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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 24, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective. this is al-jazeera. this is the news. coming up in the next 60 minutes. syrian troops target the provinces the fight for the last rebel held area intensifies sending thousands fleeing for their lives. china japan and south korea agreed to cooperate on north korea and consider creating a free trade zone. i mean him live in bethlehem where festivities have begun in the
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city christians believed to be the birthplace of jesus. in zimbabwe where patients are paying the price for what critics call a broken health system. the most basic things that they're supposed to find in the us because they're not today. and i'm sorry hamas will have all the sporting carrying bangladesh insists they want play the. next month. but are open to play in the country. would begin in syria where the battle for the last rebel stronghold has chilled bore civilians at least 8 people are dead after a syrian government is strike targeted a school in italy province displaced syrians had been sheltering in the school when it was his tens of thousands of people have been fleeing their homes government
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forces and their russian allies are pushing deeper into would leave the un has called for an immediate end to violence. there it i want to kill people before they escape here while we're packing the jet came and targeted us and killed a large number and get others and a whole family is missing. or mothers are joins us now live from the turkish syrian border mama give us an indication of what people are dealing with there the extent of the humanitarian crisis is. well the humanitarian crisis is huge and it's keeping on growing because more and more people are being uprooted from their homes. started with the city of man which was the tug at all of the initial strikes bottle bombs and ground shelling but now we're seeing other places also reporting people fleeing from them
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of the been targeted by syrian forces who are on a mission to take a very last bit of territory that is in the hunt all 3 all position we are right now one of the hobs for the turkish charity which is helping the refugees on the other side of the border and speaking to a senior all fishel he told us that they have been trying us much as possible to help the people who are fleeing 125000 was the country this deadly of rising and he says there must be up to 150000 of the moment and he says they cannot provide each family with its own individual tunde they've been forced to build this must have tents on a hill top void flooding of calls and they are communicating up to $100.00 people in every tent have separate that the men on the women but these days there is
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a lot of suspicion between the people because live has been home to people who own fled places like aleppo and other places that the regime had targeted before and he says there are so many people who have set up tents on the sides of the road on will not want to mingle with the rest of that if it is that he if he is for their health because they don't have sanitation they don't have clean water and they do not have food as well another moment they say is that if you just cannot cook for themselves he says they are forced to to to to provide them with warm else. baba thank you mohamed are joining us live there and syrian customs officials have seized the assets of the country's wealthiest businessman it's the 1st time an order has been issued for. the cousin of president bashar assad he's been accused of importing products including oil and gas without paying charges in fees the e.u.
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and u.s. have already imposed sanctions on reportedly controls 60 percent of syria's economy chris doyle is a middle east analyst and director of the council for arab british understand and he joins us on skype from kate it's good of you to be with us give us your take on what we're seeing playing out here and why now given that much of the money that mcauliffe has made has come because of his close ties with bashar al assad. well this is an extraordinary moment because the man who family right in the sense of the call of this regime remember the half as the last sentence the father of bashar last sent was not married to a nice matter which is a much looser a. and that o.e. clan as well as the assets and in fact in many ways of. social standing and management who is the father and he was very much the regime's banco he is extremely rich so to see the regime taking action like this against somebody so
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senior and indeed others who were parts of this new crony capitalism it underpinned the rashid jetman demonstrates that all is not well in new and in a echelons of power now there's a number of scenarios one can consider here there is an extent the regime is trying to shore up its legitimacy at a time of real declining revenues when so many syrians are deaf suits are below the poverty line. and are resentful of those who have millions who actually show off their wealth and know in a way and we've seen this or so with a man who found if they're happy that their feet or soul so stories on social media and pictures of some of their family with fast cars and the like so this is resent it could also be that given the regime has so little financial results at the moment that they are trying to basically corral in as many billions and billions
