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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 1, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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al-jazeera. swift and. this is al-jazeera. live from doha $31.00 on come on santa maria with the news hour from al-jazeera television and. after 2 days of protests leaders of an iranian backed group tell their supporters the members to withdraw from the u.s. embassy compound in baghdad. also in the news protesters demanding more democracy in hong kong bring in the new year in defiance on this thing to keep up the pressure. there are allegations of
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mass detentions as india's most populous state cracks down on protesters opposing a new citizenship law and the daughter of angola's former leader says corruption ickes ations are politically motivated after her bank accounts were frozen. for the sport the rockets star is back from injury and back in business james harden schools 35 points east and down the nuggets and the f.b.i. . so supporters of iranian backed groups have just left the fortified green zone of the iraqi capital where there had been laying siege to the u.s. embassy it was off their own leaders ordered them to leave early on wednesday the crowds were still throwing rocks they'd set fires outside the compound angry over sunday's airstrikes by the united states on the hezbollah brigades camps these killed. least for the 7 scientists iran's supreme leader ayatollah khomeini has
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also condemned the u.s. strikes and warns teheran will defend itself if threatened. if you ron decides to confront a country it will do it without hesitation we are strongly committed to the interests dignity and progress of our nation anyone who threatens that will be confronted we won't push any country towards war but if others want to impose something on us then we will powerfully stand against them. meanwhile the u.s. is deploying $750.00 additional marines to iraq in response to the violence president donald trump is blaming iran and has warned ran quote will pay a very big price so manifolds in the iraqi capital and says some of the protesters have been have been refusing to leave the embassy compound the leadership of the popular mobilization forces have given orders for the crowds here in front of the u.s. embassy to withdraw some of the groups under the b.m.r.
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which are known as 1st lawmakers this month have refused to leave and we can see some groups over here who are basically dug in their heels they're still chanting anti-american slogans they're still bearing flags and so far they're refusing to leave but if you have seen the other parts of the crowd here i've been seeing some of the hands being put down and just up look at this crowd we're seeing one or $250.00 towards the u.s. embassy who was in front of the destruction that's a close as a result of yesterday's wednesday's attack and the forces that you can see here deployed many of them are part of the u.s. trained counter curves and forces they are on but they have not received any orders to remove the supporters and members of the by force so what appears to be happening now is that as the pm withdraws the u.s. strains to u.s. forces are slowly taking the ground to secure the embassy and the compound. and we hope to get an update from simona later on in this news our main while dorsetshire
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bari with more on the iranian reaction in rome. well according to our company these attacks that were carried out by the united states was in retaliation to the fact that they had the shabby forces who had defeated eisold the americans are taking revenge that is how the leadership year sees the events that unfolded and for the very 1st time the supreme leader directly responded to the are accusations made against this country by the u.s. president donald trump he said that that guy that has tweeted that iran is behind the events that took place in baghdad is completely not true he said 1st that there's nothing the americans can do about it in to that they have to look at their own foreign policies in countries like iraq and afghanistan to understand that the people in those countries are now hating the presence of u.s. forces that are there at the moment back to baghdad here is simona fulton so we saw you report from a little bit similar to when you were saying people were not wanting to now they
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have actually left. yes it seems that the crowds have now fully withdrawn from the u.s. embassy what we saw there early in the port report those were basically the most defiant groups of people who were reluctant to leave and they basically made a last show in front of the embassy of burning tires burning flags chanting anti-american slogans before they too made their way out of the green zone back across the hanging bridge to the other side of the river tigris now my understanding is that these groups are now setting up camp on the other side of the river across from the u.s. embassy where they will continue their sit in in the meantime u.s. trade the u.s. trained iraqi counterterrorism forces have taken over the security at the embassy we could see them basically having surrounded the u.s. embassy and as the crowds were withdrawing they were taking over ground but they
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were not using any force to force the withdraw it seems that the crowd simply heeded the call of the leaders of the popular is ation forces to withdraw so it was a different sort of atmosphere compared to yesterday because i mean 24 hours ago some of you were telling me how you and the team have had to actually fall back because it was getting so dangerous. indeed and of course yesterday to the iraqi prime minister called on these crowds to pull back but they basically ignored his orders and they were very defiant you know yesterday the situation was definitely more tense but also just morning we still saw some burning of the outer gates of the u.s. embassy but as the afternoon went on and came in that the leaders apparently having reached some kind of agreement between the iraqi government and the popular popular mobilization forces those groups then agreed to withdraw that there are some
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subgroups of the popular mobilization forces who refer to themselves as the islamic resistance and this includes the hezbollah brigades they have basically said that they will not stand down until they see a complete withdrawal of u.s. troops from iraq so for them this is so to say just the 1st step yes they have perhaps now agreed to withdraw to the other side of the river but they are very determined to keep up of what they call a military resistance but they also want to take certain steps to initiate a political process to see the formal removal of foreign troops including u.s. troops from iraq some wonderful team in baghdad thank you to mike hanna in washington d.c. mark simone are talking about the protestors not falling back until all u.s. troops are gone when in fact we've got the opposite happening. indeed yes you do have more u.s. troops coming into baghdad some 100 soldiers were moved to last night shortly after the demonstrations began they'd been based in neighboring kuwait they were part of
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a crisis response group they are already on the ground in that embassy in baghdad but the secretary of defense has announced too that further u.s. soldiers will be sent to baghdad these being deployed from the u.s. itself he says the initial number will be some 750 soldiers from the 82nd airborne they will be on their way or on their way to reinforce those troops in baghdad at present and u.s. reaction and least political official reaction might i mean it's been plenty from the president and the secretary of state but i noticed donald trump was getting into the territory of actually saying this isn't a warning this is a threat indeed yes that was a 20 tweet from president trump in between his new year festivities at his club in florida where he's been spending the cation for the last week or so he issued that tweet saying rather confusedly this is not a warning it's a threat but saying too that iran will pay a big price should there be any injury to u.s.
