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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 3, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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do the same. but salomone had the full support of iran's government he received iran's highest military award last year as tensions heightens between the u.s. and iran so the money continued to support shia militias including the hezbollah brigades who were targeted in 5 u.s. is strikes last week after they fired rockets at a us base he survived many attacks on his life inside iran and abroad but it would be in iraq where shia militias trained by his could force killed hundreds of americans that the u.s. indeed has writing age 62 charlotte ballasts al jazeera. i know i'm not clarke it's 1300 g.m.t. across the middle east this friday and it's a tense day after the u.s. killed iran's top military commander major general. money as we mentioned the air
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strike occurred on a road to baghdad airport iran is calling it an assassination the pentagon says president donald trump ordered the attack to quote protect u.s. personnel abroad meanwhile the u.s. embassy in baghdad has issued an alert all americans to leave iraq immediately iran supremely told me how many has called for 3 days of national mourning and maybe a board of hearts revenge and said it's hike with double tehran's resolve to resist the united states iraq's prime minister says the strike will spark a devastating war we'll speak to our correspondent in the region shortly but 1st this report from zain visor off and on i go heartbreak in the upper ranks of the iranian military at the official announcement of the death of major general custom so the money the commander of iran's could force the revolutionary guard unit responsible for foreign operations so the money was killed in a u.s. drone strike in both doug. and anger at friday prayers in the iranian capital for the assassination of
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a man who led the charge against eisel in iraq and syria and whose death seems likely to lead to more conflict. back to shake a man god willing it is now time to clear and cleanse the region of these devils it is now time to schobel resistance to the americans and show our assistance with action to tell those yankees to get out of here get lost. in the early hours of friday morning shortly after arriving at baghdad international airport u.s. missiles killed the money and his close ally of the 100 s. the deputy head of the iranian backed iraqi militia those shabby. other members of the group were also killed in the attack a drone strike hit their convoy as they left the airport for iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali come in a slow money was a trusted confidant a member of his inner circle his killing in a targeted attack the most extreme escalation in tensions between tehran and
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washington in recent years come and he warned there will be revenge the cruelest people on earth assassinated the honorable commander who courageously fought for years against the evils and bandis of the world so i moneys martyrdom will make iran more decisive to resist america's expansionism and to defend our islam it values would no doubt iran and other freedom seeking countries in the region will take his revenge into her own senior leaders met in an emergency meeting of iran's national security council many iranians see the u.s. attack as an act of war across the region there will be implications anywhere where there is an american military presence. americans should should leave those countries immediately but if i was in the emirates i would leave now if i was an american in iraq i would leave now if i was an american in any part in southwest asia i would leave immediately. the united nations high commissioner for human
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rights described the killings as a likely violation of international law the idea that iran is not going to respond is is wishful thinking that will make the debacle of of invading iraq look like a walk in the park i do not think that president trump really understands what he's gotten the united states into going up against iran i would argue that going to war with iran will be the most significant adversary that the united states has encountered since world war 2 u.s. secretary of state michael imperioli tweeted a video showing iraqis celebrating the attack while still the money enjoyed $1.00 spread support for leading the charge to displace eisold from iraqi strongholds some iraqis blame iran for instability and interference in their country and so the money directly for the deaths of more than $500.00 iraqis in violent antigovernment protests which began in october. feared by his enemies inside iran money has for
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years been one of the most popular national figures in the country the international face of iranian resistance to american pressure he remained largely untouched by the waning popularity in recent years of the country's government over economic issues. while there is talk of revenge many iranians don't want to see a war but right now we are not totally sure and we're going to rally mr trump unfortunately acted decisively saying that we won't go for war but push the issue toward the leaders must exercise restraint so that the tension in the region wouldn't increase further because this can have very serious consequences for the countries in the region. it will definitely increase violence but i fundamentally disagree with violence and conflict i believe people moving toward peace in negotiations or is think goals is much better. already oh i. think the. iranians looked onselen manya someone who could protect them cut down at the height
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of his popularity by a u.s. strike his death marks the lowest point in iran u.s. relations in decades. but we of course have correspondents covering the story across the board dorsetshire bar is in tehran but 1st up let's speak has only been generated in baghdad and is on my give us an indication of what the mood is like in iraq and on the streets of baghdad. well nick since the death of the architect of iran's strategy in the middle east custom still in money and his confidant i'm at the end 100 iraq has been waiting with the tense calm you've been hearing from people across friday prayers people who've been on both sides of the divide off the political ideological divide in iraq condemning this killing in iraq as cousins of the money and i will bet the in mind this left the airport and were targeted by u.s. airstrikes we've heard from the iraqi leadership the prime minister and the
