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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2020 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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cost. ph with the support of the people all through the crushing of their will. people in power exposes the use and abuse of power around the world. on i'll just see if. i am going to ask dado to become much more involved in the middle east process president trump warns iran after strikes on u.s. bases in iraq but wants world powers to negotiate a new nuclear deal. iran's president says the real revenge for somebody is killing me to push america else of the region. again i'm adrian for the good this is al jazeera live also coming up the ukrainian
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airlines crash. aircraft crashes minutes after takeoff it ran all 176 people on board tests. i should have never been arrested in the 1st place for months on course carlos ghosn accuses japanese prosecutors of collusion in his 1st public appearance since skipping the. u.s. president donald trump has announced new sanctions on iran in response to missile attacks on bases in iraq that housed american troops no one was harmed in the strikes which were in retaliation for the killing of a senior iranian commander qassam sala money in a u.s. attack last friday speaking a short while ago trump also said that he would ask nato to become more involved in the middle east. as we continue to evaluate options in response to a rein in aggression the united states will immediately impose additional punishing
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economic sanctions on the iranian regime these powerful saying sions will remain until iran changes its behavior we must all work together toward making a deal with the wren that makes the world a safer and more peaceful place we must also make a deal that allows iran to thrive and prosper and take advantage of its enormous untapped potential as a white house correspondent kimberly helka joins us now live from washington d.c. can believe what do you make of that. well this is not the speech that most americans were looking for and certainly i expect around the world there are enormous disappoint with this speech as well because it doesn't answer many of the big questions number one what are the next steps is there going to be another u.s. response or is this where things stand as of now there's also for many americans
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a frustration that there still has not been any evidence provided with regard to why the u.s. decided to as some people using the strong term assassinate but or killing of general salim mahdi the fact that the united states made the argument that there were imminent threats against the united states but that speech did not provide any of the evidence of that that americans are looking for so there will be some very disappointed folks who listened to that speech but also confusion given the fact that this year president you have to remember when he talked about nato he often on the campaign trail even referred to it at one point as being obsolete so it was surprising to many that buried within the speech was the suggestion calling not only on european allies to abandon the nuclear agreement that helped to limit iran's nuclear program but also calling for nato to become more involved in the middle east process. today and going to nato. to become
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much more involved in the middle east process. well look the president i've spoken to his his his nato allies about. what he wants when he have spoken to the other signatories of the nuclear deal with nations that that have withdrawn from it . well there's been some secrecy about the consultations that the president has been having in recent days the white house we've learned has been withholding some readouts of certain meetings that have taken place particularly when it comes to meeting with one of the members of the saudi arabian government but we did get a readout that the us president had been in contact with german chancellor angela merkel and that this was discussed in the context of middle east conflicts the critical needs and also the concerns that are taking place with respect to iran and
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iraq but beyond that it does seem to leave many people scratching their heads whether or not this would even be something that the european allies would entertain because of course we've seen many of them fighting very hard to preserve the the agreement the remains in tatters so there is a lot of head scratching going on a lot of frustration with this president because on the one hand just days ago he was tweeting in all caps saying that he would respond to any attack by iran on u.s. interests with swift and without hesitation now we see not only restraint as some would call it but i'm very much hesitation on the part of the u.s. commander in chief white house correspondent kimberly how could bear live in washington let's go to teheran now al-jazeera store such a bari is the of the president said that the true long nations have tolerated iran's behavior those days are over he said that he was going to introduce additional punishing sanctions immediately but he also said that iran appears to be standing down but if you make
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a. well it's very confusing i think for rainy instead listen to that speech here because i don't know where the president has been all morning but all day here in tehran we have heard nothing but very very stern warnings from the highest authority in iran the ayatollah khomeini the supreme leader spoke earlier this morning in the capital where he said that this missile strike. was a slap in the face for the americans and it was a sign of things to come it were they not to change their course and leave the middle east completely we also heard from iranian president hassan rouhani as well as the foreign minister in the defense minister in the capital on wednesday where they all shared the sentiment that the united states is going to be held responsible and accountable for the assassination of major general hossam solely money and that the assassination that they carried out is an act of war for the
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iranians and that iran has just started to react with what they managed to do overnight in iraq now we also want to mention that the president's u.s. president said that the u.s. government gave $150000000000.00 to the iranians after the signing of the 2015 nuclear deal this is really not the case the 150 $1000000000.00 that the u.s. gave to the iranians was funds that they had frozen as a result of years of sanctions since the 1979 revolution took place and the it rainin students took over the u.s. embassy in the capital here and held a $52.00 american hostage for over $444.00 days that was what resulted in series of sanctions that the u.s. government held whatever funds the rains had in the u.s. prior to the revolution that was released after the oil was signed in 2050 so that $150000000.00 was not a gift it was not given to the iranians it was
