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tv   Inside Story 2020 Ep 7  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2020 2:32pm-3:02pm +03

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you have us this actually feels like terrorism when someone try to soothe. your cultural and historic sites some iranian americans fear they will be subject to harassment by the government or individuals if the crisis worsens there have been multiple reports of u.s. citizens of iranian heritage being stopped by authorities at the u.s. border and questioned at length about their political views this community has weathered crisis after crisis between the u.s. and iran but this one feels different this is the most serious action that has been taken i think and in recent history which is i think the most worried we have been about oh a war in iran and a possible war that's broader than iran a community united in fear of more violence robert oulds al jazeera los angeles. well that's it for me out of my jeans up next with more news of the top of the
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inside stories next that you've got so much. the civil war in libya is a global affair many countries are involved on both sides as the battle for tripoli intensifies turkey is the latest to deploy troops making neighboring countries increasingly anxious so how are outside forces shaping libya's future this is inside story.
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hello welcome to the program. libya's warlord is pushing on with his 1st took up the capital tripoli it's in the west where the u.n. recognize government of prime minister. is based while how to have the support of a rival government in the east libya has been divided like this since mama got that the was deposed and killed in 2011 it's more than 8 months since houghton launched his offensive against tripoli and his forces have now which the center of sirte 450 kilometers away the city lies close to libya's so-called oil crescent where several key export terminal located the advance comes as turkey has begun deploying troops to libya to support assad was his government assad as he is also backed by qatar italy and most western countries while he gets help from egypt united arab emirates and friends russian private security forces are also reportedly fighting alongside
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his forces the u.n. envoy to libya is demanding an and to all forming intervention saying it's hindering and a political solution. to get her hands out of libya the country is suffering too much from foreign interference in different ways. and arms being sold to libyan and arms being given to libyan indicted foreign military action in libya in looking for bases permanent bases in libya in all the kind of. dynamic intervention is making things extremely difficult prime minister phase was in algeria on monday to meet president i believe as you had to board the talks coincided with a visit by turkish foreign minister to bourne says tripoli is what he considers to
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be a red line that no one should cross here with jacketed any foreign intervention and called on the international community to fulfill its responsibilities to achieve peace ilithyia libya's neighbors have been concerned by and ask infighting and airstrikes around tripoli in recent weeks and after saturday's attack on a military academy in the capital that killed at least 30 people in israel has tightened up security along its eastern border with libya. let's bring in our panel joining me in doha you surf one professor of political science and international relations at qatar university in tripoli now embody any member of the tripoli based house of representatives the former minister of higher
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education of the 1st transitional government of libya from 2011 to 2012 in rome cloudier got senior senior libya analysis of the international crisis group and the former policy advisor to us and salome who served as head of the u.n. support mission in libya welcome to all let's start use of by the. growing concern about the foreign intervention in libya this is not something you have started with 2011 but why people are now walking than ever about the foreign intervention obviously because there are some new players on the ground as you say libya has been the theater of vention since 2011 and obviously with half the pushing on tripoli plane to take over the country takeover of the oil installations the stakes are extremely
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high obviously the government of fighters a large the legitimate government before it's a large is. from outside powers we see that turkey has sent troops in there he made visits to for example to our giulia we do new president a new government and so on and so forth so the stakes are extremely high and people are very much concerned about the form presence on the ground in libya we hear. egypt is not really happy with what. of turkey is doing on the ground and it seems over the last few weeks that the stakes are getting extremely high and now i am libya is it because of the turkish involvement that suddenly everyone seems to be concerned about the ramifications of the way general and international involvement in libya and political affairs as well. it seems of the international intervention or the of. the foreign intervention in libya it's not
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something that you know it has been going on for the past 5 years. it's very well documented in the reports of the u n n n of experts that. there has been a generous support of the and a good to not have to since the launching of this so-called dignity operation in benghazi in 2014 so this is this is not a new. for the past several years the international community has been. equating the. the aggressor with with the victim now that. the victim found itself in the very desperate situation to. prevent the fall of
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tripoli and. ask for some help everybody got anxious about it so it's. it's very ironic. perspective of the libyan people that the international community only now talks about or intervention cloudier as i mentioned this very well documented in successive you and reports cloudier there's a great deal of diplomatic activity over the past few days about libya is it part of the regional and international realignment though we have been seeing over the past few months or is it a genuine attempt this time to find a political solution to the crisis. no political attempts attempts to a political solution to the crisis have been going on for years now in various forms and manifestations the latest has been. taken by germany to convene the outside act is including those who support actively and militarily the factions on
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the ground in libya to come to the table and come to a common understanding on what the political roadmap for the future of libya should be but the actual on going diplomatic consultations are unlikely to produce a real political proposal that the parties can sign up to 1st because many of the outside actors themselves are driven by their own strategic interest to be in turkey to safeguard the mediterranean deal be it egypt to safeguard its support for the. lead army or be it. gulf states or the others but the most important thing is that the libyan factions themselves at the moment appear on both sides appear dead set on refusing negotiations will months after led forces have refused the idea of participating in peace talks even even the latest proposal advanced by the un special envoy on the margins of the bird and process was turned
