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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 2, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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on the semantics of cultures across the world so no matter what we've been using calendar for that matter. this is al-jazeera. hello from doha everyone i'm kemal santa maria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera turkey's parliament approves sending troops to libya to help the un backed government find off rival forces trying to take the capital also in the news greece israel and sign press are expected to sign a pipeline agreement at all is with turkey and libya's plans in the same area. flooding in indonesia's capital forces thousands of people from their homes and
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leaves behind a trail of destruction and he's a wanted man into polyfuse a request to detain the former chairman going skipped bail in japan and fled to lebanon. i'm paul race for the sport the n.b.a. pays its tribute to david stern the man who built the modern game and on the court last year's most valuable player gets 2020 off to a flying start for the box. hello everyone in the past half hour the parliament in ankara has approved a government motion to deploy troops to libya in support of the un recognized administration in tripoli that's been fighting against the war lord khalifa haftar remember it was his forces who launched that offensive to capture the capital last april turkey says its troops will protect its. right in the mediterranean and
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interests in libya like the deals that anchor in tripoli recently signed on military cooperation and maritime boundaries but there were challenges turkish opposition parties were against the move they say ankara should have 1st given priority to a diplomatic solution so let's start in ankara mohamad jos our correspondent who's been following this one today mohammed take us through the vote how decisive was it . quire decisive come on $325.00 members of parliament voted $41184.00 vaulted against of course it is the vaulting power. and its affiliate party the m h b harvin parliament that sold out. more from the sale through parliament the opposition legislators were really hit in their opposition to it saying that turkey
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should not get sucked into the murky quagmire about the civil war in libya you saying that they can't free is yet to recover from its military interventions in neighboring syria and they have warned. there was a need for diplomatic been used to be pursued fost is that of putting turkish boots on the ground in libya of course and this is something that the party leaders are not in listening to they have a poll on and it could be. of days according to the defense ministry which is the defense minister speaking saying that they're ready to deploy soon as possible so there is some sort of. i mean the whole process was also for struct with 'd members of parliament been called in from recess a week early so it looks as if turkey is really itching to take its troops to libya
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and as soon as possible and just turkey get out of this moment i made a reference in the introduction that you shared interests in the region can you give us a little more detail. well yes turkey has always said that it has a moral responsibility to help its neighbor to the sea to libya. invitation by the government in tripoli but again. quick to point out that there are far greater interest at play here and particularly this combo for. energy resources on the islam part of the mediterranean sea which at one point turkey was lagging behind after israel. cyprus and greece signed an agreement for an exclusive economic zone on a pipeline that would ship. natural gas from the eastern mediterranean
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sea to europe. with that agreement the maritime bone boundary ugly meant that turkey ha signed with libya it gives it a huge illegal way and really increases its chances of also pursuing. natural resources in the mediterranean sea and also makes for the other calm quiet difficult to wish turkey away because it would be controlling a huge part of that is that mediterranean sea and particularly because it was a very long coastline on the mediterranean side so. knowing very well that if he comes to power in tripoli given the advances he's been making in recent days and weeks they no doubt deal will be off the table and that is something turkey is really came to protect and see the continuation of the government of national accord staying in power in tripoli mounted on korea thank you for all of those details this conflict in libya has many regional powers vying for influence turkey
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says it can help that u.n. recognize government in shipley to fight off the war after in his advances remember have to stronghold is in the east into brooke. over the past few months russia has deployed find his 2 assists half his soldiers the united arab emirates egypt saudi arabia france they have lined up behind huff to the u.s. publicly supports the government of national accord in tripoli but president donald trump has praised after in the past and qatar also backs the tripoli government's a senior political analyst in the shower with me here now and as i listed off all those countries here it just it's just reminding me and mohammed ben the reference as well to syria in the past all these different players who all want their little slice of the action there is an absolutely the problem with it has. most of them are on the wrong side meaning they claim publicly that they are for the
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internationally recognized government in tripoli while secretly covertly they are supporting the warlord that is attacking the international recognized government in tripoli and this is where the paradox lives we have an internationally recognized publicly declared support for the government virtually even countries like france that until today it says we recognize the internationally recognized government in tripoli and yet this seems to be in all ways and means supportive of the drive against tripoli certainly it is the case by the united arab emirates and egypt now the question is is the united states because you mentioned the united states back in april but has them from out of nowhere called after this is when he launched the i mean salute a pro in the united states was supposed to be in support of the government tripoli so what happened was sympathies of something very simple happened that they before
