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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 12, 2020 5:00pm-5:33pm +03

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tuttle's amir beats the iranian president into iran calling on all parties to defuse tensions and saying dialogue is the only way for. us to grant this is al jazeera live from doha also telling of. its regional tensions still high protests accuse the iranian government of lying to them about the accidental shooting down of the ukrainian play. this year calls a meeting of its national security council over the deaths of at least $89.00 soldiers in a raid on the advice. libya's un recognized government the warlords belief i have to agree to call somebody russia and turkey for ceasefire.
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iran's government is facing growing anger over its initial failure to admit responsibility for the downing of the ukrainian airliner on wednesday protests have been held across the country after the revolutionary guard said it mistakenly shot down the james killing 176 people at the iranian parliament has denied a cover up but told the military to take precautions to avoid further disasters it followed a briefing by military leaders on the crash the recent crisis with the us was prompted by the assassination of iranian tamada custom saw the body in iraq could house the media is in tehran in a push to ease those tensions he's the 1st leader to visit the iranian capital since all the body was killed in that us a to. on january 3rd to. walk has this visit comes at
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a very critical time in the region we've agreed that the only solution is to fuse escalations among all parties and we've also agreed that dialogue and only dialogue is the only route to any solution to any crisis. it's got to dorsetshire bar and now who joins us live from tehran and doors of the message is very clear is that it's it's to defuse tensions and critically diffuse tensions on all sides. yes the emir of qatar was here at the request of president hassan rouhani at the invitation of the iranian president and he made the visits that was not announced it was very last minute that we heard about this visit earlier today but he was very clear that there needs to be an easing of tensions and qatar is willing to play a role in mediating that that is the goal really the emir said that iran and qatar
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relations are at an all time high since the blockade was imposed on qatar in 2017 by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. and number of other countries in the region he said that the iranians were very quick to come to the aid of the qatari government to help them ease the hardships that they would have faced had it been for the blockade the iranian president for his part said that they had a closed session meeting with between the 2 of them and they discussed a number of issues in that the iranian president also said that they will now be forming a joint commission to discuss strengthening their economic ties in the future this is something that the iranians welcome and they want to increase their relationship with the stories and they see that it is to their benefits given the current climate they find themselves in the region to have qatar as close friends and ally as possible. and we also talk to you while we have you there about the tension that
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we're seeing on the streets over the for the downing of that ukrainian flawed as well a lot of anger that we're seeing there. yes there is that a lot of anger by the. iranian public because of the fact that they feel their government was not forthcoming about the information that they had they say that they were lied to initially for over 48 hours until we heard that. the revolutionary guard aerospace commander come out and say that the iranians have shot down this passenger plane by mistake this is something that has caused a lot of anger there was a vigil held outside of your cabin your university on saturday evening and that vigil turned into a protest very quickly because 6 of the victims on that plane were from this university we also know that the british ambassador was in attendance at this vigil service he was detained he was arrested briefly because as
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a foreigner according to rein in law is not allowed to attend illegal gatherings and that's what the iranian government is saying this vigil service was not that there was no permission granted for it since then the british ambassador has been summoned to the foreign ministry and we've also seen a number of people gather outside of british embassy chanting slogans such as the british needs to get out they want to see the closure of the british embassy that only really reopened here in 2016 and this was posted here at that time we saw we've also heard that the number of people that have gathered outside the british embassy of the burning the flag and demanding that the ambassador be expelled this is all happening because there is a lot of anger that is fueling the tensions not only. between the general public and the governments but also we're seeing the repercussions of the events that followed after the assassination of us and so they. do so thank you joining us live
