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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 2, 2020 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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it's to the never been to before al-jazeera examines the violence of india and pakistan and asks what the future holds for these neighbors partition borders of blood. this is al-jazeera. coming up in the next 60 minutes turkey's parliament passed a vote on troop deployment in libya and fight against the warlords. greece israel and cyprus are expected to sign a pipeline agreement with turkey and libya's plans in the same area. taiwan's top military officer is among 8 people who've been killed in a helicopter crash. and a dramatic rescue in australia the navy helps thousands stranded by fires in one
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coastal town. and i'm famished with this sport as the n.b.a. pays its tribute to david fan the man who built the modern game and on the call it the most valuable player of 2900 get 2 great start this year for the bucs. welcome to the program we begin turkey where parliament is expected to vote in the coming hour on a government motion to deploy troops to libya supports the u.n. recognize the ministration in tripoli there's been fighting against the warlord i have ta well his forces launched an offensive to capture the capital last april turkey says its troops will protect its rights in the mediterranean and its interests in libya ankara and tripoli recently signed deals on military cooperation and maritime boundaries but opposition parties in turkey are against the government
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move they say that must 1st give priority to a diplomatic solution but let's go straight to ankara women how to do is live for us now mohammed so is this proposal to send turkish troops a libyan like to pass the turkish parliament and could there be any opposition to that do you think. well daryn yes opposition to them most of it coming from the e.u. to one of the opposition parties in parliament which is about $36.00 members in parliament and they say their members will vote no. on the government to force look into diplomatic channels to and that the conflict in libya instead of deploying troops and say should not involve itself in the affairs of nations of course the capacity is confident that it is going to pass the motion the defense
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minister has been speaking saying turkish troops are on the run by not only waiting for the good in light from parliament which will come in a little less than 3 hours from now when will top and also from the commander in chief but again president on himself is the architect of these full on and it's it's it looks us if turkish troops could be in libya if this motion pauses within days i'm on the just remind us exactly what are turkey's interests in libya . well for public consumption officials are saying that leave be a country that has the maritime borders with. ease the obligation to ensure that what they are calling a coup prove doesn't come to power but again there is the obvious side of it which is the amount of time bound to deal they hide. behind with the
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government in tripoli which is recognized by the united nations of course turkey fills out the it is on the right side of history supporting a government that is. recognized by the international community and particularly the united nations about the modern time bound to be ugly meant is. integrity parts of these plan to deploy turkish troops to libya because for the 1st time turkey is failing but it's coming in from the cold when it comes to the issue of energy reserves in the eastern mediterranean sea the agreement between israel in get cyprus and greece left it out now the agreement signed with libya gives it. great tech and also more influence on the eastern mediterranean sea and it's looking more and more likely that those countries the poles through turkey
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will have their way without the support of techies so turkey knows very well the time boundary deal would be obsolete if health and takes over power is what it is very keen to avoid on what all this is all about all right a moment of. mama thank you for that let's cross over now to libya's capital tripoli and talk to mahmoud up there why have the mood if so if this troop deployment in libya is approved by the turkish parliament how is it likely to change the balance of power on the ground there do you think. well we'll definitely change the balance of power on the ground because as you know the key is the measure of the military support of the west to the new camp led by the. government of national accord and all the west to the new camp in libya
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led by. you and bad the prime minister is relying on today's mandate to make a change on the ground in favor of the government forces as you know that recently have to his forces have been advancing in southern tripoli taken control of several important locations including military camps and the fighting has been getting closer to densely populated areas they military and suffering igs exacerbating it day after day and the government with the military change maybe will be helpless as you know dead in the other camp led but have to it is supported by several regional and international powers and the government says that if half the us forces do not have legal standing group routing medicine to use from the bagnall company along with other african mercenaries from sudan and chad also
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have that as was have been supported by advances weapons from russia and the united arab emirates then it's the government's ride as a legitimate buddy to see military cooperation accords with other governments and terms of international relations so it will definitely make a change on the ground and all the western camp led by israel lying on today's mandate to be part in place as you know. that the government forces have been a striving to be parallel have to visit forces out attack and today have to forces launch an annual fence of in southern turkey but military commanders with the government say that so far they have the pair of them have their forces advance or at a much more in tripoli thank you. meanwhile greece israel and cyprus are expected to sign off on a multi-billion dollar pipeline agreement which puts an odds with turkey's deal
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with libya to extract gas from the sea the east med pipeline as it's known will begin in israel in the valentine basin offshore gas reserves in iran across the mediterranean to the greek island of crete and then on to the greek mainland could provide up to 10 percent of the use natural gas needs let's bring in manisha tuck in he's an international oil and energy consultant and former research officer at opec vienna he joins us live now from london manisha how significant is this east med gas deal being signed today and what do you make of the timing of this deal. i think you must have mentioned already or implied that this is a war political negotiations between these 3 countries 1st it was between cyprus and greece when this gas was discovered or 5 years ago and then israel joined this negotiations have been going out on the political liberal quite a many times last summer as well. it is what for to my