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president condemning this attack calling it a flagrant violation of iraq's sovereignty something that the united states which has a rule of training iraqi forces does not have the mandate for and that is going to be a session of the parliament on saturday an emergency session where lawmakers will discuss what to do next we've also heard from various factions of political and military leaders in iraq from. 2 to face and has only 2. who called for calm was called for restraint but he's all of them have warned against rep or questions of what they call the martyrdom of insulin money somebody who was a larger than life figure not just in iran but across the region and predominantly in iraq who had played a major role in the fight against isis at the end $100.00 who was the deputy in charge of the shabby the popular mobilization forces the shia militias who are
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among them is his beloved group you have to remember this is the group which sparked it all you the united states blamed an attack on its facility in kuku which killed a u.s. contractor vent. in iraq and syria on the crossing and then there was an attack on the u.s. embassy and here we are with the latest turn of events so it is going to be a difficult few days for iraq for iraq's government which is a government an interim government and it is baiting for a proper government to take charge where does that leave briefly if you would the recent calls for political reform. but that is that is the big question that people will be asking because since the events at the u.s. embassy heard from protesters in tahrir square angry at the influence of iran in the politics of iraq you saw earlier pictures from the how do you square off celebrations after the killing of us and 70 people here hold him responsible for
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the killings of those protesters they've been they've been calling for the end of all foreign influence in the in the iraqi political and military is circles of both the united states and iran so there is there is this division within the iraqi society is then people who are out on the streets who've been protesting for months who were able to force out the iraqi government a calling for reform who are welcoming the killing of us into the money saying that the the influence of iran needs to be but also it is a difficult period for political reform because all of these factions we've seen them play out their force their power as they went to the u.s. embassy there there was paved essentially by the security forces in the event unscathed so it is it is a uncharted territory that iraq find itself yet again since the 2003 invasion that is found itself at multiple times but what this killing has done is unequivocally
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united all political and major voices in the parliament saying that they condemn this killing and they are ready for africa sions that's the picture in baghdad thanks zama let's spin across now to terror on a couple of iran of course standing by for us to tell us more about the man who has been and will be taking over from. money. well the supreme leader issued a statement a short time ago appointing the deputy commander of the police force to the commander of now the courts force he is that brigadier general as my army he will be in charge of the revolutionary guard supports the vision he has been in the position of the deputy since 1907 and many here say that he's very close he was very close to us until the money for many many years and it's screen leader also stated very clearly that with this appointment nothing changes in the courts force
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position they military tactics their policies their ideologies will all remain exactly the same as those of us himself in money and his views at the time of the police force so this is just a quick shift in the leadership since the passing since the assassination of us and so the money and now the man in charge will just continue on the same path we've also been hearing from the supreme leader as senior national security adviser. who said that there is really no safe zone for americans in the middle east any longer that this is a whole new chapter the americans have now created a whole new history a part of history in this region by this assassination and they should know that there is no area that is safe for them or their forces who are also been hearing from the former head of the best speech forces of the revolutionary guard that is the volunteer branch of the revolutionary guard that commander said former commander said that the united states should start sending coffins to the middle
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east that is the only way the u.s. troops will be coming home from this region there is a lot of anger a lot of resentment towards the united states now even more than ever before in the islamic republic and we are waiting to find out from the supreme leader and other high ranking officials about how exactly iran will respond also thanks very much should those job are they in tehran. well so if money is such sedation has worsened the crisis between iran and the united states of course and has raised concerns about the retaliation from iran that's likely to follow president donald trump has just started tweeting about the attack for more on the u.s. reaction let's bring in mike from who's in washington d.c. and mike tell us more about what the president is saying. well nick a number of hours ago shortly after the attack president trump simply tweeted an image of an american flag in the course of this morning he's retreated
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a number of travel warnings issued by the department of state urging all american civilians to leave iraq and now in the last half hour he's now issued another the tweet which says rather cryptically iran never won a war but never lost a negotiation the secretary of state of my thumb peo has been appearing on the morning shows he has intimated that there was some kind of plot underway and that this plot was foiled by the attack political reaction though deeply divided within the u.s. as with so many other things along partisan lines republicans have welcomed the attack congratulations being offered among them former national security advisor john bolton who tweeted out congratulate isn't saying that he hopes this is the 1st step to regime change in tehran now this is deeply ironic given that john bolton was fired according to president trump or resigned according to john bolton following disagreements on
