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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 1, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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we must transform our relationship with. al-jazeera. and darren jordan this is the on his era news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes one of the. leaders of an iranian backed group told supporters and members to withdraw from the u.s. embassy compound in baghdad. pro-democracy protesters in hong kong bring in the new year in defiance promising to keep up their demands for reform. scenes of widespread destruction in australia where firefighters are struggling to contain dozens of bushfires and the weather is not helping. and i'm found homeless with this board the rocket man is back from
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injury and back in business james how does cost 35 points to help you think down the nuggets all the n.b.a. action coming up in the program. welcome to the program leaders of the iranian backed popular mobilization forces have told them members to withdraw from the u.s. embassy compound in iraq's capital they're throwing rocks and set fires outside the building security personnel inside have responded by firing tear gas you know president donald trump blamed iran for the protests but terror on has denied any involvement as anger over the recent u.s. airstrikes in iraq and syria targeting the hezbollah brigades the u.s. has deployed marine reinforcements to secure its embassy in baghdad well we're covering the iraqi protests some around the world mike hanna standing by for us in washington d.c. for reaction out of the u.s. dollar such a big. he is live for us in the iranian capital tehran 1st let's go to simona
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fulton she's live in baghdad simona we're hearing then that the crowds outside the u.s. embassy compound have been ordered to leave what more can you tell us. well indeed the leadership of the popular mobilization forces has issued an order for these crowds to leave and indeed some of them are leaving we can see trucks piling on some of the supplies that have been brought out yesterday and earlier today we can see people carrying blankets carrying away basically anything that they had gathered here to be able to spend the night but there are also some groups that say that they will not leave and indeed outside of the gate of the u.s. embassy we're seeing a group of a few dozen people who are still chanting and american slogans they are saying that they will not depart on till the u.s. troops actually leave iraq he saw that many of those people is me some of them are saying that they're regular iraq he's demanding their rights but some of them are
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also members of the so-called islamic resistance which is an amalgamation of groups that are under the popular mobilization force but who are believed to be taking their orders rather from to her around rather than from baghdad now of course we have to make an important distinction here between the crowds here in front of the u.s. embassy and the crowds on the other side of the tigris river in paris square they are not the same the crowds that have been protesting for 3 months against the government and against iranian influence here in iraq have rejected the presence of the popular mobilization forces here and they have basically say that they have nothing to do with them now all of this began as a funeral procession to commemorate the 27 fighters who were killed as a result of the u.s. air strike. oh stay angry and determined they marched across the river tigris through unmanned checkpoints into the heart of the
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fortified green zone thousands of members of the iranian backed popular mobilization forces and their supporters surrounded the compound of the u.s. embassy to deliver a stern warning hideout i did this yes this is the revenge of the popular mobilization forces this is just the beginning what comes after this will be much stronger than the others they set fires at the outer gates as they try to get inside the embassy grounds the situation appears to be escalating now with hundreds perhaps thousands of members of the popular mobilization forces having the means to the close of the u.s. embassy there filming stones there burning soused the trying to climb the wall to reach the u.s. embassy compound and they're chanting anti-american slogans they're demanding the waves roll off american troops from iraq. the action is in response to u.s. airstrikes that killed dozens of fighters from the hezbollah brigades which form part of the popular mobilization of forces it all began as
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a funeral procession to honor those killed crowds pay their respects as the bodies passed by and about to avenge their deaths in the hall there are those although not all the time of the quote in this cowardly act was carried out by the u.s. and israel they will pay a high price we will take a strong stand and we will not forget the blood of the martyrs as long as there's breath inside of us we will tell them that we are here on the streets and we are here to stay and there will be an aggressive response to them their bases are nazi . top pm have leaders supported this march including hard marry the leader of the biggest bloc in parliament and there is. bullet an insurgency after the u.s. led invasion in 2003 they pledged to use both military and political means to expel u.s. troops that are part of the dharma look at this embassy has proved its conspires against iraq this is the embassy where they spy on iraq and where they lead to destruction of iraq this is where the saboteurs are supported by the u.s.
