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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 12, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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0. this is al-jazeera. this is the news. coming up in the next 60 minutes. the iranian president in tehran calling on all parties to defuse tensions dialogue is the only way forward. that's up to protesters accuse the iranian government of lying to them about the ukrainian plane crash that killed 176 people. calls a meeting of the national security council over the deaths of at least $89.00 soldiers in a raid on their base. libya's un recognized government and the warlord relief after
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agreeing to calls from both russia and turkey for a cease fire. and with all your sports veteran. died after a crash during sunday 7 stage of the race in saudi arabia. iran's government is facing growing anger over its initial failure to admit responsibility for the downing of the ukrainian airliner on wednesday protests have been held across the country after the revolutionary guard said it mistakenly shot down the jet killing 176 people now the iranian parliament is denying a cover up that has told the military precautions to avoid further disasters it follows a briefing by military leaders on the crash the recent crisis with the u.s. was prompted by the assassination of iranian commander customs. all the money in
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iraq that has amir is interested in a push to ease those tensions he's the 1st leader to visit the iranian capital since all the money was killed in the u.s. attack on january 1st 2. walked has this visit comes as a very critical time in the region we've agreed that the only solution is to fuse escalations among all posses and we've also agreed that dialogue and only dialogue is the only route to any solution to any crisis. he joins us now from tehran and dorset just take us through what was said here the appearances are obviously important but the message here about deescalation as well. yes this was a very unexpected visit but the president the reigning president said that he had invited the emir of qatar to come to the iranian capital to hold a private session on the various issues at the top of their agenda was apparently
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the security in that region and the rise in tensions between iran and the united states we also heard that the iranian president who said that there will be a joint commission formed between the 2 countries to discuss strengthening of ties political and economic ties between the 2 countries this visit is very very important because this is the 1st time the emir of qatar since he became mayor in 2013 has come to iran and the emir himself said that there qatar is grateful for the assistance that they received following the 2017 blockade and it rains came to their aid by opening they're just having at their disposal the airspace on the sea ports so the discussions were held in private in a private session at the palace where the 2 leaders met and now we understand that the meeting is finished and the qatari emir has said that he has invited president rouhani to come to qatar at his earliest convenience so the clearly this is
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a message not only to the regional countries but also to the international community that iran and qatar again very close allies and that's a relationship is only getting stronger. just mud but this will also pick up with you while i have you there the increasing tensions that we've seen on the streets of iran to the point question of course the for well from what you've said it's responsibility by the iranian republican guard just like you talked about. well there was a vigil that was held last night at the abbey have your universe. the where 6 of the victims attended there were students there a number of people gathered outside this university and then the vigil quickly turned into a protest we heard chants of get out liar liar leave the country these
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kinds of chants directed at the authorities for not coming forward with the information that they had when this plane was shot down shot down then we heard that the british ambassador to iran was attending this vigil that and he was briefly arrested we've since heard from the deputy foreign minister she has confirmed that indeed the british ambassador was arrested briefly but that it was a misunderstanding and then he was released but since then the foreign minister has now summoned the british ambassador to answer a series of questions about why he was at this vigil to begin with so there is a sense that the events that led up to the downing of that passenger plane are really creating in a tense environment in the city thank you for that. rob bliss discussed that visit by the captain of mir also the broader picture inside iraq as well with
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our senior political analyst bob bashara he joins us in the studio good to see you again what does qatar bring to a meeting like this is significant isn't the look around the region which countries can bring any influence and significantly one of them. well clearly it's a smaller country with bigger means as it were and it has a vested interest in regional security especially in the gulf where the livelihood of qatar of course is the bend on so there are all true stick and none altruistic reasons of why a cut that would want to take an initiative in order to be a bridge than a hamper if you will do worse regional security if you look carefully on 2 levels level number one hardly any country in the region a new leader it's able to make this kind of visit while at the same time maintaining relations with the american lead that same european leadership and the iraqi leadership at the same time trying to bridge ideas and facilitate dialogue of
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sorts as we've heard in the press conference on a 2nd level and more broader regional level i mean look it's so sad. that there isn't 2 countries today bers in the region that don't have borders or other problems this and that and they touched on that of course with the blockade that qatar absolutism they're on 2 countries in the region that don't have problems and there is this regime is not lacking in passions it's not lacking in emotions as not lacking in violence what is that is lacking is in bridging in dialogue trying to arrive at a situation whereby violence is not necessary and pulling back from the brink of war when it's possible and cut that did play the role before the blockade in mediating between different parties whether they were sudanese or lebanese or palestinians and so on so forth and i think there is a role to be played here of course for the iranians they have their own vested interest as well to have. an important regional player like qatar to be coming to