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mind it is still missing that commercial company i suspect that has to be investment of $67000000000.00 committed to this and this as you mentioned already it is mired in political controversy and there is scope of to keep challenging it and so on so there would not be a commercial company ready to invest that much in do small project is more it cannot be more of a political issue yet i'm not going to also that's an important point you make should manage share because as the as you were saying israel greece and cyprus are all opposed to turkey's recent deal with the un recognise libyan government which expands and grows claims over this large gas rich area so do you think today's signing perhaps is meant to send a strong message to turkey which is the political angle that you're talking about. this of course it is another push and other gesture at a politically by these 3 but let me say that before this or even in powell and
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earlier the brits the oil the gas reserves in offshore cyprus were being discussed by cypriots to be passed on exported through egypt because egypt has a big gas fields or just close to the s. and the idea was that the pipeline going from zoar field to egypt were already ellen g. liquefy the gas to confection plants are available that would the best way to export natural gas resources of cyprus offshore that has been discussed but then the other alternative is to join with the israeli offshore gas and export it through this to europe but even his ideas also have been thinking not the said he only has come to europe with ok thinking also of exporting the gas to egypt and to middle east countries at the same time so it is. potential one way or the other or
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various alternatives ok but politics is a chess game that the politics on unfortunately is is playing a game and sensitivity of cyprus and terry key is a major issue in our atmosphere let me ask you a final thought because we're going to push the time here i mean russia and turkey as we know have a number of gas deals already insert he clearly wants to expand its claims in the mediterranean but isn't there an oversupply of gas in the market now anyway so how will this new deal impact the energy space do you think. yes there is there is a good point you mentioned that few years ago this gas discovery was ideal but now there is excess gas in the world offshore east africa to africa offshore australia in japan's are many places available and are ready to export some more and a pipe down to be constructed so there is a lot of gas available around the world in general and some argue it that even european market is really saturated there is of course the gas coming from russia
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for years and decades and european union has been trying to diversify that europe would use other sources of gas of than russia and gas from us are where john comes to terry ok an option which is being fought on is a larger scale so there is that issue as well to have a europe independent from russia or less dependent on russia and this could be a help but the volume of this east european gas project is really not that significant it is important but i think that he would to make an impact on their russia on the european gas market monistat 2nd we have to leave it there thank you very much indeed for your analysis thank you leisure. well lots more still to come here on the news hour including parts of indonesia's capital loss submerged as flash floods and landslides hit the country. we go to sri lanka where the new president rolled in the civil war is causing fear among some of my knowledge it's.
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in sport the winter classic in texas provide some ice hockey with a difference santa will be here to explain that all of that later. now taiwan's top military officer has been killed during a helicopter crash landing 7 others were also on board when the helicopter made an emergency landing on the north of the island rescue teams have been dispatched the defense ministry says there could be survivors well the inspector general of taiwan's air force spoke at a news conference. a helicopter was affected by the weather visibility is not very good we have yet to clarify that troops on the ground can see their ground after the aircraft disappeared from the radars 2 helicopters immediately took off from sunshine airport also 90 minute set off for the rescue operations we have yet to confirm the extent of the aircraft damage some of the passengers are still stranded in the wreckage and some of them arrived we are waiting for information from people
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at the site. where russ feingold is an asia political risk analyst he says this crash will impact the campaign talking points in the lead up to the election on january 11th. president as well as the parliament of taiwan will be elected on january alive this tragedy does occur within a few days of the election and of course one of the most prominent issues in this election is taiwan's national defense with regard to threats from china so this kind of accident involving suggestion your leadership will unfortunately become part of the political discussion in the final days before taiwan selection the incumbent presidents trying way and she's been a supporter of increased military spending so she will continue to give that message to the public to be hopefully it'll be a period of no campaigning whether it's the rest of today or tomorrow but once the candidates return to campaigning i think we'll see president's side emphasized that
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she has been a supporter of the military and she's been a supporter of increased military spending in the other side will probably look a way to criticize for example by saying yeah you spend more money on the military but you're not spending it correctly you're not spending it on an update it's for example about a prob you talking point from the other sad japanese prosecutors have raided the home of the foreman isaan chairman colace cohen he fled to lebanon despite living under a strict bell conditions he was awaiting trial for financial misconduct got in the holds lebanese citizenship says he left to escape what he calls political persecution lebanese authorities say he entered the country legally. evacuations have begun and relief supplies of a rifle thousands of australians found in fire ravaged towns people have been killed this week in new south wales and victoria west 17 people are missing some lettuce reports. 4000