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they can in order to keep going and that in order to pay those key security services in order to keep their employment going and try to demonstrate somehow that they are very keen on cracking down on corruption cracking down on those who are smuggling but i think really want to look at this is a major power play within you know ranks of the regime in a desire for it's the chips in the soup to. hold up as you touched on this to that part of this money the money is needed to go towards the ongoing war effort and if i'm not wrong part of this is also required to pay down the debt that syria is to russia well if necessary regime is indexed to russia it's in debt to iran it is in a big crisis not also not least because of the financial crisis in lebanon as well where so many of these syrian businessmen have bank accounts it was the financial
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lungs for syria so that has impacted syrians massively we've seen a massive fall in the syrian pound this year and the chickie in recent months that means this decline in purchasing back it means also that as the winter comes in it gets cold the price of heating fuel messages is gonna massively up so you know the regime is having to respond or he seems to respond to real significant concerns and worries its survival in fact or many syrians across the country so i think inaction would not have been a possibility for the regime the question really is whether there is underlying schisms and fractures that have caused this as well and of course this is playing out while the ongoing offensive in italy of italy a bizarre under way what you just a final thought from you to turn your attention to that conflict and why the rebel groups there are proving so difficult to shift while up till now there has
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been a duel essentially between russia and turkey about it live and that there hasn't been the sort of full scale assault on that but there might be input i think many syrians now fear that that is now over that russia and turkey have come to a grubby behind the scenes deal that essentially allows the russians and the syrian regime to take it live in the northwest in exchange for turkey getting what it all lies. it fills in the northeast it's another peace deals we've seen before so this is the last sense of formal syrian opposition power in terms of the fighting it's one of the reasons that some of these divisions in the regime have now come to the surface because it's no longer a regime in a sense fighting for its very survival it's a regime fighting for the last bits of syria to come back under its control
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christophe thank you so much for joining us thank you 4 people have been killed in libya in the latest airstrikes by the warlord heavy for have to us forces it happened in the town of to juror east of tripoli several more people were injured last week have to announce what he called the final offensive to take the capital tripoli now libya's internationally recognized government has reportedly asked turkey to stand ground troops the 2 country side military cooperation deal last month tripoli has already requested warplanes and naval vessels for the past few years libya has been divided between 2 rival governments the un recognized administration led by prime minister fires she's based in tripoli it's supported by turkey and most western nations including italy which is worried the fighting near the capital will force more people to cross the mediterranean in the ace this is the true brooke based government the center of power for the warlord heavy for
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hafter he's backed by egypt saudi arabia russia and the united arab emirates france is also accused of providing military support for his forces well let's go live now to our deserve upward abdul wahid who's in tripoli but tell us more about this request for ground forces from turkey. well stan. we're getting the use of from my sources as the government of national called in tripoli. saying that the government has demanded has demanded their military commanders turkish military commanders to be sent to run the battles on the ground in southern new tripoli to face forces loyal to the world little perhaps or well the sources added that what is known for certain that is that the government of national court has demanded has demanded that fighters jets from
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turkey and navy vessels to take part in their battle to defend the capital tripoli against have to his forces but it's not known for sure what kind of military commanders are demanded by the government but we know that there the turkish government needs to indorse this or to submit this request to the turkish parliament in order to approve sending to his troops to libya as you know we stand that. the government of national accord has been already using turkish advanced weapons in this battle to defend the capital tripoli again is to have those forces but military commanders with the government of national called here say that it is very crucial it is very important for them to receive or advances the weapons especially fighter jets and navy vessels to take part in
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this battle to defend tripoli against have to his forces they also say that. it is very crucial because they say the government to military commanders say that they have seen a russian medicine or is fighting for hostile and military camp that's about only 20 kilometers away from their capital city center were houses forces have taken control of recently in fact they say that house that its forces have been recruiting russian medicine areas and have been using as van said drones and fighter jets from the united arab emirates and also they have been supported by egyptian military experts as the government military sources say but. back to the issue of the turkish military individuals to be sent to the government of national court again we don't know how many troops are demanded or when they are
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going to be deployed and near tripoli but what we know for certain from government sources that they are demanding turkish military commanders to run the battle on the ground in tripoli stan thank you for that. was plenty more ahead on the news hour including a close call in one of the world's most fragile ecosystems that threatens the. irresistible. with. india has beefed up its security and suspended mobile internet services to tackle protests against a controversial citizenship law 50 student groups in new delhi have been matching the groups are calling for a national protest across india opponents say the new law discriminates against
