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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 13, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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this is al jazeera. this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes libya's prime minister and warlord both in moscow raising hopes for a political settlement to the country's conflict. in iran more rallies against the government over the shooting down of a ukrainian airliner. a very difficult. we are in the philippines with thousands are on the ground after a volcanic eruption. we look at what's at stake as france prepares to host african leaders grappling with a dramatic surge in violence in the say the rich. with the sports the corruption
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trial of former world. starts in paris with the 86 year old facing up to 10 years in jail. the leaders of libya's warring sides are in russia's capital for talks after a cease fire time into force it's raised hopes the warlord relief after and the prime minister of the un recognized government. will begin to find a path towards ending years of civil conflict international diplomatic efforts to end the fighting have stepped up in recent weeks a truce brokered by turkey and russia came into force on sunday morning. that libya has been torn apart by conflict since long time ruler muammar gaddafi was overthrown in 2011 it's divided between warring militia groups which mostly backed
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the 2 rival governments the un recognized administration led by prime minister. is based in tripoli now it's supported by turkey and most western nations including italy which is worried the fighting near tripoli will. more people to cross the mediterranean in the east is the to brook based government that's the center of power for warlord who before hafter he's backed by egypt saudi arabia russia and the united arab emirates france is also accused of providing military support to his forces now we have 3 correspondents covering this story mark good up there why it is in tripoli jamal the show is in the turkish capital ankara 1st though we're going to go to moscow and step by step what can you tell us about these talks during anything yet. awhile stan we are now waiting for a press statement by both the foreign minister of russia and turkey after this meeting which has now been going on for more than 4 hours now and we are not only
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waiting to hear what are the what is the outcome of the negotiations after these long talks but also what has been the format of these talks have. actually met face to face or have they had sat for talks with the ministers russia and turkey to ministers of foreign affairs and the fans of course these are very important talks brokered by turkey and russia in istanbul last week and there's also talk that the witnessing of a possible signing of this cease fire which has come into place on sunday more morning will be also attended by a delegate from the united arab emirates and also by egypt of course these cease fire this cease fire is very important to pave the way for this international conference on libya which is scheduled to maybe even to take place in less than a week from now in berlin is to as you mentioned the cease fire in the be a brokered by russia and turkey or what you if you could to take us through
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russia's role here the influence that russia had particularly 1st of all in supporting khalifa haftar but then also getting him to the table for these talks. exactly it's very interesting to see how quickly russia and the president putin have become a broker a power broker in this conflict in libya quietly russia has been supporting a hell if i have to already for more than 3 years money for his informal government in the libya has actually been printed here in moscow lodges that logistical support was given but only a couple of months ago from around september mercenaries from the so-called walk no group or russian mercenaries have come to libya in full force and have also contributed to the fighting which basically changed the power balance in this conflict significantly positioning russia together with turkey in this in this role
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as as being is broca's which is very interesting because a similar kind of development of course happened in syria so both syria turkey and russia have positioned themselves very importantly and it's not only a role as a piece a mediator or a power broker but also economic interests here are at stake and russia of course is also interested like turkey is in the oil fields in libya and it's interesting also to know that these talks are not attended at all by the united states and they're just watching from the sidelines thank you for that's the person live for us in our moscow jamal a child is going to join us now from the turkish capital ankara and small the question i was just putting to to stick there i can also put to you we've heard about russia's influence tell us about the role that turkey has played critically in a conflict that is in many ways a proxy conflict for international powers. well i mean to understand turkey's role we've got to rewind all the way back to 2011 and the arab spring where you had
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different regional powers essentially taking different sides of what became a very clear line drawn in the sand on one side was an attempt to maintain the status quo to prop up a tarion or military regimes that had ruled the world for decades and on the other side where those who were more supportive were sympathetic towards the popular mobilisation of people who were calling for reform or to some extent regime change across the arab world turkey found itself in the camp of the nazzaro and it was probably one of the only regional powers that actually invested significantly behind that at least politically speaking in terms of the rhetoric that was coming out of its leadership but if we're coming back to today and what's going on in libya turkey's interests you could categorize into 3 different sections there is very evident economic interest with regards to not road sources that exist in the mediterranean sea and we saw that come to light in the bilateral treaty that was
