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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 4, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm +03

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part of the radicalized series on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes thousands of people attend a funeral procession in baghdad for the targets of the u.s.'s strike. his reign of terror is over donald trump defends his decision to kill iranian general custom sort of saying he acted to stop a war with iran not stop one. new year's mystery how did former. pan and what does it mean for the charges against. the u.s. men's football team cancel their training camp.
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so that we begin in baghdad where thousands of people are attending the funeral procession for those killed in the u.s. airstrikes targeting major general custom sort of money on friday the formal funeral for the top iranian commander as well as. the deputy commander of the iran backed popular mobilisation forces is underway but will later be buried in najaf in iraq sort of on his body will be flown to iran let's go live to samoa fulton who's in baghdad for us and so many thousands out on the streets all seems pretty peaceful right now and they've they've actually crossed the river now is that right . these crowds are now marching through an area that's called the japanese which is opposite of the fortified green zone on the other side of the tigris river we're
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seeing huge crowds consisting of people who are wearing civilian clothing we're also seeing some people who are wearing military fatigues presumably members of the popular mobilization forces and you can see that some of the footage that we have shown earlier that a lot of the people are bearing flags some of them are iraqi flags but we're also seeing a lot of flags of the popular mobilization forces and especially the hezbollah brigades that's specifically that yellow flag that we're seeing quite a lot in the crowds and of course this is the group that was struck in the u.s. airstrikes earlier this week and the group that was also very much present during the tuesday funeral procession which then resulted in the attack and siege on the u.s. embassy now of course as a matter of mohandas who was killed in that latest u.s. air strike he was not only the 2nd in command of the popular mobilization forces he
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was also somebody who was previously a leader of the hezbollah brigades which which is one reason why you can see these large numbers of their supporters and followers turning out we're also seeing senior officials from both the security apparatus as well as the government we have a prime minister i don't love the mathy who is walking among the crowds now and let's remember that in the statements that he really released yesterday he called both customs for the money and. hundreds martyrs basically come commemorating their contribution in the fight against eisel so his presence at the funeral procession is another sign that he's paying his respects to the contribution of these 2 men in the fight against eyeful now it remains to be seen whether these crowds will remain peaceful whether they will actually try to march across the hanging bridge in the direction of the fortified green zone ramona always ahead of course
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a real emergency move for the government to mars lander. that is correct they have been mounting not just following the latest strike that killed my hondas and for their money but also following the earlier strike this week that targeted hezbollah brigade positions to see a complete withdrawal of foreign troops from iraq including us troops and tomorrow parliament session is supposed to discuss it is unclear until now whether there will be an actual vote to officially ask the troops to leave because based on the constitution it's supposed to be the government and not the parliament that initiated initiates legislation but we're also hearing from some legal experts the parliament make who's to simply 5 the agreement that currently exists between america and iraq which would then basically initiate part of u.s.
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troops not a lot of leaders populum organization forces especially. we have vowed that they will support such a bill and of course many of these groups have also political wings inside the parliament but he has also vowed military action to basically see the withdrawal of these troops from one way or another. or it's about it thanks very much to do some wonderful to reporting there from baghdad well a spokesman for the iranian armed forces has just issued a statement and it says that iran has the right to respond to the assassination of sort of money and he says that our response will be strong if there is a war in the region the cause is the united states of america iran will avoid any hasty response but it will retaliate for the assassination of silly money any u.s. move after the iranian response will face more robust action well cousins foreign minister is heading to the iranian capital to talk says the gulf state urges all parties to exercise restraint let's join the dorsetshire bari who's
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in tehran the iranian capital and also the korean foreign minister arriving at a critical time. certainly i we've just heard from the foreign ministry the qatari foreign minister mohammad been up over one al funny is in the rain in capital and holding dialogue with his iranian counterpart how much about zarif we understand that this was a very last minute trip it is the 1st official visit from the qatari foreign minister at a very very critical time we believe that he will also be meeting with the iranian president hassan rouhani later on saturday these meetings come at a time when the international community is extremely concerned about how wrong will retaliate to the assassination of a major general hossam soleimani we've also been hearing from reigning president hassan rouhani who wisit at the family of these sasa needed general early on saturday morning into let's hear some of what he had to say just 'd.
