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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 1, 2020 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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this is al jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the al-jazeera news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes iranian backed groups take aim at the american embassy in baghdad for a 2nd day they're angry about recent u.s. airstrikes. pro-democracy protesters in hong kong ring in the new year in defiance promising to keep up their demands for reform. scenes of widespread destruction in australia where firefighters are struggling to contain dozens of bushfires and the weather is not helping. terrible tear. down santa how much with the sports and the rockets
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man is back from injury and back in business james harden scores 5 points it to help you stay in it down the nuggets all the n.b.a. accent coming up in the program. welcome to the news our supporters and members of the iranian backed popular mobilization of forces have surrounded the u.s. embassy compound in iraq's capital from rocks and set fires outside the building security personnel inside have responded by firing tear gas president trump blames iran for the protests but terror on has denied any involvement as anger over the recent u.s. airstrikes in iraq and syria targeting the hezbollah brigades meanwhile the u.s. has deployed marine reinforcements to secure its embassy in baghdad so let's take a look at the situation now these. pictures of the u.s.
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embassy compound in baghdad coming to us here let's go live now to someone to fold him she is outside the embassy simona it appears the crowds they have now made siege to the embassy compound just bring us up to date with the latest. well we are here just right outside the u.s. embassy compound where hundreds of members and supporters of the popular mobilization forces have set up camp they have set up tents they're bringing in supplies so it appears that they're determined to stay for now basically laying siege to the u.s. embassy here. we understand in the show she actions are currently going to ask them to withdraw but we're not really seeing that there is any efforts to leave for now in fact we are seeing more people arrive across the hanging bridge which is the same way that they came in yesterday we're seeing them bringing gas canisters cooking utensils to basically allow them to set up camp here and the people here
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who have spoken to say that there they will not leave unless they're given clear orders by their own leadership to do so now of course it's very important to draw a distinction between the crowd here and the crowd on the other side of the river which consists of protesters have been demonstrating against the government for 3 months they are very different here we have basically a crowd that says most of the public in the mobilization forces while in the focus to the over there are areas where. iraq is from all walks of life we've been demonstrating against the iraqi government and also holds foreign including iranian influence here now let's take a look at how this. march began yesterday we had company of these crowds as they began basically marching from the outside of the reverse part of a funeral procession until they arrived here at. embassy. oh
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say angry and determined they marched across the river tigris through unmanned checkpoints into the heart of the fortified green zone thousands of members of the iranian backed popular mobilization forces and their supporters surrounded the compound of the u.s. embassy to deliver a stern warning to hide out of their district this is the revenge of the popular mobilization forces this is just the beginning what comes after this will be much stronger than the other day they set fires at the outer gates as they try to get inside the embassy grounds the situation appears to be escalating now with hundreds perhaps thousands of members of the popular mobilization for setting the leads to the close of the u.s. embassy there filming stones there burning ceased the trying to climb the wall to reach the u.s. embassy compound and they're chanting anti-american slogans they're demanding the waves roll off american troops from iraq. the action is in response to u.s.
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airstrikes that killed dozens of fighters from the hezbollah brigades which form part of the popular mobilization of forces it all began as a funeral procession to honor those killed crowds pay their respects as the bodies passed by and vowed to avenge their deaths in the whole there are those although not at all the time of the quote in this cowardly act was carried out by the u.s. and israel they will pay a high price we will take a strong stand and we will not forget the blood of the martyrs as long as there's breath inside of us we will tell them that we are here on the streets and we are here to stay and there will be an aggressive response to them their bases are not say. top pm have leaders supported this march including hard marry the leader of the biggest bloc in parliament and there is. bullet an insurgency after the u.s. led invasion in 2003 they pledged to use both military and political means to expel u.s. troops that are part of the dharma look at this embassy has proved its conspires
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against iraq this is the embassy where they spy on iraq and where they lead to destruction of iraq this is where the saboteurs are supported by the u.s. embassy is located in the heavily fortified green zone for months iraqi security forces have guarded it against anti-government protesters but this time they appear to have orders to stand down the u.s. and 100 marines to reinforce security and u.s. trained iraqi forces deployed near the embassy compound the prime minister has condemned the attack and called on people to withdraw but they ignored his orders laying siege to the embassy overnight and raising questions about who's actually in charge iran has strong relations not only with the security groups that we talk about that we've been talking about but also with the political groups with the institutions with state actors inside iraq and across the political spectrum from.
