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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 9, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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this is al jazeera. hello there i'm helena huizi and this is the al-jazeera news our life from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. a senior iranian revolutionary guard commander warns that its missile launch in iraq was just the start of a series of attacks in the region. democrats seek to limits president donald trump's powers to take action against iran despite his speech into doll day and tensions between the 2 countries. turkey and russia push for a cease fire in libya even born of a 2nd syria if the conflict is not resolved and lebanon imposes a travel ban on
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a former on former nessun chief carlos ghosn he skipped bail in japan ahead of his trial provocations of financial misconducts and in sport world tennis number one boss who makes a losing start to the new year party suffering a shock defeat in her opening match of the brisbane international. that sober iranian revolutionary guard commander is warning that wednesday's missile attack on a base hosting u.s. troops in iraq is only the start of a revenge operation that will continue across the region as he has his artist says iran's strikes weren't meant to kill soldiers but to damage the american military machine iran is still smith's and u.s. calls to negotiate following the assassination of iranian military commander
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custance all the money u.s. president donald trump appeared to be backing away from further military confrontation with iran on wednesday but he also honest fresh sanctions for teheran until it changes its behavior. trump though is also facing opposition at home with a vote sets on thursday to limits the president's ability to carry out further military action against iran where white house correspondent kimberly hawkins's and washington d.c. will be speaking to her in just a moment 1st though let's cross to dorset. in tehran a source of this has been a critical time in iran and now we're hearing developments from this revolutionary guard commander what more does he have to say and why is the significance. well this is the man in charge of the revolutionary guards aerospace division he would have operated under the direction of the head of the revolutionary guard
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commander in south who would have given the order to launch these ballistic missiles onto the u.s. base in western iraq this. general allen. gave a statement a short while ago detailing the operation the iranians carried out by launching 13 ballistic missiles onto their i know u.s. base in western iraq let's hear of some of what he had to say in. the missile attack conducted against the u.s. military base in fact was the beginning of a great god willing we'll be continuing. we have been hearing lots of deescalation what chance does diplomacy really have particularly after comments like this. there's very little hope of any kind of repro small amount given the assassination an awesome solar money and
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now these missiles that have been launched what was important to note from the statement that we just received from the revolutionary guards is that iran was not after harming or killing u.s. military personnel by this attack or they carried out there was to hit military equipment at this u.s. base and that is what they did and he's dead this general also said that the united states is not respond they were indians were expecting a response a military response from the americans but they did not do anything and he said that that is why the americans should leave this region that they should be prepared for more attacks until they are prepared to completely withdraw from the middle east that is something that we've heard from all levels of the leadership here since the assassination of us and sell them on. of course some solemn on the use that the military commands are at the center of all of this his funerals have taken place and there was a ceremony to commemorate him state just give us a sense of what happened.
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the official mourning period for the money has ended but the grieving period clearly has not the supreme leader himself hosts that a morning ceremony in his own compound in tehran where we saw him company by the highest levels of government the president hassan rouhani alongside the head of the country's judiciary and the man who has been replaced who has replaced us and so the money as the head of the force. carney was sitting next to the supreme leader directly next to him on his left so a very important gesture to the international community that even the awesome seller moneymen nor longer be sitting next to the supreme leader his replacement is very much there and he himself issued a statement saying that his work will carry on the same path as that of some southern monny so there is a mood here that mourning period has officially ended but the grief that the nation
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feels for this general that is no longer with them continues and this is why many analysts here believe that this is something the iranians will go the assassination of the money has really altered the course of history not only in iran but in this entire region and that is why any kind of dialogue with the united states now is seen as completely out of the question in the forseeable future ok thank you so much for bringing us up to date from the capsule that's what you're focused like to the u.s. our white house correspondent kimberly whole kimberly we have been hearing the reaction from iran which is continuing very strong reaction it does appear to be a don't know. if you've been tweeting but he also has a lot on his mind particularly because he doesn't appear to have brought congress with him and now he's facing a challenge in the form of
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a war powers sikes just bring us up to speed. yes that's right the u.s. president has been tweeting mostly retreats in support of the action that was taken by the trumpet ministration with respect to iran but that is not sitting well with members of congress particularly following some of the briefings that we're supposed to provide clarity on the president's decision and that's why we're going to see vigorous debate starting around 15 g.m.t. in the house of representatives to discuss the president's actions and also how they can be limited with respect to iran moving forward this is called the war powers resolution essentially what it would do is limit the president's ability to take action against iran moving forward without congressional approval now we know that this is something that is likely to be passed in the house of representatives is controlled by democrats who have been opposed to most of the president's policies from day one but there is also a similar measure being debated in the senate and there are many republicans there
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in that republican controlled body that are very concerned that the president has not outlined in justified his actions mainly that there was an imminent threat to americans the argument that is being made in the terms of why the united states said it needed to kill. the iranian general so there's a lot of alarm about the president's actions a desire to try and limit the moving forward in the midst of all of this the vice president is responding to this criticism saying look it just read i'm going to have to share it i came up to apologize for our breaking in. with kimberly we're going to take you across. where turkey's foreign minister met. with the country's leaders let's listen in to this press conference following. with the foreign minister.