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signed between both tripoli and i'm current terms of demarcating those maritime borders between the 2 so you have an economic interest there there is a security interest in not libya on the court meyer that it has become obvious he has an adverse effect on the stability of the region and obviously there's also a humanitarian perspective with regards to the fallout of any war in terms of migration that's occurs from there so those are the 3 key interest that will be pursuing obviously in the context of turkish politics jamal thank you. mahmud up the wall had now joins us live from tripoli amok would a lot from you is. a rundown of what we're seeing on the ground there and how this ceasefire has been holding if at all. well stern it has been really holding it has been very quiet on the front lines in southern tripoli today and with the exception of the deployment and
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regrouping goodby have to the forces in many axes in southern tripoli that's according to military sources with a government of national accord other than that it has been very quite notably quiet and here in tripoli in. the only operational airport in the city has resumed. take him there fortunately of the deescalation atmosphere that has prevailed over the past 24 hours all eyes today in libya are on more school to see everybody here is anticipatory to see how this meeting will conclude the conclusions of this meeting but meanwhile there have been reactions here in the west of libya especially from several institutions. state institutions. parties political parties activists government governmental and nongovernmental
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organizations but all have the same demand they are demanding that half the forces pull out from southern tripoli as a prerequisite for any peace deal or peace negotiations with the world really for have to remember a stand that the government of national court has repeatedly requested that have those forces should. pull out of tripoli to go beyond their location they took control on april the force as a prerequisite for any peace negotiations it was have to start mahmoud thank you for that now we're going to take a look at why this libyan conflict has wider consequences for the region it's become a major transit route for migrants and refugees to europe e.u. governments want a stable country to. stop the flow of people crossing the mediterranean now there's also a new maritime border deal between libya's internationally recognized government and turkey that carves out a corridor between the 2 potentially clearing the way for oil and gas exploration
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greece egypt and israel oppose that agreement and libya is sitting of course on vast oil wealth of its own its known reserves are among the largest in the world at nearly $50000000000.00. is the founder and director of the static institute a think tank specializing in libya in a phase he joins us live from london it's good to have you with us are you optimistic about these talks in moscow. regretfully i'm not and i think there's a i think as a good reason for that i think it's the substance of what may come from the truce and it's how you make it a meaningful one i mean the demands are quite clear from the genocide the international recognized government tripoli which is the half the onus to move back his forces to be april 4th positions those are the positions that means that he almost has to lose everything that he has gained in of a comma since he moved on tripoli 9 months ago and that's going to be very important to have there because he wants to freeze the conflict and use his current
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positions as leverage and the threat of resuming the conflict at any given moment and that's the 2nd part of this that i'm on this problem which is that over the last 9 months there have been no it condemnations have come from the international community from the u.n. or from the e.u. and have there is moving with an almost palpable sense of immunity from sanction from condemnation from resuming the conflict so what do we do if this truce breaks and we've already heard that late last night there were certain moments where it was a fragile truce and it can be broken into tripoli and the 3rd element of all of this is what have their uses this is a moment to kind of take a fresh look at the conflict replenish the supply lines that isn't there to supply lines on the ground and then use that to resume the conflict now with fresh troops with a strategy that accommodates what has come from talk of support over the last month that's going to be very very all of these issues are going to be here for grabs and it really means that the fruit of this deal about how they move their forces back is going to rest on whether or not it's going to be a successful were
