a mockery of justice what we. now whitewash. of just. and the facts that jane. and. i have not been it didn't mean. that maybe also people want to. hear. 50 students groups in new delhi are said to march against the controversial citizenship law there however the police say they won't allow the demonstration to go ahead protesters say the new law is anti muslim at least 25 people have been killed across india in the last 2 weeks elizabeth purana has more now from new delhi.
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heard police tell officers to not let the students get or anyone for that matter get beyond this point to detain anyone that comes to us and while some protests have been allowed in some haven't today's it is particularly contentious because many of having to march to be president of the whole minister ahmed shah he is seen as the most powerful person in the government other than the prime minister himself and he's also saying he's as the architect of what critics say. the government's anti muslim policies the united nations secretary-general is calling for an immediate truce in northern syria government forces are pushing deeper into the last rebel stronghold of italy dozens of civilians have been killed and tens of thousands displaced in recent weeks and in another part of northern syria at least 8 civilians have been killed by a car bomb that happened inside look at turkish backbiters kurdish forces in october there's been no claim of responsibility china's premier says the leaders of
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japan and south korea have agreed to cooperate with north korea they've gathered at a summit in the city of chengdu it is a rare agreement between so and tokyo after months of deteriorating relations between the e.u. has more now from the chinese capital beijing also revealed as i mentioned that they want to continue to push for dialogue and also that they want to continue to support the person as between a pyongyang and washington they want to do whatever they can to facilitate those talks and ensure those talks are a success but china at the same time i think is always focusing on really having these 3 countries work together present in united front when it comes to that issue and reminding i think the people in this press conference that these are the 3 the 3 countries who are best who are most affected and also best positioned to see that peace is say is sustained in the current didn't either. a bus has plunged off the road and into a river in indonesia killing at least 25 people that happened in
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a remote part of south sumatra it's thought the vehicle may have been carrying 50 passengers and rescue teams are now searching for any possible survivors and arrest warrants been ensued in the ivory coast for. the candidates in next year's presidential election so it was juicer return home to start his campaign as his flight was diverted to ghana astronomers in the u.k. have discovered 6 new planets outside our solar system the planets are extremely hot scientists say they could hold the key to finding out how our was formed those are the headlines the news continues after al-jazeera world all season.
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football is played in enjoyed by billions of people every week all over the world including those living in the shadow of a bloody conflict that has claimed over a quarter of a 1000000 lives. this is darfur in sudan where passion for football runs high and memories are not.
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going to hurry for the fear of. alarm and go well. i would have been out or when i. would have been a bit. and i'm in demand not of the mark of the alleged. am but. i have an event i wish i could have had a grammy award at that moment dimethyl in. darfur covering a vast area of western sudan is synonymous with a savage internal political and ethnic conflicts it peaked in 2003 and remains largely on resolved the united nations estimates that war famine and disease have cost around 300000 lives a figure disputed by the sudanese government international aid has brought some
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stability to darfur and refugee camps the size of small cities dotted throughout the region. like abu shook as tabish at the height of the conflict in 2004 is now home to a young generation whose only knowledge of their family origins comes from their parents to. but some of the younger people of abu shook still cling to hope with their batons fart and rough dusty football pitches as the nation's banks are playing their own pride and. that the. program. there.
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are. either negative or our. lives have been. allowed. what are. despite and i'm hussein's modesty this is a major initiative for the refugee camp taking on our children from the camp many of whom were born in the bush. at the. weekend with thanks now both of those are. those are the as their lives. as they don't want them and what they.
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don't get that at the unknown the woman knows it. was either going to learn what another one and there was in a long while. and visit. is . moment when the team selected and their kid distributed it's time for the opening formalities. for the 1st over prepping for a couple to help with a couple of them the law firm of the political group the study for superman the army recruit custom academy for recruit me plus not only probably broke the 1st round of the proper with the but at the end of the block.
