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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 3, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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by. the way that you tell that story is what can make a difference. hello i'm maryanne demasi you're watching the news hour live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes turkey's parliament approved sending troops to libya to shore up the un backed government in the capital tripoli. bushfires continue to rage across southeast australia as a mass evacuation order is a set of towns and a state of emergency is declared. flood sweep through indonesia's capital forcing thousands of people from their homes leaving behind a trail of destruction. on pole recent doha with the sports liberal
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dreams of the stars of the basketball world pay tribute to david stern the man who built the modern game. flow and welcomes the news out top story tuckey's parliament has authorized the government to deploy troops to libya to support the un recognized government the move paves the way for further military cooperation between ankara and tripoli but opposition party say it could exacerbate the conflict president trump also warned president against any foreign interference in libya we're going to doa reports now from ankara. alone i'm spitted to debate the turkish government for the cutter that the bill gives an initial told month monday for the deployment of troops to libya which it gives the president the freedom to decide the scope. of the deployment. debate on the motion was highly divisive you're
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trying to do all repair kosher for you your biggest success is using the refugees as a threat to europe now you negotiating with that because you've nothing else now it's time for libya turkey is stuck in the eastern mediterranean you've made serious mistakes in your foreign policy and now you want to send soldiers to libya and this is your last desperate attempt. jan to sydney libya requested this military deployment from turkey it has historical and cultural bonds to turkey and we could not be silent following this call this is not the 1st request and it has been done before during the hit a debate on the motion opposition pull him and tell us cautioned against turkey rushing into what they called them not keep quagmire that the civil war in libya is they said the country is yet to recover from its military intervention in neighboring syria but there are voices of dissent walked quickly drowned by the
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bolting power in parliament of the ruling party and its affiliate the amateur be the turkish government assists it has a moral responsibility to aid the un to cognize government in libya against forces aligned with warlord holly for half that but they are turkish interest at stake too beneath president adorns military cooperation agreement with libya analysts say is a desire to position tekkie to explore for oil and gas in the eastern mediterranean off the coast of cyprus in competition with greece cyprus egypt and israel. a recent agreement on this problem and of an exclusive economic zone in cyprus on a pipeline to transport natural gas to europe by other mediterranean nations has isolated turkey. us hunt has since been strengthened by the military cooperation deal and a separate one of the maritime boundary agreement it signed with libya which gives turkey greater influence in the eastern mediterranean sea. but that drew on got
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from across the region and beyond moments after the bill was passed egypt condemned take his libya plan saying it could destabilize the region and called on the international community to respond on a list high about redoubles targets in the position of critics of the turkish plan why they were not alarmed. gen job militia from of darfur. were in white it 2 from libya by hostile groups why they were not alarmed by russian wagnerian mercenaries there during turkey is sists it's on the right side of history and now seems set to send its troops to leave. unka. mahmud on to wirehead has more now from tripoli and says the people of libya have already paid a high price for the fighting. civil categories of the village b. and society politicians officials at the government of the parliament in the west
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of the country they have will come the decision by the parliament to deploy troops to libya to fight along with the forces the word to the u n about the government of national award to. the military offensive on the capital tripoli by forces loyal to the war lord. have to we know that the government of national accord is determined to move on with this military agreement with 30 the government says that it's libya's legitimate institution and it has a right to strike deals with other government as long as those deals are signed in terms of international law the government also said that since half those forces have been recruiting medicine and health is not recognized by the international community then the government has tried to defend itself and to defend the capital
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against what it calls the military aggression by have to his forces the government says that part of the reason why it has signed this agreement with turkey is that it wants to protect civilians in the city and there in tripoli there has been heavy price since the beginning of this military offensive over $1500.00 people have been killed including. civilians women and children and about 140000 people have been forced out of their homes because of the fighting military commanders on the ground with a government of national called say that they are expecting that have to his forces are going to retaliate or the act to their approval of this agreement by intensifying their military operations in southern tripoli. where our senior political analyst marwan bashara says turkey's involvement in the libyan conflict could hasten the process of finding a diplomatic solution. certainly it will help tripoli withstand any such offensive
