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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 4, 2020 12:00am-1:00am +03

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we can continue to keep. up with me but. if you keep 2 feet on 00. 0. hello i'm barbara sarah this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes. iran's viral severe revenge is it more top military commander a cast some say the money who was killed by a u.s. airstrike in baghdad. we took the actual air strike to stop. a war. we did not take action to start. the u.s.
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says so the money was planning an imminent attack and this killing was an act of self-defense also on the program navy ships rescue thousands of stranded on beaches by australia's bush fires before catastrophic weather conditions here. and. with old sport australia stalls play on with the victims of the bushfires in mind the most toxic air in the world well it's pretty sad. so it's just. an emotional mecurio softies a g.p. cup when as he raises thousands of dollars to help. us president donald trump says he ordered the drone strike that killed the rands top military commander to stop a war not to start one he says he was planning imminent attacks on american
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diplomats and military personnel speaking at his mar-a lago resort in florida trump said washington does not seek regime change in iran but its aggression in the region must be stopped. we took action last night to stop a war we did not take action to start a war i have deep respect for the iranian people they are a remarkable people with an incredible heritage an unlimited potential we do not seek regime change wherever the iranian regime is aggression in the region including the use of proxy fighters to destabilize its neighbors must and it must end now we have the best intelligence in the world if americans anywhere are threatened we have all of those targets already fully identified and i am ready and prepared to take whatever action is necessary well the
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assassination of one of the most powerful figures in iran has left the middle east on a knife edge because some silly money died in an airstrike near baghdad airport along with a top iraqi paramilitary commander the i will hunt these iraq's prime minister says their deaths will light the fuse of a destructive war in iraq and angry crowds protests that have to fight a prayer is condemning the assassination and chanting death to america supreme leader ali khamenei who had a close relationship with some the money vowed severe revenge for his killing as leaders around the world expressed concern and condemnation the u.s. ordered all its citizens to immediately leave iraq its forces and israel's are now on high alert some of the fulton reports now from back that. heart break in the upper ranks of the iranian military at the official announcement of the death of
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major general custom so in mani the commander of iran's quds force the revolutionary guard unit responsible for foreign operations so the money was killed in a u.s. drone strike in baghdad. and a spontaneous outbreak of joy in iraqi cities over the passing of a man many see as the embodiment of iran's meddling here i sure wish i didn't have to listen to me i feel happy about killing solo money the reason is because of his foreign interference in iraq would you accept that our intervening in all the families issues everything has been trees. in the early hours of friday morning shortly after arriving at baghdad international airport a u.s. strike targeted a convoy of silly money and his close ally hondas the deputy head of the iraqi popular mobilization forces an iranian backed part military group other members of the group were also killed for iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali common a solemn mani was a trusted confidant
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a member of his inner circle and he warned there will be revenge the cruelest people on earth assassinated the honorable commander who courageously fought for years against the evils and bandis of the world sulaimani is martyrdom well make iran more decisive to resist america's expansionism and to defend our values with no doubt iran and other freedom seeking countries in the region will take his revenge. only to. leave while there is talk of revenge many iranians don't want to see war. with us support them and it will definitely increase violence but i fundamentally disagree with violence and conflict i believe people moving toward peace in negotiation to reach the goals is much better soleimani enjoyed some support when he led the charge to displace islip from iraq a strong. holds but many iraqis now blame iran for instability and interference in their country and soleimani directly for
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a violent crackdown on anti-government protests which began in october the us assassinations are the most extreme escalation in tensions between to head on in washington in recent years and many in baghdad fear it will continue to play out on iraqi soil and if an indistinct has she always syria and we condemn this it's unacceptable for something like this to be happening in our country it's a tween america and iran and in the end we will be hurt our situation is already not stable many iraqis oppose iranian and american interventions alike. earlier this week mohandas himself let a crowd of popular mobilization forces supporters as they attacked and besieged the u.s. embassy in baghdad he walked alongside of another senior military leader of the pro iran group who has now called on his followers to take up arms against the american presence iraq's caretaker prime minister abdullah abdullah to condemn the u.s. strike as
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a violation of iraq's sovereignty and the rules of engagement of the american presence here he called the death of mohandas an aggression against the iraqi state . parliament is due to hold an emergency session on sunday but analysts say the government beleaguered and divided after 3 months of anti-government protests will struggle to mount a decisive response iraqi government is very weak for the time being there will be no more the statements coming out of the. caretaker prime minister or from the ministry of foreign affairs other than that i don't expect anything from the iraqi government but probably the iraqi parliament will. call for an immediate session and do will discuss the current. americans in iraq agreement and probably they will ask for the department of the american forces from iraq. whether their response to u.s. presence in iraq will be political or military the assassinations have put an end