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briefing. the prime minister on the developments unfolding of the past 2 weeks also on the economic and social. conditions in iraq and the prospects following the vote by the parliament in favor of the withdrawal of the us troops from iraq. in. the turkish foreign minister has presented his views. to his character parts he also met with the president in 2. separate sessions one with in presence of both the delegations and the 2nd was in camera where they discussed by lateral relations and other issues of interest including the developments taking place in the region and the
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dire need for stability not only in iraq but in the region also here in the foreign ministry we have conducted extensive discussions with the turkish foreign minister these discussions were centered on bilateral relations and the means to boost relations to the end of both our countries in addition to other regional and international issues of mutual interest on our part we reiterated that iraq's sovereignty should be respected from all parties. our efforts must be in order to have iraq continuing playing its role and the stabilizing factor in the region steering that age in away from any escalation and this is a very significant point which we just. emphasized not only in their joint
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meeting with us but also in the turkish ministers meeting with both his counterpart and the president and both of the hearing on the sessions conducted with the president we also iterated that we cannot allow iraq to turn into a battlefield and we should also continue our efforts eradicating terrorism and rebuilding iraq in this context we can damn the attacks. targeting areas within iraq it is our flag run. violation of iraq's serve and it is a breach of international law we have informed the turkish foreign minister that iraq is keen on preserving its sovereignty and territorial integrity and we also reiterated that we are adamant to see all the foreign troops
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on our soil leaving our country 1st diplomacy and dialogue based on mutual respect and respect of our sovereignty and the usual interest in this particular issue was thoroughly explained. and thoroughly examined by the turkish foreign minister with his counterpart and with the president it is the keystone which we centered phrase the discussions on. we also agreed on to continue to defuse the tension in the region between the united states and iran i mean both our countries are exerting their concerted efforts in order to diffuse the tension between iran and the united states which also steering the region away from any diverse state ward where there
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is no winner it will have grave repercussions not only in the region but on the whole world will also to its rated that iraq should be set aside from its proxy wars. regional tenders which will have a negative impact on the region all these issues were made clear to the turkish foreign minister still his meetings today and we also iterated that any escalation in the region with provide a fostering ground to terrorists and terrorist organizations we are partners with turkey in combat think terrorism and this is a very significant. of our cooperation where we're aiming at from bad thing to terrorism and terrorist and preventing them the remnants of
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terrorists for all marie formation. this eliminate any crises or confrontations within the region and lessen people's plights. we exchanged views on this particular issue on how to continue to cooperate fighting terrorism not. be sure within iraq or in syria namely that end of ice we also discussed other issues of. our lateral relations including diplomatic political and. cultural and economic we also discussed the issue of iraqi communities within turkey namely how to streamline visa procedures yes you between both countries this has a very important. pact on there are communities we
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also discuss the security of the region. the situation in libya and syria. then on his part the turkish foreign minister demonstrated his. rationed that right. team must be so respected. we simply wish to see both the countries iraq and syria living in peace with their territory an entity being maintained we also agreed on have to address crises in peaceful manner the discussion was up in was a turkish foreign minister he is. a fellow minister he is a friend and turkey is a neighboring friendly country it has been always supportive to the political
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regime and the iraqi people once again we welcome the turkish foreign minister here in baghdad and thank you for being with us and thank you for the audacity and the voracity you demonstrated hearing their discussions today. but it's my friend. mr al hakim the russian modern minister thank you for hosting me and thank you for. the hospitality and warm reception for the list on the what if you know you will be one of people who have come here. at the moment. in
