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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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this is al jazeera. other than i'm how am i here in doha with the al jazeera news are coming up for you in the next 60 minutes iran retaliates against the us foreign missiles after the rocky airbase which hosts u.s. troops it describes the move as legitimate self-defense iran's supreme leader calls the missile attack a slap in the face for the u.s. and says it must leave the region. a ukrainian plane crashes moments after takeoff
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from iran's capital killing more than 170 people and this sounds former chief makes his 1st public appearance since skipping bail in japan ahead of his trial on on the allegations of financial misconducts out in sport saudi armaan a has been named africa's footballer of the year the liverpool forward becoming just the 2nd senegalese player so when the continental price. whether iran has struck back at the u.s. for the assassination of its top commander soleimani and it's making clear what happens next depends on donald trump there on far more than a dozen missiles from its territory into a base hosting u.s. forces in iraq the. base so. in anbar province there and the same time missiles
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also hit a base up in erbil iran says iraq rather says $22.00 missiles were fired it's also and there were no iraqi casualties now the u.s. president donald trump has only responded to the attacks on twitter saying all is well we are expecting a statement from him in the coming hours and iran strikes are in retaliation for the killing of solomon e n a u.s. airstrike last friday he was buried in his hometown of kerman just hours after the strikes by iran on wetten say that we have a team of correspondents across this story simona fold scene is in iraq's capital a white house correspondent kimberly how cats will have more on president trump's reaction and dorsetshire bari will have all the latest from the iranian capital but we begin our coverage with what matheson and this reports. this is iran's promised response to the u.s.
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assassination of top iranian general hossam soleimani ballistic missiles soaring into the night sky there target an iraqi military base housing thousands of u.s. soldiers the iranians are taking the core of the 2 hit. directly they wouldn't even leave their proxies to deliver the message that the americans. kind of saving face were for them because killing soleimani. is an insult from the americans to iranian establishment to iranian state all and therefore i think you're ronnie and has to retaliate on twitter this was us president donald trump's response all is well he's added casualties and damage are being assessed and said so far so good he's also said the u.s. has the most powerful and well equipped military anywhere in the world. by far the
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question is whether that military will be used to retaliate against these attacks u.s. troops are based at the alena sadir base in iraq one of 2 talking it's hit by missiles ever since president scuttled the there has been a steady. escalation and that either side can afford to give in because the look weak the leaders of both sides have committed to this escalation and it's hard to see how it how it gets you know where they are i don't want the u.s. says it's killing of qassam so monny in an airstrike was in response to an attack in iraq in which a u.s. contractor died and for which the u.s. blames iran and iran huge crowds have been in mourning. and demanding revenge for so money's death an immediate diplomatic solution to the crisis seems unlikely
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. both sides have to be really through engage in diplomacy and right now i fear that i do not see that i do not see either side the iranian or the american willing to do the things necessary to engage in diplomacy. iran wants u.s. forces to permanently leave the gulf region and it says there will be a harsh response to any further u.s. retaliation rob matheson al jazeera. iran's president says revenge that would see the u.s. for states over the middle east. that's soleimani as ease him on all. the. money juice all his revered had been his body had videos and pictures the revenge for vets is to force america out of this region the real revenge of the ultimate response by regional nations as we america is expelled from this region and its head of aggression is counsel for eva. marie is live from
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tehran or so it's been a busy day in iran just give us a sense of the political reaction 1st. well we've had a number of ministers who have spoken following that weekly cabinet meeting that president rouhani was just speaking at right to we heard from the defense minister the foreign minister a number of advisors to the president to all expressed essentially the same sentiment that this was within iran's right to carry out these strikes on the u.s. airbase in iraq we also just recently in the past few minutes heard from the reigning foreign minister mohammad javad zarif who was this it ing the iraqi embassy here in tehran he spoke to reporters and he said that the rain ians gave the iraqi government and military warning advanced warning that they were going to carry out these airstrikes on or these missile attacks on the u.s.