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embassy is located in the heavily fortified green zone for months iraqi security forces have guarded it against anti-government protesters but this time they appear to have orders to stand down the u.s. and 100 marines to reinforce security and u.s. trained iraqi forces deployed near the embassy compound the prime minister has condemned the attack and called on people to withdraw but they ignored his orders laying siege to the embassy overnight and raising questions about who's actually in charge iran has strong relations not only with the security groups that we talk about that we've been talking about but also with the political groups with the institutions with state actors inside iraq and across the political spectrum from. and kurdish groups. through loudspeakers crowds in tahrir square who've camped out for months to protest against the government and the iranian influence renounced
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any connection to the group that entered the green zone this attack on the u.s. embassy could turn into a diplomatic crisis many fear it could also be the beginning of an escalating proxy war between the u.s. and iran on iraqi soil. and some of the president trump has called on the iraqi government to do more to protect the embassy and what sort of response has there been from iraqi citizens. fully understand there has been a lot of pressure from the u.s. government to basically in the words of one security official put an end to. this we're now seeing a lot of u.s. trained iraqi counterterrorism forces deployed around the embassy around the gates of the embassy they are armed but they have not been given any orders to end to use any force to end this certain but what appears to be happening now is as we see the supporters of the popular mobilization forces withdraw the counterterrorism forces are gradually taking ground there pushing them further and further away from the
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embassy and they basically have orders to secure the area once the pm that actually draws the question is whether they will completely withdraw it appears that part of the group is defined to remain here and what remains to be seen though whether the counterterrorism forces and other security forces will actually use force to end this a 10 if it is not over by the end of today or to some other folks in there in the iraqi capital is meant to thank you meanwhile president trump has said he does not want war with iran and does not foresee one. well i think it's been handled very well the marines came in we had some great warriors come in and do a fantastic job and they were there instantaneously soon as we heard. i used the word immediately they came immediately and it's in great shape as you know this will not be a benghazi i also want to thank the iraqi government they really stepped up i spoke
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to the prime minister today i thanked him but they stepped up very nice i want to have you and i like peace. iran should want peace more than anybody when iran's supreme leader has responded to trump's comments he condemned sunday's u.s. airstrikes that targeted that has been our brigades and killed at least 27 people across a tear on our door such a baris life for us with reaction out of iran door says so the supreme leader has been talking about those u.s. airstrikes what morsi been saying. well according to ayatollah khomeini these attacks that were carried out by the united states was in retaliation to the fact that they hash the shabby forces had defeated eisel the americans are taking revenge that is how the leadership here sees the events that have unfolded and for the very 1st time at the supreme leader directly responded to the accusations made against his country by the u.s. president donald trump he said that that guy that has tweeted that iran is behind
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the events that took place in baghdad is completely not true he said 1st that there's nothing the americans can do about it in to that they have to look at their own foreign policies in countries like iraq and afghanistan to understand that the people in those countries are now hating the presence of u.s. forces that are there at the moment let's hear some more what he had to say. book is ready if iran decides to confront a country we will do it without hesitation we are strongly committed to the interests dignity and progress of our nation and anyone who threatens that will be confronted we don't punish any country towards more but if others want to impose something on us then we will powerfully stand against them and the supreme leader his words have now been followed by the actions of the foreign ministry we've just heard that the charge of the affair of the swiss embassy here in tehran has been summoned to the foreign ministry to answer questions about the comments that the united states have made against iran and the accusations that made against the
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islamic republic the foreign ministry says that they are expressing their deep concern and disappointment about the comments that have been made against them though the swiss embassy here represents the u.s. interests in iran since the united states and iran don't have to fanatic relations for now this seems to be a moment very critical between the 2 sides because there seems to be accusations and counter-accusations but what is clear is is that both sides really don't want to see an escalation in this conflict and these wars war awards continue but it's really not in anybody's interests to escalate them any further and caution is being urged from all sides to actually deescalate the situation. thank you or let's cross to mike hanna he's there in washington d.c. mike so we saw president trump that talking yesterday on that extra u.s. security in that around the u.s. compound how is this latest escalation in tensions with iran being seen there in washington. well during his new year festivities president tramples
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a fun time to issue a couple of tweets one of which said iran will pay a very big price he added this is not a warning it's a threat president trump and his administration continuing to put the blame for the series of events directly on iran making it part of the ongoing u.s. proxy war with iran which is taking place within iraq now the secretary of defense has confirmed that there will be an added deployment of u.s. troops to iraq to baghdad some $750.00 forces from 82nd airborne will be deploying in coming hours now the marines that we heard president referred to earlier they were based in kuwait from the crisis response group they were moved in within hours of those demonstrations happening some $100.00 marines adding to the security off of the embassy there but what is being made very clear to is the trumpet ministrations belief that assurances from the iraqi government that
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property and personnel will be protected simply cannot be accepted they are all string the own security and defense around that embassy compound and so the situation continues where president trump remains on vacation and his florida club whereas the administration continuing to decide what it's going to do in the days weeks perhaps months ahead or to my kind of there live for us in washington d.c. mike thank you let's talk to him had raised. he's a political analyst and joins us now from tehran ahamed let's talk 1st about these latest developments reports that the mobilization of forces and their supporters have been ordered to leave the u.s. embassy area do you think they will leave and would iran have been involved in any deal that was done to get them to leave. we have not said that iran has been behind the attack on the us embassy because iran has been itself into such attacks