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a substance from the turkish prison break up tell you it was good and i wish the folks here to. accomplish certain goals and this visit really meant to lead to. the grave moment when the message is that iraq is not alone and we will continue to stand by the side of the rock in order to break through this grave moment. in one of the nation's. last insulin many the heads of all close brigades and. the iraqi commander also. who was accompanying him has resulted in grave repercussion in the region we. do not wish to see iraq turning into a battlefield for foreign powers iraq has its own difficulties problems
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iraq is combating terrorism and terrorist organizations like pick k.k. and i salute iraq also is addressing a very critical task which is is very building of the country and iraq a must be turned into a battlefield for full forces and it's come not be hindered from accomplishing. we in turkey. are doing what we can. to. steer iraq away from any regional conflict. today. and before that we have held meetings with a number of parties including a presenter of the united nations with the aim of diffusing the tension within the
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region and we are working together with iraq and other international players in order to diffuse the tension we cannot say that. all the issues have been aren't outraged. at the same time we have received certain messages from both iran and the united states which we totally understand and we will do what we can to diffuse the tension today and this morning i met with the prime minister and his excellent see the president mr sala. and. before before. some time also i had certain meetings within the foreign ministry here during all these meetings we're iterated that the stability and welfare of iraq is very important
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not only for the iraqis but also for turkey and over the coming period of time we will do all what we can to reinforce stability and welfare in iraq in order to be able to continue fighting terrorism and the region. at the same time we will continue to cooperate to eliminate any threats from there pick a terrorist group here in iraq. and we discussed the difficult situation and the harsh conditions iraq is going through we both agreed that both our countries should cooperate in the rebuilding of the country during the conference we pledged $5000000000.00 which should be channeled to that he building of iraq. during these meetings also
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we examined the key projects. where such investments should be pumped and we will continue to investigate these. areas at the same time we also examine the water projects other investment projects that should be focused on in total we will continue to cooperate and work together in order to achieve all the desired goal. and i will conclude this visit. carrying certain messages from. my iraqi counterparts and the speaker of the parliament which i will convey to their counterparts in turkey and before and conclude i would like to thank you once again for the warm reception and generous hospitality again i reiterate if we
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continue to work together we will achieve all goals and we will be able to establish security and stability and welfare to our people. once again i salute the iraqi people and. let you know. where we are we've just been listening to a press conference between the turkish foreign minister methot cover sort of who is just speaking there and the rocky foreign minister mohammad the keen they were talking after meetings and the key message they wanted to convey during that was that neither party wishes to see iraq turns into a battle fields the assassination of them saw the money clearly preying on the minds of many here in the region let's say a gets more perspective now former senior course you although she's our
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correspondent in istanbul joins me now live from there seen several points to come out of that press conference just give us a sense of the main talking points from where you were what did we hear in that. oh well depending on the latest tension between the u.s. and iran especially after the killing of a general carson sulaimani in iraq turkey has stepped up to play a meditation role between mainly the united states and iran this is what they have set out loudly and the purpose of the visit by foreign minister job sure that iraq is also again for this meditation let me 1st state that turkey always supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of neighboring countries mainly iraq syria and iran because also they have some kurdish communities and the output kurdistan workers party are also active in those countries that's why the turkey believes
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that the neighbors territorial integrity and so very nitty is also the same for itself and turkey and iraq has both economic relations and political cooperation and from time to time they come together especially for combating terrorism issues like fighting against iceland p.k. k. is a very important issue but this visit was specific with set up to the escalate the current tension between iran and the united states and that's why the foreign minister childish or the sad that turkey welcomed the relatively positive statements by both the us president donald trump last night and from the iranian side turkey says it is committed to. committed to help iraq in its reconstruction and it seems to a key is going to. is going to try to take more steps to be able to mediate between iran and to provide to help actually contribute on iraq's