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personnel indeed property once again just making very clear here as all members of the trumpet ministration have done that this is seen very much as part of the u.s. iran conflict iraq being essentially a playground for these this proxy war that is being waged within the wider scheme of things so although it is happening in baghdad although the demonstrators are in baghdad the trumpet ministration the president himself making very clear that they hold iran responsible that's mike hanna in washington thank you much. or moving on to other news and protests that is in hong kong say more than a 1000000 people have turned out to rally against the government for the new year's eve march started peacefully but there was violence towards the end police arrested dozens of people demonstrated still demanding greater autonomy from china and inquiry into allegations of police brutality. explaining why this annual march has
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taken on a new meaning of this year. this is an annual pro-democracy rally but this year the january 1st protests hold so much more gravity as it caps off an unprecedented 7 months of protests many of the protesters here are marching holding up their 5 fingers symbolizing the 5 demands which include greater freedoms for hong kong safeguarding its autonomy calling for elections so that hong kong can choose its own leader and also calling for an investigation into what seen as excessive force used by police now these chants had been the mantra over the past few months of protests but the question now is will there be any resolution in 2020 or if it will go up i really will have to keep growing up so yeah i can only keep marching forward and hope that heaven protects the younger generation and that they stay on the right path. people from all walks of life are taking part in this rally we're seeing the young the older people and even families joined this march many people
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who don't necessarily take part in the spontaneous demonstrations and protests we have seen over the past few months they say they want their voices heard and they want the government to know that there is wider support for these protests but we're also seeing and you are meant to these protests are trade unions they say that they want industries to protect the people who have been joining the protests what's been happening is that individuals have been punished by their companies and workplaces for expressing any support for these protests or dissent against the government and they say they want to prevent that from happening up to work if we have over will i think is our freedom to express so in case that we have some white terror or we have some threatening formal employers saying you cannot do that we're voice we called it employer and help our members this is the end point of the
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march and police have tried to disperse the crowds using tear gas and pepper spray along the route the called on the organizers to tell people to go home and that's what organizers are doing but we're left with the many of the younger more radical hardcore protesters who are in their customary black masks and caps saying they're here for the long haul setting up barricades ready for confrontations and i'm going to start to hong kong spending 20. bush fires across 2 australian states growing along with the devastating toll on both lives and homes well than 200 fires an albertan and at least 8 people have been killed in the last 2 days at that opens all the young reports. entire neighborhoods have burned to the ground destroying more than property. jan gilbert is among the thousands of australians who have begun to go back home to nothing. rubble and debris now cover what's left of
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her belongings all of my decisions have been totally in writing everything there busy is just simply nothing. nothing except that. in other areas the bushfires are far from over. there are thousands of firefighters are struggling in the states of the tory i new south wales an area that's home to more than 13000000 people and the conditions are expected to get worse over the next few days the winds are expected to be very strong back to 45 degrees temperatures we've got a lot for in the last guy that we look at times. in the town of all adult people wait outside supermarkets and stock up on food and water power and mobile phone outages are also a concern you have a challenge with getting people liable to even access the basics like petrol and atrocity and that's causing enormous stress for communities we understand that the