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a stray leonids were forced onto the beach and stranded here for 3 days now how has arrived for the victorian town of mela cooter the navy ferried people out by the only route possible this ship masked in the smoky haze at the moment we're moving people way up or see if the smart clear it will be obligated aircraft into melich her to towards the steam that transportation of people out of there as well when you want to they have a narrow window or high temperatures and strong winds a forecast for australia's southeast on saturday in new south wales fire and rescue has advised her to leave the residents to prepare for extreme fires in the shaded areas from batemans bay south to the victorian border a 250 kilometer distance down the coast and another block inland i think the big thing that we've got on the wide the moment is that it's the largest mass rely cashen of people out of the region that we're going to sign and people are going have to the rights people are queuing up to get into petrol stations through
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traffic is unable to get or really have to go to help them make it out of thousands heeded the advice to leave batemans bay and drive north towards sydney many with nothing left to say but themselves and house is gone it's completely burnt we found out yesterday morning to show. we went out there that the block that we were on has been burned from one side of the other does not apply to grass on it there's nothing left. about $1300.00 homes have been destroyed in new south wales since the fire season began in october it's been a record breaking year the fires arrived earlier and with more fury the normal straight in prime minister scott morrison counted claims as a consequence of manmade climate change is no doubt natural disasters turned that why andrew because that's what by our natural disasters what we're saying is we. we have we cannot control the natural disaster but what we can do is control our
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response firefighters are trying to control the risk by destroying the bush 1st back burning to create natural firebreaks residents prepared to those choosing to stay gathered supply lines and feel for generations in pumps if the wind trying just for the good impact brought heavily on my house in the night is the time of day and we can take the family members further up the road from the site you know it by simply. of all these residents restocking preparing to face the finest head on shell of dallas or. at least $21.00 people have been killed in flash floods and landslides in the asia 18 hours of heavy rain caused rivers to burst submerge in parts of the capital jakarta and surrounding areas tens of thousands of people have been taken to the template shelters it's called hide the reports. the heaviest
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rainfall in more than a decade has caused deaths and flooding in jakarta and surrounding areas in west java the rain began on tuesday night and triggered landslides on the city's outskirts indonesia's meteorology department has called the rain very extreme nearly 20000 people were stranded as jakarta's domestic airport was shut down after its runway became submerged people have drowned and others have died from hypothermia or been electrocuted as power supplies were damaged by the flooding thousands were forced to evacuate their homes crews are pumping out flooded areas and rescuing those who are stranded the indonesian disaster agency says the rains in rising rivers have submerged at least 90 neighborhoods flooding is common in jakarta this is month soon season and forecasters say more downpours are on their way it's got harder al-jazeera. supporters and members of an iran backed group withdrawn from the u.s. embassy compound in iraq's capital baghdad after a 2 day siege but in return they want to iraq's parliament to vote on
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a timeline for the withdrawal of foreign troops recent u.s. airstrikes have stoked anger at their presence in the country while similar fulton joins us now from the iraqi capital simonas the mobilization for supporters have now withdrawn from outside the embassy compound just bring us up to date with what's been happening there. well the crowds have drew yesterday after receiving orders from their leadership to leave the u.s. embassy compound and the green zone and what they did is they walked back across the river tigris and set up a small camp on the other side of the river facing the u.s. embassy now from what we've seen the crowds are quite small we're talking about a few dozen people some of whom have set up tents and of course these are supporters of not just the popular mobilization forces but specifically the hezbollah brigades who basically said that this was just the very 1st message to
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the united states and that they will to keep going until they see a full departure of u.s. troops from iraq now the question is whether the government will in deed table a bill to initiate that process of course parliament itself which is currently dominated by radio and backed political parties has long asked for such a legislation but parliament itself cannot initiate it has to come from the government from the prime minister's office and the question is whether a caretaker prime minister either love the mass of the who is already weakened after months of anti-government protests will actually will actually do such a move which is a pretty bold move of course everybody now is looking towards the government to see what the next steps will be yeah yeah and simona it is important is it not to distinguish between the u.s. embassy protesters and the broader anti-government demonstrations in tahrir square what's the latest. well this is an important distinction that we've been making
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since these crowds marched on the u.s. embassy the crowds that attacked and then besieged the u.s. embassy consist of members and supporters of the popular mobilization force and they're very different from the crowds that have camped out in tahrir square for almost 3 months now protesting against the government against corruption and against foreign and especially iranian influence in the country those crowds in tahrir square they have denounced the popular mobilization forces attack on the u.s. embassy they have said they have nothing to do with those crowds because those crowds actually represent embody the influence of iran in iraq so this is something that they have not supported now it remains to be seen to more a friday which is usually the holiday and in the day that usually draws the biggest crowds into the streets it remains to be seen whether we will see a sort of counter demonstration in tahrir square by those protesters coming out to basically voice their opinion about what happened at the u.s.