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from tehran we're going to bring in our senior political analyst now one show or he joins us in the studio or want to come to that meeting between the qatari. and house and hardy in a moment but can we just bring up a tweet that we understand has been sent by president donald trump now this is what he's saying to the leaders of iran do not kill your protesters thousands of already being killed or imprisoned by you and the world is watching more importantly the usa is watching turn you internet back on and let reporters run free stop the killing of your great iranian people what are you thoughts on that immediately no one how does that fit with what we've seen in recent days in the talk of deescalation response from the u.s. to the downing of the plane what do you read into what donald trump saying that i think it's it's probably in the same spirit of him tweeting in persian. to the
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iranian people the idea is that he wants to become an actor as it were within iran itself because he feels there is a place where he can insert the united states in order to divide the gulf as the charities of the iranian people exactly that it's not to say that there aren't some iranians that probably would be happy to have a kind of support my guess is my educated guess is that most iranian opposition figures don't want to be counted as allies or or agents of the united states or its mysteries in the region that they are an independent people and their and their and they have iran's best interest not america's interest and that they work and act and demonstrate because of their consciousness not because some american president decided to tweet or decided and this is important underline because
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that's what we're hearing from iran more and more. we don't want to hear from the same person who's been punishing us for the last 3 years from the same person who's been putting and doubling down on sanctions against us for the last 3 years so let's look at what the emir of qatar had to say today in that meeting with us and rouhani because that fits with what we're seeing here. since the is an issue tensions the killing of solomonic the response of the iranians since sanctions bring imposed or increased we've seen tougher talk but also talk of deescalation on both sides so where do things no end what do you read into that meeting between the emir of qatar and arsenal hardly today it is these are very interesting times we certainly pulled away from the brink of war or escalation towards war when both iran and washington were vying for revenge and vying for deterrence and response and counter-response and so on so forth so we are what we pulled back from that
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unfortunately we haven't pulled back from the very same conditions that led to the escalation a week ago and i think the kind of dialogue that they made of qatar and others could have or could cope bring to bear on this thing of this tension between their own washington is not only to move away from the brink but also to move away from the the root causes of what is leading to the increased tension between the 2 countries the french the europeans the russians all want to play a role but i need i need to make a sort of a wider statement on this qatar now is the is a spritely one of the smallest countries in the in the arab world and it's trying to have a voice of sort because no other countries are stepping forward one of the main problems of why we have the issues today is because there is no arab voice the arabs are divided the arabs are not united with one voice where they can be the 3rd party on the table with iran and the united states they are now the object of
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tensions there. the objects or proc proxy wars they are the objects of attacks if iran carries so they are only object to fear instead of being subjects actors that could be joining the one in washington to talk about regional security and it's good that this qatar is making some of voice available to the iranians and the americans and that's what we heard today that key word that we heard i've heard out of a dial up so thank you for that moment shower joining us there we're going to take you to this in now and a government source there is telling al jazeera that the death toll from thursday's attack on an army base is now at least $89.00 it happened in junior godhra a close to the border with mali it is defense minister has called a meeting of its national security council no one is claiming responsibility now last month another attack killed 71 soldiers need these years border with mali and became a fossil that prompted leaders of the regional g 5 nations to call for closer cooperation
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and international support for its president emanuel macro is expected to host leaders in the region on monday to decide on the future of france's military presence in the help now ahmed idris has more from. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack in yet but it's suspected that it was carried out by merely or other fighters who crossed over from mali that's according to one government official and then launched the attack that area in particular has been vulnerable to attacks from groups inside mali and we've also seen how they have launched several attacks from that area from the border with broken up process well right now what we're hearing about is that the bodies of those soldiers were killed in the tank have been taken to the capital of the i mean where they were
