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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 9, 2020 2:00am-3:01am +03

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we spotted the secretary general weekend in this room we're going to try to catch a man in town but has justice now been served for the victims freewinds haiti in a time of cholera on al jazeera. or. oh. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching the news live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes iran appears to be standing down. donald trump seeks to dial down tensions with iran and wants europe to take on a bigger role in the middle east. iran's president says the real revenge for the assassination of its top general will be to push america to the region. questions
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remain over what caused the crash of an airliner in iran 176 people were killed including dozens of canadians. who want to express my deepest condolences to those who are mourning the loss of a loved one. or should have never been arrested in the 1st place also ahead on the run the foreman is son boss carlos go and he says he fled japan because he was the victim of a conspiracy. u.s. president donald trump says iran appears to be quote standing down after a series of air strikes on iraqi military bases hosting u.s. troops the strikes were in retaliation for the assassination of the top iranian commander customs he was killed in a u.s. drone strike in baghdad on friday mr trump said he'll be imposing new sanctions on
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tehran until it changes its behavior white house correspondent kimberly hulk it has the latest. with the u.s. and iran edging dangerously close to war president donald trump proclaimed that tehran appears to be standing down truck gave no indication that the united states intends to strike back hours after riding in missile attacks on 2 bases used by the u.s. military in iraq we suffered no casualties all of our soldiers are safe. and orderly minimal damage was sustained at our military bases it was a stark contrast to the president's threats of retaliation without hesitation that have dominated his twitter feed in recent days instead flanked by top advisors and generals troubling aid a surprising suggestion that members of nato to become much more involved in the middle east process it was an astonishing claim from
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a president who once called nato obsolete he also encouraged u.s. partners and allies to abandon the j c p a way an agreement put in place in 2050 and by world powers to limit iran's nuclear program we must all work together toward making a deal with the rain that makes the world a safer and more peaceful place however truck didn't ounce new sanctions would be coming without giving specifics he also left open the possibility of diplomacy speaking directly to iran's leaders he insisted the united states desires for iran a great future one that you deserve one of prosperity at home in harmony with the nations of the world the united states is ready to embrace peace. with all who seek it but missing from the president's speech evidence that the u.s.
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killing of iranian general qassam solomonic was justified and necessary to prevent an imminent attack on americans it's evidence opposition democrats are demanding from the trumpet ministration also absent a clear strategy something the administration has promised to provide in closed door briefings on wednesday to members of congress including top republicans iran didn't just taken off ramp it took a u. turn because they know they have no capability to fight against america at least based on the presentation that was made. that he does not meet what i consider to be threat but if president trump chooses to respond by sending even more soldiers to the middle east he breaks a major campaign promise to pull the united states out of what he once called it's for ever wars can really help get al jazeera the white house. ok let's get more on that for you it will be speaking with assad big who's the iranian capital tehran in
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just a moment for us let's take it live to washington to my colleague john and so john it was deliberate targeting minimum damage. that's right that's what the u.s. defense department is saying and that is what officials have been telling reporters in greater detail outside of the pentagon briefing but at the pentagon it was marc esper the defense secretary and mark milley the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff the most senior military officer in the u.s. who said the iranian missile attack in iraq appears to have been intended not to kill personnel that it was specifically aimed to avoid people but also we have reporting here there's a new washington post story among others in which senior u.s. officials say that they were given warning ahead of time it's not clear whether that was human intelligence or whether it was signal intelligence maybe an intercept but they had it least 2 sources of information so for hours ahead of that attack at those bases there in iraq al assad and up in the kurdish territory in
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irbil people were were in helmets and gear they were hunkered down in specific areas that are designed to protect them and they waited there for hours until that attack was carried out and u.s. military officials say that is one of the reasons that they were protected when that strike happened. i had hoped and expected to receive more information outlining the legal factual and moral justification for the attack that was left somewhat unsatisfied on that front which i would add was probably the worst briefing i've seen at least on a military issue in the 9 years i've served in the united states senate when i found so distressing about that briefing was that one of the messages we received from the briefers was do not debate do not discuss the issue of the appropriateness of further miller military intervention against iran. and that if you do you will
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be emboldening iran. also joan sanctions targeting walt's well that's not clear because he didn't outline them i did want to point out that that that quote you just ran from likely came from a republican there were a couple of republicans who came out of that briefing and while most of the republicans felt that the white house senior administration officials who briefed them on the reasons for the the assassination of money most of the republicans came out saying that they were satisfied with the responses rand paul and that gentleman mike lee both republicans joined a broad array of democrats and some who said there simply was no specific information about an impending threat and that is why many people are looking to curb the administration as as for those sanctions we really don't have
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a lot of information on what those are and the administration has already levied significant sanctions on iran it will be interesting to see what they come up with and when you talk about curbing the administration or its missions in the region john nancy pelosi tomorrow will get some flesh on the bows to see how she wants to rein needin mr trump if you will what's that about and how was she trying to do is . that's right nancy pelosi among other democrats was upset that in order to justify the killing of customs or the money the administration went back to war powers authorizations to authorize the war in iraq that is a decade and a half old and among others rand paul a republican said it's ridiculous to use the justification the congressional authorization to launch war in iraq in order to kill an iranian general so now a number of people in congress and then she follows the chief among them want to require
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a war powers act that would limit the president's ability to act without congressional authority she says that would be introduced within the next 24 hours and would be brought up tomorrow here in the u.s. that is on thursday she says nancy pelosi our concerns were not addressed by the insufficient war powers act notification and by the administration's briefings today she said that the resolution would limit the president's military actions regarding iran and what was interesting in that quote you ran earlier from republican mike lee is that you've got a couple of republicans were joining democrats are you in the house they seem to have the votes in order to do this because the democrats for majority over there in the senate they need to or they need to pull over i believe it is for senators from the republican side well they have to today who spoke out and said they would support them ok john thank you very much well earlier the iranian president hassan rouhani the real revenge this us a nation of custom so the money will be kicking the u.s.