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that's coming and that's been coming for the last several months it's sort of interesting that the ward has predicted several times that he will be winning the battle of tripoli but it never actually materialized and yet by some estimates his forces already control some 80 percent of the libyan territory thanks to the support as we've mentioned before of egypt the united arab emirates saudi arabia and others look i am not surprised that a dictator like sisi with 60000 political prisoners or a regime like the emirates and saudi arabia would make a public statement in one way and then covertly support a warlord in libya france and italy to be appeasing a warlord that everyone knows is anything but a democrat i think it's appeasement more than think us look at all remember that
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unlike syria libya is an oil producing country and since the intervention in libya and it was on in libya that the west intervened back in 2012 simply because it is an oil rich country and now they're trying to pre-position themselves in a way that they would be on the winning side so that if after got for bids takes over the country they would have their oil interest covered now turkey went into the game late but i think indispensable in the sense that it will make sure that the battle for libya does not go to the wrong side certainly not the wrong side of history for that sense and that the process towards a diplomatic solution is sped by having a more balance between benghazi and tripoli. so turkey's decision decision on this trip deployment comes as the leaders of israel greece and cyprus signed a multi-billion dollar pipeline deal that could decrease europe's reliance on
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russian gas the east med pipeline as it's known will tap gas reserves from israel's offshore levant basin and carry it to the greek island of crete then the pipeline joins the greek mainland and runs to italy it could provide the european union with 10 percent of its natural gas needs. well to our other top story this hour in australia tens of thousands of residents and tourists have been ordered to evacuate in the face of devastating bushfires in the states of new south wales and victoria 9 people have died in the country's southeast this week with 17 people still missing warren chalons reports. helicopter gives a bird's eye view down into was straight easy. but. people can get far away from these far from anyone that's not trying to put the flames out these foreign fighters have a narrow escape this evening we call. the police line up. despite an orange
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wall of searing heat duty until their truck when we were in the in the thick of it we thought this could be it it was wrong why we. noted. greeting the hated it different ways australia's prime minister scott morrison. had pulled up to the bank to help out not that sam doesn't have a lot of money but we have the gold makes the prime minister not touring the town of cobol go in new south wales he got this reception. now you know you really are going to get anybody anybody with an obscene gestures followed him as he left and watch this firefighter. refusing to shake the hand of morris and i came to visit the fire station got my understand the very strong feelings people have that i've lost everything and that there is still you know some very dangerous days ahead after 3 days stranded on the beach at monaco
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the navy and now evacuating 4000 people by boat it's the only possible route out at the moment we're moving people way up or i see if this my cleve will be obligated aircraft into melaka to to assist in that transportation of people out of there as well when they have a narrow window high temperatures and strong winds a full cost for australia's southeast on saturday people in several parts of victoria and new south wales have been told to get out i think the big thing that we've got on the wide the mime it is it's the largest mass rely cashen of people out of the region that will give a sign and people are going have to be posh and on the rides that people are queuing up to get into petrol stations through traffic is navigates for the better horse will be given to. thousands heeded the advice to leave batemans bay driving north toward sydney many with nothing to save but themselves. our house is gone it's completely burnt we found it yesterday morning for sure. we went out there the
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block that we were on has been burned from one side of the other there's not a blade of grass on it there's nothing left it's been a record breaking year for australian forest fires so they began earlier than usual in september at least 18 people have died 1300 homes have been destroyed 5000000 hectares have been burned and there's much more of this hot summer left rory talent's al-jazeera. but we're now joined by thomas knew some his in sydney thomas is an ecologist who researches the impact of climate change on wildlife extent extinction but i 1st wanted to ask you about what we've seen already so far this bushfire season fatalities many injuries and more people losing their homes than ever before do you see this already devastating situation getting much worse in the coming days and weeks yes and these are really unprecedented conditions that a struggle you know has facing we haven't seen
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a fire season like this for you know as long as people can remember and certainly it is breaking records on a day to day basis these fires are hot are moving quicker even the modeling can't predict how quick these fires are moving through the landscape obviously we have a a regular fire season here but the fire sees a nap is now much more extended we're only part way into that fire season and so these conditions are only going to continue and potentially get worse and even in the next few days there's another heat wave that is expected to come through and cause potentially catastrophic conditions for many people who are in the you know needless fire on us what are your thoughts on the government's response are they prepared for this. i think it's very hard to prepare for these