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a number of issues among them bolton's insistence that regime change in iran was necessary that was just back in september last year but the division among politicians very very clear republican lindsey graham for example congratulating president trump presidential contender joe biden severely critical of this action saying that president trump has thrown a turn and only in the region but certainly there are going to be questions asked in congress the speaker of the house has already made very clear in a statement that president trump did not consult congress the chairman of the foreign affairs committee in the house says that president trump is obligated to report to congress within 48 hours in terms of the war powers act so a lot of debate ahead right market and more questions will be asked of course seems likely to be should there be reprisals from iran where might the pins can be looking for or likely response. or once again that is something that is
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very difficult to tell at this particular point there is a deployment of soldiers under way but this was a deployment that was originally triggered by the demonstrations outside the u.s. embassy in iraq some 750 paratroopers from the 82nd airborne were deployed in a staggered phase these troops are still going out at the moment but indications from the pentagon of that this number will swell beyond 750 in the days ahead other concerns of course the whole issue of a cyber attack that is something that has been speculated about in recent weeks months given the ongoing conflict with iran so certainly there are a number of elements obviously within the u.s. that there's deep concern about the question is what sort of defensive posture does the u.s. take in the days weeks ahead or more importantly perhaps what kind of aggressive
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strategy may the trumpet ministration now seek to pursue mike thanks very much. from washington d.c. let's head south we can go to palm beach florida where and gallagher is standing by and that's where donald trump's mar-a lago resort is and michael we likely to hear from the president today do you think. well i think we will hear from the president but not from here in mar-a lago he's due to speak in miami to a gathering of evangelical supporters later on today and you have to think that he will say something about this attack to that crowd there of course very deep supporters of the president these are some falling out with the evangelicals over the past few weeks but that as a base remains pretty solid so people will be watching for comments there one of the interesting lines that's coming out of florida at the moment is lindsey graham's role in all of this we're hearing reports that lindsey graham was playing golf with the president over
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a series of days in which he was actually briefed about this upcoming attack on solid. ronnie and was advising the president which is an unusual move given that lindsey graham is i think head of the judiciary committee in congress so he's been on the american networks this morning saying that what the president has done is the right thing to do but as mike hanna was saying this is very much divided down partisan lines we've had a few tweets from the president again some that mike mentioned one saying that iran had never won a war or lost a negotiation which could be seen as as a request for iran to enter into some kind of conversation but it seems like we've got past that point at this juncture of course mike pompei of the secretary of state is saying this attack was carried out because there was an imminent threat against american interests in the area that's going to have some political fallout because you've already got people like the speaker of the house nancy pelosi saying look the rules here weren't followed you should have talked to us 1st before this action was carried out especially if it was known for days in advance so there will
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be some political fallout from this as well but i think people will be watching president very closely listen to every word he says when he meets with evangelicals in miami later on today all right and will be there just as when he don thank you very much i got to go thanks very much and speak to james bays who's standing by for us in new york at the muskets and what's been happening on the diplomatic front james. well here at the u.n. still no formal statement come from the secretary general and i think that shows the difficulty of the problem that has been unleashed by this very serious action the u.n. i think wondering how exactly to respond to this particularly under the u.n. charter this seems to be something that is of dubious legality the u.n. security council is meeting in 2 hours time that's a regular meeting planned some time ago and is going to behind closed doors to
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discuss a place where iran is very heavily involved and that is syria meeting on the escalation of bombing in. certainly will speak to ambassadors on the way year in and ask them about these latest developments and see what they have to say any security council member could ask for a meeting on the situation and they could have an eater's or another agenda item under any other business i'm just on whatsapp in the last few moments been speaking to a couple of diplomats and no request for a meeting on this subject has come in right now but certainly this is going to be the main subject of discussion among bassett as on the margins of today's meeting and i think they're going to be discussing the legality of what took place here under the u.n. charter this is the u.n. charter. there's only really 2 ways that this could be justified it's on iraqi territory so if iraq requested the action that would make it legal iraq iraq
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certainly hasn't and has objected to it the other way that this could be legal is if it was an act of self-defense by the u.s. and that i think is why you're hearing secretary of state mike pompei o talk about intelligence of iran planning something it sounds like the u.s. is going to use a self-defense defense when it comes to the international arena and i would suspect even if we don't have a meeting on this to. day that russia at some point will call the meeting it's interesting in a week's time there's a big set piece meeting of the u.n. security council to discuss upholding the u.n. charter and one of those that wants to attend that meeting i can tell you is the iranian foreign minister mohammad job and zarif well he's going to have a lot more to speak about at that security council meeting now in a week's time we're telling you though when i last checked with the reigning diplomats about 12 hours ago he had not yet received his visa from the u.s. to come to the security council are james neavitt