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australian military is using planes and helicopters sit downs of flames while preparing for possible evacuations. emergency crews are stretched thin and slight changes in temperatures and the wind could spark even more fires there wasn't much i could do it time it quick and i just couldn't do anything it was just the ring the wind just blew and wind just blew and if you look at everything on monk it's just grass it's just everything everywhere you go. no one knows yet the precise cost of the damage but it's clear the widespread devastation is immense katia locus of a yawn al-jazeera. the thoughts now of will steffen as a climate change specialist with the australian national university in canberra and he says there is little doubt as to why australia's fine season is so bad this year i think the evidence is very very strong that climate change has made these fires much much worse than far as we would have at 30 or 40 years ago they still are not
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in a couple of ways one is the extreme temperatures we've already had summer like temperatures for the last couple of months and the upper thirty's and forty's and as one of the people who was affected by the fire said it's been dry up there the normal winter time cool season rain that we expect in southeastern australia has failed 3 years in a row and it set up the forests the bush in really really dry conditions well there's not much we can do we obviously have to focus on protecting lives and protecting our property well i think we're extremely stretched given the number of fires that this screwed over a number of states and then and that's really stretching us i don't think we have the resources to specifically protect natural areas unfortunately they're going to have to pay the price as we've heard has been a massive amount of deaths of wild creatures a long history in east coast and unfortunately that's that's set to continue for a while. let's have a look at what's coming up for you on this news hour
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a nation divided how years of fighting in libya has crippled one of africa's oil rich it's also we'll tell you what the pope had to say. this. little hope but instead it's make and tempers flare as the knights put the ducks to the sword in the n.h.l. board we'll have this for a little later. right now though the former prime minister of guinea bissau and ex army general. has won a presidential runoff he got 54 percent of the votes and takes over from president joseph mario. who was eliminated in the 1st round losing the victim injustice the most bitter says the vote was rigged and he will contest the results of the supreme court there has been political instability but the outgoing lead advance naming as
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many as 7 prime seats in the last 5 minutes. libya's foreign minister is asking the u.n. security council for the warlord khalifa haftar to be tried for war crimes hundreds of civilians have been killed or injured since launched his campaign to seize tripoli back and i probed more from christian salumi at un headquarters the international criminal court already has an ongoing active investigation into libya with outstanding warrants for 3 people accused of war crimes that include murder and torture and one of those accused is actually an officer in general hostiles army a man by the name of mahmoud all were folly the chief prosecutor for the i.c.c. fact to bensouda has warned general have tar that she's watching his assault on tripoli and that she will not hesitate to issue further warrants in her investigation but she also noted in her remarks to the security council here last month that. huffed are has promoted this man to
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a higher rank twice since the i.c.c. 1st began calling on him to hand him over so clearly does not take too seriously what the i.c.c. is doing in realistically if she were to issue a warrant for his arrest. would need the support of member states to execute it here at the security council officially the security council does recognize libya's government of national accord as the legitimate authority there but realistically all of the states involved here have some stake in what's happening in libya privately western diplomats have expressed concern that russian militias have been showing up in territory. and given that the primary objective of the security council right now is to bring all of the parties back to the negotiating table to find a political solution given recent talks in berlin more or less fell apart it's possible
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that an arrest warrant might be seen as a stick to motivate but it's also very likely that any. action against him would take a backseat to political concerns. for libya has been scarred by violence and divided by conflict ever since the death of moammar gadhafi 9 years ago. a look back now at how the oil rich nation got to where it is now. 2011 rebel forces sweep into the capital tripoli creating euphoria. the 4 decades of presses and dictatorial rule by the way. but in a country divided along tribal and regional lines the celebrations was short lived . in national transitional council was established to govern. a year later in 2012 libyans elected a new the just to see. called the general national congress the d.n.c.