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embassy over the past few days so mona thank you we know u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o has spoken to a number of washington's regional allies about the situation in iraq as gabriel is on the reports now from washington d.c. . just because the immediate threat so to speak is dissipated outside the u.s. embassy in baghdad does not necessarily mean everyone in washington is calling with how everything is going and it's moving on to the next thing no they're not this is still very much a big crisis here in washington are seen as that of what happened my pompei of the secretary of state speaking to regional allies in israel iraq and qatar he spoke to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu about iran who the u.s. and israel both think were behind this clearly he spoke also to iraqi prime minister abdul abdul mahdi on wednesday as well where he the secretary of state
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stressed to the prime minister of iraq that the u.s. still strongly believes that it's the iraqi government's responsibility to make sure that no such attack happens again on an american diplomatic mission inside iraq and then he also spoke to the qatari foreign minister mohammad to bin abdul rahman al bani qatar is important because it's a key strategic ally in the region for the united states according the state department to the 2 foreign ministers spoke about their joint commitment to see peace and security in the region and how to work together to make that happen again qatar very critical the u.s. has about $10000.00 troops stationed in a big airbase just about a half an hour outside the capital of the hot and qatar while a key ally of the united states also speaks with its neighbor iran well hillary mann leverett is
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a former white house national security official she says president trump should be concerned by how the un less than iraq is being perceived in washington. what we see is an interior an enduring symbol of the storming of the u.s. embassy by thousands of of iraqis it's an enduring symbol that nearly 17 years after the u.s. invasion of iraq one trillion dollars spent 5000 u.s. lives lost that the u.s. position in iraq is is worse today than it ever was and i think the trump and ministration president trump in particular but also secretary of state pompei o are very concerned that what is happening in iraq could at least you know on television look like a nother benghazi moment that's what they're talking about here the concern that back in 2013 when the u.s. u.s. diplomatic compound was stormed in magazine libya and the u.s. ambassador was killed it was a tragic terrible moment for the united states but would it it was an issue that
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both president and especially secretary of state pump aoe use mr lee to attack then secretary of state hillary clinton when she ran for president they are both very concerned that a similar type of in an incident could now happen in iraq to president. as a check on the weather now his cabin that's right then we're going to go straight to indonesia where this rain that they have seen the flooding they have seen is the heaviest flame they have seen in years and of course we have seen the video i want to take you in that area look at the satellite which is covering indonesia right now this is about the last 36 hours across much of this area can see most of java is covered with clouds that's also the rain in the area let's go closer and i want to show you what's been happening in this area in a part of 48 hour period this is the amount of rain they saw across parts of jakarta about $204.00 millimeters of rain now in the month of january for the whole month they would normally see about $400.00 millimeters of rain so they saw about half their month's worth in about 2 days in the outskirts of jakarta they actually
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saw over $300.00 millimeters of rain that was in the higher elevations of course that was where the rain coming down those valleys being funneled i want to show you some video that has come out of that area of course widespread delays at the airports as well as about 122-0000 people affected by the flooding situation and as we know the flooding was deadly across much of this area over the next few days though we do expect to see the rain continuing across this area but as we go towards sunday we do expect to see the heaviest rain a little bit further down here towards the south we do expect it to push a little bit more towards the east towards parts of parts of a dolly as well as into lombok so we'll be watching this area very carefully back to you. kevin thank you very much and the time for short break here now has iraq when we come back why the mother of a british woman found guilty of public mr than cyprus is calling for holidaymakers to boycott the country. holland or the netherlands the dutch government decides on what it would like the country to be cool. and support the bron james stars for the
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lakers in the n.b.a. this summer will have the option after the break or not stay with us. always the last time you were out on the streets protesting whether on line you feel the weight of the system when you walk through each and every luggage or layer further and further into the jail or if you join us on say retention has to start from day one whether again you and attention or you're incarcerated this is a dialogue everyone has a voice so far there are studies that support our coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation amount is iraq when the news breaks today the current government has lost trust the people by god do anything because the protestors are against it when people are to be hurt by so i work in the represent the law for sure for opponents of rex it's drawing from the conservatives al-jazeera has teams on the ground it now hopes the meeting in
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paris will push politicians to create a competent and credible government to bring new moon documentaries and life moves on air and online. welcome back a group of out of our top stories here on the news hour the turkish parliament is expected to vote in the next few hours on a government motions deployed troops to libya turkey says the forces will protect its rights in the mediterranean and just interests in libya. taiwan's top military officer the main has been killed during a helicopter crash along with 7 other people the helicopter made an emergency