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buried or about to be buried some of them and the government is calling for more support from international community to deal with the problem absolutely it's not only the french forces overall the french have a large number of troops in the sahara region more than 4500 but put together the number of multinational forces or other international forces in this hell in particular close to or even up to 20000 and a lot of people in the region are wondering why these forces despite their training despite their equipment despite the level of intelligence gathering they have these attacks continue now in 2 countries ravaged by war 2 separate cease fire agreements are now in effect warring sides in syria and libya have agreed to put down their arms after negotiations brokered by russia and turkey the 2 countries support
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opposing sides in each conflict we'll have more on syria in above it 1st they're going to take you to libya where world war 2 they thought half to had initially rejected calls for a ceasefire but without the why it is in tripoli he says there's already been some reports of ceasefire violence. it's now quiet in the front lines as we're getting reports from military commanders on the ground it's now quiet compared to last night but despite that the government has it imported that it has dick documented violations by have to us forces overnight and this morning and also overnight only a few minutes after the spokesman of have to announce said that they are putting the cease fire in place also we spoke earlier today to civilians eyewitnesses locals in ains our neighborhood they said that have to the forces also opened fire randomly in the area this morning but the government is
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written rating that it's not going to stay silent in front of any violations by have to us forces a member of stand that the government has been repeating that half the us forces pulling out of southern tripoli is a prerequisite for the government for the government to proceed in any settlement to this conflict live also been reports of some skirmishes in syria's province that's where another cease fire agreement is in place it's hoped the pores in fighting with all our disparate the needed aid into the region those jamaal show reports the turkish capital ankara. aside from the fact of people fearing to be essentially bombed out of the skies by the regime of bashar al assad then even by russian warplanes there is a dire humanitarian situation which is a consequence of 78 years of war that continues to plague all this is in
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civilians of syria in terms of how likely it is to hold this is the umpteenth time that some sort of ceasefire agreement has been reached and what is different maybe from here with regard to syria is of libya is that there is no where near a nice form of equilibrium between the military powers you have armed rebel groups that are now or only in control of this. province the the the region of it and you have on the other side of the syrian army you have iranian backed militia you have the russian military which are essentially used all of their mights and firepower to corner those rebel groups or what's left of them in this small area and essentially has been pounding them for months if not for the past the best part of . years now what's interesting very quickly is that in the past 24 hours the russians have set up checkpoints on the entrances and exits of it live they say to allow for citizens or civilians to leave it live the question is why would they do
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that if there is a ceasefire which people expect to last skeptics or cynics would say it is an attempt to maybe to filter out as many civilians as they can before the fighting resumes once more. well still ahead on al-jazeera flights are canceled and schools are closed as thousands of people flee in even a volcanic eruption in the philippines. and as a man's new leader takes the helm take a look at the pressures in places on the international stage. it's a surprisingly quiet winter over both china and japan this clearly movement in the sky carries moved from west to east to the cold air is going out of the war waters not does generate showers and here they are these blue things here running into
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home shoot so a bit of snow for the height in homeshare otherwise it's a few rain showers on that when would coast puts tokyo in shelter suggests asako be dry as well average temperatures beijing is a bit warmer than you might expect the air isn't moving very much so i call it is not back good in northeastern china nor is it further south if you're an industrial area but a cloud and a suggestion of some showers building up in you know and you see across the indian border northeast india will see that a bit of rain but the main rain is for the sciences of course origines here we see the results in floods in jakarta in the next day or so i think jobber will be fairly dry but that line just the north extends back through sumatra and daily to korean central and southern sumatra you get pretty big showers there getting bigger i think in the next couple days it used to could be the day of the biggest ones ask for india generally speaking a dry picture but you've got this trough coming through pakistan which is rain for most snow in the north and that's moving steadily eastwards.
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big stories generated thousands of headlines maybe angles in this story are too numerous for comfort with different angles from different perspectives things never really being believed the prey muddying the water even separate the spin from the facts the misinformation from the journalism is so clear and it sounds to me and hear this think with the listening post on out 0. 00 s. .
