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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2020 2:00am-3:00am +03

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he's making a difference. this is al jazeera. news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes warring parties in libya's conflict move closer to a draft deal for an unconditional ceasefire. the united states drops its designation of china as a currency manipulator the head of a planned deal to halt the trade will. france and 5 west african states agreed to unite their forces under a joint command structure these armed groups step up attacks in the soho region. very difficult. by. the 10s of thousands of people are on the run in the
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philippines fearing any volcanic eruption. and $21.00 saudi military students are told to leave the united states that's a month after a fellow cadets shot dead 3 american sailors. 7 talks on a permanent cease fire in libya ended on monday without a decisive breakthrough but russia's foreign minister says quote good progress is being made what would he leave for half to has asked for time until tuesday morning to consider signing a formal deal he's in moscow for negotiations along with the head of libya's u.n. recognized government following that fragile truce brokered by russia and turkey over the weekend so fast and has this report now from moscow. the aim of monday's meeting in moscow less to formalize to cease fire that started in libya on sunday 24 hours earlier russia and. turkey invited fired outside atch prime minister of
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the un backed government and warlord after to sign a more permanent truth that's aimed at paving the way towards formal negotiations to end libya's 9 year long civil war but after 7 hours of talks one signature remains missing word emotion today we can report that a certain progress has been achieved and the chairman of the government of national of libya mr starch and the chairman of have consul of state mr has just signed it. the comment of libyan national army and the president of libya house of representatives in tobruk mr see this document positively and have asked for some extra time till to morrow morning to decide on what they were to sign it i hope their decision will be positive the ceasefire was brokered by the president of turkey and russia in islam will last week following a meeting with italy's prime minister is epicanthic ratchet tayyip erdogan announced he will be in berlin on january did 19th for an international conference
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aimed at ending the libyan conflict. even if it is only in one day i believe a strong result from these dogs dogs which take place in moscow to lay the foundation for the process turkish troops were recently sent to libya to help slow half past 9 month advance on the capital tripoli in the complicated proxy war russian mercenaries together with the united arab emirates and egypt are aiding have to are both russia and turkey say they are hopeful that half the will signed a truth agreement on tuesday morning long and complicated negotiations here in moscow show how complicated the conflict in libya is with the international conference due in berlin it's crucial that the truth or weymouth will be signed and sealed here in moscow 1st step fasten al-jazeera moscow. well libya has been torn
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apart by conflict thing for a long time ruler moammar gadhafi was overthrown back in 2011 it's divided between moring militia groups which mostly back to rival governments of the u.n. recognize administration which is led by prime minister fire that's based in tripoli it's supposed to supported by turkey in most western nations including italy which is worried the fighting near tripoli will force more people to cross the mediterranean and then in the east there's the top base governments which is the center of power for wall orderly for have to he's backed by egypt by saudi arabia by russia and by the united arab emirates france is also accused of providing military support to his forces well the upcoming summit berlin summit on the libyan crisis is expected to be led by the united nations diplomatic editor james bays has more now from u.n. headquarters in new york. diplomats have remarked to me what this shows about power and influence among external actors in the middle east and they say that there are
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parallels with the situation in syria clearly they are different conflicts but in syria you had a u.n. led process and yet most of the developments of come as a result of the russians and the turks along with the iranians the so-called a starner process in syria now what one diplomat described as the astonished occasion of libya again you have russia and turkey which are on different sides of the argument which support different groups coming together to try and come up with an outcome that suits their interests and pushing out of the way the united nations the e.u. and the united states i got this comment on this from the u.n. secretary general spokesman the u.n. cannot operate in a vacuum right what is always important whether it's in syria or libya and those are different cases right i mean. whether it's in syria in libya.