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just about less than 2 months ago it was a high point iranian consulate meeting and the city of karbala. but one thing that we should remember is that the americans humiliated the iraqi people and they were angry about the damage to the americans in posen they were there national pride. americans killed iraqi heroes iraqi of officers who have actually filed politic and fight against. isis and against terrorism they have saved their own country and did their sovereignty their integrity of the their land has been violated by the americans and then president trumpet secretary promptly as they have the respect to say that it was against iran it means that they surely have ignored the identity of the iraqi people and that is something that no one in their ward ok that their identity their nationality would be ignored so they were angry about
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that and that seems to be the man reason behind the attack hamad let's talk about some of the rhetoric because president trump said that iran will pay a heavy price for the initial attack that killed a u.s. contractor but then he later seemed to soften his rhetoric saying look he doesn't want war with iran saudi arabians viewing this latest escalation because they don't really want war either do they. iranians are not that worried about any escalation and tensions in the region because they know that there is not going to be any war against iran iran is not after war it is not something that iran with a welcome to have any fight a war of the united states or anyone else because the sabbath is the main point for any country but the point is that iranians know that they have enough power to defend themselves and their dad in the war is about any war and they know that the americans are aware that if there is any tensions any conflicts in the region that would be something that would increase the power of iran as we have seen what has
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happened in iraq in syria and other places in the region any tensions have led actually to more power for iran because iran is using its soft power in the region and technically we know that when you have shared call interfaith religion and many other things in coming we do people in in the region you can have power and it's not something that you can buy or i force or buy the money as the united states is trying to do i am a just a final thought from you because i pushed for time here but a number of the rainy and consulates were attacked last year in iraq and now we have this broad m to government protest in baghdad which is calling for less iranian influence in iraq so how do you see this affecting relations between baghdad and tehran. i would answer on our neighboring countries neighboring capitals and they have a lot in common they are sure to have shared communities that have shared a religion they have straight economy and so they have
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a close relationship to each other especially after sad don't impose that down our so they have they have a lot of connections to each other and other relations political military everything in there is income and so they try to work. side by side they try to work together and there's no nothing super surprising about that if they everything be together they actually be working together closely to do everything but it doesn't mean that you want is going to involve or actually meddle in what is going on in iraq because iran def is themed it for you on is to respect the sovereignty of other countries because it is itself something from even more foreign involvement foreign meddling is not going to do that itself gollum's out of thank you very much indeed for talking to al jazeera. or less also to come here on the news hour including what thailand's doing to turn the tide on plastic pollution plus. a nation divided how years of fighting has crippled one of africa's oil rich
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nations. and tempers flare with the nights for the ducks to the so we're going to national hockey league summit we'll have that in the sports a little bit later. now police in hong kong have detained dozens of people after new year's day march 10th violent organizers say the march was forcibly suspended some protesters set fires and held stones at riot police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowds tens of thousands of people turned out for what started as a peaceful antigovernment rally that demands include greater autonomy from china and an inquiry into allegations of police brutality will divide the pollen as the latest from hong kong. police have already far tear gas and pepper spray due to the sheer numbers of people that have joined this protest as a means of crowd control they're trying to get people to stay within the or
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authorized areas of the protest but because the numbers as told larger have been spilling out to other roads but what we're also seeing is the more radical elements of the protesters out some setting up barricades and setting up for confrontations with police this is the end point of the protesters and protesters are being told to disperse police are calling on the organizers to tell the protesters are the marchers to stop the protests and the rally the organizers have actually called in many of those taking part just go home and disperse instead but we're seeing is cows and to people gathering at this end point here that once again setting up blockades setting up barricades are not along main road so it seems to be very much of an extension of what we have seen over the past 7 months of protests once again building up to more confrontations with the police and more defiance against the government china's president xi jinping says he sincerely hopes for the best for
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hong kong and its people in his new year address he said a prosperous and stable hong kong is the aspiration not only of the territories people but also the expectation of mainland china. bushfires across 2 australian states are growing along with a devastating toll on lives and homes lightning started more fires on choose the night more than $200.00 and now burning reports and. choking on smoke with only a hose to protect to. face to strain is well paid on with the father sure they fought for 5 hours saving their house cars and garden in rural victoria. the professionals a struggling to. thousands of firefighters are battling to contain the wildfires scorching the states of victoria and new south wales an area home to more than 13000000 people was once the front hit the wind just picked up the name has just
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took off and that was the everything but then just went wolf was always going to come one day and the conditions now draw everywhere you know a good luxury of snow with. international help is arriving by this weekend the u.s. will have seems nearly 100 firefighters canada has seen more than 60 the strain the military is using planes and helicopters to douse flames or preparing for possible back to ations. on the ground police are trying to keep people out of fire zones areas that rowan change suddenly with the wind. west of us. and it's just a fraud trial and it's actually cut through one of the subways comes for short. thousands of residents along the east coast have been pushed to the water's edge if not the fires along the beach. and i think.