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to a precarious balance of power that had us far accommodated both u.s. and iranian interests in iraq the iraqi capital already a battleground for tensions between the u.s. and iran is bracing itself for the aftermath of the biggest escalation yet with both u.s. and iranian backed troops on the ground the country risks being caught in the middle of a military fallout between washington and tehran similar 14 al-jazeera but that. well iran's national security council has vowed to retaliate in the quote right place and time after holding an extraordinary meeting on friday or saturday are in tehran has more now has some still in mind his life and the reaction to his this. shock and disbelief at the events that have led to this as a nation of the head of the bulls force hossam so the money have now turned into anger and frustration and their vows of revenge the supreme leader has been at the
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home of us and so in money and where he's been speaking to his surviving family members and passing on his condolences we've also heard a statement that's been issued by the supreme national security council of iran headed by president sandra honey where they said that they will respond appropriately to the actions of the united states now all this happening while the iranians have said that after the attack took place there was a message that was sent to tehran via the swiss embassy from the americans about the decision they took and the iranians have now since responded now we don't know the contents of these messages that have gone back and forth but it is something interesting to watch in the coming days but let's take a closer look at the events that unfolded earlier today. in his hometown of care mon in central iran thousands gathered to say goodbye to a man many saw as more than just the head of iran's elite force major general essential imani came into the role more than 20 years ago and had been one of the
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masterminds of iran's military strategy in the region whatever anyone else thought about so they money he was revered and admired by many in the islamic republic because. i heard it on the radio in the taxi this morning i was waiting for the names of those killed when i heard general salim on each name i said oh god he was martyred on with us the former unfortunately it's clear that wherever the us entered it was after domination for its own interests general shalit money was one who stood up bravely especially fighting i saw. he was a key figure 100 percent they were targeting him they knew where he was surely a wrong won't leave it on on sort of will do something silly money rarely. spoke in public but gave this interview in october saying iran's revolutionary guard had expanded what he called islamic resistance to half a 1000000 square kilometers connecting iran through iraq and syria to lebanon the cuts force runs iran's foreign military and clandestine operations so they money
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delegated iranian diplomats to meet u.s. officials after the $911.00 attacks and they brutally worked together against the taliban. but that relationship didn't last long. the u.s. and iran's pirate is aligned once again in the fight against eisel but then evolved beyond the battlefield in april last year the u.s. designated iran's islamic revolutionary guards corps as a terrorist organization but so in money had the full support of his government the supreme leader ayatollah khamenei awarded him iran's highest military honor last year same so a money had survived many attempts on his life both here in iran and abroad and now his death will likely embolden the groups who support it as a rains mark 3 days of national mourning many here are looking to see what will happen next. al-jazeera tehran. let's get more now on president trump's comments that alan fischer joins us live now from the pentagon i'm so we
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heard the president say that the u.s. took action not to start a war but to stop a war does it sound to you like the president was trying to the escalator events. it sounds as if that is certainly the tone coming from the trumpet ministration movement might pompeo on the foreign turn number of world leaders a number of allies in the in the last few hours saying that look with the united states is very keen on deescalation donald trump said the thing this he's going to get criticism for is that this decision was made because of some compelling intelligence that had passed to him and of course he described the u.s. intelligence agencies as the best in the world these are the same intelligence agencies that donald trump himself has criticized particularly when it comes to them talking about russian interference in the 26000 election seems to all roads go back to there. it also appears that don't trump has been considering this sort of
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operation for some time he says that a number of other presidents have considered that this should have been done a long time ago but they decided to know there are those who will say that this is entirely tied in to what happened outside the u.s. embassy in the last few days that general silverman or was proven this far as the americans were considered to be behind those protests and he was going to. provoke some more protests that couldn't be tolerated by the united states that is why they took action there will be others in this very divided tone who will say that it's interesting that donald trump has had this on his desk for some time but decided to take action just a couple of days before the senate began to consider whether or not we should purse the head with impeachment action against him but what is clear is that donald trump says he wants to see the escalation not entirely sure that he's going to get his wish so what we've heard from mike compare with courage from donald trump we've also heard from the chair of the joint chiefs of staff has been speaking in the
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last hour what did he have to say. america's top general mark milley seeing that he didn't say the intelligence was compelling they were concerned that general silverman was planning in the days weeks and months to come a significant operation which would lead to the death of a number of americans he said the risks of not acting were much greater than those of taking action no and he also said that when asked was that a greater risk to americans in the region know his exact response was and i quote damn right there's a greater risk so the americans know that there are consequences here the concern across the washington is that whether or not donald trump has planned for this adequately he's known as someone who reacts with his gut who takes instinctive decisions and it seems that he's done that there but what people want to know is if they were prepared for what might happen next it was once described to me is that