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muslims and violates the secular constitution at least 25 people have been killed during protests since the legislation was passed 2 weeks ago this. new delhi and says the protests look like they'll continue. we saw protests not just here but also continuing in the western city of. the capital of west bengal state where the chief minister has held large rallies every day for the last 8 or 9 days people keep showing up and also a. large protest in the southern city of chennai so people are very much continuing to send the message to the government 2 weeks i think almost after the bill goes pos that they're not ok with it the bill was passed by both houses of parliament and where as in the last few days it did look like the government might backtrack
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not on the citizenship amendment act but something called the national register of citizens and the thousands of people who've been out on the streets for the last few weeks they have actually been protesting about both both things both the citizenship law and the national register of citizens which is an exercise that was carried out in the northeastern state of which required everyone to prove their citizenship and of the government has wanted to carry out around the country 1300000000 people needing to prove their citizenship now in the last few days we did hear the prime minister seemed to backtrack on that but in the last hours the government has cost funding for a type of census which is seen as a precursor for this national register of citizens so since that is something that's happened we really expecting these protests to just continue. china japan and south korea have agreed to work together to promote dialogue between the united states north korea the leaders also discussed trade and agreed
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to closer cooperation despite tensions some dating back more than a century really you has this report from. overlooking old wounds by reinforcing ancient ties china japan and south korea presented a united front during the trial in china's southern city of chengdu right over there i want to build a new era of 3 kingdoms in which we cooperate and develop together with the international community. 2 setting aside deep grievances dating back to world war 2 the leaders of asia's largest economies pledged to work closer together on trade they want to agree on a 16 nation regional comprehensive economic partnership or. by the end of next year and continue negotiations on a 3 nation free trade agreement trade between south korea japan and china exceeded $720000000000.00 in $20000.00. for her we need to protect the free trade in order to help business activities and continue to grow together north korea carrying out
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a missile test over the christmas period overshadowed some of the pageantry chinese prime minister leak a chunk south korean president one day in and japanese prime minister shinzo agreed to continue supporting negotiations between washington and pyongyang demand for the u.s. to lift economic sanctions has led to a halt in the nuclear talks and an end to be a deadline to progress the negotiations is fast approaching. china is north korea's most important ally and sees itself as playing a simple what works and for story privation on the korean peninsula has its thing why did nations to lift sanctions on pla want to help break the deadlock but it's unclear whether so or tokyo worth u.s. allies would support rights. on monday when jay and she met separately with chinese president xi jinping in beijing. china the summit is an opportunity to expand its regional influence but the 3 countries have currently embroiled in territorial
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disputes from the south china sea. south korea and japan are allies with the u.s. so if china can develop i mean. proof the relations with these 2 countries you will decrease u.s. influence in this region and the weaken china's pressure from the us the leaders have tried to tell you corporation which includes tackling challenges such as climate change agent populations but the biggest challenge perhaps has been that they can show that we trust rather than just. welcome cook is a senior fellow at the i.c. as you saw is jack institute in singapore he says china us tensions fueling beijing's push to improve relations with other countries there's 2 reasons one china wants to show itself as the leading country in east asia the leading power and 2nd that china u.s. relations at the moment are in a very bad position so china wants to improve relations with other major powers
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particularly japan where it's had a history of rocky relations so donald trump is helping north east asian diplomacy i think there is more incentive but not enough to make a significant difference china japan and south korea been talking about a free trade agreement a trilateral one for almost 20 years with very little progress the as the end lead are set the agreement that has all 3 and used to have in the maybe an intermediary step but japan is uncertain about its support for our set without india as we have in that intermediate step is looking a little bit unsure at the moment so i think a trilateral between china japan and south korea is a future aspiration rather than a current possibility the 3 economies in many ways are quite complimentary and very large and have been largely held back not by economic issues but geo political issues so in the future if they could get over their mission trusts and