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conditions certainly the real fire service has done a remarkable job with the resources that they have to minimize damage to properties and and minimize the loss of loss of life. looking at the response to these fires a lot of the efforts of basically just come back to saving properties and lives and these fires are burning so quickly through the forest that most of the efforts that we would normally do in terms of you know back burning putting in containment lines a lot of those efforts a few tie up a slow down this fire front that continues to move across much of the bush land across the east coast of australia right so the norm here is going to be that the fire season starts earlier it last longer and that it we're going to see a greater intensity to it of course you research the impact all this has on plants
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and animals what are your fears for wildlife and biodiversity loss. sure well our ecosystem has evolved with fire it can cope with fire but it can cope with really extreme fires that literally wiped everything out a colleague of mine at the university of sydney professor chris dickman made a back of the envelope calculation based on some land clearing data that around 480000000 mammals birds and reptiles have potentially being killed through these fires as a war in diaries is not just you know what happens when the fire started through it's what the flow on effects are and one of the potentially devastating effects could be that the in basic predators that we have in australia such as the red fox and feral cats who are already been implicated in around 25 extinction events
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but they basically move into these fire pick that areas and our native animals have very little refuge or vegetation to escape predation effect by these introduced predators that are already causing devastating impacts. surely it does not have a good record for 4 you know magic managing its native biodiversity we have the highest extinction right in the world for mammals we've lost 30 mammals to extinction over the last 200 years that's hard the world mammal extinctions in our backyards and when we see these devastating large scale hot fires coming through combined with the effects of predation after those fires have gone through you know i really fear for the survival of many of the native animals and plants
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and misses them is a wiring impact on the environment thank you very much and you know that's just an ecologist thomas newsome joining us. thank you. it would the news out live from london and much more still ahead a public outcry following the deaths of as many as a 1000 infants at a hospital in the indian state run just on a. 1000000 people already displaced in central african republic and the total could only getting larger they say here. and then later it's 40 mph most valuable player sets his sights on making 2020 over his channel calling on that story and much. more now at least 30 people have been killed in flash floods and landslides in indonesia 18 hours of heavy rain cools rivers to bust the banks submerging parts of the capital jakarta and the surrounding areas and tens of thousands of people have
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been taken to temporary shelters scott heiler reports. the heaviest rainfall in more than a decade has caused deaths and flooding in jakarta and surrounding areas in west java the rain began on tuesday night in triggered landslides on the city's outskirts indonesia's meteorology department has called the rain very extreme nearly 20000 people were stranded as the carters domestic airport was shut down after its runway became submerged all of also get that you know i mean but when the rainy season comes we already know what it will be like so if the water flow is fast we have to move our stuff and evacuate immediately but usually the water level is not this high i get out eating the floods came without any warning it was not anticipated and we were not paired up people have drowned and others have died from hypothermia or been electrocuted as power supplies were damaged by the flooding. thousands were forced to evacuate their homes crews are pumping out flooded areas
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and rescuing those who are stranded. has been said by many experts is one of the fastest sinking a city in the world because of that the 13 rivers that cost steward's a carda to the big ones include river and she says that in river cannot properly drain to the java sea the indonesian disaster agency says the rains and rising rivers have submerged at least 90 neighborhood flooding is common in jakarta this is month soon season and forecasters say more downpours are on their way it's got harder al-jazeera taiwan's military chief and 7 other people have been killed in a helicopter crash gen shani making and other officials were travelling to visit troops in the northeast when the helicopter crashed in a mountainous area near the capital taipei oh it certainly has. a tangled mess of metal and this is where the blackhawk helicopter came down in
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a mountainous area near taipei it was flying from the capital to the northeastern city of iran but it lost contact shortly after takeoff. a soon as the helicopter disappeared from writer to black hawk helicopters took off from song sang airport to the saw it soldiers from the lang young military command were also dispatched to search and rescue. the defense ministry says it set up a task force to investigate the coast there were 13 people on board among the dead is taiwan's military chief general shen. he was responsible for overseeing the island's defense against china which considers taiwan as its own territory and has threatened to use military force to take back control of taiwan holds presidential and parliamentary elections on january 11th and the president chai ing when is seeking a 2nd term
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a political analyst says the military chiefs death will likely impact the campaign talking points once the carriage return to campaigning i think we'll see presidents i emphasized she has been a supporter of the military and she's been a supporter of increased military spending and the other side will probably look away to criticize for example by saying yeah you spend more money on the military but you're not spending it correctly you're not spending it on an update as for example that'll probably be talking boyd from the other sag there have been a number of incidents involving black hawk helicopters in recent years the latest was in 2018 when a black hawk crashed off taiwan's east coast killing the 6 people on board florence lee al-jazeera. as many as a 1000 infants have died at a hospital in the indian state of raw just on over the last year a report into conditions there found a shortage of working medical equipment including ventilators and resuscitation