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a political process cannot move forward without the will of the people. being represented but also we need to be realistic without involvement of not only of the parties who are fighting on the ground but of the parties outside of the country who have an influence what is important is that what is happening in moscow feeds into berlin and if general have to signs the cease fire agreement that remains a big if that is the next stage a summit in berlin at leader level but that summit now will effectively be a rubber stamp of the diplomacy crafted by russia and turkey. maybe on the united states has lifted its designation of china as a currency manipulator that's just days before the 2 countries are expected to sign a trade deal the u.s. treasury says china has made commitments not to keep its currency the yuan artificially low the world's 2 largest economies set to sign
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a preliminary agreement on wednesday in a bid to end an 18 month trade war or for more on this let's cross now live to alan fischer who's in washington d.c. and now and this is a pretty important concession to the chinese government does now. well if you flashback 4 years ago donald trump was campaigning on the fact that he would. designate china to be a come see manipulator on his 1st day in the white house now eventually got round to just 5 months ago and was at the height of the trade war between the united states and china remember the u.s. has imposed a lot of sanctions on to chinese goods don't come continues to say it's the chinese that's paying the the those tariffs but it's not because the u.s. consumer and it's estimated there around every family in the united states is now $800.00 more soft because of donald trump's trade war with china no the move to to call them a cunt see manipulator is largely 7 symbolic really didn't have much impact but
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don't trump no saying we're going to lift that designation that certainly helps before he said stone with the chinese vice premier on wednesday and signs a new trade deal certainly helped the stock market again is up donald trump spoke about it very briefly as he left the white house this afternoon on his way to a sporting event he talked about how good the the whole stock market was doing and how people were benefiting from him being there and really he thinks that this is a very good move something to assure the chinese before they go in to those signing . ceremonies in 2 days from no but there is criticism and it's coming largely from the democratic side chuck schumer is saying look china still a come see manipulator by just removing the designation we're giving them a great deal and not getting a great deal back in the trade deal and really this is
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a sign that donald trump isn't the master negotiator that he says he is and thanks very much allan fisher in washington. now in france and it's a partner nations in africa so a whole region have agreed to unite their troops under one command structure that's to step up the fight against armed groups and its allies in southwest france the leaders of mali of became the faster the shia mauritania and chad also asked the united states not to pull troops out of the region a move which the pentagon is considering at paris will send $220.00 more troops to support the fight despite growing sentiment that in recent months rebels linked to al qaeda and i still have strength in their positions right across these the whole prelate the city they are the priority is the islamic state of the greatest the heart which doesn't prevent us from fighting against all terrorist groups but this is the main enemy because they're the most dangerous as we have seen to reach the subject of we a changing methods by implementing
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a joint military coalition between khan and the joint forces of the g 5 and concentrating our efforts in this. all right let's hear now from the tasha butler who's been following events at a summit in france. well at the end of. southwestern france the g 5. leaders the french president agreed to cooperate more closely militarily and politically to fight what they called a growing terrorism in the region the president of bikini said that $29000.00 had been a very difficult year with an increasing number of fatal attacks against the military and against civilians he talks about it being a humanitarian crisis that was unprecedented in the region now what the leaders said they needed to do was basically bolster the region the border region between kenya fast so and mali a particularly volatile region where many of these attacks have taken place france also sending $220.00 extra troops and they also called on the international
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community to do more to support this region to support the g 5 force in terms of the just sticks and money because they said what happens in that region of course affects the world because many of the armed groups that are working in that region operating that region i should say have links to al qaida i saw. jennifer kirk who is director of the institute for african studies at george washington university joins us on skype from washington d.c. jennifer into the program the parties agreed to this joint command structure of the coalition for the so how is that the way to go do you think. well certainly closer coordination is a good thing i mean they've been trying for some time with the g 5 hell and bar come on i'm not sure how much of a fundamental difference this new structure will create you know i think the france has been there on the ground for 6 years now it's made
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a major investment it's lost troops it's based they have faced mounting protests it's noted and the situation is getting worse not better than a zone of operations is growing the casualties are mounting the commendatory and displacement is growing and so i think france is really quite desperate to try something new but also to get those partner governments kind of sagal and solidly behind it it does it's taken on by deferred net is facing a lot of protests in those countries it wants to make a clear signal that it has the support of those those governments in taking a song arroyo any and jennifer is a military solution the only solution is that the only way to go forward. well no and this is been the problem from really think yet is that you don't want all this focus on the military for nation tends to prioritize and privilege that kind of
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military and reinforce a tendency to take this on solely as a military issue when in fact it is fundamentally a political one and i think france needs to press home and all of those the governments of the african union as well that's fundamentally political nature of this that you need governance in some of these peripheral areas you need to extend opportunities there needs to be some kind of outreach perhaps to some of the jihadi spirits themselves and certainly to some of the armed political groups that are adding to the violence and that is much more difficult takes a much more nuanced student and long term commitment it takes it's hard for those governments to set help to do they fail to do step to date and so the military option seems to be the one that gets the emphasis but i suppose the thing is i would probably think he has it to promote governance and to promote community building that you could to stop the fighting for us of a new well that's right but there has been the military solution has
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not been working as i said it's it's been getting much worse and you have to be able to do some of each at the same time. it's not that there's there there is shouldn't be any military intervention certainly there has to be but there has to be a company by at that run by us and solely committed development to a political agenda alongside absolutely it's a complex situation the multifaceted approach politics but jennifer cook appreciate it thanks. well probably more ahead on the news hour including the latest on the investigation into iran shooting down of a ukrainian passenger jet. the 2 popes could a papal clash prevent roman catholic priests from getting. the corruption trial of a former world chief. is delayed offers in paris peter will have the details.