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forces out of the region. yes says soleimani as ease him on all they cast off the hand of our dia soleimani and you saw his revered hand in his body in videos and pictures the revenge for this is to force america out of this region the real revenge in the ultimate response by regional nations is when america is expelled from this region and its head of aggression is cast off forever. ok live now to tehran and our correspondent. what else are they been saying about this in the past few hours perhaps as a reaction to what mr trump's been saying. yes well president rouhani has had some strong words for the united states he said the united states should know if they commit another crime even if it is a threat that they would receive a decisive action from the armed forces also we've had the supreme need to know how
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many speaking their rare live broadcast usually they are recorded and then put out on state t.v. but have a live broadcast to speak into father's he said that yesterday's missile attack was a slap in the face for the united states military action alone wasn't enough and that the u.s. presence in the region needed to end but we've also had response to what. secretary general who condemned iran's missile strikes against u.s. forces. the foreign minister said that those those attacks were an eagle and he said that the nato had done nothing in the region except for destruction and instability but also the foreign office spokesman has said that the nato had become a tool to justify u.s. u.s. crimes and terrorism so we're still having some very strong language come out from iran despite donald trump saying. that iran is standing down iran also released
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video footage showing them assembling the missiles and those missile strikes and again trying to appease public opinion here people had been out in the streets over the last few days asking for revenge over the assassination of course and so the money where does this leave 24 hours on the relationship between tehran and baghdad because the fundamentals of that relationship are they still the same or have they shifted at all. well well again iraq has become the ground for these battle taking place we understand that the iranians did inform the iraqis that they would be carrying out these attacks but i think this is the relationship between iraq and the herat is still the same but if there are further attacks and if that does become
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a battleground for any escalation that relationship could change very quickly as a big load for us into iran here on the news many thanks. well al jazeera is journals in london he says donald trump used his speech to give need so powers addressing done for what he considers the muted response to the killing of kassam so the money remember donald trump has a fairly checkered history with nato ones calling it obsolete now apparently supporting it but frequently railing against its members calling them to take on a greater share of the burden a greater share of the cost for their own defense of the collective coffers of nato now i think he will see nato alongside european powers as having disappointed the administration my composure the secretary of state said as much in failing to full throated lee support the actions last week against person solomonic. an opportunity i think in this address to give everyone a sort of dressing down here a bit of naming and shaming and in nato as case presumably as i said to take up
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some of the burden in iraq opening the door for the u.s. possibly to draw down its forces there something we know donald trump is keen to do and some of course that we also know that the iraqi parliament at least he's keen for him to do ok let's bring in ryan grim joining us from washington he's the d.c. bureau chief for the intercept an online investigative news organization ryan grim oakum to the user clearly the situation has not been wholly decompressed just because of what donald trump's been saying so where are we. so this evening on capitol hill mike pompei oh that also the director of the cia and the pentagon secretary briefed both members of the house and then subsequently members of the senate and as you report a little bit earlier democrats emerged saying that there was absolutely no evidence presented that would give any comfort to the conclusion that there was any imminent
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threat that warranted this this killing and with a pair of republicans rand paul and mike lee also voicing rather blunt concern who had a mike lee calling it the worst military briefing he'd ever seen in his history as a senator and mike lee said that he had gone into the briefing undecided about the question of how how the senate should respond and came out decided and he decided. against the position of the white house so that that did not go well for them the question now though is what the united states is planning to do in terms of sanctions you know the president trump has been saying that they've been you know applying maximum sanctions already so he's going to have to kind of go searching through the couch cushions to find some more ways to sanction iran meanwhile you're getting noises from various elements of the administration that there was that
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they're willing to you know sit down without preconditions and talk to iran and you had the specter of donald trump urging your you know members of the iran deal to break the iran deal and then come back to the table and negotiate a new iran deal and essentially he wants the iran deal that was in place but he wants it with his name on it rather than bronco barack obama's name but you know this evening in washington people are breathing a lot easier than they were than they were this morning and that's for sure if this is will still parts of so-called maximum pressure surely maximum pressure has demonstrably failed. right it depending on what your object is. you know aside from everything else it does appear that you know the united states is on its heels now in iraq and that cost will money will get his last wish which is the kind of the the final diminishing of american strength in