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all the right. in sydney the mayor was determined to the show must go on for the new year. spectacle was granted an exemption to a state wide fireworks and despite a petition signed by nearly 300000 people calling for them to be cancelled. it is the most beautiful place in the world to celebrate that's why people say it's on they want to come to straight to do that. on the international calendar it is a really important to the economy. the cost of this bushfire crisis is yet to be quantified more than $1000.00 homes and thousands of years of farmland destroyed what are the animals the university of sydney estimating nearly half a 1000000000 have been killed we are absolutely stretched right across new south wales we've got falls booming from the queensland border all the idea onto the victorian border across the great dividing range. and the heat of summer is utah
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rife. well stuff and there's a climate change specialist with the australian national university in canberra he says there's little doubt as to why australia's far season is so bad this year. i think the evidence is very very strong that climate change has made these fires much much worse than far as we would have at 30 or 40 years ago they still are not in a couple of ways one is the extreme temperatures we've already had summer like temperatures for the last couple of months in the upper thirty's and forty's and as one of the people who was affected by the fire said it's bone dry out there the normal winter time cool season rain that we expect in southeastern australia has failed 3 years in a row and it set up the forests the bush in really really dry conditions well there's not much we can do we obviously have to focus on protecting lives and protecting our property well i think we're extremely stretched given the number of fires that
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this screwed over a number of states and then and that's really stretching us i don't think we have the resources to specifically protect natural areas unfortunately they're going to have to pay the price as with britain has been a massive amount of deaths of wild creatures a long history in the east coast and unfortunately that's that's set to continue for a while time for the weather now has had a time. thanks very much stairwell staying with the bushfires here just so set the scene as to what we may will see over the next couple days could see some wet weather just pushing down across western straight into south australia into victoria not as much rain as we'd like but. looking back on what we've seen over the past year or so hearing about the drought there with regards to climate change adelaide 358 millimeters friday and 29 seeing at surround 2 thirds of what we should be seeing in this part of south australia push a little further inland this into the northwest of victoria $116.00 millimeters of
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rain in the entire year that's on a par with riyadh we normally see around one $111.00 millimeters of rain in the average year in riyadh so that's how dry how severe how extreme a catastrophic the drought has been and there's not too much more right in the forecast over the next couple days i'm hopeful we will gradually see some as this weather system just makes its way in across the southwest pushing over towards the bike and easing over toward the southeastern corner high pressure in charges that will tend to block things off we've got the heat gradually getting screes further east which as we go on through the next couple of days picking up in sydney as we go on through saturday dry for many as we go on through the next couple of days we are going to see the rain gradually pushing in as we go on into saturday and hopefully a little bit of wet weather then the victoria tearing. thank you for my guinea bizarre prime minister or model as a circle in bhalo has won the presidential runoff election he got 54 percent of the vote the head of his main rival and bala tags were from president jose mario voz
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who was eliminated in the 1st round he was in town that the minggah similar is better says the vote was rigged and who contests the result at the supreme court. libya's foreign minister is asking the u.n. security council's award to be tried for war crimes hundreds of civilians have been killed or injured since his campaign to seize tripoli in april or since the movie has more from un headquarters the international criminal court already has an ongoing active investigation into libya with outstanding warrants for 3 people accused of war crimes that include murder and torture and one of those accused is actually an officer in general hatari as army a man by the name of mahmoud all were folly the chief prosecutor for the i.c.c. fatou bensouda has warned gen hof tarr that she's watching his assault on tripoli and that she will not hesitate to issue further warrants in her investigation but she also noted in her remarks to the security council here last month that huffed
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are has promoted this man to a higher rank twice since the i.c.c. 1st began calling on him to hand him over so clearly it does not take too seriously what the i.c.c. is doing and realistically if she were to issue a warrant for his arrest then sudo would need the support of member states to execute it here at the security council officially the security council does recognize libya's government of national accord as the legitimate authority there but realistically all of the states involved here have some stake in what's happening in libya privately western diplomats have expressed concern that russian militias have been showing up in territory. and given that the primary objective of the security council right now is to bring all of the parties back to the negotiating table to find
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a political solution given the recent talks in berlin more or less fell apart it's possible that an arrest warrant might be seen as a stick to motivate a. but it's also very likely that any. action against him would take a backseat to political concerns where libya has been scarred by violence and divided by conflict ever since the fall of moammar gadhafi 9 years ago. looks at how the oil rich nation got to where it is now. august 2011 and rebel forces sweep into the capital tripoli creating euphoria countrywide the 4 decades of with presses and dictatorial rule by a mug of that we were. but in a country divided along tribal and regional lines the celebrations was short lived in national transitional council was established to govern after gadhafi. a year
