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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 2, 2020 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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7 to the never been to india before al-jazeera examines the violent birth of india and pakistan and asks what the future holds for these korean neighbors partition borders of blood. turkey's parliament is due to vote on a government motion to send troops to libya helping tripoli fight against the wall or did i have to. tell him down jordan this is out is iraq you from doha also coming up greece and israel in cyprus are expected to sign a pipeline agreement with turkey on libya's plans in the same area. taiwan's top military officer is among the people who've been killed in helicopter crash. and parts of indonesia's capital jakarta submerged so after flash floods and landslides
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hit the country. we begin in turkey where parliament is due to vote on a government motion to deploy troops to libya i'm curious suppose the un recognized the ministration in tripoli that's been fighting against the warlord honey for have top his forces launched an offensive to capture the capital last april when turkey says its troops will protect its rights the mediterranean and interests in libya and current tripoli have recently signed deals on military cooperation and maritime borders but opposition parties in turkey are against the government they say on christmas 1st give priority to a diplomatic solution. let's go straight to ankara mamadou is live for us now mohammed so the turkish parliament is still debating on this motion to deploy troops to libya is it likely to be approved because there has been some opposition to it. well yes 1000 some opposition to
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that and then. they are right now about to conclude the debate on it which has been heated to solve with opposition m.p.'s from the c.h.p. and the e.u. . told solo poles in the deployment of troops to libya saying that turkey should not be caught. in the mickey quad way that libya is and is saying that we still remembering you know the problems we've got involving forces in syria or libya would be. another problem altogether. expecting them to vote on the motion very soon the government the governing party quality is quite confident that it has the numbers together with its affiliates. to. carry the day and
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many officials here saying that it's just a matter of formality that event that's happening now and that this motion will sail through without any problems and let's just remind our viewers what exactly are turkey's interest in libya that is so desperate to protect. well there's a lot of play here of course. in the florida government is saying that it was a moral obligation and sitting invitation from 3 police government that is the internationally recognized government. saying that libya is. a neighbor. it's a matter of time it doesn't matter time bought out with. techie house to house but again it is a lot of interest also play because turkey has also signed a maritime boundary i gleam and with libya which gives it an upper hand in the
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ongoing scramble whole. natural result in the eastern part of the mediterranean and they know if the government in tripoli loses to the war the least deal will be off the table and that's one of the things that's making not only. quicken the pace with which this whole plan has been going to be really a cheat to unsee is to deploy its troops to tripoli. mohammed thank you. is in libya's capital he explains the importance of the turkish intervention. it's definitely very crucial to the battle to defending the capital tripoli against have to those forces as you know that government forces say that have been supported by regional and international powers including advanced weapons from the united arab emirates russian mercenaries from the company along
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with the african mercenaries from sudan and chad has been also supported by egypt so they say that the turkish expected intervention to fight along with the government forces is crucial to this battle to defend tripoli as you know in the worst of libya since this. started in april their prize has been very heavy as you know over a 1500 people have been killed so far including civilians over 140000 people have been forced out of their homes because of the fighting so all institutions in the west of the country are united with a government of national accord in this military cooperation agreement with the. government of national accord to d.m. me. being in this desperate situation being threatened by.