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down and lately on the d.n.a. side where there was for many months this a policy of appeasement and trying to reach an understanding with how they're now the situation is entirely different and they strongly of the turkish support are now also turning down negotiations so the chances at the moment of a political solution. very difficult to visit use of speaking of the. clergy i was talking about there's a new step in algeria with his presidency about tripoli is a red line could you explain to us what he's trying to do here or do for the beginning of. a husband. criticised in the past for not doing enough. is concerned it was accused by some of the libyan suddenly door position of qaddafi that they were supposed to put the field of it in safe haven and so on and so forth algeria had its own problems over the last few years and its diplomacy has not been
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doing what it should be what it's been the with let's not forget that julia was one of the most important to the world in the seventy's and the was an influential country in united nations but but all has died more or less over the last 2 decades with the new president in office with the new minister of foreign affairs which is basically a seasoned diplomats in the united nations also for algeria wants to come back to delusional issue that's not forget that algeria something almost a 1000 kilometers we did libya in the instability in libya would spill over to algeria. oil plant was attacked in algeria and. have a larger in 2015 the so-called terrorists that came from libya the downfall of gadhafi for instance left libya one of the most armed countries but
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population in the world so it is in the interests of libya is a stable obviously they talk about national sovereignty and national unity independence and so on so forth so none interference in libya's of the fallen powers is one of the most basic principles of algeria's policy and it wants to be seen to do something it also. has government because it sees it as the legitimate government of libya and algeria tries to find the new word a new government in algeria the new. president logical place to find it nice for the welcome to german chancellor invited julia to take part of the peace conference at the confluence of germany let me go to naive in tripoli now i am from a government of national accord perspective what of the expectations as far as
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a jury is concerned we've seen a set of eyes in algeria we've seen the turkish prime minister in algeria so what do you think should bring to the mix well algeria is. very important. country in the in the region and i think this is. it's about time for the government of national accord to. start. strengthening its relations with its so western neighbors who are more sympathetic with people. and definitely algeria is their major are as a major problem in the region so we expect full support from our. friends . both in terms of far.
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the problem i see and influence in the international circles. as well as any other material support that come through to the government of national court it's again the irony of the international community narrative its factions factions fighting each other that. is is not acceptable by the libyan people we have a government of national accord that was produced by a negotiated political agreement. was facilitated by the united nations was supported by years aleutians of the security council is being attacked by militias. or wrongly label themselves as the libyan national army and we know it's just a militia led by
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a renegade general who. wants to take leave it back to the times of turning. to to let her you know rule for which the libyans paid very hefty price so this this this parity between the 2 is totally and rejected by the libyan people claudia i mean when you talk to libya's particularly those affiliated with a government of national called the would tell you that the international community was should have been an impartial broker of a political settlement some of the bodies did back in haifa have to take over tripoli has europe or the e.u. become irrelevant as far as the best isn't. well a to a large extent you and member states have become irrelevant in the sense that they have back to 2015 of course the tripoli based government but in face of the advance
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of the forces led by khalifa haftar in april they have not been able to lend or not being willing to lend actually military support to defend or to fend off this advance so from the perspective of the tripoli based government europe has become. relatively irrelevant and i think today there was supposed to be a delegation of european foreign ministers french italian you carry a led by burrell and german of course led by the high commissioner border el to tripoli and it was significant the fact that the d.n.a. at the very last moment decided to call off this visit and said it was postponed to a later date. so there are there is a great an ease in tripoli towards you regarding their forces and the government aligned to it in eastern libya they also to
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a certain extent consider consider the you relevant i mean there's a reef found rekindled sort of friendship with the with the italian foreign minister after his last visit and the contacts are ongoing especially with the french who have those who have been those most supportive but after takes the backing that is given to him from russia and the gulf states in neighboring egypt much more than considers he europe relevant use of all eyes are turning now to the bullying conference where many key players will attend including algeria qatar turkey this time is this a golden opportunity to reconcile differences between the warring factions in libya would put into. wouldn't want it to go to no putting to 1st a world war 2 the wars in factions will attend the conference or not is to be seen and the 2nd thing is i think that there are 2 levels of negotiations here the 1st
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one is to convince the world in factions in libya to go to germany and sit and talk and the 2nd one is to what to do sponsors for due to factions want because while it's played down between the government of national call in tripoli. have to on the other hand but also these both parties to paul to foreign powers like you're just from both from tripoli obviously the government of national are called enjoys the legitimacy. and it is seen as a legitimate government of libya and obviously those who would like to play by the international law and so on and so forth but what the interests of was polities point today how do you have to know what to do what are the compromises it's very very difficult to. imagine because of the 2 parties and especially when you're
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5 is on the globe and. on behalf of some local. powers now i say that the e.u. claudia i see that you want to say something yeah i just wanted to add a clarification the berlin conference if it ever does take place is not meant to involve. or negotiate or be or for a forum for negotiations between them that it is exclusively. meeting that will bring together foreign representatives. so now you say that the jenae is the. internationally recognized government of national court however it barely controls one 3rd of libya the momentum seems to be now with the hafta who controls more groundwater therea widely seen by the international community as a bulwark against extremism isn't this the moment for some concessions painful
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concessions from all the parties including you. i mean what what concessions could you give to someone who. wants a century to take over the country and. and take libya back to a dictatorial. regime that not concessions libya is being attacked. the have to project has destroyed the eastern part of libya and the and that man so on and now he's moving to tripoli what kind of concession could you give to start i'm not going to guess or. again it's very ironic and i think the international community and especially the our european neighbors they're there lost all of his the billet the with the with the libyan people that watching this going on for the past 4 years. did nothing about it other than just.