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there are no chess players in the trump administration they see the next move to take but they're not sure whether they're entirely protecting the border what we do know is that the pentagon is reacting by sending 3500 members of the 2nd airborne to kuwait and then perhaps or on to places beyond that we know that 750 of them were moved there at the beginning of the week because of what was happening in say the embassy in baghdad the decision has no been taken to move the rest of the rapid reaction force and they will be leaving. scuse me they will be leaving their base in north carolina in the coming hours heading towards kuwait so the americans seem to be taking action but it's interesting that there was some communication between journalists and those inside the embassy in baghdad and they said they didn't know whether to hunker down or whether to leave that would suggest that there hasn't been a great deal of planning you remember also that might pompey or had said americans
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are much safer no be. because of the action ordered by donald trump but might prompt use on state department has in the last few hours all americans who are in iraq to leave the country as soon as possible obviously fearful of the consequences of this action yeah definite contradiction there alan fischer with the latest from the pentagon alan thank you well congress reconvened a few hours ago after its christmas recess that's get more now from high this year castro who is live for us on capitol hill during that news conference we heard the president say that the u.s. military killed so the money at his direction so obviously ordering the strike without consulting congress so what's the reaction been like there well it's fallen sharply along partisan divisions here barbara with democrats saying that there was no consultation with congress in the us this act this initiating this drone strike that killed silly money at the behest of the president alone the
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congressional democrats saying that that may have been illegal and warning a serious consequences a much different response coming from the president's republican allies in fact a few of them may have had some knowledge that this was actually in the works we know that some of the top supporters of president trump were in his vacation home with him in the days leading up to this strike down in florida and several of them have stated on the record that they were in full support of the president and in fact congratulating him on his decisive action just take a listen to how starkly contrast of the 2 responses are iran's master terrorist. the architect and chief engineer of the world's most active state sponsor of terrorism has been removed from the battle. of the united states military.
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no man. was more directly responsible for the deaths of more american service members and cost them solar money the question moving forward is whether the administration has given any thought as to how to manage the fallout that comes from such a drastic action this is the equivalent of the iranians assassinating the u.s. secretary of defense if the iranians were to assassinate the u.s. secretary of defense we would consider that an act of war and we would respond disproportionately. i think we need to expect that the iranians will also act disproportionately i do not believe the administration has gamed out how very badly this could go for the u.s. and our interests so heidi obviously received political divisions they are
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divisions that we would have seen during the impeachment trial which presumably is what we would have been talking about right now if if this attack hadn't happened i guess many people there are questioning the timing of this action. that's right if this was the 1st day that the senate was back in town and their 1st order of business in the new year was supposed to be planning for the impending impeachment trial of president trump and while no one is directly accusing the president of taking this military action for political purposes certainly the timing does make some people wonder and in fact instead of going into the impeachment trial senators are instead preparing for a briefing about this drone strike that happened on friday and early next week we expect a classified briefing of all senators on this very topic and on what sorts of responses that this military strike may bring barbara what is your caster live for us in
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capitol hill heidi thank you. well the human u.n. human rights expert agnes calabar says the u.s. needs to provide more information to determine whether self-defense can be lawfully invoked in the assassination the information that has been told by dubai is a pentagon is very light so on that basis it is impossible for me i think and for many of those tools did to mean ways it was self-defense can be lawfully invoked in duckies under international rules safety tends to be little we'll need to be invoked in situations where there is an immune and. attach it gainst the terrorist stronger territory in this case of the united states or france like many countries is urging calm we will just call for further the escalation this is what we need know we need deescalation we
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need stability in the region and we would really encourage everybody. to work for for this condition. meanwhile the israeli military was for on high alert as the country braced for fallout from the killing of the prime minister also cut short a visit to greece and german is now reaffirmed his support for the united states saying president trump deserves credit for acting swiftly and decisively just as israel has the right of self-defense. this is exactly the same right to the money is responsible for the deaths of american citizens and many other innocent people he was planning more so that the president will deserves all the credit for acting swiftly forcefully decisively israel stands with the united states in its just struggle for peace security and. well under kassam solomon
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his leadership iran's quds force has been instrumental in building a network of proxy armed groups across the middle east this strain of non-state alliances began with hezbollah in lebanon after the overthrow of saddam hussein iran was able to become a dominant force in iraq or it armed and trained the paramilitary groups who made up the popular mobilization units that iran has provided significant support for syria during its civil war and that includes training and intelligence services iran's influence extends to the southern tip of the arabian peninsula where it's been backing the who these in the war in yemen. well for more on this we're joined by holy day goes a middle east analyst and the resident fellow at the atlantic council thank you so much for being with us here on al-jazeera so i guess the 1st question perhaps obvious but we still haven't heard what the official retaliation will be from iran do you think there will be one and what shape do you think it will take well we've heard so far from the supreme leader and other high ranking iranian officials that