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later in 2012 libyans elected a new legislative authority called the general national congress the d.n.c. was given 18 months to oversee the transition to a permanent democracy. the deadline passed and divisions crn remain. new elections were held in 2014 and the new house of representatives was formed but many members of the d.n.c. refused to recognize the authority of the new parliament libyans found themselves with 2 competing authorities the house of representatives based in tobruk and the t.n.c. based in tripoli. the east west divide soon developed into a full blown military confrontation when renegade general who backed by the house of representatives launched operation dignity accusing the triplett based government of being affiliated with what he described as bullish as with extremist
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agendas. as fighting flared into 1015 the un stepped in brokering a power sharing agreement. the deal signed in morocco established a government of national accord which was indorsed by the u.n. and international community as libya's legitimate government. but 2 years ago hopes to end the political divide suffered another setback when the mandate of the jenae and archrivals phase as prime minister of the tripoli based jna and. had several meetings but failed to overcome their differences. in april after ordered his so-called national liberation army took up chose the capital after making initial gains the war most forces suffered a series of defeats in street to street fighting on the outskirts of tripoli and
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have remained there since. 2 weeks ago after us forces backed by egypt saudi arabia russia and the u.a.e. launched what they described as the final battle. is already killed and wounded hundreds of civilians and forced nearly 140000 people from their homes. 80 years after libyans threw a lot of this risk calling for democracy the country is at war and divided like never before. right time for a short break here and al-jazeera when we come back we're in brazil and salman what's changed in the year since president. came to office. and downhill daredevils we meet the colombian youngsters risking their lives one of the world's most dangerous extreme sports and why the world tennis number one is on the wildlife trail sun i will explain that in a school more on that stay with us. if
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you want to learn what the world might look like very soon got hungry and hungry as in an extreme example of the predicament the whole world is going through. scenes mass immigration story we had. clashes between the call jurors and the problems that the culture of that these. cars should say to grading to us is or is not comfortable with european culture this is not like food fascists. triumphal march. dreams of conquest and love from global try. this is very very uneventful glide towards the precipice without resistance we are past the danger has already happened.
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it was then just 10 years ago. now this is it. welcome back a quick amount about top stories here on the news our leaders of the iranian backed up of the mobilization forces have told that members to withdraw from the u.s. embassy compound in iraq's capital earlier they threw rocks and set fires outside the building security personnel fired tear gas by. police and on kong abstained dozens of people after a new year's day march turned violent open eyes a say the march was forcibly suspended protesters set fires and held stones at riot police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowds. catastrophic
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bushfires are spreading across the east in australia 3 more deaths have been confirmed in the state of new south wales and one of the tourist in georgia say more point weather is on the way. home of a palestinian family has been destroyed in silwan that's an occupied east jerusalem israelis say the structure was illegal but the family told al-jazeera that intended to contest the demolition order imran khan has been to the side with the house wants to so this is how the new year began for one palestinian family their house was torn down by the israeli army in conjunction with the municipality now the israelis say that this structure was illegal they didn't have a permit for it and therefore it was legal for it to be demolished the palestinian families say they actually had a court appointment at 10 am where they were going to fight the demolition order and it was at 9 am when the israeli army came in in conjunction with a municipality and tall structure down other palestinians have long maintained that
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it's almost impossible for them to get permits to build houses legally now according to the human rights organization based salem some 155 homes were demolished in 2019 and some 37000 structures like this across occupied east jerusalem under threat of demolition other palestinians say that they don't have enough housing for their needs at the moment nevermind with this with all of these houses that are under threat and the housing crisis certainly is acute if you speak to any palestinian family took in this area they say they just simply don't have the space that they need and the structures that they need to house their families. 2 indian soldiers have been killed in a gunfight in indian administered kashmir happened in the northern rush to redistrict tensions have been rising in the disputed region for months police have been sent to the area. where we're now. we're keeping an eye on the entire region
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the army and police forces have launched a search operation and barricades have been put in front of and behind it all the search operation is ongoing and vehicles are being checked in india the family of a young man shot in the head during a protest says he was intentionally killed by police is one of at least 25 people killed since demonstrations began against the government's new citizenship law police are blaming protesters who they say were carrying illegal firearms and salvor reports the northern state of. 24 year old ali was shot in the head he was a bread maker and the sole provider for his family. his 80 year old father is inconsolable his mother. his disabled brother with 3 kids who were raised has no clue how the family will survive the loss. didn't even lead his body home for the last. what happened to the government what's happened to the police if you