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machines cell raman reports now from new delhi. the death of a child to any family is devastating but when the community experiences the deaths of children in their turns hundreds and nearly a 1000 you can imagine that rocks not just a community but a country to its core and yet again we're hearing news that in the city of daraa which is in the southeast of the state of raja stan as many as a 1000 babies have died during 2019 and the reason that it's now hit public attention in the media is because the sitting m.p. for. happens to be the speaker of the lower house of parliament his name is he has actually highlighted the fact that the situation in state hospitals is not good enough and that this peak in december of 100 babies dying in court resembles the horrific nature of previous medical disasters we've heard about in malda between
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20112038 in west bengal where nearly 320 babies died and then also in. 2017 where oxygen tanks were empty leading towards the neonatal department led to the deaths of $63.00 babies these public outcry about why the state health system is in such distress is ongoing debate the health minister. has said that he wants an inquiry or will assist the state of raj start in anything that it needs and of course we wait and see what the outcome of that help will be all of any inquiry into why so many babies have died in southeastern rajastan. at least 4 people have died following attacks on a refugee camp in sudan's west darfur region the u.n. spokesperson says arab tribes men arrived at the camp and started shooting killing and burning the latest incident in a wave of ethnic violence that's left up to 40 people dead in the past few days and
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many more fleeing their homes by stuff or has been generally calm since 2010 but ethnic tensions have resurfaced there in recent years and a military transport plane has crashed in west awful killing 18 people an army spokesperson says 4 children are among the dead the plane was taking off from an airbase in allegheny in the west of in the capital in the capital of west off for now aid agencies are warning that the humanitarian crisis in the central african republic will get even worse this year they say ongoing violence and last year's devastating floods of forced thousands of people from their homes and that's on top of the more than a 1000000 people who've already been displaced inside and outside of the country so from the capital bangui at my address reports. a few rags on a plastic sheet spread over a dam pull on the cloth on their banks only on
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a plea and his family have left a legacy of central african republic 6 year conflict he says this holding facility in the capital bundy is his fault so the civil war began in 2013. and now his children have been diagnosed with tradition some with severe cases. sometimes you get a little food we get only a couple for not enough to feed a family like mine my children and my nourished i'm just waiting and hoping that one day things will get better. yellow police one of 2000000 700000 people displaced by the crisis which is 52 percent of the population the united nations says it is still struggling to reach tens of thousands of people affected in a nation where 2 thirds leave on less than $8.00 a month people were not to receive that 345 years and those who have been seeing
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for the last 12 months we've been reaching those people for the 1st time i'm groups preventing humanitarian workers reaching areas in need of assistance they're also not allowing civilians to go seek for help the food shortages are made worse by natural disasters including climate change the price of course of a flower the step for many people here has risen sharply over the past few months after flooding has destroyed many farms as a result the number of people requiring food aid including farmers who are once and for life is rising steadily humanitarian workers say for chore to use an inflation will get worse as the lean months drew closer putting more people at risk for yanna police and his family it could be devastating they say that after 6 years on the move they have nowhere else to go comedy grease. wonky.
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well there is much more to come in this news hour from london going to be looking at mexico's anti monuments remembering issues and events the government might prefer to forget. we go inside the neon not training camp helping minorities who say they're oppressed by the military. and the australian tennis player promising the onus is on a quarter of an i.q. bush. hello persistent fog has been the problem in the last few days couple of weeks at least in the middle of year now the satellite picture picks it up when he is there but it picks up the moving cloud of the top rather better and if it's moving cloud the chances are the winds start to blow well as well and if that happens before
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goes well it is a change taking place because the wind is not coming to the west and you got this frontal system it just showing by the band of blue in the creasing creeping shadow that is a change of weather type that temperatures are already above where they should be they're hardly on the warm side we got 3 kids in say 5 in vienna but as this line which pieces some riverfront heads on further south about how we get to saturday it will have changed the feel on the ground rate instead of falling out fall gone small rise intentional a huge one but the priesthood at its best really of a place like germany in poland in the baltic states not particularly breezy elsewhere quite warm and even sunny impossible trading with the rain heavy rain drifting at a turkey towards the levant now all of north africa and almost tropical africa should be largely drawn at this time of year the thing that does happen is the hamas and when the breeze is quite strong through new sharon chad and he's kicking up the dust and the sand.