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who want to be talking about the relations economic business and culture and so so forth it's also good for iran that looked like it was not isolated and it's really interesting too is not what miss huge iran might also be seemed to the united states at the same time because the choice of language i thought was really interesting with the emir of qatar specifically said the importance of deescalation on all sides all sides so iran as we'll what do you take away from that what is that the escalation and the money time security the security of shipping of the gulf for the iranian and the qatari leaders to be speaking about today about security in the gulf and security for shipping is very important because everyone understood if a major war breaks out that's of course the 1st the 1st battle if you will between
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the united states and iran the last measures the confidence building measures the fact that we all know and i'm now. not suggesting in any which way that the emir of qatar is carrying any messages but just the fact that they may have got that is in conversation with the americans and the europeans and the iraqis on the iranians means that there is a dialogue going on and that's important for the very strategic reason that the conditions for last week's escalation remain the same the sanctions nonexistence more or less de facto of the nuclear deal as the united states walked away from it doubling down on the sanctions the as you were saying earlier that this that these stabilities nation or iraq the instability within iran and all of that of course are moving part of it dialogue the dialogue has changed a week ago everyone was talking about war now we're talking deescalation the
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american response to the admission of responsibility of the downing of the plane it's been interesting they haven't gone on your the attack against iran this talk of deescalation today all sides are showing that they are very careful about what they're saying right now absolutely and i think i mean just to put it into words the american president has proven demonstrated not proven that he doesn't want war with iran and the orion leadership has proven that they don't want war the united states that's important the problem is not so much in that pretty determined intention to go to war the problem is that tensions build up its coalitions minutes up and that has unintended consequences like going to war because it's so sensitive and we've seen that from the very very tragic. downing of the civilian ukrainian flight if that can happen imagine if it was something else as well in addition so the escalation of what could happen sometimes by mistake just simply because the
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tensions are high and that's why once again i underline the fact that it's not just important that we pulled away and we are pulling away what is even more important is to have that dialogue that 3 moves the causes of war and the escalation towards war in the future and that was the word specifically used by the media dial mowen thank you for that moment shower joining is there. that will go to nigeria and a government source is telling al-jazeera that the death toll from thursday's attack on an army base has now risen to at least $89.00 it happened in siena godhra close to the border with mali these years defense minister says a national security council meeting will take place on sunday and no one is claiming responsibility for last month another attack killed $71.00 soldiers the indigenous border with mali and bakita faso that prompted leaders of the regional g 5 c. hill nations to call for closer cooperation and international support french president
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a manual macron is expected to host leaders from the regional monday to decide on the future of france's military presence in the sale has been a surge in violence across the region the number of people killed in attacks in bali indonesia jumped from 770 in 2016 to more than 4000 last year and it's largely because of a combination of attacks by armed groups and into communal violence remote areas where the state's prisons is weak are especially vulnerable the humanitarian cost is also growing the u.n. estimates a $1000000.00 people now are being displaced that's a 10 fold increase in just 3 years. it has more now from beijing. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack in yet but it's suspected that it was carried out by militants or other fighters who crossed over from mali that's according to one government official and then launched the attack that area in
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particular has been vulnerable to attacks from groups inside mali and we've also seen how they have launched several attacks from that area from the border with broken up process well right now what we're hearing about is that the bodies of those soldiers were killed in the tank have been taken to the capital of the i mean where they were buried or about to be buried some of them and the government is calling for more support from international community to deal with the problem absolutely it's not only the french forces or war the french have a large number of troops in the sahara region more than 4500 but put together the number of multinational forces or other international forces in this help in particular close to or even up to 20000 and a lot of people in the region are wondering why these forces despite their training
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despite that despite the level of intelligence gathering they have these attacks continue. bloomberg who are khamenei who is president of the african information press club he says the security problems in the sale started with the libyan civil war. the fact. narea with used the wrong one to address this problem it's a huge problem it's not only about tourism. it's about terrorism in jail and also the situation in libya because if we want to see what happened before this situation effect after the collapse of the libya. after the the world to it by france that it in libya that's way that's when all the problems in this whole because the game we have. to attack countries like
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mali michel book in fs so. those countries are too poor to face the. fighting them and that's why it is very important that to address the problem we had a good answer coming from the multilateralism. of the african union 1st of all and also the u.n. because that there's also a big issue with an address now it is the 1st that in the world african countries neighboring lead yes they were against the well because they were seeing the consequences coming up and you have it now. there's plenty more ahead on the news hour including flights cancelled and schools closed thousands of people are back the white following interruption in the philippines. thailand's biggest political protest in india is the job sending a message to the government and the military. and in sports arena williams. the 1st time with free.