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he was meeting with the egyptian president of the fatah sisi in an hour or 2 before he was talking to the crown prince in abu dhabi or in the united arab emirates so clearly the american president was convinced by regional leaders and by his national security adviser john bolton to support khalifa haftar but since then things have changed the united states today is taking a bit more of a. hands off if you will approach not exactly in support of half that and so now that we have this vote in turkey with the troops will be going and how much of a game changer is that because turkey doesn't go into military action lightly and it is a strong military force how much does it change the game in libya certainly this is neither sort of side will move on the part of turkey nor is it altruistic totally. turkey this is a strategic move that has 3 layers though it a geo political move that looks at the eastern mediterranean and tries to see where
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it positions itself favorably in this case on the side of libya against another emerging $30.00 greece israel and egypt 2nd militarily it deploys in some form or another in support of tripoli in order and that's the 3rd layer to position itself at the table in berlin because if this deployment should mean anything it's not to escalate the war but rather to speed the process of negotiation oh my goodness ok my wonder shara thank you so much for that mullins our senior political analyst of course. now i made reference to this grace and israel and cyprus as well expected to sign off on a multi $1000000000.00 pipeline agreement which does play into this wide a story the east west story it's the east med to pipeline which will begin in israel's advance on base and off shore gas reserves it will run across the
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mediterranean to the greek on it of crazy it will then go on to the greek mainland it could provide up to 10 percent of the e.u. use natural gas needs john psaropoulos in athens for us on this one what is the latest on this one as far as it actually being approved. the agreement that's being signed to stay in athens in just a few hours is an agreement of government intent it's an intergovernmental agreement that settles the terms on which this pipeline would be built politically and legally it isn't an agreement to build the pipeline that has to be done by commercial companies and the companies the consortium in charge of doing that is comprised of the public gas corporation of greece and the italian company edison together they have formed a company called poseidon which has to find 5200000000. euros
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possibly more in order to complete this project so it is not a easy undertaking but the 3 governments have been discussing the wording of today's agreement for over a year and they are now going to make it public and that is a political statement of will and of intent and that is a very important step forward i think the timing of this signature is also not coincident it is coming on the heels of last november's agreement between turkey and libya delineating an exclusive he cannot. between the 2 coastlines across the middle of the eastern mediterranean sea the agreement between israel greece and cyprus is not an exclusive economic zone agreement it is simply a statement that we're going to build this pipeline we're going to do everything we can to see that it is built even so it adds another layer to all these competing
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interests you would have had not one and i talking about turkey and libya just now you mentioned as well the deal that they signed so many competing interests in a pretty close part of the world. it is and there are 2 broad energy alliances at work here one is the emerging alliance between turkey and russia to build more pipelines into europe the other of course is the one that you mentioned earlier between the emerging gas powers of the eastern mediterranean and greece and eventually hastily which is expected to sign on to this agreement in due course. this is not necessarily a clash of interests but it's becoming a clash of interests because of greek turkish disagreements on delineation of the continental shelf which has been an outstanding issue since $973.00 and that is a huge problem for the commercial energy interests of the region it is also a huge problem for the 2 governments who. had attempted with the greeks had
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attempted to invite the turkish side to settle this issue at the international court of justice at the hague in 1976 since then the 2 sides haven't come as close as that to approaching any sort of international forum so there is a danger of even a conflict in the region we spoke earlier with greece's energy minister about that how is turkey likely to react to days agreement between the 3 countries he said. everybody has to understand that this year this is the year 2020 we are in europe we want all the countries of the. the region to cooperate but of course this has a prerequisite which is international law and the spirit of goodwill. capsular it's the greek position greece is calling on turkey to sign on to the international law of the sea and to abide by those principles turkey has so far said it has a different interpretation of what the law of the sea should be ok that is john in
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athens 1st thank you john. little earlier we heard from tuck in who is an international oil and energy consultant also a former research officer at opec yanna he told us this is more of a political move by the 3 countries than any viable commercial project at this stage they go she shows between these 3 countries 1st it was between cyprus and greece when this gas was discovered 4 or 5 years ago and then israel joined these negotiations have been going on at the political liberal quite a many times last summer as well but it isn't for him to my mind it is still missing that commercial company aspect that has to be investment of $67000000000.00 committed to this it is mired in politics old controversy and there is scope of taking challenging it and so on so there would not be a commercial company ready to invest that much in this whole project is more it