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a failure does it not rest of the on us on here what you're saying about have to and some of these reservations and what he's ambitions maybe big crucial to this isn't the the lib region of russia supporting after getting him to the table and turkey of course supporting the government of national accord those 2 countries a going to be critical of the. to a certain degree turkey has given the military support of the g n a and that's critical that is leverage if they were to take military support or wait in the g. and a would be forced to negotiate but if russia takes its you know hundreds of mercenaries that are there what is half there left with his left with a u.a.e. drone base that had operational since 2016 in the east of libya according to the new york times responsible for 2 thirds of the death toll in tripoli he also has generated so the news mercenaries that he's brought in over the last year and so there's ground forces in those military forces in addition to a french veto that he has used that both the e.u. level and the u.n. level to move the meeting so russia's support is is useful in critical but only on
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the back of support from the u.a.e. egypt as well and france and i think in that respect we overestimate russia's influence here we should remember that you know the 1st call they made 45 days ago to stop this war was refused but after until putin called in the u.a.e. and presidencies egypt and then the move to turkey then the move to to russia took place so we shouldn't forget what the phone calls were made and who else has leverage in this war indeed and i was talking about it thank you again for your insights today. will be more protests in iran after the government admitted its military mistakenly shot down the ukrainian airliner last week killing 176 people demonstrators have been defying a heavy police presence in the capital tehran officers have been using tear gas but the chief of police is urging them to use restraint they've also been rallies against the u.k. by those who say its government is trying to stir up tales as a base in tehran he says the iranian government understands why the protesters are
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angry. there have been protests over the last few days that has me angry chants some anti government some anti revolutionary guard but he said he said that people have a right to protest we understand that they are angry and that they are mourning he said that we have told police and security services to show restraint he said but he said that some people like deliberately trying to escalate the matter and trying to. force a confrontation with the police. is also upset at the british ambassador he was briefly detained at one of the vigils or protests the other day from the iranian perspective this was an unknown foreigner that had attended a vigil not a vigil organized by the government for diplomats invited to this was organized over social media now he said but the british ambassador actions unprofessional and diplomatic and he actually warned the british to stay away from the internal
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affairs of iran he said that britain has a long history of into furring in iran and that's why we see this outpouring of anger outside the british embassy against the british and he said that the britain should just because of that reason should refrain from commenting on getting involved in the internal affairs of iran the u.s. led coalition against us all in iraq has opened up its. military air base to international media revealing the damage from the iranian missile attack last week tehran strikes on the base on wednesday in retaliation for the assassination of a military commander of the money the iranian revolutionary guard says the strikes were meant to damage the american military machine. plenty more ahead on the new south including we're going to have the latest on the legal duty in the treason types of pakistan's former president pervez musharraf. plus protect a closer look at the toll the astroid far as a pat on the country's most vulnerable inhabitants and the world's top badminton
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players. easier injured in a road accident that killed his driver pools but i have to toss it back in sports. about 20 corruption in the philippines is forcing tens of thousands of people to flee their homes volcano in target say about 70 kilometers south of the capital manila started spewing ash and lava on sunday 1000 people have already been evacuated from the island on which the bulk i know sits with thousands board leaving coastal towns jamila on the duggan has more now from tom aside. we are in this province about 16 kilometers from kaino the roads are slippery this is a very difficult journey for those who are trying to flee evacuation this started as
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early as sunday afternoon and thousands have already fled the priority according to the government is to secure those within the 14 kilometer range of. this tri soko. is an entire family. from police. they have been trying to evacuated since sunday afternoon. we're seeing cars full of family members try their very best to bring whatever they can of their belongings. 3 teachers have been killed in kenya in a suspected attack by al-shabaab fighters a primary school was attacked and
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a nearby police station set on fire in derisive county the somali border which is linked to al qaeda has killed hundreds of people in both somalia and kenya in years of attacks aimed at imposing its version of islamic law or news is president has replaced the country's top army chief after the latest attack on a military base there where $89.00 soldiers were killed it happened on thursday near the border with mali it's the latest incident in africa's whole region which is becoming increasingly violent so he'll lead as a jew to meet french president emanuel. in southwest france to decide on the future of the french military presence that. has moved. in december the bodies of 71 soldiers from the share play it's a military base in the capital a grim reflection of growing violence in a silo they were killed in an attack claimed by i saw in the west of the country this is i decided to come myself to give my nation's gratitude inconsolable but not