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the americans do not realize what a big mistake they've made they will see the consequences of the mistake not only today but in the years to come and this great men deserve not to be killed by an ordinary person or terrorist but to be mastered by the history's biggest terrorist in this general is martyred the whole sum is put on alert the entire region. and also we've been seeing the funeral procession is taking place in baghdad the monies body will then come back to iran tell us about the plans that. well the body of the slain general will return to iran on sunday morning we understand of where it will go to russia that is the holy city in iran and people there will be able to pay their respects and then it will come back to the capital on monday where the supreme leader will be presiding over a prayer services over the coffin at teheran university then finally on tuesday the
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body of awesome seller money will travel to his hometown of care mine in central iran where he will be laid to rest that is apparently his own request to be buried in his hometown all this is going to be a huge event for the iranians they're expecting millions of people to come out to pay their respects this general and as we heard from president rouhani this man wasn't just a military figure he was so much more in the rain in a society in the way the nation in the point of view of every means he did a lot to try and preserve the security and stability of iran by securing its borders by preventing the likes of eisel from reaching reigning in soil so little to matter where that is you want to go to this assassination is very much being regarded as something that the rains will have to avenge very soon. thanks very much indeed reporting there from tehran in iran. sort of monies assassination is inflame already tense relations between the united states and iran the pentagon
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says it will deploy more than 3 phones in troops to the region security in the u.s. reaction to his killing has been split along party lines largely. reports now from washington d.c. . president donald trump tried to justify his decision to order the killing of iranian revolutionary guard commander qassam sulaimani by claiming the sulaimani had been planning eminent and sinister attacks on americans in the region we took action last night just stop. a war the us president said sulaimani was responsible for the deaths of thousands 'd of american service people over 2 decades solemn 80 has been perpetrating acts of terror to destabilize the middle east for the last 20 years what the united states did yesterday should have been done long ago trump's republican allies in congress agreed or to a law this evil man operated without them strike
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and countless and often have suffered for now his terrorist leadership has been and democrats say trump ordered the drone strike that also killed the leader of tehran back iraqi militia groups without consulting congress and warned of serious consequences this is the equivalent of the iranians assassinating the u.s. secretary of defense i do not believe the administration has gamed out. how very badly this could go for the us and our interests this action may well have brought our nation closer to another endless war exactly the kind of endless war the president promised he would not drag us into. iran has promised retaliation the u.s. state department issued a security alert urging all american citizens to leave iraq immediately despite the
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secretary of state's claims on u.s. media that americans in the region are now safer after sunni mani's demise while no one is accusing president shrub of ordering friday's drone strike for political purposes and does overshadow all political headlines in the u.s. including trump's impending impeachment trial the u.s. senate was to begin this new year by taking on that as their 1st order of business and instead senators are preparing for briefings on the u.s. military strike and whatever response it may bring heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington well a diplomatic it's a james bays in new york where some of been asking if the strike was legal the u.n. security council has been meeting to discuss the situation in syria but i'm told in the margins of the meeting there were various discussions between ambassadors about the killing of general sort of money and diplomatic circles are questions being
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asked about the legality of the move and whether it's a violation of the u.n. charter. we would just for further deescalation this is what we need no we need deescalation we need stability in the region and we would really encourage everybody. to work for further this case is such a violation in china's view of china. china's foreign ministry spokesperson has made. to this america we are and paying close attention to this situation and me i can stay in the use of. force in international relations the suffering and territorial integrity of iraq's would be fully respected meanwhile the u.n. secretary general antonio good terraces issued a statement he's called for leaders to exercise maximum restraint he says the world
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does not need another war in the gulf well legal or not there are funeral processions taking place right now in baghdad let's speak to him because ali who's a writer and journalist joins us now from the iraqi capital and welcome to the program as we look at the funeral processions thousands of mourners out on the streets all pretty peaceful at the moment but give us a sense of how you feel the crowd taking this. for you on your trial on your old post this. think many people aren't off or are. in. it for a well for an all to looters general soleimani and. the wind is. it did mind do i keep the issue does it to. leave all foreign forces form iraq. do you think
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that is what will happen that this will lead to the departure of u.s. troops. question obese so is that what you think will happen this will lead to the departure of u.s. troops. very i'm going to be able. if he'll they when artists make a very big mistake they've really got it all they archy's our ability we're called to a leader iraqi leader and therefore indicates where to go just on our government on their i.q. soil so that they feel very aren't they to mind their money. issue addition to leave all foreign forces a form of arc without because early do you think this anger that that you're seeing on the streets is it likely to spill over or will the calls for restraint continue
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to be adhered to. releases just the voice. i was just saying that do you think the calls that there have been for restraint will continue to be adhered to. and i think it's a very dangerous thing if the united states are beating this. there are forces. me a fighting gear i says the united states me this mistake sir talks. about 46 time and this time they care rocky off we shall forces it out without give the only result of all our acceptable reason i would leave the house about because ali appreciate that thanks very much indeed.