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you're watching al-jazeera he's a reminder of our top stories. is calling for dialogue to diffuse regional tension at what he calls a critical time iran's government is facing growing anger over its initial failure to admit responsibility for the downing of ukrainian. government sources telling al jazeera the death toll from thursday's attack on an army base is that at least $89.00 it happened close to the border with mali no one has claimed responsibility. a cease fire is coming to effect in libya after warlord. agreed to the truce just hours before. there's also a pause in fighting in syria's the province. brokered cease fires. in the philippines all flights out of manila's international airport are suspended as well thora who's worn a large volcanic eruption could be imminent the volcano in the luzon region is
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about 100 kilometers south of the capital it is shooting. into the sky and much of that is falling on me about unity's thousands of people are being told to leave their homes to be there in dark and joins us now live from manila tell us about the level of alert there right now. holst's and the government announced over an hour ago that alert level has been reached for the 5th being the highest now alert level 4 basically means that hazardous eruption is imminent within hours and days. according to local government officials emergency emergency responders at least 6000 people have already been evacuated and the maximum contingency of evacuated people they're expecting would be 300000. airports and then the manila airport has been shut down both flights flying into manila and that of manila have been postponed indefinitely
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because according to officials there are also as they have already been detected on the runways and possibly on the planes that are stationed at the airport at the moment all schools classes in many areas across metro manila have been suspended as you know this area where the volcano is only about 2 hours from manila and even here ash fall has already been felt and seen by residents now within a few hours we're hoping to get more information but according to government officials right now the priority really is mass evacuation they have prepositioned and 3 identified areas of evacuation outside the 14 kilometer range within a star within the 14 kilometer range where the volcano is at the moment stan to bill thank you for that you have a dog joining us live there from below. taiwan's president says religion is a saw and the. want about to be judged from china pro independence but sein win
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one with 57 percent of the vote scott hard luck as war from taipei. the day after taiwan's historic election reelecting pro independence president signed when the people of this island of 24000000 enjoyed their winter sunday. i hope that both thailand and china well china stop its military threats toward taiwan i believe she is the right leader to deal with china. i do not think she would try to be confrontational after last night we vent to still remain part of a big family though we defend political opinions we share the same family for democratic values with the overwhelming victory for sign one and the d.p.p. some feel that there is added pressure for progress and recognition from china and beyond on the security of the island's independence. in saturday's election saigon
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of the most votes of any presidential candidate in the young democracy here promising to keep her hardline stance for independence with growing pressure from china beijing issued a statement shortly after side gave her victory speech as if the landslide election never happened president xi jinping is administration continued with its threats of reunification and its opposition to any separatist attempts. but her challenges won't only be on improving cross-tree relations i was economy has been a major political issue here even if there has been a recent boost thanks to the us china trade war she is under tremendous pressure much higher than her 1st time. to perform better on the economy. she was severely defeated in the local election about 15 months ago because of the economic situation that didn't go
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away. so amid the saber rattling from china and calls for economic reform sighs next 4 years start off with major challenges but she goes into her 2nd term with the confidence of the majority of taiwanese people at least for now it's got either al-jazeera type thing. thailand to sing its biggest political protest in need is in the form of what activists are calling a run against dictatorship hadi has more on the group warning the prime minister to step down. this is no ordinary jog around the park it's a political loophole. in thailand protests need approval by the government running events do not. an estimated $13000.00 ties to sky's does runners say they are fed up with the government of prime minister private channel and want him to step down at the bottom level i want to tell the government that the people don't want you any longer you have been in power for so long but you can't solve
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any of the country's problems it is getting more and more difficult for grassroots people to make a living. this was the biggest show of dissent against the government since prior you assumed office after the 2014 military coup he held on to power after elections last year with support from an army appointed senate. this run protest follows a rally last month staged by fena thorn is wrong room gronk it the leader of the progressive future forward party who has emerged as the most outspoken opponent of thailand's new civilian government. he was charged on friday for breaching the law on public assembly and his party faces dissolution i want to be part of the he story i think the 1st step in order to bring about a democrat i say. is that general but you have to get out that is the 1st step that would allow that would all but dawes khuda process all of. that in.
