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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 2, 2020 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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0. turkey's parliament prepares to vote on troop deployment to libya in tripoli fights against warlord khalifa haftar. i am how i'm hittin and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up taiwan's top military officer is among 8 people killed in a helicopter crash. dramatic rescue in a stray leo the navy helps there isn't stranded by fires in one coastal town. but the ad supporters and members of the runabout groups pulled back from the u.s. embassy in baghdad but they still want foreign troops out of iraq.
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but we begin in turkey where the parliament is expected to vote in the next few hours on a government motion to deploy troops to libya ancora supports the un backed government in tripoli that's facing warlord when if i have those forces they launched an offensive to capture the capital last april turkey says its troops will protect its rights in the mediterranean and its interests in libya and tripoli recently signed deals on military cooperation and maritime boundaries meanwhile greece israel and cyprus are also about to sign off on an agreement to transport gas from the eastern mediterranean sea europe that said all this with turkey's deal with libya to extract gas from the sea or man was otherwise heard to stand by for us in libya's capital tripoli but 1st let's head straight to uncle or where mohamed is live
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mahmut 1st of all is this proposal likely to pass the turkish parliament. yes very likely our. ruling members here in the parliament in uncut why it's called there will be able to the is the bill without much effort because together with this see which we see which is allied to present it on. parity they are. confident they will be able to pass' only the the sea which is little pollution but 2 with to 6 a members in parliament which is so thought all 'd paul's outrightly to it but they're saying they'll fly in the old decision and that i would not think in one of the conference rooms trying to figure out how to vote so yes it's expected to pas
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and we're seeing some sort of an accelerated poll says with parliament coming out of recess to discuss these key is really to deploy its troops to leave you. and i am it just reminds us if you were it's what is turkey's interest in libya. although if there's a line. turkey is on the right side of his theory of supporting a government. recognized by the united nations not as they say a coup proles have meaning huffed general hof that who's been supported they say by some gulf to european countries in north africa such as it but the real deal here is turkey is trying to call her act time bound by the agreement it signed with the d.n.a. government in libya in tripoli the one that 2nd lies by the united nations of
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course of these time boundary agreement gives turkey only to be told your claims on them that it's rainy and also increases its influence they are the time other countries like cyprus greece israel and egypt trying not only to extract the gas but ship its 2 year old through the mediterranean and turkey had been cornered by the agreement between those countries had been left out salt also on these has now sold souls given it good way to influence and it is trying to protect the agreement knowing very well about the hospital takes over tripoli and gets into the culprits hole and in power the deal will be obsolete and that is what is it is really trying to avoid ok mohammad said joe
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a lifer as an anchor for ny thank you let's cross over to tripoli and i were. standing by mahmoud if this trip deployment is a preach how does this change the military dynamic the balance of power in libya. we'll have to we'll definitely change the balance of power on the ground as you know today that all eyes in libya are on turkey to see what's going to come out of turkish parliament session today as you know how he seems to be the only major military supporter of the. government forces and west of libya on the contrary on the other hand have to his camp have been supported by an international powers several concert have been behind have to as you know hala including the united arab emirates egypt and france and today
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military command and southern tripoli say that they have been noticing that have the forces have been accelerating the fighting greece simply in an attempt to proceed towards the capital city center it seems that half the forces are trying to achieve an advancement on the ground before he decides to send troops to. libya as you know that because this is going to definitely change the balance of power on the ground in favor of their government to force also have those forces seem to be trying to gain more ground before berlin meeting as you know that believe meeting is supposed to be held in corporation with their contraries region and international countries concerned with the libyan issues so it seems that help that his forces are trying to gain more ground in this batch of to control tripoli
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so that they can have a bit of our porch unity on the negotiating table in all cases the government forces say that if have to us forces don aren't have any legal standing to recruiting russian mercenaries from the vagal company. then village a government which is the government of national accord has the right to. bring get foreign troops in terms of the military agreement with another illegitimate government which is the government ok mahmoud's of the one heard joining us from tripoli thank you let's stay with this we're joined now by sam a humvee he's the editor in chief of the international interest and joins us now from london good to have you with us here on al-jazeera resoled many people weighing in on libya let's focus specifically on turkey why do you think they're getting involved and backing the g.n.a.t.
