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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 2, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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being in slaved in the british india what i want to east explores how satellite technology is now helping to set them free. 0. this is al-jazeera. everyone i'm come all sons of maria and this is the news from al-jazeera turkey's parliament has approved sending troops to libya to help the un backed government find off rival forces trying to take the capital. also in the news greece israel and cyprus signed a pipeline agreement that said all this with turkey and libya's plans in the same area. he's a wanted man named paul issues a request to detain the foreman is son chairman. who skipped bail in japan and fled
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to lebanon. and flooding in indonesia capital forces thousands of people from their homes and leaves behind a trail of destruction. and london with the top stories from europe including austria is conservative leader lays out his policy plans with the greens as the new coalition brings the left wing party into government for the 1st time. for the sports the n.b.a. pays its tribute to david stern the man who built the modern game while on the court last year's most valuable player gets 2020 off to a flying start for the box. so turkey's parliament has given the green light to deploy troops to libya this is in support of the un recognized administration in tripoli that's been fighting against
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the war lord after remember it was his forces who launched that offensive to capture the capital tripoli last april turkey is saying. troops will protect not only its rights in the mediterranean but its interests in libya like the deals on korea and tripoli recently signed on military cooperation and maritime boundaries but there were challenges as well turkish opposition parties were against the move they say ankara should have 1st given priority to a diplomatic solution let's start with. mohammed 0 in. he's in ankara and will be with mahmoud up the wellhead in ankara shortly so mohammed 1st of all a decisive vote this was in the in. well come on it was a very divisive. more shunned by. parliament from the
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opposition have been saying vetted loudly throughout the debate that tech needs not to get involved in dol fail some of the nations on it was bad tough call tacky to pursue diplomatic avenues instead of sending troops but the government would have known about it and they used their majority in parliament and out is that party together with that affiliate but am i crazy to recall that more from to sail through now it gives an initial monday a tough call for months and gives the president had on the decision all for how to make the decision of how big the number of troops that would be sent would be this cold as well as how long they would be valued when they would be deployed as well so it looks as if his does not mark off time before we see techies boots on libyan
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soil not something to take he does lightly as well is that it's a strong military and sending troops to a conflict zone is a it's it's an escalation certainly for the whole libya conflict. yes indeed and so ready. causing across the region with egypt. condemning the turkish need be applied as soon as i have a more phone pasta in parliament saying that it could destabilize the entire mediterranean region of course turkey saying it's on the right side of history it is supporting when you in her eyes government unlike it dipped the u.a.e. the russian muhsin that is and all the other a different but these who are assisting huffed in his quest to take tripoli from the un recognized government body again that there are more tough talk of interest
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at stake here apart from the military support a deal it signed with the maybe a techie awful signed them on a time bomb but i really meant would give it a time leverage over. in its quest for seeking resources such as much. in the it's been part of the mediterranean sea something that has been planned it's on after they did. cyprus and we signed an agreement for this public month of an exclusive economic zone for a pipeline not with the ship natural gas from the is done with attorney and c 2. was us published so you are the ones that have found out on they know that if the tax over from the government and then it is to take over the ones then there will be off the table and that's one of the things that really are trying to protect ok thanks for that update that is. in ankara now this conflict in libya if it goes
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beyond turkey it's got a lot of regional powers. which is help the u.n. recognize government in tripoli find. his stronghold is in the eastern city of to brooke but over the past 2 months you've got a. russia which has deployed fighters to assist half to soldiers the united arab emirates egypt saudi arabia from stave all lined up behind haftar as well and while the us publicly supports the government of national accord in tripoli president donald trump has also praised toughed in the past qatar also backs the tripoli government's so here we go. ahead as it is in tripoli for us as you heard mohammed saying a lot of differing views coming out of turkey i suspect is the same coming out of various political factions in libya. well the commercial several categories of the libyan society especially in the worst of the
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country which is under control of the un about the government of national court they have been will coming this approval by the turkish parliament to deploy troops to fight along with the forces loyal to the government of national accord in the capital tripoli to defend the capital against. aggression this could be read in terms of sending a message to have to allies as you know that have been supported by several of the regional and international powers including russia france egypt and the united arab emirates as with saudi arabia as well so this could be a message to these allies have that as our allies that. as. an institution that's not recognized by the international community has been the recruiting foreign mercenaries including russian mercenaries from the bag company along with african mercenaries from sudan and chad and he has been also helped by the united arab
