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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2020 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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0. there are some of the media stories and critical look at the global news media spread across the pond how does the government shut off access to social media. a stampede kills dawsons and forces a delay in the burial of the iranian general custom cinemark. was. its parliament as it made us forces as terrorists and approves a massive budget boost to the croods force. hello i'm adrian forgive this isn't a 0 live from doha also coming out but as well as opposition leader one glide oh
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and as part of an offer a standoff with security who tried to block him. women's activists slammed the cypriot justice system after a british teenager is given a suspended sentence for making false accusations of rape. it's been another day of dramatic developments in iran where the burial of the top the radiant command sasson aided in the in a u.s. airstrike on friday has been delayed after at least 50 people were killed in a stampede joining his funeral procession huge crowds that packed qassam saw him on his hometown of come on and the congestion in the streets led to a crush of people in the capital meanwhile tehran the part about passed a bill designating the u.s. army and the pentagon as terrorist organizations it's also boosted the budget for
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the elite could force that sort of money commanded foreign minister zarif was told i was there that the days of the u.s. in the region and the but. iran would respond because there was a knock toward. an act of will combined with an act of terrorism against a senior official of the stomach republic of iran and its citizens we don't and we are bound to protect our citizens as the act by the united states had other elements it enraged defeating so many people outside iran inside iran and that will have consequences for the united states and i believe the most important consequence is that the days of the united states in this region are numbered and the foreign ministers of britain france germany and italy met in brussels to discuss the fallout so the money is killing they're calling for restraint and a deescalation of tensions let's go live now to tyrone officer install such a bari is there talk us through what happened today in come on resulting in the
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deaths of so many people. well what has been taking place is the coffin has been making its way through the streets of the various cities since it came back from baghdad on saturday and it was finally going to be buried in cam on that is awesome so the money's hometown but the large crowds that gathered there just could not handle the security and it just it got out of control apparently a number of people have died over 50 and over 200 have been injured we've heard from iranian president hassan rouhani who has expressed his condolences to the victim's families. understand that the burial will be taking place shortly now after about a 6 hour delay the officials were trying to clear the crowds from the streets of this city in central iran care mon is a relatively small city in central iran it's about home 282-0000 people but the
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number of crowds that came out to bid farewell to this general was just more than the authorities there were prepared for we know that some of the victims came from as far away as the southern city of boston shiraz so the we know that the mourners weren't just from the area of care mon in his hometown area from all over the country they gathered to bid farewell. earlier as well the parliament passed some important legislation that was immediately approved by the guardian council that is the authority that approves bills from parliament now it means that the courts force is 200000000 euros richer when it comes to defending itself that was a bill that was approved to boost its security and defense programs within the revolutionary guards we've also heard from the foreign minister who said that the united states is has unleashed a series of events in the middle east that they cannot go back from. thanks.
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to their lives wrong. u.s. secretary of state my point peo has refuted claims made by iraq that some sum of money was on a diplomatic mission when he was killed in a u.s. airstrike is there any history that would indicate that it was remotely possible that this kind gentleman this diplomat of great order because i'm still a man he had traveled to baghdad for the idea of conducting a peace mission we know that wasn't true we not only know the history we know in that moment that was not true serif is a propagandist of the 1st order and most of what you suggested in his text message or email or message that you laid out there was indeed a rainy and propaganda it's not new we've heard the same lies before it's fundamentally false he was not there on a diplomatic mission. i was 00 and fisher was at that briefing at the state department in washington and he's with us now live and what else to the secretary
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of state hopes. was certainly a part briefing room as might prompt here going public since the 1st time he did the romans on this sunday talk shows here in the united states the big political shows as he tried to give some sort of thinking behind the u.s. operation he was asked again about the intelligence he said look everyone sat down with the president the intelligence agencies presented what they knew there was also improve from teams in the field as he suggested the likes of might pompei or putting together what he saw as feedback from his team and then they took the decision it's important to point out at this point that they see that they followed what the intelligence gave them and this is from a president who so often in the past has criticized the intelligence services in the united states might pompei of himself a former head of the cia before he was promoted to secretary of state he also said that on donald trump's administration iran will never get
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a nuclear weapon repeating the message that he said many times he was asked as well about the legal implications and he said look he didn't know about this specific instance in this case but he said before operations of this kind are taken more often than not before there is any feedback it is run through the legal process and he suggested that that's what happened this time although couldn't absolutely confirm no he's also asked to about donald trump saying that he was going to target a really cultural sites you remember on sunday donald trump tweeted out saying that he to list of $52.00 sites where he could possibly hate including those attached to every indian culture and many people have pointed out that this is potentially a war crime our expert who is the defense secretary said that he would never do anything that would be break international law might pompeo was specific. this on sunday when he did the 2 of those shows and he said the president had said that