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and kurdish groups. through loudspeakers crowds in tahrir square who've camped out for months to protest against the government and the iranian influence renounced any connection to the group that entered the green zone this attack on the u.s. embassy could turn into a diplomatic crisis many fear it could also be the beginning of an escalating proxy war between the u.s. and iran on iraqi soil. i'm simona president trump cool on the iraqi government to do more to protect the embassy was a response has there been from iraqi officials. well we're seeing more security presence today than we did yesterday yesterday basically the security forces simply allow the crowds to parts cost for all of the checkpoints without any security whatsoever but today we're seeing definitely more government vehicles that we're seeing them and the checkpoints but it still appears that it is the up in the mobilization forces who are calling the shots here they are the ones who get to say which vehicle passes through and which one doesn't now the government has also
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deployed the u.s. trained counterterrorism forces near the u.s. embassy but they have not received any orders to use actual force to remove this crowd it is pretty clear that the departure of this crowd will have to be as a result of negotiations and will have to be according to the terms of the popular mobilization of forces because so far they have defied any orders from the prime minister to withdraw their 2nd day presence here is a sign that they're determined to stay until they feel that they have the concessions until they feel that they have sent the message that they want to send for them to actually withdraw all right some of the fault in the iraqi capital baghdad thank you for that. poor person trump has said he does not want war with iran and does not force anyone. well i think it's been handled very well the breach came and we had so much great warriors come in and do a fantastic job but they were there instantaneously soon as we heard. i used the
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word immediately they came immediately and it's in great shape as you know this will not be a big guys i also want to thank the iraqi government they really stepped up i spoke to the prime minister today i thanked him but they stepped up very nice i want to have peace and i like peace. and iran should want peace more than anybody. well iran's supreme leader has responded to trump's comments on condemning the sunday's u.s. air strike that targeted the hezbollah brigades and killed at least 27 people let's cross over to terror on where dosage of ari is live for us with the reaction out of iran iran supreme leader has been talking about those u.s. air strikes what morsi been saying. well for the very 1st time on his twitter account the supreme leader has responded directly to the tweets that was sent by the u.s. president donald trump late last night the supreme leader ayatollah ali homily
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responded by saying that the united states cannot do a damn thing he knew he had made a reference to the us president by saying that guy and i'm quoting here that guy has tweeted that we see iran responsible for the events in baghdad and we will respond to them he says what 1st you can't do anything and 2nd if you were a logical with your knowledge you would see that your crimes in afghanistan and iraq have been the nations hate you the reigning supreme leader also said that if these amica public decides to challenge and fight it will do so unequivocally and that the iranians are not after wars but that they will strongly defend their iranian nation's interests dignity and glory and that if anyone threatens that the iranians will confront and strike 8 them without hesitation very strong words and a direct response to the u.s. president donald trump's message to the iranians or to do such
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a body there in terror on doorstep thank you let's bring in say doing al konami is an independent research on identity politics in iraq in the middle east joins us here in doha said let's talk 1st about the latest developments the u.s. says it's now deployed 750 soldiers to the region how volatile is this embassy situation now and what exactly is iran's involvement iran's involvement as the us trying to pull the attention away from the protest movement that began in early october this is one of the very few tactics that iran is using to denounce and minimize the influence of the protest movement since early october which heavily created a very strong and prominent and to run sentiment across the country in fact it was the loudest and heaviest sentiment imposed to $1003.00 iraq if we look at the consequences at the gradual consequence. of the events it's clearly just the one of the very few events of the long dispute between iran and the us iraq as many countries in the region has been a battlefield to between iranian and u.s.
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interest but the same time iran and the us also share a common interest and that is not to have the protest movement succeed in iraq because the iraqi government has a dual partnership between the us and iran the iraqi government is an ally even if it's an ally to the us this fight being a failed democracy because it was the us invasion that created that failed democracy and as we see as we've been witnessing for the poster you weeks iran is that is the greatest ally to the reigning to the iraqi government therefore this is just the way to pull the attention away from the protest movement and try to pull and try to let the people in iraq feel that to those ok. let me just jump in here because president trump said that iran will pay a heavy price for the initial attack that killed a u.s. contractor but then he later seemed to soften his rhetoric saying he doesn't want war with iran so how is the diplomacy likely to play out then do you think well iran and the u.s. have been using that rhetoric of threatening each other about the same time softening it when they realize that that direct confrontation will cost both of
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them a very heavy price you ron wouldn't wouldn't to risk its own influence in iraq by confronting the u.s. in such a direct complete warfare type of war it knows that if it loses its interest against the u.s. in iraq it will lose all of its arms across the region whether it be in lebanon syria or yemen they might be threatening each other they might be showing off their military muscles for a few weeks but by the end of the day they just want to prove to both sides that the one is more of the one show and the other the u.s. knows words are controlling iraq and iran knows where its controls in iraq but they don't stay with us for a minute because i want to play some pictures from our viewers because video on social media appears to show a senior iraqi military officer pleading with. waters of iran backed militia groups to move away from the us embassy compound left and general abdul amir rashid is deputy head of iraqi joint operations and a video seems to show him surrounded by people believed to be paramilitary fighters
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who chant the people want to topple the occupation as he speaks let's listen to what he had to say. your blood is precious this is not worth it might be if we shoot one of you it is wrong we don't want one of ours to die that is sit outside talk let's wrap this up whatever you want just not here they better this way it would be over. so they did what is all of this telling us about how iraqi forces are dealing with the security situation there while the iraqi forces are the iraqi governmental forces have been put in a very confusing and sensitive position as i mentioned they have a they share a partnership in an alliance with both countries the u.s. and iran but because the iraqi government in one way or another is involved in open the door for the forces to enter the green zone that the green zone has blocked at an entrance for the past 3 months against protesters have been trying to enter the green zone yet it took a few hours for those protesters over there was enough numbers to enter it very
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easily so the iraqi government now has to prove to the u.s. that it's taking either a neutral stance or it's protecting the u.s. embassy because that's what a government has to do to a diplomatic entity you are building especially when it comes to the u.s. which is the most prominent which is the most powerful embassy and said i cannot thank you very much indeed for sharing your thoughts with their. all right lots more still to come on the news hour including north korea's leader is threatening a new weapon in 2020 if the u.s. continues with what he calls gangster like tomorrow. we are in brazil to examine what's changed in the years since president john bolton arrow came to office. in support tempers flare as the knights put the ducks to the sword in the national hockey league summit has the details coming up muscles to come.