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all defeated to these men plucked from the affection of the loved ones in the prime of life for what they are to us our heroes our martyrs the french president emanuel macro visited me share to pay his respects just $3.00 weeks earlier in paris mccord led a memorial for 13 french soldiers killed in a helicopter crash in mali more than $4000.00 french troops are fighting armed groups in the syal alongside forces from the share bikini faso chad mauritania and mali the g 5 countries but as the casualties mount so his hostility against former colonial power france on the should not be possibility i notice and to many countries an anti french sentiment is no prospering without any clear political condemnation but i cannot accept sending our soldiers into the field in countries where our presence is not clearly requested. the french president has invited g 5
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leaders to a summit to clarify whether they want french troops to remain in their countries the deployment isn't only being questioned in the region though but also here in france where the mission is poorly understood by the public and there's growing pressure on michael to justify france's involvement so this is often the path for 6 years with opera about cannes france has been in the saddle and it seems were to tipping point there are no real results people in sile are positive about the situation the threat hasn't been eradicated so the g 5 saw how countries are asking themselves if france is really the only country that has solutions maybe other countries can help. people wonder if it's time to stop increasing a french military presence it is costly to africans and france cross says if french troops are to continue fighting in sile he wants a greater commitment from g 5 leaders he's expected to achieve that for now but what's less clear is for how long. paris must take
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a closer look now at the region that we're talking about these whole refers to a vast area covering western and central africa the militaries of 5 countries in that region. and chad make up the hill g 5 joint force it aims to maintain regional control against the fighters of the violence in the region has only been getting worse the number of people killed in attacks in bikini mali and algeria jumped from 770 in 2016 to more than 4000 last year it's largely because of a combination of attacks by armed groups and intercommunal violence remote areas where the state's presence is weak are especially vulnerable humanitarian cost is also growing the u.n. estimates half a 1000000 people have been displaced that's a 10 fold increase in just 3 years co-moving is a consulting fellow with the africa program at chatham house and he joins us live
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from london it's good to have you with us paul i wanted to look at the role that france comply and the expectations of the g 50 countries this tension about france's role questions about its ongoing commitment and also demands that the g 5 themselves step up what's required here. well on the on the one hand you do clearly need a more focused and even stronger military effort there is a big military deployment at present but there's now. a review that's been going on the last few months over how to adjust that military response to a fit with the situation that we've got now this crisis has been going on for several years as your report pointed out and the conditions that prevail now a not the same as those back in 20122013 when the crisis was really focused in the north of mali now and the real focus of that to vittie has shifted south
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a bit to the area where the borders with neijing arabic in a fast and mali converge the so-called 3 front is region and in this area a group which claims loyalty to die ash to eisele is the most active and it's been staging a series of really very violent attacks of the last few months that have cost many dozens of soldiers lives and the french soldiers who died were killed in a helicopter crash as they were engaged against that group and so the military response needs to be focused on this region the governments have concluded both fronts on the civilians but we also need a political gesture to show that everybody's working together paul you've had a strong presence from france expectations of other countries as well getting involved and i hear you on the need to put political as well as
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a military response been. how do you explain the ability of these groups to be able to prove sort of resilient be able to change their tactics move the theater of that conflict as you've said to different parts of the region as well go what is behind that that level of resilience that we've seen in the ongoing potency. well i think we need to be realistic this is a large area even just the 3 frontiers region is hundreds and hundreds of kilometers across it's a mixture of a scrub forest 70 desolate it's very very difficult terrain and the armed groups the jihadists are very immobile they're mostly using all terrain motorbikes so they travel very quickly they used to operating in these conditions. it's very easy to stage if you like extremely violent but essentially pinprick
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attacks on isolated army garrisons and the armies of the sal countries are trying to defend if you like fixed frontier positions and so their soldiers are quite vulnerable so i don't think we should be surprised that the level of violence is as severe as it is and it doesn't require huge numbers of jihadists to cause this level of trouble but the problem is if the problem is not contained if the violence spills out further it could become seriously threatened and not just to the immediate communities but to the widest stability of the region as a whole and paul just listening to you there what you're saying is that it is indeed going to become worse because we're not seeing necessarily the conditions on the ground to be able to confront this this challenge this threat we're not seeing the political and the military come to give that we are talking about countries that are weak particularly in some of these more remote areas where those groups