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the on the the. the amount. you would allow the lock out of louisville is laid i'm in the or not the limited area and you will if you see have come within the. new year and the year without a bit of use if it is the more you will allow that the us is an arbiter of that. as it is only the money in another one as it didn't fall into even a hole through an argument a thought of other with the palaces of another of the very rich of a law that can jam in a hole to. no my judgment on how to mingle
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a man in but i will go to you know now you know a lot about it but i've got my limits mothers and of the mothers of war no going my limine was low and forgive a lot of those and i was not only seated a little but all the hunger turning on in other words. if you see the leader. not start with a mob the rebel heart is. smart and ready for more than someone take to. snarl you feel you're not the hen. but. you must. can a given album. cover
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out was. going to write i was you know who. that was. at a level that above all how do you know and then you thought that i was a little sure. that i was in england you know i don't. think i'm not what i was when i thought he was i guess i was he didn't love it other than don't i just . don't think he still owns them he got. all the oil and denies any shot in
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a level will. alone on the ledge of the new endo i doubt him the lugging a little one who. has only ever known the abu shook refugee camp he's very survival is due purely to his mother's quick thinking at a time when they feel it's was under attack. he said ok. i'm going how did you know if that a cons a higher up what if she said it. that it will hurt. though my home especially for mine the boy said about this that in the though i. am the city guy in a bit. i would never do not have the pellet is that a good that i was in the want to get into got a shot at a. citizen and hunted and hunted then and when the nut of it would have a shot. going that i was. going to are going to have you think is
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a hero we've got another. doesn't live in the 2nd guess i should do and i should know the i'm going to. have a guy than a she and that the night and i didn't and i said if i were alive and go the woman yeah one of the best. that i have with that but not. living without when i've been in with i've been a bit and i don't mean that and. as i guess i don't want to go live with. 100 not assured her going to find another and we're going to miss the next because what it is to get what if. i don't then we're going to hang. it and behave. well and i think that it they said it. i
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guess it added you to them i said i didn't cause it i fact. what the i'm going on with the next i wouldn't write it without a mention of what i did. what i want what i do i'm not a model to model so what's in the engine is what i do if i want a gun and i'm not done with it i was good i don't rush into what it. could be hit them with a bin what i did what i had done the math and what i did if i knew what i meant when he had a husband in a panic alone and he wanted to do a lot of good and well i did a soap but he put that on with the could he get a. symbol why didn't the president live with that.
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has grown as a community with its own shops mosques and markets. with no real industry everyone's expected to do whatever work is available and that includes children. pays his way by balancing manual work with his education. but. it.
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didn't get. you. good. and yet. when i. got back. well the mayor was
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given it since it was a village it was a little. bit it was. a little of that. global the but also not difficult to live up to what the good old it was a bit of credit card debt burden was it that yes it was the stuff was that the gospel was the ice was not out of there no no get on subtle but i didn't give a shit about the stuff and it was a market it was a good thing i'm going to do good out of that it was up. and i was the most hello planner i think.
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only then even that i didn't know i would order i'd been that i was going to get up with one of the sure i was in the middle of the show live in that i was real or holy anybody could i'm a linnet being more and. never listed in a pull them but i didn't i will. but. the boys from the camp sometimes visit the nearby capital of north darfur. it's a city of almost 300000 people and the commercial capital of the region. today the boys have come to watch the local football dopy. and i would again wonder if i wasn't american and whether there was a guarantee of confided in london i haven't showered that whole what activities that. we are now getting to that average again and maybe while next that is ahead i
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still want to know if that had as equally as i have done had it in a video of that and when we knew it had to be down money. but money. and them and given them as of the mass of the one i do. i'm with my husband and then i'm a check into how to global economy who said i'm in demand messing with. russia so a lot of us who are you most young who have to know 111 isn't a fabulous a good a willing ignorance i was even asked mel and i was a foreman of him a scuttle of hyundai left and i was among the settlements in the sky. over he like i'm only half a shady the whole but i liked him shit in the ad enough to hang me little by the line with us a little more only and i'm going to live with he never would have been. but i'm a sucker for the good was a delight the only a little he'd know what you will approach the album and he did but many hidden
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a hole was mass going lost a hole and if you don't have it in that and wish then removing that man i had begin to wanna dance the above the mass of the humble boy and indeed that the friendship he did indeed was modest they would yell will hutton if and he would last the loneliness even if he did not hold one glance i do not do enough women offered me 10 years ago limit them i did meet in june and i miss as now going into home myself when i would look away how gentle as a side to a lamb and a good time and in the mess i am of the little i must tell a zoo the sentiment that its army and its edge of shueisha a hue a reality so many will finally double the reality of in residence and how issue a shoo in that me i will not relate the flood to nominate food with that in them and that i should reduce our new us to guys who issue a human is that yes he died now and i'm sure glad that this of of the lowly of the nasm when you go home all of that you have saved me. i know on my given of course i
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will follow that number of near misses. if then she's of course. and if the gun and i are there we are. so good. and we are all of us going and you know how many of us in muscatine i did were you still winning and i have been up for bids yet and i was in no mean when i was learning very good of me but i had to kind and i usually hear. some of the stuff. when i. am a good guy but the lesson here at the fair could also. be able to walk. out of this shielded. sort would be. the be the
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rock of the. garden i'm sorry joe but i'm glad i discovered their job when i got out of yeah but what good was. another rising star on the. team is a drama on a skilled midfielder. but away from football he makes and then breaks garnished over whatever the moon woosh. kind of machinery road. with. oh glad the kid. was our guide me. but i wouldn't. of the man of the. wagon. was that you know hannah what to hire as another lesson is this government was behind them to the didn't button that is used to name
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a 100 not so that's a button but this is more than the rest of the dillard's the little band idea that i'm on but the beside me and. that is i'd bought a new car and they get what you will get in the guy decides to do most you will know who the one engine wall and the welcome wagon who will sit by you to go on the moon or to get a god made before will come on a grand come on a look at the world who would do the having him all and we will leave him well and he think it will.