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geopolitical issues and have a free trade agreement it would be one of the biggest and most important in the world. let's go to hong kong now where police have fired tear gas to disperse anti-government protests. uniformed and plain clothes officers charged or groups of protesters inside the harbor city mold the demonstrators were mocking christmas eve with flash mob rallies protests in hong kong and now in the 7th month want to take you now to some live pictures that are coming to you from hong kong and they can still see police on the streets and people who are continuing they approaches the city actually now police moving quickly down the street these prices of course we've sort of been going on for 7 months now it's increased pressure on the local government there on the chief executive kerry lamb has already had an impact on local council elections that is being the political impact from these protests also had an effect on the economy
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and keeping tourists of why a particular in effect on the economy during the christmas period but those protests as you see those pictures going to be alive those porches continuing on the streets of. the ecuadorian coast guard says an oil spill in the galapagos national park has been contained an emergency cleanup operation began on sunday on the island of san cristobal that's a 1000 kilometers off the mine lad and all. these are the dramatic moments when a crane collapsed while loading a generator onto a ship the crew diving into the water as it begins to founder. after taking quick action to save themselves work began to save the delicate marine life around them. i mean this is approximately 2000 liters of diesel was in the oil it's being handled in a way to prevent a significant environmental impact ecuador's government declared an emergency after
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the incident on sunday and by monday it said it was under control we shouldn't be relaxed about this it's not a minor issue if we hadn't reacted as we did it could have been a lot more serious. the galapagos islands are home to dozens of vulnerable species found nowhere else in the world the region's diversity helped inspire charles darwin's theory of evolution after a visit to the islands more than 200 years ago half of the reptile species here are threatened or endangered marina guana species were decimated during a 2001 oil spill that dumped hundreds of thousands of liters of fuel into the ocean scientists later discovered it killed 60 percent of marina a nearby santa fe island. early tests on animals nearby showed no visible signs of damage from sunday's spill but the government says it's too early to see the impact on the ecosystem. this is one of the world's most fragile ecosystems with threats like climate change already an issue more will have to be done to prevent spills
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like this after schapelle al-jazeera. well thousands of pilgrims are celebrating christmas in bethlehem in the occupied west bank the archbishop opened the festivities during the traditional procession in the streets of the old city but many christian palestinians in gaza cannot attend because israel has not given them permits according to the greek orthodox church in gaza and the 193 out of the 950 applications were approved that's going live to need abraham now who's in bethlehem fewer of those permits being approved as that had an impact on the ground there health people celebrating. you to really bethlehem relies a lot on 2 wrists of course people coming from the gaza strip more of them coming would of course help them see the celebrations however economically and financially the city has always depended on people coming from abroad in the place where
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christians believe is actually the cradle of christianity the star of bethlehem is something that everybody knows and people have been pilgrims have been coming to this city over the years however living under israeli occupation has definitely had its toll on the businesses on people working here especially as the city relies mainly on that on tourism and joins me now a souvenir shop owner mr might have and i wanted to tell us more about the challenges of a new year shops and other small businesses face here in post but yes basically the obstacle that we've been trying to deal with lately is the outage of power and water in the city and with the high volume of tourists in our hotels with over then 50 hotels in bethlehem filled up with tourists you know need electricity and they need water along with other stuff so power has been
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a big big thing going on for the past 2 weeks as the israeli company. tricity is cutting the power at least 2 to 3 hours in the city of bethlehem and the surrounding areas and if we talk about challenges we will also want to talk about the whole is there anything that keeps you more hopeful that things are changing or definitely that's what's keeping me here in this country in palestine in my city bethlehem i hope is the magic word for everyone and we're hoping for a better future for palestine an independent palestine and within a with our neighbors and also to make palestine a safe place for old people who want to visit palestine and the holy places in our country thank you so much and of course the ministry of tourism has said that there are 3 and a half 1000000 visitors have came to palestine during the year 2019 and of
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course they're hoping that this season would bring them even more tourism and help bring more businesses to the city of course we're going to be live from bethlehem during the next few hours where palestinians are marking christmas eve celebrations thank you need a new to abraham live from bethlehem still ahead on al-jazeera people were interested and they cared and they said now we're not going to let you spend money to tear it down. once described as a historic ruin the new york i think you're getting an expensive bike on. dreaming of a bike christmas the gloves are off as you know jill gets into the festive spirit will have to child in school.