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will in 2 countries ravaged by war 2 separate cease fire agreements are now in effect warring sides and syria and libya have agreed to put down their arms. as often it goes the oceans brokered by russia and turkey the 2 countries support opposing sides in this conflict more on syria in a moment 1st that when we go to libya where will lord aletha have to had initially rejected calls for a cease fire mark mahmood up there while head has more from tripoli. after rejecting a cease fire call by a turkey and the russia last week warlord 24 have to change his mind a few hours before it was due to go into effect. the general command of the libyan ira bomb forces announces a cease fire in the west inside of libya the cease fire starts from one minute past
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midnight on the 12th of january 2020 the other party should stop any type of military operation at the same time we will respond harshly to any violation of the cease fire. in a joint press conference earlier putin an angler merkel made their position clear and into the ongoing violence in libya including peace talks to take place in berlin we're going. to put an end to the opposition between the libyan national army led by half that and the government of national accord because you know you. have to his forces have been trying to seize the capital tripoli from the back of the government their attempts have so far fallen short but his forces have gained ground. violence is collating of european and african leaders fearing the conflict could destabilize several countries to accuse president
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trichet. has also called for fighting to stop a move will come to by the un look ignited a government in tripoli. welcomed the russian turkey shinee should leave and any other initiative to stop the aggression but any initiatives should include a d.v.d. or all of the aggressor forces german chancellor angela merkel is hoping turkish russian efforts to secure peace will indian success and once the united nations involved or. we agreed. to the conference in berlin to be held very soon in order to start the process of a peaceful libya. the talks want to include libya's warring parties and miracle says they will no doubt have to play a significant rule to help end the conflict when we are so much this
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unity in the international community we're going to have a conference about quality. but. we will. have to it has been backed by egypt the united arab emirates france and russia and back the government by turkey. had now joins us live from tripoli mark mood you just outlined in your story there the complexity and the difficulties and the tensions we're talking about not rises of a very obvious question about whether a ceasefire such as this can hold. well i don't think it can hold for longer stan it's now quiet in the front lines as we're getting reports from military commanders on the ground it's now quiet compared to last night but despite that the government has it imported that it has dick documented violations by half the us forces overnight and this morning and also overnight only
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a few minutes after the spokesman of have to announce said that they are putting the cease fire in place also we spoke earlier today to civilians eyewitnesses locals in ns our neighborhood they said that have to his forces also opened fire randomly in the area this morning but the government is written rating that it's not going to stay silent in front of any violations by have to his forces and member of stand that the government has been repeating that have to his forces pulling out of southern tripoli is a prerequisite for the government for the government to proceed in any settlement to this conflict as you know that the civil or the cease fire calls before failed to be put into effect but it remains to be seen during the couple. of
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days during the couple in the coming few days whether or not both rival factions or on factions will adhere to this cease fire but with thank you for the world the prime minister of libya's u.n. recognize government fires are some is in turkey where he's met president richard type one to mar the show he's joining us now live from the turkish capital ankara really interesting this moving to take place tomorrow of course because of these intervention on the side of the u.n. recognize government that's helped create the circumstances for this ceasefire talk us through turkey's involvement in libya and how crucial that influences. and these were not for the military intervention of turkey there wouldn't have been some sort of equilibrium established in this conflict that would have forced the hof to. those supporting him to come to the negotiation table as mahmoud mentioned
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there have been supported heavily especially militarily by the united arab emirates and egypt and that's what's allowed him to essentially push towards the capital turkey after signing an agreement or a memorandum of understanding with the un recognized government in tripoli on mutual defense was able then to send in reinforcements to help maintain the government's ability to control at least the capital why is that significant as far as turkey is concerned it's because regionally speaking the true countries share maritime borders they have also agreed between themselves with regards to sharing gas an oil exploration in those areas but it's also significant because turkey is one of the only power is in the region that isn't supporting the status quo or thora tarion leaders or governments that's existed pre arab spring of 2011 the spokes person of the turkish president. just in the past hour or so how important
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it was as far as he's concerned the leadership of iran was able to establish both ceasefire in libya as well as the one in syria and said that this was an example of how his country was trying to find political solutions to these military conflicts and jamal that also raised the question that i put directly to the mood and we can ask the same question now about syria and that is even though there is a a cease fire in place the prospect of that holding and what are the benefits that can flow from that particularly for people who are caught in the crossfire here in italy. well if i start with the 2nd part in terms of the immediate benefits at least it would mean largely holds or loosely holds rather that aid agencies would be able to deliver a much needed aid because aside from the fact of people fearing to be essentially