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big statements who sensually equated the victim with the criminal and now bringing those people who have been part of. this aggression and have been supporting it with weapons and with cluster bombs with. planes and and so on to decide the fate of libya and the absence of the legitimate the government all right here's the full it's not really sisterhood of where you have a government that's being that's recognized by the international community it's occluded from. the meeting that will decide the fate of the country. based on the premise that these are 2 factions fighting each other. claudia. you've heard what name he is basically saying the growing distrust among the
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libyans in the western part of the country as far as the involvement is concerned and this explains why they are desperate now to see the turks really an aggressive road but aren't we here in a situation where the potential for a wider conflict between the turks against the international community the yes turkish president and the on when explaining the rationale for the authorization to deploy troops in libya said that they're not going to libya to wage war or to combat but actually create the conditions for a cease fire implicit in this argument is the idea that by balancing out the power of the on the ground and supporting the d.n.a. and the tripoli misrata and forces is simply counterbalancing the international support that is being given to have to our forces and could and therefore create better conditions for a cease fire agreement this is. a dangerous bet because the backlash of
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turkish intervention is also. very high yes. tripoli desperately needs foreign support and turf so far is the only country that has responded to the request and let's not forget that tripoli made 5 requests to countries to for their direct aid only in december all right but the backlash is huge arab nationalist revivalism is in the air as well we have we have a little time here very briefly use of. the u.a.e. and in particular stores allies of holly for health are with turkey now in the equation do you see any potential for anybody to confrontation between the 2. well it's a little difficult to predict but i don't think that would what will but that will happen i think that it will be a balancing act in order to try to bring the people it would be specially with after saying that he's determined to take over tripoli. the little that is
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something different from reality well now i mean you see that tuft is moving forward taken over syria saying that he's determined to take over tripoli considers himself to be the illegitimate representative of the libyan people could you just give us an idea about how do you see the future of your country well the struggle of the libyan people will will continue libyans will not surrender up for paying a very hefty price over the past 8 years to get rid of gadhafi and his regime which wasted sensually 2 generations of the libyan people to surrender just to. repeat. the same scenario again for another 40 years so the libyan people are going to defend themselves we hope that our european friends
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be a little bit more sensitive to the aspirations of the libyan people and as mr salama said the story of libya is not only the story of oil and gas and i will add it's not only the story of terrorism and migration but it's a story of on this it has a human dimension as well as an enormous hit but it's more a story of for people who want to put behind the. rule of attorney and more forward than joining the rest of the world in establishing a democratic state based on a constitution and the rule of law and their will there were there were fighting for you that don't want to give up even if they are alone by themselves thank you mr name it seems that the upcoming days will be extremely crucial not only for libya but also for the key international and regional players trying to find
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a way to put an end to the conflict that has been going on for quite some time nobody on the use of one dylan cloudier senior thank you very much indeed i really appreciate your contribution to the program and thank you for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter. a.j. inside saudi for me hashem the entirety of it in doha. we understand the different. cultures across the wound so matter how you take it out. and current affairs that matter to you.
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the on. iran far as more than a dozen mess all that's in iraqi base hosting u.s. forces insisting it's a legitimate self-defense. and how magazine and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up iran's supreme leader calls the missile attack a slap in the face for the u.s. and says it must leave the region. the burial has finally taken place of iranian commander cause some sort of money his assassination sparked this latest escalation
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. plus a ukrainian plane crashes moments after takeoff from iran's capital. killing more than 170 people. well iran has struck back out the u.s. for the assassination of its top commander solo mommy and it's making it clear what happens next depends on donald trump iran far more than a dozen missiles from its territory into a base whole thing u.s. forces in iraq the us base in anbar province around the same time missiles also hit a base in erbil iran says $22.00 missiles were fired in total and there were no iraqi casualties there u.s. president donald trump has only responded to the attack on twitter he says all is
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