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hello again and welcome back to international weather forecasts well this hour i do want to start here in tehran not a lot of activity on our satellite that's not really the problem in terms of whether it's actually the very bad air quality that they have been dealing with over the last week and a half and as you can see really bringing that visibility down schools have been closed since last week when they're going to be closed this week as well and unfortunately we're not going to be seeing much of a break until the system out here towards the west starts to move in and that system is going to cause a lot of problems in terms of flooding anywhere from turkey syria down towards parts of lebanon as well as into israel even towards egypt you could be seeing some very heavy rain over the next few days wednesday the rain and the winds will be the big problem and then we're going to be seeing the snow start to accumulate in those higher elevations as well you can see over here towards tehran we do expect to see some rain coming in and terms of how much rain well it is going to be centered mostly up here cross parts of turkey where we could be seeing well over $225.00 millimeters of rain just in the next 3 days well across the gulf things are looking
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quite nice here in doha we're going to sing tempers of about 22 degrees over towards of a dobie on wednesday at 24 but by the time we do get towards wednesday and thursday things warm up to about 24. what happens when plans for a new life are brewed and d. railed by committing serious crimes from drug trafficking to the bring to mind only i don't remember how many times i've stood up there the way her boyfriend spoke to me and even her al jazeera world goes inside an italian prison meeting men and women from north africa who left home only to face life behind this double exile on al-jazeera. when the news breaks today the current government has lost the trust of people to anything to. bring people to places like the represent the
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last straw for opponents of drawing the conservatives al-jazeera has teams on the ground it's now hopes the meeting in paris will push politicians to create a competent and credible government to bring the moon documentary and lighting on air and online. you're watching al-jazeera his top stories this hour at least 8 people have been killed during a syrian government airstrike that targeted a school in the province government forces and their russian allies are pushing deeper into the last rebel stronghold. his prime minister says japan and south
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korea have agreed to cooperate on north korea the leaders met at a summit in the chinese city of chengdu are also working towards a 3 nation free trial your great. urgency work is in ecuador saying the oil spill from a ship in the galapagos islands has been the. world heritage site and home to some of the most unique ecosystems on earth. france is facing widespread travel disruptions during the busy christmas holiday as strikes of the pension reform showed no sign of easing transport remains heavily restricted with up to 80 percent of train services canceled but as bernard smith reports people appear generally sympathetic to the protests. just 2 out of 5 high speed trains are running across france on christmas eve one of the busiest travel periods of the year but with a nationwide transport strike now in its 3rd week many travelers are used to the
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disruption seemed to a found a work around paris his garden or was busy not chaotic he was tired i think it's it's we're ready for it to be all very well but again it's i mean i'm sure the other side are going to understand you know the reason for the strike and everything you know looking for a way to get away the city support oh no they still haven't been able to find a village so it's my turn it was just up to the national rail operator s.n.c.f. will only guarantee travel for those who took tickets in advance and even they may not have a seat the s.n.c.f. says the strike is costing it $22000000.00 a day in lost revenue. in 1995 after 3 weeks of public sector strikes in the run up to christmas the government caved in and shelved plans to reform france's pension and welfare system there's no indication so far that the government will perform a similar retreat this time. there seems to be no end in sight to these transport
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strikes the government and the unions will meet again in the 2nd week of january but that's when they'll also be another round of nationwide demonstrations bernard smith i'll just era house. there's no end in sight to a medical staff strike in zimbabwe many doctors are working because they're fighting for better pay and an improvement of the health care system now that means many people who need medical care have few options some so the strike is by the conditions even worse because hockey reports from below while tunde. has lost the ability to speak since a stroke in september. disoriented she no longer leaves the confines of her room frequent power cuts means she's for the most part in the dark with her daughter as the tempest so. i asked her do you remember this man pointing at 10 the killers husband and this lady pointing at an old picture of 10 day healing before
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a stroke 10 they kill a took a nursing aide course thinking she could help sick patients now she's the one who needs help doctors across them but we have been on strike since september so the only care she can get is from her daughter sometimes she gets frustrated yeah she does get frustrated. because the times. we might be looking for something. and they can hear and understand our conversation when she collapsed during her stroke her family rushed her to one of the few functioning hospitals in the country most medical staff were on strike and it took 3 days before a doctor could see her her condition worsened because of insufficient care her right arm paralyzed the doctors union say the medical system is to blame things
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like gloves i should say things lake city and things like needles canyon does i.v. fluids the most basic things that are supposed to find in the hospitals and they're not there. hospital director gave al-jazeera rare access to one of the public hospital in. the wards he chose to show us there was no shortage of equipment but few medical supplies right now the government is a major major problem is this the sanctions in there. to get foreign carriers to import tracks so that's beyond my control but i here in wait i have to wake up and use whatever it is which is available to save lives most doctors on the wards refused to talk to us or be filmed a curtain of shame shrouds conditions inside hospitals with doctors paid less than $70.00 a month not only are they protesting over pay and working conditions they say the