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iraq it was remarkable to see president trump just come out and explicitly say that the united states has been in iraq because of its oil but now that the united states is the world's largest producer of fossil fuels that he doesn't need the united states doesn't need middle eastern oil anymore and so it's going to be leaving you know you don't see that kind of blunt language about oil and empire you know in in typical diplomacy but he just kind of took the mask off and said it outright and you know so trump has very conflicting views when it comes to the u.s. role in the world want to say wants himself to look strong there is that he doesn't want to tangle the united states and overseas conflicts ok mr trump in the briefing you've touched on this already for us was saying we'd like to deal with iran lindsey graham just saying we need to have a deal with iran maybe i spent the last 4 years in a parallel universe but wasn't that what the g c p a a 2015 was all about. yes but the problem for republicans
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is that it was obama's deal you know trump doesn't necessarily have politics or world views that are absent his own grievances and partisan politics here in the united states if the if the administration the obama administration had been trying to go to war with iran then donald trump would be the biggest dove when it comes to iran you know he just wants to kind of erase and supplant the obama administration's effort is it is extraordinarily personal for him obviously getting reelected in 2020 is personal for him as well so if he can be seen if he believes that he can be seen as somebody who's strong who went out and acted in a way that president obama wouldn't act but then also somebody who disentangle the united states from middle east conflicts and reach some sort of peace accord with iran he feels like he could sell that to his 2020 audience there's no there's no
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need to look for any logic in this beyond trump's own personal and also kind of political grievances that he's engaged with here if we drill down for a 2nd ryan into kind of one of the other takeaways do you get the sense that there's a calculation on the part of this white house now and is this the white house this is ministration come escalate any serious crisis zeroes in on any place in the world but can always pull back you can always pull down the very last minute bucks when it comes to iran when it comes to the middle east that's potentially a really dangerous place to be if that's what you think you can always that's the rabbit you can always pull out the hat right right as it is dangerous if the president comes out of this situation. believing that he went against the advice of all of his advisors launched this catastrophic strike was condemned for doing so
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and then it worked out just fine for him if he if that's the lesson that he takes away from that that is extraordinarily dangerous for you know the fate of the world going forward the next time that he's faced with a decision where all of his advisors are saying if you do this it will be it will be catastrophic now the united states being completely pushed out of the middle east might not even be something that donald trump. is bothered by because it doesn't directly impact what he sees as you know his. little bit which i apologize not only good to talk to because it might bump a you is talking to the world's media all washington let's have a listen and see what he's saying he had a wonderful breakfast with the prime minister and this is mr talkies saying the sun's 1st rays at the acropolis was really something quite special and i was privileged to to speak from the top floor of the new yorkers lighthouse it was
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a beautiful building for those of you not had the chance to see it it is a true gem architectural gem and beautiful city and a beautiful building it was it was truly stirring to me to be the very city where the roots of democracy were put down more than 2 millennia ago to contemplate how the noble ideas born in the air the foundation of the american government was to inspire and when i talked with my great friends a group that of course was the confirmation of the great relationship between our 2 countries it's been good it is now fantastic it is important we're expanding our cooperation on energy together growing friendships were supporting greece is a pillar of the security in the eastern mediterranean militaries and work together more closely than ever before. greece even hosted our troops for a thanksgiving meal on one of your bases in 2018 and we thank you for that. i heard american agree soldiers mass plates on the ground that night the traditional greeks down. i was
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a young soldier i was broken place for different reasons. when i could end the celebration tonight with that less money all brought the place. and were enthused about the work that the prime minister's during the reforms he's bringing to the greek economy we've seen in our country as our president has lowered taxes put fewer regulations in place created a great opportunity for risk takers and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses what that means for every citizen of our country i know that will happen in greece as well think about the welcome turn of events. greece is truly showing all of europe the way forward on economic prosperity that's truly remarkable mr prime minister thanks for the us government we'll keep supporting you as a leader in europe we'll keep supporting your prosperity your security and your democracy the future will only grow brighter for our countries and our relationship