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now the threats of what experts are calling a volcanic tsunami is forcing tens of thousands of people to flee their homes in the philippines volcano who is in the middle of a lake and it's feared in a violent underwater eruption will cause destructive waves and reports from the nearby province emergency began on sunday when the volcano started spewing ash and lava. there is fear and anxiety here thousands of people are fleeing their homes and looking for a safe place to go everything happened in an instant. kaino in the northern philippines spewed ashes steam and lava on sunday a violent activity not seen for decades and raising the threat not just to those living in the projects of the day but even in the capital manila where many people
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also woke up to a city covered in a huge. driving to but down the us was a difficult journey we came across people desperate to flee gathering their families together and not bringing anything else except the clothes on their backs really becoming real being asked to leave and we had nowhere to go to look for places and there are still people we left behind it isn't easy the roads are bad and we are constantly reminded that we are in a dangerous zone while speaking to some of the residents we felt another earthquake ok we're feeling. there is an earthquake mild we were told this is because of the volcanoes constant activity basically which is trying to say is that they are trying to make their way out of here so they can go to the next possible
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town hoping to be able to commute and get to the nearest relative in the next province the philippine government says it is doing the best it can but admits resources are already stretched thousands of people have already been moved to different evacuation sites unsure when they will be able to return home. you know the situation here is difficult there is no electricity and water the roads are muddy making it difficult to back with people here even our trucks are struggling powerless one of the world's smallest active volcanoes it sits in the middle of a lake just a few hours from manila a popular tourist destination known for its unique landscape for people who have lived around the lake all the lives the owl was a volcano they were raised to love not one they thought they would be here one day
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jim duggan al-jazeera but then guess northern philippines. well let's take a closer look at the dangers this volcano poses is on the main island of luzon that is 70 kilometers south of the capital manila and it's part of what is known as the pacific ring of fire the volcano is in the middle of lake tahoe it's linked to a complex series of overlapping cones and craters the surrounding area it is ignited as a permanent danger zone because of the geography experts have warned of what they call a volcanic tsunami that's when the force from a violent underwater eruption causes destructive waves in an explosive eruption magma violently spews out instead of using out and this along with heavy ash and tremors has caused the mass evacuation of tens of thousands of people from the island while it's been dormant for 40 years tall as a ruptured 33 times in 1572 in 1011 and russian killed more than 1300
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people. iranian protesters have defied heavy police presence in the capital tehran for a 3rd day the aggregate of the killing of 176 people on board a ukrainian airliner iran's military shut it down by mistake police fired tear gas at protesters and the chief of police is calling for restraint on all sides well 57 canadians died when iran shot down the ukrainian jet last week kind of there is sending a team of investigators to the crash site and officials say tehran is allowing them to play a more active role than usual your lack is the latest from toronto. canadian investigators are joining the investigation and they will be arriving shortly in tehran if they're not there already just a 2 of them will be going to the crash site in tehran another couple will probably be deployed in ankara to do special duties to do with the analyzing the cockpit recorders and that sort of thing the other thing is that the inspectors of the
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canadian transportation safety board who made the announcement in ottawa that their people were on the way or possibly even they are now said that iran was being extremely cooperative there have been early signs that iran is allowing the t.s.b. to play a more active role than normally permitted for example by inviting t.s.p. investigators to participate in the download and analysis of the cockpit voice and flight data recorders again whenever and wherever that takes place the inspectors will also be not making any public announcements that was what they said in ottawa that it's up to iran to inform the public about what's going on in the investigation overall a fairly positive tone given that just a week ago we were not hearing of any sort of cooperation with this crash investigation just after the crash last week consular officials from canada are also on the way so it looks for the moment that the families the grieving families
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here in canada have a tiny bit of good news to think about that canada may be able to shed some light on what happened to their loved ones the trumpet ministration has announced that 21 saudi military trainees in the united states will be sent back to the kingdom it follows an investigation by the attorney general and the f.b.i. into december shooting by a saudi cadet the naval base in pensacola florida a 3 u.s. sailors were killed in the attack that washington is calling not to terrorism my kind of as. the shooting shocked the tightly knit community at pensacola and raised questions about the training programs that allowed hundreds of international could debts to attend courses at u.s. bases the f.b.i. interviewed some 500 people in its investigation in which it found that the shooter muhammad rami acted alone and that none of his fellow saudi officers had any for knowledge of the attack but the social media accounts of $21.00 of the cadets