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in particular because given the advance of afters forces and the support that have to have i mean this is something of a gamble is it not. 1st of all we have to remember that turkey is actually supporting the g.n.a.t. in repenting have to for the last 8 months you remember that in the 1st few weeks of the conflict after the seized turkish hostages and complain that turkish drones were holding his advance into tripoli it's only because the russian support over the last 1 3 months that we've seen have to actually make advances prior to this it was a stalemate but turkey has another reason to get a vote anybody who brings out a map of the mediterranean sea will see that there is a choke hold forming you see to the northwest there is greece to the west there is south cyprus and to the south there is egypt in other words it's forming this block on turkish maritime interests if have to take control of tripoli hafter is backed by the u.a.e. and by egypt both of them are antagonistic towards turkey in other words it completes this chokehold this is why libya is as important to turkey as syria and
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this is why we see that for turkey it's not about several it's not about the government of national accord it's not about rescuing the libyan government even though that is what it wants to do at this moment in time it doesn't it it's a we're ready to accept any government in libya that is formed by the people or comes out of negotiations as long as half that is not the dominant force as long as the u.a.e. is not the prime influence as long as egypt is not the prime influence as long as france which has for many years prevented this development of turkish relations with the e.u. as long as france is not the primary power and we see from this agreement that's been signed between greece egypt and cyprus that turkish fear is are not unfounded they have reason to fear how can a country such as turkey be excluded from an agreement in the mediterranean sea the fact that it has been excluded excluded shows that there is a targeted campaign from egypt from israel and from greece to isolate turkey to prevent it from having access to the mediterranean this is all according to the
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turkish perspective and this is why we see that they are ready to deploy troops in libya in order to prevent that chokehold from actually coming into practice and this is what. do you think this move has for the developments in the east mediterranean because there are several interests there trying to exploit natural gas reserves but also these pipelines getting energy from israel and the eastern mediterranean into europe what implications does this move by turkey potentially have. i think we have to 1st and foremost remember that for turkey and indeed the attitude is that the cuts coming out of the we have to remember that they have felt that they have had to force their opinion the force of themselves on everybody else in order to get them to listen in syria or to get a wanted to save his own for many many years and he was ignored by washington he was ignored by the e.u. and he was even ignored by russia and iran only when he threatened to enter
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unilaterally the americans backed down and did russia back down and everybody else and say ok and again now we understand you have security issues would give you the save zone in other words turkey is saying i have cried out for ages and said you guys let's cooperate on the mediterranean let's share this guest let's talk about exploration rights let's sit at the table and negotiate everybody's been a given ignoring turkey because it's becoming more expensive power is becoming a strong country it's no longer a 3rd to category country it's no longer on a par with saudi arabia and egypt it has surpassed these countries and become a country that can actually impose its will on the international community and input and sit at the negotiating table with the likes of russia with the likes of the u.s. so when we talk about the impact of the eastern mediterranean the choice is not necessarily for turkey to take the choices on the countries to say look do we bring turkey to the negotiating table and listen to some of turkey's concerns not to respond to all of them but some of them so that turkey doesn't feel that it has to
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use force or are we so terrified of ed again do you believe that and again because he lost istanbul he might lose the elections that are coming in the next elections so let's be patient and again will shout for a while he'll try to use force but in the end he'll lose and then we'll have a more insular turkey once again we'll have the likes of even more glue and c.h.b. and that insular turkey will make sure that turkey no longer exact itself on the foreign policy this is the gamble that greece israel and egypt are having they are gambling that everyone will lose the next election so there is no need to listen to him this is why we see turkey flexing its muscle there while you see turkey insisting that it has to get involved in libya ok i'm sorry to cut you off there sorry hamza but we are out of time great to get your thoughts and thank you very much indeed for joining us there from london. i taught once top military officer said the mean has been killed during a helicopter crash landing 7 others were also on boards when the helicopter made that emergency landing on the north of the islands seems been dispatched the