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together so if a good a toast please. there we go. there right there we go yeah. so please please please join me in it yeah i think that was my ambassador he said all thing. please join us secretary of state might pompeo this thing is why the vice president mike pence saying very nice things about greece you'll remember the greek prime minister was in the white house when donald trump was giving one of his. so the free rein should deliveries about what was then going to happen we didn't know it at the time in. iran and also in iraq that was 36 hours ago he was flanked by the greek prime minister at that point and he said one of the big issues to do with the fight against i saw was a european i saw fighters being sent back to their european countries he was
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corrected by the greek prime minister i said before there were no greeks involved in the ranks of ice or any place in the middle east mike pence there at the podium i will go back to that as an islamic minister bloodloss to be heard in the iraqi capital baghdad on weapons tonight 3 rockets fell inside the heavily fortified green zone which houses government buildings and foreign missions causing a fire as important to iraqi police sources. plenty more still to come for you here on the news hour including 5 years in the making and finally opening how russia stands to benefit from e.u. gas pipeline through turkey. europe's warning to the u.k. negotiating a post brics a trade deal will not be easy. and one of its of these biggest clubs pays the price for their fans racial abuse of a star striker details coming up in the sports news in about 25 minutes.
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the other big story we're following out of iran the crash of that ukrainian passenger plane the boeing 737 went down shortly after takeoff from tehran killing all 176 passengers and crew among them 63 canadians need baka reports. the passengers and crew of flight p.s. 752 didn't stand a chance. minutes after takeoff the ukrainian international airlines flight from tehran to kiev went down in a city suburb. recovery teams pick through what's left of the plane from people's lives. most of the dead are rainy and more than 60 canadians were also killed many reportedly students returning from vacation the boeing 737800 was less than 4 years old and had been recently serviced. video and social media shows a light hurtling to the ground and then
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a. iranian officials say there was no distress call it was a transatlantic fortunately it didn't question the reason eventually area but the wreckage has scattered around the gardens of villas within a large radius nobody has survived. the arrivals board bears the grim news. this mother and father had been waiting for their son to arrive. my son is a senior flight attendant my daughter called at 615 this morning to say that in the u.s. they were reporting that a plane had crashed a ukrainian international airlines plane. ukraine's now canceled all flights over iran the country's embassy in tehran initially blamed engine failure for the crash to remove the statement was useful widely approaching we made our decision to suspend all the activities of all ukrainian of the asian companies in reining airspace until the causes of this tragedy become clear. the crash comes amid
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heightened tensions across the region following a u.s. drone strike that killed top iranian general has a money in a sign of worsening ties iran's civil aviation authority says it will not give the black box flight recorder to u.s. plane make a boeing for analysis it's not clear which country iran will send the box to. the safety audit and it had no accidents whatsoever so there they really do there's a very very good airline but i do believe it will be mechanical or possibly it might possibly be a terrorist act it's too hard to tell at this stage the crash is a major setback for boeing but struggled to regain trust after the grounding of its 737 max and craft following 2 fatal accuracies within 5 months. the boeing 737 is one of the most popular aircraft in the sky with a good safety record investigators must now to term in how and why so many lives
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ended here. al-jazeera. well the canadian prime minister justin trudeau gave a press conference about the crash just a few hours ago in canada expects to have a role in the investigation ukrainian airlines plane just landed in toronto from kiev according to the airline there are 138 passengers who weren't on that flight because they died in the crash this song or day comes in the wake of deeply concerning events in iraq canada condemns the missile attacks launched by iran last night. i am relieved as are all canadians that all personnel deployed in iraq are safe because it was correspondent daniel lac joining us live from toronto so clearly daniel the canadian government signaling it's too early to jump to conclusions no prime minister justin trudeau is quite clear on
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that but he also said he's not going to rule out that the plane could have been brought down by something other than a mechanical failure but at the moment it's no exaggeration to say that there is a lot of mourning in canada more than half of the passengers on that jet were bound for canada through the ukrainian capital kiev 63 of them were citizens there from all across the country and many of them could have been bound for citizenship themselves or international students studying at universities i've seen about 5 universities already putting out condolence messages holding vigils announcements of resources for the community it's a big community the iranian canadian community and it's no exaggeration to say that it's in mourning today is it a difficult one for mr trudeau not now not tomorrow but perhaps when minds turn to a possible potential inquiry the investigation of the local authorities in the middle east are not going to hand over the black box flight recorder he can try to