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sunday's event was called run to oust the uncle and an apparent reference to privates nickname of uncle to. it prompted a rival but smaller walk to cheer the uncle event held. another park which was attended by thousands of older thais right supporters say his leadership has brought stability and security. i have to get all my friends and everyone to come and support my promise that i know you put their lives today just flow from new york to tell me if you support. this 3 finger salute made famous by the hollywood blockbuster film the hunger games is banned in thailand it's used here to show resistance against a 2014 military coup. with fingers held high these jogging protesters are running out of patience. al-jazeera. australia's prime minister scott morrison says he'll
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recommended stablished a high level inquiry into the bushfire disaster on saturday the sydney opera house was lit up with a tribute to the firefighters and volunteers one firefighter was killed on the same day in the state of victoria at least 27 people have died since september and more than 2000 homes destroyed by arson is also responded to fierce criticism that he's faced of his response to the files now there are things that i could handle on the ground much better there's a very roar emotional environments that 95 percent or thereabouts of the responses i've had in these cases of very positive and and very appreciative u.s. media reporting more than a dozen saudi military students will be expelled from the country after a shooting in florida last month 3 american cyclists were killed by a saudi officer at a naval base in pensacola according to the reports the saudis big spilled a not accused of aiding the 21 year old suspect
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a review by the pentagon after the shooting found no trace of the item 150 saudi military students in the u.s. . world leaders who travel to armand to meet his new soul to hide them been outside he's met with britain's prince charles as well as iran's foreign minister and kuwait samir sultan was sworn in on saturday after the death of his cousin long time ruler caboose be inside outside the new leader has promised to uphold his predecessor's approach as a regional peace by. earlier i spoke to stephanie decker who is you know bans capital musket she. has vowed to uphold his predecessor's to bruce's legacy. this is been very well received it has appeased those concerns but again as many people i've been speaking to here will tell you that it's now going to be the question will be moving forward if there are cracks they're going to show in the months in the years to come he's going to have to deal with
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a lot of complexities here on the ground static canonically this this is a country that has a debt issue it has a it has an employment issue and also internationally can they can stay neutral when their leader here will be under pressure for neighbors to fall in line with their foreign policy rather than keeping what's been a very neutral stance and of course you must remember that the country is in a 3 day mourning period for ordinary people there about how the rubble to express their respect for the former liberal the the light leader express in general that they mourning for someone that they knew was the only leader inside yes and he's seen very much as a father figure he was loved by i think it's safe to say the absolute majority of this country omanis an ex-pat some like and this is a man who ruled absolutely and this is not a democracy he did have a lot of power he was the prime minister the minister of defense and chief of the armed forces but they adored him and many people describe him as you say as
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a father figure so there's been sorrow there's been sadness but other people saying that he had been rooting for 50 years he had been sick he had really rich acted from public life over the last couple of years just occasionally appearing on television or making a statement. this is. the top stores. is calling for dialogue between the u.s. . regional tension it comes as iraq's government faces growing anger of rich initial failure to admit responsibility for the downing of the ukrainian. as it comes as a very critical time in the region we've agreed that the only solution is to fuse escalations among all posses and we've also agreed that dialogue and only dialogue is the only route to any solution to any crisis. government sources told al jazeera
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that the death toll from thursday's attack on an army base has risen to at least $89.00 it happened close to the border with mali no one is claiming responsibility . a cease fire has come into effect in libya after warlord to leave after agreed to the truce just hours before was due to start the pause in fighting was brokered by the leaders of russia and turkey to support opposing sides in the conflict another agreement between moscow and ankara has led to a cease fire in italy province that's the latest of the last rebel held territory in syria and said been escalating there since russian backed government forces most of the fence of to retake it in december taiwan's pro independence president is celebrating a landslide election victory in says it won't stay on taiwan or loosen the sign the taiwan won't bow to intimidation from beijing in the philippines all flights out of manila's international airport have been suspended as authorities warn
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a large volcanic eruption could be imminent the volcano where the luzon region is about 100 kilometers south of the capital it's sitting ask one kilometer into the sky a budget for the going to be a by communities thousands of people have been told to leave their homes world leaders have traveled to amman to meet his new so it's on high from been outside he's been we've britain's prince charles as well as iran's foreign minister and kuwait siniora the new leader has promised to uphold his predecessor's approach as a regional peace by. those are the headlines the news continues here on out to syria right after this day just. his new tour is the creation fake passports that full flower seeds the is one of many makes the most a forger as he reveals the secrets of the strike on al jazeera. states
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military. top sunday morning us talk at all things strike toxic. i know i've. got to tell you that that has a lot of money he was killed in a strike by. hello i'm richard burton you're at the listening post here are some of the stories we're covering this week the u.s. and iran after the assassination the media are playing their part in both countries just not the one they are intended to for anyone concerned about this conflict turning into world war 3 twitter has some handy ideas about how to dog a possible draft india bollywood is giving prime minister modi the cold shoulder as his government struggles to sell its new citizenship law and fed up by.


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