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emirates receiving advanced weapons from emirates and also from russia despite the fact that he is not recognized by the international community and he is fighting a government that is backed by the united nations so the government of national accord says that it is the only libyan legitimate body that is being get recognized by the international community and it is part of its rule to defend the capital tripoli against what it calls have to its forces aggression so the government says that this recent military corporation with turkey is part of the deal that was sealed the between the and the bad prime minister face of raj and the president. in last november by virtue of this agreement. meant forces had received weapons military corp and also by virtue of today's decision of the
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turkish parliament then the government forces should receive a military experts from turkey this is expected to turn that table on the ground if i may say so to change. that ends of power on the on the ground in favor of the government of national called the forces loyal to the government on the ground have been striving over the past 8 months to defend the capital tripoli against have to disclose in fact to the pedal the offensive but have that as forces and are the word with that update from tripoli thank you for that well as you know our senior political analyst here at al-jazeera is. here is more from him on the geo political equation. it's sort of interesting that the warlord has predicted several times that he would be winning the battle of tripoli but it never actually materialized and yet by some estimates his forces already control some 80 percent of the libyan
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territory thanks to the support of egypt the united arab emirates saudi arabia and others but i am not surprised that a dictator like sisi with $60000.00 political prisoners or a regime like the emirates and saudi arabia would make a public statement in one way and then covertly support a warlord in libya france and italy to be appeasing a warlord that everyone knows is anything but a democrat and everything but a mutation of the former dictator but that's not what is it that they want is mind boggling when i think it's appeasement more than think yes look let's all remember that unlike syria libya is an oil producing country and since the intervention in libya and it was on in libya that the west intervened back in 2012 simply because it is an oil rich country and now they're trying to pre-position themselves in a way that they would be on the winning side so that if after god forbids takes
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over the country they would have their oil interest covered and you had mohamed atta talking about natural gas in the area this is kind of part of the story the leaders of israel greece and cyprus have signed a multi-billion dollar pipeline deal which flicks with turkey and libya's plans in the same area a pipeline that is expected to carry 10000000000 cubic meters of gas a very year to the european mainland and could provide up to 10 percent of the use natural gas here it is the east med pipeline taps gas reserves from israel's offshore leventon base and then runs across the med through the island of crete. and then on to the greek mainland and finally on to italy as well so let's check in with john he's been following the story from athens today just put this in the wider context if you would john as he said we're talking about turkey and libya as well how does all of this fit in. welcome all we heard the leaders of greece cyprus
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and israel talk about how this isn't an agreement that excludes anybody anyone in the region is welcome to join it as long as they respect the international law of the sea which was the basis for the delineation of the exclusive economic zones of cyprus israel lebanon and egypt. this is obviously a comment. regarding the intentions of turkey various nobody else who is discombobulated or put out by this trilateral agreement which eventually will include italy as well and so the leaders here today were very keen to stress that this is something that everybody can benefit from now israel of course is the biggest gas exports in this region israel since 1909 has been discovering gas fields after gas field a total of approximately
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a trillion cubic meters at the moment enough to power that country for 100 years. israel has opted to use the gas diplomatically it wants to be a consistent export to the european market it's already signing export agreements it's already signed export agreements to jordan and to egypt so it wants to use this gas to promote regional cooperation and to open up its foreign relations which traditionally have been very hemmed in cyprus has discovered at least 3 gas fields of importance and is expected to discover more so the question for these countries is once they've taken care of their energy self-sufficiency how do they export this gas and east med is one of the routes that is being chosen. johnson hopeless with the update from athens thank you we also heard from her should talk a little bit earlier who is an international oil and energy consultant also a former research officer at opaque in vienna and he talks about this being more of
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a political move by the 3 countries than any sort of viable commercial projects at this stage at least they go she aisha's between these 3 countries 1st it was between cyprus and greece when this gas was discovered 4 or 5 years ago and then israel joined this negotiations have been going on on the political liberal quite many times last summer as well but it isn't for him to my mind it is still missing that commercial company aspect that has to be investment of $67000000000.00 committed to this it is mired in political controversy and there is scope of taking challenging it and so on so there would not be a commercial company ready to invest that much in this whole project is more it cannot be more of a political issue. here's what's coming up for you on this news hour taiwan's top
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military officer is killed in a helicopter crash just days before the on it goes to the polls. also we're in northern sri lanka where the new president's role during the civil war is still causing fear among tamil minorities on the street in tennis player promising his performances on the board will provide cash for bushfire related. but before land at least 30 people have been killed in flash floods and landslides in indonesia 2 days of heavy rain caused rivers to burst submerge in parts of the capital jakarta and its surrounding areas tens of thousands of people have now been taken to temporary shelters as scott hides as our report says. the heaviest rainfall in more than a decade has caused deaths and flooding in jakarta and surrounding areas in west