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get involved in the investigation but if the black box flight recorder isn't in north america it's not going to go anyplace. he was asked that at his press conference and well he didn't have anything really definite to say you could guess what they're hoping might happen they're hoping that another country might get involved let's not forget the theo paean airlines crash ethiopia didn't want to hand the black box over to the united states or to boeing so they sent it to france instead mr trudeau mentioned italy ukraine and said canada could cooperate with any investigation they were involved in while emphasizing of course it's an iranian led investigation it's got to be done somehow was was his message to clear the air of any suggestion that this is anything other than mechanical failure pilot error and not a bomb or some sort of missile gone astray live in toronto daniel thank you very much . still to come here on the al-jazeera news we'll tell you why millions of indian
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workers walked off the job. and the sports teams the olympic flame isn't the only source of heat making an impact at the winter use a lympics. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast in the coming days here across the southern part of the united states we're going to be seeing some more rain that are going to turn to thunderstorms across the southern areas bring some very heavy rain as well as some winds thursday not looking too bad but we see it started developing right here notice the clouds notice the rain from dallas up here towards chicago it's when we get towards friday with x.t. a little bit more in terms of development across much of this area those darker blues indicating the heavier rain across much of that region here towards the west though we are watching a system just off the coast of canada as well as united states we're going to be seeing some very gusty winds for parts of washington state british columbia that
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means vancouver seattle heavy snow in the higher elevations as well but for northern canada it is going to be that very cold air it's extending all the way down to southern canada as well we're going to be seeing temperatures well below average for this time of year and for when a pig that means you as well we're recent temperatures diving as we go towards friday only getting to a high of minus 19 but overnight lows are going to be down into the minus twenty's minus $27.00 is expected here as we go into saturday morning and into sunday morning as well here across the caribbean though it is going to find a dry cross much of the area and for jamaica we do expect to see attempt a few of 31 and for nasa about 24 degrees for you. the story of a british italian man experiencing life close up in a palestinian refugee camp the big it's. coming face to face with the daily lives of its residents some of whom have lived there for 70 years but there has
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been the refugio most honest life it's not unknown life to show 7 days in beirut that. an al-jazeera. network to al-jazeera english since its launch as a principal presenter and as a correspondent with any breaking news story we want to hear from those people who would normally not get the voices heard on the international news channel one moment i'll be very proud of was when we covered the nepal earthquake of 2050 a terrible natural disaster and the story that needed to be told from the heart of the affected area to be then to tell the people story was very important at the time.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories here on the news our u.s. president told trump says iran appears to be standing down but still promise to impose further punitive economic sanctions on tehran he was speaking several hours after iran launched more than a dozen missiles at their bases in iraq which host u.s. forces that was in retaliation for the killing of iran's leading military figures qassam solomonic. glass to be heard in baghdad on wednesday night 3 rockets are reported to fall in inside baghdad's heavily fortified green zone which houses government buildings and foreign missions causing a fire that's what according to iraqi police sources. and ukrainian passenger plane crashed moments after takeoff all 176 people on board were killed crashed isn't being linked to tensions in the region. well let's return to the crisis in iran and
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iraq president trump said he spoke briefly with nato as chief about his demands for the military alliance today i am going to ask dado to become much more involved in the middle east process ok let's get more on that joining us here on the news hour robert hunter formerly a u.s. ambassador to nato he joins us from washington. great to talk to you again sir why would nato do more in the middle east. they do more in order to try to get the united states back on the side causing less difficulties through not only mr trump's intemperate language but also the fact that he withdrew from the most important strategic development in the region for decades which was this so-called joint comprehensive plan of action by doing that that is a plan that trammelled iran's ability to get
2:36 am
a nuclear weapon the allies very much want the united states to get back into that secondly they're worried that mr trump will pay less attention to european security and putting the russian dimension and if he were asked them to become involved more in the middle east maybe in exchange he would say arise the united states will reaffirm its commitments to the security of western europe a lot of these things you know these needs are summits that we cover a lot on al-jazeera come down to personal relationships so obviously this is an organization that mr trump has spent a lot of his presidency bashing but on top of that you've talked about russian security that it's clear it's everyone who follows the nato narrative that nate so as to what seeds towards looking in on russia as not being a problem but it's an issue that needs constant maintenance. well it's obvious
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that most of the allies that like to find a way to get beyond the current confrontation with russia as mr trump would rather like to do it i hate not allowed to do it because that figures in the whole impeachment matters here in the united states so any time he tries to do something that's not negative towards russia he gets hammered so the allies would like to see some except the ones who live closer to russia like to see something positive going on there so i suspect what's happening now as i've already indicated with regard to the middle east if indeed the allies will be more helpful in the middle aged to the united states then maybe the united states will be more positive on nato both for the eastern members of nato doing something negative on russia or containing it but for the west europeans looking towards trying to improve relations with russia it's all tied together in this wonderful new world we're here in and 2020 is the