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contained what the u.s. attorney general called derogatory material most cases ranging from what is described as terrorist related content to child pornography the relevant u.s. attorney's office is independently reviewed each of the 21 cases involving derogatory information in determined that none of them would in the normal course result in federal prosecution however the kingdom of saudi arabia determined to dismiss serial demonstrated conduct unbecoming an officer in the royal saudi air force and in the royal navy and the 21 cadets have been disenrolled from their training curriculum in the u.s. military and will be returned returning to saudi arabia the f.b.i. also released details about the shooter's activities in the days leading to the attack which included a visit to the 911 memorial in new york city as well as posting a number of anti us and anti israeli comments on his social media feeds the
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conclusion that the killings were an act of terrorism is motivated by a violent ideology mike hanna al-jazeera washington but lawrence korb is a senior fellow at the center for american progress and a former u.s. assistant secretary of defense joins us live now from washington d.c. mr korb welcome to the program how significant would you say these explosions are. well i think they're more symbolic than anything else because after the shooting obviously people were concerned about whether we were properly vetting all of the foreign students to come to this country so they found some things on their. e-mails and phones and stuff like that but even the attorney general said you know you can't prosecute oh wait i mean it's terror you know we've had before these killings we've had 28000 saudis come for training in this country with no problem
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at all in my view the real problem is our gun laws that enabled him to use a bogus hunting license to buy the to buy a gun is the only place the scrutiny on these these foreign military exchange programs is in that and the amount scrutiny that should be placed on those who are taking part in them well again you should vet all of the people before they come but don't forget the same day literally at the pensacola shooting occurred an american sailor killed 3 people in pearl harbor and the biggest attacks on u.s. military bases have been at fort hood where you had an army major and an army unless that person killed dozens of people and they both bought a gun from the same place right outside fort hood it's raised many questions and 9 goals isn't that a lot of lot of signaling if you like behavior was found on the gunman social media
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accounts the party slipped through the cracks. well let's again when they were vetted they probably didn't get into those but i thought it was significant and it was the right thing to do where the saudis said well you can't prosecute him but we're going to that's unbecoming a person who is a military officer and not it and that is certainly true i hope now and they if they said after this incident that they would vet these people better but you know we have over 5000 people i used to teach at pensacola i had these people to my house i never you know worried about them and again i think the real problem is we've got to keep them from getting guns right there at lawrence global even if the timing thanks very much still ahead here on al-jazeera after a 3 year impossible night in december he gets back to work while schools waits the
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knowledge and funding. and it's been a day of high as in letters of a doctor all right a pizza has all the action. hello there still a few storms lingering through southern regions of the united states but the severity of the storms really has come down in the last 24 hours now there's a real mix of weather conditions this is up in illinois looking across that lake michigan we've got the cold air in place the ice meanwhile across into a massachusetts this is boston so very very mild for this time of year so we have still got that mild air in place as we go through tuesday and still this a line of showers and thunderstorms and it could still need some localized flooding and we could have the odd strong thunderstorm but for the most part as i say nothing like we've seen over the weekend so if you ring on wednesday and warm ahead
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of that system 22 celsius in atlanta 15 degrees in d.c. and then we're watching this as we go through the mid week days we've got this new storm really beginning or trying to push into the pacific northwest a plenty of snow coming with that as well as the rain showers but when it comes to temperatures it has been way above the average in new york city but look at this by friday we go from 10 to 12 degrees on wednesday down to 2 celsius on friday so drop of 10 degrees and much closer to the average bunch of showers across much of the caribbean as a fairly brisk winds at the same time becoming more widespread as we go through wednesday but fine and dry in the palmers 28 in one. in a 2 part series. 0 observes the lives of 2. 20 years. in science circumstances which clients.
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change in. 20 years it. starts with. the story to see you around. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of the lives. of the stories. providing the clips into someone else's without the. do d. for. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. witness on al-jazeera.
