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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2020 6:00am-6:34am +03

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the key changing. 20 years of me starts with blood and land who do stories 100 to 0. world leaders say there are indications in iranian missile may have caused the crash of a ukrainian airplane and a country in mourning canadians hold vigils for dozens of the victims from that downs jet. out of doha everyone i'm come on santa maria with the world news from al-jazeera the u.s. house of representatives approved a non binding bill limits president trump's ability to attack iran without congressional approval also russia and turkey announce
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a cease fire in syria's last rebel stronghold. so iran is denying accusations that a missile strike was the cause of the ukrainian jet crash on wednesday it is calling the allegations against them psychological warfare the video posted by the new york times of appears to show the moment a missile hit the plane near teheran's airport here it is a small explosion when the airliner was reportedly struck but the jet did not immediately explode in fact it continued flying for several minutes turned back towards the airport while it was on fire will start with this report from alan fischer. this was taken seconds before a ukrainian passenger jet crashed near toronto security cameras captured the dramatic moment of impact on the ground 176 people died including 63 canadians that
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country's prime minister says it was done by in a rainy and missile we have intelligence from multiple sources including our allies and our own intelligence. the evidence indicates that the plane was shot down by entering in a surface to air missile the plane came down just 4 hours after iran had fired a volley of missiles towards the u.s. bases in iraq the country was on high alert for possible u.s. a television i asked if he blamed america for escalating tensions in the area prime minister trudeau said a full investigation was needed before fingers were pointed i think it is too soon to be drawing conclusions or assigning blame or responsibility and whatever proportions iranian officials insist the aircraft the ukrainian international boeing $737800.00 had a problem and was headed back to the airport they say there were other planes in the area deborah from the plane was scattered over
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a wide area the so-called black boxes a cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder have been recovered they even say they won't be handing them over to boeing but will conduct an investigation and keep ukraine informed it's been reported that deborah has been bulldozed into a pile at the scene making a forensic analysis almost impossible but one expert told us the dead might be the best witnesses there could be evidence with literally within the bodies of the victims that could point to whether or not for example an explosion took place inside or outside of the air that earlier in the day u.s. president donald trump said he feared the worst it was flying in a pretty rough neighborhood and somebody could have made a mistake some people say was mechanical i personally don't think that's. even a question the communion presently flowers at the. memorial at the airport where the plane was due to land he called for canadian experts to join the investigation it's understood many of the victims had jule nationalities families or no painfully
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waiting to find out when the bodies will be returned and they can see their final goodbye and more with allan now in washington now let's talk about this new video 1st of all because you know when we saw the initial pictures yesterday there's some thought it looks like it's on fire as it goes down but now we're seeing it tried to turn around it was a small explosion it's quite something to watch. they have any instances the plane had a problem that's why it was turning around heading back towards the airport and they insist that given that it came down on its belly that sure is that it wasn't blown out of the sky that there wasn't a catastrophic impact with a missile well the canadians want to be able to investigate these say they've got to have a fool comprehensive and transparent investigation that is why the number of their inspectors have already traveled to turkey they're waiting for approval from the iranians to go into the country they have no diplomatic relations with iran so this is all being done through the italians but they hope to get people on the ground
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sooner rather than later particularly as i said in the report we're hearing that at this site some of the wreckage has been build those together which would make it difficult to carry out an investigation not impossible but very difficult and as expert said there is a real possibility that the silent witnesses might be able to talk here the victims that have been lying on the ground that boarded that plane thinking they were going back to ukraine they might be able to give the inspectors some sort of indication exactly what happened inspectors. iranian territory ukrainian plane lots of canadians on board and the canadian say they want to be involved as well i mean who leads this how does it all sort of come together. well normally when there's a plane crash it is the country where the accident happened so it would be around and they have primacy in this issue and normally they would invite people from the