2:38 am
thing when you talk about allies is there a guess or and he might really see several nato countries doing more in the middle east not doing it say under the the umbrella of nato and might that be enough to please this white house. well as several countries have been involved anyway the british and the french are been engaged in syria and are and a number of allies in iraq and we have to remember that after 911 the attacks on the united states 1718 years ago every single hour i sent troops so with the nato forces in afghanistan because people were worried america might worry about afghanistan and not be concerned about about nato in europe so i suspect given what mr stoltenberg said the secretary general and half a sentence today there will be an effort to get
2:39 am
a bit more nato engagement in the middle east but frankly i don't expect to see it happen in the us mr trump give ironclad positive statements about the united states loves nato the united states is firmly committed to nato which so far he's not been willing to do instead of trying to tell nature what to do again you know with the back story being that the u.s. pays too much money into the nato funds why didn't he get general cousineau involved you know because there is this idea that's been around for a couple of years now that they could be a middle east nates or an arab nates so that would do a nato type job but specifically around the arabian gulf. well nato works to a great extent because virtually all the allies are on the same page they were during the cold war and even today with a couple of outliers turkey being the most important there are certain common ideas common history common traditions none of that exists in the middle east you're
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never going to get all of those countries working together certainly not if you're not prepared to include israel as many of them are and certainly not if you don't find a way to deep pressurize relations with iran and again to get iran and gauge that's certainly not going to happen on inside out as a last person i would send out to try to get any of that done is the president's son in law mr kirschner who has no credibility in the region there is not going to be a middle east nato they just don't like one another and often they have so many different interests it's not going to happen with the once a good to talk to so we do appreciate your time us or rub it on so that in washington. tokyo prosecutors have denied accusations from the sun's former boss of conspiring with the car company to. call also go and made the claims during a 2 and a half hour news conference in lebanon where he maintained his innocence on the
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charges of financial misconduct against him is in beirut with more. it's his 1st public appearance since he jumped bail and escaped from japan the former nissan and renault chief carlos gone arrived in the lebanese capital beirut over a week ago his case has brought international attention many were waiting for the businessman to disclose details of how he reached his country of origin but gone who is facing trial in japan on financial misconduct charges used the news conference to reiterate his innocence it is important for me to emphasize that i'm not the above the law and i welcome the opportunity for the truth to come out and to have my name be indicated and my reputation restored. not escape justice. justice. political persecution gone who was detained a number of times in japan was under strict house arrest when he fled he says he
2:42 am
did so because he didn't believe he would get a fair trial japan's judicial system has been criticized by human rights groups gone who holds lebanese brazilian and french passports says conditions during his detention were harsh and he was bound to access to lawyers and his family he's believed to have arrived in beirut via istanbul on a private jet turkish media released video they say show him being transferred by vehicle to a 2nd jet turkish authorities have made arrests and international fugitive but carlos vaughn is not being treated as a criminal by lebanon's authorities they say he entered the country illegally the caretaker justice minister albury sarhan for lebanon received the interpol red notice and would take the necessary steps but at the same time he stressed lebanon and japan don't have an extradition treaty gone has been summoned for questioning by lebanon state prosecutor and japan's ambassador to lebanon asked for more cooperation but it seems tokyo officials have few options even if the extradition
2:43 am
treaty exists the decision to hand over someone is in the hands of the lebanese authorities and they still need to question japan has also issued an arrest warrant for glistens lebanese wife for giving false testimony but gone is a man who has friends in high places and believed to enjoy political cover. i am proud to be bunnies. and lebanon is the only country in the world that stood by my side the businessman turned fugitive doesn't hide his confidence and his words he's ready to stay a long time in lebanon. paid a lot. now the former french president nicolas sarkozy will stand trial on corruption and abuse of power charges in october that date was set by a paris court on weapons day sarkozy is accused of trying to bribe a magistrate with a prestigious job in return for information on a criminal inquiry into his political party it's an eis any wrongdoing turkey in
2:44 am