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but for. millions of workers a big in slaved in the brick jones of india why i want to waste explores how satellite technology is now helping to set them free on al-jazeera. hope does not tell. a compelling film about getting an education under occupation. the responsibility of the director to ask us if you don't feel sick you want them to come frankly we don't feel secure but we come. but what happened after the cameras left rewind learning to die on al-jazeera. the us is always of interest to people or of the world this is been going on for a number of tear gas being used to repeat the recently production expected to try
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to win for their mobile audience how this could impact the law this is an important part of the world now does it is very big news to the world from here. welcome back a recap of the headlines now turkey can send troops into libya to help the country recognise government after the parliament in ankara voted in favor of the move forces will help to counter warlord holy father hafez advance on tripoli australia's prime minister has been shouted out by local residents he visited areas hit by devastating bushfires in the east of the country at least 9 people have died in the past week and tens of thousands have been evacuated in the state of new south wales and victoria. 30 people are now known to have died after indonesia's
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capital jakarta was hit by heavy flooding tens of thousands of people are in emergency shelters after monsoon raised rains caused rivers to burst their banks. after days of violent protest supporters of iranian backed groups in iraq of withdrawing from the u.s. embassy in baghdad they had laid siege to the complex for 2 days prompting the u.s. to dispatch extra troops to the region with president donald trump blaming iran and threatening reprisals some have been reports from baghdad. the rocks seem to have been replaced by brushes this man is painting us in israeli flags on the street where they have set up camp on wednesday they moved their tents from the u.s. embassy in baghdad after smashing the outer periphery of the compound members and supporters of the shia paramilitary group known as the popular mobilization forces are angry at recent u.s. air strikes in iraq and syria getting the hezbollah brigades armed group those attacks killed $25.00 fighters the u.s.
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says that was a new tally ation for an attack which killed an american contractor in iraq and to us posters are up on the street with allegations that foreign troops have committed abuse and similar accusations have been made against the shia groups by other rights organizations. one former u.s. commander in iraq general david petraeus has previously said that foremost threat to iraq's long term stability are shia militias not ice and washington sees many of those causing unrest at its embassy as proxies despite closely working with some of the groups during its fight against eisel the pentagon has deployed hundreds of additional troops to protect the largest and most expensive u.s. mission in the world some shia clerics see the u.s. as the bases of all that's wrong with iraq since the 2003 invasion. this leader who says he's fought in lebanon and syria calls the u.s. embassy in baghdad as quote the head of the snake. if the iraqi government manages to get the occupier out gripes but if they do not and don't tell
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the occupier then we the resistance will get them out as we did with al qaeda and die by fighting it. iraq's government has to balance carefully between its neighbor iran and united states it's also face months of protest against corruption and a lack of jobs. protesters and the higher you square are angry at government forces for killing hundreds of people to stop them crossing the same bridge which the iranian backed groups crossed unscathed. meanwhile at the bank of the tigris river those same groups have set up competitions to stay after agreeing to leave the u.s. embassy compound here fewer in number from the only issue of force but this year more of their colleagues are ready to join in across the river from the us embassy fighters of the popular mobilization forces say that their only change the venue of their protests and their sit in is going to continue until the parliament passes
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a law which forces out all foreign troops from iraq it's all a big job with al-jazeera baghdad civilians and soldiers from some ethnic region in myanmar been trying to buy a u.s. backed humanitarian group the recruits say that being persecuted by the country's army but myanmar's military is saying they're ethnic armed groups there are escalating conflicts or budden manly has while. all this remote hilltop base more than 180 recruits complete basic training with the free burma rangers or f.b.i. . they say there are humanitarian movement working to help free the oppressed in myanmar. germ one is from the northern shan state where he says ethnic groups is suffering at the hands of the country's military. there are many human rights abuses people got raped and tortured it's happening to us and many ethnic groups in
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myanmar there are men and women take part in fitness drills and training scenarios to deliver aid and treat civilians wounded in areas of conflict these people come from the states of catchin shan qur'an and rock and where there are fragile ceasefire and sporadic fighting. the f.b.i. is privately funded and was founded 25 years ago by former u.s. special forces member and pastor david eubanks and he wants government to be held to account shelling in displacing villagers that's attempted murder and in some cases murder and burning their homes so that's another war crime many here are members of ethnic groups who say they're helping to protect ethnic groups from the country. but according to local media. general zelman tune says the group is not to be trusted and could be escalating the conflict he says
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the militants and according to information he received their os to attack outposts as a way of testing their training and from the united states republican congressman ralph abraham is visiting the group as part of the fact finding trip. ethnic regions we are america hopefully have the backs of the people here that want democracy they want their freedom they want their independence and jobs to care that much of you back to the states the u.n. general assembly has condemned human rights abuses against her hand to muslims and other minorities in myanmar. the country is also facing a charge of genocide at the international court of justice the military myanmar is determined to keep a probably just nationalist it 2 divisions over lloyd against the who jar and they have been responsible for mood of the walkway against the jolly order to keep those same divisions are no be deployed against me other ethnic minorities away from the