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a. money that they had already in the united states it was just frozen under sanctions that was the 1st thing the 2nd is that they were there's been chance of death to america in iran for decades despite whether or not they signed the g.c. korea or not and the nuclear deal was signed to try and try to limit iran's nuclear program not to abandon it that was very clear for the iranians they signed this nuclear agreement so they would open up more to the international community their nuclear program as well as limits the nuclear program so they would put a cap on the advancement of this program and since united states withdrew from it last year the iranians have said that they're going to take measures and they have already as of june of this year of last year they've started to scale back their commitments so these are few points just to make it reference to his speech and
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then finally i just want to mention that he said that the president said that iran can be a great country and that the civilized world must send a message to the reigning regime i think this will be seen as another further insult to the iranians here not only to the governments in the establishment but to the 60 to 86000000 people that live here and who consider their country a civilized one to begin with for so many thanks indeed of zeros to also to ron let's go now to baghdad some of the job that is. what people what will people there in baghdad be making of this speech particularly the bit about wanting nato to become more involved in the middle east process. but i think there would be a sigh of relief at the power corridors in baghdad here after the president's speech here because he did not talk about immediate steps he did not talk about further entirely ition but he did talk about getting more people involved to try
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and resolve if that is something what iraq has been insisting upon butt. it was interesting that almost 12 hours after the incident took place the iraqi government came out with its response condemning what it calls another infringement of its sovereignty by the iranians been the fired missiles into an elephant base and it was interesting to see that the condemnations did to come unequivocably but it wasn't as strong as we'd been seeing in the case of the united states and we did hear from the parliament speaker who see the president perhaps all of them saying that day needs to be steps to deescalate all of them again emphasizing that iraq does not want to be dragged into yet another war another conflict. to a major parties in the region some of enjoyment their lives in fact that many thanks indeed asama let's get the thoughts now of a city a political analyst known bashar who's with me once again in the studio of the
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nation should be grateful that the americans were harmed in the attacks that the president there was minimal damage and iran now appears to be standing down he said . what do you make of that's very important and by the way we did not address it enough in our last conversation i think that's pretty important because i think now in what i've called much of an ending on a whimper in the sense that despite all the bombast in the beginning of the speech and the hostility and blaming it all in obama he seems to then say nothing but we're going to talk to need to start dealing with some kind of a process and we would like to cooperate with iran against iran seems or appears to be standing down i'm sure the iranians will say now something like it seems president from appears to be standing down and this is the kind of thing where you're project a certain confidence saying that the other the other party is standing down hoping
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the other party will suppress it and so with that kind of a cycle you were. things down clearly the american president is not about to escalate the situation against iran clearly he's not despite all the previous truck trick about to hit any 50 top targets or of any nature and as you and i spoke earlier clearly the iranians were not exactly in their attack in the in the early hours you know we're not about to be hurting americans or humiliating america they were just responding proportionally as the iranian foreign minister said to the assassination of the area what about america's allies in nato and the other signatories to the iran nuclear deal the president said that. europe china russia russia must he said break away from this nuclear deal we can negotiate something else he went on to say a few minutes later we will they have known anything about this no my guess is no
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but you know this could also be interpreted in a number of ways for example he could be saying something like ok you know that with the of the network of the europeans have been saying ok why don't we stop why don't the rich another deal that would address all the points that you mr president think are missing from the previous deal that was the french initiative. another initiative is to say look nato is more than happy to get involved but not against iran it would be more than happy to get involved in some sort of a process to continue with the escalation with iran in order to arrive at some sort of and he had a moping big brackets a good a global deal with iran or or what was a one point when you think least mention in terms of a great bargain with iran something that nato and setting european partners would probably specially turkey would be more than happy to mediate something between the united states iran that i arrived at new guidelines for managing their hostility if
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you will or managing the cold war between to iran washington but what my my my bet is is that it's not going to get the involved certainly not the european numbers and 30 against iran in favor of the united states and just very briefly it's that as the tension russia down a notch or 2 since president trunk spokes you think will be still the high level we were earlier in one word yes mon but i think states. we're going to get a weather update thanks to when i was there then 5 years in the making but finally opened how russia stands to benefit from a new gas pipeline through turkey. and we'll tell you why millions of indian workers have walked off the job.