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now police in hong kong have fired tear gas to disperse anti-government protesters during a new year's day march some demonstrators threw burning objects at police during the confrontation tens of thousands are marching in the largely peaceful rally and their demands include greater autonomy from china and an inquiry into allegations of police brutality well these are live pictures coming to us now from hong kong protesters there on the streets less cost of a too difficult polland in hong kong to the of course this is an annual rally and the 1st of the year tell us what's been happening there. that's right daryn this protest has been going on for nearly a for this would be the 11th year and what we usually see is a peaceful rally people marching calling for more democracy in hong kong this year it seems to be an extension of the protests we've seen over the past 7 months and as you say police have already fired tear gas and pepper spray due to the sheer numbers of people that have joined this protest as
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a means of crowd control they're trying to get people to stay within the york authorised to areas of the protest but because the numbers are so large you have been spilling out to other roads but what we're also seeing is the more radical elements of the protesters out someone setting up barricades and setting up for confrontations with police this is the end point of the protesters and protesters are being told to disperse police are calling. the organizers to tell the protesters are the marchers to stop the protests and the rally the organizers have actually called the many of those taking part to just go home and disperse instead what we're seeing is thousands of people gathering at this and point here that once again setting up blockades setting up barricades along main road so it seems to be very much of an extension of what we have seen over the past 7 months of protests once again building up to more confrontations with the police and more defiance
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against the government's difficult part and in hong kong to them thank you china's president changing things says he sincerely hopes the best for hong kong and its people in his new year address he said a prosperous and stable hong kong is the aspiration not only of the territory's people but also the expectation of mainland china. bushfires across 2 australian states are growing along with a devastating toll on lives and homes lightning started more fires on tuesday night more than 200. reports. of choking on smoke with only a hose to protect to. face destroyed. head on with a father sure they fought for 5 hours saving their house cars and garden in rural victoria. the professionals is struggling to. thousands of firefighters are battling to contain the wildfires scorching the
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states of victoria and new south wales an area home to more than 13000000 people was once the front hit the wind just picked up the name has just took off and that was the everything they just went was always going to come. and the conditions there draw everywhere you know what. international help is arriving this weekend the u.s. will have seems nearly 100 firefighters canada has seen more than 60 the strain military is using planes and helicopters to douse flames preparing for possible back to ations. on the ground police are trying to keep people out of fire zones areas that rohan change suddenly the wind. west of us. and it's actually cut through on its. own a short. thousands of residents along the east coast have been pushed to the
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water's edge if not the fires along the beach. and. in sydney the mayor was determined to the show must go on for the new year this. it was granted an exemption to a state wide fireworks band despite a petition signed by nearly 300000 people calling for them to be cancelled. it is the most beautiful place in the world to celebrate new year's eve and that's why people say it's on they want to come to straight to do that but it's on the international calendar it is a really important to the economy. the cost of this crisis is yet to be quantified more than 1000 homes and thousands of farmland destroyed with it animals the university of sydney estimating nearly half a 1000000000 have been killed we are absolutely stretched right across new south
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wales we've got falls booming from the queensland border all the idea into the victorian border across the great devolving right. in the heat of summer is you to arrive. 0. for us today he joins us live now from sydney for a pretty grim end to 2019 there in australia how are people feeling about the situation of the start of the new year. yeah it was indeed a grim and start to 2020 and i think it's fair to say that it's they know very strange and challenging time for so many since this bushfire emergency formally began october 1st 15 people have lost their lives that seem new south wales alone so we are seeing changes in our physical environment people are starting to wear masks because the air quality is so poor smoke is often the 1st thing that you smell in the morning sometimes you're out exercising and it rains ash on you but you're nowhere near
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a fire zone so i've observed in people that i've spoken to in recent weeks a real sense of kind of reconciliation to the fact that finale this is the new normal there is certainly an increase of observed in people having conversations and debate around the role of climate change and just how much that has contributed to the severity and early start. out to these fires season the prime minister was recently forced to return home from a family vacation in hawaii he did apologize for being away at the height of the bush fire an urgency but he also did say that he would be making no changes to government policy because he believed that climate change was just one factor that had contributed to this severe emergency many other politicians have said similar things and they've said that now is not the time to have a debate about climate change they say that now is the time to focus their efforts on supporting the firefighters and on those who've lost loved ones and properties in this crisis but there are also those who say that this disaster has changed