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java the rain began on tuesday night and triggered landslides on the city's outskirts indonesia's meteorology department has called the rain very extreme nearly 20000 people were stranded as jakarta's domestic airport was shut down after its runway became submerged all of molokai give a yell and in but when the rainy season comes we already know what it will be like so if the water flow is fast we have to move our stuff and evacuate immediately but usually the water level is not this high i get about heating the floods came without any warning it was not anticipated and we were not paired up people have drowned and others have died from hypothermia or been electrocuted as power supplies were damaged by the flooding. thousands were forced to evacuate their homes crews are pumping out flooded areas and rescuing those who are stranded. has been said by many experts is one of the fastest sinking a city in the world because of that the 13 rivers that pass through jakarta 2 of
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the big ones include river and she says that in river cannot properly drain to the java sea the indonesian disaster agency says the rains and rising rivers have submerged at least 90 neighborhood flooding is common in jakarta this is month soon season and forecasters say more downpours are on their way it's got harder al-jazeera sudan's government is promising swift justice softer a mass killing in western down $400.00 softly in the region days after the murder of $36.00 people at a camp for internally displaced people the un accuses arab tribesmen of indiscriminately firing at civilians senior government and military leaders have traveled to the scene to try to revive talks with the rebel groups. there's been reaction across it and most notably in khartoum where protestors accuse the raf and support forces of involvement in the attacks a powerful paramilitary group has long been blamed for atrocities in the region and
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. this incident should not go unpunished and we must learn lessons from the past setbacks and flaws however we should not jump to conclusions before the investigations are concluded in any events we should not blame all our problems on others we believe it is an internal issue and any person aiming to drive a wedge between us acting in the dark pulling the strings through phones and chatting applications in order to climb to the seat of power at the expense of our peoples lives we will be able to bring this to an end. you've heard about the region of darfur for a long time now so let's have some a closer look at what has happened they going back to 2003 when 2 ethnic groups launched a rebellion against the government former president on one of the shia created the so-called militia to suppress the uprising there it is the judge agreed accused of war crimes in
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a conflict that displaced millions of people years later the generated joined sudan's military as the rapid support forces which you've more recently heard about here is he's a senior policy advisor on sudan at the enough project joining us on skype from west orange county in new jersey thank you for your time. this particular attack in western darfur who do you think is involved because as we say the u.n. is talking about arab tribesmen being involved while all the people in khartoum protesting are saying it's for what was previously the. this directionally i mean and respect for west sago mine and individual incident with the killing of. them by a colleague he thinks he knew games there who happened to be. so little to many crime that we don't we can gain if the forty's when you look at the front
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investigation of the time however it really is going to infer situation on the bench killings in morning north side some on one side of the last serious not a killing spree or care and the amount from what i'm hearing from. sources i'm lookin out of step commander however there is no indication in these testimonies of him was leaving when asked if a sunni and i was a force but was awol in the kitty commander appeared to have. armed the prosecutor at least and raunch them at that. come from there what displays killing people indiscriminately torching houses on markets on forcing thousands that flee the dampening mention of the city itself really the whole darfur situation it's never been properly dealt with has that we have we've just gone into
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2020 and it started way back in 2003 now so many killed so many displaced and never properly resolved. it's how libya is on because for 30 years these 2 are this policy and that's what do. you not to be exploited in the genesis for a so why the purpose of something that a new president i'm going to miss you now really do have a new political dispensation in sudan we're not alone that's of the result of perseverance people who many who show on what it once was against this you do get this government is in place for the last 4 months is our leave and it took no real challenges to do this for all the ills that know that you have done by a lot izing. and choosing sides arming of selectively and spreading this nary a lot of tensions among the know can we do you think and tell him or do you think 4
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is on there or high on their priority list i know there's so much happening in sudan and it's still about forming a stable government in the end but are they concentrating and enough on darfur. they're of course interesting enough and therefore because we know he's shooting a comprehensive peace agreement when they're not for our own rooms is a top priority for the government and they have no because they're so and there are a few schip program however the need to refocus attention on that social piece in that form nice to see if you can sign in the field for communities and that's who among each other because 30 years have really put out in these communities and that a human machine has from other of the was weapons but done so selectively was a life lived only and living in the other's easy prey from those so many shunned that it's hard to left and right now i'm on my attacks so easily.