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came to this fighting. on december 20th some people here in the city of mira to try to protest against a controversial new citizenship law that many say discriminates against muslims the police say the protesters protect them the rocks which lead them to use force. limbs family says he was not even part of the protests and was merely walking back home from the restaurant he worked in when the police shot this video with someone they say was a witness and claiming he saw the police shooting him al-jazeera cannot independently verify its authenticity. activist who went on a fact finding mission to the city's. soon after the killings say most gunshots were above the east and appeared targeted this is absolutely quite deliberate shooting to kill it is not following the standard operating procedure of announcing there were no announcements no warning announcements mean nothing of the kind and
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no attempt to use tear gas or water cannons or anything like that no attempt to shoot at the feet 1st it was street to be a shooting to get. activists accuse the police of being biased against muslims. in a recent video the city superintendent of police saying it was her telling people in a muslim dominated neighborhood to go to pakistan. we asked the superintendent about the allegations and i was i won't comment on that and while he admitted that the police did fire shots he said it was protesters with illegal firearms who killed the people however he added the police were investigating and or undrinkable there's a big difference between a queen and an untrained shooter the mob doesn't see whether it's firing from behind or front. he said that a dozen police officers were shot and injured and shared this video people here say they are demonstrating for their right to live in the land of that india and that
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they don't want to go to pakistan they also say they fear the police and if you step off the last thing people indiscriminately this is a night they're taking down their neighborhoods in case of the says our. family is in mourning they demand an investigation but don't expect the administration to conduct it fairly. al-jazeera made out with their predation india. north korean leader kim jong un has said he'll soon launch what he called a new strategic weapon according to south korean media reports kim said the u.s. would suffer helplessly if it continued to delay denuclearization talks brian has more from seoul. it may be new year but on the korean peninsula there's a return to some of the old belligerence of the past north korean leader kim jong un told a special meeting of the ruling workers' party he would continue developing his
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nuclear arsenal. as pyongyang welcomed in 2020 it marked the expiration of the deadline kim had set for the u.s. to come up with concessions installed deal you clear eyes ation to. so far kim has stopped short of resuming tests with long range ballistic missiles on nuclear weapons knowing that would risk losing what little chance he has of getting concessions from the u.s. president because donald trump has been probably the most supporter. for negotiations between north korea and the united states to actually continue so moving his faith there would be great risk for mr king. this hardening of north korea's position leaves the vague commitments by the 2 leaders to denuclearize ation now in tatters it also marks the end for now of south korea's efforts to mediate between the 2 powers seoul welcomed in the new year back in the familiar
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position of facing an increasingly belligerent northern neighbor to come i think we can make a good relationship with north korea and i hope we can have a good discussion with trump to improve things attending a new year's eve party at his mar-a lago resort president trump remained optimistic we have to do what we have to do but he did sign a contract to china agreement talking about denuclearization that we signed number one chan denuclearization kim jong un also spent much of his speech addressing the need to develop his country's economy with an emphasis on self-reliance it seems to be accepted that crippling economic sanctions will stay in place and may even be further tightened as a punishment for any renewed testing. but the past 2 years of summit diplomacy not only with the u.s.
4:42 pm
but also north korea's neighbors leaves the country far less isolated than it was before and it's continuing weapons development means it goes into 2020 with more advanced missile technologies and an expanded nuclear program rob mcbride al jazeera seoul protesters are camping outside mexico's embassy in the bolivian city of supporting bolivia's interim government after to expel the mexican ambassador the protesters accuse the mexican embassy of sheltering allies of the former president abel. brazil's controversial president. has completed his 1st year in office it's been a combative 12 months in which he struggled to implement the most radical parts of his agenda and seen his popularity fall but improvements in the economy could give him a 2nd opportunity in 2020. 5 i hear after is surprising victory brazilian president joe you both failed to deliver on his most radical
4:43 pm
promises been managed enough wins to keep them alive the former army captain a self-confessed nostalgist for the brazilian dictatorship has blamed the democratic checks and balances in this country for slowing down his dream of freeing brazil of what he calls the ideology of the left and globalization while pushing for its pro-gun pro religion agenda. 3rd of the country remains delighted with his ideas but many seem to have had 2nd thoughts he was rather inexperienced and throughout this he has had many specific problems candles and so on which have allowed him perhaps to build or to maintain that high level of popularity. he's been at loggerheads with the international organizations as he played down the devastation of the amazon rain forest for the 76 percent increase in fires compared to the previous year. it has also been
4:44 pm