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manufacturers which in this case would be boring the difficulty of course is boeing is an american company and the entity between iran and the united states particularly at the moment we are told that some boeing inspectors will be given access to the site but when it comes to analyzing the 2 recorders on board the iranians are suggesting there may be some problem with that that there are maybe some damage to that and also that they will not be handing those boxes over to boeing the ukrainians obviously want to be kept fully informed they have asked for the canadians to help form part of an international investigation they believe the expertise would be very beneficial this will play out over the next few days that normal after a crash like this but what is clear is that canada is on standby to take action justin trudeau was asked if it is proven that this was a missile what action will you take he repeatedly said we have to carry out
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a full investigation before we start even talking about responses and what he made clear is this might have been a mistake there is the possibility according to one person i spoke to earlier that if this was the russian missile system that they say it was then it may have been left on remember the timing of this it was just 4 hours after the iranians fired a volley of missiles towards u.s. bases in iraq they were concerned about u.s. retaliates and the missile defense systems were switched on it's possible they were still in automatic and that this plane came within the area of that missile defense system and was short of the sky but at the moment that remains speculation the canadians and others want answers and they say the best way to do that is to make this investigation international through all comprehensive and transparent to come on this on their alan fischer in washington thank you. well more than 200000 people
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of iranian origin live in canada and the community has been devastated by the crash of ukraine international flight 762 at least 63 canadian citizens died in the crash and more than 3 quarters of the passengers were travelling on to toronto or from daniel lak across a vast country grief devastation loss iranian canadians have settled widely and built lives here it's no exaggeration everyone in the community knows someone connected to the tragedy a man caught our partner just 36 was a real estate agent in a largely uranian canadian area near toronto he and his wife were returning from visiting her family in tehran very positive attitude very upbeat young aggressive very busy and had a law. the wife you want to the job you want to life but he chose that he
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wanted it could have been something great in man's wife perry nars worked in a bank and was a relentless fundraiser for a top iranian canadian cultural festival the organization doesn't know what it will do without her they realize she is no longer with us. it's a big gap that we have to fill in our committee and in our charity. nearly 30 victims of the tragedy came from the western city of edmonton a small iranian canadian community there has been gathering for vigils to remember the dead among them 2 married professors from the university of alberta and their young daughters this is a rainy and canadian member of parliament has been meeting his constituents almost constantly since news of the crash emerged on wednesday there are times like this that we're really not a hyphenated canadian and we're just a canadian. as promiser always said canadian is a canadian as a canadian so although it has hit our community everyone in the community knows
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someone that knows someone with its impact on diverse communities from iranian canadians to academics the business world and professions this tragedy is going to continue to resonate even beginning the healing process will take a long time daniel acknowledges or at toronto. on to other news in the u.s. house of representatives has passed a resolution to rein in president trump's ability to engage in military action against iran days after he ordered that drone strike to kill a top iranian chemical and non-binding resolution a passer 24 to 194 just 3 republicans voted in support and that democrats actually opposed the measure caster reports from washington. house democrats say president trump's order to kill iranian general customs with a mani was a reckless move done without the consultation of congress it is unprecedented the level at which this administration is seeking to obscure the facts from the
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congress of the american people thursday's vote on the house floor is meant to deliver a rebuke to the president that the democratic led chamber has little confidence in trump's military decision making toward iran despite his justifications we caught a total monster and we took them out and that should have happened a long time ago. we did it because they were looking to blow up our embassy we also did it for other reasons that were very obvious somebody died one of our military people died people were badly wounded just a week before and we did it and we had a shot at him and i took it and that shot was pinpoint accurate and that was the end of a monster the war powers resolution passed in the house on thursday directs the president to terminate the use of u.s. forces in iran without congressional approval but how much power this measure carries is unclear it is a non-binding resolution which under normal circumstances means it does not carry