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security of this is what we see if for now that's why turkey has been a diplomat's the traffic from for both international organizations and neighboring countries that's almost the same force or the turkey is trying to conduct with russia. over libya as well that will see them turkey does seem to be extending itself quite a bit in sermons or dealing with regional parse partners stretching itself somewhat when it comes to international engagements just from i just specifically why is it so critical for so have a voice in iraq well one who actually turkey has conducted an isolated foreign policy for decades establish a especially after day it took this republic was as darkness but of course the borders are removed technology is out there and whatever happens in one side of the world f.x. the other so turkey has north of that if there is and there is an instability or
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insecurity especially in a neighboring country it directly affects its own territory basically let's think about syria for instance. the actually war in syria also has an impact in turkey because it also means it also means immigration to turkey turkey's whole single most 4000000 syrians right now so if there is this instability and insecurity in iran and iran it also means immigration it also means security risks for turkey this goes beyond that actually having a more active proactive foreign policy but it is mostly a primarily for turkey's own security stability and territorial integrity ok. thank you so much pseudonym joining us there live from is stan. my.
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now the u.n. envoy to libya has welcomed calls by turkey and russia for a ceasefire to be implemented by sunday that he supports prosing sides in the conflict or school backs libyan warlord khalifa haftar his forces have been trying to seize tripoli since april well turkey has become supplying troops to support the un recognized government based in the capital the e.u. has warned turkey faces becoming a 2nd syria if the cease fire is not reach soon but how if i have to has held talks with the italian prime minister to separate concepts involved as part of separate mask efforts to bring an end to the conflicts in the bia it's lee has urged the e.u. to increase its efforts to stabilize the situation is concerned about the proximity of libya to the a time when islands of sicily and the number of people who attempt to flee the violence or mom was up to 100 is in the libyan capital he says the battle for
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control of the city is constant. here in tripoli the situation that remains very tense in southern tripoli as have to his forces according to government military sources have been launching get dozens of rockets a military source told us that overnight of over 40 rockets have been launched by have to his forces many of them landed in or near a residential areas including the vicinity of m 80 good airport the only operational airport in the capital tripoli meanwhile have to draw as have been flying over tripoli overnight and today we have been hearing the humming of the drawings after the drones in the sky of tripoli this morning have to have been proceeding neighborhood a densely populated area in southern tripoli random fire have been hitting get residential areas in that area but also on the political level the the institutions
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in the worst of libya have been welcoming the cease fire initiative by both good and russia but meanwhile there is anger in the worst of libya especially after italy has received the warlords or have to only a few days after his forces his forces hit a military academy in tripoli killing $32.00 military students almost tougher for today as a libyan affairs analyst and joins us on skype from paris good to have you with us on the program let's start with the diplomatic angle here turkey and russia they proposed a cease fire to begin in just a few days time do you think this is a game changer at all. i'm not sure of this again change there but certainly indicates that there are those who consider the gui therapy have some new
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role the way. we had see exergy go believe that there was a little this notion of cause and juggling i want to russia backing the list now but never actually goes that will make a public so. called a spade and as we heard from both the dual booting saddam the us ability the speed wise was to come into effect for more ice on sunday and then. when you look at that they have pretty high and when they told with these fires but given the inversion that they had a bookie service and paying for the whole of anyway but with a game changer i am not play sure about 'd this now let's see where i show the arab league for the album coming but only in coburn's whenever a big plane. and i have time is in europe and the having
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talks and negotiations with europe i mean are they likely to play any sort of role in this or are the e.u. and the european nations their influence in libya starting to wane some wants. well i think we are on the. wall. all. the ones. who are in moscow. things. surely.