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people and our landscape and that people are also wanting greater leadership and from politicians to do more and do things differently for the state thank you let's bring in amanda mackenzie as she's the chief executive officer of the climate council of australia and she joins us via skype from melbourne so the latest report from your organization states that a long term warming trend from the burning of coal and oil and gas is supercharging these extreme weather events putting australian lives the economy the environment at risk is that what we're seeing play out now with these fires. absolutely scientists have been warning us for more than 30 years now that a stranger in 6 theory unseen in a sense a lot a long time drying trend and experiencing more extreme heat and we're experiencing the worst drought on record and we've experienced in extremely hot weather like to spring in early insomuch as the present
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a said they hated summer haven't actually get usually say that for a nice as well as they much was in january and february so we still have the pattern some a cigar that i's dotted very early don't need. and last year the saving lasted until next week here as well so there's very little rest of us that have been tackling the slightest most of whom a moment where absolutely saying current change playing out and standing in landscape at the lighthouse from the sky and it's only past winter as i said is probably going to be the certainly the west on record i'm on but what about australia's political approach to climate change because as we heard from our reporter that the government's making the real change has policy and using fossil fuels that coal is so obvious flaws not to change that do you think. i think they will but it will take time. at the state government level my state governments are now taking climate change very seriously they're investing in renewable energy
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they're in the transition occurrence the opposition federally has they in stating that this is climate change and white and there's failed to this city over the coming out of the coalition government which is currently in power better lake their brain sound that have said we need to do more on climate change so i think the conversation in the community is definitely that if he acts happening we want to see more action and i think the government's going to be under considerable pressure in the media i'm a little bit of a final thought from here in terms of the broader impacts of climate change i mean for example we saw a moscow record in one of its warmest winters on record and they had to truck in fake snow for then you hear celebrations that's extraordinary is a selling us then but the rise in global temperatures are happening much faster than originally thought absolutely things are happening strangely quickly quickly than scientists anticipated and i think it's incumbent on every national government to be looking at this much more seriously than they have been doing and as
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a globe we need to moving exteriorly rapidly to deal with that and i think everyone no matter what you walk the black there's something easy to be contributing whether it's putting pressure on the government or whether it's doing something within your own sphere of influence about a mckenzie thank you very much indeed for sharing your thoughts with al-jazeera thanks for having me the time to check on the weather now evidence here at the time is that any irony from the way for those firefighters battling those 5. well i wish i could say yes stan we may well see some rain pushing into south australia as we go on through the end of the weekend in the eventually but in see some useful wind pushed pushing into where parts of that toria from new south wales to queensland i'm i'm i'm not quite as optimistic is that let's take a look at south australia this is the amount of rainfall we have seen in the year 2019 the entire year should be around about $528.00 millimeters of rain so that's around 2 thirds of the rifle says the drought as well as the hate with this area cloud up towards the northwest this is what may well offer us some hope for some
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rain over the next couple of days and also this system here which is going to make its way towards the southwest and colder so because some slightly cooler were coming in some of more humid air ahead of that dam affright that it stays very hot look at the reds on that chart and that's going to squeeze its way across into where new south wales easing over towards queensland that's the picture for friday go on into saturday well as the good news because see some fresh. wet weather starting to ease its way and so the chance of some rain events to making its way and high pressure is dominating around that eastern side that's blocking these weather systems off so if thursday a little more cloud just coming in see that western side of australia there you go you can see some rain coming into western australia eventually pushing into south australia as well 42 in adelaide i will fall away to around 25 as we go through saturday and this this rain i think it's useful right that will continue to make its way further east was as we go on through the weekend by sunday will slide down
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across a good part of victoria still making its way towards sydney and frights staying dry heat there in about an thank you are a lot more still to come here on al-jazeera including he's been accused of corruption many times over but will 2020 finally see south africa's former president stand trial. downhill daredevils we meet the colombian youngsters risking their lives in one of the world's most dangerous extreme sports and side we'll have much more sports including why the start of the miss williams. 27th tennis season has been delayed by an hour stay with us. the pollution is palpable. delis shares the symptoms of many modern metropolis but its unique features have been gotten a crisis. people in power investigates the toxic mix feeding the city's invisible killer and asks why more is not being done to relieve its citizens delis
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deadly air on al jazeera.