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accusations between the f.b.i. and the un has military these people say this training camp is the 1st child to unite priorities who say they're being persecuted about unmanly al-jazeera. interpol has issued a red notice for the arrest of 4 men ness and chairman carla scone request has been received by lebanon after going fled there from japan 2 days ago is facing trial in japan for alleged financial misconduct but says he left to escape political persecution in what he called a rigged system lebanese authorities say that go who has citizenship in that country as well as france and brazil and to the country legally jim says carla scone has been widely supported in lebanon including by politicians. it's really unclear at this stage what exactly is going to happen next now we've spoken to legal experts here who tell us that well it's assumed right now that basically this red notice is going to go 1st to the general prosecutor that then the general
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prosecutor will have to study the case will then have to make a decision as to how to proceed whether or not to actually bring in mr go in or not to and only after that happens will they really proceed so it really sounds like this is not something that's going to happen in just a day or 2 there were remarks made a few hours ago also by the justice minister albert said he said that while lebanon is going to respect its international obligations mr go and did enter this country legally there are stories being written a lot of rumors a lot of speculation as to where exactly this should go in as many of the people assembled here believe he is in this house many of the people here believe he is in another part of the country there have been rumors in the local media that he has met with officials but none of that has been officially confirmed it's interesting to note that all through the travails of mr goh in the past couple of years that the politicians across the political spectrum and this is
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a very divided political spectrum here in lebanon politicians across the political spectrum have continued to vociferously support mr goh and often times in the past several years because mr going is so respected by these politicians many people have said that he should come back here they should help solve 11 on the economic crisis and perhaps one day he should run for office here. as the hopefuls for the democratic presidential nominee tussle among themselves to show they can take on donald trump and 2020 key differences have emerged over health care some candidates say it's time for a new publicly funded system but want to expand the current private ski shop for a chance he explains i think we should have a debate on health care it is a fundamental issue for the democratic presidential candidates health care under president barack obama health insurance was expanded to cover 20000000 more americans than before under the affordable care act or what's now widely known as obamacare but still some 28000000 americans remain uninsured and there's the
12:40 am
growing issue of under-insurance yes insurance companies are forced to cover more people but if you actually want treatment it will still cost you the clerk and a husband paid into their health insurance plan for 30 years but when she was diagnosed with cancer she was still build a few $1000.00 she didn't have a hospital withheld or treatment and sued her at one point authorities ham cuffed and shackled to as she fought the charges in court for the hippocratic oath 1st do no harm. well i don't think that applied to. 2 thirds of bankruptcies in the us due to medical issues for my health insurance executive wendell potter says that's because obamacare preserved the principles of the us health insurance system to make as much money as they can to bring as much revenue and but to pay out as little as possible in claims because when that happens they get more money to reward shareholders and to reduce their executives this is just in dispute the us
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has the most expensive health care system in the world however when health system performance is compared like quality and access to care the us rates last against other developed countries poster is heartened that some of the democratic candidates are discussing. to the for profit health care system but he says those candidates who want to keep the insurance come. but he's central to health care in the u.s. are often using rhetoric and other health insurance executives made up in the boardroom before funneling money to politicians this is america you know what america does not want to pay twice as much the problem senator sanders that them bill that you wrote and that senator warren backs is that it doesn't trust the american people the terms that are being used today are the same terms that i used to use and in fact in some cases helped create is a term that is an acronym that's used for this kind of propaganda campaign it's fun and it's fear uncertainty and doubt and these campaigns are designed to get people
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to fear change to make them feel uncertain about what's being proposed and that they would benefit from it and to doubt those who are advocating it a majority of the democratic presidential candidates all vowing to preserve the role of health insurance companies the strategy of a powerful industry home of a decades if it is to be working for now she had her time see al-jazeera philadelphia trying because new president got to buy rajapaksa is facing deep distrust among the country's tamil minority the country's north where most of them live is in dire need of investment but as al-jazeera as charles traffic reports from the now are many tamils doubt that the help they need is going to come. temple would return with to catch the sri lanka's shuls. it's been 10 years since the nice 3 decade long wall between the tunnel tiger rebels and the sri lankan government ended. government promises of investment order but failed to materialize life for
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these men is exceptionally hot. and the man they say must do more to help sri lanka's new president is deeply distrusted here. because of iraq chipmunks up from the majority sinhalese community was defense secretary joining the latter stages of the war. both sides were accused of committing war crimes it's estimated that tens of thousands of time will civilians could have been killed in the final days of fighting. and channels voted overwhelmingly against rajapakse or in the november election and i trying to come to terms with the result and. again we are on social one can see dozens but i think we must accept them as a leader of this country things have to change with the times. has the highest concentration of the country's 2500000 tonne of minority but there's been little investment here norden districts of the smallest contributor to sri lanka's economy
12:44 am