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the force of law but house speaker nancy pelosi says the war powers act is a special circumstance that gives the resolution legality that it does not have to be signed by the president of the united states the congress of the united states and this full power of full voice can speak a new 9 that way about what the war powers act should look like and that should count for something house republicans called a vote a partisan distraction this resolution has as much force of law as a new year's resolution this resolution is not safeguarding our constitution but attacking our constitution by attempting to. vest a duly elected president of his commander in chief powers a similar resolution is pending in the u.s. senate where at least 2 republicans have said they will support the measure to curb iran war powers but whether the resolutions will have that effect or will simply be
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ignored by the president is a question that may be decided in the courts. castro al-jazeera washington. russia and turkey have announced a ceasefire in the province the country's last rebel held stronghold a pause and fighting began just a few hours ago hundreds of people have been killed there in the past year with us from. more than 300000 people have been displaced from it lipped city in just a little over a month despite previews agreements between turkey russia and iran on a so-called deescalation zone in this last rebel held area in the northwest of syria bombing has intensified by the acid regime forces and his russian allies aid organizations have raised alarm about it to rerating humanitarian situation turkey which has already taken in $3700000.00 syrian refugees is concerned more will come
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. turkish president ratchet tayyip erdogan and russian president vladimir putin discussed the situation and when they met in istanbul on wednesday for the lounge of a gas project connecting both nations by high tech pipelines but in their statement on wednesday there was no mention of a ceasefire in lip but instead they called for a cease fire in libya starting on january 12th. meanwhile in libya general who is backed by russian mercenaries has rejected the ceasefire proposal there and it's unclear if the cease fire will hold. since september 2018 more than 1300 civilians have been killed in attacks by the syrian regime and russian forces. a cease fire declared on august 31st last year also failed to hold each of the cease fires just as with every single
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agreement that the russians and the regime has made the cease fires are then broken and the regime continues its brutal military onslaught and we hope that this time will be different and it is really turkey's responsibility here called for a ceasefire come at a crucial time as a un mandate that allows humanitarian aid delivery to syria through for border crossings is set to expire on friday leaving 3700000 people vulnerable shuto still ities continue step by. moscow. in the news ahead a living warlord khalifa haftar rejects a call for a ceasefire they're going against a plea by turkey and russia and malaysia releases recordings appearing to show its former leader covering up corruption.
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hello there watching a big storm developing into southern sections of the united states spends a cloud to the north and we have seen a fair amount of snow even some sleet pushing into washington d.c. you can see the tourists still doing the tourist visiting despite the weather but as i say really is now about the south you can see this amount of rain beginning to build really coming out of texas and that will sweep its way very steadily east was over the next couple of days are plenty of warnings in place for floods the flash floods but also for the threat of tornadoes we've got some very warm air in place ahead of this big system so as you get the cold air behind the very moist warm air ahead of that this is where we're going to see this line of thunderstorms really developing a look at the time it is behind once it goes through minus 2 the high in kansas city on saturday and that could of course turn some of that rain over to snow we're going to mix out across the pacific northwest we've got some snow flurries building in but you know it's too bad as we head into the 1st part of the weekend it's
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a valid sort of quiet picture through much of the caribbean but that same system developing in the southern sections the united states that really begin to develop so we're going to see quite a line of rain showers working away throughout the gulf and of course we have got the usual showers elsewhere very unsettled certainly into the northern bahamas but still staying warm in the with a high of 26 degrees. the fruit of the burning inspired you to pin dreams of peace and democracy but how many came to pass they transformed from communist the social democrats but it was a fake democracy people in power travels through the former eastern bloc to ask why post cold war optimism to succumb to darker more authoritarian realities the police called a cop or brought a bomb to the march and they were ready to detonate beyond the wall one on now to syria.