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and again what you know is there or her much of our top stories this hour and talks on a permanent ceasefire in libya ended on monday without a breakthrough would honey for have to has asked for time but until tuesday morning to consider whether to sign a formal deal. the u.s. has lifted instead the nation of china as a currency manipulator just days before the 2 countries are expected to sign a trade deal american treasury says that china has made commitments not to keep its currency the yuan artificially low. france and its partner nations in africa's the whole region have agreed to unite their troops under one command structure same to pushing back on the rebels linked to al qaeda and i saw the stepped up attacks on security forces in recent months. well ahead of that summit in france the president of news you have filed to replace the country's army chief shake up comes
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a days after an attack that killed 89 soldiers near the border with mali i'm address as this report the mood across in asia is somebody as a country mourns. the string of losses recently suffered by the army has shaken many here and raised concerns about the future. secure men is that the good logic with the attackers are trying to conquer territory i think once they are done with this country they will move on to another they have a global agenda. after the devastating loss such in a good hour the government of struggling to deal with the fallout from the attack. you know you need to know is the whole of the so hell is unstable leaders in the region the collaborating our soldiers are doing their best and need the support of everyone it's not easy but we hope things will improve we hope the hardship we're going through will pass president mohamed is a full joint leaders of mordor to mali chad and work in a fossil for
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a summit with the french president in modern across from us but not before making changes in the just military leadership a move described just too little too late for victims of these attacks. before fortunately burrs the brunt of the attacks the new appointments are coming after much of. the problem is structural families who lost members are mourning and will continue to do so what the government needs to do is to take measures to prevent this from happening. like most countries of the say hell is facing an uncertain future in less than 2 months 160 of its soldiers have been killed by armed groups. this monument was built in the center of the city in honor of the 71 soldiers killed in another test last month another 89 soldiers were killed in
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another attack last week the threat from groups is a major concern for people especially those living in areas close to the border with mali and nigeria. 3 days of national mourning is underway people in the several countries who are now becoming more custom to these attacks and wonder why the armed groups will strike next. time it decrees al-jazeera yami you share. to haiti now where the president you've been given all could soon rule by decree after being left with a new government a new parliament because elections to choose new representatives they were never held 2 thirds of parliamentarians or the terms and when elections were perspire and definitely in october 18th the poorest country in the western hemisphere they have been violent protests in recent months joins us live now from port au prince said the last thing the haitians need right now is a political vacuum it seems that's where we're headed.
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well most of the very early this monday morning president. tweeted that the mandate of congress to finish at least 2 thirds of the senate here their mandate was also finishing and this certainly generate lots of uncertainty in a country now very fragile democracy we have seen very intense protests earlier this year protest against president of it and maurice accusing him of corruption because of his role in what is known here as the scandal also people demanding an improvement in their daily lives and that tempted by the president to increase the price of fuel is what started triggering this violent protests on the streets but morris is saying that he's basically blaming congress itself he said during an announcement here this monday that they are to blame that he sent a lawful congress so that this elections this legislative elections could take place but they did not vote for it he also sent a budget that they did not vote for it and that's why they're currently in this
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situation he also said that he's going to use their salaries in order to start building schools which is something that desperately need it's kind of seen as a populist move we've been talking to some analysts here and they say that he's in part to blame because he was chosen in the election with very very little legitimacy and that he failed to build consensus with other members of his party with the population in general and that's why this protests have been ongoing outsole so we know that the international community especially the united states are trying to mediate they're trying to generate some type of political dialogue but in spite of this there are no guarantees that later on this year's protests will begin again given all the enormous challenges things need to happen for also what happens no. well nobody really knows what's going to happen now we do know that the presidents would like to reform the constitution he says that the president is held hostage by congress
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this is something called a haitian constitution was created right after in the wake of the taters ship of dubai year that ended about 3 decades ago and they say that this generated a very weak presidency that is held hostage by congress this is something that he would like to change for the pressing issue right now for most haitians is the economy there is a recession under way people are struggling to get by they have always had this year it's specifically harder the united nations humanitarian agencies are warning that the levels of nourishment will increase in haiti this year food distribution in a way has been harmed because of the protests that have been ongoing so there is certainly a very tense situation on the ground there's a certain lack of legitimacy in the current administration of what because of what is happening today and this is in a way complicating the government's possibility of accessing money money from the world from the world bank from the i.m.f.
