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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 15, 2020 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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russia's prime minister submits his resignation just hours after the president said a political shakeup. i'm sam is a that this is al jazeera. coming up rance president says foreign troops must leave the middle east and warns e.u. forces could be at risk. the ceasefire in libya is over the top official aligned to the warlords favor hafter announces that his forces attack tripoli.
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the u.s. house prepares for a historic vote to send out calls of impeachment to the senate. russia's prime minister dmitry medvedev and his government have resigned it comes just hours after president vladimir putin used his annual state of the nation address to announce a shake up of the political system he said parliament should have the power to choose the country's prime minister but the president should still have wide ranging powers so he would hold a referendum on any changes to the constitution alexander golts roy joins us live from the russian capital right now we understand the president is speaking what is he saying. well of the russian president expressed gratitude to the government and he said that he was
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a satisfied with the performance of this government he accepted there is a nation of medicare that mr medvedev is a man and that has been close to the side of the middle lot in almost all of his career actually from the very start to when he 1st candidate for president and as a show of appreciation and how close this man is to him a russian president announced actually a new position and that is a deputy chairman of russian security council which will be given to meet the woman that is now in his annual address to the. federal assembly put in announced changes in the constitution of the russian federation also the ones that by 2 of the government which would mean that the government would no longer actually the russian parliament is no longer going to be only proposing the prime minister and government members but also it's going to be confirming them and that
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the president again will actually be obliged to confirm this such a government but if he is dissatisfied with them he keeps the power to dismiss them to fire them from from their positions when announcing this surprise resignation said that he's doing so because he feels that the announced changes in constitution are significant and he wants to give president of russia power and possibility to go through with this changes with the government of his choosing put in also said that the government that is at this point will continue to perform their duties until the new one is appointed alexander how much detail do we know about what the constitutional process or constitutional change process is supposed to look like what kind of reforms all changes are to take place in the constitution.
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well we know war 2 we were told by russian president putin himself and that is dead apart from this change and concerning the government and the russian parliament getting a bit more power there is also position to actually the candidates for president there will have to be at least living in russia for 25 years and they cannot have a residence elsewhere at this point is then the years also when it comes to all the highest echelons of power like ministers members of members of the council for the ration the judges as well they can have only russian passports so no dual citizenship but also no. residence permit in some other country other than russia so no documents that actually allows them to permanently live in some other country because as president what it said there is
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a to serve russia this constitutional changes announced are also saying that the constitution of russia he will have priority or were international law and treaties and that they will apply only if they do not call i'd with the russian constitution that is also certain changes which will give a bit more to the regional powers but in its essence the power is going to stay centralized and in certain points even more centralized then it was before when it comes to security services army and police the office of presidents keeps control over them as well as the appointing of the people who work in this structures after consultation with the. federal somebody but this council for the nation actually is appointed in a way that it is a loyal to the power so in essence yes the office of president keeps control over
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all these instances. alexander from moscow thanks so much let's keep this going though we've got joining us by phone from moscow victor all of it he's the lead analyst for the center for actual politics this was a bit of a surprise was. and i we apologize there we seem to have lost our guest there will try and get back in touch with him in the meantime let's go back to alexandra once again and alexandra just explain to us whether there was much warning to this before course we had putin speech in which he talked or hinted at constitutional change was there much of a build up to this point. well i'm not sure if we can say that there was a build up to this i mean this annual speech of footing to the federal assembly is
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an annual event and he then says what has been achieved he points out problems in the country he gives a lot of promises but there was no sign that we could see that he will be announcing constitutional changes there was a question for quite a while however hanging in the air about whether there will be changes in the constitution that will 'd for instance allow put into iran for one more time at least as a president well that has seems to be taken off the table in this region because what within said is that he agrees with removing world were. you know time after time so that in the constitution after the changes would be that the person can be a president only twice for 2 terms well this was the conversation that we were hearing for years whether there will be
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a change in the constitution that will allow for russian president 'd putin to run again or that is not going to be so that we have now answered unless there is some . new illegal let's explanation which will say yes but if there is changes in the constitution then there is a new page but that we cannot know at this point how this will will go but what we did see is in past years especially this summer we saw brought this in in moscow there were people who wanted to have their representatives on local elections of moscow and didn't get that chance to have people they wanted to vote for the candidates at all so this also might be a reaction to this one of 14. there was not only shown on the streets but it's also shown in the research is people do say that they need some
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sort of a change this might be an attempt to answer that need. all right thanks alexandra very much for coming in and giving us a little bit of context and background on this i believe now we can continue this conversation with victor all of which once again he's the lead analyst for the center for actual politics can you hear me sir yes i can and what wonderful so what prompted this it did come as a bit of a surprise there. well the timing may have been a depression or prize but it was long in the making. the parents presidential jerram. tense in 2024 for him and his administration has been working for some time on ways to make sure that when his presidential term ends when he steps down for some his position he still retains lever's of power and leverage of control one of the workings of the russian.