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was given 18 months to oversee the transition to a permanent democracy not. the deadline passed and divisions crn remain. new elections were held in 2014 and the new house of representatives was formed but many members of the d.n.c. refused to recognize the authority of the new parliament libyans found themselves with 2 competing authorities the house of representatives based in tobruk and the t.n.c. based in tripoli. the east west divide soon developed into a full blown military confrontation when renegade general backed by the house of representatives launched operation dignity accusing the triplett based government of being affiliated with what he described as bullish as with extremist agendas. as
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fighting flared into 1015 the un stepped in brokering a power sharing agreement. the deal signed in morocco established a government of national accord which was indorsed by the u.n. and international community as libya's legitimate government. but 2 years ago hopes to end the political divide suffered another setback when the mandate of the jenae and archrivals. prime minister of the tripoli based d.n.a. and. had several meetings but failed to overcome their differences. in april ordered his so-called national liberation army took up chose the capital after making initial gains the war most forces suffered a series of defeats in street to street fighting on the oscars of tripoli and have remained there since. 2 weeks ago after us forces backed by egypt
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saudi arabia russia and the u.a.e. launched what they described as the final battle. it's already killed and wounded hundreds of civilians and forced nearly 140000 people from their homes. 80 years after libyans threw a lot of this risk calling for democracy the country is at war and divided like never before. and the u.n. envoy to libya is accusing security council members of violating an arms embargo. says there are concerns about foreign fighters being flown into libya now remember turkey's parliament studio vote on thursday on whether to deploy its own troops president reject tiber onces that move comes from a request from the un backed government in tripoli to fend off an offensive by war khalifa half. however the arab league has warned of foreign influence in libya
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we're going to talk to. chick who is a security analyst with a focus on syria joining us from ankara so that is i mean what i just read there was a very sort of broad complaint to security council members about foreign fighters but there is a claim i believe of specifically syrian fighters going in. so actually these claims are mainly based on unnamed source who spoke to the media outlets to us and other news agencies and on and reduced which prove which it is you to prove syrian fighters on the front lines in libya how are these needs still to be verified and we still need more proves to say something more certainly but on the other site there is something for certain and this is the presence of 7000 sudanese and russian mercenaries fighting on behalf of heidi for half done in
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libya which does not get the same attention because their presence in the b. as well documented where there are many proves it's a better known fact that they are fighting on the ground on behalf of and this needs to be addressed 1st the however. of the issue of if there was a deployment of syria fighters to libya or not assuming that there is such a thing i think put personally that this would be a bold and big move to balance the for a medicine who is fighting on the other side for the volatile day for half that because libya is not the biggest country in the world and its population is small so even small numbers of foreign fighters can make a change on the ground and personally i think syrian fighters in libya will to have 2 main f.x. which would. be troop visible on the bentyl field the 1st is this real fight the. us where to fight there's one of the best operators of the tank right
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at myside so if they're being deployed to and supplied with these anti tank guided myside such as the or current it can cause russian versions they would have a significant effect in the battlefield and they will be able to balance the side of the head if i have to because it's. it is just. many are more to wait for egypt and to be married to the up and just sex and feel sorry sorry to interrupt you because i do. i do want to ask you now the question is just the more you talk about this the more i'm thinking that libya is becoming another one of those battlefields where it's everyone else that's fighting for the country as you pointed out it's not a large population there and these fighters can make a big difference what is what's in it for anyone else coming in to fight in libya. can you put a question well what is in it why why would other fighters come i mean obviously
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they come at the request of who want them there but what is in it for there is how many course and it's. it's an easy fact that i have that does not have to necessarily manpower to 'd maintain its military activities and to win a military solution in libya so he needs for in mercenaries and these were well supplied 7000 it's a major number for libya and it needs to be balance and he expects should be in the deployment of took his troops to libya which would most likely happen in the near future i think here the syrian fighters can play a significant role as well because they said logistic problems are needed there is need a big population in libya which can speak turkish nor is there a big population inside the armed forces 'd which can speak arabic but the syrian fighters explicitly syrian turkmen fighters who are all it engage with the turkish army need translators because they are building that they're speaking to because
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their mother tongue and therefore they would have a logistic 'd facility in the world for the turkish army if they are being deployed to libya but in the long run i think to balance the axis start to score axis of. egypt and saudi arabia which has been supported by russia and france in libya would help libya to find a political solution because we see that the political solution is only possible if there is also a statement that balance in minute 2 terms in libya which is not yet. to happen for pronouncing your name correctly thank you so much for your time we do appreciate it. all right still ahead for you on this news out turning the tide on an ocean of waste thailand taking steps against single use plastics. he's been accused of corruption many times over but will 2020 finally sees south africa's former president stand trial and tokyo's new olympic stadium opens its doors to
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sports fans paul has that and the rest of the sport of that to make. wintry weather a wet weather continues across northern parts of the middle east a fair amount of cloud around for some particular around the black sea and through the caspian sea so we've got some rain some sleet and snow there spilling out of turkey just nudging down to northern areas of syria maybe want to show it creeping back into lebanon as we go on through further race couple will see a fair bit of rain sleet and snow temperatures here struggling to get to read 3 degrees celsius on thursday so most temperatures are going into friday but it should be a dry day but the stage that wintry mix makes is where little further more is towards because down towards 6th down behind me we're looking at more wet weather
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just spilling in across at least the side of the med not looking to brilliance inside for say the next day or so and you can see the levant seeing some bits and pieces of cloud and right for time it's a place of the plough to into northern parts of saudi arabia just spilling out of southern iraq through kuwait dry fine sunny here in doha over the next couple of days that out of the north ending and breaking a little more sunshine bursting through then i guess sunshine in suez south africa at the moment had a few showers just around the eastern cape the wetter weather is into northern parts of mozambique still looking very just for a good part of madagascar. the latest news as it breaks boeing is the largest manufacturing exporter in the u.s. . with detailed coverage critics say secular protections are great in the indian
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constitution and now the threats. and fearless journalism from around the world for cycling fans 1st like this one play a crucial role in argentina's away from management system. my name is some people say that my feelings are only programmed that they're not real but if i think the real they are real don't you think south america was designed to be the world's most advanced autonomous android is one of the more advanced robots in the world can or about feel that's a philosophical question it's not a lot of what you do socially connect on a subconscious level we are creating this new kind of entity techno knowledge is earring.