a turbulent time promises of legalizing the carrying of arms and offering immunity to police carrying out lethal operations were rejected by congress or told by the supreme court corruption scandals involving this damage this image as a crusader against corruption and the country's powerful farming lobby forced him to push down its and china and take communist rhetoric. to manage to pass historic pension reform after decades of failed attempts to tackle brazil's sky high public debt. i think some of his main promises that were related to security to the ability do to you know to have all guns and things like that haven't turned out to be so successful or so important i think what's what's happening if you if you read public opinion and so on is that the focus is moving you know surprise surprise towards the economy but what few know is international supporters still hope he
4:45 pm
will be able to tackle drug gangs in crime but to further is vision the key will be revitalizing a still sluggish economy a year later it's unclear what he'll be able to achieve but few doubt here remain as controversial as ever i listen to them and just see the. gambians present president adama barrow has created a new political party that could allow him to run again after his term ends in january barrow has formally registered the national people's party naming himself as its leader members of his previous party have called for him to step down. it is one of the world's biggest producers of plastic pollution in the oceans we turn those on the authorities say they're trying to clean up the country by banning some single use plastics but as jessica washington reports they also face another challenge changing consumer attitudes. around $45000000000.00 plus the bags i use every year in thailand for the new year will bring
4:46 pm
a change in behavior for consumers of all around the country major department stores being in stores and supermarkets will all implement a ban on plastic bags from this year signs like this are on display around the country explaining the changes telling consumers don't need to plan ahead for the next time they go shopping there's also a ban on using products with micro beats and plans for a ban on plastic within the next 2 years the policy would be think this is a good idea because it will clean up the environment these days so hot as the weather is changing it's hard to do my job as a driver because of the heat we need to stop using so much plastic and reduce the garbage overall but getting thai consumers to break up with plastic could prove challenging the highest percentage of plastic usage doesn't come from department stores and convenience stores it comes from places like the bits fresh brewed markets and food stalls and getting independent sellers to get on board with
4:47 pm
a plastic bag could prove challenging because. i think a plastic bag bat is a good idea but what do i use instead what would be a good substitute this far was a wet so they'd be to be in a plastic bag but still i think reducing plastic is a good idea because of climate change. the empty plastic push has been hard spurred by the high number of wildlife fatalities caused by plastic ingestion one case which caught the attention of the public was that of a baby to go which died after eating several kilograms of plastic that case and others like it served as a graphic reminder to the public of the dangers of excessive plastic usage. not teenagers in colombia modifying their traditional bikes to get a bigger thrill from racing down steep highways is the country's most extreme version of gravity biking a sport invented in the u.s. many youngsters said it helps them forget the troubles in their neighborhoods but
4:48 pm
it comes at a risk from patchy reports. as night falls and maybe even a group of teenagers ride their modified bikes down these vertiginous roads they crouch to increase speed passing trucks in cars at up to 100 kilometers an hour. called gravity bikes they're columbia's more extreme version of an already dangerous sport invented in the united states and for many youngsters from poor crime ridden neighborhoods on the hills around the city it has become a deadly pastime 17 year old model is one of them all i suppose i don't know you're always thinking about the risks people crashing getting killed and the serious accidents we all suffer i know i need to think chill out and understand i can kill myself but we keep doing it because it's our passion. to go faster the bikes are rebuilt often from scratch riders personalize them and attach weights to the frame to make them heavier pedals and chains are removed to reduce friction. to
4:49 pm
get to the top of the hills riders latch onto passing trucks at times using homemade hooks on a line. marlon has survived 3 close brushes with death and proudly shows his scars his friend tattooed on his belly the name of a cousin who died in a gravity bike accident in. the town. on the outskirts of me as a band to practice out right. 3 of marland's writing companions this year and serious accidents have been. so much so that this call where most of them said he had started safety campaigns and also donated helmets that nobody really seems to be using. the school psychologist says most of the kids come from broken homes and some fall into drug abuse their bikes becoming a way of demonstrating their value in courage you know i know but i guess you get
4:50 pm
me if you ask them. they'll say they do it for the adrenaline the desire to experiment but the truth is they are often dealing with depression parental absence so becomes a self destructive way of excusing from their reality. no night nobody here likes to crash the fall nor ruin the bike that was built with so much sacrifice and time but it's our lifestyle and we don't have any other safer place to do it. understands he needs to take more precautions but says he won't be dissuaded by listening. time financial breakout to 0 when i come back to level the sport the losing streak continues for the hornets santa as action from the n.b.a. . a city defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state here at the capital of jerusalem everyone is welcome but this depôt structure that maintains
4:51 pm
the can only project that's what we refuse it was one of the founders of the settlement with this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation occupation discrimination injustice this is apartheid in the 21st century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera. the pollution is palpable. delhi shares the symptoms of many modern metropolis but its unique features have be gotten a crisis. people in power investigates the toxic mix feeding the city's invisible killer and asks why more is not being done to relieve its citizens the least that we aired on al-jazeera.