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state of the russian government there were several scenarios that were considered one of the sin is. had to do with integration processes with neighboring beller. but that's an area was abandoned after the bell russian president of exam to look at shankar essentially did not the one terms of integration that were offered by moscow and so it was essentially decided that the differently. for the answer of our had to be considered and it seems considering what that said in his speech to the federal assembly today and the resignation of the russian government shortly afterwards it looks like the so-called street council will become
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a more powerful organ of the russian. government and perhaps 1 putin will be in in some point had that council and be able to to exert significant influence over russian politics even after he officially. from his position as president now according to the russian constitution as i mentioned before that happens in that should happen in 2024 but it is possible that it will happen before we only remember that boris yeltsin put his predecessor in the kremlin. and to give way to put him in the clear before we are actions were actually to be before the next elections were actually scheduled but the main significance
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of today's events is that the town has the political stance or the political transition of russia has essentially officially started it is under way and the next one you need for head of government for prime minister when we find that will be here that name that will be of great significance to you because it will show the direction of the russian government for the next few years is it going to be a more liberal candidate for prime minister is it going to be somebody of. ideological ilk was going to be somebody more conservative is going to be somebody from the security apparatus that when we hear that name. the proposal by the president for the next prime minister best will be a significant piece of information that will be of great significance for russia's
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next few years victor if your analyzing there is in fact how things play out and we see in retaining some kind of position is that in the state council if this is what the constitutional quote unquote reform process is all about how do you think russians are going to react to this is specially those who are thirsty for political change and reform. well it is interesting that the witnesses are asked to the satellite family started with an economic discussion of economic issues and with various proposals on increasing. so called material capital which is a way out for government benefits for mothers of young children and other benefits . the press which is essentially started his speech not with the constitution the issue of constitutional change in custody usually referendum but by trying to
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soften the approach by giving out various benefits or national material benefits to will. disaffected parts of the russian population to. financially secure. we're of the russian partners and only after he finished that but he started to talk about the constitutional proposed constitutional changes in the constitutional referendum that would essentially start the process of transfer of political transition and that is significant because it shows the president. and the presidential administration russia fully is fully aware of the economic difficulties experienced by michigan's part of the russian party relation and the great ease that has been increasing over the last few years and months and they wanted to start the speech by talking about
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the problems and how they're going to resolve them or how they're proposing to resolve them and and only then go to the each year old constitutional referendum is also going to be very important to see if you get a referendum is. package or changes it's all going to be one question we have 3 of them or the russian citizens going to be given an opportunity to vote on each change separately of course if it is a one question referendum run it will be much easier for the government to achieve the result of it right more people are more complex 2nd and then a. little bit more for us. and challenging all right thank you so much victor for your analysis of that now iran's
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president is calling for us and all other foreign troops to leave the middle east in a televised cabinet meeting hassan rouhani said american troops are not safe in the region and for the 1st time iran's leader is also warned european soldiers may be in danger because it will probably get stopped making mistakes return to the g.c. peel away we are ready return and choose a path that leads to the stability and security of the region an american trooper today is insecure and tomorrow the european soldier may face the same insecurity let's establish security we don't want insecurity in the world we want to get out of this region of course not by war but by wisdom let's walk a path that is to the interest of the world and the region. and the warning follows germany france and britain's call for action against iran for violating the 2015 nuclear deal but president rouhani accuses e.u. nations failing on their promises he wants them to return to the 2 $1015.00 nuclear
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agreement and with calls for more protests at home iran's president is urging national unity demonstrations are angry after the military admitted it shot down a ukrainian plane of the days of denial. shane shah he is a senior lecturer in international relations and middle east politics at the university of bradford he says domestic pressures may bring iran's leaders to the negotiating table. we have seen the admission of defeat by the view. that over the last 23 years or 3 britain for on and djimon the 4 corners blacksheep on it for one of the more important point the consensus may in the european union and despite the defiant white resisted the offer of the united states going from