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i would say anything. to. something. but. we will. simply because we. think it's. ok moustapha to recreate to get your thoughts thank you so much for joining us from paris apologies for the poor audio quality or not but it was great to get your your opinion thank you. for the ukrainian president has declared a day of national mourning after 8 ukraine airlines plane crash in iran killed all 176 passengers on board the boeing 737 went down shortly after takeoff from
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tehran on wednesday. lebanon has imposed a travel ban on former nissen both carlos go and after he was summoned over an interpol red notice is wanted by japan after he skipped bail last month and fled to lebanon is accused of financial misconduct from his time in the sun but denies any wrongdoing when state publicly for the 1st time since arriving in beirut saying he left japan because he had 0 chance of a fair trial. isn't beirut she says there is a chance gone could be tried in lebanon this morning the state prosecutor summoned him in for questioning after lebanon received a red notice from the interpol a non-binding notice that requires lebanon to someone go go on and question him for the charges that he's facing he is facing charges of financial misconduct and he was awaiting trial so now the state prosecutor has issued this
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travel ban and it is now as he's now asking the japanese authorities to send over the file the file of the investigations and in light of that the prosecutor will study this file and the term and whether or not go on is eligible to face trial according to lebanese law so there is a likelihood that golden dawn will be tried in lebanon and this is something that he wanted something that he repeatedly stressed during his press conference on wednesday that he does not have any faith in the japanese judicial system he alleged that the japanese did not give him any access to his lawyers while he was in the tension and that he was facing a conspiracy or a coup so now we have to wait for the japanese authorities to hand over that file and we see what the next judicial steps that will be taken by the lebanese authorities but it is important to stress that lebanon and japan do not have an extradition treaty. firefighters and residents and scientists truly are preparing
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for the return of dangerous weather conditions that could make bushfires more intense your warnings and evacuation notices have been issued urging people living in high risk areas to lean's 27 people have been killed since the fire started in september just a washington reports. from the coast to the mountains fires have burned through an area larger than south korea thousands of houses have been destroyed businesses disrupted and dozens of lives lost the blue mountains in the west of sydney a unesco world heritage site has been hit particularly hard in the neighboring region of penrith it's almost impossible for people to avoid breathing in bushfires smoke and more than once this summer head north has become the hottest place on earth so we can't ignore the fact that you know temperatures are going to take ridiculous levels and. they are at
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a point where we've never seen them before we've never had time to divide 50 degrees in my lifetime. as a kid we've never experienced 50 degrees having a strategy as severe drought has worsened the bushfires season which arrived weeks earlier than normal and those fires have become political just months ago scott morrison won the election in a landslide appealing to voters who were concerned about their personal finances but the scale and scope of this bushfire season has made many ordinary straley and realise the personal cost of an environmental catastrophe experts say politicians are now facing increasing pressure with many people blaming climate change and demanding action the situation is trying to quite considerably certainly coalition governments caught climate policy views have been brought into question big fast themselves about. how the conditions have arisen has become the key
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question of people really interested in the government has been reluctant to make the connection between climate change and the fires now the prime minister says there is a link but the government isn't prepared to reconsider the country's reliance on fossil fuels this push by season is far from over and so too is the political impact jessica washington al-jazeera. sydney australia. unions in france of called for nationwide strikes on thursday against president emanuel micron's pension reform plans demonstrators are gathering in paris where the process has holes had trouble disruption for over a month and i would go see a sions was in the government and transport unions are set to continue on friday the use chief negotiator says it won't be possible to include a comprehensive agreement on the future relationship between the u.k. and the and the european union in just one year we shall barneys v is that olds
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with that so for britain's prime minister boris johnson has been strong bill has been debated in parliament and is likely to pass before the bracks a deadline of january 31st after that there will be a one year long transition period it's the sides have to come up with a deal on their future relationship in that time we simply cannot expect to agree on every single aspect of this new partnership one of your we can do our best. prime minister johnson said just yesterday should do a bore ok. we're at war we have to translate to political will in legal terms but we have to reach agreement on what i could do budget agreement for trade goods after 7 months of unrest in hong kong people in taiwan are taking notice hundreds of pro-democracy protesters have fled to the island since the demonstrations began in taiwan's presidential election this weekend it's being seen