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hello the rain is easing a bit in the levantine kosar lebanon israel and syria for example but there's more rain to come for the sensor all that looks active that swirl of tire is indeed active we've got now the coming together of winds in central saudi arabia so be raised cross into quarter and what's remaining of isham are coming down from the north give you this blue this is developing rain through bahrain qatar and iran that's probably slow moving occasionally sundry rain the more active and windy stuff is normally egypt and running up the coast the eastern med toward sudden turkey the southern turkey now looks dry so there's 2 days of this rain fading and this growing and moving south into u.a.e. and again staying in iran followed eventually caused by the shot. now if you move
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further west this should be nothing going on this time the apart from a bit of a breeze the hamas and breeze blowing through chattanooga that is exactly what's happening across the mediterranean coast is as you already mentioned rather windy weather typically for egypt and parts of libya otherwise you go a long way south africa's find the actual proper rain it's there swirling around from angola down toward south africa precious little in mozambique. informed opinion the economy is actually what's keeping donald trump the float right now and in-depth analysis of the day's headlines the protest movement is only getting stronger the more people who kill the more resilient the resistant they will become the inside story on al-jazeera taiwan's president seeks a 2nd town facing concrete you advocates restoring closer ties with china will the selection move beyond inclusive to the mainland who continue to resist beijing's
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push the unification taiwan's 20 trying to get into next on al-jazeera. hello again this is al-jazeera with so much of the made news the us president donald trump says that he's imposing fresh sanctions on iran until it changes what he calls its aggressive behavior trump also wants nato to become more involved in the middle east earlier iran's president said the real revenge for the assassination of its top commander crosses solomonic would be kicking the u.s. out of the region that followed iranian missile attacks on bases posting u.s. troops in iraq. several airlines have canceled their flights to tehran while others
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have rerouted that across to avoid iranian airspace the u.s. federal aviation authority has banned american airlines from flying in the airspace above iraq iran and the gulf of oman it says there's a potential for miscalculation or mis identification. the ukrainian passenger plane has crashed minutes after takeoff all $176.00 passengers and crew on board the 737 were killed the. a plane was just 2 days ago. a ukraine international airlines 737 bound for kiev reduced to smoke and wreckage. all those on board killed. rescue crew and emergency personnel pick through what's left natasha johnson mom home any airport. video released on social media shows a faint light flickering and then a fireball. the boeing jet had set off from town early on when say after being
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delayed almost an hour. in such things fortunately it didn't question the residential area but the wreckage has scarce it around the gardens of villas within a large radius nobody has survived. this mother and father a flight attendant on ukraine international airlines who waiting for his arrival in kiev now they're waiting for any news or tool for the missing social worker my son is a senior flight attendant my daughter called at 615 this morning to say that in the us they were reporting that a plane had crashed a ukrainian international airlines plane that she asked were equal or was flying to and we said teheran and that he would return on the morning flight and then we found the video of the plane crashing the plane was scheduled to head to boris bill international airport at the ukrainian capital of kiev minutes after the boeing 737-2800 jet left the wrong way it went down in
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a suburb southwest of the iranian capital boeing says it's gathering more information the 772800 is a common single of twin engine jet use for short to medium range flights. it's an older model in the boeing 737 that's been grounded for nearly 10 months following 2 deadly crashes it's a huge setback for a company that's try to regain trust and bring the 77 max back to the skies and boeing would likely have questions to answer 2 from the families of the victims of this crash you're about unmanly al-jazeera. when the aircraft that crashed into a boeing 737800 version was developed in the 1990 s. and had its 1st flies in july 997 the last 737802 roll off the production line was