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have a stronghold so just listen to what you're saying there in the in the short to medium this is going to get worse. it may get worse in the very short term but i think it is at least possible that we could see also see some progress parts of this military rethink is to really focus the military effort on the 3 frontiers region but in other parts of the sahara where um issues are more easily treated for example troop political understandings through more community negotiation and mediation and then also through state heavens to provide some basic services. we could see some improvements so for example in minot in the far east of mali just yesterday there was an agreement between 2 sets of armed groups that are not jihad is to cooperate in providing security for that area now that sort of thing
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can take the pressure off there and allow the real military effort to focus where the jihadist threat is greatest so it's not impossible we could see progress as well as probably further violent incidents over the next few months the 2 may happen together. as often happens in cases like this paul thank you so much for that poor movie consulting fellow with the africa program at chatham house appreciate it on a high court in pakistan as of a turn to treason conviction the former president pervez musharraf it ruled that the formation of the special tribunal the tried nisar was unconstitutional now he was sentenced to death in december after being found guilty on charges related to declaration of a state of emergency in 2007 come on hyder joins us now live from islamabad called take us through this decision it appears to be contradictory doesn't it on the one hand the 1st massara fuz convicted for acting unconstitutionally now we're hearing
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in this court that the court that convicted mazhar itself was unconstitutional explain that force. yes indeed they said indeed it. should be remember back in december when. people were shot because. of military. but this president did because of. the fall military rule of. high court challenging the court busy. come on which. major discrepancies as far as the procedures were concerned and. ruling that this was unconstitutional because. the approval of the cabinet that would have been
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absolutely necessary. by a convicted prime minister who was at that time prime minister out by the former busy military ruler. and. the chief justice of the supreme court 'd. by that would seem to be politically. 'd dead. totally unconstitutional. of course remains. in any case but is this the final would now from this court ruling. indeed it did because it would be up to the government granted warrants to reinitiate the procedure start the court all over again the government of god would not be interested because this would seem to be politically motivated politically
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motivated in the 1st place so it appears that for now days to go it will of course be a surprise because the member banks which was heading the. 2 against one word and that of course 'd were squashed 'd by the. president. expected in view of the fact that much harder. he was not able to do or tend to court and so there were also questions as to how a man could be sentenced to death. come all thank you for that come on a live from islamabad. well starting in pakistan 2 days of heavy snow and rain is being blamed for the deaths of at least 25 people the emergency services in baluchistan and punjab provinces so several people were killed after the roof collapsed snow for them the city of quota have broken a 20 year record stands governor has declared a state of emergency in several districts and called in the military to cope with
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rescue and relief efforts. what's happening in the weather elsewhere. for the latest on the yeah. yeah we're going to your access i did see normally bad weather in pakistan is sort of reflected in some parts of europe we have at the moment because a developing story behind more haiti a closer look might suffice we're out of hurricane season but the winds around this thing are reminiscent of those of a category one hurricane it's coming across arland the cloud of course over 50 covering the u.k. is a good back edge to it so that's where everything stops with the rain for the heap of the wind point of view the colors here the redder they are the stronger the window nichols the bigger they are the stronger it is and it's coming in now with the rain band and the interest to england wells and scotland i've already seen gusts in caucus in science because of all of about $133.00 so even this sort of warning is out of date in one gust 230 but coastal flooding is inevitable as
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a high tide and you've got how it can force winds running up the western side of this is not the 1st time it's happened this winter is possibly the worst occasion and in 24 hours time strong winds could be heading across further south and further east england's going to get the brunt of it though i have to say it's not and it's this part of europe the same persistent sundry windy went where the rest of europe is too quiet. rob thank you for that still ahead on al-jazeera a confession from one of the suspects on trial for the murder of an investigative journalist in slovakia. the government's making headlines by shutting down newspapers. sport 42 year old. number 2 in the n.b.a. with the school and despite consulting hall's going to have more on that last. player. the story of