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welcome back a quick amount of our top stories here on the news hour supporters and members of iranian backed up on a mobilization forces have gathered outside the u.s. embassy in iraq for a 2nd day throwing rocks and set fires outside the compound security personnel of 5 tickets. and police in hong kong were trying to disperse anti-government protesters during a new year's day in march some demonstrations from burning objects at the police during the confrontation tens of thousands of marching in the largely peaceful. and catastrophic bushfires are spreading across eastern australia 3 more deaths have been confirmed in the state of new south wales and one of the torah weather experts say more hot weather is on the way. north korean leader kim jong un has said he'll soon or what he called a new strategic weapon according to south korean media reports kim said the u.s. would suffer helplessly if it continued to delay denuclearization talks brian has more now from salt. it may be new year but on the korean peninsula there is
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a return to some of the old villager rinse of the past north korean leader kim jong un told a special meeting of the ruling workers' party he would continue developing his nuclear arsenal. as pyongyang welcomed in 2020 it marked the expiration of the deadline kim had set for the u.s. to come up with concessions installed you clear eyes ation tool. so far kim has stopped short of resuming tests with long range ballistic missiles or nuclear weapons knowing that would risk losing what little chance he has of getting concessions from the u.s. president because donald trump has been probably the most supporter. for negotiations between north korea and the united states to actually continue so moving his faith there would be great risk for mr king. this hardening of north
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korea's position leaves the vague commitments by the 2 leaders to denuclearize ation now in tatters it also marks the end for now of south korea's efforts to mediate between the 2 powers seoul welcomed in the new year back in the familiar position of facing an increasingly belligerence northern neighbor to come i think we can make a good relationship with north korea and i hope we can have a good discussion with trump to improve things attending a new year's eve party at his mar-a lago resort president trump remained optimistic we have to do what we have to. but he did sign a contract to sign an agreement talking about denuclearization that we signed number one said denuclearization kim jong un also spent much of his speech addressing the need to develop his country's economy with an emphasis on self-reliance it seems to be accepted that crippling economic sanctions will stay
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in place amazing be further tightened as a punishment for any renewed testing. but the past 2 years of summit diplomacy not only with the u.s. but also north korea's neighbors leaves the country far less isolated than it was before and its continuing weapons development means it goes into 2020 with more advanced missile technologies and an expanded nuclear program rob mcbride al-jazeera sole. libya's foreign ministers asking the un security council for warlord to be tried for war crimes hundreds of civilians have been killed or injured since his campaign to seize tripoli in april and salumi as more from un headquarters. the international criminal court already has an ongoing active investigation into libya with outstanding warrants for 3 people accused of war crimes that include murder and torture and one of those accused is actually an
1:34 pm
officer in general hatari army a man by the name of mahmoud all were folly the chief prosecutor for the i.c.c. for 2 bensouda has warned general that she's watching his assault on tripoli and that she will not hesitate to issue further warrants in her investigation but she also noted in her remarks to the security council here last month that huffed are has promoted this man to a higher rank twice since the i.c.c. 1st began calling on him to hand him over so clearly it does not take too seriously what the i.c.c. is doing and realistically if she were to issue a warrant for his arrest then studio it would need the support of member states to execute it here at the security council officially the security council does recognize libya's government of national accord as the legitimate authority there
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but realistically all of the states involved here have some stake in what's happening in libya privately western diplomats have expressed concern that russian militias have been showing up in territory. and given that the primary objective of the security council right now is to bring all of the parties back to the negotiating table to find a political solution given the recent talks in berlin more or less fell apart it's possible that an arrest warrant might be seen as a stick to motivate. but it's also very likely that any. action against him would take a backseat to political concerns now the un and government forces in central african republic have declared a neighborhood in the capital bangui a weapons free zone the area known as p.k. 5 recently saw days of fighting between a militia and local traders the fighters were given a deadline to disarm which is not possed. address has more now from bungie. i shore
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forced by united nations troops in an effort to avoid an all out war between traders and their former militia protect is in bungay speaking a 5 neighborhood the area was once described as one of the most volatile districts in the country now the united nations has stepped in calling on both sides to do so . anyone seen with arms will be arrested disarmed or neutralized if he or she resists the population shouldn't take long to their hands it's the responsibility of a new and local force and we will also occupied control bases of self-defense groups for government forces this is the 1st time they're setting foot in says $24.00 to you. know we should pretend about the current situation if one of the trade you're a traitor if you're a militia man who reintegrate you to work last week clashes broke out between