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plenty more ahead on the news hour including why. after is calling on libyans to rise up against the foreign occupation. another state of emergency in southeastern australia where catastrophic bushfire conditions are back. to town against his former teammates. in sports. a lawyer for the former miss and boss and says he feels betrayed by the japanese justice system go on fledge upon this week claiming he was avoiding political persecution over allegations of financial misconduct more details are emerging about guns dramatic escape at alexy abroad reports this house in beirut.
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is believed to be holed up now arguably one of the world's most famous fugitives sort by police in japan and take the subject of an interpol red notice and a global bady a frenzy is a skype has embarrassed authorities in japan where gun had lived under house arrest and strict bail conditions including a ban on overseas travel. media reports say the surveillance cameras show him simply walking out of his tokyo harm on sunday he didn't return. the former head of the. making alliance and a giant in the global auto industry he was 1st arrested in 2000. he was facing trial on charges of financial misconduct allegations he's repeatedly denied. his escape spanned 3 continents and plenty of mystery contains he was fleeing political persecution of a turkish company it says going to
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a charter flight from osaka to istanbul and another from there to his childhood home beirut. it's understood that there's an interest in lebanon after a transit through turkey from japan the following is very important it is understood that there was a transfer in the cargo department at the airport. feet. and employee falsified flight records didn't 5 people have been arrested in turkey accused of human trafficking. gone has tried before to evade attention by dressing as a workman when leaving custody and match and his blog lawyer to kashi to kano seen here with the v. it says he felt betrayed by skype but not by going himself instead the japanese legal system had been bad from seeing his wife and want to kano called a violation of human rights and another lawyer was being spied on. promising to
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tell his side of the story this week brian al-jazeera. well ajay cable then is a investigative journalist of the daily beast and we can talk to him now in tokyo welcome to the program it is an extraordinary story as ned said vanished on the 24 hour surveillance ramifications of his escape absolutely widespread as to how the escape was facilitated what he reckoned well i mean i think that going on his mr going is been in japan for a very long time so he knows that at the end of the year japan enters new years mode which is probably the most important holiday season here so that there would be very few people watching him so if he was going to escape this was the time. and he had been sort of preparing including taking lessons in the martial arts and seeing a physical trainer so he was ready to run and i don't blame him i don't think he was escaping just political persecution he said he's escaping
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a system in which you only have a one percent chance of winning. it's a very broken system but there will be many to be there will be many there in japan he will perceive that getting his chief justice and it's certainly very embarrassing for for japan itself and not least nessun to. well for nissan this is a huge headache because. you know it's long is gone it's been shut up. they don't have to deal with their own problems with their own questions of why they did this in the 1st place i think about this you could have just fired crossflow why does new son go to. the prosecutors and make a plea bargain to put across go to jail and why did they consult with the prime minister's lawyer to do it it's a very odd thing to do and for what it is a you know a negligent well not a negligible but a financial crime it's very dubious in the 1st place how will this it happened other tips now it's going to how is this case played out in the court of public
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opinion in some of the latest developments. you don't there is there is a word that is very popular trending in jeopardy media call now could you what you call committee which means the upper class and carlos goes cases been trying to doubt again and again is a case of selective justice meaning that people took electric power company who are responsible for nuclear disaster that damaged the lives of thousands they were prosecuted the people talking airbag who made defective products that killed people were prosecuted and people are wondering why does crime school get this heavy handed treatment so you know it in many ways there's kind of sort of snickering reportage of kind of like well you get what you deserve for doing this crazy case in the 1st place all right what about now what now for the call is going to life as a fugitive kenny rest happy in lebanon do you think. he had
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a problem in lebanon because as a the president of nissan he went to israel which is against the law in lebanon to my understanding and let me come back to haunt him but i think generally speaking lebanon has no desire to hand him over to the japanese authorities and in fact they asked for him to be tried in lebanon where he might actually have gotten a fair trial interest a well it's great to get your perspective on this is a fascinating story a jail stand talking to us there from thank you thanks very much for the. 65 people have died in recent tribal violence in sudan's west darfur region disputes between ethnic groups have seen homes burned and thousands of civilians displaced according to un peacekeepers they voted sudan's government to restore peace and bring its perpetrators to justice. libyan warlord honey for half the says his finances now against a foreign occupier off the turkey's parliament agreed to send troops to libya after us forces have been attacking the capital tripoli since april libya's u.n. recognized government asked turkish president russet topper to run for support of