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donald trump then on sunday evening doubled die and saying yes he did say and he meant it he said that they can kill people talking about americans and they can't hate cultural sites so don't try very much thinking that this is something that he could do but my pump to an unusual line of defense saying that it wasn't america that was threatening iranian culture it was the people in charge of that country. let me tell you who's done damage to the persian culture it's not the united states of america it's the ayatollah if you want to look at who has denied religious freedom if you want to know who has denied the persian culture is rich and steve in history and in the act and they've denied the capacity for that culture to continue if you go back and look at the holidays around cyrus the neuros they were not permitted people to celebrate they've not allowed people that they've killed that qassam somali killed. they've not allowed them to go mourn their family members the real risk to persian culture does not come from united states of america that there
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is no there is no mistake it's interesting that my pompei always asked was the assassination the killing of general silly money part of the maximum pressure campaign the donald trump has said that he's going to wage on iran to force them back to the negotiating table might pompeo said that they will continue to luke a diplomatic economic and military option suppressed is this part of the maximum pressure campaign is there the potential that there could be further killings of senior people in the reigning government he insisted they will continue to pursue diplomatic economic and possible military action so he didn't rule. out 0 is alan fischer reporting live there from the state department in washington alan many thanks. iraqis in baghdad have held a funeral procession for the paramilitary leader abu al behind this who was killed alongside sort of money in friday's strike and this was the deputy commander of the
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iranian backed popular mobilization forces whose fighters were involved in the siege on the u.s. embassy in baghdad last week i was there as a solid job it in baghdad says that there was a funeral procession and public viewing for how this. after some d.n.a. tests and his body being blessed at religious ritual religious science in iran his body has arrived in basra where there was a funeral and the body will now travel to nudge of for its final resting place i would imagine 100 has now been replaced by. a commander who's also been quite efficient in the fight against somebody who's very close to iran as well and how the lumber used to lead the budget of militia we've also seen the impact of this from his blood because there was a lot of influence of that particular group and the united states going after that group signaled that there was some sort of intelligence that the u.s. had about that group blamed the group for attack and. carried out strikes against
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that group on the iraq syrian border and this is a group which was headed by a hundreds who was care taken out with confidence in the money so he was a significant figure he was seen as somebody who was bringing together the various factions because of within the popular mobilisation forces there is a number of smaller groups with various interests and ideologies some extreme some not that much and then he was the kind of figure who could rally them all together under the umbrella. russia's president vladimir putin is arrived in syria on an unannounced visits to meet president bashar al assad according to the kremlin both leaders are discussing military strategy moscow has been a key supporter of the syrian government's during the country's civil war. japan is demanding more cooperation from lebanon over the former nisson boss colace cohen japan's ambassador has expressed great concern in
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a meeting with lebanon's president michel aoun as an interpol warrant for godes arrest in place since he fled japan last week where he was awaiting trial on multiple financial this conduct charges meanwhile japanese prosecutors have issued an arrest warrant for the wife of kahless gone carol gone is wanted for giving false testimony of course last april she's currently in lebanon with her husband. a weather update next here on al-jazeera then a final ruling in a rape case that shocked the nation will have the latest from new delhi. and we'll look at the impact of south korea's growing wealth gap. however i think arguably we're in the depths of winter now the average temp in the depths of winter in tokyo it's about 10 degrees at the moment given what's coming
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out of china you've got cold to the north and warm to the south and it's really quite warm it's 17 in tokyo in the forecast and that woman called contrast of zeus' that stormy system in the sea japan that's moving eastwards snowfall cardo maybe in the tops of the mountains in honshu but mostly we're talking rain an increasing breeze the backwash eventually just disappears near left with sunshine and deteriorating equality in for example beijing central part of china the still the potential for a bit of rain for the sas is looking largely fine bit breezy in hong kong at $21.00 degrees the rain proper in indonesia is once again showing that it wants to come to the west so in the immediate future you got these big shot the orange tops going just through body in number and to the east and then java takes over by the time we get to system that's to focus the heavy showers including jakarta so yes that could be yet again an increase in the flood risk even some more flooding in india and maybe surprising forecast sheryl's are actually in the heart of india further north
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rather than further science for the season would suggest. that. there's not such. a compelling film about getting an education under occupation. that is once the been of the fed up that it was asked if you will dump team 6 he wanted them to come frankly if we don't have security but we come. but what happened after the cameras left rewind learning to die on al-jazeera. oh.