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bombed out of the skies by the regime of bashar assad then even by russian warplanes there is a dire humanitarian situation which is a consequence of 78 years of war that continues to plague all this is in civilians of syria in terms of how likely it is to hold this is the umpteenth time that some sort of ceasefire agreement has been reached and what is different maybe with regard to syria is of the libya is that there is no where near a nice form of equilibrium between the military powers you have armed rebel groups that are now only in control of this. province the region of it and you have on the other side of the syrian army you have iranian backed militia you have the russian military which of essentially used all of their might some firepower to corner those rebel groups or what's left of them in this small area and essentially has been pounding them for months if not for the past part of years now what's
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interesting very quickly is that in the past 24 hours the russians have set up checkpoints on the entrances and exits of it they say to allow for citizens or civilians to leave the question is why would they do that if there is a cease fire which people expect to last the skeptics or cynics would say it is an attempt to maybe to filter out as many civilians as they can before the fighting resumes once more so realists would say maybe it wouldn't last as long as people would like optimist would love it to last a bit longer than usual but people are still very concerned especially as there have been reports of some breaches over the past few hours especially with regards to the area of moderate to norman where there's been shelling going airstrikes by the syrian regime well thank you. out of the philippines all floods manila's internationally poor have been suspended as more thorough he's worn a large volcanic eruption could be imminent the volcano in the luzon region is
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about 100 kilometers south of the capital it is shooting one kilometer into the sky much of it for being on nearby communities sounds people have been told to leave their homes jamila the dog now joins us live from the villa the alert level has been raised to for what else you learn about the impact on people how successful these evacuations and so on. what we were just listening to the press conference by airport government officials who basically said that they have actually taken an extra precaution by deciding to cancel all flights flying in and out of manila they said that is because planes that usually air and able to detect ash. through their radars and this is why they said they've taken a precautionary measure they've also confirmed basically that the runways have also been covered by ash and that those planes that are currently stranded airport also
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need to be inspected now classes have been suspended in and around manila at least 6000 people have already been evacuated around this area of. just a few hours out of manila and alert level 4 by government standards sent essentially means that a hazardous eruption is imminent within hours or days now the president is also announce that they're putting together all the proper needed resources from different sectors of the government basically to ensure that the help gets to those who need it most but the priority at this point is evacuation and monitoring of those living within the 4 than kilometer radius of the volcano and you tell us about this volcano the tall volcano and how do you eat has been. jim has gone there sorry for that what we are off the back of that obviously a volcano such that has an impact on whether to tell us the lightest although i
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have to say i thought of a different part of the world and i will talk about the u.s. it's quite a story that's just about finished now in the u.s. and it's partly because of this this is a colorized map of the current temperatures it's obviously very cold in most states basically in the northern plains but the opposite models 12 and i would obviously rather different in this bottom right hand corner of that all the way from new york down towards the texas coast we're talking about temperatures in the teens this is morning in the middle of winter so it's clearly very warm in fact fog is a widespread problem but that's the current problem because of this temperature differential we've had what you might normally expect to happen in the spring not in january so we've got this line of cloud here which is effectively a cold front defense from the cold air in the warm air which has been moving across the southern states have produced some huge thunderstorms with a baseball size hail as i like to say it's a tennis ball if you like and also tornadoes with consequent damage all the way through texas louisiana i think even up as far as tennessee is just a few shots of what you might expect me to show you in maybe april or may not
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gender is a very rare occurrence tornadoes hitting the ground in general it's all ahead of but it is unusual now this is moved on the pictures that frontal system not difference on the east coast you think will keep going that direction the risk i think of big damage is gone and fog is the main problem because the difference in temperatures to fight if you watch these forecast down here the showers really form a lot of divisions down here in southern states and tallahassee 26 is a surprise 2 degrees off the record stuff bob thank you for that. still ahead on al-jazeera the run in community easy morning we'll get a report from one of the city's hardest hit by the ukrainian plane crash. out economy on life support is fueling fears for the future of health care in lebanon. and turkey why the violence on the fame out of the good middle east is tied to back
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on her country that's coming out of asia in school. 3 years after cholera was discovered in haiti this is just one example of how the death toll from this epidemic could be much higher than anyone knows and al-jazeera and best to geisha into who should be held responsible travel to the united nations headquarters in new york. we spoke to the secretary general again in this room we're going to try to catch many things out but has justice now been served for the victims freewinds haiti in a time of cholera on al jazeera. and .