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the e.u. us an arab league have expressed concern about turkey's decision or shortly after have to made those comments civilian districts of tripoli were targeted with new airstrikes more than 20 rockets hit the capital and at least one person was killed but i don't know and i don't know how the enemy has announced war here advertise aggression and decided to invade our nation he bit just a watchful defended turkish people which had tied to us in the brotherhood in islam must stand in the face of this deranged counselor who is leading his army into ruin noise and i don't know much out of vietnam we had a speech to the whole arab world to its people and leaders to its youth and saying that a national war is being fueled by this to range sultana throughout the whole region targeting the arab identity from its west to its east. speak to mahmoud head in
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tripoli a moment what so what are the latest developments and how is all this house is taking a toll on civilians. well nic of the situation remains a very tense in the vicinity of a made for the only operational airport in tripoli that v.a. ssion has been suspended there due to multiple attacks by random rockets launched by have to the forces in the vicinity of a may to get airport civilians are now in a state of anger a state of panic after one old man was killed and it felt for other civilians what it wanted by rockets launched by have the us forces overnight the transportation minister of the government of national accord says that have to has forces that. targeted the area with to india lockett's during the past 24 hours now education has been suspended also in a school in a neighborhood that's in the vicinity of airport also in southern tripoli hospital
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day a b. it is hospital insular had been neighborhood was also hit by have forces rockets namely grad rocket and the hospital has. now. material damage in the i.c.u. unit and in the for seed of the hospital putting to health sources that now this is not the fittest time the area has been hit by have to rockets it's been had dozens of times since have his forces launching the military offensive to capture the capital tripoli back in april. your actions from the united nations support the mission in libya that says that it's condemning their random or indiscriminate attacks against civilians nic. would have how do we have to speech especially in light of the deployment of turkish promised military support.
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well last night's a speech by have to has been described by many people here especially in the west of libya as a bombastic the topic meant to bulldozed his forces morals and criticize the turkish libyan military agreement and also in one way give a green light to other intervention to support his forces namely or most of probably egyptian intervention now many people here say that it's a kind of khadafi style speech because he has been using very big expressions like jihad encouraging his forces to do the jihad and to do the incursion into the capital tripoli and face what he calls the autumn an accumulation of took your cue patient of libya now has been also was using like expressions like arab nationalism in terms of in contrast to what he calls the
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earth a month or 2 month patient of the libyan land that's also referring to the turkish libyan military agreement but in all cases nick his speech has been underestimated by many people and that was to libya they say that have to has been declaring a lot of civil times over the past 8 months but it hasn't happened yet nic mahmud in tripoli thanks very much. all right time for weather now here's evidence thanks very much take a starting in australia good news and bad news actually we got a change to cooler weather possibly some rain as well down to the southeast you go through the next couple days but the bad news is ahead of that we've got some very strong winds winds gusting to around 8090 kilometers per hour at times so that inevitably fanning the flames you can see this area cloud just down towards the southeast pushing out of south australia in super victoria there's that cold front
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see that blue line just to the east of melbourne there that says change to cool weather snow there's a southerly buster is a cold front cooler ethics in from the south and so that will help to nudge those temperatures down as you go through the next couple of days already signs of that actually these are current temperatures melbourne of around 16 celsius not too far away camera still hanging on to the heat around 37 degrees that will change as we go on into sunday that cooler air starts to push its way through so we're looking at system like a 10 degree drop there for camera at that stage so the more actually sydney at around $25.00 degrees there's that rain that will come rainfall all the way there making its way across a good parts of victoria hopefully popping up a little bit as we go on through monday and gradually making its way further east. all right evan thanks very much thank you all right still ahead here on al-jazeera with dreams of a better life we meet some of the hundreds of migrant children now desperate and
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freezing on paris streets. in peru is under threat is the constant flow of tourists tensions told. by the score come up to use lessons back and it's we will tell you how we got on this don't be familiar. richard problem is something which is a geopolitical issue that's for governments international institutions to manage under 1000 refugees don't have the right to walk freely on the other hand gord's can move freely as far and as much as they want it's multinational colonialism this is of the over the democratic process these companies they just want the money europe's forbidden colony episode one on al-jazeera. there's a wave of sentiment around the world people actually want accountability from the people who are running their countries and i think often people's voices are not