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but this has to be done to a process of their ship that i didn't have a consummation among therefore lives i'm given top priority in the 6 for some i'm asking q.'s in their food and in sudan up much sentiment joining us from new jersey ready to appreciate your time thank you thank you. now interpol has issued a red notice alert for the former chairman carlos cohn requesting authorities in lebanon to detain him was on bail in japan for financial misconduct charges which he denies despite being on the heavy surveillance in tokyo you managed to leave the country after which police raided his home in tokyo that was on thursday the key here is that japan does not have an extradition treaty with lebanon. to 50 of them to the general prosecution will not stay idle with this red notice the experts legal parag and specialty i suppose the general prosecution will fully implement
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the notice and that includes summoning him and listening to his testimony and then if there are measures to be taken out then they will be taken. in a statement go insists he didn't have help escaping from japan saying he organized it alone. reporting for us from beirut and says go in has actually been widely supported in lebanon. it's really unclear at this stage what exactly is going to happen next now we've spoken to legal experts here who tell us that well it's assumed right now that basically this red notice is going to go 1st to the general prosecutor that then the general prosecutor will have to study the case will then have to make a decision as to how to proceed whether or not to actually bring in mr go in or not to and only after that happens will they really proceed so it really sounds like this is not something that's going to happen in just a day or 2 there were remarks made a few hours ago also by the justice minister albert said how he said that while
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lebanon is going to respect its international obligations mr going did enter this country legally there are stories being written a lot of rumors a lot of speculation as to where exactly this should go in as many of the people assembled here believe he is in this house many of the people here believe he is in another part of the country there have been rumors in local media that he has met with officials but none of that has been officially confirmed it's interesting to note that all through the travails of mr goh in the past couple of years that politicians across the political spectrum and this is a very divided political spectrum here in lebanon politicians across the political spectrum have continued to vociferously support mr goh and often times in the past several years because mr going is so respected by these politicians many people have said that he should come back here they should help solve 11 an economic crisis and perhaps one day he should run for office here. is with us now professor of international affairs and diplomacy at the noted i'm university in lebanon
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professor nice to have you with us 1st thing i want to clear up is just the terminology here into paul is showing a red notice alicia it sounds very dramatic exactly what does it end. no it's according to international agreement and if it is is an alert sent of particular individual to be arrested by other countries and countries which are members of interpol which are more than $180.00 countries and international system are supposed to by by that's one but there are a lot of the. rest of a particular wanted individual by interpol is related to whether or not that country which is calling for his arrest has. agreement or treaty with the host country but. people who are wanted in this case there is no
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agreement no official agreement between lebanon and japan too much surely hand. wanted people that's 12. lebanon does not have. is national. to affording country unless it is a case of a felony so even if there were. between lebanon and japan on what you really. want to do people. that is no felony here as it is government would not 'd would not be inclined to hand. individuals such as mr. possum to the japanese a sort of lot of days sorry i'm going to interrupt you as long as he stays in lebanon he should be ok because he's got all these other ties and got french and brazilian passports i think his wife is american he's truly international
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businessmen but lebanon should keep him safe. absolutely and he was about. to get that american citizenship too because of his wife but he now has or only citizenship lebanese the brazilian and french passport. so but actually. that was also see as our countries and us. did not. need to seek to help much mr watson over the past 14 months 'd of primarily lebannon took this task upon itself and to one degree or another to as far as brazil we haven't heard much from the brazilian government or to put it to decades of mr watson in japan or with the japanese or sort of the but there definitely is that lebanese are sort it is
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a foreign minister the presidency very much but this as a priority to scenes that mr carlos watson get fair treatment fair justice and on the face of it mr porson is accused of some financial problems in no other and no country no european country no us western country. measures are taken to address some other leads and to put a person in jail indefinitely so it seems or under house arrest order and destruction put on indefinite the period of time until his trial comes the 1st trial was supposed to be next. april april 20th 20 but it was a very much believe it in no japanese are sort of. days that i read into it one thing one thing i want to write i don't know what. in this
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case is a few $1000000.00 tax return is that when i'm out. 'd properly handled by mr porson i just heard today from attacks on my son and i mean i'm australia saying i'm going to interrupt let me finish i spoke very quickly. betty and then nationally known as specialist on taxes and it's his saying that. when i look like mr watson he does not do is that accident by himself it is as out of people who do it so it is made the maybes of some of those functionaries who have done so stuck to the donors but that issue by itself to 'd hand somehow to justice on purpose and that's to watch joining us from lebanon today thank you so much for your time to appreciate it. a belgian judge has suspended an arrest warrant meanwhile for the catalan separatist leader carlos pushed him on to spain