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a member thanks very much well let's hear now from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who's cut short his trip to greece this is what he had to say from athens just a short time ago. just as israel has the right of self-defense you know this is exactly the same right because of the money is responsible for the deaths of american citizens and many other innocent people he was planning more such as president trump deserves all the credit for acting swiftly forcefully decisively israel stands with the united states in its just struggle for peace security and self-defense thank you and imran khan joins us now from west jerusalem and ron there's no doubt that it's a major concern this incident to israel. that's absolutely right but let me bring you up to date with just the political reaction now promised of benjamin netanyahu is quite a divisive figure within this country and the reactions we statement that you just
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heard that has been equally divisive along party lines his party is supporting him saying that we need to stand with the united states and that cause and so the money was an enemy of israel but we're also hearing from other opposition leaders saying that this is just grandstanding people are celebrating and the israelis actually threats and the death of his rays will be on netanyahu is hands down what are they referring to when they're referring to the borders with syria and lebanon let's just start with lebanon 1st the israelis of move troops of both of those borders what they really worried about is hezbollah in lebanon and any potential reaction that might come from that israeli air force already been flying low overhead in southern lebanon and they're flying reconnaissance missions monitoring anything as well that might be planning you also have syria of iranian backed syrian militias within the occupied golan heights with that as well so that's a real concern for them as well any reaction the might be played out may well be
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played out by these proxies to iran and that's what's really concerning israeli officials around thanks very much imran khan. well lebanon's foreign ministry has condemned the killing and has asked for the country to be spared from any repercussions this comes after lebanon's hezbollah leader issued a statement trying to pursue the punishment of those who are behind so the money is killing us and as well as said it is a responsibility of all fighters around the world he said they will work day and night to achieve his goals speak to across one of the joins us live from beirut to mohammed tell us more about what's been said. well nick 1st let's go over once again that statement was issued just about 40 minutes ago from lebanon's foreign ministry you mentioned that the foreign ministry did condemn the airstrike that killed cos and so they money that statement also went on to call it
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a violation of it up the sovereignty and a dangerous escalation against iran that would increase tensions in the region it also stated later in the statement that the lebanese foreign ministry was calling for distancing lebanon from the repr questions of the assassination and this dangerous incident because lebanon is in need of security stability and the need to secure it and exit from the dire economic and financial crisis that this country is currently facing and let's talk about that for just a moment and why it's so important lebanon of course has been in the throes of massive anti-government demonstrations for about 2 and a half months now and the demonstrators that have been coming out day after day they have been demanding a complete overhaul of the political system here now there was a ray of hope in the past few weeks because a prime minister designate had been appointed this is a man by the name of how sunday he is he is a sunni politician used to be a professor he is the prime minister designate he's backed by hezbollah even though
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there is some agreement in the political spectrum here a divided political spectrum that perhaps he is the man for the job there is also a lot of contention as well not everybody is backing him his job was already going to be difficult and trying to form a government at this very fraught moment this makes it that much more difficult because one of the demands that a lot of the sunni politicians in this country have been demanding of hezbollah going forward is that they essentially distance themselves from iran well that was going to be difficult well before now it's going to be impossible now certainly so now you have the statement from the foreign ministry of course not too much of a surprise considering the fact that the caretaker foreign minister here in lebanon gibran visio he's with the free patriotic movement that is an ally of hezbollah in the government here let's also talk for a moment about that statement by house and the. the leader of hezbollah of course condemning the killing saying sensually offering his condolences to as he calls our dear brothers the officials of the islamic republic of iran especially the leadership of the islamic revolutionary guard and again as you mentioned mr
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nasrallah saying that we will complete the path of money work day and night to achieve his goals will carry his flag and all arenas fields and fronts now we've heard a little bit more from hezbollah in the hours since that statement was released we now know that the group plans on holding a funeral for mr survey money on sunday $1230.00 g.m.t. in the day which is a neighborhood in beirut that is a stronghold of hezbollah has a lot of support there and we're told that at that time or at some point during the ceremony mr nasr all of the leader of hezbollah is going to be delivering a speech now it's not known if he's going to be delivering it from there or from elsewhere but he will be delivering a speech if it's from another part of lebanon it will be televised it will be transmitted by video but all of this really showing just how complicated the terrain is in lebanon right now the country is on the verge of bankruptcy the demonstrators have been out on the streets they want a functioning government one that will combat corruption one that will create opportunity and now from the people that i've been speaking with today a lot of them believe that their hopes are dashed that what was already going to be
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difficult even though there was a slight ray of hope that it might be achievable is now going to be that much more difficult given given all of this it's hard to see how the key demands of lessening iranian influence on politics in lebanon will never be met. well you're absolutely right this was going to be a tall order at any time now again it's going to be virtually impossible you know if anything this will only increase the ties between as and iran and hezbollah of course being an ally of iran being backed by iran now is a time when even even if they wanted to distance themselves from iran they would certainly not be able to it's not something that they could do and of course they do not want to distance themselves from iran so this really just makes the extremely complicated political terrain in lebanon a political spectrum that is on the best of days extremely divided it makes it that much more fraught and that's why people are so worried right now a lot of the folks that i've been speaking with today they say look this is just