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traders and the local militia protecting them or the accusation of extortion. more than 40 people were killed days later the traders vow to chase the militia out of the area that the collaboration of the pickier 5 member hold as a weapons free zone came just hours before a deadline fool so rounded up all arms in the neighborhood x. 5 traders were earlier relied on militia men for protection had told them that they need to surrender all weapons in their position or face an all out war now assured that side order has been issued on any one seen carrying a gun and the several. disarming fighters which the united nations want to carry out is something no one was able to do in p.t. 5 since the outbreak of civil war in 2030. some residents wary of the bloodshed hope this time it will be different. our message is clear people should really be careful we're going to make sure no one is using guns to hold people to ransom to
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deceive people who are fed up and disappointed with what the vigilant they're doing that's why they want the presence of international and local forces to take charge and get into everyone's safety for now and a bloody confrontation on new year's eve is about it but no one knows for how long this piece will who are old. buggy. now thailand is one of the world's biggest producers of plastic pollution in oceans retailers and author to say they're trying to clean up the country's act by banning some single use plastics but as jessica washington now reports they also face another challenge and that's changing consumer attitudes. around 45000000000 plastic bags i use every year in thailand but the new deal will bring a change in behavior for consumers all around the country major department stores being in stores and supermarkets will all implement a ban on plastic bags from this year signs like this are on display around the
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country explaining the changes telling consumers they'll need to plan ahead for the next time they go shopping there's also a ban on using products with my proteins and plans for a ban on plastic within the next 2 you. are looking at me i think this is a good idea because it will clean up the environment these days so hot as the weather is changing it's hard to do my job as a driver because of the heat we need to stop using so much plastic and reduce the garbage overall but getting thai consumers to break up with plastic could prove challenging the highest percentage of plastic usage doesn't come from department stores and convenience stores it comes from places like this fresh food markets and food stalls and getting independent sellers to. get on board with a plastic bag and could prove challenging. i think the plastic bag bad is a good idea but what do i use instead what would be a good substitute this far was
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a wet so they'd need to be in a plastic bag but still i think reducing plastic is a good idea because of climate change. the empty plastic push has been in spurred by the high number of wildlife the teletubbies caused by plastic ingestion one case which caught the attention of the public was that of a baby which died after eating several kilograms of plastic that pace and others like it served as a graphic reminder to the public of the dangers of excessive classic usage. brazil's controversial president. has completed his 1st year in office it's been a combative 12 months in which he struggled to implement the most radical parts of his agenda his popularity fall but improvements in the economy could give him a 2nd opportunity in 2020. 5 i hear after is surprising victory brazilian president joe you both so now to us feel to deliver on his most radical promises been managed enough wins to keep them alive the former
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army captain a self-confessed nostalgist for the brazilian dictatorship has blamed the democratic checks and balances in this country for slowing down his dream of freeing brazil of what he calls the ideology of the left wing globalization while pushing for is pro gun pro religion agend. 3rd of the country remains delighted with his ideas but many seem to have had 2nd thoughts he was rather inexperienced and throughout this he has had many specific problems candles and so on which have allowed him to build or to maintain. he's been at loggerheads with the international organizations as he played down the devastation of the amazon rain forest for the 76 percent increase in fires compared to the previous year. it has also been a turbulent time promises of legalizing the carrying of arms and offering immunity
1:42 pm
to police carrying out lethal operations were rejected by congress or hoped. the supreme court corruption scandals involving a sense damaged his image as a crusader against corruption and the country's powerful farming lobby forced him to push down its and china and take communist rhetoric. needs to pass historic pension reform after decades of failed attempts to tackle brazil's sky high public debt i think some of his main promises that were related to security to the bit he do to you know to have all guns and things like that haven't turned out to be so successful or so important. i think what's what's happening if you if you read public opinion and so on is that the focus is moving you know surprise surprise towards the economy but wolf you know this international supporters still hope he
1:43 pm
will be able to tackle drug gangs in crime but to further is vision the key will be revitalizing the still sluggish economy a year later it's unclear whether he'll be able to achieve a few doubt he'll remain as controversial as ever i listen to them. now we're just waiting for american samore to usher in the new year but for the rest of the world it's 2020. new zealand was one of the 1st countries to celebrate with a fireworks display from the sky tower in oakland. shanghai it was treated to a unique spectacle more than 2000 drones took off from the banks of the one pool river forming patterns in the night sky. and this was the scene on the most famous street in the world and it's the tree on the top to ring in the new year in france . and brazil began the new year with the biggest party in latin america around
1:44 pm
2000000 people gathered on rio de janeiro's famous copacabana beach. and in new york the traditional ball drop was held in times square this is the most climate change going to cater to teachers and students studying global warming they were invited to start the countdown celebrations took place under tight security drones much of the crowd for the 1st time. a former south african president jacob zuma is expected to stand trial this year of accusations of corruption zuma has denied the charges and the next part of al-jazeera syria's looking at the biggest stories of 2020 we examine how his time in office a shape south africa for me the miller reports now from johannesburg. corruptions estimated by south africa's government to cost the economy $700000000000.00 for many former president jacob zuma is the symbol of that corruption he was forced to resign during his sick and term in february 28th as