russia called for a cease fire in libya to be implemented by the sunday the announcement came shortly after of letting me a putin met with mr type or the want to inaugurate a pipeline in istanbul stop us and reports. the leaders of turkey and russia use the opening of a major gas pipeline to highlight improve through elations between the 2 countries but destroyed to egypt to extreme project that offers an alternative route for russian gas to be delivered to europe via turkey was overshadowed by events elsewhere the s.s. a nation of an iranian military commander by the us and a missile attack on u.s. bases by iran both strikes taking place in iraq have raised tensions in the region . your. job of being no one is the strength to pay the further price no $1.00 has the right to put the whole region especially iraq into a new circle of fire for the sake of their own interests turkey will do all possible not to load the region to be drawn in blood and tears flooding may put and
2:45 am
sat by overcoming their differences turkey and russia giving a good example. solution we are living in a very difficult time in our decisions we are facing it it's a situation that can fuel tensions but russia and turkey are showing a very different example. but their body language at a meeting earlier in the day made it clear not all is good between the 2 leaders the behind the smiles and handshakes there are some big differences between the 2 nations russia on opposing sides of the war say we are and how to do is have insisted france really isn't right both nations confronting each other face to face . turkey has accused russian mercenaries of fighting alongside general hurley for hafta u.s. launch an offensive on the libyan capital tripoli after a meeting in istanbul put an end to one urged all parties involved in the war in
2:46 am
libya to commit to a cease fire starting on january 12th so a peace process can take place but for the syrian city of it lip there was no such call hundreds of thousands of syrians have been displaced in the past 2 weeks alone after russian and syrian troops increase their operations in the last rebel held province while the turkish president has raised concerns about the influx of refugees he did not get a commitment from put in to stop the fighting there step fasten al-jazeera istanbul . well our services report touched on there russia and turkey have launched a pipeline project which will help funnel gas to europe at all as moscow to bypass ukraine the turks stream pipeline starts in the cells and russian town of and runs more than 100 kilometers deep under the black sea each of the turkish town of key oil half of that will be delivered to southern europe servicing up to 3 percent of
2:47 am
the e.u.'s current needs russia already supplies about 40 percent of europe's gas the route is important because it helps russia bypass supply lines through ukraine which now faces losing billions in gas transit fees the $2.00 countries have been in conflict since 2014. struck again in somalia at least 4 people were killed in a car bombing near the presidential palace it exploded at the building's 1st security checkpoint in mogadishu a strike by the armed group killed 90 people in the city last week the new leader of the european commission has warned britain's brecht's that negotiation deadline will make a comprehensive trade deal with the e.u. impossible vonda lyon was speaking ahead of a meeting with the prime minister boris johnson in downing street on the line says the deadline should be extended beyond december 2020 the more divergent that is the more distant the partnership will be and without an extension
2:48 am
of the transition period beyond 2020 you can objects expect to agree on every single aspect of our new partnership we will have to prioritize mexico more than $61000.00 people have gone missing since the start of the country's extreme violence involving powerful cartels in 2006 that's 50 percent more than the government previously estimated john holeman spent a day with families searching for their missing relatives and sent a low in northern mexico. instill lump us that i will the beginning of another day for is about 0 looking for his son you'll see ma garcia she's turned a home into the head quarters or the search for him and others in sin a lower mexico's it s. a somebody a hall this is a father in song phase ones are brothers the de disappeared this one is my song across the country there are many more disappeared 61000 by the government's new
2:49 am
estimates victims of rival criminal groups and the even authorities every weekend this a bell and other women who've join together in cooled themselves sub wessels get aired as warre a sniffer dogs go out to loot for them they have rudimentary tools to checked for bullies under the soil now let must be middle played out a the we sniffed to say if it's got any strange smell when you find a body a nice smell it at burns itself into your mind you'll never confuse that smell with any other they say they've had to carry out the search by themselves let the muzzle say of the last he is my life have been passed off it for me my life just flipped 360 degrees since they took my son and at 10 me into a search and human rights defender i've become a place woman lawyer friends a clerk others in different parts of the country have told us the same they've had to do it all a large. groups of volunteers like this one have sprung up all across mexico over
2:50 am
the last decade and they exist they say not because they want to but because authorities themselves are interested in looking for their lost loved ones in the administration of president lopez obrador has changed the tone admitting mexico has got a huge problem and setting up a commission to help find the disappeared that many say on the ground little changed meanwhile as the country suffers record levels of violence it's a sure bet that more are going missing and so the warriors sniffer dogs continue searching even as they break for lunch another terrible story emerges the freedom that is here they had him for 3 days tied up and tortured and they left him to die alone it's almost too much to do this is to go back to the months i can't go on but they do go on as anyone would if their son or daughter had vanished and they
2:51 am
were the only hope of finding them john home and how does it or similar. still to come here on the news are some of the world's best young footballers are taking a shot at making it to tokyo 2020 we'll explain in the sports games when we come back.
2:52 am
actually from. all. thanks very much english football association is reviewing its decision to allow betting companies to buy broadcast rights to stream f.a.