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landing on the north of the r. and rescue teams have been dispatched. and evacuations of the gun and relief supplies arrive for thousands of australians stranded in fire ravaged towns another heat waves expected over the coming days. killed 8 people. well let's get more now on our top story the upcoming vote in turkey's parliament on a government motion to deploy troops to libya let's bring in sunny hamdi he's the editor in chief of international interest joins us live now from london sami good to have you back on the program let's talk 1st about this motion to send turkish troops to libya what exactly is turkey's thinking here sammy and why design cra want to send troops to libya now do we think. it's worth remembering 1st and foremost that anybody who looks at a map of the mediterranean will see that there is this chunk called maritime chokehold forming on turkey egypt to the south cyprus to the west and greece to the northwest which will be joined by italy and of have to take to pretty it will be
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pro u.a.e. pro egypt anti turkey forces libya will join that maritime choko to what turkey wants to achieve therefore it wants to make sure that the government of national accord the united nations the government recognized by the united nations continues to have a seat in the government take is frustrated that the e.u. has watched the u.s. is watching russia is supporting after front supporting after egypt supporting after the u.a.e. supporting after saudi arabia supporting have that everybody is backing forces aside from the international recognized government turkey saying look guys this is the internet she recognized government this is a government came about by negotiations this is the government that we should be supporting that we should be protecting and given that nobody else is going to go into protected i'm going to go in to protect it it's not necessarily because of libya's interest but it's primarily because tech is worried about this so-called falling and given that nobody's going to do anything about it turkey feels that it's the party that should do it and sami it's an interesting point you make there on the geopolitics because if turkey does send these troops in libya how much does
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that change the dynamic on the ground given that various international players as you mentioned like saudi arabia the u.a.e. france egypt the e.u. they're already vying for a bigger say brought into months in the country. in terms of the support that's been going towards half the they want to have to be able to unite to to unite the libyan parties to march in tripoli he struggled to do that which is why they brought in sudanese mercenaries they brought in russian mercenaries france has provided weapons egypt has provided logistics turkey so far has been providing some military assistance to the government of national accord will you remember in the 1st few weeks of half those offensive 8 months ago he took turkish hostages because he complained that turkish drones were preventing him from advancing into tripoli the difference that turkey would make is that it would alter the geopolitical dynamics and we see it already in the way that everybody is acting the e.u. where it was watching with apathy merkel of germany is now suddenly talking to putin and talking to ed again about find peace in libya she wasn't doing that
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before in terms of russia russia wants to be a power broker in libya it doesn't want to take over tripoli because it knows that half that will go towards washington turkish involvement will bring the orbit of libya into the russia turkey to go she like we've see it in syria where they meet in estonia instead of meeting in geneva and in terms of the military dynamics it would essentially force have to get back to negotiating table and make him abandon all hope of a military victory and that's an important point again you've made about the situation on the ground because will the turkish deployment hold the games already made by have to because as we know his forces already on the outskirts of tripoli so is turkey too late on the ground that. world reports are coming out from algeria from sources in algeria and sources from libya that the russian forces are actually not fighting with the same for a city that they were fighting yesterday implying that there is some deal that's been struck within the turks and the russians the difference is the party that made
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the difference the forces that made the difference and have those advance or the russians before the russians got involved have that even with the support of france egypt u.a.e. and saudi arabia could not make that much gains in tripoli it was only when the advanced weaponry and the mercenaries from russia came in that he made those advances if russian if his support for after in a bid to ensure that it maintains this newfound relations within nato ally that is turkey that has caused these divisions or a nato which russia hates more than anything if russia lifts that support have to conflict any further advances and russia knows that turkey doesn't want settlers to retake libya it merely wants to protect go sheeting table so russia will say ok you have to go back to the outskirts of tripoli go back to being lazy go back to these other areas will bring you to the negotiating table and make sure turkey doesn't take over libya and what russia cheese is that it becomes the power broker people will lead to moscow in a stunner in a place where russia designates and not geneva and washington were russia even though you know how it broke in the middle east it was to sit i one in syria and i
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can do it in libya somehow be thank you very much indeed for sharing your thoughts with us thank you now to israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has asked parliament to grant him immunity from prosecution in 3 corruption cases to succeed he'll have to win the support of a majority of members of the knesset requested community is likely to delay any potential trial by several months imran khan reports now from western. just 4 hours before the deadline to request parliamentary immunity from prosecution expired the israeli prime minister appeared on television and said he would ask the knesset the israeli parliament to grant him immunity but one of the lead. up it's mine tension this time before the call to shatter all the public accusations against me day citizens of israel the mean achievement what is meant to protect. us from tided law serving political crises into harming the will of the people. he has filed