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airbase in iraq he said that this was a within the they were iranians understanding to respect iraqi sovereignty and short while ago the foreign minister also spoke at the care following the weekly cabinet meeting let's hear of some of what he had to say there. people said very clearly that if the united states takes any of that action it on viewed respond accordingly and we would respond in a very harsh way but proportionately very we did not start this process of escalation the united states raged an economic war against iran the united states has to come to its senses the presence of iranian people in the streets of many cities unprecedented in the history europe can play a useful role by informing the united states of the serious error in their analysis that they should stop listening to clowns that they should base their policy based on realities and not some evolutions of some clowns who have ambitions of strength
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. and also the supreme leader has also igs addressed his followers and notable really because he was very cool seeing someone money well what does he have to say . yes the supreme leader was speaking at a scheduled event in the capital and he spoke on the occasion of a the uprising in the holy city of call just prior to the revolution in 1979 and he used this opportunity to reference the latest events that have unfolded he said that the general was more than just a figure who is much more important than people realize he said this is just the beginning to avenge his death the that the missile strikes on the u.s. air base in iraq are just a slap in the face this is just an indication of what's to come and that there is much more military action on the way from iran is so we get a sense that this is really the 1st step in a long term effort or
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a long term plan by the iranians serous spawn to the death of us i'm sorry monte because this is assassination is being has been viewed as really a personal attack not only on the establishment but on the entire nation this is the sense that we've had on here over the past few days a nation still in mourning very much even though he was laid to rest early hours of morning also to note that the missiles were launched around the same time overnight that some southern money was hit by an airstrike in baghdad so all these measures are being taken symbolically as well to commemorate this man and his efforts for this country and we have heard from many analysts who say that how the united states responds in the next 24 hours we very very critical in this ongoing conflicts ok. life for us in the iranian capital thank you. well let's head to our white house correspondent. is standing by spring has all the
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reaction from the u.s. kimberly we're hearing that the u.s. has been slapped according to its own harmony the ball is now in america's courts will sort of reaction are we expecting from president trump. we'll we're expecting of course that message that the president promised that he would make in the morning but it's not clear what time in the morning it is morning now here in the united states and so we're watching very carefully for any indications from the white house of when this address might come down from the president the latest word i'm hearing is that all the reporters here really have not had any information so far so a big question mark on that but what we do know the challenge will be for the u.s. president is to explain why exactly he has done what he's done with regard to the killing of general solo money and also what this means moving forward because up until now this president has been a president's been embroiled in domestic controversies impeachment and he's very
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good at combating with his domestic adversaries but the foreign adversary is a skill set that he is not fully mastered take for example some of the conflicting messages that have come out of this administration with respect to the relationship with iran in recent days initially this white house saying that there was a need to kill general solomonic because of the threat to imminent threat to americans but in recent days they have been saying that this was more an act because there was this need for retribution for decades of malign activity in the broader middle east and also towards americans so a foggy message coming from this president one that he will need to make some clarity on for the american people because you remember that in all of this americans have an enormous amount of war fatigue they have seen soldiers coming back injured and even killed for now a generation this is a president that made a campaign promise that he would end what he called the forever wars and now he's
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sending troops to the middle east that will come believe we have been hearing from the defense secretary secretary of states they're claiming that they've taken the sanction against somani but they want to escalation it's not a message that's being broadly repeats it's among those who are advising the president. well certainly those advice and the president have been using that message but the u.s. president himself less than 24 hours ago was threatening iran with very strong action and this is part of that conflicting message coming out of the trumpet ministration his advisors looking for room for negotiation but the president not so much now the u.s. congress is expected to be briefed on all of this because they are also trying to make sense of the conflicting messages in fact we know that some of the top democratic senators have sent a letter to the department of defense saying in fact that there's deep concern over the lack of information from the department of defense we know those briefings will
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take place but today but in the midst of all of that there are supporters on capitol hill of the president's namely senator lindsey graham who has been speaking out saying that the president's actions have been justified because of the aggression by iran. the missiles were launched from iran targets inside of iraq housing u.s. military personnel the president has all the authority needs under article 2 degrees spawn and how our response is yet to be determined but he has the authority to respond it was an act of war by a regime for the last 40 years spin a cancer in the mideast when they say they want to destroy israel they're not kidding they're the largest state sponsor of terrorism. so the challenge now for us president donald trump as he is now essentially a wartime leader is to communicate his actions his explanations to the american people again watching very carefully for when that will come down that time still