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probably still be done can get them out the window below and them i said to get the disease to the sea and mona will learn man duty as top said it was your karma woman that they will learn from the last their last but i have a solemn moment to sum up the conservative. yo ma getting my set to get out of my good man to think i'm going to get by you god just so you know my gosh i'm going to be good now i can use your money to get you. not to go. out and block that thing that will set up all the good all that does not a job but that's the course i did i was at a little bit to just sit quite a lot of the this old stuff oh. they don't suck up i was going off to look good but didn't just get out of it. but what i was. good
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at having the car. run the program on were over brought up i want to correct the girl right after arco are broke or. it.
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was. cold oh cold. despite losing on penalties the tournament organizers have taken into account how close the game was and have allowed both teams to proceed in the competition so the boys have. 2 matches away from the final. 2 to slay my people have been killed to the plane united states have privatized. this music deal with saudi arabia with the from the saudis and other arabs to britain to be to help the muslims do the job. rumsfeld is meeting saddam is that interest there. on al jazeera.
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i remember the 1st time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it was so many nationalities. just that we all come to different places but it's all that gives us that gives us the ability to identify the people who may live the other side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. a city defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state here the capital of jerusalem everyone is welcome but has the power structure that maintains the can only project that's what we refuse it was one of the sound of the settlement and this story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation occupation discrimination injustice this is apartheid in the 21st century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera. peter
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dhabi and the top stories from al-jazeera saudi arabia sentenced 5 people to death for the murder of the journalist. but 3 of the most senior suspects were cleared the u.n. expert on extrajudicial killings has described the saudi investigation and trial as a mockery of justice what we. whitewash than. just. and. gentle. and. not being it means. that maybe other people. here in. 50 student groups in new delhi asserts a march against
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a controversial citizenship law however the police say they won't allow the protests to go ahead demonstrators say the new law is anti muslim at least 25 people have been killed across india in the last 2 weeks elizabeth purana has more now from new delhi. brotherhood police tell office says to not let the students get or anyone for that matter get beyond this point to detain anyone that comes to play chess and while some protests have been allowed and some have been today's it is particularly contentious because many at paddington modest to the residents of the home minister ahmed shah he is seen as the most powerful person in the end the dominant other than the prime minister himself and he's also seeing things as the architect of one project say. the government's anti muslim policies the un secretary general is calling for an immediate truce in northern syria government forces are pushing deeper into the last rebel stronghold of dozens of civilians have been killed and tens of thousands displaced in recent weeks in another part of
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northern syria at least 8 civilians have been killed by a car bomb that happened in sumach which is controlled by turkish backed fighters they took the town from kurdish forces in october there's been no claim of responsibility so far china's premier says the leaders of japan and south korea have agreed to cooperate on north korea they've gathered at a summit in the city of chengdu is a rare agreement between seldom tokyo after months of worsening relations so those are your headlines the news continues after al-jazeera world i'll see you very soon here on al-jazeera for the moment the 4th. abu shook refugee camp in north darfur is currently home to around $50000.00
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displaced people who fled the 16 year regional conflict many of the camp's children were born in a bush for the boys of the jam football team in their bras alone and blue and red straight what matters most at this moment is a local knockout tournaments the last match went to penalties which they lost but the organizers gave them a reprieve given the closeness of the game. along with the level of it are no longer and. you know they are blown and even then i. thought oh no no. we were very. you know. it never. been done one.