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defense ministry says there could be survivors well earlier the inspector general of taiwan's air force outlined the rescue efforts. the helicopter was affected by the weather visibility is not very good we have yet to clarify the troops on the ground concede here ground after the aircraft disappeared from the radars 2 helicopters immediately took off from sunshine airport also 19 men set off for the rescue operation we have yet to confirm the extent of the aircraft damage some of the passengers are still stranded in the wreckage and some of them are we are waiting for information from people at the site. feingold as an asian policy risk analyst he says this crash will impact the campaign in the lead up to the presidential election on january 11th. president as well as the parliament of taiwan will be elected on january alive as you have this tragedy does occur within a few days of the election and of course one of the most prominent issues in this
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election is taiwan's national defense with regard to threats from china so this kind of accident involving 16 year leadership will unfortunately become part of the political discussion in the final days before taiwan selection the incumbent presidents trying way and she's been a supporter of increased military spending social continue to give that message to the public to be hopefully it'll be a period of no campaigning whether it's the rest of today or tomorrow but once the candidates return to campaigning i think you'll see presidents emphasize that she has been a supporter of the military and she's been a supporter of increased military spending and the other side will probably look a way to criticize for example by saying yeah you spend more money on the military but you're not spending it correctly you're not spending it on a not me his for example that'll probably be the talking point from the other side still to come here on al-jazeera poland all of the netherlands that those
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governments in science on what it would like the country to be called. and why the mother of a british woman found guilty of public mischief in cyprus is going to hole is it may cause to point the country. hello again and welcome back well we have seen some very deadly flooding here across parts of jakarta over the last few days in the last 48 hours here we have seen almost 200 millimeters of rain falling across the area of course this is a big problem the cities very low in this region we're going to be seeing some more rain coming into play as we go towards friday as well it's going to be lighter but it's still going to be an issue because of course once you have floodwater anything on top of that is not needed and towards the philippines we are drying out it had been quite wet down towards the south you can be seeing that rain shower activity
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start to pass a little bit more towards the west well for australia the heat is on we could be seeing those temperatures rise over the next few days we do have a frontal boundary that is coming in from the west here it is right here we're going to see is a very gusty winds pushing across the bite and for friday adelaide is going to be about $42.00 degrees melbourne at about 33 but once that fund pushes through where to be seen those temperatures drop down to about 25 or adelaide 29 degrees here from melbourne but still in new south wales those temperatures are going to be quite hot for parts of south australia though we are going to be seeing some rain showers of the next few days coming into play we could be seeing some very heavy rain causing some localized flooding across the area and as we go towards sunday it is going to get quite cool for adelaide with the temperature and ranchos at $23.00 . silence based on. this is the political wildcard that counts in the shape
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splode order the structure that is defended the total cost. ph with the support of the people fall through the crushing of that when. people in power exposes the use and abuse of power around the world. on al-jazeera. oh all. this is al jazeera a quick reminder of our top stories this hour a circus parliament is expected to vote in the next few hours on a government motion to deploy troops to libya turkey says the forces will protect
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its rights in the mediterranean and its interests in libya. taiwan sought military officer in the mean has been killed during a helicopter crash on one with 7 other people helicopter made an emergency landing on the north of the islands and rescue teams have been dispatched. at least $21.00 people have been killed in flash floods and landslides and ends in asia 18 hours of heavy rain coals rivers to burst submerged in parts of the capital jakarta and the surrounding areas tens of thousands of people have been taken to temporary shelters . evacuations have begun and relief supplies have a ride for thousands of australians stranded in far ravaged times 8 people have been confirmed dead this week in the south wales and victoria where 70 people are still missing charlotte ballasts has the latest. 4000 astray leonids were forced
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onto the beach and stranded here for 3 days now how has arrived for the victorian town of mela cooter the navy ferried people out by the only route possible the ship masked in the smoky haze at the moment we're moving people way of course if they're smart clear it will be our brigade aircraft into melich her to to assist in that transportation of people out of there as well as. they have an hour window high temperatures and strong winds a forecast for australia's southeast on saturday leading new south wales fire and rescue to publish this map they've advised people to leave the shaded area from batemans bay south to the victorian border 250 kilometer distance down the coast i think the big thing that we've got on the wire the moment is that it's the largest mass rely cashen of people out of the region that we're going to sign and people are going to have to be patient the right people are queuing up to get into petrol stations through traffic is unable to get for you clearly have to go to hell some