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a british italian man experiencing life close up in a palestinian refugee camp in beirut it's. coming face to face with the daily lives of its residents some of whom have lived there for 70 years but it's been a soldier's life it's not the only life the short 7 days in beirut let. on al-jazeera. the form of the burning inspired you to pin dreams of peace and democracy but how many came to pass they transformed from communist the social democrats but it was a fake democracy people in power travels through the former eastern bloc to ask why post cold war optimism to succumb to darker more authoritarian realities the police called a cup or brought a bomb to the launch and they were ready to detonate beyond the wall part 2 on al
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jazeera. you're watching else 0 let's remind you now about top stories this hour the leaders of libya's warring sides are in the russian capital for talks after a cease fire came into force of the weekend it's not yet known where the prime minister fires also rouse and the wallboard relief after will in fact news. of all tending to rupture in the philippines is forcing tens of thousands of people to flee their homes 1000 people have already been evacuated from the island of talisay where the volcano sits thousands more leaving coastal towns. these years president has replaced his top army chief after the latest attack on
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a military base killed $89.00 soldiers it comes as leaders from mr whole region prepared to meet in france to discuss the future of the french military presence. here. well the head of human rights watch has been denied entry to hong kong where he was due to launch a report critical of china i just want to interrupt this story though because we're going to go now to the turkish president richard let's have a history of what he has to say. we have met. him. and it was very rude food and we dealt with so many a top picks. and we want. other same time to sort out most of these things we also expressed holds. for giving a moment to relations on so many demands because it's illegal and it comes
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to trade relations. is the number 50 when it comes to the list of comes to dealing with turkey. and the commercial. trade to extend all of those should be given. because we need more and more and we are aiming at increasing such a level between both come through as we talked about these smart today and we have. set goals for the future will. be paying more than $30000000000.00 both countries in order to increase the level of commercial and trade the exchange between both contras and also we have agreed to have.
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commercial meeting. between both come to the older to. deal with the matters also will be having their 2 meetings and the field of politics and other things $30000000000.00 is the aim to be paired in the near future or so. there will be a summit between both countries as. they expect their. guidelines to be there in order to increase the pay is of cooperation between both governments. also there will be a sort of a game between the national selections of both come. in rome and we wish all the best for both teams. we with
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watch of the game. i think he will hold in a perfect way in roma. we are going now through a very sensitive period of time because of the problems facing both come as we have the problem of terrorism and terrorist waves east of the mediterranean and it's a very sensitive period in the history of both countries and we need to have such made things continuously in order to open or the door was to discuss and to sort out all these matters.
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also the situation in libya is very important and we have agreed on the potence offices fire the russian agreement with help a lot in this regard and this is sort of the window that has been opened and. we want this when the to pave the way for a last thing in the region we are waiting for the signature of the agreement and we have common goals we are always in called the nation we exchange data and information. and we have the same agenda in this connection. we want to have a concrete result and a last think solution to the problem that. says ceasefire.
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is on go in and we want to be on the go in but in case there is no a peaceful solution in libya we cannot talk about the stability of the region. are you believe that the berlin conference on the berlin. constituent a turning point an important turning point in this regard i had a chance to talk with so many figures of personalities as you know that very soon the berlin conference will be convened. and i hope managed to put an end to this military conflict the situation of both countries and of it's in their particular is quite clear in this connection.
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and. a lot of things are related to this matter but it's are you see things are very sincere efforts are very sincere. and in his step to be taken by any party will determine the future of libya so if they want peace if they want welfare if they want high standard of living then they have to reach the point of bringing peace to the country it's a lee will be able at the same time to find an important partner that we can depend on in each other in the better future for. stability. and in the pendens. of quiet important. because it's a league cannot give a blind eye to this particular point. we need to applaud tect the u.n.