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and other international organizations so it's going to be a difficult year for more protests are guarantees this is what we're told on the streets maybe they won't happen right now but they're likely to happen in the near future or that's the latest from the country much to reprogram. a disagreement in the roman catholic church of whether priests should be allowed to marry has led to a surprise intervention from the former pope for hundreds of years priests have had to remain celibate but pope francis is considering easing some restrictions to help with the shortage of priests but previous pope that's benedict has entered the debate between the church's reformers and the traditionalists the bark reports now from london. it is a central question in the roman catholic church should priests maintain the centuries old stance on celibacy. now 2 popes past and present could find themselves on different sides of the debate. pope
2:37 am
benedict the 16th who pledged to remain hidden from the world when he retired in 2013 has broken his silence to passionately defend celibacy in a new book benedict who became the 1st pope in more than 600 years to resign because of ill health so the traditional laos priest a focus on. the comments come at a time when pope francis is considering easing a ban on married men serving as priests south american bishops have called for a change to help end a shortage of priests particularly in indigenous communities in the amazon. pope francis the 1st latin american pope is said to have an instinctive understanding of the region's challenges. it is pope francis' who will make any final decision but the surprise intervention from pope benedict under schools fundamental divisions of the 1300000000 men but church many catholics who ever deny francis and benedict have different views all married priests what benedict believes about priestly
2:38 am
celibacy is exactly the same as what pope francis believes the senate on the amazon asked him look at there are communities who don't get a priest even once a year could we consider ordaining some deacons who are there who are married. families and this is something the pope is considering and that's an exception and i'm sure that if he says yes benedict will be happy with it and he says you know the same some anglican priests who converted to catholicism are allowed to carry on in their ministries but some traditionalists within the roman catholic church fear that pope francis is leading them in a direction they don't want to follow. his becoming pope francis has emerged as a reformer tackling sexual abuse and corruption within the church he also seems willing to consider loosening a grip on conservative values so important to his predecessors. london
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the united states has imposed sanctions on 7 venezuelan politicians it accuses of aiding an attempt by president nicolas maduro to seize control of the opposition majority congress the list includes who was declared head of parliament true blocked opposition leader one quarter and his followers from entering the building in earlier this month later returned to parliament to more is reelected as. the u.s. supreme court has refused sudan's appeal of a ruling which demands the country pay billions of dollars in damages case relate to the $998.00 bombings of u.s. embassies in kenya and tanzania quote from it sudan was complicit in the attacks which killed one hundreds of people and ordered khartoum to pay compensation to family members attorneys for sudan argue that such a large crowd would undermine the country's economy and its transition to democracy . south sudan's warring factions have agreed to a ceasefire from wednesday after talks in rome opposition leaders in
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representatives from president salva kids government say they've signed a deal to stop the violence across the country the fighting has come significantly since the 2018 peace deal there are still frequent outbreaks tens of thousands of people have been killed in the country's civil war since it started back in 2013 it was just 2 years after south sudan gained independence. malawi's anticorruption body has promised to investigate bribery claims which some say helped the president win a 2nd term president peter murtha rico won the may election under a cloud of controversy the potence accusing his supporters of to fold opposition leaders allege the counting forms were tampered with and petitioned the top court to cancel the results. syrian authorities of 3 she managed hereon corridors for civilians to leave the rebel held province of the checkpoints have been patrolled by russian troops it comes as a ceasefire brokered by turkey and by russia takes effect halting asteroids on the
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area dozens of civilians were seen crossing into government controlled territory on monday libyan syria's last major rebel stronghold. the united kingdom sorry the u.k. prime minister has been urged to deliver a multi-billion dollar funding deal to help prop up the government in northern ireland the main unionist republican parties were persuaded to come together and get the devolved government running again after a 3 year impasse. reports years of political paralysis that's created a funding crisis across the public sector. restoring the northern ireland assembly has been a political imperative for prime minister boris johnson not least because his brics it plans need a functioning government here at stormont so the pm came to belfast keen to talk up the opportunities presented by the new power sharing deal we. in the u.k. government work with. this week by government. to
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ensure that we deliver on that potential. but away from storm on to 3 years of political paralysis have left northern ireland's public sector in crisis there is considerable public cynicism about political promises we have holes in the race. we have lakes everywhere the floors are splitting apart malone integrated college is a remarkable school a beacon of integration between catholic and protestant communities but it's buildings are falling to pieces and the symptoms of underfunding are all around it will take more than just political will to reverse the years of neglect here everything is just falling apart falling apart. and soul destroying and it's very very dangerous for these kids and us just it micht in there and we have. to meet demand over the last number of years but nobody should have to work. this like this it's not fair on these kids they deserve that in july of last year a parliamentary committee back in london conceded that northern ireland education