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heard because they're just not part of the mainstream news narrative. obviously we cover the big stories and we put on the big events going on but we also tell the stories of people who don't have a voice i mean when i was a child my that's never be afraid to put your hand up and ask a question and i think that's what our syria really does we ask the question should people who should be accountable and also we get people to give their view of what's going on. but again you're watching al-jazeera reminder the top stories this hour and the a formal funeral for the reigning commander of the money and. hundreds of the around back of the mobilization forces is underway in baghdad both men were
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assassinated in a u.s. airstrike near baghdad's airport on friday. u.s. president donald trump says he ordered the strike because of the money was planning imminent attacks on american diplomats and military personnel meanwhile cut his foreign minister is heading to tehran for school. for half to has called on libyans to rise up against a foreign invasion that's after turkey's parliament agreed to send troops to libya to help the internationally recognized government protect the capital from have to force winds. so more now on our top story the assassination of custom sort of money and its aftermath and speak to that rodger shanahan who's a research fellow at the la institute for international policy joins us via skype from sydney a mr shanahan 1st up more than 24 hours on what's your assessment of where we are at this dramatic incident in what was already a very fragile part of the world. yeah a chill is
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a white heat and i think that's going to happen now until they get a sense of what the iranian practical reaction is going to pay it's going to be in the $40.00 days of mourning. that will be before you think anything any other actions that take place and never try to understand what led to this decision made by the white house right now plenty of calls for restraint all around the world what's course will mediation take now we've got the country foreign minister only on route for terror and for talks with his counterpart java what would he be pushing for but it's something he's going to. do the basic angel is deescalation it yet or a situation. we've also saying frost is our response to the killing across and so mani was quite good magic and probably signalling that from the west as perspective that it's like they get lucky it is and i think the best they can do
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it at the moment is well the iranians are trying to set in what their reaction is going today to try and. restraint on both sides but it's difficult to say how that is going to call care in the short and it is a big call in iraq as you'll know for foreign troops to leave for u.s. troops to leave how would that if that happens how would that change the geopolitics of the region. we'll see if can we and i think it's probably 2 aspects to the iranian response is going to be a kinetic response at some stage even. status and the iranians statements today but i think there's also right clinical lot of pressure that the iranians are going to want to try to shear in s. going to be trying to trying. to reach drop diplomatic cover for u.s. forces in the country because in the short term one administrative action that the iranians can reach a peace that they can have u.s.
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lave the area of operations in iraq so that probably dish or $10.00 dinner very you mentioned the u.s. administration's motivation for the attack what's your assessment of that especially given that some are saying that trump wants troops out of iraq and this gives gives him the leverage to do so. well i'm not running not really sure that that's what i was so scared to believe trotted 7 as you did trot foreign policy in the middle east it's relatively intact here and it's a reactionary rather than the result of well thought out strategic intent but i think what we sayn in terms of military sponsors in the short term is a change in the rules of the game and we saw that after the death of the us military contractor. against the attack on the attack against the at us and we saw a quite distortion response from the u.s.
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attacking 5 militia tag it spilling out 38000000000 police orion's and now we say at this response as well so i don't think that we can i did use a long term mr taiji change other than there's a change to the rules of the guy in the us to not to train the u.s. and iran for the change that is definite is that this is uncharted territory in the relationship between the united states iran iraq has changed probably forever yes i mean it you know i don't eat again do something of this magnitude expect. you know the playing field to study inside and i think for the next few weeks and months while. taking stock of exactly what's happened and trying to chart the next occasion i think is going to keep a here it is that fair political and security uncertainty in iraq particularly in
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a border region right assad discrediting the prospects really appreciated that some other son whom the research from of the large institute for international policy thanks a lot. moving on one of the largest evacuations in australia's history is under way strong winds and hot weather worsened bushfires 2 people were killed when their car caught fire on oil and in south australia another 21 is still missing in the state of victoria tens of thousands of people are fleeing at risk towns in new south wales and victoria and defense force reservists have been called up just to washington is in one of the worst hit areas of australia's southeast coast many parts of australia have been devastated by this year's bushfire season this south coast of new south wales is just one of them which has been hit incredibly hard if you take a look at these trees you can see that many of them have been absolutely blackened and most of them at the roots that means that they are a risk to the residents here the residents in this community of milou of they do