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cannot be more of a political issue. let's have a look at what else is coming up for you on this news hour taiwan's top military officer is killed in a helicopter crash just days before the island goes to the pole it's also why a former member of the u.s. special forces is training me and ethnic minorities ready to defend her title but will naomi osaka be flying high at the australian open paul has the details of that life. so more on that story on taiwan now with a military chief and 7 other people have been killed in a helicopter crash air force general and other officials were going to visit troops in the northeast and it all happened just days before presidential elections foreign slowly as a report. a tangled mess of metal and troops this is where the blackhawk
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helicopter came down in a mountainous area near taipei it was flying from the capital to the northeastern city of iran but it lost contact shortly after takeoff. as soon as the helicopter disappeared from writer to blackhawk helicopters took off from song sang airport to the saw it soldiers from the lang young military command were also dispatched to search and rescue. the defense ministry says it set up a task force to investigate the calls that were 13 people on board among the dead as taiwan's military chief force general shen. he was responsible for overseeing the island's defense against china which considers taiwan as its own territory and has threatened to use military force to take back control of taiwan holds presidential and parliamentary elections on january 11th and the president chiding
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when it's seeking a 2nd term a political analyst says the military chiefs death will likely impact the campaign talking points once the candidates return to campaigning i think we'll see a president's i emphasized that she has been a supporter of the military and she's been a supporter of increased military spending in the other side will probably go away to criticize for example by saying yeah you spend more money on the military but you're not spending it correctly you're not spending it on an update as for example that will probably be talking boyd from the other sat there have been a number of incidents involving blackhawk helicopters in recent years the latest was in 2018 when a black hawk crashed off taiwan's east coast killing the 6 people on board florence italy. and now evacuations have begun and relief supplies of arrived for thousands of australians stranded in fire ravaged homes 8 people have been killed this week
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in new south wales and victoria with 17 people still missing the support from charleville its. 4000 astray leonids were forced onto the beach and stranded here for 3 days now how has arrived for the victorian town of mela kuta the navy ferried people out by the only route possible the ship masked in the smoky heights at the moment we're moving people out of course it's a smart cleaves will be able to get aircraft into melich her to to. not transportation of people out of there as well when you want to they have a narrow window or high temperatures and strong winds a forecast for australia's south east on saturday in new south wales fire and rescue has advised her to leave and residents to prepare for extreme fires in the shaded areas from batemans bay south to the victorian border a 250 kilometer distance down the coast and another block inland i think the big
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thing that we've got on the wide the my mind is that it's the largest mass rely cashen of people out of the region that will give a sign and people are going have to be patient the right people are queuing up to get into petrol stations through traffic is unable to get her to go to help them to get out of thousands heeded the advice to leave batemans bay and drive north towards sydney many with nothing left to save but themselves and a house is gone it's completely burnt we found out yesterday morning to show. we went out there that the block that we were on has been burned from one side or the other does not apply to grass on it there's nothing left. about $1300.00 homes have been destroyed in new south wales since the fire season began in october it's been a record breaking year the fires arrived earlier and with more fury the normal straight in prime minister scott morrison counterclaims it's a consequence of manmade climate change is no doubt natural disasters turned that
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why andrew because that's what they are up by our natural disasters what we're saying is we have we cannot control the natural disaster but what we can do is control our response firefighters are trying to control the risk by destroying the bush 1st back burning to create natural firebreaks residents prepared to those choosing to stay gathered supplies and feel for generators and pumps if the wind chimes is very pretty in fact but every. on more health and more knives and i'm ok and we can take the family members further up the road from the site you know it by sickly. of all these residents restocking preparing to face the finest head on charlotte dallas as they are. at least 30 people have been killed in flash floods and landslides in indonesia 2 days of heavy rain caused ribbons to burst submerge in parts of the temple jakarta and surrounding areas tens of thousands of