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government is failing to protect the sick but when they took to the streets last september they were met by riot police the government's response was to fire about 400 doctors in a country that's already short of medical staff and while some have returned to work it's the patients and those that are sick and are paying for this crisis private care is an affordable to most zimbabwe carers is an online citizens movement that raises funds to help those desperately in need of treatment but it can only do so much abandoned by a broken health system many people in zimbabwe are left to cope however they can. or left to suffer alone nicholas hawk al jazeera zimbabwe brazil's president job also narrow was released from hospital on tuesday after receiving treatment for a for his office he slipped and hit his head while in the bathroom of his official
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residence on monday c.t. scan did not detect any damage but he was kept in hospital overnight as a precaution the president has had several surgeries this year after he was stabbed during the 28 seeing election campaign. well from ecuador to chile the final months of 2019 saw daily street protests across latin america while many people were fighting cause there was one issue most had in common inequality in america lucy newman has this report from santiago. 78 year old widow. is the matriarch of her large family she lives in a low income santiago neighborhood with her daughter and her 2 grandchildren she had little formal education and worked hard all her life 1st in the fields and then as a maid to help the family get ahead. i worked in homes where people with money to love the stuff used the same cutlery as the monsters they did not eat the same food
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or use the same crockery either. over t. her 48 year old daughter solange concedes that their economic situation has improved but not chile's acute class divisions the 23 year old son is steven studied law the 1st in the family to graduate from university but there's still an invisible barrier. there in miami and. the students from the upper class have countless advantages from not having to study and work at the same time to access to internal ships and jobs their parents belong to the class with clout and they're not discriminated against because of where they come from. although chile does have the highest per capita income in latin america it also has the highest inequality index the biggest gap between rich and poor in tina for example if you're in the bottom of income you are well made up to 6 generations to get to it and to the mean
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income that's not all a recent study revealed an astonishing statistic women living in the wealthiest suburbs of santiago have a life expectancy 18 years longer than their counterparts in the poorest municipalities in men the difference is 9 years says dr alexander v. this would explain the fact that there is an equality is within the city has to do with the segregation social canonic segregation across the city. this persistent class divide helps explain the recent social outbursts in chile i. or than 2 months of ongoing protests that have brought hundreds of thousands on to the streets demanding structural reforms to level the playing field. from last year on we were born with different aspirations than our parents and we feel the segregation in the upper class areas when our parents go to work but are treated
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like inferiors in our neighborhoods that aren't any parks any restaurants cinemas or hospitals. we have to leave our communities to access a better life that generates resentment and discontent. the inequalities and class privileges in this highly stratified society have been passed on from generation to generation putting an end to that system as would millions of chileans are now fighting for. to see in human al-jazeera santiago well food scientists in malaysia are working to reduce the world's dependence on 4 major crops we call rice and soybeans provide 2 thirds of the global food supply but the refuse population growth and climate change could cause shortages florence laurie reports from so many in western malaysia on a remote farm in northern malaysia stand row upon row of baumberger ground that's native to africa the lagoon is considered and often crop grown by traditional farm
6:41 pm
most but increasingly neglected in favor of cash crops. is one of a handful of farmers working with a research center to put the crop back in the market i would apply more if i find this very clear is suitable then thought about the mine then you might disagree pharmacy a traditionally grow just enough bamber a ground nuts for the families they're sold at markets only when there's a surplus. crops for the future an international organization dedicated to promoting underutilized crops is hoping to change that researchers are concerned the climate crisis and the world over dependence on 4 major crops wheat rice soy and corn could cause food shortages in the future. when we have 10000000000 people it's 3 degrees hotter we've got 4 crops that's incredibly risky of course the good
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crops and also on and on but will they be enough in the future and therefore we say if they're not what other crops are we going in the armory that humanity has cultivated for thousands of years and they're still around because we didn't do any research on them but they're still going that means there must be resilient there must be tough crops encouraging under-used crops onto our plates it's also a way to increase diversity and nutrition in our diets at the centers laboratory food technologist tons in lynn experiments with ways in which bamber a ground that's high in protein and essential amino acids can be used. we found out a good way of how we could introduce the new ingredient into people a diet that's by incorporating the ingredients into that they are familiar with. these noodles were made by substituting 20 percent of the wheat flour with flour made from bamber are ground nuts biscuits savory snacks can also be made in
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a similar way these are all examples of how underutilized crops can be incorporated into our diet but so far none of the products here have been made commercially available food manufacturers have been reluctant largely because of the unreliable supply of bamber a ground that's. that's. a successful harvest could be a step towards making the long overlooked. a crop for the future. al-jazeera. malaysia. still ahead on. in the northwest. a i.