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al jazeera. and. you're watching al-jazeera his or of our top stories this hour. the media is calling for dialogue to diffuse regional tension of what he called a critical challenge the challenges iran's government faces growing anger over its an issue of fighting. to admit responsibility for the downing of the ukrainian a lot of on wednesday. when the syrian government sources told al jazeera the death toll from thursday's attack on an army base is now at least you know and it
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happened close to the border with mali no one is quite a responsibility. a cease fire has come into effect in libya after war to leave to have to agree to the truce just hours before it was to stop there's also been a poor infighting in syria you see the problems russia and turkey going to both cease fire. or now on our top story of the downing of the ukrainian jet in iran of the 176 people killed 57 were iranian canadians. and where the community is being hit particularly hot. on a cold afternoon in western canada a community comes together to grieve the loss of a close friend and celebrate her life dr shah. worked as an obstetrician in edmonton often helping recent immigrants she and her 2 teenage daughters both of whom were studying to become medical professionals died on board ukraine international airlines flight 752 as they were returning to canada from iran or my
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friend had a crush a confession was absolutely a kind person she was always there for the community she was always there to step in when help needed so nothing to her it's a big loss for the prison community 57 canadians died when their plane was shot down by an iranian missile shortly after taking off from tehran 13 members of edmonton's a rainy and community died in the crash the largest single loss of life the city has seen for decades edmonton small tight knit iranian kadian community has been devastated in the persian restaurants and cafes and an online chat groups it seems everybody knows everybody else when you're just hearing the news it is. something that they did if you really happen. is that maybe a few nice people each if they deep connection to feel like a small family of 5th. street to people that you see all the time if it's difficult
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the tragedy struck at minton's academic community particularly hard at least 10 of the victims were students staff or alumni here at the university of alberta their friends say they were some of the brightest and the best their lives and their contributions to society cut short payment parse a on is mourning the loss of his friend professor pedre most savvy his wife and their 2 young daughters describing them as role models in the community you can see the outpour of messages from people all across this country. it shows the. grave impact that such an unfortunate. incident has on on not just the running community but in canada as a whole fundraisers to help pay for memorials and create scholarships are another way people here are honoring their friends aiming to make sure that those who are lost will not be forgotten david mercer al-jazeera edmonton canada world leaders
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have traveled to amman to meet its new so tom hunt them bin tariq al side he's met with britain's prince charles as well as iran's foreign minister and kuwait's the media so tom was sworn in on saturday after the death of his cousin long time roula been side our side now the new leader has promised to uphold his predecessor's approach as a regional thanks michael for more on this let's bring in stephanie in moscow what was really important he is definitely was that there was a very quick and very orderly transition of power and the mess is very much is business as usual is not. yes and i think that is an important to both on the domestic front and on the international front of course at such a sensitive time when it comes to the escalation between the united states and iran them on such a key peacemaker attempting at least over the years to bring both sides to the negotiating table so i think the omanis also very keen to show that someone was in
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charge that there was a unity here and that this country would continue on that course an important message or such of the people here there's been speculation for weeks i mean for years really about his health but the last few weeks really escalating people talking about the fact that they were concerned that sultan qaboos was in his last days so this was also very much a message to the people that there wasn't going to be what many were concerned about about perhaps a power struggle or you know no consensus about who was going to be the next so this is been very well received it has appeased those concerns but again as many people i've been speaking to here will tell you that it's now going to be the question will be moving forward if there are cracks they're going to show in the months in the years to come he's going to have to deal with a lot of complexities here on the ground stand economically this this is a country that has a debt issue it has a it has an employment issue and also internationally can they can stay neutral
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when their leader here will be under pressure for neighbors to fall in line with their foreign policy rather than keeping what's been a very neutral stance but of course you must remember that the country is in a 3 day mourning period for ordinary people there about how the rubble to express their respect for the former leader of the light leader expressed in general the morning to someone that they knew was the only leader inside. yes and he seemed very much as a father figure he was loved by i think it's safe to say the absolute majority of this country omanis and experts alike this is a man. ruled absolutely this is not a democracy he did have a lot of power he was the prime minister the minister of defense the chief of the armed forces but they adored have been many people describe him as you say as a father figure so there's been sorrow there's been sadness but other people saying that he had been rooting for 50 years you had been sick he had really retracted