around 4 percent of g.d.p. unemployment is 15 percent in some areas almost 10 percent higher than the south. for president mahinda rajapaksa promised investment and infrastructure is a means of helping reconciliation efforts his brother the country's new leader is promising more of the same but analysts say there is going to take a lot more than money to forge trust and agreement over a potential loss to political solution. a new railway and road linking the peninsula with the mainland have been built but few of the estimated half a 1000000 people who fled abroad during the fighting and could help rebuild the economy have returned. around 20000 others mostly channels are still missing and their families say not enough support is given to those still traumatized by the war economics. says between the 2 are different. but the
12:45 am
minds between people from different parts of the country between different communities different ballgame successive governments have refused to implement devolution of power with respect to policing and land rights as a specified in the country's constitution it's really important that any government that comes to poly including this one if they want to build trust that they ensure that development comes with devolution rather give the. and to the local population for now many of sri lanka's tunnels remain fearful of the country's new leader a man they blamed for much of this suffering in the past. that al-jazeera. in sri lanka. in mexico city a series of memorials created by activists call attention to some of the darkest moments in mexico's recent history and team on humans also highlight a number of social problems in mexico including forced us
12:46 am
a parent says and violence against women there is money it now reports. mexico's capital is home to numerous iconic monuments commemorating the country's pre-columbian past and modern history mingled in with mexico's historic memorials however are other unofficial monuments. erected by activists these monuments serve to remind passers by of the mexican government's mishandling of recent tragedies if they are there they carry at the idea of creating an anti monument is a desperately painful cry from the population it says our truth is here it exists and it won't be erased by the authorities that's what an time monuments are. one of the most visible anti monuments is dedicated to 43 students who went missing from mexico in 2013 in attempted coverup of the incident by government officials sparked massive protests and out of those demonstrations came this memorial placed right in
12:47 am
the middle of downtown mexico city. we get sia a survivor and witness to the tragedy says the case of the 43 students remains one of the most emblematic in recent memory i mean significant for me this is a reminder to the authorities who have not solved the problem after more than 5 years a reminder to mexican society because cases of forced disappearances number in the thousands and they should not be forgotten. over the past few years anti monuments have been popping up in your highly transited areas this one was placed outside the national fine arts museum in early 2019 and calls for action against gender based violence a widespread problem in mexico curiously enough city officials haven't taken down these clandestine memorials put on with the. legally and time monuments shouldn't be where they are but it would be a contradiction to remove them anti monuments are themselves a former protest this is a form of expression. outside the mexican stock exchange another unofficial
12:48 am
memorial stands in plain sight a monument to 65 coal miners who were killed in 2006 the mexican government has until recently refused to recover the bodies. up the road another sculpture calls attention to 49 children who were killed in a fire at a government run daycare in 2009 to this day there's been no accountability over the incident there are a total of 6 of these so-called anti monuments found in different parts of mexico city this one in front of the national social security offices for activists and family members of the memorialize anti monuments don't only represent tragedy their call for justice when read up on the odyssey to mexico city. well still ahead. women with breast cancer they could get an accurate diagnosis quite thanks to os official intelligence. and again transforming following the death of former n.b.a. commissioner david stern we look at how he gave today's global stars the chance to shine.
12:49 am
12:50 am
rule. the new artificial intelligence system is more accurate in diagnosing breast cancer than to doctors using mammograms this according to a study by researches google health and imperial college london researchers found that ai reduced the number of women wrongly told they had abnormal results or false positives in the u.k. by 1.2 percent and the number of women wrongly told they were cancer free or false negatives by 2.7 percent doctors say the ai system can improve early detection for
12:51 am
one in 8 women affected by breast cancer globally are a dozen is the executive chairman of the world innovation summit for healthy says the ai breast cancer diagnosis system could be used to ease doctors work load. we tried to train the machine in seeing whether they would perform as good as the radiologist or the human readers and the conclusion of the study which was published in nature yesterday the machine the ai algorithm was as good as the 1st reader so in u.k. we have 2 readers we have one radiologist who looks at it and the 2nd one to confirm it and if they disagree it goes to a 3rd right so the machine was as good as the 1st reader in actual fact it was better than the 1st reader because the mission the 1st reader had the clinical information in other words examination of the patient where the machine had no clinical information they just looked at the image it also was as good as the 1st and the 2nd reader combined together in the future with implementing this we hope
12:52 am
that we will have a single human reader can and a machine rated being the 2nd reader so freeing up the 2nd radiologist to do you know there's a significant amount of work and radiology and most health systems struggle with a number of radiology is that are required so i envisage it implemented in a program replacing the 2nd reader it's time now for us for update with paul. thank you very much new york yankees pitcher domingo german has been suspended for 81 games under a major league baseball's domestic violence policy the 27 year old dominican has been on administrative leave since an alleged incident involving his girlfriend in september german has agreed not to appeal the punishment which is the longest to be handed to a player against him criminal charges have not been filed he's also jews who undergo a treatment program. david stern the man credited with transforming the fortunes of
12:53 am
american basketball has died at the age of 77 his 30 years as commissioner of the n.b.a. have been remembered by the players he helped to turn into global icons robertson reports it's a chance to see rich let's see and global today's u.s. national basketball league is very different to the controversy rattled games struggling to find fans. one lawyer david stern joined the n.b.a. in 1978 stern had already cemented his n.b.a. credibility by steering his client through a landmark merger while freeing players to negotiate contracts with anyone by 980 stern controlled national basketball is marketing television and public relations and building and. screen you can literally built the n.b.a. star in introduced drug testing after the n.b.a. was forced to admit players had been using cocaine he kept salary so smaller n.b.a.