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the top stories this hour on al-jazeera iran is denying accusations that a missile strike was the cause of the ukrainian jet crash. ronald weapon state foreign leaders including ones from the u.s. the u.k. and canada also there is intelligence suggesting the plane was hit by an iranian missile u.s. house of representatives has passed a non-binding bills to limit president trump's ability to take military action against iran house speaker nancy pelosi said the assassination of general caused some sort of money was provocative and disproportionate and russia and turkey have announced a ceasefire in the country's last rebel held strongholds hundreds of people have
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been killed there in the past year. now russia and turkey also calling for a cease fire in libya but the wall khalifa haftar has rejected that call. fighting between have to us forces in the un back to government is only escalated over recent weeks european and african leaders for the conflict could destabilize several countries the support from cut it off as other young. libyan warlord khalifa hop star says the fighting will continue. the ceasefire called by russia and turkey has been rejected and have 2 hours vowed to take control of the capital tripoli has been renewed but yeah the libyan arab forces will continue to target the enemy by ear and land moving forward and spread its control on your forces in all areas from the capital from the east of sirte to the outskirts of us rotter. international concern is now growing across the region have to are met with italy's prime minister to separate continent rome hoping to
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stir support from the european union. then there is russia and turkey which support rivals on the ground on current has begun deploying troops in support of the un recognized government and by turning down the cease fire half dark could be pushing away russia one of his main allies. fighting has escalated between half there's a libyan national army and the internationally recognized government in tripoli. attempts to take control of the capital have fallen short but half the arse forces have gained ground especially in the coastal city of sirte and it was the right. but it was what had a. will continue to liberate libya from the clutches of evil were fighting terrorism at the state and world level. libya is strategically important it has the largest oil reserves in africa the country's location along the mediterranean
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coast has become a gateway for african migrants playing to europe. tunisia's president sayed met with france's foreign minister to warn about the potential consequences of the conflict i think. of all together with my european and egyptian colleagues we are highlighting the risks of an escalation in libya that it would threaten to destabilize the entire region from the market to the. leaders from the european union are banding together warning that libya could become a 2nd syria if a ceasefire isn't to reach soon cut this with a yawn al jazeera malaysia has released or hear recordings of former prime minister najib razak asking abu dhabi's crown prince for help to cover up corruption as part of the anti corruption commission's investigation into the one m.t.b. corruption scandal and one recording najib asks the crown prince to help clear his son on money laundering accusations.
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'd in the world. something very very. big. the ball go where you go where you are your. president we hear a beat the closest we need to result is now
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a group of diplomats from 15 nations on a 2 day visit to indian administering kashmir is the 1st time foreign diplomats have been invited by the indian government to assess the situation after new delhi revoked the region's autonomy last august more from say hello raman now in you debbie. a 2 day visit by a delegation of diplomats based here in india has begun in kashmir they consist according to the indian media of those such as the united states ambassador and diplomats from africa and latin america they have been insistent that they did not want to guided tour of kashmir since article 370 that gave the region its autonomy was removed in the middle of last year and they did want to meet former chief ministers searchers who were mostly. for a dollar who at the moment continue to be under house arrest now of course the only pictures that are emerging from the region on this visit is
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a convoy from the airport taking these diplomats to a military base where they will then meet apparently members of civil society and other politicians a select group of domestic journalists have been invited by the indian government to cover the event but those that don't quite see eye to eye domestically with the indian government have not been invited is expected that we will get comment from these diplomats when they come back to the capital new delhi but what is most interesting is that the representatives of the european union are not in attendance they cited it was too short notice to go and that we will wait to see whether they are invited on a further trip in the future. french held another nationwide strike against president emanuel mccrone and his pension reform plans the protests have already cause travel disruptions for over a month. between the government and transport unions are expected to continue on friday here as natasha reported from paris what have been protests against the
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french government's plan pension reforms for more than a month now for 5 weeks in fact transport workers have been on strike and that is meant as a major travel disruption all up and down the country as trains buses metro transit ups is all severely reduced now what the trade union leaders of all support is a 4th nationwide day of action that is why here in the center of areas there are people from old sections of french working society you have a doctors health workers accountants over here on my left there are lots of teachers many schools and universities are shut today and what they are always saying is they don't want to read the french government's reforms will mean that they will have to work more on that they will have their pensions reduced. the pension reforms will be a huge catastrophe and are protests may take time but we must win not just for us but for our children and grandchildren what he wants to impose on us it's
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a road system where everybody is but that sounds selfish to me directly when most people are joining this march and really it's a pretty big crowd now no opinion polls suggest that despite all the disruption that a majority of french people still support the strike that is fueling there's no doubt that there is pressure on both the trade unions and the french government to do something to try and break the stalemate that the french government says that this reform is necessary to try to streamline the pension system save money and make it fairer and this week the french prime minister had wofully to say that both sides trade unions and the government have to work hard to find a. they have to be and pass. the bill which will be presented to the competent on january 24th is necessary to guarantee parity of the trade unions have a better proposal a more intelligent which they agree then i assure you will take into account what
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sort of trade the protesters here want is for the government to scrap their pension reforms was told to get the french government wants to try to appeal to some of the more direct trade unions with some modifications to. the to the trade government we see on friday. prince harry and. stepping back from their roles as senior members of the british royal family a couple made the announcement without consulting the royal family saying they aim to become financially independent but as john hall reports from london our critics say that isn't possible if they want to maintain a role in public life. it wasn't long ago that the american actress. injecting new life into britain's state royal family marrying prince harry 6 in line to the throne in 2018. but the mix of transatlantic glamour and royalty quickly turned toxic in the press with the duke and duchess of sussex criticised
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for a jet set lifestyle at taxpayer's expense and accusations in return against some newspapers of racism. in an interview late last year meghan hinted that it might all be too much british man said to me. i'm sure he's great. because the british tabloids will destroy your life. there will be critics of the sussex his decision to go their own way becoming financially independent they say splitting their time between the u.k. and north america while retaining their royal status it's so the looks of the outside world as though they're trying to have their cake and eat it they're trying to cash in on celebrity status while maintaining that high a level which is royalty i don't think those 2 things can go hand in hand easily and the idea of using your royal title to make money is something which.