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not has has still not been released ok for now. kimberly hawk is live for us at the white house and i thank you very much indeed for the view from the u.s. we've heard from iran of course caught in the mid so is iraq where we travel now to some one of 14 is live in baghdad smaller. the iraqi prime minister has been speaking after those airstrikes by iran what more could. indeed the prime minister's office released a statement earlier today explaining the course of events saying that they had received a call from iran just minutes before the attacks began or just as they were unfolding in fact informing them that iran would be striking targets on iraqi soil at the same time they also received calls from american officials here informing them that
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they were already being hit so it appears that iraq did not know in advance about these vitaly atory attacks the prime minister also went on to condemn the strikes he said that all parties should respect iraqi sovereignty and that he would continue his efforts to try to deescalate this. now of course many people will be comparing his comments now to his reaction in the wake of the u.s. strikes that killed so in money on iraqi soil as well as. this who is the 2nd in charge of the iraqi popular mobilization forces his statement at that time was much stronger he called it an aggression on the iraqi state he called on the basically the withdrawal of foreign troops subsequently from iraq so it remains to be seen whether there will be further condemnation of the will there will be further action but we've already heard for example some sunni parliamentarians condemn the government's stance saying that it is a weak position and that the government has done has not done enough to protect
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iraqi sovereignty and to take a strong stance in this crisis and some or not has become something of a battleground as an order in the fight between the u.s. and iran are ordinary iraqis reacting to this how worried are these because let's not forget in the months and weeks running up to this they have been protesting. that is true and we have seen a growing amount of concern from the side of iraq since this crisis began escalating with 1st the u.s. strikes on the hezbollah brigade positions that killed 27 fighters then we had the attack of the popular mobilization forces on the american embassy and subsequently we had the u.s. strikes that killed soleimani and now we're having iran targeting iraqi bases where u.s. personnel are stationed so there is a feeling on the street that these tit for tat attacks are escalating and that it
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is just a matter of time until there will be iraqis losing their lives until they will be caught up in this and essentially become called out are all damaged in this this is a country that has been caught up in the wars for much of the past 4 decades people were hoping following the defeat of iceland 2017 that they could finally look to the future that they could finally try to build the country and come out of this war and now it appears again that they will once again be caught up in a conflict that they did not choose some wonderful to live in the iraqi capital thank you. well given the on saracens say some airlines have canceled their flights to to home while others have regretted their planes so avoid it raining airspace u.s. federal aviation authority has banned american airlines for flying in the airspace above iraq iran and the gulf of a man says there is a potential for miscalculation or misidentification. israel's prime minister has
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warned that anyone who tries to attack his country will be hit hard binyamin netanyahu emphasized that he fully supports the united states actions. acting swiftly boldly and resolute against this. was the architect. of. the middle east and throughout the world. is very. still completely. well the european union has called for restraint its head of foreign policy had
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this to say on their current situation but today is their 1st full day. and also has implications for the work of the polish. relations rocket attack on air bases in iraq used by u.s. and equality forces among them utopian forces yet another example of a scale ation and increased confrontation. well let's break this down there with marwan bashar he is of course al-jazeera senior political analyst and joins me now on set marwan what's the reaction from all corners of the region when we heard from a company he was talking about a slap on the face of the united states do you think that attack on those air bases which the iraqi prime minister said he was warned about it in advance was that a slap in the face or a slap on the rest is. probably more of the it's
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a great way of putting it was more like a slap on the wrist especially that they did to the iraqis and by that telling the americans and that's why the americans ducked in the you know underground as it were but when the iranians can sell it or the iranian t.v. can sell it as 80 americans were killed in the strike when the americans are saying 0 people were killed in the strike. you can also look at it as if you can escalate rhetorical e. you know why escalate on the ground because if the iranian people now hear raney and state television say look we stop them in the face with killed 80 percent of them 8080 of them for each one of us because carson saleman he will kill 80 i think that's probably good enough for a lot of people that's why i think that the bluster and rhetoric and the slap in the face and that we will do this on the other thing is the moment we're living in when it comes to action i think it's going to be far more decaffeinated than anyone
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expect so teeth in terms of a reaction because like you say i mean they might try and say this was 80 waiting on figures coming from an assessment rather and reaction coming from the u.s. but as it stands just no we saw the strength of feeling in iran after the death of so the money do you think $1.00 strike an air base is going to do it or 2 strikes in an air base i mean what would what would a proportionate response be for the rainy and people i think if you if you take together a lot of the citizens becoming out you will see that there's a lot of bluster about you know all incredible book a little trickle response but when you look carefully at the detail of what they're saying has some says in lebanon well it's not our thing it's more like hezbollah and iran hezbollah and iraq is basically outsourcing that to iran iran is outsourcing it to it's not one event immediately it's