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face a difficult prospect of rebuilding their community streets like this one are not uncommon in this community row after row of houses completely destroyed it's a very difficult to imagine what these residents must be going through this bushfire season has already claimed dozens of lives hundreds of homes and some scientists estimate that around half a 1000000000 animals have died as a result but the full cost is a warning that the crisis is far from over this year's bushfire season began unusually early and it will be at least a few weeks' time before there is enough rain to bring it to an end to cambodia now where rescue workers are digging through rubble to try and find survivors after a 7 story building collapse in the coastal problems thora he say workers were pouring cement on the top floor when the building crumbled at least 7 people have died a building collapse last year which killed almost 30 led to calls for safer conditions for cambodia's construction workers. hundreds of children and teenagers are
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sleeping on the streets of paris many of them alone as winter temperatures plummet activists are urging the french government to do more to help. from. it's a cold night in paris and these young children and their families are spending it outside the people here are asylum seekers who say they fled violence and poverty for a better life in europe but few imagine that they'd end up on the street relying on charities for survival the 6 year old girl is from iran her and says they've been homeless for months. we have so many problems we want to send her to school but we can't as we don't have a home for these children and their mother who didn't wish to be identified from the democratic republic of congo instead of their jealous lover i don't know what to do my children are 5 and 8 years old i want them to go to school it's so painful for me to see others go but my live in the street a mere is one of
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a group of volunteers helping the families he understands them better than most the kurdish refugees here arrived in france 2 years ago as a teenager and was homeless i was very rich. factory. city teacher she write your books. really shop. back in the north of the city has rows of tents and makeshift shelters are crammed along the ring road campaigners say that hundreds of children and teenagers are sleeping on the streets of paris often in appalling conditions like this and what activists say is that the french government is flouting international rules by failing to protect minors under french law all minors should be protected by the state but at this charity's day center staff say many young people sleep outdoors for months waiting for a judge to formally recognize their age there are many minor of.
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search. from help from the state and basically back in the street. after more than a year a judge has finally ruled that this afghan teenager ahmed is a minor. could life in france be. the french government says it wants to crack down on illegal immigration and has tightened its laws but the authorities tougher approach seems to deny basic human rights to some of the most vulnerable natascha al jazeera paris an investigation has found a lack of medical infrastructure at a public hospital and india's raja stance that it was partly to blame for the deaths of nearly a 1000 infants last year the inquiry was carried out after 100 babies died in the past month alone and also revealed hygiene conditions were so poor that pigs were
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living in the compound and. this report often called. reka has just heard her yet unnamed 15 day old daughter has died. her mother in law a nod by is holding back her tears to console the young mother the child was finding it hard to breathe when they brought her to the hospital. to get. the doctors didn't say anything and they took up blood and everything but only the doctors know what happened. since december more than a 100 babies have died here at this public hospital in india's northern state of rogers town. a government watchdog says at least half of the life supporting machines like ventilators were not working. and pigs were roaming around the grounds. it says conditions were on hygenic.
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many of the infants died because of septicemia a blood poisoning that's often caused by bacteria and of pneumonia and infection made worse by the cold weather and yet the protective glass panes on several windows in the wards were missing also if you don't like the last of 5 month old son tejas to pneumonia she says he was sleeping in front of an open window and succumbed to ice cold when it's. there where they're going to be need their kid again or get us out there was no hito all the windows were broken and the window in front of the bed with my child 2 doors were also open. to create up there. and suddenly over a dozen women had descended on the hospital with. some windows were being fixed to . over the last few days as news of the deaths in march the state government
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ordered a quick cleaning of the hospital earlier on friday we witnessed a truck full of garbage leaving the premises and painters refurbishing the walls and still many parts of the hospital are not clean and parents complain of dysfunctional life sustaining equipment. perhaps the measures were all to please the state's health minister he was visiting the hospital for an inspection. his government says the number of infant deaths at the hospital has come down over the last few years. and they need an office you know i'm not saying they're. not working we'll be working in couple of days we have ensured it but this is not the 1st time or the 1st hospital or the 1st state where babies have died in large numbers. the indian government spends a little more than one percent of its g.d.p.