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a request with the speaker of the knesset but it's likely to be months before m.p.'s vote on it israel will hold its 3rd election in a year in march and they said you know his request can only be debated by a parliamentary committee wants a government has been formed it then has to come out of committee and be presented to knesset members to be voted on forming a government could take months. however some politicians are pushing to speed up the process holding the committee stage before the election already the request fame unity has divided israeli politicians avigdor lieberman from the israeli home party and an influential figure has said he won't vote for immunity netanyahu is only could party has said it will vote for immunity. in november israeli's attorney general decided to indict prime minister netanyahu in 3 separate criminal cases the alleged fraud bribery and breach of trust the judgment on a short of a show i made the decision to issue an indictment against him and with
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a heavy heart a heavy heart perhaps but wholeheartedly with a deep sense of commitment to the rule of law to the public interest and to the citizens of the state of israel and. they said you know he and his supporters have claimed that the charges are politically motivated and that law enforcement and the judicial system in effect mounting a coup against him. netanyahu now faces a tough political fight yes to win election form a government and then persuade m.p.'s to vote for immunity i mean if he only last as long as he is in office as prime minister or if you remains a member of the knesset the move will delay the prosecution of these 3 court cases by months or even stall the process completely until that is out of politics it's already been a very uncertain year in israeli politics and the future it would seem is equally uncertain how does their western slope at least $36.00 people have been killed
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during attacks on a displaced person's camp in sudan's west darfur region government officials say they're trying to calm the latest wave of ethnic violence that's forced people to flee arab tribesmen arrive at the camp and reportedly started shooting killing and burning according to un peacekeeping spokesman. and in sudan's capital khartoum people are protesting against the attack saddam's ruling something council says it will send troops to the region to help stop any further violence at least 16 inmates have been killed in a prison riot in central mexico at least 5 others were injured in the violence that broke out on tuesday night officials say some of the victims died from gunshot wounds that were caused by weapons believed to him brought in by visitors. now the mother of a british woman convicted in cyprus of lying about being raped is calling for a boycott of the country a separate court convicted the 19 year old of public mischief after she withdrew an accusation of gang rape in july but she says she did so under duress from the
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police is really challenge. this is the anonymous british 19 year old who said she'd been gang raped in cyprus by 12 israelis only to end up convicted herself now her mother has told a british broadcaster that the party resort of iron apa is dangerous the place isn't safe she said it's absolutely not safe and if you go and report something that's happened to you you're either laughed at as far as i can tell or in the worst case something like what's happened to my daughter may happen she's back to campaign trending on twitter to boycott cyprus the teenager was convicted on monday of lying about the rape angering women's rights campaigners who say the victim has been turned into the criminal. she says pressure from cypriot police back in july made her retract her accusation against the 12 israelis. when they arrived home at ben-gurion airport some of the young men celebrated with champagne and insulting chance against the woman. her lawyer says there were numerous violations
1:40 pm
when police were questioning her she did not have an axe yet i didn't seem the question has that i. said well or is it was it. and she claims and. all that. it was given to us some of the women supporters suspect cypresses economic ties with israel may have influenced the case and they say cyprus is legal system is corrupt and e.u. report in 2018 said the country hasn't fully implemented 14 of its 16 reform recommendations the u.k. foreign office is raising concerns with cyprus about what's happened to the woman but the government had nicosia insists its courts are independent the british woman will be sentenced on tuesday will reach alan's down to 0. tranq as new president got a via rajapakse is facing deep mistrust among the tamil minority the country's north where most of them live is in dire need of investment rajapaksa was defense
1:41 pm
secretary during the final days of the civil war in which tens of thousands of tunnels are estimated have been killed al-jazeera stratford reports now from enough . tamil fishermen return with the catch to sri lanka's north shuls it's been 10 years since the nice 3 decade long war between the tunnel tiger rebels and the sri lankan government ended. government promises of investment but failed to materialize life for these men is exceptionally hot. and the man they say must do more to help sri lanka's new president is deeply distrusted him. from the majority sinhalese community whose defense secretary joining the last stages of the war. both sides were accused of committing war crimes it's estimated that tens of thousands of time will civilians could have been killed in the final days of fighting. and tunnels voted overwhelmingly against rajapakse or in the november
1:42 pm