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a number of events in the future so there is really nothing to hold onto and if anything every time anyone any any one of the parties the united states or iran acts a response that says look don't respond back because if you do i'm going to respond back again there's almost like pleading between for one and washington for each party not that's why hala what i what i think is going on beyond the bluster and we . of course we have to address the bluster but i think below the bluster there's something more important going on and i think this is what the clever ayatollahs are doing now they are consolidating and sort of defying the base in iran because they've been having a tough time because of the sanctions and because of the opposition to them in the streets of iran the iran and other places now this is an opportunity to get it that power and win the next election it's also a good time for them to consolidate the power of their allies in iraq who also have
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been having problems with opposition figures popular movements in the streets burning iranian consulates in about another often other places again the attack or the killing of cinnamon it gives them another chance to consolidate their power in iraq and over iraq it's also been intimidating to be arraigned in neighbors no one now in the gulf like in riyadh or abu dhabi day arabs you know say anything resembles opposition to iran everyone is saying it's not my business and so on so forth also in terms of the iran nuclear deal iran now is able to play with that deal without much criticism coming from europeans and other 4th. we've already seen war games with russia and china i think now russia and china will probably have a freer hand dealing with iran and iran is going to take advantage of that so there's a number of gains for the iranian regime that is that will be exploited taken advantage of and consolidated over the next few weeks months and years that's far
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more important than a slap on the wrist or a stop with the face doesn't end with those strikes there that we will be talking about this in these and weeks to come but for now thank you very much in seeds that kuwait's government says the reports about u.s. military forces withdrawing from the country is false and was the result of a hack of its state run news agency or their report on the key una's says kuwait's defense minister had received a letter from a commander of the us army base in the country the less is stated that american troops would leave within 3 days this isn't the 1st time a cyber attack has happened in the region and $27.00 c. in the qatar news agencies media platforms were hacked with fake remarks criticizing u.s. foreign policy now the other breaking news we're following here in al-jazeera is the crash of a ukrainian passenger plane in the wrong on the boeing 737 belonging to the ukraine
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international airlines went down shortly after takeoff from tehran or 176 passengers and crew on board had been killed their line says the plane was serviced 2 days ago or a bird money has more. a ukraine international airlines 737 bound for kiev reduced to smoke and wreckage. all those on board killed. rescue crew and emergency personnel pick through what's left natasha johnson mom home any airport. video released on social media shows a faint light flickering and then a fireball. the boeing jet had set off from tyrone early on wednesday after being delayed for almost an hour. in such things fortunately it didn't question the residential area but the wreckage has scarce it around the gardens of villas within a large radius nobody has survived. this
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mother and father a flight attendant on ukraine international airlines who waiting for his arrival in kiev now they're waiting for any news or told the missing social worker my son is a senior flight attendant my daughter called at $615.00 this morning to say that in the u.s. they were reporting that a plane had crashed a ukrainian international airlines plane she asked were equal or was flying to and we said teheran and that he would return on the morning flight and then we found the video of the plane crashing the plane was scheduled to head to boris bill international airport at the ukrainian capital of kiev minutes after the boeing 737-2800 jet left the wrong way it went down in a suburb southwest of the iranian capital. boeing tweeted it's in contact with ukraine international airlines and is ready to provide assistance the 772800 is
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a common single of twin engine jet slyness use for short to medium range flights it's an older model in the boeing 737 max that's been grounded for nearly 10 months following 2 deadly crashes. it's a huge setback for a company that try to regain trust and bring the 77 macs back to the skies and boeing would likely have questions to answer to from the families of the victims of this crash you're about a manly al-jazeera. where 2nd course of the model of plane which crashed into her on the boeing 737800 was developed in the 1990 s. and had its 1st flight in july 1907 the last 737800 was delivered in december almost 5000 of them are in use around the world the model was supposed to be it was supposed to replace the 77 max has been granted since early last year
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after 2 crashes. well let's get more now on the story kurt hoffman is an aviation weiser for air transport worlds he joins us on skype from salzburg kids have you with us on the program it's another devastating air crash we're still trying to find out what is going on but in terms of in terms of your initial analysis of this what would cause a crash of this type we are talking of course about a plane that was that was taking off well good afternoon for a lot we keep in mind all. mostly it's sorry it's a break in there appear to be having a bit of trouble with the sky but we are going to try and come back to you with
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more on this story but let's move on to other news now this is geoffrey thomas is editor in chief of airline ratings dot com he says that it is likely a mechanical problem is the course of this crash. the assessment is at this stage the this this is a very good so i could have been the wrong word to use a very sickening place a vision of the plane. appears to be on fire there's a glow from this a craft as it's descending then there's a small explosion before the impact when there's a much much larger explosion this appears to be. possibly an engine problem it may well again an explosion on board the aircraft. it's a little bit hard to tell at this stage but certainly it appears to be some major
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technical problem has impacted this a craft i know it's coincidental with this missile attack but i don't think the 2 are alike that this is the 737 next generation arranging there are over 7000 of those flying around the world today it's one of the most widely used crossed in the skies it has an excellent safety record and in fact consider this that does 7000 airplanes but you about 4 or 5 flights a day so there's a colossal reliance on this aircraft by the world's airlines and it has an excellent safety record and not withstanding the tragedy that we're just seeing unfolding but i do believe it will be a mechanical or possibly it might possibly be a terrorist act it's too hard to tell at this stage how the is not at least 4 people have been killed by a car bomb near somalia's presidential palace it exploded at the 1st security checkpoint for the building in the capital mogadishu. about has claimed