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there will be some form of revenge on the part of the death of hossam so the money having that been said it's really unclear what that revenge or retaliation would mean from my understanding historically speaking the iranians are very calculated and they are not suicidal so they will not react on a whim or with their emotions they will take time months weeks sometimes even years to actually have that kind of reaction to the events that just occurred in the past 24 hours because it wasn't just that it was an attack on iran but the type of attack was in the sort of person and persona because some silly money was you know if we could compare it to al baghdadi it's not the same thing he is a member of a high profile high ranking member effectively of all of the regime in iran what impact do you think that will have on the reaction there when will you just hit the nail on the head this is an iranian official this isn't a leader of just
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a terrorist organization this is somebody that's considered to be the 2nd most important person in iran after the supreme leader and has a lot of popularity amongst the iranians and so the fact that the since happen in the past 24 hours it was coming as a shock and it was unprecedented that we would have this kind of us collation between the united states and iran so what we're right now seeing is that camilla of of things to come and escalation but it's really hard to say what that's going to be. it's always also difficult to 2nd guess the u.s. president now we heard a news conference a with a man of the you listen to it as well where he's saying you know that he ordered the attack effectively and because there was an imminent threat echoed echoing what pompei oh my compare had said as well do you think that the fact the president is now trying to backtrack maybe hints that they know that this could backfire on them
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both in the region and also when it comes to domestic politics and there is definitely a sense of that there but at the same time i think this is an election when he's taking out the 2nd a 2nd terrorist leader in his eyes money and at the same time my understanding this happen out of the blue i don't know what the details were at the pentagon that there was a possible planning of attack on u.s. troops in iraq but at the same time here we have the state department issuing a statement saying that u.s. citizens need to leave the country while the secretary of state's putting out a statement that the world's a safer place after costs and stolen money and stuff so it's really hard to understand what they're getting at is the world safer without hossam so many years of a lot more dangerous i would beg to say the latter given the circumstances i guess the ultimate point for them is one of the each trying to achieve and seeing as you know president trump had his is election campaign that he was going to pull out of
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most of the wars of the middle east we've seen him pull out of syria and effectively abandon the kurds that were american allies what do you think he's trying to achieve with this move because now we're seeing 3000 more troops being sent back to the region well the whole iran strategy or the maximum pressure policy of the trumpet ministrations been confusing from the get go from the beginning of trump's presidency he said that he would like to have a better deal than his predecessor barack obama and he thought that by withdrawing from the iran nuclear agreement a multilateral agreement despite the fact that. iraq had not violated and re imposing sanctions would bring iran to the bargaining table and then he took things a step further by cutting iran's ability to export its oil the iranians call the economic warfare and that's ever since may when this has started this is when we saw this escalation began with or oil tankers being attacked in the persian gulf
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with the armco its hawks on that september and the student down of a u.s. drone that cost $110000000.00 and now we're in the situation where there's been a tit for tat between the 2 countries arguably and hasn't been responding and we didn't expect this kind of retaliation that u.s. president donald trump decided to call an air strike on this command or one of the most arguably most important generals and iran's history absolutely holaday grizzling resident fellow at the middle east program for the atlantic council think we'll be speaking to you again in next hour look forward to it for the moment thank you now still to come in this news hour one major cleanup begins in indonesia's capital is the best toll from heavy flooding and landslides rises the 43. i'll tell you when nearly a 1000 babies and infants died in an indian public hospital last year and then sports 4 on board with a back to rally champion as he looks to defend his title for the 1st time in the
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middle east. i like a bit of movement in the end i cloud is swirling and then moving quite happily across me that's been the position probably has to some degree lifted out this cloud here this dark shadow woods a bit of rain snow is not changing the way the way to the weather feels that this part of europe mobile much. temperatures still on the high side yet they really are this time of year we had 19 yesterday up in norway that was a bit of furniture of the merit is more typically also for where you want expected to be and that in athens the sun's out at 15 degrees there is still so moving from west to east this picture of green blue and white a mixture of sleet snow and rain showers are still moving through if it's true
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you're leaving behind the sunshine when is it 4 degrees all this time the windiest ever stayed out of the over the ocean has been quite present in places like spain and portugal and most of france not particularly were basically now in africa it's more so clear sky treatment apart from the clouds rolling into the far north coast of egypt however what is happening this time the seas know is the breeze is blowing down through the sahara across chad unusual us to how martin thing quite strong recently kicking up dust and sand it should weaken over saturday and sunday. not the only one but it's a series of ceremonies parties some feast we might know when they begin but not on the again. in the camorra silence extravagant wedding service markers of social status but this lavish celebration is unique that it would be glad no one ever held
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this wedding ceremony put to watch it and its budget is all still extraordinary the grand marais catch on al-jazeera wild. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of all the lives. of the stories. providing the clips into someone else's work out the way i do day for. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. like a witness on al-jazeera. the .