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this blatant aggression. enjoys support from. others with weapons and with personnel with the air force and so on. so raj had not choice but to book or. to see any hope that he can get this point so now all eyes in the west of libya are on turkey today to see what is going to come out of that part of incision in parliament session in turkey in the west of libya the government forces seem to be in desperate need of this military intervention to make change on the ground to change the balance of power on the ground in favor of their government of national accord meanwhile greece israel and cyprus are expected to sign off on a multi-billion dollar pipeline agreement the east med pipeline as it's known will
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begin in israel's levantine basin offshore gas reserves and run across the mediterranean to the greek on in the crete and then on to the greek mainland it could provide up to 10 percent of the e.u.'s natural gas needs will manisha tank in is an international oil and energy consultant for one former research officer at opec in vienna he says this is more of a political move by the 3 countries than a viable commercial project at this stage they go she shows between these 3 countries 1st it was between cyprus and greece when this gas was discovered 4 or 5 years ago and then israel joined this negotiations have been going on the political liberal quite a many times last summer as world war 2 it is for to my mind it is still missing that commercial company aspect that has to be investment of $67000000000.00 committed to this it is mired in political controversy
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and there is scope of to keep challenging it and so on so there would not be a commercial company ready to invest that much in this whole project is more it cannot be more a political issue. a belgian judge just suspended the process of extraditing castle and separatist leader god let's put them all to spain who jamal fled to belgium of a 2 years ago and lives there in self-imposed exile he had called in the spanish supreme court to drop the european arrest order against him and shelled the investigation into his role in the 2017 failed bid for independence taiwan's military chief and 7 other people have been killed in a helicopter crash and forced general shiny ming and other officials were travelling to visit troops in the north east when it disappeared from radar france louis reports. a tangled mess of metal and this is where the black hawk helicopter came down in a mountainous area near taipei it was flying from the capital to the northeastern
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city of iran but it lost contact shortly after takeoff. as soon as the helicopter disappeared from writer to blackhawk helicopters took off from song sang airport to the side soldiers from the lang young military command were also dispatched to search and rescue. the defense ministry says it set up a task force to investigate the cole and there were 13 people on board among the dead is taiwan's military chief general shen. he was responsible for overseeing the island's defense against china which considers taiwan as its own territory and has threatened to use military force to take back control of taiwan holds presidential and parliamentary elections on january 11th and the president chiding when it's seeking a 2nd term a political analyst says the military chiefs death will likely impact the campaign
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talking points once the kerry dates returned to campaigning i think we'll see the president saw i emphasize that she has been a supporter of the military and she's been a supporter of increased military spending and the other side will probably look a way to criticize for example by saying yeah you spend more money on the military but you're not spending it correctly you're not spending it on an update as for example that will probably be talking boyd from the other sat there have been a number of incidents involving blackhawk helicopters in recent years the latest was in 2018 when a black hawk crashed off taiwan's east coast killing the 6 people on board florence italy right. now at least $21.00 people have been killed in flash floods and landslides in indonesia 18 hours of heavy rain caused rivers to burst submerge in parts of the capital jakarta and surrounding areas tens of thousands of people have been taken to temporary shelters scott haida reports. the heaviest
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rainfall in more than a decade has caused deaths and flooding in jakarta and surrounding areas in west java. the rain began on tuesday night and triggered landslides on the city's outskirts indonesia's meteorology department has called the rain very extreme nearly 20000 people were stranded as jakarta's domestic airport was shut down after its runway became submerged people have drowned and others have died from hypothermia or been electrocuted as power supplies were damaged by the flooding thousands were forced to evacuate their homes crews are pumping out flooded areas and rescuing those who are stranded the indonesian disaster agency says the rains and rising rivers have submerged at least 90 neighborhoods flooding is common in jakarta this is month soon season and forecasters say more downpours are on their way it's got harder al-jazeera time for a short break here not just here at one of the comeback dramatic rescue in australia the nabi helps thousands stranded by fires and one comes to town. i think
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we should have a debate on health care. it's top of the gender for us democratic presidential hopefuls in the country for the most expensive health care in the world bar none stay with us. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast well we are going to expect some more rain here across parts of southeastern china it's going to be a chilly rain temperatures for hot maybe only getting to about 70 degrees as your forecast high here on friday a lot of rain extending down towards the south as well as we go towards saturday though rain starts to break up we are going to be seeing how do i though a rainy day and a shower read a few with a temperature of about 26 degrees well here across jakarta the flooding has been deadly over the last few days we're going to expect to see more rain over the next
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few days but not as heavy as what we have seen about 200 millimeters of rain has fallen in the last 48 hours 31 degrees here on friday maybe popping up to about 32 as we go towards saturday you factor in the admittedly the heat it's going to feel more like $35.00 as a heat index there and then across india we are talking about rain for the north as well as the east the good news is this is breaking up that smog situation that they have been dealing with this winter where he's seeing the rain making its way a little bit more towards east kokoda attempt a few of $21.00 degrees as we go towards bangladesh the rain continues at 18 and as we go towards saturday we expect to see the rain start to ease across much of the area but cloudy down here towards the south it is going to be a cloudy and white day for tonight with a temperature of $29.00 degrees for you. on this the last time you out of the stress tests and whether on line you feel the weight of the system when you walk through each and every level or layer further