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responsibility a week after it carries as another bombing in the capital killing 19 people. well let's get a check in with the weather now i rob is here with us and rob we've been distracted somewhat from the wildfires in a strangely any developments on what's happening to us is here says good news and bad news all mixed fortunes really as you would look at these tropical cyclones on the satellite they're still revolving not being reported on anymore because they're effectively dying things so they're going to cause fresh flooding probably in what is effectively just a desert area telfair's a mining town up in darwin is another small development used for half as much of this 100 millimeters that actually fell in broome as that storm blake came on shore is about 'd the months total that's where the rain comes from in this part of the world at this time of the year but as heller was saying we have been really
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watching what we want this to be for on top of the fires in the southeast this will have an influence those dots are very obvious one is influencing a frontal system which currently lies she can see through western australia which will make its way eastwards now ahead of that current conditions are bone dry cough a few showers in the in the great dividing range 10 from book the 35 and it's dark so it's hot lights as well as hot days if i overlay the temperature profile this is what's going to be happening on thursday the rains coming in here from the west as you can see it will get the jury in friday it will have mixed fortunes some rain will fall some lightning might start new fires and ahead of it all it's still hot and windy. ok thank you very much in seeds let's bring out today it's with that breaking news out of iran i tear on his far more than a dozen ballistic missiles at an airbase in iraq that hosts american forces it was in retaliation to the assassination all over any general cause some sort of money
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he was killed in a u.s. drone strike in baghdad on friday when the same time missiles also hit a base in erbil. iran's president says america's hand of aggression should be cuts off forever the summer harney says revenge willing clude forcing the u.s. of the middle east. and the us president president responded to the strikes on twitter is saying and i call it all is well missiles launched from iran to military bases look locators in iraq says months of casualties and damage is taking place now it's so far so all goods and tweets well he is expected to address americans in the coming hours. and other news now russian president vladimir putin is in istanbul with turkey's leader richard sipe birds who are now so open and major gas pipeline for the pipeline is known as turks stream and it's 5 years in
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the making in order only allows russians to sell more gas to europe it also helps them to bypass ukraine. well simcoe sulu is live for us in istanbul why is the turks pipeline so important. this has a symbolic importance actually how loved because the spite of violates royal crisis back in 2015 after turkey shut down their russian fighter jet by its southern border and this project was halted and back in 20172 leaders decided to build this project again and this is the 2nd direct pipeline carrying gas from russia to turkey and it is seen as a seal of unbreakable church and russia relations and the 2 the name turks actually was given by the russian president vladimir putin both leaders are drawn
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and put to see this project the supply line as a connection between the 2 countries not only for providing a secure energy natural gas from a rush out to europe but also as a secure line of political relations turkey russia relations are not only based on energy supplies or economic relations as you know 2 countries have been allied in the region when it comes to syria when it comes to iraq and today both leaders actually touched about these issues for instance turkey is president of egypt a paragon that true kid doesn't want any tension any proxy war actually a foreign leader never known or syria this is very important turkey and russia are allies 'd in many many topics like this collation zone and and north northwest and syria but they are fighting that they are actually keeping the different forms and
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libya and turkey supports the u.n. recognized government g.n.a.t. russia recognize supports the house for help start in libya but. since only those discussed libya the tension in iraq the humanitarian condition if it and turkey and russia are also expected to provide maybe ation for libya as well. ok. following events for us in a sambo thank you very much indeed well the search team pipeline starts in the southern russian titan of a map and runs more than 900 kilometers deep on to the black sea to the turkish town of keogh corey american transports over 13000000000 cubic meters of natural gas per year half of that will be delivered to southern europe servicing up to 3 percent of the use current needs russia already supplies around 40 percent of
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europe's gas at the ritz important because it helps russia to bypass supply lines through ukraine which in my face is losing billions in gas transit fees if you countries of course have been in conflict since 24 scene. stay with the story matthew bryza is a senior fellow at the atlantic council's your racial center on global energy he joins us on skype from istanbul gets to have you with us on the program marky this pipeline has been several years in the making the top has been turns no washer game changer would you say this is for the region. well thanks for having me hala it's a game changer for ukraine this is a largely geo politically intended project on behalf of russia which would allow as we just say russia to avoid sending gas by the ukraine which number one will really hurt the ukrainian economy ukraine gets about $3000000.00 a year in transit bees and number 2 will maintain russia's status as