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to get out of thousands heeded the advice to leave batemans bay and drive north towards sydney many with nothing left to say but themselves and house is gone it's completely burnt yesterday morning to show. we went out there that the block that we were on has been burned from one side or the other does not apply to grass on it there's nothing left. about $1300.00 homes have been destroyed in new south wales since the fire season began in october it's been a record breaking year the fires arrived earlier and with more fury the normal straight in prime minister scott morrison. counterclaims it's a consequence of man made climate change was no doubt natural disasters turned that while angry because that's what they are by our natural disasters what we're saying is we we cannot control the next will disaster but what we can do is control or sports firefighters are trying to control the risk by destroying the bush 1st back
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burning to create natural firebreaks residents prepared to those choosing to stay gathered supplies and fuel for generators and pumps if the wind chimes is very good in fact but here we are on more here for more lives and more family care for the further they remain the further up the road from the say here and i would basically . model these residents restocking preparing to face the fires head on charlotte ballasts al-jazeera. supporters and members of an iran backed group have withdrawn from the us embassy compound in iraq's capital baghdad this follows a 2 day siege needers off the popular mobilization forces ordered them to leave but they did so on condition iraq's parliament vote some a timeline for the withdrawal of foreign troops some one of 14 reports from baghdad . they left just as they had arrived
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a day earlier determined and angry but also pleased that they had managed to deliver a message to the u.s. supporters of the iranian backed popular mobilization forces who had defied the prime minister's orders to withdraw just a day before now heeded the call of their leaders while some dismantled tents and ferried away supplies used to camp the night out the more defiant ones staged a final showdown in front of the embassy gates burning tires and flags to the sounds of anti-american slogans usa was let out of on our country we don't. we can brought it to ourselves more done through really young fighters who. killed isis road turned them ran through. the attack on the u.s. embassy was sparked by the latest u.s. strikes against hezbollah brigades which is part of the popular mobilization forces
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the majority of the crowd consisted of its members and supporters but some here say they were also driven by what they perceive as an unjust american policy in the region this is my land and if you want to stay here you must understand it's. when the governments believe and understand. it's we can leave. as crowds withdrew u.s. helicopter circled overhead after reinforcements arrived from kuwait the night before the white house had pressured the iraqi government to end the standoff but it was clear that of the already is here didn't want to risk confrontation iraqi security forces surrounded the embassy but use no force to remove the crowds or the iraqi governmental forces have been put on a very confusing and sensitive position as i mentioned they have a they share
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a partnership and an alliance with both countries the u.s. and iran so the iraqi government has to prove to the u.s. that it's taking either a neutral stance or it's protecting the u.s. embassy because that's what a government has to do. and yet at the outer gates of the embassy burned and vandalized bear witness to the iraqi government's inability to protect the u.s. presence here the speech here at the u.s. embassy appears to be coming to an end with u.s. raid iraq account the fervent forces now taking over the security and basically securing the area as the crowd but the hezbollah brigades have for the 1st of the 1st left and for the united states they have vowed that they will not stand down until they fear departure of u.s. forces from iraq if they want to hold the al-jazeera but about. at least 36 people have been killed during attacks on the displaced persons camp in sudan's west star for region government officials say they're trying to calm the latest wave of
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ethnic violence that's forced people to flee tribesmen arrived at the camp and reportedly started quote shooting killing and burning according to a un peacekeeping spokesman japanese prosecutors have raided the tokyo home of former nissen chairman carlos go on he fled to lebanon despite living under strict bail conditions he was awaiting trial for financial misconduct go on who who holds lebanese citizenship says he left to escape or he calls political persecution. the mother of a british woman convicted in cyprus of lying about being raped is calling for a boycotts of the country a cypriot courts convicted the 19 year old of public mischief after she withdrew an accusation of gang rape in july she says she only retracted the accusation under pressure from the police were rich allan's has this reports. this is the anonymous