election and i trying to come to terms with the result. we are on so she can see dozens but i think we must accept him as a leader of this country things have to change with the times. has the highest concentration of the country's 2500000 tonne the minority but there's been little investment here northern district of the smallest contributor to sri lanka's economy around 4 percent of g.d.p. unemployment is 15 percent in some areas almost 10 percent higher than the south. for president mahinda rajapaksa promised investment and infrastructure is a means of helping reconciliation efforts his brother the country's new leader is promising more of the same but i'm least say there is going to take a lot more than money to forge trust and agreement over a potential loss to political solution. a new railway and
1:43 pm
road linking the peninsula with the mainland have been built. but few of the estimated half a 1000000 people who fled abroad during the fighting and could help rebuild the economy have returned. around 20000 others mostly tamils are still missing and their families say not enough support is given to those still traumatized by the war economics. says between 2 different. minds between people from different parts of the country between different communities different ballgame successive governments have refused to implement devolution of power with respect to policing and land rights as a specified in the country's constitution it's really important that any government that comes to poly including this one if they want to build trust that they ensure that development comes with devolution rather give the. development to the local
1:44 pm
population. many of those tunnels remain fearful of the country's new leader a man they blamed for much of this suffering in the past. but al jazeera northern sri lanka the daughter of angola's former president has denied allegations of corruption after a court froze her bank accounts an estimated $1000000000.00 worth of assets has been seized as part of an anti-corruption drive by the ngo and government is about to santos says the accusations are politically motivated and that she has not been summoned by any court. now with a clear mandate after last month's election britain's prime minister barak johnson looks set to make good on his promise to deliver briggs it by the end of the month but the way forward is uncertain particularly when it comes to the u.k.'s future relationship with the european union reports. as restoration work goes on to the outside of britain's houses of parliament a comprehensive renewal has taken place inside boris johnson's landslide election
1:45 pm
victory means legislation for the u.k.'s long awaited withdrawal from the european union is well on its way to being approved that leaves ratification by the e.u. parliament to allow brics it to happen at the end of january with a transition period to follow meaning little change on the ground until at least the end of next year for governments in and after years of tough often acrimonious negotiations it is possible that 2020 will see britain's exit from the european union become law but don't expect that to be the end of the briggs's pain through here in brussels due renewal to inside e.u. institutions new commission president. says she's keen to preserve good relations with the united kingdom in negotiations to come over the future relationship but ill you interests will always come 1st and i think the danger in terms of relations
1:46 pm
is that again things get pretty tense between the 2 sides with the pressure from the u.k. say to get things done very quickly and then you say think that that's just not feasible unless you're willing to you know do things our way prime minister johnson insists a trade deal can and must be struck by the end of 2020 with no extension here in brussels you know people who are veterans of this kind of process with other countries you know say it takes much longer a year of more negotiating redlined rhetoric and brinkmanship. is ahead and back in london the prospect that by next december britain once again risks reaching no deal with the u. the one thing that we do know about prime is. that he's put it. quite obvious red lines is manifest in a single market. no row fear of pink which just says washer not to support it but the other thing we know from breast cancer patients so far is it can be flexible
1:47 pm
when he sees a deal in sight breaks it promises to be broken ultimatums reversed the undeliverable delivered in 2020 then expect the unexpected. al-jazeera london and on thursday and the gallacher finds out what's at stake for undocumented immigrants in the upcoming us presidential election. now if we talk about the land the lips and windmills holland or the netherlands usually comes to mind but which name should we use well from now on the government would prefer people called it the netherlands as it attempts to rebrand ben smith reports now from amsterdam. poland he's not a country despite suggestions to the contrary all over amsterdam north and south holland are just 2 coastal provinces in a country officially called the netherlands and the government tired of its biggest city being a by word for legalized prostitution and recreational drug use wants
1:48 pm
a rebrand. so with a new p.r. push it's asking us to forget holland and the goalie of the netherlands for the whole rest of the world i think holland is quite clear what it is some small spot somewhere on the earth. where people live. and to change that image around to change that. idea of holland into the netherlands i think it's quite a task it's quite a difficult task everywhere you look from. the souvenir is the name holland dominates it's no surprise tourists aren't sure where they are what would you call this country.
1:49 pm
what do you call this country we're in now. you are right. yes. it was. yes i mean this is the states the netherlands is the country today officially they want you to stop calling it all and they want to call it the netherlands. in amsterdam they're struggling to cope with the number of tourists 42000000 people are expected to visit this country by 2030 that's up from around 20000000 now and to manage that the government hopes that this rebranding will encourage people to explore outside overcrowded amsterdam to the country beyond the 2 provinces of holland. al-jazeera in the netherlands. time for another short break on
1:50 pm
al-jazeera when we come back when the sports the norwegian wowing the world cup in germany. after the break all of that stay with us.
1:51 pm
for the all the. welcome back time to check in on the sports honest thank you very much to a down well with with the tributes to former n.b.a. commissioner david stern who has died at the age of 77 michael jordan said that without the stand the league would not be what it is today he ran the n.b.a. for 30 years and oversaw a huge expansion in the u.s.