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as a referendum on beijing's increasing influence on the ports from taipei. tony chung shuttles between hong kong and taiwan to capital taipei every month he's part of a growing support system for protestors looking to flee hong kong because they're worried about their safety or fear going to jail the 18 year old is also a pro-democracy protesters the chain on presbyterian church in taipei has opened its doors to fleeing protesters and we. see what china has done to suppress us in hong kong could possibly happen to taiwan we hope that for the sake of protecting its own democracy taiwan can extend a helping hand to hong kong there's a need more than 200 protesters have come to taiwan but they live in a legal limbo holding only temporary visas for the pro independence ruling party here in taiwan the d.p.p. has seen a surge in support since the protests began in hong kong many view this weekend's
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election as a referendum on taiwan's relationship with mainland china one of the protesters who left hong kong for taiwan sees his future hinge on the election results he's already been arrested by hong kong police and was one of the protesters who stormed into the legislative council back in july and. whether i will stay in taiwan may depend on what the outcome of the presidential election is judging from his statements the opposition party came t. appears to have labor does and that is from hong kong as violent riots is that is a very unfriendly gesture to us. the chinon presbyterian church has helped the dissidents from mainland china for years but nothing like the numbers of young protesters coming over from hong kong 4 months into it as i said it's very clear that the one country 2 systems formula in hong kong is a complete failure which i think serves as a wake up call to people in taiwan this provides an opportunity for us to have
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a basic grasp all re-evaluate what china has pledged stephen vows to keep up his pro-democracy fight if the movement succeeds he'll return but for now he's going to attend university here to better equip himself to speak out for hong kong even if he's not there are al jazeera taipei he has special envoy to west africa has warned the security council that violence in the sun whole region is that's unprecedented levels the number of people killed during attacks in between a fossil mali and nisha jumped from 77020162 more than 4000 last year in a fossil is one of the hardest hit countries where the death toll increased from 80 in 2016 to more than 182019 even a syrian costs is also growing the u.n. estimates the violence has displaced half a 1000000 people a 10 fold increase in just 3 years on
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a series of messages has more on the latest surge of violence attacks across west african. from the nigerian side we've seen in an uptick in violence over the past few months and it's the same across the sahara all over the last 2 or 3 months the trend is more daring attacks by groups fighting groups in the region a book in nigeria islamic state i saw islamic state in the levant in hell area would see several attacks especially in the border areas of mali book in a fossil any as well as on the lecture out side where we've seen several attacks inside cameroon in nigeria in the gerrards of and of course chod recently there were reports of child and troops withdrawing from the idea which was confirmed by the child you know thought of this but they said it's an indication
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that their tour of duty in nigeria has ended so violence in the region in west africa is actually on the high side following the relaunch of several attacks and violent activities by armed groups in the area. let's figure out hunston is all sort of horn saheli with lines of the evidence he says any foreign intervention it's to be carefully managed. for international intervention to have that day in and if you didn't wait they need to be one step ahead of some of these groups try to address some of the conflicts that can be taken advantage of before those groups enter into those areas a sad example eastham up the region where you had the conflict between past or at least an farmers that had been ongoing for several years and where to a certain extent neglected because the emphasis was on fighting some of the extremist groups in the north and what you see is then some of these extremists
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taking advantage of that conflict so there is a lot of confidence building between the international actors and the local actors to be done as well but i have to highlight that there is actually a lot of confidence building to be done between the center of these countries and the perforates as well both in mali where you need to have some kind of dialogue ongoing dialogue better improved dialogue between the capital and these groups in the north and the. ethnic groups in the north but also for example in but you know fossil. so there's there's a lot of things to be done within confidence building of course this takes time but it's very important all the worse you will see these extremist groups taking advantage of the insecurity in the border areas establishing control of these areas harassing the locals but also to some extent producing some kind of law for that recalls through their sharia courts. activists in india are using arts to express