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and again it's that it does not mean he didn't want to talk you know or modifying the whole of the law of war. love dogs are not a 30 year old i learned a little let me see what you would want to. go to go to war what then with you yet that i was innocent and. well you're going to let me know but i'm assured. the boys next opponent seen green and white are equally hungry for victory. over man a better home or the one. that. they remember very well. for me for. them i. don't want to.
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force. someone to let let. let let let. let us. let. us. have time a moment just to recover and recall still no score. i thought that. was what howie i'm sick and like you. were a child of your watch others go the way you had of not is was it was you that was
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a bit lost. and maybe you're gonna have slithering around her ears falling over. the holiday don't know a lot of why. we were good we were. just walking it will be. 14 when you call it we. are fucked. with that when the boys of aadhaar are through to the semifinals and are another
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step closer to achieving their dreams but their star striker isa has his own set of challenges away from football where you won some of those who are going. by good luck. or a unit i wish i were national share a national reserve. ribbons around i learned regularly or a learner then you know you will know a lot a lot more along as i love it and i'll go on the cameras linger. and i will go don't buy the radicals. over. the number and. number.
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that all of them were in the following. line around the time he. was. in. the kitchen the whole one disturb you and. do you know it is. either one of. them but do you get there. thank you thank you.
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thank you thank someone who knew the nascar danny. danny really well was in an as we mask and then we. walk along the ones that are. united along the way you. look to one when i do not when you wish. that when you're on your own what a. night and. you win what i would. never want you know. mom. you know. what. how
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bout. a moderate deal and loads of lies and she little. dr i love so what i like indeed is a mere. i
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. am doing the same thing about the content being the remember. any verbal machine learning and you know in the normal way any to learn about america with well you know certainly no. but will determination alone be enough to defeat the boys of our natural it's the semifinal the i'm. going to remember christmas the iraq the progress the girls the girls the glamorous the good
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the evening. the new. the way. the obama team the policeman the. world and i believe it'll be bomb thank you jamie ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha the blah blah blah blah blah about our girl was not your girl when i was well done well i'm a lot well i know there are water lolita global but that these are the developers who called toward the yard of god today with the goal or that it would have been in hiding. he's a nice ole sorta noble are going to turn your husband. but i disagree with.
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the young striker has taken a nasty ankle mog it looks like the end of isas game and maybe even his tournaments like the look of. i was over i was with the referee's final wysong a place in the final awaits the boys of our job act our. cause for celebration. the end. let me know and i'll never never never know. unless as in the grand is did that in
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your nose on like as if. they did and they are not. my dad and you know whom but with low then no one will know when you will bear them with the why should i wear has little to do i knew you knew your own. you know when most kind of the mind and he let them do you move on
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to with the multitude of things that you. and what matters more you go through the little mother did to me to you and what i don't think does my very much my the good thing to do with all of them would according to them to me to thank you know we can resign but omarosa book all day might think that the more i looked i did not read that article as arms as if they really wanted to get to him. and i thought more the book will see them designing room to grow and local food law which will do the actual good or it is stomach going to go under there and get a result of the mars global annie in love with a little bit about the time to get a committee of moral model or a wobble to come by the good and more look at it was the daughter why would that
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give you. no mama got him back without a stranger and they let a few. wosm in and they let the law that does or doesn't. mind i would think that they should leave and. come there because there are 2 more . out there. i get the couldn't come that has. largely to go along with that i guess i will. they know that if you lose you know
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who hated to be as good. as a month or so is it a. while when a unit to show that i know that i might have gotten them should i gave you i got none of this video of me. trying to get it with me or not to go to your id running around in the wrong kind in a similar but he knows it was around the bend is true. that again i can name enough last time i. see the conference i'll ask him how i feel a lot that is just semitic i need to get a dad by the man to go into someone who totally what them says it up that i get it done but he never done that ho but mcginn i'm a school there but that wouldn't fit with the model home so i think this is shot it will most probably follow your name ian botham will look to muzzle some of my wife my witch of sherry mother the fish i wish i had very collected
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a set of shy and actual real men and i am home of the. one guy with his share of how did i go for him. but to listen to this and have a shred of what i had for. but at the nut at the y. hospital and on the food in moscow going to help they get they're going to look at dad. dad. at their you. know the vaudeville had a lot of other life that he had i'm not that and i saw how out of that the idea i don't like that and you know. i'm me and she needs to be my. money.