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from public life over the last couple of years just occasionally appearing on television or making a statement until people were very aware that this was a fragile leader that he was getting old this is the natural order of things and do understand that now it's time to move forward so there are questions now about whether the new sultan is going to continue in that same style as one man really ruling all or whether this is going to change from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy again it's day one but certainly it is a new era for a modern stephanie take a lot for us in moscow thank you taiwan's president reelection is a sign that the souls governing one to intimidation from china pro independence incumbent sighing when one with 57 percent of the vote it's quite hard to reports from taipei. the day after taiwan's historic election reelecting pro
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independence president signed when the people of this island of 24000000 enjoyed their winter sunday. i hope that both thailand and china well china stop its military threats toward taiwan i believe she is the right leader to deal with china. i do not think she would try to be confrontational after last night we voted to still remain part of a big family and then we defend political opinions we share the same firm belief in democratic values with the overwhelming victory for sign one and the d.p.p. some feel that there is added pressure for progress and recognition from china and beyond on the security of the islands independence. in saturday's election saigon of the most votes of any presidential candidate in the young democracy here promising to keep her hardline stance for independence with growing pressure from china beijing issued a statement shortly after side gave her victory speech as if the landslide election
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never happened president xi jinping is administration continued with its threats of reunification and its opposition to any separatist attempts. but her challenges won't only be on improving cross-tree relations i was economy has been a major political issue here even if there's been a recent boost thanks to the u.s. china trade war she is under tremendous pressure much higher than her 1st time. to perform better on the economy. she was defeated in the local election about 15 months ago because of the economic situation that didn't go away. so amid the saber rattling from china and calls for economic reform sighs next 4 years start off with major challenges but she goes into her 2nd term with the confidence of the majority of taiwanese people
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at least for now scott either al-jazeera type that. now of course protestors in hong kong are watching taiwan's election very closely sarah clarke has the reaction . thousands of gathered here and where which is in central hong kong and this is part of the pro-democracy anti-government movement if it's to ramp up the protests in the lead up to chinese new year which is the biggest traditional festival in hong kong and that's at the end of january now the reaction here from the pro-democracy groups to taiwan's election result has certainly been a positive one a pride about the groups and political activists travel to taiwan to monitor and observe this but and they've been overwhelmed by the result of course hong kong protests played a key role in this election in taiwan the unrest in hong kong feel resistance to beijing and harden public sentiment and as i mentioned the reaction from these part of oxy demonstrators here has been positive i think people feel. happy. and we feel good about that because. the lie of the.
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people close to ending that with us and to me is not able to achieve everyone in the top one has also provided. ok support for these mo democracy demonstrators by providing supplies and light sight to gear including vests and helmets and when china cut off the supplies coming into hong kong and the pro-democracy groups we seeking to bolster exchanges and galvanize are alliance with taiwan against china's increasing influence and tightening grip on the city this is a big rally today with thousands attending but next sometimes right about the groups will be holding another month in support of the anti-government movement. and its biggest political protest is in the form of what activists are calling a run against dictatorship has more on the group wanting the protestant to step down. this is no ordinary jog around the park it's a political loophole. in thailand protests need approval by the government running
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events do not. an estimated $13000.00 ties to sky's as runners say they are fed up with the government of prime minister private channel and want him to step down at the bottom level i want to tell the government that the people don't want you any longer you have been in power for so long but you can't solve any of the country's problems it is getting more and more difficult for grassroots people to make a living. this was the biggest show of dissent against the government since prior you assumed office after the 2014 military coup he held on to power after elections last year with support from an army appointed senate. this run protest follows a rally last month staged by fena thorn is wrong room gronk it the leader of the progressive future forward party who has emerged as the most outspoken opponent of thailand's new civilian government. he was charged on friday for breaching
4:44 pm
a law on public assembly and his party faces dissolution i want to be part of the he story i think the person you know to be. i say use that general but you have to get out that is the 1st step that would allow that would all but dawes include a process all of. that in. sunday's event was called run to oust the uncle and an apparent reference to privates nickname of uncle to. it prompted a rival but smaller walk to cheer the uncle event held in another park which was attended by thousands of older thais supporters say his leadership has brought stability and security. i have to get all my friends everyone to come and some part of my promise that i know you put to happen later today i just strolled from new york to tell me it will support me in. this 3 finger salute made famous by the
4:45 pm