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welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera iran's supreme leader has vowed harsh. after its top military commander. was killed in a u.s. airstrike in baghdad u.s. president donald trump says he ordered the drone strike to. start. planning imminent attacks on american diplomats and military personnel. and the u.s. has ordered its citizens to leave iraq and close the embassy in baghdad american and israeli forces have also been put on high alert. well oil prices have surged following the killing of some the money with the international benchmark for crude jumping more than 3 percent in early trade markets fear that tehran may retaliate by the global energy supplies from the middle east if prices continue to rise fuel electricity and heating could become more expensive stifling
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the global economy well stocks tumbled when the u.s. markets opened and they've now and that they lower let's get more now from live for us at the new york stock exchange so christine what happened. well as you mentioned oil prices did surge today the concern is that any form of retaliation by iran could disrupt mideast crude oil supplies and drive up prices that push the benchmark international price of crude per barrel up to almost $70.00 a barrel that's the highest it's been almost 7 months good for the energy companies but not so good for the overall economy the united states does not rely as much on media as it did even a decade or 2 ago thanks to increased production of shale oil here in the united states but nevertheless the markets are very concerned about the possibility of an
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increase in prices and any disruption to oil flow in fact at one point during the day some tweets started surfacing that a u.s. military base in iraq had been attacked and that sent the prices up even further after those reports were disclaimed or you know proven false the prices retreated a bit more from that but it just shows you how concerned and how closely investors are monitoring what happens in the region and and what impact it could have on energy and energy supplies going forward all of the major stock indexes were down at the end of the day the dow closing more than 8 tenths of a percentage point down it's not as bad as we thought it was going to be when the opening bell sounded but down nonetheless this after what was a record setting day yesterday after what was a record setting year for the u.s. markets 2019 there was optimism that the united states and china were getting
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closer to a trade deal and things were looking up this has put all of that into question and while i would describe the mood on wall street today as concerned not. it was not a drastic sell off there's definitely concern and we saw money going into what are considered safe havens things like. gold and japanese and where people feel there's last risk involved going forward so i would say there's a lot of caution a lot of concern not panic yet but investors paying very close attention to what is going to happen in the middle east anything that could disrupt those or oil prices in particular oil supplies going forward chris and salumi with the latest from the new york stock exchange christine thank you. but bando is a senior fellow at the cato institute and the former special assistant to president ronald reagan he joins me live now via skype from springfield virginia sir thank
12:35 am
you so much for joining us here on out 0 so we heard there they get some fear in the markets that tehran may retaliate by disrupting global energy supplies from the middle east we've heard president trump perhaps trying to deescalate the tension how do you think to iran may retaliate. well they could certainly do something on energy they could try to strike at american civilian targets i mean the u.s. feels forced to close its embassy feels forced to tell americans to leave iraq that's an extraordinary staff it could try to use proxies some of the militias to launch additional missile attacks at american bases it could try to stir up local political factions against the united states especially in iraq the prime minister has urged parliament to come back and pass legislation has denounced the attack as a breach of the conditions for being there so there are an awful lot of ways in
12:36 am
which iran could try to cause problems it would want to have a measured retaliation it really doesn't want a war but it certainly does not want to look weak compared to the united states that has just taken out a major leader from terror on exactly and i guess it makes it. as well as everything else a bit of a p.r. coup for the united states because they have managed to take out someone who did have a high profile within iran and of course the region i guess it right is no match militarily for the u.s. but when it comes again to the p.r. war and thinking of everyone's the mess that audience is is the risk to donald trump perhaps bigger than he thought it might be. i think so i think the president imagine that this would be easy you know that he probably viewed this is another step of maximum pressure he's probably hoping that the iranians will agree to negotiations but he's taken out somebody who's far too high profile in tehran you
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know the supreme leader khamenei the president rouhani who's a reformer the foreign minister the defense minister all of these people have demanded retaliation have demanded action iran has to do something so the president is in a dangerous position if this starts to spin out of control you know he's really lost his campaign pledge to end endless wars to bring americans home and then he's got a very large problem in the upcoming election because of course it's never just about the u.s. and they run obviously countries like iraq and syria are involved but even beyond the region the powers like china like russia like turkey that's quite a strange one because it's actually a nato member i mean they could all become involved what roles do you think they would play in and do you think there really is you know the oh of sounding a you know perhaps making this more than it is but do you think there is a risk of all those power was becoming involved in in military action or at least
12:38 am