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this is the news. these are our top stories supporters and members of iranian backed groups in iraq have retreated from the u.s. embassy compound in iraq fortified green zone they responded to an order given by a leader of the popular mobilization forces protests is angry about u.s. air strikes in iraq and syria. hong kong police say 400 people have been arrested a massive anti-government organizers say a 1000000 people turned out to match. a catastrophic push spreading across eastern australia 3 more confirmed in new south wales and one in victoria meteorologists say more hot weather is on the way. the daughter of angola's former president is denying allegations of corruption after a court froze her bank accounts isabel says the accusations are politically
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motivated the government says the court action against her is part of an anti corruption dr well it's about has been described as africa's richest woman her father former president. led angola for 38 years until 2017 and it is a oil rich country oil production and the industry supporting it contributed around 89 percent of its exports though much of the population is poor last month. the some of the president brother went on trial for corruption as well he has pleaded not guilty to that but we can speak exclusively now to isabel dos santos joining us on skype thank you for your time isabel a court document from the 23rd of december says that the government believes you have caused the state losses of more than a $1000000000.00 what do you say to that how could you have course cost the angle inside a $1000000000.00. hi good evening emma and so basically this court procedure
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is an interim measure is not a court case there has not been a formal court case as such. but is very searching in this particular instance is that there has been absolutely no due process which means we have not been summoned we have not received any notices from the court nor are i or any of my directors or companies have been issued any notices whatsoever so this was a completely secret procedure we had no recourse of defense so we were never called to show any documents or even to present any witnesses in fact we're completely unaware that the case was going on so this is very very worrying because obviously you know in a state of law and in the democratic state of law in a country like angola that i believe it and will it should be it's key for an investor such as myself i'm one of the largest investors in the country founded
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a number of companies that are not related to the states of these are companies i work in in retail in for example in media we work in telecom have shopping malls so we basically work in the private sector with private companies in the market and their competition as a laborer is a price sorry to interrupt you may be that everything you've described as there is the problem you've got so much influence and so many parts that this new government says that's too much. well i'm concerned that might be the case because evidently this is a politically motivated attack there's no doubt about that my father was the former ruler of angola he was president for a very long time but it's very important to me that my father was a truly democratic leader i mean he brought peace to the country the country had been in war doing 30 years he believed in the market he won 3 successive elections
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3 successive democratic elections and this is something that is his legacy he's like it was on it not only peace in angola but also peace for the region so he helped free nelson mandela he was responsible for getting namibia to become independent he was very much involved with stabilizing the congo and helping with the great lakes so this man really believed in democracy and he chose not to stand for this elections he chose not to stand in 2017 believing that it was important to have a transition it was important for someone new to come and unfortunately the nuclear who came on board have now trying to conduct these politically motivated attacks on his family and specially on his children what happens about the money now if you've got frozen assets may be less about how it affects you but does it if you have a knock on effect if you and your associates have so much involvement in the private enterprises of angola would there be a knock on effect. well i'm very concerned i mean i don't know one of the 1st
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messages i put out there was to my workers i have more than 20000 employees in the country literally employed thousands of people who work with thousands of families one of my concerns is that we have more than 3000000 bank accounts as the posit in our banks so of course my 1st message was to insure them to stay calm we want to continue all our operations all our business we want to make sure that we deliver good service until all the truth and all of the all of the facts come up and so that's what we'll intend to do and have to make sure that the facts and the end to this have been told get undone i mention that your brother went on trial for corruption as well he pleaded not guilty did he get proper legal recourse i mean you're saying that this is all been conducted in private as far as you're concerned but he's actually gone to court. so my half brother was if you let me know was charged a few months ago and he was under preventive custody for
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a long time and all that the law establishes that you're only allowed to be under preventive custody for 4 months in fact he stayed for 9 months so he was arrested for 9 months with no trial no charges this was a complete violation of human rights so there was a leaked unveil asian of his rights all his legal rights he also was not afforded representation on blocking his accounts they have not allowed him to pay for his legal fees so in fact he had to ask for in state a lawyer to represent him and i am very concerned that these court cases are just instrumental just just political instruments to to do for a 1st strategy of undermining the legacy of president assad doesn't he has achieved i wonder if i can just go back to my original question to you because you have talked a lot about this being politically motivated and you not having information but as i said that one specific thing from that court document of december 23 is that you