hollywood blockbuster film the hunger games is banned in thailand it's used here to show resistance against the 2014 military killed. with fingers held high these jogging protesters are running out of patience leah harding al jazeera in lebanon the deepening debt crisis is pushing the counter to the brink of bankruptcy and it's feared that healthcare services will be one of the 1st areas to suffer german ports mccance a trip and sent in by route. for more than a year but tool has been battling leukemia she's returned to the children's cancer center of lebanon for a check up and her father ahmed tells us he's thankful she's responding positively to treatment they say then because i didn't do well that i feel like a person who has a newborn as if i'm seeing my daughter being reborn truly as if she was just born a feeling i cannot describe. but he says with lebanon experiencing so many problems
4:46 pm
he does have concerns and therefore scared that the medicine will no longer be available as for food in the worries here about scarcity everyone is talking about it like everyone else. the. anti-government protests have been held across lebanon for more than 2 months with people demanding an end to inequality and a complete overhaul of the political system. the country's economic problems began before that but now its debt crisis is worsening leaving lebanon on the verge of bankruptcy and more vulnerable than ever according to human rights watch medical professionals in lebanon are warning that hospitals may soon be unable to provide patients with urgent medical care in surgery because of the country's dire financial situation fadi and how is the fundraising coordinator for the cancer center it depends on donations to provide free treatment to more than 300 patients per year the center is now at risk of not being able to achieve that goal in 2020 and a rescue fund has been launched because of that what's happening in the last 2 months
4:47 pm
we have a deficit of $2500000.00 which is like a huge shelter and you could reach over and target our budget which is $50000000.00 and because the crisis is still going on the still facing this faces so we are very thought i was programs and conceived for this year you'll be able to do that recently lebanon's health minister issued a statement aiming to reassure patients that cancer medications will not disappear from the market at the center but along with the other cancer patients she's playing with tried to keep her attention focused on toys instead like many lebanese citizens looking for optimism despite all the obstacles. and they do it. haiti's president morsi says the allocation of international eye has been a disaster sunday marks 10 years since haiti suffered one of the worst of whites in history it left more than a 1000000 people homeless and sparked a cholera outbreak. billions of dollars for pledged by aid organizations after the
4:48 pm
bag that you'd 7 quake in 2010 but only a fraction of those funds actually made their way to i.c.u. eighty's government experts of blind back governance and bureaucracy within the aid organizations for the waste damage from the earthquake is still clearly visible in the capital port au prince and thousands remain in temporary accommodation haiti's president says he needs access to more a money to rebuild and he's called for an overhaul of the international aid system . to risible sat down with president morsi. my 1st question is it's been 10 years since the horrific earthquake devastated this country. billions of dollars were pledged to help haiti. what has been achieved in all this years is yours truly did you very i am the president of the country i can tell you where in the country or in the surrounding of the capital city and
4:49 pm
a village built with the aid money from the earthquake that can fit a 1000 families in terms of results there has not been any reconstruction process for the country i am someone who believes in the structural the long lasting the sustainable there has been many small achievements but small achievements are made with little amount of money but when you want to talk about major achievements you have to have access to large amounts of money he to spend billions to you've got a lot of people are still in temporary settlements moving in in tents some of them there's a health care crisis food insecurity is on the rise tents here later i mean whose fault is that is that the international community is that the haitian government was to blame. both both of them for me to has been the disaster the way the aid money has been managed after the earthquake and that is what we're paying for 10 years later i'm not saying this to blame anyone but i'm here to say the truth and only the truth the results are visible a lot of money
4:50 pm
a lot of money has been spent but the results have been minimal would you one of the issues that has come up is that in many cases the international community completely bypassed the haitian government haitian civil society and they wanted to spend the money themselves do you agree with us message that you know reality has been the reality in 2010 let's be clear that we're talking about 2010 now not about the actual period we're talking about the time of 20 it was clear it was the reality they stopped structure to spend money and now with inherited that everyone must be able to understand that there has been mistakes and all together we need to correct these mistakes. still ahead on the al-jazeera action from the italian league is now police goalkeeper gives a gift to the opposition you can run it will have more national.
4:51 pm
frank assessments the one good thing about these bush bars is really working out the politics of climate change informed opinion economy i think is actually what's keeping donald trump afloat right now critical debate sequel on both. lawyers all of this argument is astonishingly patronize a in-depth analysis of the day's headlines this is the beginning of a new iraq of the new conscious and aware youth about struggle against an ethnic sectarian cult or inside story on al-jazeera. winning best occasional crime an admission of guilt is the ultimate corroboration. or isn't there or tactics that can be used to get innocent people to confess to crimes they didn't commit witness explores the shocking phenomenon of people incriminating themselves the person who falsely can fast actually came to believe the lie that they were told about their own behavior false confessions on al-jazeera.