an escalation of tensions. i think in escalation of tensions i think that countries like china and russia are certainly not going to go to the war with the us over iran but you can imagine them being in a position where they might provide some military aid they might provide or defense weapons i mean the same thing with turkey turkey doesn't want to have a shooting war with the u.s. on the other hand if the u.s. was busy struggling against iran turkey might be more aggressive in syria you know they could look for other areas to take advantage russia could look at europe that ukraine you know one could imagine you know these countries saying if the u.s. is going to be tied down in the middle east maybe they have other options they don't well war but they're certainly going to look for opportunities that might enhance their power you know and there are advantages and survey very briefly do you think this killing was worth it from a u.s. point of view no i think that it was a huge mistake the blowback will be enormous i think that silla man is an evil man
12:39 am
i'm glad he's gone but we're going to pay a high price for that bandeau senior fellow at the cato institute sir thank you so much for sharing your views with us thank you you're welcome. kids take a look at some of the day's of their stories and australia is carrying out one of the largest evacuations in its history amid warnings that strong winds and hot weather will worsen the already raging bush fires weather conditions for saturday are being described as catastrophic and firefighters say that homes will be lost felicity davey reports stuff from simple. a straining prime minister scott morrison seen for himself the latest areas devastated by bushfires in new south wales the day after he was confronted by angry residents in the town of go this woman refusing to shake his hand the funny thing was that the prime minister said he
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wanted to offer comfort to those affected by fires on using and he's not surprised at their reaction people are angry it is something that i was there before as we've it is something that i understand it's not something for me to talk personally it's peak holiday season but with the state of emergency declared in the states of new south wales and victoria tens of thousands of people have been leaving tourist areas traffic is being backed up the many kilometers on major highways as people try to get home or at least to safer areas. about a quarter of the 4000 people stranded on a beach in the town of malibu in victoria have been taken on board naval vessels to escape the fires and have a better process right now yet. oh dad for sure it's something that i want to forget evacuations will continue as fire conditions on saturday a forecast to be catastrophic when making every preparation possible for what will
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be a very difficult day shamar weather conditions are very unpredictable we neither temperatures will still be in the mid forty's in many parts of our style thousands of firefighters are in the field with additional helicopters on standby where unfortunately very likely we will lose homes tomorrow but will be very happy and will call excess says there's no lives lost that is a single focus tomorrow a focus on saving lives in the face of an unprecedented bushfire season felicity davey al jazeera sydney. well jessica washington is in one new south wales town where dozens of homes have already been destroyed lou a bay is a small community here in new south wales you can imagine the devastating impact that this bushfire season has had on communities just like this when you see scenes like this at least 50 houses destroyed in just a few days now some residents went to a nearby beach trying to secure
12:42 am
a safety for themselves and their families but others stayed on trying to fight the blazes defending their own properties and their neighbors within a 4 hour i have in this direction a little bit. run across of the highest they have gone around the corner and the hate just hit me and as a hard blow in the garage and then i run across the road and then the foibles come across the road off nothing i've ever felt or seen before and then off he became a camp a child already heard myself than i was actually there were things i scared for my life you can see that the fire has burned through many of the trees here particularly at the roots but not completely and that means that this area is still a high risk because it hasn't been completely burned through many of the residents haven't even had the chance to return to their properties and assess the damage but authorities are warning that the worst is still yet to come high temperatures a full cost for coming hours along with strong winds and that is an incredibly
12:43 am
dangerous combination for crews on the ground and locals alike. the best toll for floods in in the capital has risen to 43 nearly 400000 people in jakarta have been displaced following its extreme and soon rains and landslides which began on new year's eve some residents have been able to return to their homes in a major cleanup operation is underway as katrina you reports. just commercial district is usually bustling with shoppers but for now it's mud and sludge not customers keeping store owners into to nic are busy they've begun cleaning up after 2 days of heavy rain caused some of the worst flooding in years by in my heart that i've suffered big losses i cannot seem goods to my clients everything is wheat we so busy cleaning up we can't take care of sales i don't know who i can blame in the situation but us common people have become the victims. who
12:44 am
are submerged. and 3 warehouses she says the damage will cost her more than $20000.00 but many others have lost much more yeah. i'm disappointed because the government is not helping us business owners i wish they would pay more attention to us because we've lost all our capital most of my goods can no longer be used i can't sell them torrential rainfall began on new year's eve quickly overwhelming the city's rivers and canals streets were turned to 2 rivers and strong currents hampered rescue efforts dozens of people died tens of thousands have been displaced. the indonesian capital frequently floods but analysts say the city was ill prepared for a storm of this scale. the impact of this flood is bigger than the years before it's massive more people or
12:45 am