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a monopolist with a monopolistic supplier of natural gas to bulgaria to greece as well and also north macedonia. president obama whoever said something very significant during the conference press conference just now with president putin besides strengthening turkey russia relations he talked about another pipeline the tunnel pipeline from azerbaijan and president mention he called them his dear brother the president about her by john you know how much the that project is one that's been supported by the united states as a way to give turkey as well as some south eastern european countries some diversification of gas supply or way from russia so president there towards trying to maintain a strategic balance having both stronger relations with russia but also getting some gas from azerbaijan with support of the e.u. and the united states and meanwhile taki is also trying to say its expands its influence with of course the developments of
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a partnership between turkey and libyans homes of gas and energy exploration it's quite a complicated picture is it not and but also of all the significant just talk us through the various dynamics that turkey is is dealing with and how much for a player it has become. that's a great question i was just thinking about the senate and in speaking with some friends of mine turkey foreign policy has shifted in the last 6 months or so in quite a significant way since the 19 $123.00 when the ottoman empire finished and the modern turkish republic was formed and the core model of turkish foreign policy was he said home peace in the world which was sort of an isolationist approach in the last 6 months turkey has begun asserting what it sees as its rights throughout the mediterranean region so that includes cyprus where it's begun drilling for oil and gas and cypriot waters much to the consternation of the e.u. that includes syria where turkey has conducted an operation peace spring in
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northern syria to push the white b.g. as a terrorist militia away from the border and then that's happening now in libya where turkey has reached a maritime demarcation agreement with libya that would effectively allow turkey to claim rights for oil and gas exploration that otherwise greece would claim and could obstruct a natural gas pipeline from israel to cyprus to greece that turkey opposes preferring a pipeline from possibly from israel to turkey so turkey is making 3 big geo political moves now 2 of which are directly related to energy and this is 7 i mentioned cyprus there around europe of course there is that area that potential agreement between israel and europe and cyprus and greece to try and create another pipeline this piss turkey told smith europe does it not but it's also in quite a tricky position because it seems on one hand turkey is allying with countries
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that it's the major disputes with noticeably russia so i think playing that allies off against each other what's really going on here. yeah i think turkey that's is trying to nab the gate what you described as this incredibly complex geography turkey is pursuing under president air to one if you will a turkey 1st let's see a transactional foreign policy much like donald trump does so of course turkey wants to remain a member of nato of course turkey wants good relations with the european union but turkey wants to be important in its own right that's why it wants to become a transit hub for natural gas turkey is receiving gas from us or by john from iran from russia as we've just been saying but also a lot of liquid natural gas believe it or not from the united states so turkey wants to be the key actor geo politically and economically in the eastern mediterranean and this is taking some steps to assert those interests ok matthew brice get your thoughts thank you so much for talking to scare on al-jazeera thanks
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alex. my former nissen chairman collins cohen is holding his 1st press conference just days after fleeing japan where he was awaiting trial gone has been in lebanon since last week in japan he was right on bail after being charged with financial misconduct but he still managed to leave the country in though he had been under surveillance for japan does not have an extradition treaty with lebanon hears let's that press conference is still going on let's take a listen to what he's he's saying not one dollar a day from cods or was my signature on you have all these reports are you got after this after you agree on the budget line then it has to go for the payment and when you go for the payment you have many other people having to sign local control or local vice president obviously the people receiving the money etc etc so all these
4:43 pm
farce talking about see your job as a kind of being special things where car is gone was taking money giving it to his friend it doesn't send one minute we have all the evidence showing that we have all the documents fortunately not because you know when i was arrested they took everything from me no computer no file no internal or insult nothing everything was taken so i have to reconstitute everything everything to defend myself and obviously i am using here some of the documents that the prosecutor have. to deliver to us in order to allow us to defend ourselves. we bought so i would like to show you. can remove 2 and us 2 that the variation of different you go then then you have a lot of statement prosecutors in japan have been visiting many people making statement never heard about that we heard about them because they were obliged to give it to them one of the important statement is you don't know why did not more
4:44 pm
he was the vice president in charge of the police for the start up well that said just a taster. fact that karla school press conference which has been going on for quite some time over 30 minutes. is live for us in beirut zain a carlos school not keen to face trial in japan but certainly is presenting his defense there in fairly vigorous fashion in beirut what more can you tell us about . this press conference. well he is trying to clear his name he has repeatedly said that he is innocent and the charges against him are part of a conspiracy he's using this press conference really to prevent to present his defense an international fugitive really but for the lebanese authorities he's not being treated as a criminal he is explaining why he escaped bail why he jumped bail saying that this
4:45 pm
was the most difficult decision in his life but he is refusing to disclose details on how he managed to escape how he managed to flee japan which really many people were waiting to hear when he arrived in lebanon approximately a week ago his spokesperson released a statement saying that the golan did not escape justice what he was doing was to escape injustice and this is what he has been saying throughout the press conference that in japan the conditions of his the tension were harsh he was not given access to lawyers he was interrogated 8 hours a day he was not allowed to see his family he repeatedly said that the charges against him are baseless and that the trial he was awaiting trial would not have been fair so defending himself on why he decided to flee why he decided to flee justice but not giving any details on how that happened even though there have been there is an ongoing investigation in japan but reports from japan see him in