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is there to supervise the belen conference we and. with you know be part is and parts of this solution. it's not only within libya there are issues in. syria there are problems that we have to deal with and to tackle in the middle east. is directly affected by these problems and the diplomatic efforts being exerted have to be condensed and have to have an ultimate goal which is to bring stability to the region and it's really we like that we work for that we hope for that and. we cannot only make statements but we
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need practical things we need efforts to be exerted to bring things in reality we need to fight. we were one of the come players who have played a great and effective role in the middle east and it's and is the 2nd country. peacekeeping forces in the region when it comes to the numbers of forces. the relations between both countries are great and. it's not. going to be for dryland any time. is a very important country and we need to him prove the butt out to races between our
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both countries than the commercial and to the relations our companies that are effective in the economy of turkey our country companies are working their. peace and i believe that the investors and. hate to see us on that's a fish scenes we have big. company is and we have medium companies active in. working in so many fields and domains also we have corporate in the field of technology in formation and the stray. thanks to the democracy. and thanks to the peaceful environment in both countries. we are now having common ground and we have paved the way for
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mutual investment. gone some trading on economy because economy is the main tool for giving momentum to the people and securing safe life to the peoples of both countries. you know that's really. yeah it's time now for the 1st question from the italian press and then another question from the turkish press 1st question on this. president president conte i know i mean. from the italian radio and t.v.
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. you know there are made to this between suraj and huffed in moscow these meetings are going on in that to reach i think agreement and we have some information that needs a clarification but it's there within the media the last thing seize fire there the united nations supporting this part. and. the forces. of peacekeeping. do you think the peacekeeping forces can be there in libya and if there is such a force how do you value with the situation and have you received information to take part in the berlin conference. it was good as i
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mean things in moscow are on the go and i expect. today the evening we. witnessed the end of these talks about feel you. minutes ago i have got sort of a measure of that the maid thing is on go in a positive way in the lead we'll also. have some meetings and i have known about the u.n. . this regard so this is far should go on a ceasefire should continue here the united nations will play a big role this is a very important decision. and. we have met we will meet leaders in the bill conference and i hope will reach
4:48 pm
a solution and this is one of the aims of these meeting i hope and. particularly when it comes to the recent developments in libya i wish these matters will come to and then i hope we will solve this matter this problem and i hope they will bring peace and stability to libya. because if from the turkish side. you mentioned. not a question from the turkish t.v. . wasn't to the italian president one of those that in order to reach. tenuous is fire we need a political solution what is your proposal for reaching up political lost and
4:49 pm
political solution in libya because of it i don't want to guarding the berlin conference. the conference will be held very soon what are your expectations. and. you will answer your question directly. a. year ago meeting with mr erdogan. you spoke together we've got information together regarding the what's going on in moscow. yes we have some information that you know the agreement will be signed between both parties but these steps cannot be
4:50 pm
declared officially right now. and we can not say this when it comes to the berlin conference we need to mean there in order to find a final last thing solution when it comes to the result they expect the from the bill of conference. let me. tell you when it comes to the. at then the berlin conference yes. there was a conference and. it was suppose for everyone to be invited but on the other hand. those disciplines and the lists of the delegations of participating in these summits cannot go for a long time and cannot include
4:51 pm
a huge number of people those names that are concern and should be in via trade directly one and i was really keen to invite those people who have rows and had lived in old to tell the world their opinions and during our meetings. with the party is concerned in libya. we have had things regarding this point but the libyans were not there so we werent it's really working hard to have people to gather and to sit on the same table yes there are some political expectations but. we haven't the clerk of the in the past was there already the
4:52 pm
meetings were there already and we. all was willing to find a last thing not temporary political solution. this is one of our main goals that we want to reach. when you say the political situation we mean that in the burnin confluence we will concentrate on the political solution we need to take steps in this regard and we need libya to be dependent we need libya to be united we need the territorial integrity of libya and fully. we need to have these ceasefire to go on it's quite important
4:53 pm
for everyone to work hard in order to reach the stage of fair elections in libya yes we need some time yes will exert a lot of efforts but the libyans or the librans the united nations europe turkey we are all concerned the new are all going to continue more efforts in old to to reach a concrete result. yes one of comes to the burden part of let me tell you before everything. that there is a strong participation. and. you know even a meeting for one day can help us to reach a solution and to have a good outcome the summit of today in moscow is quite important and will pave the
4:54 pm
way for the berlin conference the meetings being held now in moscow. between ourselves and his team and. the delegation hostel and his team they are all now in moscow. and russia is their. representation is always the. first since the very beginning. a. reaching solution. to meeting with putin also dealt with the kind of. angles of the sciri of the libyan problem steps should be taken in this regard. meetings are there being held in moscow.