a directory and indirectly impacted households stores and companies all their assets are gone their houses destroyed and the cars damaged. authorities have promised to push ahead with the flooding infrastructure to prevent future disasters but that's little comfort to those whose homes and livelihoods have already washed away the city's rivers have returned to normal but with more heavy rainfall expected this month residents say the cleanup is far from over katrina al-jazeera an investigation has found a shortage of medical equipment at a public hospital in india's rajasthan state was partly to blame for the death of nearly 1000 in fence last year that $700.00 babies last months led to the inquiry it also revealed hygiene conditions were so poor that pigs were living in the compound. reports now from. reka has
12:46 am
just heard her yet unnamed 15 day old daughter has died. her mother in law a nod by his holding back her tears to console the young mother the child was finding it hard to breathe when they brought her to the hospital. to going to get. the doctors didn't say anything and they took her blood and everything but only the doctors know what happened. since december more than 100 babies have died here at this public hospital in india's northern state of rogers town. a government watchdog says at least half of the life supporting machines like ventilators were not working. and pigs were roaming around the grounds. it says conditions were on hygenic. many of the infants died because of septicemia
12:47 am
a blood poisoning that's often caused by bacteria and of pneumonia and infection made worse by the cold weather and yet the protective glass panes on several windows in the wards were missing also if you don't like i've lost a 5 month old son tejas to pneumonia she says he was sleeping in front of an open window and succumbed to ice cold winds. where there were going to be need to get our get us out there was no hito all the windows were broken and the window in front of the bed with my child to your doors were also open day in orange that there are created out there. and suddenly over a dozen women had descended on the hospital with brooms some windows were being pix to. over the last few days as news of the deaths in march the state government ordered a quick cleaning of the hospital earlier on friday we witnessed
12:48 am
a truck full of garbage leaving the premises and painters refurbishing the walls and still many pos of the hospital are not clean and parents complained of dysfunctional life sustaining equipment. perhaps the measures were all to please the states have to minister he was visiting the hospital for an inspection. his government says the number of infant deaths at the hospital has come down over the last few years that they needed in order to see what you know i'm not saying they're. not working we'll be working in couple of days we have enjoyed it but this is not the 1st time or the 1st hospital or the 1st state where babies have died in large numbers the indian government spends a little more than one percent of its g.d.p. on health care but experts here say it needs to spend a lot more to ensure its youngest citizens get
12:49 am
a chance at life. al-jazeera just home india. spain's electoral board has disqualified the regional president of catalonia from his seat in parliament it's triggered protests on the streets of catalan his capital barcelona the decision comes after quinto was barred from public office for 18 months by a catalan court in the center he had refused to remove secessionist symbols from public buildings during an election campaign. but every year millions of tourists visit russia picchu in peru but they leave behind more than 5 tons of rubbish every day now local authorities are starting to clean up operation hope to turn the unesco world heritage site into the nation's 1st eco friendly zone but he had a sanchez reports now from this the gate gateway to the citadel. this is the call for. clean up the small town of this to keep safe the ruins above
12:50 am
more than $1600000.00 tourists this is the citadel of much of picchu every year camera ready and their water supplies many don't know that much of the bottles left behind used to end up in the river. i had no idea i always try to recycle at home but i wasn't aware of the problem 2 years ago unesco threatened to blacklist machu picchu racing the allowance of high contamination because it's a protected area the garbage has to be transported out by train there are no roads to reach such a beach and the waste left behind was thrown into the river dug into the ground or burnt in the injuring the citadel and the flora and fauna round it. since the newness a pull towards begun a cleanup effort with the help of a private initiative now they're transforming more than one tonne of plastic bottles daily into compact packs to be shipped out. and the hotel is collecting the
12:51 am
used cooking oil for more than $200.00 restaurants and hotels transforming it into biodiesel were used in cleaning before it also ends up in the river the law prohibits the installation of a large treatment site the tiny plant donated by hotel is treating you again aggressiveness and to buy a carbon. that's the aim is to keep the nearly 5 tons of waste here in turn it into bio carbon that will be used for agriculture and reduce comparable nation officials want to be to surroundings turn into the 1st eco friendly municipality in the country but they say they need the support of all tourists instead of carrying water bottles realisable of 40 say they would prefer tourists bring in their own reusable containers in that way they could get rid of much of the plastic trash water dispenser stations will be installed around town. in the meantime we are promoting the no use of plastic in hotels and restaurants and distributing
12:52 am
recyclable bags everyone here is being asked to do their part the change is slow for now they say machu picchu is being spared from this danger and you know some decide to see that i was going to let this be the. kids going to doha and peter has got the sport for us barbara thank you very much victims of australia's bushfires have been on the minds of top tennis players at the new a.t.p. cup tournament underway in that country the crisis has seen several stars pledge to donate to relief efforts among them the curiosity said he would give $200.00 australian dollars for every ace he had 20 of them against young men and through 4 on friday in a straight sets win a straight a one tie against germany 3 no in brazil. how do i really care about the prize to you know i just think you know we've got the ability in the platform to do something like that obviously you know why kamber we've got the most toxic air in the world well it's pretty sad. so it's just. tough.