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thank. you. the u.k. homelessness charity crisis has opened its christmas sentenced last year more than 4 and a half 1000 homeless guests were given shelter across britain paul brennan reports have been in and out of our schools and bed and breakfast all over england for the past 1020 years russell was one of the 1st arrivals when the doors opened at this center the street is no place to be at christmas or any other time to killed the unruly stages of the role or. the role created in squabbling over
6:46 pm
drugs and money it gets a bit. gets me best and for him this christmas center alleviates the loneliness and boredom of being homeless it means i will be able to smokes which means i'll be a lot warmer it means i might be able to watch television use a computer occasionally. we'll have a lot of arts and crafts activities in for the 7 days that these centers are open they can be a lifeline homeless guests can get medical checkups advice and counseling is one of the chance to wash and get a haircut and importantly to relax what you see on the last day is a group of transformed people leaving those that come in very suspicious of people from mainstream society and suspicious of the world in which they operate leave you know looking much better haven't showered haven't had haircuts have their feet looked at they they just leave kind of transformed the most visible form of homelessness is of course rough sleeping in doorways for example but new research
6:47 pm
from crisis this christmas shows that nearly 6 times as many people are caught in a precarious existence no less so for surfing. crisis found 39 percent of sofa surface it stayed at 5 or more different places in the past year including friends and relatives 28 percent had not had a stable home for 4 years or more and 77 percent said their physical health had suffered as a result we're talking about people with whom i don't even have access to washing facilities which are about people who might have to go out during the day when i use this is that so very very unstable situation back at the north london christmas sent to the board games had begun the escapism in company of the centers are only a temporary respite latest figures showed the numbers rough sleeping in england had increased 15 percent on the previous year and when this sent to shots next week many of the homeless guests here will be back outside again paul brennan on his
6:48 pm
iraq north london. it is time now to support his son or thank you very much to stand bangladesh's cricket board insists that its national team won't play a test series impost on despite the successful visit by sri lanka that ended in karachi this week if. they will only play a saw t $26.00. safety conditions countries have avoided test matches in pakistan since the 2009 attack on the sri lankan team bus and the whole bangladesh system has agreed on a widespread criticism from pakistan cricket officials and players. the russian olympic team says a committee here says it will join with the country's anti doping agency to appeal its ban from major sporting events the ban means the russian athletes will only be able to compete at next year's summer games in tokyo on the day lympics flag you all the anti-doping agency wada handed russia 4 year ban for doping irregularities
6:49 pm
they ruled earlier this month that russia had manipulated doping aboard 3 dates to cover up past offenses. the russian anti-doping agency does not agree with the wada sanctions the russian olympic committee will participate in the appeal process as the 3rd party because of the olympic charter violations we have selected lawyers which represent our interests the northwest of england is a hotbed of world football includes liverpool manchester city and united a few kilometers away a club but there was once a mighty has fallen this year very f.c. a were expelled from the english football league sounds are holding on to hope that it can be this iraq that reports. right now it's the football it was like having a massive family all we want is just a call to support they knew the day that we feel what is
6:50 pm
a football club who is it fall in the shadow of the famous manchester clubs in the north west of england barry for 134 years barry football club was there for the people of the town i was feared by the rivals and droopy crowds very again not something just one or twice i won the famous by cop. they gave lang ground is now deserted the club close to the mismanagement from their own is largely to blame that the business football has become the no force the ring is one of the most important areas of world football some of the big premier league clubs live a poor bunch of the 30 minute just united over from this area if i tell my kids 20 football a crop of about a 5th of the football league come from the north west of england is 19 we'll have
6:51 pm
demise of barry i think football is just it's a working class for us and it always has been it was formed in the mills if you couldn't afford to go to the games as a lot of people couldn't it didn't matter because you could still chance he may on the corner of the street gary i did you see what happened as you read in the paper you know i don't think people understand mr football fine what is life to then leave you. owe. playing field so i rise early and still dream of a goal of winning maybe a career in football barry under seventeen's applying little borah. volunteers still providing time and support for young players working with barry's community trust this was the idea that they could bring him through the ranks. been taken away from them which is a shame. on the other side of town for
6:52 pm
a different age group in football the community work of barely see continuing keek matter is one of the people keeping it alive for now. it just doesn't seem right it isn't the job it is absolutely vital to the lady. and her parents went through a thing called sports in memories which are for peace which is something we do with people dementia alzheimer's etc just over there by the social call and she said in a moment of a life the a.f.l. are in the premier league game was given as a formed in and so the summer now they're going to continue beyond. james bentley watched his 1st barry game aged 7 with his father 23 was he's lucky guy. who were able to take the field a good line i missed this place with everything in my brain the moment. i know i