1:45 pm
a series of scandal surrounding him and the governing african national congress party intensified. zuma repeatedly says he's done nothing wrong. because a conspiracy committed by certain people and by his against me. state owned companies were allegedly mismanaged and looted to benefit zuma and his associates from the passenger rail agency which is bankrupt to south african airways which is close to collapse thousands of workers went on strike last month protesting job cuts they say are the direct result of corruption the state owned power utility eskom is also in trouble leading to rolling blackouts nationwide the manager of the spake reinsulate so says the power cuts have cost thousands of dollars in lost business and baker's jobs are threatened if they continue. to form
1:46 pm
a senior managers at eskom have been charged with corruption the blackouts have been disruptive and of course the economy millions of dollars not only were businesses left in the dark but in so where those twitter hysteria restaurants and shops had to shut their doors when protests broke out while zuma hasn't been charged for alleged crimes during his time in office he's facing a fraud and corruption trial related to a weapons deal in the ninety's which were dropped before he became president and later reinstated it's not yet clear if his trial will proceed in february as he fights to stay out of court by petitioning the supreme court of appeal zoom us testified at a government inquiry into corruption but says he's too ill to return to see him through jacob zuma has 2 terms as the president is you know the weakness within the governing party the insane 'd you know the fact that the a.n.c.
1:47 pm
has been up for sale you know the patronage networks you know that operate in the state and in the in c. and that also shows you just how deeply entrenched you know the. problem is many are skeptical they'll get the answers on corruption they're looking for in the year ahead they expect further delays in the justice system and face the certainty that a vital state owned companies will require more bailouts to stay afloat costing taxpayers more than they can possibly afford. to hannah's book time from a short break here not just iraq when we come back in sport the losing streak continues for the hornets santa has all the action from the n.b.a. coming months to. a city defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state here at the capitol of jerusalem everyone is welcome but has the power structure that maintains the color project that's what we refuse it was one of the founders of the
1:48 pm
settlement with this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation occupation discrimination injustice this is apartheid in the 21st century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera. examining the impact of today's headlines you use the misinformation i've used the term by setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions how unique a lovin is this in terms of modern american history when it comes to racism you have the makings of a neo fascist moment international filmmakers and world class journalists bringing programs to inspire you. on al-jazeera.
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welcome back now the french president insists that he will continue with plans to overhaul the pension system but emanuel macron used his new year address to also call for calm the reforms have triggered protests and widespread destruction for almost a month lawyers teachers and even musicians have joined the strikes the reports now from the capital. it was an unusual protest against the french government's planned pension reforms members of the paris opera orchestra played a concert to demonstrate against the proposals to do suppose we wanted to show that our job is to play music and it makes us all happy deaf we've been forced to strike for a month and cancel $45.00 performances for needy 4 weeks people including lawyers teachers health workers and even ballerinas have demonstrated against the
1:50 pm
government's plans fearing their pensions will be reduced and they'll be forced to work longer transport workers strike has disrupted rail bus and line services the french president's been under pressure as a break his silence over the protests and his new speech to try to diffuse the crisis. make no mistake on this important subject that so close to french people hartson identity i hear their fears and anxieties i also hear many laws to manipulation must always write in calm doesn't mean backing down but respect each other's differences my only compass is and will be the interests of our country macrame hope that his speech will end the protests but workers at this trade union meeting in paris. they wouldn't back down many of the workers damaged here who've been on strike since the beginning of december and they say that the only thing that will persuade them to go back to work in their protest would be if the
1:51 pm
government was describe its pension reform plans they said we started to strike and we plan to finish it because as long as the government doesn't restore to reform we'll continue to strike we're not the only ones this analyst says that macro has failed to convince some people that the reforms are necessary has not managed to isolate the strikers because. the pension system is everybody's problem and he hasn't been convincing enough i think the lack of trust in the politicians word in for also the moment is very deep and that's the main problem with don't worry everything will be ok you know did they lose in this reform people don't trust him. mcgraw has a record of pushing through controversial reforms but this one is proving particularly challenging the government says the changes would modernize the pension system make it fairer and save public money it will resume negotiations with trade union leaders next week but with neither side showing any sign of
1:52 pm
backing down the talks are unlikely to be a maybe yes it's just 0 harris. thank you very much dan always solid n.b.a. where the rockets sam and james harden was back from injury and back in business in houston on tuesday russell westbrook it was also a turn in for the rockets and he did the early damage against denver and. has struggled this season for the nuggets but was doing his best to keep his side in the game but harden that with 35 points would inspire the rockets to victory go on to take it 127112. and in the eastern conference is 6 trade defeat for the hornets as jane said tatton firing $24.00 points as the boston celtics to victory in charlotte celtics leading scorer came by a local also contributing 109 to 92 wins in the n.h.l.