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british 19 year old who said she'd been gang raped in cyprus by 12 israelis only to end up convicted herself now her mother has told a british broadcaster that the party resort of iron napa is dangerous the place isn't safe she said it's absolutely not safe and if you go and report something that's happened to you you're either laughed at as far as i can tell or in the worst case something like what's happened to my daughter may happen she's back to campaign trending on twitter to boycott cyprus the teenager was convicted on monday of lying about the rape angering women's rights campaigners who say the victim has been turned into the criminal. she says pressure from cypriot police back in july made her retract her accusation against the 12 israelis. when they arrived home at ben-gurion airport some of the young men celebrated champagne and insulting chance against the woman and. her lawyer says there were numerous violations when
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police were questioning her as she did not have an axe yet i didn't seem because she has that i. was well or is it. and she claims and. even on that you know some of the women supporters suspect cypresses economic ties with israel may have influenced the case and they say cyprus is legal system is corrupt an e.u. report in 2018 said the country hasn't fully implemented 14 of its 16 reform recommendations the u.k. foreign office is raising concerns with cyprus about what's happened to the woman but the government in nicosia insists its courts are independent of the british woman who'll be sentenced on tuesday rory talents down to 0. every talk about it's the land of chula sin windmills so whole ins or the netherlands may spring to mind but from now on the government wants to be branded cell phone be known only as the
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netherlands has such reports amounts to them. all and he's not a country despite suggestions to the contrary all over amsterdam north and south holland are just 2 coastal provinces in a country officially called the netherlands and the government tired of its biggest city being a by word for legalized prostitution and recreational drug use wants a rebrand. so with a new p.r. push it's asking us to forget holland and the goalie of the netherlands for the whole rest of the world i think holland is quite clear what it is some small spot somewhere on the earth. where people live. and to change that image around to change that. idea of holland into the netherlands i think it's quite a task it's quite
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a difficult task everywhere you look from branded clocks to other souvenirs the name holland dominates it's no surprise tourists aren't sure where they are what would you call this country. romance what do you call this country we're in now. the. land that land. you are right. mendelian the sea yes it has a bicycle now now it was i don't know guy yes i mean this is holland as a states. netherlands is the country today officially they want you to stop calling it all and they wanted to call it the netherlands. in amsterdam they're struggling to cope with a wreck or number of tourists 42000000 people are expected to visit this country by
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2030 points up from around 20000000 now and to manage that the government hopes that this rebranding will encourage people to explore outside overcrowded amsterdam to the country beyond the 2 provinces of holland bernard smith al-jazeera amsterdam in the netherlands. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines the turkish parliament is expected to vote in the next few hours on a government motion to deploy troops to libya turkey says the forces will protect its rights in the mediterranean and its interests in libya mohammed has more from ankara we are seeing more and more support for these laws from the foreign minister . your husband law being opposition leaders trying to get us march support our
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support the one we are seeing the liberated process here this morning was supposed to be brought before parliament it on the 7th or 8th of this month when parliament resumes from a winter recess now we're seeing parliament holding a special sitting just to discuss this libya there bill. so i once thought military officer has been killed during a helicopter crash landing 7 others were also on board when the helicopter made an emergency landing on the north of the islands the defense ministry says there could be survivors at least $21.00 people have been killed in flash floods and landslides in indonesia 18 hours of heavy rain caused rivers to burst submerge in parts of the capital jakarta and surrounding areas tens of thousands of people have been taken to temporary shelters evacuations have begun a relief supplies have arrived for thousands of australians stranded in far ravaged
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homes another heat wave is expected over the coming days the bushfires have killed 8 people. supporters and members of an iran but it's group power withdrawn from the u.s. embassy compound in iraq's capital baghdad after a 2 day siege but they did so on condition iraq's parliament votes of a timeline for the withdrawal of foreign troops and at least 36 people have been killed during attacks on the displaced persons camp in sudan's aware star for a region government officials say they're trying to calm the latest wave of ethnic violence that's forced people to flee that's you're up to date stay with us on al-jazeera the news continues after people and power. al-jazeera right well as a new. delhi
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india sprawling seat of government is the deadliest of all the world's capital's meek spacing millions of its inhabitants to a shocking range of life threatening responders from diseases so why is it so polluted and what if anything is being done to remedy. journalist know how many of those born and raised in the city to find out.


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