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a trump into power you made it very clear despite the disagreement with the most important power in the globe they want to maintain their commitment for the what the moment you want to bring basically a new foreign policy that will the moment you want to bring in a new missile program would be been programmed into the equation you're going to think some very serious impotent having said that if you look at the islamic republic over 40 years any time any faith and existential crisis very quickly they seem to be willing to make some serious fundamental compromises and based on what is happening at the moment in iran you don't seem to be 6 to 9 weeks and there is not some people argue that you know i'm never ever been deeply over the last 40 years but given the internal political dynamic given the legitimacy quite that there are facing at the moment and the pressure from the with if not completely false mitch well you don't to go back to the negotiation well for everything that
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is the limit the fact the fact that they would be willing to negotiate i very much doubt that they would like to be proper about. fighting has resumed in libya after a ceasefire talks stalled the un recognized government in tripoli says forces loyal to war plea for half there are shelling positions south of the capital the parliament supports half though based in tal brooks says a ceasefire is over our correspondent in tripoli mahmoud abbas is monitoring the cease fire during the past few days civilians who fled their homes in southern tripoli because of the fighting they tried to take the opportunity of the deescalation that lasted for the past few days in southern tripoli and when they returned home so the government is banning this for the safety and meanwhile the government says that it has documented several violations by have to the forces to this seize fire accord over the past few days including shelling residential areas
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to have to the militants from the city of daraa who are the main stronghold for help to those forces and the major supporters of have to forces in the west of libya they attacked a pro-government patrol. on a checkpoint on the way between tripoli and misrata meanwhile the head of the high state council a little machete stated that the reason why i have did not sign the cease fire called and moscow is that because he has been advised by the local and regional allies not to sign that sees fire accord the situation remains very unstable currently and meanwhile the government says that you and the bag the prime minister face of raj has just got an invitation from the german foreign minister to attend a meeting in berlin this sunday. let's recap the latest efforts to end the
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fighting in libya last week the presidents of russia and turkey brokered a cease fire between the un recognized government of national accord and warlords who initially rejected the idea and soon after the 2 sides met in moscow for talks to try and reach an agreement on a permanent cease fire of prime minister fayyad saraj signed the draft but after walked away now russia says he needs more time to consult his allies despite the current challenges germany announced it would push forward with a peace conference next week it sent invitations to 12 heads of state the united nations as well as sort of arch and huffed are. marty is the general director of the libyan think tank the sadic institute he says enforcing the libya arms embargo would be more effective than another peace conference the fact is a simple i think there are a very very different measures in your sticks for what will really be progress in
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libya the 1st them and most glaringly obvious one is that an arms embargo that has been piloted over the last one months many many years before we're really going to take away the military means that continue this and that that would be a better pretext that they can force and violence but if you allow the stock macedonian issue to rearm to replenish supply lines so rude you drones on line haven't you you know. given the security there at the last 9 months if you allow to do all those things the only approach it's only going to be the same objectives that is for him to achieve on the ground through military means which is it with the government and all of the economic and political solutions in tripoli so it's almost going to be you know always that strong arming up in berlin by other means or over the way it's. now in the coming hours the u.s. house of representatives will vote to hand over impeachment charges to the senate
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where the u.s. president's trial will take place tuesday democrats released new evidence adding context to the charges pressured ukraine to investigate democratic rival joe biden mike hanna reports from washington. the house speaker nancy pelosi has guided the impeachment process to this point but after the house vote it will move to the senate where majority leader mitch mcconnell will effectively take control he's adamant the democratic majority in the house has failed to prove the case and argues it's not up to the senate to do so the constitution gives the sole power of impeachment to the us if i ask majority wants to impeach a president the ball is and their court but they have to do the work to prove their coach nothing nothing in our history or our cost of tuition scherzer house majority can pass what amounts to our have censure resolution and
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then insert the senate bill on the block but senate rules mean mcconnell might not actually have the final say the procedure of the trial is decided by a simple majority and republican senators are under increasing pressure to break ranks and join democratic party members in seeking a full trial with witnesses all it needs is for republicans to do so to decide whether the president merits acquittal or removal from office the senate must conduct a fair trial a fair trial has witnesses a fair trial has relevant documents. as a part of the record a fair trial seeks the truth no more no less. and new evidence has been provided by this man live upon us he been indicted on a number of campaign finance charges and is now complied with a subpoena to hand over information connected to the ukraine investigation he was