2:43 am
system was facing manageable pressures that stagnant funding was having a devastating impact and that the problems had mounted to the point where they had become a crisis and that is the situation now demanding urgent resolution from storm. in december northern ireland's nurses began strike action in protest of the health system a breaking point nurses here are paid $800.00 less than their counterparts on the u.k. mainland nearly $3000.00 vacancies remain unfilled hospital and. cancer treatment waiting lists are the worst in the u.k. the power sharing deal office renewed hope but nursing unions want to see the color of the money out of nurses do not have a formal commitment made to them by the health minister this week it needs to be done this week we will be back out on the picket lines again on monday wednesday and thursday of next week because nurses offended in many many promises those promises not to take the converted into action it's estimated that northern ireland
2:44 am
needs $2600000000.00 to address the various crises and there is serious concern that the government's won't say whether they'll fund that amount this power sharing deal in itself may not mean a quick end to the public sector storm paul brennan al-jazeera belfast the high court in pakistan has overturned the death sentence previously handed to former president pervez musharraf ruled that the formation of the special tribunal that tried the sheriff was unconstitutional he was found guilty of treason in december on charges related to his declaration of a state of emergency back in 2007 kimo hyder is in islamabad and he describes why the ruling was found to be unconstitutional. august on have seen successive military go was but this was unprecedented because. the former military ruler. region. formal military ruler repatriations with the high court challenging the religion of the court also
2:45 am
challenging the come on which this cold war didn't. major discrepancies as far as the procedures were concerned and accord ruling that this was unconstitutional because. the approval of the cabinet dad would have been absolutely unnecessary and void initiated by a convicted prime minister who was at that time prime minister out by the former busy military ruler busy. and. the chief justice of the supreme court but would also sacked by the general it would seem to be a political motorway did the court saying that the dead does not. only unconstitutional. china's ministry of foreign affairs has defended its decision to bar the head of human rights watch from entering hong kong beijing accuses the international rights group of instigating unrest in the city as mass
2:46 am
protests into the 7th month i don't it's. plenty of facts and evidence show that the relevant and geo has through various means supported anti china radicals encourage them to engage in extremist violence and criminal activity and incited hong kong independence separatist activities they bear major responsibility for the current chaos in hong kong he's organization should be punished and should pay the proper price. well kind of rough was planning to launch the human rights watch is the latest report on china it accuses the chinese government of an end intensifying assault on human rights wroth posted this statement on twitter soon after he was barred from entering hong kong i'm standing here in hong kong international airport i had flown in from new york with the hope of holding a press conference on wednesday to release human rights watch is the annual growth report and the focus of the report this year was going to be how the chinese
2:47 am
government is really trying to deliberately undermine the international human rights system not simply suppress the rights of people at home but also undermines the ability of anybody else to try to hold china to human rights standards sadly as they arrived here the chinese government decided it didn't want to let me so even though i've been able to enter hong kong free before this time for the 1st time they blocked me to australia now where the government has pledged at least $34000000.00 to help native plants and animals recover from the country's devastating bushfires some ecologists estimate the 1000000000 animals who died and much of the damage caused by fires may be irreparable jessica washington reports now from over in new south wales. fleeing from the flames this possum is just one of many animals around australia seeing its habitat go up in smoke. a surely as native fauna and flora are accustomed to bush but this season has been
2:48 am
unprecedented landscapes usually left on scathed have been decimated. on the new south wales south coast this native bird has been brought in for treatment at the local wildlife park it's called a car and its wings are singed and broken people persian birds are going to be ok because they just sort of floor off where we are and what is going to be area just about everything that sort of is a ground of some description would really struggle because it you don't have there is no wonder story to the to the bush in the surrounding area so i don't think there was a space is there was exempt field teams are going into the bush looking for injured animals and assessing the areas affected by the fire is a strategy is famed plants and animals are strong part of the country's identity many of its species of found nowhere else in the world and the extent of the damage
2:49 am
isn't clear yet this bushfires season has been through millions of hecht as of land destroying the habitats of many native animals some of these forests will take decades to regenerate and others may never recover. some plants like eucalyptus trees have adapted to survive fires but the combination of drought and extreme temperatures raises concerns about even those species. before they fawaz we were already in severe drought so populations of many different species would have been in decline and already it has a lot of levels prior to the fawaz these baby kangaroos joeys are orphans then now in canada but for many animals who do make it out of the fire as they soon face other problems. because they come into the right side and should have some glass in order to eat and. then they're vulnerable to cats and dogs and and the car crash
2:50 am