1:52 pm
but also creating the global brand it is today a sport that makes an estimated $8000000000.00 a season he also helped create the women's n.b.a. in 1997 stan had been in a serious condition after suffering a brain hemorrhage last month. to get that news today i just i just stopped while i just sat there not about it it's. fact a lot of people we wouldn't believe it was a commissioner stern. running tapes from games to c.b.s. back in the day because we were a tape that was. getting companies to buy into the n.b.a. because they would even sponsor black athletes on t.v. people have no idea what he did for the game. african-americans in general and damn i was privy to be in a meeting with him when he broke it down for us it was mind boggling it was coaches
1:53 pm
that day listening to him talk about what it was like. well the league's most valuable player of 2900 yeah nice and good to go and book is off to the perfect start for the new year he was in great form again as he knew all the books that proved too good for the minnesota timberwolves on wednesday night danny's sporting a 32 points in the 176-2104 victory is 30th double double of the season it takes the bucs that winning streak to 4 games and they're still love riding high at the top of the eastern conference standings. not to be out to done the full time m.v.p. le bron james wrapped up plays a triple double of the season as the l.a. lakers beat the phoenix suns $117.00 points $107.00 the braun with 31 points and 12 assists the lakers remain top of the pile in the western conference. the n.h.l.
1:54 pm
winter classic it was watched in texas by the 2nd biggest crowd ever for this fixture on a new year's day more than 85000 fans the shoes turned out to as the dallas stars the host of the nashville predators nashville went to falls out of a dallas at full back to when it's a 4th to this was the 1st winter classic to be held in a warm climate and for a game played outdoors for these 2. teams traditionally. football and after a difficult and $22019.00 arsenal and their new coach it mchale who have made the perfect thought to the new year especially the has his 1st when since it's taken charge as the gunners b. to manchester to nil in the english premier league gave arsenal a 1st victory at home since october lift them into the top half of the table my smallest amount is when i lose my voice. talking to them but at least
1:55 pm
very pleased very pleased and mostly for them and as well for the fans because i'm so happy that i turned around. i just didn't i see a smiley face he's a near 0 people to stand ins and that's. not what i want. was an unhappy start to 2024 shows a more you know untold number the portuguese manager was given a yellow card to creation with the south anthem bent and spurs lost the game one nil or you know was his usual reflexive self about the incident after the game. i think that your car is fair. because both are good. but i would agree with you. that for some reason. for some reason i was but i was and because it was i didn't really deserve it. so i
1:56 pm
mantissa city were 2 on winners over everton the west ham gave new manager david moyes the perfect start as they scored for against a bournemouth it is liverpool play sheffield united later on thursday. cricket australia say they're monitoring conditions in sydney ahead of the final test against new zealand smoko from nearby bushfires that has been a factor doing practice sessions at the ground in cape town the south africa confident mood that they need this series with england as they prepare for the 2nd test match at noonan's that will be the last for all round of and on the philander at his home ground is retiring from international cricket so off to the series. it was going to be emotional but i think it and i say you know we've got a job to do and to finish off and. do all those things aside i'm really excited about this we've had a good start up in korea hopefully we can keep that momentum and take it with us this medicine and obviously finish off and i. know is that my. i made
1:57 pm
a great new year and ski jumping in front of a packed arena of 20000 fans that he broke the hell record garmisch incursion in germany 143.5 meters on his 1st jump. on a stone over his victory which was also his 1st title in world cup events this is the 2nd leg of the 4 hills torment with events to come on saturday and monday of course i'll have more sports for you later on but for now i hand you back to that all right thank you very much indeed for that and you can find much more on our web site there it is on your screen all the latest on the folks in the turkish parliament to deploy troops to libya the address for that is al-jazeera dot com that is of course al-jazeera dot com. and that's it for me down to all of the news
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ahead on the headings up next with last minute stay with us and support. for the pneumatic jack outright survival is about reaching their destination if we don't hurry never be able to get the time focus of the story we follow the mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous. migration. and the race dangerous the ice is then as they strive to preserve their traditional way of life into the legendary sometimes luser cattle there was the cold war because of the storm risking it all mongolia on al-jazeera.
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this is a domicile a man's 4th trip to boozy in 2 days but fisherman is using his boat to risk you as many people as he can was stranded in the flood hit area of the psycho to die struck mozambique i was up when i 1st saw women with babies on their backs crying for help saying they were dying i knew i had to do something i was late and from the dark a faint whistle in the distance alerts us to people calling for help women children and the elderly are brought on board 1st hungry and thirsty it hasn't taken much time to pull the boat about 200 people have been rescued and more want to get on but there's simply no space. to go to the work but it's a series of ceremonies parties some feast we might know when they begin but not on the again. in the camorra silence extravagant wedding service markers of social status but this lavish celebration is unique that it would be glad no one ever held
2:00 pm
this wedding so money people do and why and it's budget is also extraordinary the grand marais on algis the world. turkey's parliament prepares to vote on troop deployment to libya in tripoli's fight against the warlord her leave after. my mother magazine and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up greece israel and cyprus are expected to sign up high plane agreements that's at olds with turkey and libya's plans in the same area. taiwan's top military officer is a.


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