12:54 am
franchises didn't have to struggle to pay players and he focused world wide media attention on players like magic johnson michael jordan and kobe bryant whose dazzling styles pulled in t.v. audiences don't know how many people believed in it with him or thought it was something that can be done but he made his game global. this game is washing over 200 countries 200000 from in 20 countries 250 countries over the world despite his calm demeanor stern is said to have an explosive temper it was criticised for handing down tough punishments there he introduced a dress code banning n.b.a. players from wearing certain items including headphones sleeveless shirts chaves and shorts some said the code was racist because it seemed to target black players who liked hip hop music but throughout david stern's 30 years at the n.b.a. helm. his supporters consistently outnumbered his critics it's good david stern
12:55 am
retired as the n.b.a.'s longest serving commissioner in 2014 life is a journey you know and it's been a spectacular journey the n.b.a.'s current commissioner adam silver has praised david stern's vision generosity and inspiration but many say his true legacy is his determination to turn american basketball and its stars into a global phenomenon rob matheson al-jazeera the league's most valuable player of last year and set a combo has made a perfect start to 2020 he was in great form again as the milwaukee bucks took on the minnesota timberwolves the greeks ghar start scoring 32 points in the 106204 victory getting his 30th double double of the season takes the bucs winning streak to 4 games and they're still riding high at the top of the eastern conference standings. and. in football superstar forwards lots on
12:56 am
abraham rich has arrived in italy to rejoin ac milan the swede has signed a 6 month deal with the club after a stint in the m.l.s. with l.a. galaxy zlatan previously played for milan between 20102012 helping the elite title as the last time they won the skid at type his task this time will be helping the club rebuild their season a.c.l. struggling down in 11th in syria. australian open champion novak djokovic has criticised the revamp of the tennis season saying that the new a.t.p. cup is confusing the shuttle jack which will represent serbia in the team event from saturday the a.t.p. cup is very similar to the davis cup which relaunched itself 6 weeks ago which joining with world number one rough on the doll in saying a merge tournament needs a tree considered by the rival hosts of the 2 competitions. we need to have one super world cup event whatever you want to call it. that's not going to happen next
12:57 am
year as well it's kind of hard to to get top players to commit to play both events you know the davis cup and a.t.p. cup and it's 6 weeks apart so they're not really helping each other in terms of marketing in terms of the value of the event and so forth well australia's a.t.p. cup plays a using the event to raise money for people affected by bushfires stop play it nick kerry also says he'll die next $140.00 for every ace he says in the competition. oh i also use ball for now but tomorrow and london thank you very much paul that wraps up the news alibi will be back with a full but as a very showed me around up of the day's top stories coming up in just a couple of minutes.
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al-jazeera. and. the world it's a series of ceremonies parties some feast we might know when they begin but not on
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the again. in the come or a silence extravagant wedding service marcuse of social status but this lavish celebration is unique that it would be well i've heard that no one ever held this wedding so money people to watch and it's budget is all still extraordinary the grand mal rage on algis the wild. talk to al-jazeera we were told to get to it without going through all the brush it has this been addressed by took a listen what is the proposal of spain for. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter to 0. millions of workers are being enslaved in the british jones of india why want to waste explores how satellite technology is now helping to set them free on al-jazeera.
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turkey's parliament approved sending troops to libya to shore up the un backed government in the capital tripoli. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program bushfires continue to rage across southeast australia as mass evacuation orders a sent out and a state of emergency declared. floods sweep through indonesia's capital forcing thousands of people from their homes and leaving behind a trail of destruction. and a public outcry following the deaths of as many as a 1000 infants at a hospital in the indian state of raw just stunning.


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