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and further into the jail oh if you join us on sand and she has to start from day one again you're in detention or you're incarcerated this is a dialogue everyone has a voice but i think that the states that supply clock coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation on how does iraq. welcome back a quick amount of our top stories here this hour the turkish parliament is expected to vote soon on a government motion to deploy troops to libya members are meeting now to debate the issue ankara says the forces will protect its rights in the mediterranean and
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interests in libya. greece israel and cyprus are expected to sign off on a multi-billion dollar pipeline agreement doesn't odds with turkey and libya's plans in the same area pipeline would run from israel's offshore gas reserves across to the greek names. on taiwan's top military officer shiney main has been killed during a helicopter crash along with 7 other people helicopter made an emergency landing on the north of the island rescue teams have since been dispatched. members of an iran backed group have withdrawn from the us embassy in iraq off the 2 days of surrounding the building they're angry over the u.s. attack on sunday that killed 27 people from that has been our brigades a popular mobilization of forces and others an attempt across the tigris river facing the american embassy demanding the withdrawal of all foreign troops. elsewhere in baghdad there were more anti-government protests there also calling out iraqi forces for what they say was a muted response to the radian bank protesters in comparison they've seen weeks of
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violent crackdowns on their own movement at least 485 people have died since those protests began in october some of the folks in has more now from the iraqi capital . life at the u.s. embassy appears to be returning to normal people are back at work and some cleanup operations have begun to remove some of the damage as a result of the fires that have been said to be out of gates and to remove some of the anti-american graffiti that had been sprayed on the outer walls following the order of the leaders of the popular mobilization forces last night to withdraw those crowds basically marched back across the tigris river and a few of them have now set up camp on the other side of the river just across from the united states embassy but the numbers are quite small we're seeing a few dozen people some of whom had to have set up camp and of course these people consist of the members and supporters of the popular mobilization force and
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specifically the brigades which is the group 7 that was targeted by the united states in those latest airstrikes the demonstrators in tahrir square who of course have camped out for almost 3 months demonstrating against the government and against foreign influence in iraq specifically iranian influence they have renounced any kind of links to the crowd that marched on the u.s. embassy and besieged it for almost 2 days what they are saying is that they have nothing to do with those crowds that they don't represent them because of course that crowd actually embodies many of the grievances that these protesters have voiced they want the government to do more to rein in the groups under the popular mobilization forces. interpol has issued a red notice alert for the foreman is sand chairman colace cohen requesting all thora to use in lebanon detain him japanese prosecutors earlier raided go ins tokyo home he fled to beirut despite living under strict bell conditions he was awaiting trial for financial misconduct go into holds lebanese citizenship says he left to
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escape what he calls political persecution lebanese authorities say the enter the country legally at least 36 people have been killed during attacks on a displaced persons camp in sudan's west darfur region government officials say they're trying to calm the latest wave of the ethnic violence that's forced people to flee arab tribesmen arrive at the camp and reportedly started shooting killing and burning according to a un peacekeeping spokesman. and in sudan's capital khartoum people are protesting against the attacks the new government centers that have sent troops to the region to help stop any further violence. evacuations have begun and relief supplies arrive for thousands of australians stranded in fire ravaged towns 8 people have been killed this week in new south wales and victoria where 17 people are missing that is reports. 4000 astray leonids were forced onto the beach and stranded here for 3 days now how has arrived for the victorian town of mela cooter the navy
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ferried people out by the only route possible this ship masked in the smoky haze at the moment we're moving people way up or see if the smart clear it will be our brigade aircraft into melich her to towards the still not transportation of people out of there as well when you want to they have a narrow window or high temperatures and strong winds a forecast for australia's southeast on saturday in new south wales fire and rescue has advised her to leave the residents to prepare for extreme fires in the shaded areas from batemans bay south to the victorian border a 250 kilometer distance down the coast and another block inland i think the big thing that we've got on the wide the my mood is that it's the largest mass rely cashen of people out of the region that will get a sign people are going have to the rights people are queuing up to get into petrol stations through traffic is unable to get or really have to go to help them to get
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out of thousands heeded the advice to leave batemans bay and drive north towards sydney many with nothing left to say but themselves and a house is gone it's completely burnt we found out yesterday morning to show. we went out there that the block that we were on has been burnt from one thought of the other does not apply to grass on it there's nothing left. about $1300.00 homes have been destroyed in new south wales since the fire season began in october it's been a record breaking year the fires arrived earlier and with more fury the normal straight in prime minister scott morrison. encountered claims as a consequence of manmade climate change is no doubt natural disasters turned that why andrew because that's what they are they are natural disasters what we're saying is we have we cannot control the next will disaster but what we can do is control our sports firefighters are trying to control the risk by destroying the