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people have now been taken into temporary shelters the support from scotland. the heaviest rainfall in more than a decade has caused deaths and flooding in jakarta and surrounding areas in west java the rain began on tuesday night and triggered landslides on the city's outskirts indonesia's meteorology department has called the rain very extreme nearly 20000 people were stranded as jakarta's domestic airport was shut down after its runway became submerged all of miles if they haven't but when the rainy season comes we already know what it will be like so if the water flow is fast we have to move our stuff and evacuate immediately but usually the water level is not this high to get out of the flood came without any warning it was not anticipated and we were not paired up people have drowned and others have died from hypothermia or been electrocuted as power supplies were damaged by the flooding. thousands were forced to evacuate their homes crews are pumping out flooded areas and rescuing
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those who are stranded jakarta has been said by many experts is one of the fastest sinking a city in the world because of that the 13 rivers that pass through jakarta 2 of the big ones include she will not waver and she says that in river cannot properly drain to the java sea the indonesian disaster agency says the rains and rising rivers have submerged at least 90 neighborhood flooding is common in jakarta this is month soon season and forecasters say more downpours are on their way it's got harder al-jazeera sudan's government is promising swift justice after a mass killing in western darfur hundreds of fleeing the region just days after the murder of $36.00 people at a camp for internally displaced people the un accuses arab tribesmen of indiscriminately firing at the civilians senior government and military leaders have traveled to the scene to try to revive talks with rebel groups. and there's
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been reaction across sudan most notably in the term protesters accuse the rapid support forces of involvement in the attacks that powerful paramilitary group has long been blamed for atrocities in the region. interpol has issued a red notice alert for the foreman his son chairman carlos go and requesting authorities in lebanon detain him going was on bail in japan for financial misconduct charges which he denies despite being under heavy surveillance in tokyo you managed to leave the country police raided his tokyo home on thursday japan does not have an extradition treaty with lebanon. so carlos going to just go through the timeline here he was arrested in tokyo in november 28th teen accused of financial crimes at the time he was still the c.e.o. of nissan in april less than a month after he posted bail he was rearrested and managed to get bail again it was
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then put under house arrest and banned from leaving japan. but of course on tuesday he managed to do just that and fled to beirut after making a stop in turkey mohammed jim live in beirut for us what an extraordinary international story this is turned into mom it. certainly has come on we've heard more developments from lebanese officials today it was confirmed by the justice minister here a few hours ago that lebanon has indeed received that interpol red notice but it's really unclear at this stage what exactly is going to happen next now we've spoken to legal experts here who tell us that well it's assumed right now that basically this red notice is going to go 1st to the general prosecutor but then the general prosecutor will have to study the case will then have to make a decision as to how to proceed whether or not to actually bring in mr go in or not
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to and only after that happens will they really proceed so it really sounds like this is not something that's going to happen in just a day or 2 there were remarks made a few hours ago also by the justice minister albert said how he said that while lebanon is going to respect its international obligations mr going did enter this country illegally here's a bit more of what mr said haan had to say. thing to the general prosecution will not stay idle with this red notice as perth's legal prerogatives and specialty i suppose the general prosecution will fully implement the notice and that includes summoning him and listening to his testimony and then if there are measures to be taken off and they will be taken in that sort of interest muhammad is this story making the headlines in lebanon as i said before he's such an international player you know brazil japan and lebanon involved what's his sort of status they're. welcome out let me tell you 1st that here in ash of fear in the eastern part of
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beirut there is a crowd that's assembled mostly journalists. we're outside one of mr goings residences here in beirut he comes to beirut quite often he has in the past he spent many years of his childhood here as well and he is a lebanese citizen that all being said this story has been so much captured the attention of lebanese citizenry right now because lebanon is in the midst of this massive anti-government demonstration movement you have a lot of people here that are tired of corruption in this country and want to see a complete overhaul of the political system of course there are stories being written a lot of rumors a lot of speculation as to where exactly this should go and as many of the people assembled here believe he is in this house many of the people here believe he is in another part of the country they have been rumors in the local media that he has met with officials but none of that has been officially confirmed it's interesting to note that all through the travails of mr goh in the past couple of years that politicians across the political spectrum and this is
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a very divided political spectrum here in lebanon politicians across the political spectrum have continued to vociferously support mr goh and often times in the past several years because mr going is so respected by these politicians many people have said that he should come back here they should help solve it lebanon's economic crisis and perhaps one day he should run for office here one more thing to add it was announced by mr cohen spokesperson that he will be giving a press conference in beirut on january 8th. thank you jim in beirut. still ahead here on this news hour in sri lanka where the new president's role during the civil war is causing fear among tamil minority sunni and install the bron james stars for the like it is in the n.b.a. paul has the action of it later on this week.