6:53 pm
don't look forward to the weekend i do a 5 day work in weight monday to friday 9 to 5 in an office and previously. thinking with about football to go through this week i'm out of any good way of going to go through now what i'm after. by fans still come together could bury rise again a phoenix club somewhere down the leagues but alive and we don't want to be in a situation again never a line of individuals who are promising the. coming i don't think yes you have hope in some way. going this is going to these fans me at weekends this is one of the phoenix people we got to keep our minds to keep even though. we will be very very. very controversial joining the liquidation process the dial has stayed away from the town and would not respond to all questions the english football league or expelled the club says it will review its
6:54 pm
procedures but told to u.k. government inquiry responsibility lies with the owners of barry bonds for many cobs have left skalds a messages of support former england manager bobby robson once said what is a football club not the buildings or directors or people who represent it it's the noise the passion the feeling of belonging the pride in your town who won't join a football club and what i intend to do with it which club which town is next to suffer the white berry has. al-jazeera in the town of bury and you can see special reports a decile the football club. for some big match on the christmas day the houston rockets the pads for their game at
6:55 pm
golden state with. james harden a russell westbrook combine the 2 points rockets winning 113240. in the n.h.l. boston finally broken on wanted strake the bruins hadn't beaten the washington capitals in boston and 5 years for the caps a snow day up on monday but they bad as that with the 73 point. that says well for me stan thank you for that one of the most prominent relics from new york's lot in 64 world fair is getting a facelift the new york state pavilions observation towers were meant to be temporary but ended up being too expensive to ted l. kristen salumi went back to have a low. bar they were the centerpiece of the 1964 world's fair exhibition in new york the observation towers once a bold vision of hope in the future now after decades of neglect a crumbling relic of the past but
6:56 pm
a new plan aims to update the towers for the 21st century i am excited by this i'm excited the excitement was catching and that other people felt it too and understood the historic constant sterkel concept of making sure that this new york city building was saved that it become a tourist attraction for people from all across the world the renovation in flushing meadows queens is projected to cost $24000000.00 and is expected to be complete in the spring of 2021 the work will include water proofing the bases of the towers stair replacements electrical upgrades and conservation work it never would have happened without conservationists who campaigned tirelessly for the overhaul and in recent years did their part to help even chipping in to repaint the former new york state pavilion next to the towers see history come back to life and see the park sort of you know regain a great icon and a great asset we couldn't be happier we could be more excited for ourselves
6:57 pm
personally but for everybody it was going to benefit this for generations to come. a groundbreaking ceremony was attended. by politicians and by people who took part in the 1964 world's fair a long time waiting you know it's going to be in stages and i hope to be around long enough to see it all done but the so much potential here really is people cared people were interested and they cared and they said no we're not going to let you spend money to tear it down we'd rather spend money to fix it and preserve it and project it and bring it back to life even once the renovation is complete the observation tower will remain off limits to visitors at least for now the hope is it will be a beacon drawing people to this far corner of the city for a glimpse of its forgotten glory. giving a new generation a chance to create their own memories of the towers christian salumi al-jazeera new york and that's all for this back though in just
6:58 pm
a moment with more of the day's. in africa's technological at the center of an awful lesson group over to live side by side. in its last episode life apps challenges kenya and app developers to help small scale fondness cultivate a new future but can mobile phones really be the seed of change it's us putting things because it's already good people to get the life out silicon savannah on
6:59 pm
al-jazeera. it's a tough time for the afghan security forces taliban attacks have increased suffering heavy casualties and the prospect of a withdrawal of u.s. forces hangs over them yet young men are still joining up some for potshots at reasons for others is the only way to get a job despite the risks midway's karimi was an army bomb disposal engineer in helmand province he knew the risks he was blinded in both eyes and lost a leg when a roadside device exploded as he tried to defuse it always aware of the danger of seeing friends wounded while working on mines i wasn't scared to lose an arm or a leg is to sacrifice we have to like to serve this country a university degree to be a doctor or a teacher but without any study or rigs and one i want to investigate the pakistani company at legibly selling by degrees to the thousands of police around the world on al-jazeera.
7:00 pm
al-jazeera. where every. syrian troops targeted. for the last rebel held area intensifies same thing thousands fleeing for their lives. this is al jazeera live also. protests across india guys to do citizenship in the war that has divided the country. we're getting word that libya's u.n. recognized government has asked each of deployed troops to.


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