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well again this is our 0 literati of the media's facade the burial of the iranian general concept of the mahdi has been delayed after more than 50 people were killed in a stampede during his funeral procession the commander was assassinated by a u.s. drone strike in baghdad on friday iran's parliament has approved the motion designating the us army in the pentagon as terrorist groups foreign minister says that the u.s. miscalculated by targeting some of money meanwhile in iraq thousands of attend the funeral procession and bass run for paramilitary leader abu mahdi al behind this who was killed alongside sort of mahdi in friday's airstrike. that is when an opposition leader who has finally been allowed into parliament after a brief standoff with security forces on sunday he was blocked from entering in his
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absence dissidents deputy luis palla was elected as house speaker he's a loyalist of president nicolas maduro both politicians have vowed to lead the parliamentary session. spain's parliament has now really approved a coalition government today ends months of political deadlock which was triggered by 2 inconclusive elections last year heather essential as well lead an alliance between his socialist party and left wing unit asper day most of those were supported by catalan separatists who agreed to see to abstain. a british woman convicted of lying about being gang raped by a group of israeli teenagers in cyprus has received a suspended prison sentence the woman says she retracted her story after being pressured to do so by police she was also suffering from trauma and didn't have a lawyer the case led to protests in britain and a call for tourists to boycott the island to sue us wrongly chalons explains what's next for the british woman. i was in the courtroom as this was being read out.
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over the shouts of her supporters down on the streets it was quite hard to hear what was going on the judge reading quite loudly and in greek she was having this translated to already english at the bit where the judge was saying that the 12 israelis had had their rights taken away from them and their liberty deprived she she looked very upset about that shook her head slowly in the courtroom but her fight goes on she is although she is now free to go she is going to pursue this in the supremum court of cyprus still saying that she is a victim not a criminal and if that doesn't work she's going to go to human rights courts in europe it has political undertones as well there are people read asserted that the way that this court case was handled was to do with cyprus trying to safeguard its it's go time with with israel there are
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a whole host of things bubbling around and different accusations and defenses being given but yes the did the legal team here her legal team asserted that while she was being questioned she wasn't given a lawyer while she wasn't even given a translator that this was. a kind of a whole host of violations of the of the way that this should go through the courts and that she had been turned from someone who should be given support and being listened to into someone who. then made a criminal a judge in india set the execution date for 4 men convicted of the rape torture murder of a university student on a bus in new delhi the case dates back to 2012 a woman died of her injuries and the case triggered mass protests don't typically lead to tough new anti rape laws 6 men were involved in the attack but one hangs himself in prison another was
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a minor at the time of the incident and has more now on the cases impact in indian society. appeal to a cotton sheets that she wants capital punishment that she's been waiting for years now over 7 years and that she wants justice for her daughter and dramatic scenes of that court judges of course have. awarded a death sentence the death sentence was awarded but they've said that it would be capital punishment indeed an expedited the sentence of death warrants have been issued against this case. laws and said one of the things in the law and now is that in the rarest of rare cases capital punishment would be awarded . in this case but i have to mention that several legal experts continue to say that capital punishment is not seen as a deterrent to rape in a country like india or patriarchy in other issues continue to prevail and the
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government has to come up with a more realistic policy in order to be. against a on on while and against women so this case has now perhaps seen a closure this family with perhaps your closure on january 22nd when these 4 convicts will be hanged we believe the sentence would be carried out early in the morning indian time and while this is going to please many people many people would consider this just as legal experts continue to be very careful in their assessment of what sort of impact or if any at all this would have on a future case of violence against women. so the process have been held across india 2 days after mosque men and women broke into a university and beat up students and teachers students affiliated with the governing b j p are accused of carrying out the attack but they deny being involved campuses a bit at the forefront of protests over a controversial citizenship law as a serious priyanka gupta reports. and. a