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which a month led to belgium after a failed bid for catalan independence and 2017 the spanish supreme court issued an arrest order against him but now a judge has ruled that pushed him on status as a member of the european parliament actually grounds him immunity and he will still have you on this news hour listen relate to the thousands in australia would push fines continue to rage and the conditions are only getting worse and sport is ready to defend to china all but will may only be flying high. hello again welcome back to international weather forecasts well unfortunately going to see more rain here across the eastern med over the next few days this is been an ongoing trend this this week as well as last week and as we go towards next week we expect to see another storm taking shape i want to show what we do expect
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to see here on friday more rain more heavy rain across much of the area we're talking about an area of low pressure that is really spinning and not moving too much there's no atmospheric flow to actually get it out of there heavy rain is expected across much of israel up here towards turkey as well snow in the higher elevations tempter wise expect to see those temperatures come down from friday into saturday so for damascus only single digits there at 9 as well as jerusalem about 9 degrees few as well well for the other coast of egypt as well as into libya you will be affected by that same storm it is going to be the winds rain across the coastal areas as we go towards the next couple of days and you can see benghazi it's going to be a windy day few with a temperature of about 14 degrees here on friday and for cairo only getting to about 60 degrees we do expect to see the rain towards the north probably alexandria will be seeing the rain as well down towards us one it is going to be a chilly day but sunny day. with a temperature of 15 degrees and then down here across parts of capetown well you can be seeing a nice day of the next 3 days where the temperature of 24 in johannesburg warm at
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30. or. more than 10 years after the global financial crisis you've taken home more than $480000000.00 your company is now bankrupt our economy is in the state of crisis of a very basic question really this is where millions lost their homes in the u.s. . who's held responsible i will be fabulously wealthy and i will not pay any price for it thank you or the man who still looms on al-jazeera. network to al-jazeera english since its launch as a principal presenter and as a correspondent with any breaking news story in the world to hear from those people who would normally not get the voices heard on the international news channel one moment i'll be very proud all for us when we cover a new poll of quake 2050 a terrible natural disaster and the story that needed to be told from the heart of
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the affected area to be then to tell the people story was very important at the time. on the news on here at al-jazeera these are the top stories turkey's parliament has voted to send troops to support the un backed government in libya to one year mandate and allows the government to decide the scale of the offensive against warlord qatif a half. brace israel in cyprus have signed a multi-billion dollar pipeline agreement which is an all that's with turkey and libya's plans in the same area the pipeline would run from israel's offshore gas reserves across to the greek mainland. and sudan's government is promising swift
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justice softer a mass killing in western darfur hundreds of fleeing the region days after the murder of $36.00 people at a camp for internally displaced people. now austria's conservative leader says his policies deal with the greens will offer quote the best of both worlds maryanne demasi and the team in london the following the story for us hi mary. that's right some bullish remarks there from sebastian coe said the both partners could keep their election promises as his new partner announced flight price hikes and a plan to make the country carbon neutral by 2040 this will be the 1st time the greens it will be in government and it marks a swing to the left for the people's party leader whose last coalition was with the far right freedom party that was in 2017 well that government collapsed in may after journalists revealed secret video freedom party leader heinz christian struck
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a offering government contracts in return for campaign support what country then had a snap election in september kurtz's people party retained support but only announced a deal with the greens late on wednesday so it's taken some time to get to this point i am now joined by tessa she's a political analyst in vienna is this an alliance that makes sense to you the conservatives joining forces with the greens is it going to be a stable long lasting coalition. well i think certainly falls apart let's hope that this government can last us and that it is not the qualities and ask 2 parties which are close to each other logically it's more driven by metric that us to and so wanted to keep the fire i treated part get out of out of government this time after the last kurdish and so disastrously collapsed after 18
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months and for the green party it's also a big success story to come into government they only got 14 percent of the vote share an october so for them it's a big success and sébastien collapse the prime minister is trying to so now. that he can actually that's friends that. we really need here on a new car so hard. topics like. grayson and that my article it's problem. right because it was a bastion currents in these coalition talks managed to obtain concessions he well he basically gets to appear tough as he can crack down on immigration and will head scarves in the country so he gets to extend that ban how is that going to go down
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with green party support as. well the green party chief manacor let's say this afternoon to present that the coalition patched that there is a compromise and it's fair mix. in especially on immigration for the green party and their voters to rate that wasn't high at this hour who people are really i mean you disappointed about a few things that are in this coalition there is however and we just think wind especially on the question of the band for headscarves year 14 schools that some off the left being feminist t.m. 10 who is voting for the great party it is not totally i'm happy about the fact that school system is trying to give girls the steam chance then boys to attend school when it's up to the words that are considered to be.