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their anger over a new citizenship will sponsor weeks of protests some of the woodstock actors are taking parts others are saying silence until 4 has more. artists musicians and poirot's have joined the protest in india against the government's new citizenship law which many see discriminates against muslim yes. under songs celebrating india's cultural diversity has been remakes of video which includes violent protest scenes. the song was spurned with some of india's stop movie stars including me call me 3 decades ago she accused supporters of the congress party in power at the time of being responsible for the murder of a cultural activists the commons created a floor but says she was not persecuted by the government however she says it's
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different now and film stars are under severe pressure from the state to state a political shabana suggest that may be why other leading actors in bollywood have been reluctant to comment on the new law instead of being so harshly we should condemn the situation that is making it so impossible for them to speak that the situation is this that if you will speak out all manner of actions are taken against you job a doctor husband an acclaimed lyricist in india says there is no problem giving citizenship to persecuted hindus but limiting it worries him by. make losing while doing only 30. and that something is if indeed it. but drugs. than a few others have spoken up but many top bollywood stars have been criticized for
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staying silent. and yet protests have inspired dozens of on known artists. art a fuse to be scared i refuse to die and i refuse injustice. street dogs songs song says and void free a song by young people have played a big role in sustaining the movement and even though some celebrities and heavyweights have shied away from the control mostly around it many say something that was started by students is growing watts. it is said holds amidah to society that has distanced to them you know by artists young and old is telling of the opposition to it. al-jazeera new delhi. so it's come on i'll just say that we have the sport for you and an unexpected obstacle course is chaos at a world cup skiing events.
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her horse. it's 1900 was the worst year on record for the u.k.'s retail industry according to new figures from the british consortium and sources over bricks at online shopping and high street closures all have an impact on the angela reports. the post christmas sales a time when shops slashed their prices and consumers traditionally give the sector a boost. but spirits are low and the usually resilient retail sector has suffered
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its worst year since records began with total sales for $21000.00 down by point one percent compared with 1.2 percent growth in 2018 the reason a perfect storm of factors. political turmoil brics it uncertainty and a winter election which always brings about a dip in spending add to that the number of people choosing to shop online over the high street and the birth of more conscientious shopping with ethics sustainability and cautious consumption coming into play together they have squeezed the retail sector in the last 12 months their team 9 big retailers to be the last still got into administration 1663 high street shops are closed and 85000 people who work in retail lost their jobs while the number of people out shopping it here dropped by one and a half percent. shifting consumer habits are inevitable but what is manageable
4:51 pm
within this decline is bricks it analysts say that boosting confidence in britain's future trade negotiations will have a big impact on spending in 2020 the new government the good opportunity here to maintain the current trade agreements a lot of our retail partners do trade internationally i want to make sure about france and i think the british public there. acting more hoping that the bricks it will now be put to bed it won't be in every new cycle hopefully that will have a positive impact on their purchasing decisions however that still remains to be seen. but with prime minister boris johnson insisting on a hard deadline for concluding talks with the e this year the dark shadow of brics it will continue to overhang economic performance and prospects for at least another 12 month charlie until al-jazeera london. is safe for the sport here's andy thank you so much china well russia had just reached the semifinals of tennessee's 83 cup in australia but their star
4:52 pm
player dan ahmed of the dive could face punishment after twice striking the umpires on paes chair in anger. i want to talk but you can't do this he thought. i remembered ever skating with a point penalty after that meltdown last year's us open runner up did go on to win his match against argentina is to go schwartzman. house australia on a collision course with rafa nadal spain great britain were on their way to causing an upset in this quarter final went down after his beat alex the manner in the 2nd singles match that tied the match of the one that damon or then teamed up with nick curious to win the deciding doubles on a super tight right that was decided by a line call. wasn't christ brain if nidal and co come through very quarter final against belgium for. the women's world number one ashley batty has made a losing start to the new year the french open champion suffered
4:53 pm