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and your associate caused the state losses of more than a $1000000000.00 what does that mean can you go on for what it is just this is this is i mean there's a lot of other geishas in the paper there are clearly false and out so it's important to understand this is a civil procedure is not a criminal procedure so therefore it cannot be a corruption case when it's a civil procedure so because obviously it's a civil dispute it's been presented to the courts as a civil dispute between companies so allegedly there is a company that lost or did not make as much profit as the government would have expected out of a commercial contract so the government claim is that we had a number of commercial contracts we would we wanted to take what profit over those contracts we didn't have the level of profit that we wanted so therefore you have to you know we want we want to come in and start these proceedings isabel dos santos thank you very much for your time we do appreciate it today thank you very much and happy new year thank you for. to the protests in india now over
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a new citizenship law and most of the violence has been converted into one northern state the state government and the pradesh is led by a hardline hindu nationalist and he's been accused of being biased against muslims . reports now from a to. 24 year old was shot in the head he was a bread maker and the sole provider for his family. his 80 year old father is inconsolable his mother less his disabled brother with 3 kids who are raised has no clue how the family will survive the loss. didn't even let his body home for the last. what happened to the government what's happened to the police if you came to this fighting. on december 20th some people here in the city of mira to try to protest against a controversial new citizenship law that many say discriminates against muslims the
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police say the protesters protect them the rocks which lead them to use force. family says he was not even part of the protests and was merely walking back home from the restaurant he worked in when the police shot this was a video with someone they say was a witness and claiming he saw the police shooting him al-jazeera cannot independently verify its authenticity. activist who went on a fact finding mission to the city soon after the killings say most gunshots were above the waist and appeared targeted this is absolutely quite deliberate shooting to kill it is not following the standard operating procedure of announcing there were no announcements no warning announcements mean nothing of the kind and no attempt to use tear gas or water cannons or anything like that no attempt to shoot at the feet 1st it was street to be a shooting to get. activists accuse the police of being biased against muslims. in a recent video of the city's superintendent of police saying it was her telling people
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in a muslim dominated neighborhood to go to pakistan. we asked the superintendent about the allegations and i was i won't comment on that and while he admitted that the police did fire shots he said it was protesters with illegal firearms who killed the people however he added the police were investigating. there's a big difference between a clean and an untrained shooter the mob doesn't see whether it's firing from behind a front he said that a dozen police officers were shot and injured and shared this video people here say they are demonstrating on their right to live in the land of india and that they don't want to go to pakistan they also say that they are the police and if you step off the last thing people indiscriminately this if night taking turns their neighborhoods in case officers. family is in mourning they demand an
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investigation but don't expect the administration to conduct it fairly. al-jazeera made out with the predation india. 2 indian soldiers have been killed in a gun fight in indian administered kashmir this was in the northern district tensions been rising in the disputed region for months and police have now been since 3. we're keeping an eye on the entire region the army and police forces have launched a search operation and barricades have been put in front of and behind it all the search operation is ongoing and vehicles are being checked. a palestinian family has had its home destroyed in silwan in occupied east jerusalem israeli officials say the structure was illegal but the family told al-jazeera they had intended to contest the demolition order imran khan's been to that site with the house once stood so this is how the new year began for one palestinian family their house was
6:43 pm
torn down by the israeli army in conjunction with the municipality now the israelis say that this structure was illegal they didn't have a permit for it and therefore it was legal for it to be demolished the palestinian families say they actually had a court appointment at 10 am where they were going to fight the demolition order and it was at 9 am when the israeli army came in in conjunction with the municipality and taught this structure down other palestinians have long maintained that it's almost impossible for them to get permits to build houses legally now according to the human rights organization salem some 155 homes were demolished in 2019 and some 37000 structures like this across occupied east jerusalem under threat of demolition other palestinians say that they don't have enough housing for their needs at the moment nevermind with this with all of these houses that are under threat and the housing crisis certainly is acute if you
6:44 pm
speak to any palestinian family took in this area they say they just simply don't have the space that they need and the structures that they need to house their families somali forces so they've killed 25 as during a major military operation local media is reporting at least 4 villages in lower shabelle province have been retaken from fighters that's 4 days after al shabaab claimed responsibility for that massive suicide truck bombing in mogadishu which killed $81.00 people. pope francis has apologized for slapping a woman on the wrist during a new year's eve celebration and this the pontiff visibly angry when the woman put his hand by these great people in vatican city the head of the roman catholic church has expressed regret for losing his patience. not 1st and there's no name magica god salvation is not magic but it is patient salvation that is it involves the patience of love love makes his patient many times we lose patients including