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missed this is not this is a special atmosphere in the last year and this is sort of considered possible and progressive stance not only sent a 4 week conservative starts there's a big difference between the austrian opinion in this point and then it could describe would be which is much more new girl and coming to a different points of view or different religious groups and also expressing. the personal treat them of people to where i'm not wear headscarves thank you very much . joining us there from vienna appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us. now after delays extensions and uncertainty u.k. looks set to leave the e.u. at the end of the month but prime minister barak's johnson still faces a number of challenges particularly when it comes to the u.k.'s future relationship with here opinion reports. as restoration work
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goes on to the outside of britain's houses of parliament a comprehensive renewal has taken place inside boris johnson's landslide election victory means legislation for the u.k.'s long awaited withdrawal from the european union is well on its way to being approved that leaves ratification by the e.u. parliament to allow brics it to happen at the end of january with a transition period to follow meaning little change on the ground until at least the end of next year for governments in and after years of tough often acrimonious negotiations it is possible that 2020 will see britain's exit from the european union become law but don't expect that to be the end of the brig's it train through here in brussels due. to inside institutions new commission president. says she's keen to preserve good relations with the united kingdom in negotiations
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to come over the future relationship but ill you interests will always come 1st and i think the danger in terms of relations is that. things get pretty tense between the 2 sides with the pressure from the u.k. side to get things done very quickly and the new side saying that's just not feasible unless you're willing to you know do things our way prime minister johnson insists a trade deal can and must be struck by the end of 2020 with no extension here in brussels you know people who are veterans of this kind of process with other countries you know say it takes much longer a year of more negotiating readline. rhetoric and brinkmanship lies ahead and back in london the prospect that by next december britain once again risks reaching no deal with the e.u. the one thing that we do know about premise is that he's put it. quite obvious red lines is manifest in no single market no persons union no row fear of pink
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which just says washer lot to support it but the other thing we know from breast cancer patients so far is it can be flexible when he sees a deal in sight promises broken ultimatums reversed the undeliverable delivered in 2020 then expect the unexpected jonah hole al-jazeera london and with breaks it looming a new survey of business center that shows the u.k. economy stagnated in the last 3 months of 2019 report found protracted weakness across most economic indicators so general weak less across the economy paul brown reports from london the chambers of commerce survey is the biggest of its kind in the u.k. and involves an online study of $96.00 and a half 1000 companies in mid november then the service sector which accounts for 80 percent of u.k. economic activity the balance of firms reporting increased domestic sales fell from
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plus 15 in the 3rd quarter to plus 11 in the 4th quarter and those reporting increased domestic orders also fell from plus 9 to plus 6 there was better news in the manufacturing sector though. the balance of manufacturing firms which reported increased domestic sales rose from 0 in the 3rd quarter to plus 4 in the 4th quarter and those that reported increases in domestic orders went from minus 7 to minus one and that's an increase but it's still the 1st time since 2011 we've had 2 consecutive negative quarters of course a general election happened in the middle of that q 4 period returning a pro breck said government pledging to blow away the previous uncertainty and unleash a tidal wave of investment and that message has been reiterated by the prime minister in his new year's statement. there is an incredible future ahead for this country let's make this the moment when we put the divisions behind us let's come together
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and go forward with confidence into the 20 it's an exhilarating decade of growth prosperity and opportunity and there are signs that the prime minister is relentless optimism is having an impact on public sentiment a yugo poll for the times newspaper found that 20 percent of people expect their financial situation to improve over the next 12 months that's up from 13 percent a year ago but 27 percent expect the financial situation to worsen nevertheless that's down from 40 percent 12 months ago well that's the sentiment but what is the actual data well official figures released last month showed 0 growth in g.d.p. for the 3 months to october of last year nevertheless the bank of england predicted that growth would double from one percent last year to 2 percent by the year 2022 is one certainty in predictions they're not always certain or predictable. that's
9:45 pm