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and you know i mean i doubt i'll heidi. we're not going to do what it would be done with the envelop auto mobile thing but i did get there what was it. and the last 8. thing. that i know there's a big turnout for the final and the finalists know each other very well in whites
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the team that won on penalties in the opening rounds. and in blue and red the boys over. only 22 of them this is one of the most important days i think. in a pattern that has been in the gym and out i mean is there a lot more work you've. never done and better that can benefit the company or not other than that because it may rather than let's say let's let you know. i'm better than when i was an alcoholic that film was. coming out the now.
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the anger that i got is how i did it. mild that i give you my bad i go as well what i got out of the barrel when i do will show that i will lead them into my bed waving that we're gonna want to be very much going to sure your. father got a shot i would give it would go and i would come to the plate in. my balcony to live this way get a. lead on the land that additives thought i was. the was. her. was. that the was her was.
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a lot of that but of it a little bit he. wouldn't think. and a lot of them a good life more looking. for. the air.
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anyone who didn't you know was he was born again when other 100 will go. on and. on and on the way they were. wrong was one you don't know and one i you know what it was and you know i was you know.
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well i long i get a lonely job needs a long time to lose one of but if they want to love the land of the living room now you. bloody charleville to get it challenge. you. to wete. while you're just running. in milan for your own who can pull and run the you know. i have them as 8 above on what i did and what i said either what a big man that i am a diamond would be going to real man i was assuming that you only come when i was
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awfully low and i didn't believe in sylvia but i was a most often and i don't mean that opened the code line the fact that it had a game or that offending was getting i know nothing was getting on with the fate of it but a lot of that would you know that it was a lot of young girls. who had been warned of and those they lead lines and who. but of can i look at a little bit. now more than one know not to go. in one who knows who. and when but i would do a lot about it whether you call the mosque i will mile out of the way that i'm not a ghetto going to an awkward got out of bed and not at all so much the almost on the phone with the dear.
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what happens when it's for a new life a brood idea railed by committing serious crimes from drug trafficking turn a brief. only i don't remember how many times i've stuck to the way her boyfriend spoke to me and even her al-jazeera world goes inside an italian prison meeting men and women from north africa who left only to face life behind this double exile on al-jazeera. these stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera.
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with got some rather unsettled weather pushing towards the middle east over the next couple of days that may be out of the way here see that cloud spilling out to the eastern side of the mediterranean so we are going to see some rather heavy rain coming into parts of western syria pushing down into lebanon and eventually that will make its way into israel too so for jerusalem looking at temperatures around 11 celsius in town and right around in the course of bethlehem on christmas day it was like a rather wet and windy of some snow with the high ground there over the turkish mountains elsewhere across the region it is se lossie fine and dry with some decent spells warm sunshine pleasant one sunshine here in doha in light when see it will feel very good as we go on through the next couple of days little china distance as we go on into wednesday just i just love for the south increasing plants putting across the arabian sea what eventually push on right towards the horn of africa
9:58 am
meanwhile for southern africa trying out pair across the eastern cape had some of the wet weather imply still want to see a shower safe to choose day a shows becoming fewer and further between as we go on 3 whiteness day that's not the case to it's eastern parts of madagascar be showers rolling through here and a lot of very heavy showers right up the rift valley. they won all the new era in television news we badly need at these moments leadership and tell you this encampment that we're in today it didn't exist 3 week . now there's at least 20000 or hinder refugees who live here on al-jazeera i got to commend you all more i'm hearing is good journalism president hosni mubarak has resigned after all the lies the attempts of coverups jamal khashoggi his loved ones want some form of closure people are suffering people are dying entire school
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systems are collapsing and we are in the beginning of a mass extinction we saw the syrian army's flag voice that high in the city there's good record but. it's a good cinema saw some of the 100 meters away from the frontline but it's not. going to happen after about 6. children born into a city of trash discover the beauty of music in the ugliest of places. when the chance to pay for the word moment 10 then reality into a dream. land philharmonic a witness documentary on mount using. another
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launch march planned in india's capital pressure grows over a new citizenship law that's divided the country. back to boyer watching al-jazeera live from our global headquarters here in doha also ahead the un's investigator calls it a mockery of justice 5 men in saudi arabia sentenced to death over the measure of journalists. china japan and south korea meet for talks aimed at strengthening 6.


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