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the british royal family has never ever entered into before outside buckingham palace expressions of support and regret i think it's a shame that the bio family name is now misplaced it's mean. it's face down and now they kind of fragment the country she's come from a different background and he's come from a different background and they're trying to make it work for both family it's just a family isn't it trying to make the situation worse while the u.k. press carries the story on every front page the queen deeply upset we're told apparently she wasn't even consulted in advance of prince charles and harry's brother william in candace and with rage and this talk of civil war inside the royal family it's the sort of gossipy reporting that is so common and which harry and megan seem to think will cease all reduce once they put a bit of distance between themselves and this institution. but members of the royal family sometimes forget but the taxpaying public has
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a legitimate interest in their extravagant lifestyles harry's uncle andrew was reminded of that in his disastrous televised attempt to excuse his friendship with a convicted paedophile harry and meghan meanwhile have already been removed from the royal waxwork display at madame tussauds but there are likely to escape the media spotlight jonah hold al-jazeera london. up past the hour on al-jazeera these are the top stories iran denying accusations that a missile strike was the cause of the ukrainian jet crash on wednesday foreign leaders including from the u.s. u.k. and canada say there is intelligence suggesting the plane was downed by an iranian missile alan fischer with more on that from washington the iranians insist that the plane would not have been able to turn and land on its belly crash on its belly if
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it had indeed been short don't buy a missile but there are canadian investigators who are currently on their way to turkey they will wait for approval from the arena authorities the canadians have no representation in tehran they are represented by the italians negotiations are ongoing and certainly they would like to be involved in any investigation that is is ongoing and perhaps then the see the will be able to give a definitive answer of what happened. other headlines the u.s. house of representatives has passed a non-binding bill to limit president trump's ability to take military action against iran house speaker nancy pelosi said the assassination of general custom sort of money was provocative and disproportionate. russia and turkey have announced a cease fire in the country's last rebel held stronghold hundreds of people there have been killed in the past year and the u.n. says almost 300000 people have been displaced from in syria since mid december
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libyan war khalifa haftar rejected calls by again turkey and russia for a cease fire to be a man implemented there by sunday the 2 countries support opposing sides in the conflict moscow backs hafter whose forces have been trying to seize tripoli since april turkey's began deploying troops to support the un recognized government based in tripoli. malaysia's released audio recordings of former prime minister najib razak asking for help to cover up corruption this is part of the anti corruption commission's investigation of the one m.t.b. corruption scandal and virginians are held another nationwide strike against president emanuel micron's pension reform plans the protests over already caused travel disruptions for over a month negotiations between the government and the transport unions in france are expected to continue this friday they get you up to date with the headlines on al-jazeera people in power is next. we understand the different cities and similarities have cultures across the land sentimental value taken out using.
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their names and current affairs. the full of the berlin wall just over 30 years ago came amidst sweeping changes to end the cold war and see the downfall of authoritarian communist regimes across the eastern europe the 3 decades on the pro-democracy optimism of those days has turned south replaced by rising seas and the soviet and populist nationalism countries once held the hyundai i's so what went wrong in the 1st of 2 special reports we've been to germany to find out.


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