it for london for now i'll have more for you later let's get back to come and merriam thank you relief supplies have arrived for thousands of australians stranded in fire ravaged areas in south wales and victoria the 2 states which are hardest hit us as our report. 4000 destroyers were forced onto the beach and stranded here for 3 days now how has arrived for the victorian town of mela cooter the navy ferry people out by the only route possible this ship masked in the smoky haze at the moment we're moving people way up or see if the smart clear if will be able to get aircraft into melich her to towards the still not transportation of people out of there as well when you want to they have a narrow window or high temperatures and strong winds are forecast for australia's southeast on saturday in new south wales fire and rescue has advised her to leave and residents to prepare for extreme fires in the shaded areas from batemans bay
9:46 pm
south to the victorian border a 250 kilometer distance down the coast and another block inland i think the big thing that we've got on the wide the moment is it's the largest mass rely cashen of people out of the region that we're going to sign and people are going have to the rights people are queuing up to get into petrol stations through traffic is navigates for really have to go to help them to get out of the thousands heeded the advice to leave batemans bay and drive north towards sydney many with nothing left to save but themselves and a house is gone it's completely burnt and yesterday morning to show. we went out there that the block that we were on has been burned from one side or the other does not apply to grass on it there's nothing left. about $1300.00 homes have been destroyed in new south wales since the fire season began in october it's been a record breaking year the fires arrived earlier. and with more fury the normal
9:47 pm
straight in prime minister scott morrison counted claims as a consequence of manmade climate change that was no doubt natural disasters turned that was angry because that's what i up by our natural disasters what was saying is we have we cannot control the next will disaster but what we can do is control our response. is a trying to control the risk by destroying the bush 1st back burning to create natural firebreaks residents prepared to those choosing to stay gathered supply and fuel for generations and pumps if the when trying to recruit in fact brought everyone on my hands from the knife is going to die my family can't bear the burden they remember further up the right from a say you know it by sickly. model these residents restocking preparing to face the finest. ballasts al-jazeera. cricket tennis and basketball coming up
9:48 pm
in the sport in just a moment that i've been with all right steve. or
9:49 pm
. already. some of mexico's darkest moments are on display now in the capital in the form of what some are calling anti monuments and memorials highlights a variety of social ills forced disappearances to violence against women. has been having. mexico's capital is home to numerous iconic monuments commemorating the
9:50 pm
country's pre-columbian past and modern history mingled in with mexico's historic memorials however are other unofficial monuments. erected by activists these anti monuments serve to remind passers by of the mexican government's mishandling of recent tragedies if they are there they could be at dia of creating anti monument is a desperately painful cry from the population it says our truth is here it exists and it will be erased by the authorities that's what i'm time monuments are. one of the most visible anti monuments is dedicated to 43 students who went missing from a one in mexico in 2013 in attempted cover up of the incident by government officials sparked massive protests and out of those demonstrations came this memorial placed right in the middle of downtown mexico city. omar gets a survivor and witness to the tragedy says the case of the 43 students remains one of the most emblematic in recent memory i mean significant. for me this is
9:51 pm
a reminder to the authorities who have not solved the problem after more than 5 years are reminded to mexican society because cases of forced disappearances number in the thousands and they should not be forgotten. over the past few years anti monuments have been popping up in your highly transited areas this one was placed outside the national fine arts museum in early 2019 and calls for action against gender based violence a widespread problem in mexico curiously enough city officials haven't taken down these clandestine memorials put on with. legally monuments shouldn't be where they are but it would be a contradiction to remove them anti monuments are themselves a former protest this is a form of expression. outside the mexican stock exchange another unofficial memorial stands in plain sight a monument to 65 coal miners who were killed in 2006 the mexican government has until recently refused to recover the bodies. up the road another sculpture calls
9:52 pm
attention to 49 children who were killed in a fire at a government run daycare in 2009 to this day there's been no accountability over the incident there are a total of 6 of these so-called anti monuments found in different parts of mexico city this one in front of the national social security offices for activists and family members of the memorialize anti monuments don't only represent tragedy there are calls for justice and read up on the mexico city. as promised here's paul race with the support from all thank you very much david stern the man credited with transforming the fortunes of america basketball has died at the age of 77 his 30 years as commissioner of the n.b.a. have been remembered by the players he helped to turn into global icons robots and reports of 6. rich let's see and global today's u.s. national basketball league is very different to the controversy rattled games struggling to find fans. when lawyer david stern joined the n.b.a.