12:53 am
talk charge by the time we all feel like. and the tournament organizers have apologized to the moldovan team after they played the romanian and from by mistake before they match with belgium. south africa's bowlers had the better of the opening day of the 2nd test against england in cape town the tourists closed on 262 for not enough to choosing to bet on the pope with an unbeaten half century for the tourists. the procedure stack already raves into action in the middle east for the 1st time on sunday saudi arabia hosts the 42nd edition of the race after 11 years in south america the defending their champion is cutters nothing. he spoke to someone about the systolic moment. this is a really. big step you know for the motor sport in the middle east and to have
12:54 am
one of the best. race in the motor sport you know and the difficult race you know to have it here in saudi arabia now what does it mean for you to defend the title so close to home and to be the 1st one to win it in the middle east. to defend the title it's not easy because. we need to prepare a lot you know but this year we. all the race will which we compete you know on. our level really very very strong you know we need to understand you know. it's. 12000 kilometer it's not one day out 2 days out 3 days you know it's a 12 days did you have 2nd thoughts about taking part in the rally because of the blockade imposed on qatar by saudi arabia. the politics side you know
12:55 am
it's between 2 country it's it's a little. bad situation you know but. from sports side. this year if we see. the team of saudi as was competing here in qatar and also the team of. these was competing in saudi you know from a sports side i think it's everything. going very very well in this edition we'll see a new terrain for the drivers what talent does does it pose for all of them we know ducker is a difficult difficult race. is not easy but we we love you know that. that french are you know how confident are you. winning the race and who do you think will be your biggest challenge or we have a stronger confidence i don't have any problem you know we need to respect all the
12:56 am
drivers you know. there is. also some other drivers. yeah there is. a few few but. i'm the best swedish striker's latin abraham of which are schooled he's 1st goal in ac milan colors since 2012 ybor him of each scored $28.00 goals in $32.00 games in his last season but the club will be hoping for something similar this time around considering they are 11th in surrey are and the early signs are good the 38 year old helping themselves to a goal and i'm a 1st in line no friendly when the road. the miami heat have got back to winning ways in the n.b.a. after the shock loss to washington earlier in the week the heat were up against the toronto raptors on thursday with a great defensive performance to stand out
12:57 am
a bio blocked that attempt and then replayed 15 points and 14 rebounds of his own in the 8476 point when the heat extending their home record to a lead based 16 wins and one last shot. and in the western conference oklahoma city thunder made it 4 wins in a row shea jol just salad xander based on man with 25 points in the victory over senator in your spiriting takes some thursday night to fund the taking of this 110-9103. bears it's a comeback. and that's where we'll leave it for now more sport later barbara peter thank you so much for that and that is it for this news hour do stay with us though i'm going to be back in just a few minutes with the latest on the day's news and of course on the killing of the iranian military commander has some sort of money stay with us.
12:58 am
in that florida war president trump is speaking at the evangelicals for trump conference let's listen in. 'd to the terrorists ringleader responsible for gravely and furthering thousands and thousands of people and hundreds and hundreds. he. because solomonic has been killed and his bloody rampage is now for ever on.
12:59 am
he was plotting attacks against americans but now we've ensured that his atrocities have been stopped for good they are stopped for good. i don't know if you know what was happening but he was planning a very major attack and we got a bad. we're a peace loving nation and my administration remains firmly committed to establishing peace and harmony among the nations in the world we do not seek war we do not seek nation building we do not seek we change but as president i will never hesitate to defend the safety of the american people. so let this be a warning to terrorists if you value your own life you will not threaten the lives
1:00 am
of our citizens i have. americans have many blessings but perhaps the greatest among them is the blessing of being protected by the most exceptional and virtuous military on the face of god's earth. this evening we're delighted to be joined by many incredible faith leaders including. just a terrific man that i've gotten to know and his wife i don't know i think she might even be better than him james and shirley thompson where are you james right. thank you james i got to know each other well a friend of mine who was on television before i know him and he kept saying you know. we're listening to president trump speaking at the evangelicals come conference in west kendall in florida.


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