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hello again welcome back to international weather forecast will unfortunately be seeing more rain here across the eastern med over the next few days this is been an ongoing trend this this week as well as last week and as we go towards next week we expect to see another storm taking shape i want to show what we do expect to see here on friday more rain more heavy rain across much of the area we're talking about an area of low pressure that is really spinning and not moving too much there's no atmospheric flow to actually get it out of there heavy rain is expected across much of israel up here towards turkey as well snow in the higher elevations tempter wise expect to see those temperatures come down from friday into saturday so for damascus only single digits there at 9 as well as jerusalem about 9 degrees few as well well for the other coast of egypt as well as into libya you will be affected by that same storm it is going to be the winds rain across the coastal areas as we go towards the next couple of days and you can see benghazi it's going to be a windy day for you with a temperature of about 14 degrees here on friday and for cairo only getting to
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about 60 degrees we do expect to see the rain towards the north probably alexandria will be seeing the rain as well down towards us one it is going to be a chilly day but sunny day with a temperature of 15 degrees and then down here across parts of capetown well you can be seeing a nice day of the next few days with a temperature of 24 in johannesburg warm at 30. more than 10 years after the global financial crisis you've taken home more than $480000000.00. your company is now bankrupt our economy is of the state of crisis i have a very basic question this is where millions lost their homes in the us alone who's held responsible i will be fabulously wealthy and i will not take in the price for it thanks to all the men who still do good on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. and. on the news on here at al-jazeera these are all top stories turkey's parliament has voted to send troops to support the un bank's government in libya a motion pots by 325 votes in favor 100 $94.00 against the one year old the
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recession allows the government to decide on the scale of the offensive against warlords how they found off to. greece israel and sign preserve expected to sign off on a multi-billion dollar pipeline agreement that is at odds with turkey and the big plans in the same area the pipeline would run from israel's offshore gas reserves across to the greek mainland and interpol has issued a red notice alert for the form of the sun chairman carlos ghosn requesting authorities in lebanon detain him was on bail in japan for financial misconduct charges but and to skip the country. members of iran backed groups have withdrawn from the u.s. embassy in iraq after 2 days of surrounding the building of an angry over the u.s. attack on sunday that killed 27 people from the group has blood brigades the popular mobilization forces and others on a camp across the. facing the american embassy still demanding the patrol of all
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foreign troops and elsewhere in baghdad there were more anti-government protests demonstrators are angry at iraqi forces for what they say was a muted response to the unrest at the u.s. embassy in comparison they've seen weeks of violent crackdowns on their own movement at least 485 people have died since those protests began back in october more from the wonderful scene in baghdad. life at the u.s. embassy appears to be returning to normal people are back at work and some cleanup operations have begun to remove some of the damage as a result of the fires that have been said to be out of gates and to remove some of the anti-american graffiti that had been sprayed on the outer walls following the order of the leaders of the popular mobilization forces last night to withdraw those crowds basically marched back across the tigris river and a few of them have now set up camp on the other side of the river just across from
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the united states embassy but the numbers are quite small we're seeing a few dozen people some of whom have have set up camps and of course these people consist of the members and supporters of the popular mobilization force and specifically brigades which is the group that was targeted by the united states in those latest airstrikes the demonstrators in tahrir square who of course have camped out for almost 3 months demonstrating against the government and against foreign influence in iraq specifically iranian influence they have renounced any kind of links to the crowd that marched on the u.s. embassy and besieged it for almost 2 days what they are saying is that they have nothing to do with those crowds that they don't represent them because of course that crowd actually embodies many of the grievances that these protesters have voiced they want the government to do more to reign in the groups under the popular mobilization forces and that we are getting reports from eastern kenya that 3
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people have been killed when a suspected group fired at a bus police say dozens of passengers were on the bus when it was attacked and many fled into the nearby bush's security forces have been deployed. to pursue the attackers traveling from mombasa to. a group founded by a former member of the u.s. special forces is training people from ethnic minorities in me and they said they're being persecuted by the military the training involves medical and humanitarian assistance laura but many reports. on this remote hilltop base more than 180 recruits complete basic training with the free burma rangers or f.b.i. . they say there are humanitarian movement working to help free the oppressed in myanmar. gem one is from the northern shan state where he says ethnic groups is suffering at the hands of the country's military. there are many human rights
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abuses people got raped and tortured it's happening to us and many ethnic groups in myanmar i think men and women take part in fitness drills and training scenarios to deliver aid and treat civilians wounded in areas of conflict these people come from the states of catchin shan and rocky and where there are fragile cease fires and sporadic fighting the f.b.i. is privately funded and was founded 25 years ago by former u.s. special forces member and pastor david you bands and he wants government to be held to account shelling a displacing villagers that's attempted murder and in some cases murder and burning their homes so that's another war crime many here are members of ethnic groups who say they helping to protect ethnic groups from the country's army. but according to local media myanmar's army brigadier general del minturn says the group is not to