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let's get the latest in sport now and he is peter stan thank you very much. as died in a crash at the back already in saudi arabia the 40 year old came off his bike 276 kilometers into sunday 7 stage at about 10 18 am local time he was found unconscious by a rescue helicopter having gone into cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital this was consol this is 13th dekel rally. the final of the inaugural a.t.p. cup is being settled by a deciding doubles match in sydney serbia's novak djokovic beat spain's rafael
4:53 pm
nadal in the 2nd singles to live over tied 11 they're not the only top players in the southern hemisphere gearing up for the 1st grand slam of the season serena williams was up against jessica. in the final b. airspeed classic or clint the top seed clinched victory 6364 this is her 1st title in 3 years and her 73rd on the w.c. 8 to meaning she has now won titles across the last 4 decades williams announced shoulder nato $43000.00 winner's check and some of her tennis stresses to the australian bushfire relief fund and will be australian open just over a week away the victory shows she's a strong contender for a title in melbourne. yeah and feeling pretty good i'm feeling it and feel like i had some good matches and long rallies short rallies power players elements and so this is exactly what i needed going into mount vernon and it's good.
4:54 pm
at the brisbane international catalina push her has successfully defended the w.d.a. title for the 1st time in her career to check the medicine keys in 3 states in the final 16 to a title and in brisbane. iran's only female olympic medalist has announced she's defecting. they who want to taekwondo bronze medal at the rio olympics in 2016 criticized iran's political system saying she felt oppressed elisa day who has been training in the netherlands did not give details of where she is now. in an instagram post they wrote i wasn't important to them none of us mattered to them we would too i wish for nothing else than for taekwondo safety and for a healthy and happy life the decision was harder than winning olympic gold i remain
4:55 pm
a daughter of iran wherever i am into my lands but to dethrone new venture says the kings of italian football hit a setback on saturday the 30 our leaders took an early lead against atlanta at the san siro romelu lukaku setting up tyler martinez but after land reform team in italy right now and struck back in the 2nd half. could have been worse for the home side atalanta seeing a penalty saved by a semi and then of age intern out just a point about even so sue played roma on sunday. and a moment of farscape see a 10 win over now fully in rome napoli keeper david spinner will be daily on the ball allowing the lead to rob it from him to a striker when applying the finish to stay food now fully drop to 10. the baltimore ravens have taken the n.f.l. by storm the season but it's all come to nothing as they were dumped out of the playoffs on saturday the ravens were the best team in the regular season but lost
4:56 pm
in the divisional round to the 6th seeded tennessee titans baltimore haven't lost since september tenn following last week's defeat of the new england patriots with another big scalp 2812 in baltimore elsewhere the san francisco 49 is won their 1st playoff game in 6 years beating the minnesota vikings on sunday it's usenet kansas city and the seattle seahawks are at green bay packers. the milwaukee bucks of tighten their grip on the top spot in the east yana sente compo made 32 points as they beat the portland trail blazers 102122 i beg your pardon 101 the boston celtics that 3rd after snapping a 3 game losing streak on saturday jason tatum played 63 pointers and scored a career high 41 points as they beat the new orleans pelicans 14105. the former here to wear wool the governing body is set to stand trial on corruption charges in france on monday senegalese lamine diac is charged along with the sun
4:57 pm
part of a starter who was still in center go after the country refused extradition they are accused of bribe taking and money laundering involving international athletes and their federations limine diac was head of the either they have between 19092015. the sport of squash has so far not managed to make it into the olympics despite 4 attempts but it is finding ways of getting in front of a wider audience the 90 year old tournament of champions is being hosted at new york's grand central station egypt will number 2 mohamed al shabab be on call here squash hoping to be on track for another olympic bid in 2028. that's all the sport needs for now more later again that it will see you then that's it for me for this news hour back in a monotone with more days to start. all
4:58 pm
dizzy right explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how libraries influenced the course of history beginning with the giants of the struggle for civil rights america. just 8 miles over the. first look at me and continue to keep the mc rove libby defense that what you mean about malcolm x. and martin luther king face to face on 00. we live in a digital well its where even the remotest communities have access to mobile phones . but what can this technology bring to our nomadic existence life apps travels to the media and gives the software designer the ultimate challenge design an app to help to him the tribe in their daily lives can be free maybe than. life at one for nomads on al-jazeera. the dissolute mother waits on the border
4:59 pm
between ukraine and russian occupied crimea for news of her missing son. numerous young 3 men have disappeared following her arrest these disappeared other victims of a crackdown on the top population of crimea by russia since its occupation in 2014 . before the invasion of 2014 crimea was a part of another country ukraine we formed when the soviet union broke up into separate states but many russians including the president vladimir putin were unhappy with us. russia is determined to keep its alleged abuse of human rights away from public scrutiny. as the only indigenous group still openly opposing occupation russia sees this muslim minority as a threat. as
5:00 pm
a mere base the iranian president in teheran calling on all parties to defuse tensions inside dialogue is the other the way for. us to grab this is al jazeera live from. also. with regional tensions still high protests accuse the iranian government of lying to them about the accidental shooting down of the ukrainian plane. calls amazing of its national security council of the day.


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