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uncharted territory people seem to still be in shock at this hour but they don't quite know what's going to happen next and because of that and because lebanon is at this what many people believe to be some kind of a tipping point right now they just don't know what lies ahead you know in the past when there have been crises in this country oftentimes people say look the lebanese spirit will prevail we'll be able to somehow muddle our way through it right now what i'm hearing from people today there is real genuine concern not knowing what exactly is going to happen next you also have the specter of potential violence people are worried about the threat of retaliation would retaliation in the from inside lebanon would targets be targeted from inside lebanon that something they're worried about would violence be revisited upon lebanon there's just so much that's unclear right now there are so many questions and the fact of the matter is the people that are here they know that his blood is going to be strongly allied with iran they know that iran is planning some kind of a response and that just makes them that much more afraid about what exactly to
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expect going forward nic thanks very much mohammed jump in beirut. still ahead here in algeria we'll have more of our top story including world reaction but also ahead. firefighters in australia say families can expect more scenes like this. rising volumes of trash threaten a unesco world heritage sites we look at the impact tourism is having on peru's who choose settlements if it will. come up in school were on board with a dichotomy champion as he looks to defend his title for the 1st time in the middle east. violence is powerful. force is the political wild card that consummately shapes world order the structure that is defended at all cost. ph
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again you're watching out is there a reminder about top stories this hour has been up for you grief in the sort of monies birthplace come on with thousands of marched through the streets to be in similar scenes around the country. ah. ah iran supremely to ayatollah ali khamenei says that those who killed a custom sort of money should await the last revenge. while the attack in baghdad is a dramatic escalation of the crisis between the united states and iran let's take a look at the timeline of events last friday a rocket attack struck an iraqi military base killing an american contractor united states blame the pro iranian group he has blown up or gates 2 days late said the u.s. launched airstrikes against the group's military outposts in iraq in syria killing
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27 fighters iran backed paramilitary groups in iraq then stormed the american embassy compound in baghdad leading to $48.00 house each well house. is a an assistant professor of political science at the university of tehran and he joins us now from the iranian capital of tehran welcome to the program sir sort of money really had carte blanche to do as he wished when it came to who made the vision for iran but take him out of the equation and can those wishes still be fulfilled and those that vision can still be fulfilled. well i think some so they money was unique in many ways he had a brilliant strategic mind he was i mean he thought he rose to the prominence from from the very you know down on the in the starting in the eighty's in the iran iraq war and then all that way being head of. the sea of cortes force late ninety's
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and then you know confronting us invasions of afghanistan and in iraq and then you know all the way to the fight against isis he's seen as a hero in iran in many ways he's very unique in that sense that's why it is hard to imagine such a popular person to be replaced easily but having said that i would say that he's head of a military organization a military official maturity sation that has lots of commanders all fought with him all the way from the iraq war iran war in the eighty's to this you know war on isis so i wouldn't imagine that it's hard on the you know tactical and practical level to replace him and had a replacement was actually announced hours after his a nasty assassination indicating that iran that want to be any vacuum after qassam
4:34 pm
soleimani but i would say that he was he was so popular i mean the university of maryland according to its polling and so they money is one of the most popular persons view with as a hero that defended iran and for that its national security and interest in the region these avi's that it runs enemies that's why on the popular level i think there is no one to replace him but in the in the within the military establishment i don't think there will be any problem in that regard so all. the popular level he can't be replaced so therefore you have a now we do have a replacement and it will be possible for iran to maintain the direction that the supreme leader wishes it to go in or are things going to become harder now and divisions going to become more obvious. i think they're sort
4:35 pm
of a money model and his strategies are for you know alliance building in the region that brought up their access for existence and the region and i think that and that that was not a you know single person planning all of that there are many runyan commanders and also iraq east syria and lebanese commanders that worked with us i'm so lemony so i don't think strategically it's a loss for iran but it's not a game changer in iran's regional policy i think his model his way off for you know strategy or strategic plan in the region in iran's regional policy think that is to stay with the iranians and that is to stay with them backs of resistance iran's you know alliance that. he helped a lot to you know build and bring it to this strength in the region but you know as i said i mean he he became popular as a result of this as
4:36 pm
a result of the you know pushing back against the united states with iran being one of its main targets all over the you know to especially in the past 2 decades he's of you as the one who pushed back against that effort and got iran out of the u s logically the u.s. you know target this by. creating this alliance all over the region and push him back and creating a strengthening iran's deterrent capabilities in the region so that is just a as i said his popularity needs time to be you know to be replaced by someone else what would that have been as you know growing divisions in iraq do you think the money's death will will draw all those conflicting sides together and creates more unity going forward.