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be trusted and could be escalating the conflict he says the militants and according to information he received their os to attack outposts as a way of testing their training. and from the united states republican congressman ralph abraham is visiting the group as part of a fact finding trip to me i must ethnic regions we and america hopefully have the backs of the people here that want democracy they want their freedom and i want their independence and my job is to care that much and back to the states the u.n. general assembly has condemned human rights abuses against her hand to muslims and other minorities in myanmar the country is also facing a charge of genocide to the international court of justice the military myanmar to determine probably just nationalist. 2 divisions over lloyd against their will he
6:37 pm
judge that they have been responsible will boost of the walkway against. those same divisions of no be deployed against other ethnic minorities away from the accusations between the f.b.i. and the un has military these people say this training camp is the 1st charge to unite minorities who say they're being persecuted nor about a manly al-jazeera. that sri lanka's new president got to buy rajapaksa is facing deep distrust among the country's tamil minority the country's north where most of them they have is in dire need of the vestment remember rajapaksa was the defense secretary during the final days of the civil war in which tens of thousands of tamils were killed charles stratford reporting for us now from menar. tamil fishermen return with their catch to sri lanka's north shore was. it's been 10 years since the nice 3 decade long wall between the tunnel tiger rebels and the sri
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lankan government ended. government promises of investment but failed to materialize life for these men is exceptionally hot. and the man they say must do more to help sri lanka's new president is deeply distrusted hear. from the majority sinhalese community whose defense secretary joining the last stages of the war. both sides were accused of committing war crimes it's estimated that tens of thousands of time will civilians could have been killed in the final days of fighting. and tunnels voted overwhelmingly against rajapakse or in the november election and the trying to come to terms with the result and. we are on social one can see dozens but i think we must accept them as a leader of this country things have to change with the times. has the highest concentration of the country's 2500000 tonne of minority but there's been little
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investment here norden districts of the smallest contributor to sri lanka's economy around 4 percent of g.d.p. unemployment is 15 percent in some areas almost 10 percent higher than the south. for president mahinda rajapaksa promised investment and infrastructure is a means of helping reconciliation efforts his brother the country's new leader is promising more of the same but i'm least say there is going to take a lot more than money to force trust and agreement over a potential loss to political solution. a new railway and road linking the peninsula with the mainland have been built but few of the estimated half a 1000000 people who fled abroad during the fighting and could help to rebuild the economy have returned. around 20000 others mostly channels are still missing and their families say not enough support is given to those still traumatized by the war economics. says between the 2 are different. but the
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minds between people from different parts of the country between different communities different ballgame successive governments have refused to implement devolution of power with respect to policing and land rights as a specified in the country's constitution it's really important that any government that comes to poly including this one if they want to build trust that they ensure that development comes with devolution rather give the. and for the local population for now many of sri lanka's tunnels remain fearful of the country's new leader a man they blamed for much of this suffering in the past. al-jazeera northern sri lanka. it seems a new artificial intelligence system is proving more accurate than doctors using mammograms in the diagnosis of breast cancer that's according to
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a study by researchers at google health and the imperial college london researchers found that artificial intelligence as they say reduce the number of women wrongly told they had abnormal results this is in the u.k. by 1.2 percent and the number of women wrongly told they were cancer free by 2.7 percent doctors say the ai system can improve early detection for one in 8 women affected by breast cancer globally very pleased to welcome our does the into the studio today executive chairman of the world innovation summit for health wish as we call it here in doha nice to see you i think the 1st thing we need to deal with is what are we actually talking about with a i think this is such a catch all phrase can you simply explain the technology for us and how. sure well it's not a machine not ok to say machine learning it's about teaching a computer in developing an algorithm or some mathematical modeling that recognizes after training what is right what is normal what is normal and in breast cancer we
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know as you part highlighted that mammography x. ray of the rest of the brain is the best way in detecting early cancer early cancer detection improves the mortality from this disease survival so it's absolutely critical for most countries will have a breast cancer screening program such as the united kingdom so what we did to see whether we can train the machine as well as we train some of our radiologists these are the people who read these mammograms and we had 30000 mammograms which were beautifully on notated the same way as you undertake your papers here and the machine were right in my eyes of what is normal and what is up in all right so the key thing i'm getting from you here is that one has to work with the eye. it is not replacing the existing technology it is. replacing how that
6:43 pm
information is interpreted is it correct i got that right correct what we tried to train the machine in seeing whether they would perform as good as the radiologist or the human readers and the conclusion of the study which was published in nature yesterday the machine the ai algorithm was as good as the 1st street or so in u.k. we have 2 readers we have one radiologist who looks at it and the 2nd one to confirm it and if they disagree it goes to a 3rd right so the machine was as good as the 1st reader in actual fact it was better than the 1st reader because the mission the 1st reader had the clinical information in other words examination of the patient where the machine had no clinical information they just looked at the image so does it potentially replace the reader well it also was as good as the 1st and the 2nd reader combined together the answer to your question is in the future with implementing this we hope that we will have a single human reader and
6:44 pm