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warning from these protest is mostly students to india's hindu nationalists that violence will not keep them from the streets. but will only strengthen their resolve. on sunday must men armed with roots and sticks stormed the jawaharlal nehru university campus in new delhi attacking students and staff. rival leftist and quite weak student groups have been sparring over a hike ill of us the accommodation fees for weeks but too many sundays brazen attack in one of india's leading universities is unprecedented when i read that i was a huge. area or in a university any year and there's a group of about $5060.00 young men aung. with their faces covered and then calmly getting her ready for an attack. i spent
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my entire life on the gamble i've never seen anything so. the protesters are accusing a student union linked to prime minister during their more these ruling party a party it has denied the accusations police blamed for not doing enough to stop the assault say they are investigating what happened. back. into vacation of people who were participating in the clashes all possible methods of identification are being invoked we're also keeping an eye on the messages videos and pictures circulating on social media students and campuses across india came together in solidarity. some turned violent in kolkata protesters from another top university faced off with b.g.p. activists and the police. that we can do i mean my life and the university. i cannot even imagine that i felt so safe when i was
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studying in college and what i'll be giving to our student. it's the latest in a series of crackdowns against students in recent weeks over india's controversial citizenship law which many say discriminates against muslims. this attack seems to be only uniting them further against the gulf. even. at least 30 people have been killed in a bomb attack in northeastern nigeria it carol there was it happened on a bridge in borno state by the border with cameroon there's been no claim of responsibility but the armed group boko haram has been active in the area for more than 10 is a missile strike carried out by hooty rebels in yemen has killed 11 government soldiers the iran backed fighters targeted a military camp in our government more than 20 soldiers were wounded it's the 2nd attack in the province in just a week
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a state of emergency has been declared in puerto rico after a series of strong earthquakes damaged buildings and left the island without power the initial magnitude $6.00 quake knocked out electricity across the u.s. territory damaging its main power plant a magnitude 6 quake struck just 3 hours later it's the strongest of a series of earthquakes to hit the island in the past 2 weeks under serious gabriel elizondo is in washington and says the island is bracing for further aftershocks. the epicenter at least where the hardest hit area that we're seeing where most of the damage is it's along the southern coast of puerto rico we've seen pictures on social media and a little bit of video that people have been posting on social media showing that in one town the main churches collapsed in other towns along the southern coast we've seen some roads that have collapsed and washed out as well as some buildings and homes that have collapsed as well in the city of poland's
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a city of about 150000 people on the southern coast we've seen some damage there as well the main hospital there while not collapsed has been completely evacuated because there's fear that the hospital infrastructure or the foundation could be compromised soon after these earthquakes hit there was a tsunami warning that was issued but it does not appear that there is a tsunami threat at this time the people were very nervous in puerto rico because they've been hit by seismic activity that has been going on recently it was just on monday that the island was hit by a 5.8 earthquake so on these are latest earthquakes hit there are reports that people ran out of their homes into the streets and gathered in parks and other public areas just to be together in fear of more aftershocks that could be coming
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coming soon. communities in astray in states where bush fires are still burning have been experiencing cooler temperatures but hotter weather is expected to return later in the week thousands of homes have been destroyed by the fires at least 25 people have died since september well in sydney the funeral has taken place of a volunteer firefighter who was killed last month when a tree fell on his truck and died along with another volunteer jeff keith and colleagues for the god of allah as the funeral procession passed. hong kong's chief executive says that she'll work with beijing's new envoy to put the city back on the right path after months of protests kerry spoke just days after the chinese government appointed new who remain to head the liaison office in expected move was widely seen as a side of beijing's frustration with his predecessor's handling of the crisis process began in june over a controversial extradition bill. south korean president says there's