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i think so i'm in the administration with this attack i think has not only moved beyond us on national and security interests within the middle east but also has bridged the any sort of gap that might have been in iran with regards to the way to deal with the united states now there is only one voice that is a united states basically an ounce to war killing and it when u.n. official military. commander on this level so i mean talks with the united states but has been you know talks about that and debates on how to deal with the united states is i think it would be would be sidelined for quite some time before any any time of any any sort of negotiated negotiations with the united states would start so he bridged the gap with him within iran i think that is beyond what
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he aimed for. the un we appreciate that thanks very much indeed speaking to us from tehran thank you. well let's look at some other news now and firefighters in australia say it's very likely more homes will be destroyed by bushfires the focus now is on saving lives where the conditions for saturday have been described as catastrophic and tens of thousands of people are continuing to flee areas under threat is the daily reports now from sydney. australia and prime minister scott morrison seen for himself the latest areas devastated by bushfires in new south wales the day after he was confronted by angry residents in the town of go this woman refusing to shake his hand but may feel it was their fire the prime minister said he wanted to offer
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comfort to those affected by fires on using and he's not surprised at their reaction people are angry it is something that i was there before as with it is something that i understand it's not something for me to talk personally it's paid holiday season but with a state of emergency declared in the states of new south wales and victoria tens of thousands of people have been leaving tourist areas traffic's being backed up the many kilometers on major highways as people try to get home or at least to safer airing it's. about a quarter of the 4000 people stranded on a beach in the town of maluku in victoria have been taken on board naval vessels to escape the fires have been a process certain are not yet knowing now or dad for sure it's something that i want to forget evacuations will continue as fire conditions on saturday are forecast to be catastrophic making every preparation possible for what will be
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a very difficult day shamar weather conditions are very unpredictable we neither temperatures will still be in the mid forty's in many parts of our state thousands of firefighters are in the field with addition. helicopter is on standby we are unfortunately very likely we will lose homes tomorrow but will be very happy mccall exist says there's no lives lost that is a single focus tomorrow a focus on saving lives in the face of an unprecedented bushfire season felicity davey al-jazeera sydney on all the while that surface some is too late to save their property jessica washington is in one new south wales town where dozens of homes have been destroyed mua bay is a small community here in new south wales and you can imagine the devastating impact that this bushfire season has had on communities just like this when you see scenes like this at least 50 houses destroyed in just
4:41 pm
a few days now some residents went to a nearby beach trying to secure a safety for themselves and their families but others stayed on trying to fight the blazes defending their own properties and then neighborhoods within a 4 iron this direction a little bit. run across of their eyes till they had gone around the corner and the hate just hit me and as a hard line in the garage and then i ran across the road and then the foibles come across the road off nothing i've ever felt or seen before and then of people form a camp a child already has myself down i was actually they remain so scared from our earth you can see that the fire has burned through many of the trees here particularly at the roots but not completely and that means that this area is still a high risk because it hasn't been completely burned through many of the residents haven't even had the chance to return to their properties and assess the damage but authorities are warning that the worst is still yet to come high temperatures
4:42 pm
a forecast for coming hours along with strong winds and that is an incredibly dangerous combination for crews on the ground and locals alike to india where workers are holding rallies to protest against the government's economic policies critics accuse the government the j.p. of focusing on controversial issues to distract from india's slowing economy so raman has more now from the capital new delhi. they come from all walks of life they are low paid office workers from the construction industry from the railways and even public transport but what the one thing they've all got in common is a good roi with the way that they are treated in terms of their contractual issues many here work on short term contracts so-called allies they should with any formal company as such and what they want the government to do is to formalize and make legal formal contract so they have social security so that they have some sort of insurance for their families and can plan for the future of the onslaught 'd you might say from the government to make sure that foreign direct investment in the
4:43 pm