4:55 pm
and we had and occasions from our friends. there that the meeting of the moscow will end in a positive way. and we will get this result and we would have built on this is on the berlin conference of older. solid ground for a peaceful last thing solution in libya. we need the last thing ceasefire permanent ceasefire this is a potent issue. full. disability brothers think you watch.
4:56 pm
and that's where we leave that news conference between the turkish president which attire burdwan and italy's prime minister just said because really speaking with one voice they're discussing obviously this may be a ceasefire both saying there is a need for a lasting peace of course this meeting occurs at the same time as the libyan leader fires the surat is in moscow as well as the warlord holy for hafta they're both in moscow for discussions about extending that ceasefire we also heard from president one that he's hearing very positive noises about that meeting in moscow and believes that they will be a positive outcome and just believes that there will be an agreement in fact signed but all of this be followed up at another summit in berlin on general 19 between turkey russia italy and others involved tomorrow is going to join us now live in the turkish capital ankara very positive signs there really interested as well in the messages that president earlier one is getting from moscow that things are
4:57 pm
going very positively there. and it's reiteration at least from the turkish front of you that they want to show that they are for it's are beginning to reap some rewards in the hour is cause for optimism as far as the turks are concerned there is a significance here that as you mentioned they are speaking in unison with another country a european country that's another nato ally and this comes on the backdrop of maybe turkey finding itself isolated or maybe at least more lonely position when it came to pursuing specific from policy is visibly in the middle east particularly for example in syria where it was that cross had not just with russia but also with the united states and the european union this time at least the fact that the are there on the they have been supportive at least verbally through the prime minister the prime minister contest statements there of turkey that is something that's going to be extremely significant and give more momentum jamal this political process let's
4:58 pm
explain as well that the role that italy place both turkey and italy supporting the government of national accord but easily of course very concerned about the flow of refugees on the other side of course supporting after you have a range of different countries the united arab emirates egypt russia of course critical as well but the convergence of all the different players in these coming together on this day. for sure i mean mother that convergences jew a true or is up positive result of them agreeing to or century share things out be it a konami benefits or security presence or regional influence or whether it's due to the fact that they realize that even more instability in our region that are sold for volatile is essentially a harming their more we're not quite sure about there is definitely some sorts of consensus where my the major players who are concerned with libya have been able to find it least up process where they can all start moving in a starts and direction to mount thank you so much for that they're joining is from libya of course reiterating the message that we've heard to day these meeting
4:59 pm
between the turkish president earth a one at also italy's prime minister just sippy contact front and center discussions about libya the cease fire in the bia and both expressing that they a looking for a lost and peace at the same time there is a critical meeting under way in moscow where the wool load to leaf a haftar and the libyan leader yasser raj a both they are at the monnet meeting in moscow or with a hopes of extending that cease fire and the prison it heard a one saying he is getting very positive messages about what's coming out of moscow with the possibility of a deal alton with the coming out of that were break away from that now will have more news here now to the euro and just i'm on the counting the cost why the u.s. spends billions on bulls and maintaining military bases across the world plus the reshaping of the meets in this free as african swines the decimates find as pork industry i'm the fence digits tax but could escalate a trade counting the boss on which is there
5:00 pm
a the turkish sent a tag in leaders so they will join vladimir putin in berlin light of this month in an effort to bring peace to libya this is. also. a very. we are in the philippines with thousands of.


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