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bush 1st back burning to create natural firebreaks residents prepared to those choosing to stay gathered supply lines and feel for generations in pumps if the wind trying just for the good impact brought everyone on more here for more lives and more family care for the baby maybe the further up the road from a stray you know it by simply. of all these residents restocking preparing to face the fires head on charlotte dallas. and australian prime minister scott morrison has been confronted by residents angry over his response to the bushfires oh yeah put up a paper that exactly was what it was that was 7 not welcome here people in the town of new south wales have been criticising morrison for the lack of equipment provided to deal with the fires as many as a 1000 infants of died at
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a hospital in the indian state of raw just stand over the past year a report into conditions that found a shortage of working medical equipment including ventilators and resuscitation machines so iraq on reports now from new delhi. the death of a child to any family is devastating but when the community experiences the deaths of children in their turns hundreds and nearly a 1000 you can imagine that rocks not just a community but a country to its call and yet again we're hearing news that in the city of daraa which is in the southeast of the state of raja stan as many as a 1000 babies have died during 2019 and the reason that it's now hit public attention in the media is because the sitting m.p. for. happens to be the speaker of the lower house of parliament his name is he has actually highlighted the fact that the situation in state hospitals is not good enough and that this peak in december of 100 babies dying in court resembles the
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horrific nature of previous medical disasters we've heard about in malda between 20112038 in west bengal where nearly 320 babies died and then also in. 2017 where oxygen tanks were empty leading towards the neonatal departments led to the deaths of $63.00 babies these public outcry about why the state health system is in such distress is ongoing debate the health minister. has said that he wants an inquiry or will assist the state of raja starting anything that it needs and of course we wait and see what the outcome of that help will be all of any inquiry into why so many babies have died in southeastern rajastan. in paris anti-government protesters of targeted the party headquarters of the french president emanuel mark wrong the demonstrators lit
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slayer's as they continue their campaign against the government's pension reforms police trying to disperse the group it's the 29th day of nationwide strikes against the reforms which a paralyzed train and metro networks across the country. at least 16 inmates have been killed in a prison riot in central mexico which least 5 others were injured in the violence that broke out on tuesday night officials say some of the victims died from gunshot wounds that were caused by weapons believed had been brought in by visitors now the u.k.'s economy has stagnated in the last 3 months according to a new business survey despite the gloomy outlook opinion polls suggest the british people are becoming more optimistic about the economy footprint and reports now from london the chambers of commerce survey is the biggest of its kind in the u.k. and involves an online study of nearly 6 and a half 1000 companies in mid november in the service sector which accounts for 80 percent of u.k. economic activity the balance of firms reporting increased domestic sales fell from
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plus 15 in the 3rd quarter to plus 11 in the 4th quarter and those reporting increased domestic orders also fell from plus 9 to plus 6 there was better news in the manufacturing sector about the balance of manufacturing firms which reported increased domestic sales rose from 0 in the 3rd quarter to plus 4 in the 4th quarter and those that reported increases in domestic orders went from minus 7 to minus one and that's an increase but it's still the 1st time since 2011 we've had 2 consecutive negative quarters of course a general election happened in the middle of that q 4 period returning a pro bracks it government pledging to blow away the previous uncertainty and unleash a tidal wave of investment and that message has been reiterated by the prime minister in his new year's statement i don't there is an incredible future ahead for this country let's make this the moment when we put the divisions behind us let's
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come together and go forward with confidence into the twenty's and exhilarating decade of growth prosperity and opportunity. and there are signs that the prime minister's relentless optimism is having an impact on public sentiment a hugo of poll for the times newspaper found that 20 percent of people expect their financial situation to improve over the next 12 months that's up from 13 percent a year ago but 27 percent expect the financial situation to worsen nevertheless that's down from 40 percent 12 months ago well that's the sentiment but what is the actual data well official figures released last month showed 0 growth in g.d.p. for the 3 months to october of last year nevertheless the bank of england predicted that growth would double from one percent last year to 2 percent by the year 2022 is one certainty in predictions they're not always certain or predictable. now as
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the hopefuls for democratic presidential nominee tussle amongst themselves to show that they can take on donald trump in 2020 a key issue of difference has emerged health care that is 28000000 americans uninsured hospitals are denying treatment for those who can't afford to pay you have a chance he explains i think we should have a debate on health care it is a fundamental issue for the democratic presidential candidates health care under president barack obama health insurance was expanded to cover 20000000 more americans than before under the affordable care act or what's now widely known as obamacare but still some 28000000 americans remain uninsured and there's the growing issue of under-insurance yes insurance companies are forced to cover more people but if you actually want treatment it will still cost you virgil clerking a husband paid into their health insurance plan for 30 years but when she was diagnosed with cancer she was still build a few $1000.00 she didn't have a hospital withheld or treatment and sued her at one point authorities handcuffed
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and shackled her as she fought the charges in court over the hippocratic oath 1st do no harm. but i don't think that applies. 2 thirds of bankruptcies in the us are due to medical issues. former health insurance executive wendell potter says that's because obamacare preserved the principles of the us health insurance system to make as much money as they can to bring as much revenue and but to pay out as little as possible in claims because when that happens they've got more money to reward shareholders and to enrich their executives this is just in dispute the u.s. has the most expensive health care system in the world however when health system performance is compact like quality and access to care the us rates last against other developed countries also is hoping that some of the democratic candidates are discussing time to the for profit health care system but he says those candidates who want to keep the insurance companies central to health care in the u.s.