privatized nation goes full steam ahead is something that they're really worried about here and what's more unusual is that all the people here belong to unions that are affiliated to the incumbent be j.p. government so this is a very strong message that they are sending to the renderer modi to say you have to listen to us if you don't listen to us they will vote with our ballot papers in the next local or even national election and then we'll tell you what we are really feeling. and investigation has found that a shortage of medical equipment to the public hospital in the indian state or rock star was in part to blame for the deaths of nearly a 1000 infants last year the deaths of 100 babies last month from to the inquiry the investigation also revealed that hygienic conditions at the hospital were so poor that pigs were living in the compound. is in the hospital where the infant deaths. this mother has just heard of the news of the death of an infant her daughter was just 15 days old the doctors have not yet all the
4:44 pm
reason of how big a step now there are many such families are just in the month of december in this hospital in drudge's time in india are 100 infants and even though the local government has ordered a quick cleaning operation the hospital is still pretty dirty you can look at that pile of garbage it's just being covered in front of our eyes have a look at this one. this is right outside the maternity ward there is that garbage bin we've seen women cleaning the floors still pretty dirty and that garbage bin. very close to where the intensive care units of the ailing infants is now the hospital authorities say that this infants are dying because they already come in a very severe stage their suffering from septicemia pneumonia and to have low birth weight botched commission for child rights protection their officials are also
4:45 pm
coming and they say that they have with their own eyes to see pigs roaming around they've seen that the number of caregivers are far fewer than those who need care and that life sustaining equipment the ventilators have not been functioning many of them if not all according to the report. ventilator in this hospital meant for infants are not currently functional now earlier today we saw a truck full of garbage leaving the premises of the hospital but the local government insists that the rate of infant deaths in the state over the years is cooling down and not increasing. some of mexico's darkest moments are on display in the capital in the form of what activists call and t. monuments the memorials highlight a variety of social problems including forced disappearances and violence against women and the republican points now from mexico city. mexico's capital is home to
4:46 pm
numerous iconic monuments commemorating the country's pre-columbian past and modern history mingled in with mexico's historic memorials however are other unofficial monuments. erected by activists these anti monuments serve to remind passers by of the mexican government's mishandling of recent tragedies if they are there they could be added they of creating anti monument is a desperately painful cry from the population it says our truth is here it exists and it won't be erased by the authorities that's what and time monuments are. one of the most visible anti monuments is dedicated to 43 students who went missing from mexico in 2013 in attempted cover up of the incident by government officials sparked massive protests and out of those demonstrations came this memorial placed right in the middle of downtown mexico city. we all might get to see a survivor and witness to the tragedy says the case of the 43 students remains one
4:47 pm
of the most emblematic in recent memory i mean significant it got it from a this is a reminder to the authorities who have not solved the problem after more than 5 years are reminded to mexican society because cases of forced disappearances number in the thousands and they should not be forgotten. over the past few years anti monuments have been popping up in your highly transited areas this one was placed outside the national fine arts museum in early 2019 and calls for action against gender based violence a widespread problem in mexico curiously enough city officials haven't taken down these clandestine memorials they put on with. legally and time monuments shouldn't be where they are but it would. be a contradiction to remove them anti monuments are themselves a former protest this is a form of expression. outside the mexican stock exchange another unofficial memorial stands in plain sight a monument to 65 coal miners who were killed in 2006 the mexican government has
4:48 pm
until recently refused to recover the bodies up the road another sculpture calls attention to $49.00 children who were killed in a fire at a government run daycare in 2009 to the state there's been no accountability over the incident there are a total of 6 of these so-called anti monuments found in different parts of mexico city this one in front of the national social security offices for activists and family members of the memorialize anti monuments don't only represent tragedy there are calls for justice and read up on the edges eda mexico city. to prove now where millions of tourists visit. choose citadel and share its one of the world's heritage sites a great tourist attraction and it's increasingly under threats tourists leave behind more than 5 tons of garbage every day in response municipal authorities are trying to turn the area into the country's 1st eco friendly zone aren't sanchez reports now from the town of course coming on to the gateway to the.