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a desperate need for better relations with both korea in his new year speech j.m. called for new talks with kim jong un he wants him to visit so cooperation between the 2 countries which are still technically at war a stored in recent months u.s. led there as asian talks are also on hold last week kim said he'd soon reveal a new quote strategic weapon. in a time of deadlock in u.s. north korea talks and we are even concerned about a step backward an intercom in relations we are in desperate need of practical ways to improve into korean cooperation in that same speech president moon promised to create more jobs to boost workers' pay and to help the poor it's a timely pledge given a study that's revealed that young people are feeling increasingly pessimistic about their futures well mcbride reports now from seoul. they are known as dirt
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spoons young people from low income families who despite gaining high school and college qualifications often end up in jobs they don't want for little money and with little chance to better themselves they're seen as living in the shadow of so-called gold spoons those with a privileged upbringing you sung ho is a writer and social commentator who's long studied the experiences of young koreans caught in the lowest social class. the biggest issue is work housing is next even if you have a good place to live housing costs have gone up a lot the cost of living feels higher because young people don't earn a lot very few people i know are able to save and there's a sense of dejection. the plight of the dirt spoons has been highlighted by the release of the movie parasite a dark comedy about 2 families of haves and have nots that won the prestigious palme d'or at the cannes film festival. the belief that working hard in your
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studies and then in your job will inevitably lead to success has been a driving force for generations of south koreans it's why many school children will do extra classes until late at night and young workers will put up with poor pay and conditions but increasingly that belief is being challenged. a recent study of people in their twenty's shows 3 quarters of respondents no longer believe hard work alone is a guarantee of success and that a person's future is determined more by the social group they're born into. due to the social class they already belong to even if young people make an effort the possibility of upward social mobility is very limited that the growing wealth gap is unwelcome news for the liberal government of president moon j n who is supposed to be narrowing it the faltering economy is making things worse.
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if you ask young people of faith of hope most will answer no the gap between rich and poor is getting wider bleak economic prospects mean that for the dirt spoons the year ahead is likely to be another that reinforces that life's getting tougher at the bottom rob mcbride al-jazeera sole. it's good to have you with us hello adrian fenty going to hear the headlines on al-jazeera the burial of the arabian general consume some of money has been delayed off the more than 50 people were killed in a stampede during his funeral procession the commander was assassinated in a u.s. drone strike in baghdad on friday in the capital tehran the parliament passed a bill designating the u.s. army and the pentagon as terrorist organizations it's also boosted the budget for
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the elite force that some of the commanded dorsetshire bari reports tell form the coffin has been making its way through the streets of the various cities since it came back from baghdad on saturday and it was finally going to be buried in cam on that is awesome still the money is hometown but the large crowd that gathered there just could not handle the security and just it got out of control apparently a number of people have died over 50 and over 200 have been injured we've heard from iranian president hassan rouhani who has expressed his condolences to the victims' families and we understand that the burial will be taking place shortly now after about a 6 hour delay in while in iraq thousands of attended the funeral procession for our military leader who body hondas who was killed alongside sort of body in friday's a strike $100.00 s. was the deputy commander of the iranian backed popular mobilization forces whose
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faces were involved in the siege of the u.s. embassy in baghdad last week but the rebels in yemen have carried out a missile strike killing 11 government soldiers their own backfires this targeted a military camp in the south more than 20 soldiers were wounded it's the 2nd attack in the area in just over a week. but as well as opposition leader one guy doe has finally been allowed into parliament after a brief standoff with security forces on sunday he was blocked from entering it is absence luis was elected house speaker he's a loyalist of president in the loss of a daughter. and a judge in india has set the execution date for many convicted of rape torture of that of a university student you daily those are the headlines rewind is next. hello
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and welcome to rewind today where casting our eyes back to 2008 when filmmaker tom evans was following a group of pupils attending school in the west bank teenagers trying to get an education against a background of violence and intimidation on the streets outside. will be catching up with one of those students but 1st here's the film learning to die from al-jazeera special series 2 schools.


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