2:53 am
cup games online since last season bookmaker bet 365 has been allowed to stream some matches anyone that had made a bet or placed a deposit with the company 24 hours before kick off had access to the games f.a. had actually decided to cut ties with gambling firms back in july 2017 this deal was done before that nonetheless u.k. government has urged them to reconsider the contract well earlier i spoke to sports writer robert harris he explains how concerns have been growing in the u.k. over the closeness of the gambling industry and sport we've just had 3rd around that weekend and that meant that for some games that weren't on television in britain the only way to watch them was to sign up to a betting website this time of growing awareness and concern about the role of the gambling industry in sport the prevalence of them and particularly the last weekend when the f.a. was promoting a mental health campaign that's championed by prince william and obviously there are many concerns about the links between addiction and gambling and mental health
2:54 am
problems was only in the in the mid 2000 is that betting companies could start to advertise across british media before then only lotteries and such forth could advertise but there are growing questions over just how much we should be seeing betting companies across sports in the last couple of years something called a whistle to whistle ban was put in place so again that are out on television before 9 o'clock in britain the comp be betting advertising within those broadcasts so there was already a sense that something had to be done to address the issue and indeed the gambling industry in itself has become increasingly aware as well of the need to sort of highlight the not continuing to bet when you've gone too far in actually putting restrictions in place as well. to have both their spot in the final the spanish super cup blanco speak palencia in the semifinals in jeddah saudi arabia they ran out 31 winners are looking to win the cup for the 11th time. league champions
2:55 am
barcelona face atletico madrid in the other last 4 match this is of course the 1st time a semifinals and final are being used cup was previously decided by just one game a showdown between the spanish league and copa del rey winners not everyone's a fan of the new format which. is. playing the super cup with 4 teams is a bit strange but it is what it is if i could choose i would pick the previous form but it's up to the federation and this is what they've decided it's only in syria a club a lot syria has been fined for its fans racist abuse of brush a striker mario balotelli happened during sunday's match the game was temporarily halted and an announcement to stop the chants was made to the fans at the stadium in brusha was fined $22000.00 but avoided a stadium closure voluntarily later said the fans should be ashamed of themselves.
2:56 am
now over the next few weeks footballers in asia have a shot at winning a place in the tokyo olympics asian under $23.00 championship in thailand is serving as a qualifying tournaments with the top 3 teams earning a spot and then opening match australia took the lead against iraq with a free kick foreknow piss kapo but iraq level things up with this effort from the home of not 11 the finest were. a russian ice skater is in life threatening condition after falling during a rehearsal for the opening ceremony of the youth winter olympics in switzerland she reportedly fell from 5 metres on to the ice while attached to a cable the ceremony is due to take place in those then on thursday games organizers and the international olympic committee said in a joint statement that they wish to perform a fast and full recovery police are investigating the incident 6 time super bowl champion tom brady says he has more to prove the new england patriots quarterback
2:57 am
gave his fans more him studies not done playing football in the n.f.l. the 42 year old season ended when the reigning champions failed to make the playoffs for the 1st time since 2015 brady who has spent his entire 20 year n.f.l. career playing with the pats becomes a free agent for the 1st time in his career when his contract ends in march but here's what brady posted on his instagram earlier and both life and football failure is inevitable you don't always win you can however learn from that failure pick yourself with great enthusiasm and place yourself in the arena again and that's right where you'll find me because i know i still have more to prove. and that's all you sport for now more later. those one news sports analysis and if you want it on the web site the address of course you know what it is by now al-jazeera com you can see the up top story donald trump u.s. imposing new powerful sanctions on iran. those strikes more news when we come back
2:58 am
in just 2 and a half minutes also you that. it is murder when you throw a fire bomb into someone's home and mishit you off trashing you know. that's not insignificant in numbers that insignificant ideologically that is significant even as a crime against the very significant by dictating the government and the fucked up policy he vows shall not kill concert the radicalized series on al-jazeera
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reporting in the field means i often get to witness not just the news as it breaking but also history as it's unfolding crossing from serbia into hungary the refuge when there might be covering politics of things around the next i might be like protests. what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they are going through so that i can convey the headlines in the most human way cost. here at al-jazeera we believe everyone has a story worth hearing big stories generated sounds like the media angles in this story are too numerous for comfort with different angles from different perspectives things. never really been believe. me in the war to even separate the spin from the facts the misinformation from the johnson this says here and chance to. clear it with the listening post on al-jazeera.
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unprompted and uninterrupted discussions from on london broadcast center. on al-jazeera. iran appears to be standing down. donald trump seeks to dial down tensions with iran and wants europe to take on a bigger role in the middle east. iran's president says the real revenge this as a nation of its top general will be to push america out of the region. hello and welcome peter w. watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here and also coming up questions remain of course the crash of an aircraft in iran 100.


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