a shock defeat in her opening match of the brisbane insead national playing in front of her home crowd the australian was beaten in straight sets by world number 53 jennifer brady brady was coming off the back of the whenever maria sharapova but this was the americans 1st ever victory over a top 10 player who will have to pick up some form at next week's adelaide international before moving on to the 1st grand slam of 2020 that's the all. strolling open starting on january the 20th. with a strong open is making contingency plans to play matches on indoor courts if smoke from bushfires affects the tournament meanwhile australian cricket is trying to arrange a match to aid firefighting efforts test counts in temp anan bola nathan line visiting devastated areas in new south wales on thursday surprising some fire fights there have been battling the blazes that have destroyed nearly 2000 homes in the states. to come down and see some of the devastation and see the saws of the 4 that have come through places like this is being absolutely mind
4:54 pm
blowing and you realise the bribery and just ahead is the flood of bribery of. now for a minute and women that have come out here to try and save was inside the property is brain and i believe. in the n.b.a. the boston celtics playoff challenge hit a bump in the ride when they came up against the san antonio spurs they had to fight back from 22 points down in the 1st quarter jason sites and getting them within one here with this dunk i should celtic star man kemba walker then felt he should have had a foul called and was ejected for arguing with the official spurs easing 28122299 when san antonio 8th in the west boston stake in east. lansing hawks trailing had 42 points in a triple double against the houston rockets including this assist kevin hurt in the 1st also both used as james harden had 41 points in a triple double of his own and as it seems 3rd in the west will atlanta bottom of
4:55 pm
the east the rockies winning the whites and 96. color science has extended his overall lead the dakar rally sun science became the 1st repeat stage winner at this year's events which is being held in saudi arabia the suits i'm darker and world champion now on my 6 minutes clear at the top the standings is follow a spaniard and former f one champion from now on so he's 18th overall. now i accept united states defender city no desk has been allowed to leave the dutch club's training camp in qatar i accept best asked to return home from the gulf nation because he did not feel comfortable due to tensions between the usa and the run the club said it understood the request last week the us national team for spying to plan training camp in cats. all serious footballers have taken a small step towards qualification for this year's tokyo olympics they had been to nail down to cats or in their asian under $23.00 championship for it much competition is doubling as an olympic qualifying of the last gasp equaliser in
4:56 pm
a group the match in bangkok seems kicking off the tournament with a point. well if they do get stuck here this is what they'll be sleeping on cardboard beds olympic organizers are installing eco friendly furniture in the athletes' village the frames will be recycled into paper products after the games and they're good for any size of competitor apparently as long as they weigh less than 200 kilograms or close to 2000 athletes gathering in switzerland for the 3rd edition of the winter youth olympics they received a message of support from one of the all time greats of the olympic games. you could go there on the form of the birth of our birth were our 3rd in army and both were your future stars to go out there do your birth have. enjoyed you for the keeping and draw or do. you do if we are to try and develop and get very through all of birth. well that's how we competition is for athletes aged between
4:57 pm
$15.80 medal events taking place in all of venues across which there is a few in france as well the opening ceremony about 6 place in louisiana later on this thursday there is there a police investigation underway after a performer was left in a life threatening condition during a fall in rehearsals ahead of that ceremony. and was something of an organizational breakdown at the latest round of the. world cup in italy arjun's time christian having a smart burke and i had his night rudely interrupted by coursework he chanced upon midway through his run it was even given a chance to go again and was listed in the official results as it did not finish. got a fair lots of it and that is how your sports is looking for now thank you so much and say well that's it for this these are stay with us and i'll just say back with more after the short break.
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richard problem is something which is a geopolitical issue that's for governments international institutions to manage on the one hand refugees don't have the right to walk freely on the other hand gord's can move freely as far and as much as they want it's multinational colonialism this is a v another mint over the democratic process these companies they just want the money europe's forbidden colony episode $1.00 on al-jazeera in a 2 part series. observes the lives of 2 children. over 20 years. where insights into circumstances that shaped lives. in a rapidly changing world. 20 years of me starts with blood and land to build a story on al-jazeera. a
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senior iranian revolutionary guard commander warns that its missile launch in iraq was just the starts of a series of attacks in the region. and how he did and this is al jazeera life from doha also coming up. democrat seats who limits president trump's powers to take action against iran despite his speech means it's all done tensions between the 2 countries. turkey and russia push for a cease fire in libya e.u. warns of a 2nd syria if the conflict is no results. on lebanon imposes a travel ban on former miss on chief call this going.


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