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delivered in december almost 5000 of them are in use around the world the model supposed to replace at the 737 max has been grounded since last year following 2 crashes kurt hoffman is an aviation writer for air transport world and says that an independent investigation can find out what happened to the crash. we have to norderney aircraft vision burning egypt actually can fly high lots can eliminate fire we don't know the fire if there was an explosion in the engine which of course great so really a difficult situation for an aircraft then says something about the center's design it's an order of the ukraine in the national debt and is changed with the max from that grounding because the media urgently and so on down many questions remain and it is important to know what investigations will find out especially we see this in a very sensitive area around here and the moment iran and the us situation every
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aircraft let's say it has to 2 agency can find ways one aircraft and islands can eliminate a fire we don't know which kind of cultic situation maybe was in that aircraft this creates a lot of question marks i also find it not very well of places that make an announcement very early in the morning already it is more than a technical error i think for us we need more informations because we can announce things like that so many questions remain others so i think it will be important and necessary to find a kind of object if neutral investigation team to this situation. turkey and russia are calling for all warring parties in libya to reach a cease fire by january 12th months this sunday in a joint statement berta one of blood a mere putin called for stability in libya that could lead to quote a normalizing of daily life ankara is deploying troops to support the internationally recognized government in tripoli in the fight against the relief of
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well that statement of a ceasefire was issued after the turkish and russian presidents meant to inaugurate a pipeline to istanbul it's. extreme and it allows russia to sell more gas to europe bypassing ukraine live starts in the southern russian town of an opera runs more than 900 kilometers deep under the black sea the turkish town of. it can transport over 30000000000 cubic meters of natural gas a year half of that will be delivered to southern europe servicing up to 3 percent of the e.u.'s current needs russia already supplies around 40 percent of europe's gas the route is important because it helps russia bypass supply lines through ukraine which now faces losing billions in gas transit fees the $2.00 countries have been in conflict since 2014 al-jazeera said in course in istanbul says the pipeline is one of many areas of cooperation between turkey and russia.
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the spite of violates roll prices back in 2015 after tricky shots on the russian fighter jet by its southern border and this project was halted and back in 20172 leaders decided to build this project again and this is the 2nd direct hired by carrying gas from russia to turkey and it is seen as a seal of unbreakable turkey and russia relations and the 2 the name text stream actually was given by the russian president vladimir putin if both leaders are gone and put in see this project the supply line as a connection between the 2 countries not only for providing a secure energy natural gas from a rush out to europe but also as a secure line of political relations turkey russia relations are not only based on and are just supplies or economic relations as no 2 countries have been allied in
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the region when it comes to syria when it comes to iraq they are actually keeping a different forms in libya and turkey supports the u.n. recognize governments d.n.a. eros are supports the house thoroughly perhaps are in libya but it seems to leaders discussed libya the tension in iraq the humanitarian condition it and track and russia are also expected to provide mady ation for libya as well. the new leader of the european commission has warned britain that negotiating a new trade deal between the u.k. and the e.u. will be tough but this year's a levy you on january 31st in the grassy ations for a new economic partnership will begin almost immediately we will work for solutions that uphold the integrity of the european union its single market and its customs union there can be no compromise on that. but we are ready
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to design a new partnership with 0 cherubs 0 quotas 0 dumping a partnership that goes well beyond trade and it is unprecedented in scope everything from climate action to data protection fisheries and the g. transport space financial services and to security. millions of workers in india are on strike protesting against the government's economic policies that blocking train tracks and shutting down banks as they run against prime minister narendra modi's labor reforms among most disaffected a famous rural poverty has become a major issue with suicide rates high among farmers who are struggling with debt of 0 say hello raman reports from punjab. impassioned stories of brought to song by this group of farmers as one by one they take to the microphone
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this group of several 100 it's being replicated across the state of punjab on a national day of your protests it's not just farmers but its students and unions are calling for the country at large to come out on strike m.r.i. test against the government economic policy and social. we're not just in punjab but in places like telling andhra pradesh and west bengal if you are trying to get a minimal amount right on that cross that drive. but also to try and bring you the notice of the government to new delhi the ongoing crisis that there is a side as many as far as kill themselves each day here in india across the country they still really don't remember and of course the economic woes and social problems there is there is not a single notebook with regards to registration and i tend to take a real concern here that hoping that their voices the chinese will be heard in new