6:45 pm
me and i apologize for yesterday's bad example protesters have been camping outside mexico's embassy in the bolivian city of the parts they're supporting bolivia's interim government after it expelled the mexican ambassador the protesters accuse the mexican embassy of sheltering allies of former president evo morales bolivia ordered mexico's ambassador and spanish diplomats from leave and choose to. former south african president jacob zuma is expected to stand trial this year of accusations of corruption so it was denied all the charges in this latest part of al-jazeera series looking at the biggest stories for 2020 we examine how his time in office has shaped south africa from in the middle reporting off from johannesburg. corruptions estimated by south africa's government to cost the economy $700000000000.00 for many former president jacob zuma is the symbol of that corruption he was forced to resign during his 2nd term in february
6:46 pm
28th has a series of scandals surrounding him and the governing african national congress party intensified. zuma repeatedly says he's done nothing wrong. beat his accounts by recruited by certain people and by his again history. state owned companies were allegedly mismanaged and looted to benefit zuma and his associates from the passenger rail agency which is bankrupt to south african airways which is close to collapse thousands of workers went on strike last month protesting job cuts they say are the direct result of corruption the state owned power utility eskom is also in trouble leading to rolling blackouts nationwide the manager of the spake re insulators says the power cuts have cost thousands of dollars in lost business and baker's jobs are threatened if they continue. to form
6:47 pm
a senior managers it is scum have been charged with corruption. the blackouts have been disruptive and of course the economy millions of dollars not only were businesses left in the dark but in so with those twitter hysteria restaurants and shops had to shut their doors when protests broke out while zuma hasn't been charged for alleged crimes during his time in office he's facing a fraud and corruption trial related to a weapons deal in the ninety's which were dropped before he became president and later reinstated it's not if his trial will proceed in february as he fights to stay out of court by petitioning the supreme court of appeal zoom us testified at a government inquiry into corruption but says he's too ill to return to see him through jacob zuma has 2 terms as the president is you know the weakness within the governing party the in sync you know the fact that the n.c.a.
6:48 pm
has been up for school you know the patronage networks you know that operate in the state and in the in 'd c. and that also shows you just how deeply entrenched you know the problem is many are skeptical they'll get the answers on corruption they're looking for in the year ahead they expect further delays in the justice system and face the certainty that a vital state owned companies will require more bailouts to stay afloat costing taxpayers more than they can possibly afford. to hannah's book severe flooding in indonesia's capital jakarta has killed at least 9 people thousands have been forced into temporary accommodation of the toronto rain soaked the city on new year's eve the government says 99 of the hoods were left on the water with power and water supplies cut a 16 year old boy was killed when he was electrocuted while others have died from hypothermia. thailand is one of the world's biggest producers of plastic pollution
6:49 pm
in our oceans retailers and earth already say they're trying to clean up the country's act by banning some single use plastics but as jessica washington reports now they also face another challenge just changing consumer attitudes. around $45000000000.00 plus the bags i use every year in thailand for the new year will bring a change in behavior for consumers all around the country mage's apartments 2 of convenience stores and supermarkets will hold implement a ban on plastic bags from this year signs like this are on display around the country explaining the changes telling consumers they'll need to plan ahead for the next time they go shopping there's also a ban on using her dogs with micro beads and plans for a ban on plastic cards within the next 2 you. are looking at me i think this is a good idea because it will clean up the environment these days so hot as the weather is changing it's hard to do my job as a driver because of the heat we need to stop using so much plastic and reduce the
6:50 pm
garbage overall but getting thai consumers to break up with plastic could prove challenging the highest percentage of plastic usage doesn't come from department stores and convenience stores it comes from places like the bits fresh bread markets and food stalls and getting independent sellers to get on board with a plastic bag could prove challenging because. i think a plastic bag bat is a good idea but what do i use instead what would be a good substitute these fly with a wet so they'd be to be in a plastic bag but still i think reducing plastic is a good idea because of climate change. the empty plastic push has been in spurred by the high number of wildlife fatalities caused by classic ingestion one case which caught the attention of the public was that of a baby which died after eating several kilograms of plastic that case and others like it served as a graphic reminder to the public of the dangers of excessive classic usage. in
6:51 pm
a moment your sports news with paul and why the world's 10 it's number one is on. track. examining the impact of today's headlines you use the misinformation i use the term by setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions how unique elopement is this in terms of modern american history when it comes to racism you have the makings of a neo fascist mold international filmmakers and world class journalists bringing programs to inspire you. on al-jazeera. the brazilian economy is booming but deep divisions still exist between the haves and the have nots in a country where smartphones have become a part of everyday life technology help bridge the gap. this series that challenges