4:52 pm
welcome back time to support his son thank you very much down with n.b.a. where the rockets saw a man and james harden was back from injury and back in business in houston on tuesday russell westbrook was also attending for the rockets and he did the early damage against denver. who has a struggled this season for the nuggets but was doing his best to keep his side in the game harder than that with 35 points that would inspire the rockets to victory they'd go on to take it 127112. and in the eastern conference is 6 trade defeats for the hornets jason statham firing $24.00 points as the boston celtics is to victory in charlotte celtics leaving
4:53 pm
a score walker also contributing in 109292 when. in the n.h.l. eastern conference leaders washington have suffered back to back defeats for the 1st time this season it was all looking good for the capitals against the new york islanders one even the presence of scored twice to put them in front of the 15 goals of the campaign but the island is a would recover to take it for 3 double from a k.c. has a cast that was followed by the winning score by a tom. they climbed to 3rd in the standings in the west the last vegas nights and did the year with the back to back to wins who with anaheim ducks chasing the game and jonathan marsh so took advantage of an empty net from a distance to wrap up a 52 scoreline in 19th defeat of the season for the ducks with things all getting a rather heated between shia theodore and maxine conta before the end. the top
4:54 pm
men's tennis players start their year at the new a.t.p. cup team event in australia but not everyone seems excited to be involved always a kind of there's dennis. organizes the merge at this tournament with the davis cup adding it felt weird to have the 2 world team events that within one month of each other the prize money on offer for the new a.t.p. cup is 13 $1000000.00 less than of embers event in madrid spain beat canada in that davis cup final rafael nadal his team have been taken in some of the wildlife size near the base in the western australia thus says this new event is important and not just a light warmup for the australian open. honestly i think for all of us based on him and he's not a bit of aeration for the stone open i was determined that we want to compete well and then we will have a week before the sun open for me personally to practice than for some of them to play. so we're very focused on trying to be ready for this competition we're
4:55 pm
not taking this competition like the bracing for for another 17 time grand slam champion venus williams has had to delay the start of what will be the 27th season on the women's tennis tour she's pulled out of the brisbane international after suffering a setback and training fitness hopes to start her australian open build up at adelaide and a fortnight the new national stadium in tokyo built for the olympics in july has staged its 1st sports event 60000 football fans watched the vessel. and the emperor's cup final organizers of the 2020 games are still looking to make approve minutes for spectators at the $1400000000.00 venue. so we need to consider more about the signage and about how to get to test the nation some
4:56 pm
areas how to create easily understandable wording and also how information should be provided to customers who come to the stadium and a new decade in the english premier league starts with a meeting of 2 teams desperate to reassert their place and back at the top of the game and just say no to that arsenal later on wednesday with the gunners languishing a down and 12 spot in the table there again prison must be born and we have to win. and this is the month when the level of pressure is different when you look up on the table 'd or down but it would have been much attention to the table but through our performance and the resources related to. each. the relentless festival fixture list it continues with 9 games to start 2020 and the early kick off set a chelsea in aston villa both in front that goes up against cullen chelsea again
4:57 pm
as champions majesty city host everton. and that's as well for me police will have more for you later on but for now it's back to derek all right tess and i thank you very much indeed well have the year 2020 is well and truly here so will even i was some of the spectacular new celebrations from around the world don't go i am back with more news at the top of the hour i. i. can.
4:58 pm
with its leaders in jail a greek party when eyes on the lives mothers and daughters of the imprisoned leaders to represent them. the women behind the fearsome rightwing nationalist going to do not when you say i'm not you know what exactly does it mean it means not for most golden dawn girls a witness documentary on al-jazeera or mosque. just
4:59 pm
off one of his main highways the median family collects as much water as possible from the mountain above. a nationwide blackout left millions without power a regular water supplies. but this water is not portable the health ministry is recommending people treated with chlorine but with none available at the. hopes that boiling it 1st will make it safe for her family to drink dr. says the increased consumption of untreated water in the last 3 weeks is making an already catastrophic situation worse but then i want to know when to all ready we don't have the precise numbers yet but we know that in the public and private hospitals there's been an acute increase of cases of severe diarrhea that require hospitalization including children under 2 years of age which can be fatal local and international public health experts describe the crisis it's
5:00 pm
a complex humanitarian emergency. at a particular god. leaders of an iranian backed group told supporters members to withdraw from the u.s. embassy compound in baghdad. hello i'm daryn jordan the lawyer from doha. also coming up. pro-democracy protesters in hong kong ring in the new year in defiance armisen to keep up that demands for reform. scenes of widespread destruction in australia with firefighters are struggling to contain dozens of bush.


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