for those who do survive it's a long and painful road to recovery jessica washington al-jazeera mogo a stray. to the u.s. presidential race where the democratic field has thinned once again cory booker has dropped out after struggling to gain ground in the polls is the part she leaves what was initially the most ethnically diverse cast of candidates in u.s. history the only one remaining african-american. the u.k.'s screen elizabeth has agreed to allow her grandson and his wife to step away from that robles and senior royals the jew conduction of sussex. that will begin to transition period well spent time in both britain and in kind of a couple announce their decision last week without consulting the queen. so ahead here on i'll do there are a cowboys are earning big box on me a full writing so i can in she goggle let's come up it's cool
2:51 am
trophy for
2:52 am
the or all the for for let's get on to the sport has prieta thank you very much the use the nestors baseball team have fired the manager a.j. hinge and general manager jeff learn how it follows the team's severe punishment from the m l b over a cheating scandal hinge and learn how were both suspended for one year and the team was fined the league's maximum amount of $5000000.00 the astros also had future 1st and 2nd round draft picks taken away they broke m.l. the rules by using a camera to steal pitching science from opponents in the 27000 season when they
2:53 am
went on to win the world series in a statement major league baseball commissioner rob manfred said the club took no action to ensure that its players and staff complied with our policies this is caused fans and others to raise questions about the integrity of gains involving the astros and the perception of some that impacted the results cause a significant harm to the game when i found out i was i was very upset. you know we want to be known as playing by the rules we broke the rules we accept the punishment and we're going to move forward it's very unfortunate as i said earlier if you read the report. neither one of those guys implemented this or are pushed it through the system it really came from the bottom up it's pretty clear in the report how that happened but neither one of them did anything about it and that
2:54 am
some fortunate and the consequences are severe. the former head of world athletics lamine diac finally appeared in court in paris on monday only for his trial on corruption and money laundering charges to be delayed the 86 year old senegalese has seldom been seen since being placed under house arrest in the city in 2015 a sizable amount of new testimony documents were submitted to the court with the judge opting to postpone the trial while they are reviewed diac was also denied a request to travel to senegal to visit his family he faces up to 10 years in prison if found guilty and has vowed to clear his name. in time to read about in the. unfortunately we all do it and we. do need to know for your time. in order. to do. it.
2:55 am
he's an early bird who's always cooperated with the court who has given every explanation necessary has come today to order for the trial to begin and he has brought proof visitations so we regret that once again the court has proved themselves to be slow the deck already continued in saudi arabia on monday but without the riders in the motorbikes and quads categories those competitors agreed to stand down from racing on stage 8 out of respect for solvers who was killed in a crash on sunday the other 3 categories did resume racing around the town of wadi see if spain's carlos signs so he's the lead in the car rankings cut to 6 minutes 40 seconds the drivers at method navigation was harder without having the usual bike tracks to follow for the tributes were also paid to consult us. we didn't start the motorcycle calibrated i. guess. it's
2:56 am
a hard one to take and fortunately we know the dangers in this order and. it's. just a hard day when that day arrives and. therefore the world's top badminton player japan's kanto motor is in a stable condition after being involved in a fateful road accident just hours after winning the malaysian masters he was travelling to koala lumpur international airport when the van he was in collided with a 30 ton truck the driver was killed in the crash but the motor and the 3 others on board suffered no major injuries but host of this year's olympic games are enjoying most success at the winter youth and then picks in those on japan's motor naga retort to gold in the mains $1500.00 metres speed skating on day 4 of the games in switzerland it completed a double victory for japan in this sport after you die your mom otoh took the title in the 500 metres sprint discipline. and on the slopes 117 year old has been
2:57 am
impressing the crowds on monday austria's full of hoffman won gold in the men's giant slalom beating his rivals by more than 2 seconds. there's no prize money on offer in a limp exporter but the rewards can be great when it comes to bull riding and time in the saddle more specifically the sport is big in the united states and staying on the back of these beasts for a few seconds provided some serious money the winner of this event in chicago 20 year old damon swearingen to come $37000.00 he was schooled for grace and poise as well not just the cleaning or even so it's a pay rate of $4.00 and a half $1000.00 a 2nd. and that's where we'll leave it for now we'll see you again later for most sports news. but i will be back in just a couple minutes when the.
2:58 am
a journey of discovery. which is the kochi of a letter c. germany addressed to i ground. 0. traces of family links back to the regime of benito mussolini the nonspecific is fascism returning to italian port freshers in the family it makes me say this letter. i found coming through on
2:59 am
al-jazeera was the last of you out on the streets protesting whether on line you feel the weight of the system when you walk through each and every luggage board layer further and further into the jail or if you join us on say retention has to start from day one whether again you and attention or you incarcerate this is a dialogue everyone has a voice over there are studies that support a rush coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation on how to 0. the story of a british italian man experiencing life close up in a palestinian refugee camp in beirut. coming feast to feast with the daily lives of its residents some of whom have lived there for 70 years but there has been a refugio muscle in his life it's not going oh my life short 7 days in beirut let . on al-jazeera.
3:00 am
libya's warring sides get closer to solidify met ceasefire during talks in moscow brokered by russia and turkey. and again i mean this is the out is there is out there live from doha also coming out the u.s. drops china from its currency blacklist days before set to sign the 1st stage of a trade deal. joining forces france and the 5 west african states better coordinated their fight against increasingly dangerous on groups in this the whole region.


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