6:52 pm
developers to design apps for a better world travels to rio de janeiro and meets the young people tasked with making a different life than for vela father on al-jazeera. backtalk useful thank you very much we start in the n.b.a. where the rockets star james harden was back from injury and back in business in houston on tuesday russell westbrook was also returning for the rockets and he did the early damage against denver nickel yo kycia struggled this season for the
6:53 pm
nuggets he was doing his best to keep his team in the game. hard and with $35.00 points would inspire the rockets to victory that go on to take it under $27212.00. in the east at 6 straight defeats for the hornets jason tate and far in 24 as the boston celtics made sure they were the ones celebrating out about the celtics leading scorer kemba walker also contributing in 809292 when. the relentless festive fixture list continues in the english premier league with 9 games to starts 2020 brighton drew 11 with chelsea. putting the visitors ahead but a spectacular strike from iranian. and in the sea eagles a point. aston villa want to want burnley then 2nd place leicester are beating newcastle southampton and what 3rd both up in their games later champions
6:54 pm
manchester city host everton struggling arsenal take on manchester united leaders liverpool play sheffield united on thursday liverpool manager has been weighing into the v.a.r. video review debate saying that marginal decisions such as a player's armpits being offside are not being handled well the only problem is it takes like feels like half an hour until you see if he told me to is there or not but that's of sides but is there opportunity to change a little bit i think the thicker line where the only clue that's tolerance so and goal that we all have to adjust to that of. the new national stadium in tokyo built for the olympics in july has staged its 1st sports event 60000 football fans watched this whole kobe beat and players in the emperor's cup final organizers of the 2020 games are still looking to make improvements for spectators at the $1400000000.00 venue. other than are saying so we need to consider more about the
6:55 pm
signage and about how to get to destination to some areas how to create easily understandable wording and also how information should be provided to customers who come to the stadium the way. to the n.h.l. now eastern conference leaders washington have suffered back to back to fates for the 1st time this season it was all looking good for the capitals against the new york islanders when his nets of scored twice what i mean hunt these up to 15 goals for the campaign but the islanders would recover to take it to trade at their will from casey says he casts followed by the winning score right. they point to 3rd in the standings. and the west the las vegas knights ended the year with back to back wins with anaheim ducks chasing the game jonathan marseille took advantage of an empty net from distance to wrap up a fight or to score 19th defeat of the season for the ducks with things all getting
6:56 pm
rather heated between shea theodore and maxine calm twice before the end. the top men's tennis players start their year at the new a.t.p. cup team event in australia but not everyone seems excited to be involved on wednesday canada's denis love urged organizers some merge this new tournament with the existing davis cup adding it felt weird to have 2 world team event within one month of each other the prize money on offer for the new a.t.p. cup is $13000000.00 less than the vendors event in madrid while spain b. canada and that davis cup final rafael nadal and his team have been taking in some of the wildlife sights near their base in western australia and all says this new event is important and not just a light warmup for the australian open honestly i think for all of us with them and with the privilege of liberation for this go and open the eyes of the other one to compete well and then we will have
6:57 pm
a week before the current album for me personally to practice for some of them to play in the adelaide so where we're very focused on blood to be ready for this competition we're not taking this one of these i like the brace of fall for another $17.00 time grand slam champion venus williams has had to delay the start of what will be her 27th season on the women's tennis tour she's pulled out of the brisbane international after suffering a setback in training venus hopes to start her australian open build up at adelaide in a fortnight. it's all a sport and i will have a lot smaller including the english premier league but later on. that 800 hours g.m.t. the next news out paul and i will be back for bats in the meantime the headlines are there whenever you want them at al-jazeera dot com of course. and we are back in the about 2 minutes time 600 hours g.m.t.
6:58 pm
with another bulletin of news right here on out is here.
6:59 pm
a city defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state here with the capital of jerusalem everyone is welcome but this depôt structure that maintains the could only project thus what we diffuse it was one of the soundness of the settlement this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation occupation this could mean nation injustice this is in the 21st century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera. driven by outrage and spanning generations the rohinton demonstrators gathered on the very day a widely criticized repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh and me and more was to begin the anger was all too apparent and the fear was powerful if you don't like we're so afraid that if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back 10 and the day after tomorrow they'll send back 2030 or if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to
7:00 pm
take us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the rancho among the most persecuted minorities in the world. supporters of an iranian banks group heard surrounded the u.s. embassy compound in iraq have now withdrawn. close once again from doha i'm come all santa maria with the world news from al-jazeera. protesters demanding more democracy in hong kong bring in the new year in defiance on the scene to keep up the pressure also scenes of widespread destruction in australia where firefight.


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