a machine rated being the 2nd reader so freeing up the 2nd radiologist to do you know there's a significant amount of work and radiology and most health systems struggle with the number of radiology is that are required so i envisage it implemented in a program replacing the 2nd reader ok is this good news for developing parts of the world. i mean it's good news for you as i'm just thinking about. technology is only useful if it's available to the largest number of people possible and generally expensive technology is not available in parts of the developed in the us so in lower middle middle income countries where you're talking about one of the big challenges in introducing a screening program is in the machines isn't the hardware it's the software it's the people who are able to read it so the answer to your question is yes if we have the hardware and the screening machines in lower to middle income countries we can actually send the images in the cloud and get the report. fascinating really
6:45 pm
interesting talking to you about this ira does he thanks so much for joining us thank you thank you. now as people in the united states gear up to vote for their president later this year one of the main issues they're concerned about is health care 28000000 americans are uninsured hospitals are denying treatment for those who can't afford to pay looking ahead to this report now from shepparton. i think we should have a debate on health care it is a fundamental issue for the democratic presidential candidates health care under president barack obama health insurance was expanded to cover 20000000 more americans than before under the affordable care act or what's now widely known as obamacare but still some 28000000 americans remain uninsured and there's the growing issue of under-insurance yes insurance companies are forced to cover more people but if you actually want treatment it will still cost you the clock and a husband paid into their health insurance plan for 30 years but when she was diagnosed with cancer she was still build a few $1000.00 she didn't have
6:46 pm
a hospital withheld or treatment and sudha at one point authorities handcuffed and shackled to as she fought the charges in court of the hippocratic oath 1st do no harm. but i don't think that applies. 2 thirds of bankruptcies in the us are due to medical issues for my health insurance executive wendell potter says that's because obamacare preserved the principles of the us health insurance system to make as much money as they can to bring as much revenue and but to pay out as little as possible in claims because when that happens they've got more money to reward shareholders and to enrich their executives this is just in dispute the u.s. has the most expensive health care system in the world however when health system performance is compact like quality and access to care the us rates last against other developed countries poster is heartened that some of the democratic candidates are discussing time and to the for profit health care system but he says
6:47 pm
those candidates who want to keep the insurance companies central to health care in the u.s. are often using rhetoric he and other health insurance executives made up in the boardroom before funneling money to politicians for this american capital market so want to pay twice as much the problem senator sanders with that damn bill that you wrote. and that senator warren backs is that it doesn't trust the american people terms that are being used today are the same terms that i used to use and in fact in some cases helped create this is a term that is an acronym that's used for this kind of propaganda campaign it's fun and it's fear uncertainty and doubt and these campaigns are designed to get people to fear change to make them feel uncertain about what's being proposed and that they would benefit from it and to doubt those who are advocating it a majority of the democratic presidential candidates all vowing to preserve the
6:48 pm
role of health insurance companies the strategy of a powerful industry over decades if it is to be working for now she had her time see al-jazeera philadelphia. at least 16 inmates have been killed in a prison riot in central mexico at least 5 others were injured in the violence that broke out on tuesday night i think she will say some of the victims died from gunshot wounds that were caused by weapons believed brought in by visiting. coming up for you on this news on hold until the netherlands adopt government decides on what it would like the country to be. on south africa's side they're ready for an england front back in cape town all of us here with that and the rest of us.
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welcome back if we talk about chewed up some windmills we're talking about holland or are we talking about the netherlands so here in lies the problem they're actually not interchangeable and from now on the dutch government wants to rebrand the country and be known only as the netherlands bernard smith reports from home and student. poland is not a country despite suggestions to the contrary all over amsterdam north and south holland are just 2 coastal provinces in a country officially called the netherlands and the government tired of its biggest city being a by word for legalized prostitution and recreational drug use wants a rebrand. so with a new p.r.
6:51 pm
push it's asking us to forget holland and they go only of the netherlands for the whole rest of the world i think holland is quite clear what it is some small spot somewhere on the earth. where people live. and to change that image around to change that. idea of holland into the netherlands i think it's quite a task it's quite a difficult task everywhere you look from branded cloaks to other souvenirs the name holland dominates it's no surprise tourists aren't sure where they are what would you call this country. being. wrong. what do you call this country we're in now.
6:52 pm
that. you are right. and. yes we now know that it was ok yes i mean this is just states the netherlands is the country today officially they want you to stop calling at all and they want to call it the netherlands. in amsterdam they're struggling to cope with a wreck or number of tourists 42000000 people are expected to visit this country by 2030 that's up from around 20000000 now and to manage that the government hopes that this rebranding will encourage people to explore outside overcrowded amsterdam to the country beyond the 2 provinces of holland smith al-jazeera i'm still in the netherlands. time for a look at your sport on the news on his poll thank you very much tributes have been
6:53 pm
paid to former n.b.a. commissioner david stern who has died at age of 776 time champion michael jordan said that without stern basketball would not be what it is today stern run the n.b.a. for 30 years and oversaw a huge expansion in the u.s. while also make it a global brand the sport makes an estimated 8 $1000000000.00 a season he also helped create the women's n.b.a. in $97.00 stern had been in a serious condition after suffering a brain hemorrhage last month. a minute's silence was held before games on wednesday those who worked with him and were inspired by his vision to take the game to new heights say it's impossible to measure the impact stern had on american sports. for the a lot of people today all at one moment. we wouldn't be here if it was a truth commission. getting companies to buy into the n.b.a. because they would need sponsors black athletes on t.v.