9:53 pm
in 1978 stern had already cemented his n.b.a. credibility by steering his client through a landmark merger while freeing players to negotiate contracts with anyone by 980 stern controlled national basketball's marketing television and public relations. screen you can literally bill. stern introduced drug testing after the n.b.a. was forced to admit players had been using cocaine he kept salary so smaller n.b.a. franchises didn't have to struggle to pay players and he focused worldwide media attention on players like magic johnson michael jordan and kobe bryant whose dazzling styles pulled in t.v. audiences don't know how many people believe in it with him or thought it was something that can be done but he made his game global. this game is washing over
9:54 pm
200 countries 200000 from in 20 countries 250 countries around the world despite his calm demeanor stern is said to have an explosive temper it was criticized for handing down tough punishments for their lives he introduced a dress code banning n.b.a. players from wearing certain items including headphones sleeveless shirts chaves and shorts some said the code was racist because it seemed to target black players who liked hip hop music. but throughout david stern's 30 years at the n.b.a. helm his supporters consistently outnumbered his critics it's been david stern retired as the n.b.a.'s longest serving commissioner in 2014 life is a journey you know and it's been a spectacular journey the n.b.a. as current commissioner adam silver has praised david stern's vision generosity and inspiration but many say his true legacy is his determination to turn american basketball and its stars into
9:55 pm
a global phenomenon rob matheson al-jazeera the league's most valuable player of last year the compo has made a perfect start to 2020 he was in great form again as the milwaukee bucks proved too good for the minnesota timberwolves the greek star scoring 32 points in the 11604 victory his 30th double double of the season that takes the bucs winning streak to 4 games they're still riding high at the top of the eastern conference standings. australian sports stars are using upcoming events in the country to raise money for those affected by bushfires tennis player nick carious is $1.00 of them he will donate $140.00 for every ace he serves in the a.t.p. cup. in the summer when it's very tragic what's going on especially with my camera being under a business model you know the most hazardous mike in the world the most sort of. everything is going you know i'm sure they're always going to be happening on it's
9:56 pm
been a pretty tough time for a lot of them i just state of the country and you know especially this time of the year when everything you know living in the christmas and the new year should be a happy time for these families and a lot of these people are doing a pretty tough out there so i think all of us feel young like would like to help in some way. you know tennis and especially tennis a striker i think in the possible ways might an effort to try and put things together and you know we've got a massive platform. japan's niamey osaka has a 3rd grand slam title in his sights in australia on thursday she was flying high in brisbane before how much is at the w.t. a tournament there in 2 weeks she'll defend her australian open title in melbourne it's my home slam because it's. but also new york is my home slim because i live there so i guess i'm a lot of like really good feeling and i think i play well what i have been feeling . cricket australia say they're monitoring the conditions in sydney out of the final test against new zealand smike from nearby bushfires has been affecting
9:57 pm
practice sessions at the ground meanwhile in south africa at the house are preparing for the 2nd test with england in cape town the proteas lead the series and are expecting a fight back from the tourists. and they'll be a breaking point somewhere in the states much and hopefully we can be just holding a little bit longer because we aren't expected to come and come really hard some of the toss their team that's very. very strong taste team and they are very hungry to put in performances too to prove a lot of people wrong expect are expecting a good fight from the nest as much. england's preparations have been hit by injury worries captain joe riggs is sweating over the fitness of batsman rory burns who lived out of a football match during practice start fastball is struggling with an elbow injury . but for now i'll be back a bit like trunk full thanks so much for that and thank you for joining us for this news hour on al-jazeera the headlines are about to see reduction home in maryanne
9:58 pm
demasi in the team hour long from london and looks. at. the last time you were out on the streets protesting whether on line you feel the weight of the system when you walk through each and every level board layer further and further into the jail or if you join us on say entry has to start from day one whether again you and attention or your own participants this is a dialogue everyone has a voice for there are studies that support our coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation on how to
9:59 pm
0. driven by outrage and spanning generations the real hinge of demonstrators gathered on the very day a widely criticised repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh and me and more was to begin the anger was all too apparent and the fear was palpable if you don't like we're so afraid that if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back 10 and the day after tomorrow they'll send back 20 if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back. we would go back on our own we must remember the range of among the most persecuted minorities in the world. the world it's a series of ceremonies parties some feast we might know when they begin but not. in the silence extravagant wedding service markers of social status but this lavish celebration. no one ever held this wedding ceremony.
10:00 pm
and its budget is all still extraordinary the grand marriage on algis the. 6 turkey's parliament approved sending troops to libya to shore up the un backed government in tripoli. i'm maryam namazie this is al jazeera live from london also coming up bushfires continue to rage across southeast australia as mass evacuation orders a sent out and a state of emergency is declared. flood sweep through indonesia's capital forcing thousands of people from the hours and leaving behind a try.


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