1:44 pm
on health care but experts here say it needs to spend a lot more to ensure its youngest citizens get a chance at life. al-jazeera. any democratic republic of congo or many children working in mines physically and sexually abused or forced to mine cobalt metal used to make telephones and computers now more suit a nonprofit organization is accusing 5 of the world's largest tech companies of exploiting child labor and being complicit in the deaths of some. more. in the mining town of the dispersed and poor looking for cobalt it's a vital component in batteries used in goods ranging from electric cars to phones and laptops more than half of the world's cobalt is produced in the democratic republic of congo tens of thousands of children estimated to be used to dig for the toxic metal without protective clothing. they're here with their parents who say
1:45 pm
the whole family has to work to survive. we are here because we are suffering we have nothing to eat therefore in mining companies won't give us jobs they are getting rich from almendras but. in a legal complaint the nonprofit organization international rights advocates accuses some of the world's largest companies of being involved in a system of forced child labor in congo the group says some children have died mining coal belt and others have been seriously injured. many are physically and sexually abused. there. young girls are raped it's hard to give exact number but it happens a lot you can tell they have been abused by the change in their behavior. some aren't even 14 years old lady. doctors say the number of people getting
1:46 pm
sick is disturbing. we have many young boys and girls coming in to us sometimes it's injuries from when the mines collapse sometimes it's sexually transmitted diseases people don't wear protective clothing so in women we see birth defects and miscarriages from exposure to the metal human rights workers say a lack of political will is partly to blame. there is a lack of leadership foreign companies get away with a lot of things sometimes they treat local communities unfairly they get away with cause of corruption in this country if this changed then our people will gain from the resources. the government says is putting in place monitoring and tracking mechanisms to tackle the exploitation of children in mining but international businesses using callable to make goods and a pressure to guarantee they're not easing child labor.
1:47 pm
police in chile use water kind of interior gas to disperse anti-government protesters in the capital santiago on friday demonstrations have been going on since october a monday chile's president announced that a referendum on constitutional reform would be held on april the 26 it is one of the main demands of the protest movement that began over a rail fare increase. millions of terrorists visits peru's muchy peachey said to go every year it's one of us goes well heritage sites but it sink recently under threat tourists meet behind more than 5 tons of waste every day now municipal authorities are trying to turn the area into the country's 1st you can friendlies right out of touch as reports from the town of aguas calientes the gateway to much of peach. this is the call for pick up. the small town. to keep safe the ruins above more than 1600000 tourists this is the citadel of much of peach river here camera ready and their water supplies many like
1:48 pm
us don't know that much of the bottles left behind used to end up in the river. i had no idea i always try to recycle at home but i wasn't aware of that problem 2 years ago unesco threatened to blacklist much of picchu racing me alone so i can time the mission because it's a protected area the garbage has to be transported out by train there are no roads to reach to beach and the waste left behind was thrown into the river dug into the ground or burned in the injuring the citadel and the floor and for now around it. since the newness a pull towards begun a cleanup effort with the help of a private initiative now they're transforming more than one ton of plastic bottles daily into compact packs to be shipped out. and the hotel is collecting the used cooking oil for more than $200.00 restaurants and hotels transforming it into
1:49 pm
biodiesel reuse them cleaning before it also ends up in the river the law prohibits the installation of a large treatment site the tiny plant donated by hotel is treating your gun aggressiveness and to buy a carbon. that's the aim is to keep the nearly 5 tons of waste here in turn it into bio carbon that will be used for agriculture and reduced to pam anation officials want beaches surrounding strongly into the 1st eco friendly municipality in the country but they say they need the support of all tourists instead of carrying water bottles realisable of forty's say they would prefer tourist bring in their own reusable containers in that way they could get rid of much of the plastic trash water dispenser stations will be installed around town. in the meantime we are promoting the no use of plastic in hotels and restaurants and distributing recyclable bags everyone here is being asked to do their part the change is slow for now they say machu picchu is being spared from this danger and you know some to
1:50 pm
sad to see that i was going to let this be the. world heritage site still ahead in sports the u.s. football team cancels its trip to the middle east after the killing of some sort of money joe we'll have more shortly. silence is. for us it's the political wild card that counts in the 3 shapes world order the structure that is defended at all cost. ph with the support of the people fall through the crushing of that with. people in power exposes the use and abuse of power around the world. on al-jazeera. i've worked at al-jazeera english since its launch as a principal presenter and as a correspondent with any breaking news story we want to hear from those people who
1:51 pm
would normally not get their voices heard on the international news channel one moment i'll be very proud of was when we covered the poll of quake of 2050 a terrible natural disaster and the story that needed to be told from the heart of the affected area to be that to tell the people story was very important at the time. again welcome back time to sort out joe standing by nick thank you very much well the u.s. men's football team has canceled an upcoming training trip to the middle east following the u.s.'s strike that killed the rainy and general custom sum of money the team had been due to begin a 2 week campaign catherine sunday but say they'll stay home gee to quote the