4:49 pm
this is the call for pick up cleaning up the small town that i was killed just to keep safe the ruins above more than 1600000 tourists this is the citadel of much of peach river here camera ready and their water supplies many like as don't know that much of the bottles left behind used to end up in the river. i had no idea i always try to recycle at home but i wasn't aware of the problem 2 years ago eunice go threaten to blacklist much of peachy racing the alliance of high contamination because it's a protected area the garbage has to be transported out by train there are no roads to reach such a beach and the waste left behind was thrown into the river dug into the ground or burnt in the injuring the citadel and the flora and fauna round it. since the newness a plethora these begun to clean up effort with the help of a private initiative now there transforming more than one tonne of plastic bottles
4:50 pm
daily into compact packs to be shipped out. and the hotel is collecting the used cooking oil for more than $200.00 restaurants and hotels transforming it into biodiesel were used in cleaning before it also ends up in the river the law prohibits the installation of a large treatment site the tiny plant donated by hotel is treating you are getting aggressive using to buy a car when. the aim is to keep the nearly 5 tons of waste here in turn it into bio carbon that will be used for agriculture in reduced comparable nation officials want to be just surrounding stern into the 1st eco friendly municipality in the country but they say they need the support of all tourists instead of carrying water bottles realisable of 40 say they would prefer tourists bring in their own reusable containers in that way they could get rid of much of the plastic trash water dispenser stations will be installed around town. in the meantime we are promoting the now use of plastic in hotels and restaurants and distributing
4:51 pm
recyclable bags everyone here is being asked to do their part the change is low for now they say machu picchu is being spared from this danger and you know some just i just want this baby. all right well still ahead in sport. we've got the most toxic air in the world but it's also pretty sad. so it's just. thought. the strain is tennis ball and stalls play along with victims of the bush finds in mind.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
we're going to have a sport history nick thank you very much for victims of australia's bushfires have been on the minds of top tennis players at the new a.t.p. cup tournament underway in the country the crisis has prompted several stars to donate to relief efforts among them nick carriers who will give $200.00 australian dollars for every ace he hit 20 of them on friday as a straight to beat germany in brisbane you know we've got the ability the platform to do something like that and obviously the wind sounds cambered we've got the most toxic air in the world but it's pretty sad. so yeah it's just stuff. i start my time feeling. feliks seem starved for canada's they the grease 3 no 19 year old won his singles match against me perve another and then teamed up with denis shapovalov in the doubles for another straight sets victory. tournament organizers of apologize to the moon dive and team after they
4:54 pm
played the remaining of them from by mistake before their match with belgium. the prestigious stacker rally gets underway in the middle east for the 1st time on sunday saudi arabia hosts the 42nd edition of the race after 11 years in south america the defending backyard champion is cattles nasser alex here he spoke to santa hamish about this historic moment. this is a really. big step you know for the motor sport in the middle east to have one of the best. race in the motor sport you know and the difficult race you know to have it here in saudi arabia now what does it mean for you to defend the title so close to home and to be the 1st one to win it in the middle east. to defend the title it is not easy you know because. we need to prepare a lot you know but this year we. all various will which we compete you know on.
4:55 pm
our level really very very strong you know we need to understand you know. it's to 12000 kilometer it's not one day out 2 days out 3 days you know it's a 12 days did you have 2nd thoughts about taking part in the rally because of the blockade imposed on qatar by saudi arabia. the politics side you know it's between 2 country it's it's a little. bad situation you know but. from sports side. this year if we see. the team of saudi as was competing here in qatar and also the team of. this was competing in saudi you know from a sports side i think it's everything. going very very well this edition
4:56 pm
will see a new terrain for the drivers what challenges does it pose for all of them we know dakar is a difficult difficult race it's. not easy but. we love you know the. that french are you know how confident are you. winning the race and who do you think will be your biggest challenge or we have a strong confidence i don't have really any problem you know we need to respect all the driver you know. carlos. there is. also some other drivers stayed on. yeah there is. a few few names but. i'm the best all right that is very useful for now i have more freely to nick. jay thanks very
4:57 pm
much yes we'll see you later look forward to that that's it for me in a closet for this news hour has been a tense day of course in the middle east after the united states killed iran's top military commander that is major general sulaimani money was the head of iran's revolutionary guard is killed following a u.s. strike at baghdad's international airport along with iraqi militia command. mohandas across iran friday prayers have being held it's been an outpouring of grief in superman his birthplace that's come on where thousands of marched through the streets have been similar scenes around the country including in tehran the united states president donald trump and said he does not want war u.s. secretary of state might point pompei said the attack has certainly save u.s. lives across the world restraint has been called for more than just a couple minutes.
4:58 pm
if you want to learn what it was might look like very soon got hungry and hungry sitting in a stream example of the predicament the whole world is going through. scenes mass immigration story we had lunch clashes between the causers and the problem is that the culture of death is. car she say some waiting to us. is not comfortable with european culture this is not like budapest. triumphal march. dreams of conquest and of global try. very very uneventful collide to us depressives is without resistance we are past the danger has already happened. it was then just 10 years. now. how this is it.
4:59 pm
will not work but it's a series of ceremonies parties some feast we might know when they begin but not on the again. in the camorra sign and say extravagant wedding says marcus of social status but this lavish celebration. well. no one ever held this wedding ceremony people to watch and it's budget is all still extraordinary the grand match on algis the. big stories generate found scenes of headlines these protests are saying down with the system and down with all of the parts with different angles from different perspectives just because we came to prison doesn't mean all right stopped at the gate separate the spin from the facts the western media jumps on stories without taking down the misinformation from the journalism it's about telling the stories of those human beings i think up with the
5:00 pm
listening post on al-jazeera. a dramatic escalation in regional tensions as the u.s. kills one of iran's top military commanders. at 1 o'clock this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up in the program. sort of money lead be a revolutionary guards and it could force we'll have reaction to his death from around the region and indeed around the world.


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