4:46 pm
a security camera he's caught on security camera leaving his house alone. and he is believed to have taken a private jet that landed in istanbul and today the turkish news agency on a dual release the video showing him moving from one aircraft to another and that is the way he arrived in the 11 on on a private jets it's certainly an intriguing case it's the stuff of spy novels really but the japanese there's still incredibly unhappy about the steering escape and they want him back in the country to face trial they've even been talking about detaining his wife as well what are the chances of lebanon giving up carla school in japan and what options are left of the japanese when it comes to its getting him back into the country. highly likely the japanese ambassador visited the president yesterday and here expressed concern
4:47 pm
and said that you know lebanon should be cooperating further with the japanese authorities but there is no extradition treaty between lebanon and japan the justice minister has confirmed that the prosecutor received the interpol red notice and that quote the prosecutor will do its duties what is its duty is that should someone go in and question him that has still not happened and when the justice minister keeps on repeating that there is no extradition treaty many people see this as a him or an indication that lebanon will not be handing it will not behind them goes on over but more importantly was and has friends high up among lebanese officials in power ok so not a lot for us in beirut thank you very much for bringing us all the latest now millions of workers in india are on strike protesting against the government's economic policies are blocking train tracks and shutting banks among the most us affects it's our farmers with little poverty
4:48 pm
a major issue so how raman has more from the states of print job. impassioned stories to solve by this group of farmers as one by one they take to the microphone this group of several 100 is being replicated across the state of punjab on a national day of your protests it's not just farmers but it's students and unions are calling for the country at large to come out on strike in morrow against the government economic policy and social on the other farmers here not just in punjab but in places like telling andhra pradesh and west bengal about that big issue is trying to get a minimal amount on their crops are weak some are drying. but also to try and bring to the notice of the government to new delhi the ongoing crisis of farmer suicides as many as far as killed themselves each day here in the across the country there's no real daryn and of course the economic woes and social problems that india is
4:49 pm
facing on a bit with regards to registration and i tend to take a real concern here they're hoping that their voices the chinese will be heard in new delhi that prime minister narendra modi's government will listen to those concerns and. venezuela's opposition leader has called for a new wave of protests against the government of president nicolas maduro this follows his dramatic entrance into parliament to reclaim his seat sounds leave off the majority and speaker of the house on latin america and set the scene human reports from caracas. another chaotic chapter in the fight for control of the parliament. while a government backed deputy tried to show that he was in charge or. outside opposition leader one by door against 4 of soldiers attempting to prevent him from entering the national assembly. this time he and some 90 opposition deputies.
4:50 pm
succeeded in pushing their way into the chamber as the previous group fled the building. and rose to the leader of the majority opposition faction of parliament reclaiming his seat as speaker of the house for however long was an important symbolic victory. this is proof of what is possible when we are united organized and determined determination venezuela determination. but the opposition may be overstating its the street what's obvious is the president could have employed far more force as he did on sunday to prevent and his deputies from entering this legislative palace the government of course will argue that the opposition has every right to take its seats in the chamber but just as an ordinary deputies not as the leaders of parliament. but there's likely
4:51 pm
a more strategic objective to regain control of the only institution not under the command order. probably mature i will say that all the spectacle is between warring factions prove that venezuela needs new parliamentary elections why because he knows that if he doesn't give the opposition transparent conditions for free election which is unlikely an important percentage will boycott the paul so his party will win control of there. but why do is hoping that this latest discoloration of the political conflict will reignite sluggish popular support for his leadership he's calling now on venezuelans to again take to the streets to demand regime change and to believe that this time it will make a difference. see in human al-jazeera got access. let's set ourselves up to date with the sport and he's here thank you so much how well the revamped spanish super cup kicks off in saudi arabia later on but very few fans
4:52 pm
making the journey from spain this was richard arriving in jeddah ahead of their semi against barcelona brother let me go say they've only sold 50 tickets to fans in spain and the other 3 teams well they've had similar problems convincing supporters to travel thousands of kilometers round her in barcelona have barely sold a 1000 between them while valencia have sold just 26 tickets all 3 matches though still expected to be sold out of the 62000 capacity king abdullah sports city stadium but it will mainly be local fans in attendance a new format sees 4 teams competing instead of the winners and runners up from a leader and the cop it all right around madrid play their semifinal against valencia later on it's the 2nd time the event's been held outside of spain last year barcelona won the title in morocco no you could deduce that arkie are very happy to be here in saudi arabia because we're going to play an important competition and that's what motivates me i think it's the same for the players as
4:53 pm
for personal plans that's something else i'm here in a professional capacity we have been received very well and we are appreciative of saudi arabia we haven't come here to go sightseeing or starting a mani has become just the 2nd senegalese footballer to be named african player of the year the liverpool for picking up the award at a ceremony in egypt on wednesday the 27 year old algerian red morris and his love of old same 8 were hammered sila to claim the prize the only other senegalese player to have won that award manet was won the european champions league on the club world cup titles in the last few months i would love to thank all the people who've been for me all the time you push me. symptom of village i'm really come very very far. but a small village one valley. i'm sure they were due to.