1:53 pm
is in conference leaders washington have suffered back to back defeats for the 1st time this season while it was all looking good for the capitals against a new island new york islanders when even a cousin scored twice to put them in front he's up to 1415 goals for the campaign but the islanders would recover to take it for 3 double from casey was a followed by the winning score by tom. de climbs to 3rd in the standings. and the west to las vegas and nights and the year with back to back wins for the anaheim ducks chasing the game and jonathan marshall so took advantage of an empty net from a distance to wrap up a 52 scoreline 98 defeat of the season for the ducks with things all getting rather heated between shia theodore and maxine mccollum 2 hours before the end.
1:54 pm
7 time grand slam champion venus williams i have had to delay the start of what will be her 27th season on the women's tennis tour she's pulled out of the brisbane international after suffering a setback in training. who was given a wild card entry to the terminal hopes to start her australian open build up at adelaide in a fortnight. mensah pays a start the year at the new a.t.p. cup a team event in australia but not everyone seems excited to be involved on wednesday canada's denis. urge organizes to merge this tournament with the davis cup adding it felt weird to have to hold team events within one month of each other the prize money on offer for the new a.t.p. cup is 13000000 dollars less than november's event in madrid spain beats a kind in that davis cup final rafael nadal and his team have been taken in some of
1:55 pm
the wildlife sides and near their base in western australia and the da says this new event is important and not just a light warm up for the australian open honestly i think this tournament is not a bit of ration for this go and open i was doing another one to compete well and then we will have a week before the sun open for me personally to practice for some of them to play. so we're very focused on trying to be ready for this competition and i think it is going to become like the bracing for another one or russia also based in perth for their group matches the captain was in confident mood as he spoke to reporters with his key players captain and danny amounts of depth. he's looking good smiling even losing to the kids on the floor on the beach but i think we're going
1:56 pm
to come back stronger. that's right open let's see how he manage and also see how koran will do i'm also looking for him to do some great results because if you were sleeping little bit but now he is there we need to forgive him. just like that let like that. all new decade in the english premier league starts with a meeting of 2 teams desperate to research their place a back at the top of the game majesty united to our at arsenal later on a wednesday with the gunners languish in a down in 12th spot and the table there again for is a must win against any point and we have to win. and this is the month when the level of pressure is different when you look up on the table or down but i wouldn't be a moment much attention to the table but through our performance on the resource related to perform and we can put on the pitch. the relentless. list it continues with 9 games to 2020 pep guardiola goes up i guess. again. manchester city
1:57 pm
host everton leaders liverpool play on thursday and that's. more for you later on but now it's back to. thank you very much indeed let's give you some breaking news from the iraqi capital baghdad we're just hearing now that those supporters outside who are camped outside the american embassy compound now plan to withdraw from the embassy breaking news there. and the year 20 times is well and truly here let's go some of the spectacular new year's celebrations my around the world that's it for me down to.
1:58 pm
because you can't. just. january on down to see the. president donald trump is that the president in history to be impeached what does this mean for the future of the u.s. leader on the brink of an election before much chilian presidential candidate explores the defeat of left wing political parties across russia in america and look at how this year's world economic forum to focus on ways to tackle the impact
1:59 pm
of climate change an expropriation of family links to the sunnis regime examines it it's early may now be embracing freshest ideologies most believe gone forever with the general election out of the way bricks it is now so how will the u.k. proceed with the transition in the coming months january on al-jazeera. information in the case to hear her or associate there isn't elise department it has the potential to be biased in a number of different ways there are too many opportunities for the computer to get a role that in those offices or commit those data entry is wrong to be saying that your son missionize road to his might say kill of becoming a suspect before the actual crime and then depth examination into preventative policing pre-crime on al-jazeera.
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iranian backed groups take aim at the american embassy in baghdad for a 2nd day they're angry about recent u.s. airstrikes. hello there i'm how my head's in and this is al jazeera we're live from doha also coming up the of the pro-democracy protesters in hong kong bring in the new year in defiance promising to keep up their demands on the. scenes of widespread destruction in a stray or a firefight and struggling to contain dozens of bushfires in the weather is not hell.


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