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delhi that prime minister narendra modi's government of the listening to those concerns and. but as well as opposition leader has called for a new wave of protests against the government of president nicolas maduro it follows his dramatic entrance into parliament to reclaim his seat as leader of the majority and speaker of the house last america at its end to see a new man reports from caracas. another chaotic chapter in the. right for control of the news wales parliament oh and while a government backed deputy tried to show that he was in charge. outside opposition leader one by door again for all soldiers attempting to prevent him from entering the national assembly. this time he and some 90 opposition deputies succeeded in pushing their way into the chamber as the previous group fled the building. to the leader of the majority opposition faction of parliament reclaiming his seat
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as speaker of the house for however long was an important symbolic victory. this is proof of what is possible when we are united organized and determined determination venezuela determination. but the opposition may be overstating its the street what's obvious is the president nicolas maduro could have employed far more force as he did on sunday to prevent one by door and his deputies from entering this legislative palace the government of course will argue that the opposition has every right to take its seat in the chamber but just as an ordinary deputies not as the leaders of parliament. but there's likely a more strategic objective to regain control of the only institution not under the command order problem and. probably madeira i will say that all the spectacles between warring factions prove that venezuela needs new parliamentary elections why
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because he knows that if he doesn't give the opposition transparent conditions for free election which is unlikely an important percentage will boycott the paul so his party will win control of their us. but is hoping that this latest discoloration of the political conflict will reignite sluggish popular support for his leadership he's calling now in venezuela in student can take to the streets to demand regime change and to believe that this time it will make a difference. al jazeera got access. to t.v. with a slow adrian finnegan here in doha the headlines when i was the us president donald trump says that iran appears to be standing down after a series of their strikes on iraqi ministry bases hosting u.s. troops he says he'll be imposing new sanctions on tehran until it changes its
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behavior we suffered no casualties all of our soldiers are safe and only minimal damage was sustained and our military bases are great american forces are prepared for anything iran appears to be standing down which is a good thing for all parties concerned and a very good thing for the world no american or iraqi lives were lost because of the precautions taken the dispersal of forces and an early warning system that worked very well they were ready and strikes were in retaliation for the killing of top command a custom sum of money and a u.s. attack last friday but iran's president hassan rouhani said the real revenge for the assassination would be kicking the u.s. out of the region. money as. they cast off the
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hand of ideas soleimani edge you saw his revered hand in his body in videos and pictures the revenge for this is to force america out of this region the real revenge of the ultimate response by regional nations is when america is expelled from this region and its head of aggression is cast off for eva. another major story out of iran today 176 people have been killed in a plane crash outside tehran the ukraine international airlines flight went down shortly after takeoff ukraine's embassy in tehran says the plane had suffered engine failure. russia and turkey have opened a pipeline which they say has historical importance and allows russia to sell more gas to europe it also helps them bypass ukraine those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story next.
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u.s. targets in iran's size of the rise of missiles these iraq emitted bases hosting u.s. troops it's to iran's retaliation against the assassination of us him so they money but with this revenge operation and might washington strike that this is inside a story. hello welcome to the program. there's been much speculation about the scale on target of iran's retaliation to the assassination of its top minister command cost him so they money and this also speculation about whether the killing of the head
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of the revolutionary guards elite force could bring all out war to the middle east in.


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