1:52 pm
developing situation the region iran has promised harsh retaliation for some killing. spanish champions barcelona will be in saudi arabia next week to take part in the spanish super cup with 3 other teams but 1st up football star is the kaplan darby on saturday the league leaders travel across town to espanol who by contrast about some of the leak barcelona have their own troubles though lawyers representing the chilean saw a tour of adel have filed a complaint claiming unpaid bonuses of $2600000.00. of that quality but. i suppose from time to time there will always be contractual differences when it comes to money it depends on how contracts were made and i suppose it will come to a solution. as for how this could affect our daily work i know auto everything is ok he trains and plays as usual i don't foresee any problem just ex boss the strike has let
1:53 pm
a neighborhood move it has scored on his return to another of his former clubs ac milan a 30 year old swede easing his way back into the team in a 9 will threaten friendly when overrun didn't say he's on a bit of a rescue mission though with milan 11 in syria. the l.a. lakers big summer signing anthony davis has been showing no mercy towards his old team the new orleans pelicans davis had a 40 point game against his former teammates for the 2nd time this season. the pelicans number one draft pick resign williamson shells to spectator as he waits his n.b.a. debut because of injury meanwhile davis' partnership with le bron james has been blossoming the bronze setting up davis who ended the game with 46 points in the lakers 123-2113 victory they say top of the western standings the boston celtics came back from 18 points down to beat the league's worst team the atlanta hawks atlanta had the chance to tie it but daniel tice towered over trey young to
1:54 pm
block the 3 pointer boston a 2nd by milwaukee in the east. but that corelli revs into action in the middle east for the 1st time on sunday saudi arabia hosts the 42nd edition of the race after 11 years in south america the defending champion is cattles nasa here he spoke to santa. this is a really. big step you know for the motor sport in the middle east and to have one of the best. race in the motor sport you know and the difficult race you know to have it here in saudi arabia now what does it mean for you to defend the title so close to home and to be the 1st one to win it in the middle east. to defend the title it's not easy because. we need to prepare a lot you know but this year we. all the race will we compete you know on.
1:55 pm
our level really very very strong you know we need to understand you know. it's to 12000 kilometer it's not one day out 2 days out 3 days you know it's a 12 days did you have 2nd thoughts about taking part in the rally because of the blockade imposed on qatar by saudi arabia. the politics side you know it's between 2 country it's it's a little. bad situation you know but. from sports side. this year if we see. the team of saudi as was competing here in qatar and also the team of. these was competing in saudi you know from a sports side i think it's everything. going very very well in this edition we'll
1:56 pm
see a new terrain for the drivers what challenges does it pose for all of them we know duck out is a difficult difficult race it's. not easy but we we love you know the. that french are you know how confident are you. winning the race and who do you think will be your biggest challenge or we have a stronger confidence and i don't have really any problem you know we need to respect all the driver you know. there is local driver he has he. also some other drivers stayed on. yeah there is. a few few names but. i'm the best. the detroit red wings division in the n.h.l. i won't take any hans at all from the light his performance i won nothing up the 4
1:57 pm
series of aras gifted goals to the. detroit scramble to prevent a 4th but no matter how many bodies they threw in front of it the pop found its way into the empty net. so one. nick thanks very much in data that is it for this news i'm going to leave you with pictures coming to us from jeff in iraq a little bit later. the iraqi commander will be buried he was of course was killed in the u.s. airstrikes targeting major general salim ani the iranian general of the revolutionary guards al quds force on friday the full funerals for the top iranian commander as well as hundreds have been under way in iraq's capital of baghdad to sort of monies body will be flown back to iran and his funeral will take place in the coming days we'll have more on all of this in
1:58 pm
a couple minutes with my colleague. violence . is the political wildcard that counts in the shapes world order the structure that is defended at all cost. each with the support of the people fall through the crushing of that when. people in power exposes the use and abuse of power around the world. on al-jazeera. driven by outrage and spanning generations the rohinton demonstrators gathered on
1:59 pm
the very day a widely criticized repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh and me and more was to begin the anger was all too apparent and the fear was palpable if you don't like we're so afraid that if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back 10 and the day after tomorrow they'll send back 2030 or if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the rancho among the most persecuted minorities in the world. india is in the midst of a high tech revolution with over 1000000000 it's. tough yet in a country where one in 4 called little drunk how can this technological boom be harnessed for the common good. life apps challenges a digital entrepreneur to devise an easy to use for a struggling farm. county find a way to bring the 2 worlds together. life's most harvest on al-jazeera.
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in tehran over the assassination of iranian military commander qassam so the mahdi . all of them judy with all this is sound as if i live from doha also coming up. rise up against foreign occupation warlord holy father half size called to libyans as turkish troops prepare to join the war. a new year's mystery how did a former descend seal carlos kong flee japan.


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