4:54 pm
well over the next few weeks footballers in asia have a shot at winning a place at that so kyoto olympics the aging under $23.00 championship in thailand is serving as a qualifying tournament with the top 3 teams earning a spot in the opening match straight lead against iraq with that free kick from running to scope row iraq level things that were set for from mohammed now safe. warm warm the finest the. our russian ice skates is in a life threatening condition after falling during a rehearsal for the opening ceremony of the youth winter olympics in switzerland she reportedly fell from 5 metres on to ice while its has to a cable was certainly still due to take place in lies and on thursday games organizers in the international olympic committee saying in a joint statement that they wish the performer a full and fast recovery police also investigating that incident. so the m.b.a. and the l.a. lakers remain top of the western conference after their 6 straight victory lebron
4:55 pm
james again the standout play with 31 points as they thrashed the new york knicks by 30. not all good news for l.a. their 2nd best player anthony davis leaving the game after this heavy fall has had an extra on his back police stance about injury still not clear another lakers player in saviors called up hope roughed up a bit while attempting a dunk he was taken out by the knicks bobby portis was not surprisingly ejected from the going. defending n.b.a. champions the says was down to the portland trailblazers the school's level come out on 3 lambert this suit points with just 4 seconds remaining portland one i won . 99 of the. great comeback here by the sacramento kings against the phoenix suns they were 21 points down in the 3rd quarter but they rallied to win by 11. fox scoring 27 points.
4:56 pm
and some great play by brooklyn nets player jared allen against the oklahoma city thunder 1st an attack with a spectacular dunk a move i'm reliably informed is known as the monster tomahawk. did pretty good job and then in defense this time to deny terence ferguson. want to perspire his act as though it was the funder who came out on top winning why 70 so one odd story. well known but so you know a joke of it has helped continue his country's perfect run of the a.t.p. cup in australia jock which winning his singles matches serve a big chill aim brisbane the 3rd straight win for the serbia. in a move into the quarterfinals the a.t.p. cup is a new 24 nation events which kicks off the men's sees spain also into the last 8 world number one rafa nadal steering his team so when i have a japan like serbia spain won all 3 of the great matches that are winning both the
4:57 pm
singles and doubles match in this tie as his country and this title to the davis cup trophy a warm. greek place to follow sits across not in such a good mood or the 21 year old father who's also that seems coached hit by sits across his racket during a mid match tantrum. worse was to come his mother then arrived on the saints' reminder some exactly who's in charge. 3 stocks that saw against australia 3 you know and they finished up what's it like. me straight away forgot about it and moved on from there. she top and said i was and my my my. i was naming to do that so. he's just one out of control fortunately. maybe you know maybe i'll stay there all 3 days around the broadway my father. ok that is how you sports is looking for now thank you and say that's it for may stay
4:58 pm
with us here on al-jazeera i'll be back with more after this very short break. played. january on al-jazeera president donald trump is that the president in history to be impeached what does this mean for the future of the u.s. leader on the brink of an election before much chilian presidential candidate explores the defeat of left wing political parties a close match in america a look at how this year's world economic forum to focus on ways to tackle the impact of climate change the next probation of family links to the city's regime examines it it's really may now be embracing fascist ideologies most believed gone forever with the general election out of the way breaks it is now certain how will the u.k. proceed with a transitional period in the coming months january on al jazeera. it is murder when you throw
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a firebomb into someone's home and mishit you off trashing you know. that's not insignificant in the numbers that insignificant ideologically that is significant even as a crime gag down very significant by dictating the government and the fact of policy in doubt shalt not kill part of the radicalized series on al-jazeera . a diverse range of stories from across the globe from the perspective of on that what's journalists on al-jazeera. in a 2 part series. on g d o observes the lives of 2 children. over 20 years. where insights into circumstances that shape lives. in a rapidly changing world. 20 years of mean starts with blood and
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land to build a story on al-jazeera. all on. the on. iran retaliates against the u.s. foreign missiles outside iraq airbase which hosts u.s. forces and describes the move as legitimate self-defense. messala track a slap in the face for the u.s. and says it must leave the region. and how the markets and this is al-jazeera life from doha also coming up a ukrainian playing.


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