6:54 pm
people have no idea we were here before we gave. african-americans in general. while the league's most valuable player of last year and had to compose has made a perfect start to 2020 he was in great form again as the milwaukee bucks proved too good for the minnesota timberwolves the greek style scoring $32.00 points in the $16104.00 victory is 30th double double of the season takes the bucs winning streets to 4 games that still riding high at the top of the eastern conference standings. not to be outdone for time and the paid le bron james racked up his 8th triple double of the season as the l.a. lakers beat the phoenix suns 117207 the wrong with 31 points and 12 assists the lakers remain top of the pile in the west australian sports stars are using the upcoming events in the country to raise money for those affected by bushfires
6:55 pm
tennis player nick carey oss is one of them hill donate $140.00 for every. in the a.t.p. cup. in the summer when it's pretty tragic what's going on especially with my town camera being under a business model you know the most hazardous mike in the world my son so this is everything that's going on you know i'm sure that all is going to happen on it's been a pretty tough time for a lot of them i just cited a country i mean you know especially this time of the year when everything you know living in the christmas and the new year should be a happy time for these families and a lot of these people are doing a pretty tough out there so i think all of us feel young block would like to help in some way. you know tennis and especially tennis a striker i think in the possible ways might an effort to try and put things together and you know we've got a massive platform japan's 9 me are soccer has a 3rd grand slam title in his sights in australia on thursday she was flying high in brisbane before how much she's at the tournament there in 2 weeks she'll defend
6:56 pm
australian open title in melbourne it's my home slam because it's the asian pacific but also new york is my home slim because i live there so i guess i'm a lot of like really good feeling and i think i play well what i have been feeling . cricket australia say they are monitoring conditions in sydney ahead of the final test against new zealand smike from nearby bushfires has been affecting practice sessions at the ground meanwhile in south africa the hosts are preparing for the 2nd test with england in cape town the proteas lead the series on are expecting a fight back from the tourists they'll be a breaking point somewhere in the states much and hopefully we can be just holding a little bit longer because we aren't expected to come and come really hard some of the toss their team that's very very strong taste team and they are very hungry to put in performances too to prove a lot of people wrong expect are expecting a good fight from the nesta this much. it's football now and after a difficult and to 2019 all snow and the new coach mick have made the perfect stuff
6:57 pm
so the new year the spaniard has his 1st win since taking charge of the gun as it beat manchester united to nail in the e.p.l. it gave us in the 1st victory home since october and lifts them into the top half of the table. more distressful as a manager i learned my boys. so into their lives the very pleased very please and mostly for them and as well for the fans because i'm so happy that i turned around. i just didn't i see a smiley face. people are stand ins and that's. not what i want. alright. sport and i will have much more in the 18 j. ews out but will take back to call for now ok thanks for yeah it's 800 hours g.m.t. but paul and i are back for the next news outlets in time with hours from now but i'm also back in 2 minutes time with another full of news right here on just
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al-jazeera. millions of workers a big in slaved in the british films of india what i want to east explores how satellite technology is now helping to set them free on al-jazeera. january on al-jazeera president donald trump is that the president in history to be impeached what does this mean for the future of the u.s. leadership on the brink of an election before much chilian presidential candidate
6:59 pm
explodes the defeat of left wing political parties across latin america and look at how this year's world economic forum to focus on ways to tackle the impact of climate change an expropriation of family links to the sydney's regime examines it it's early may now be embracing fascist ideologies most believed gone forever with the general election out of the way brics it is now certain how moved the u.k. proceed with a transitional period in the coming months january on al jazeera. for the nomadic jacka tribe survival is about reaching their destination goals if we don't hurry will never be able to get the top of the story we follow the mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration in their country it's dangerous to the ice and then as they strive to preserve their traditional way of life a little bit longer sometimes luser cattle later there was a cold war because of the storm risking it all mongolia on al-jazeera.
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understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the pond certainly timely take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. turkey's parliament approves of sending troops to libya to help the un backed government fight off rival forces trying to take account. of doha everyone kemal santamaria with the world news from al-jazeera greece israel and cyprus all expected to sign a pipeline agreement at all with turkey and libya's plans in the same area also taiwan's top military officer is among 8 people killed in a helicopter crash and flooding in indonesia's capital force's thousands of people
7:01 pm
from their homes and leaves behind a trail of destruction.


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