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are often using rhetoric and other health insurance executives made up in the boardroom before funneling money to politicians in this american capital markets so want to pay twice as much the problem senator sanders with that damn bill that you wrote and that senator warren backs is that it doesn't trust the american people the terms that are being used today are the same terms that i used to use and in fact in some cases helped create is a term that is an acronym that's used for this kind of propaganda campaign it's fun and it's fear uncertainty and doubt and these campaigns are designed to get people to fear change to make them feel uncertain about what's being proposed and that they would benefit from it and to doubt those who are advocating it a majority of the democratic presidential candidates all vowing to preserve the role of health insurance companies the strategy of a powerful industry homed of
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a decades it is to be working for now she had 3 times the al-jazeera philadelphia. all the news of course on our website there it is on your screen the address al jazeera dot com that's on to syria dot com. time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera the turkish parliament's expected to vote soon on a government motion to deploy troops to libya members are meeting now to debate the issue ankara says the forces will protect its rights in the mediterranean and interests in libya mama doe has more from ankara we. called from the foreign minister. been logging or position trying to get us much support of the one we're seeing. here this was supposed to be brought before parliament. this month when parliament from
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a winter now we see parliament holding the special sitting just to discuss these libya bill greece israel and cyprus are expected to sign off on a multi-billion dollar pipeline agreement that's an odds with turkey on libya's plans in the same area a pipeline would run from israel's offshore gas reserve across to the greek mainland taiwan's top military officer has been killed in a helicopter crash along with 7 other people the helicopter made an emergency landing on the north of the island rescue teams have been dispatched a belgian judge has suspended the process of extraditing captain and separatist leader a couple of months of spain fled to belgium over 2 years ago and lives in self-imposed exile he called on the spanish supreme court to drop the investigation into his role in the 27 team failed bid for independence. interpol has issued
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a red notice alert for the foreman is sun chairman colace cohen requesting all thirty's and lebanon detained him japanese prosecutors earlier radio go ins tokyo home he fled to beirut despite living under strict bail conditions he was awaiting trial for financial misconduct there in who holds lebanese citizenship says he left what he calls political persecution. evacuations have begun relief supplies of arrived thousands of australians stranded in fire ravaged towns another heat waves expected over the coming days the bushfires have killed 8 people this week. let's take you live now to ankara where the turkish parliament is debating the motion whether or not to send troops to libya these are live pictures coming from the turkish parliament we're still waiting on that vote of course as we get it we will bring it to you but live pictures there coming from turkey this is
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a really important debate in terms of whether or not turkey will deploy its troops to libya to support the u.n. backed government in tripoli. now with a clear mandate after last month's election britain's prime minister bars johnson that set to make good on his promise to deliver brags that by the end of this month by the way forward is uncertain particular when it comes to the u.k.'s future relationship with the european union journal reports. as restoration work goes on to the outside of britain's houses of parliament a comprehensive renewal has taken place inside boris johnson's landslide election victory means legislation for the u.k.'s long awaited withdrawal from the european union is well only its way to being approved that leaves ratification by the e.u. parliament to allow breaks it to happen at the end of january we transition period to followed meaning little chain.


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