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a close associate of president trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani and has provided documents that allegedly detailed giuliani's attempts to elicit information from ukraine to use against former vice president joe biden this is a matter that lies at the heart of the move to impeach the president the new untested evidence will be turned over to the senate along with the articles of impeachment republican senators every being under pressure to hear evidence from former national security adviser john bolton who announced earlier he would comply with the senate subpoena to appear the question is whether a minimum of 4 republicans will join democratic party members in defying the senate leader and the white house in demanding this new evidence be heard mike hanna al-jazeera washington and scone live to washington d.c. now our white house correspondent kimberly hellcat is standing by as so things are
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lining up with the democrats also releasing their new evidence how is all that coming together. well essentially what we're watching is for the top of the hour because that's when all of this is essentially going to come together in the house of representatives that's the lower chamber of the u.s. congress and up till now this is been really kind of a political spectacle if you will but now this is really going to take on a legal form and shape essentially there's going to be debate then there will be a vote and 3 things are going to happen in that chamber number one there is going to be the vote to move the articles of impeachment from the house of representatives to the efforts of the u.s. senate the other thing that's going to happen is the impeachment pietschmann managers are going to be named these are the men and women that potentially are going to act like the prosecutors in the senate trial making the case that the president committed wrongdoing and then finally there will also be the finding of
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the trial now in the midst of all of this we know that when this finally does happen this trial in the senate that is likely to begin tuesday the jurors will be the senators they'll be sworn in and there will be rules that will be considered on how to conduct this trial doesn't seem very exciting except for this little bit of intrigue that is going to be injected once it moves to that after shame for centrally what's going to happen is that there's going to be some way over the witnesses in this trial and that means that the democrats say they want to hear from witnesses republicans are also pushing for their witnesses as well so that's where the debate comes it. or it could really how could so much. 40000 people have been forced to leave their homes in the philippines as the tile volcano spews ash and lava into the air several new cracks have opened in the ground nearby and scientists say a bigger eruption could be on its way and want the area completely evacuated well
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mcbride is near the volcano and but angus province he says the government may soon adopt stricter measures to get people to leave the area. a lot of anxious eyes now cast towards the town hall volcano to see what it might do next tens of thousands of people from around the lake here have a left or they are seeking sanctuary in evacuation centers but the government has a set of potential danger zone of some 14 kilometers radius which is a big area all around this lake where some half a 1000000 people are located urging them all to leave and as they do so it does seem as though this wednesday afternoon the government may be taking tougher measures to try to force people to move away from here this wednesday afternoon they have suddenly the city and also the toll risen department given an order that all the hotels the restaurants guest houses around this lake be closed down
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everyone should move out that is why we are here we have had to leave like everybody else we're now at a roadside further around the lake and the dust that you see around us is not and i think that has come from usually from the volcano but this is all of the action just that was spread on sunday on monday across a huge area of the island of luzon which still obviously hasn't been cleared with the traffic and as the winds whip up during the day it all that once more starts circulating people have been looking at the volcano looking at the plumes of smoke and ash which have been getting less it has to be said of the last day or so but the vulcanologist here the experts vulcanologist we've been visiting have been telling us. the other readings do seem to indicate that there's still a big eruption could well be imminent things like the amount of sulfur in the intensity and the preconceived of some of these tremors and earthquakes be those
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that still remains potentially very dangerous. now in pakistan winter storms have killed more than 100 people rescue workers are battling harsh conditions to reach those stranded in blotches than in pakistan administered kashmir forecasts suggest the harsh weather will continue. and let's take you through some of the headlines here al-jazeera now russia's prime minister dmitri medvedev has resigned just hours after president vladimir putin proposed changes to the constitution he had suggested the prime minister should be appointed by parliament so you'd like to see a referendum on that and other changes alexander golts road has more from moscow. when announcing this surprise resignation said that he's doing so because he feels
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that the announced changes in constitution are significant and he wants to give president of russia power and possibility to go through with this change is a way that the government of his choosing put in also said that the government that is at this point will continue to perform their duties until the new one is appointed iran's president is warning u.s. troops and all other foreign forces to leave the middle east so rouhani is also called on the u.s. to reverse its withdrawal from the 2015 iran nuclear deal. the government aligned with libyan warlord khalifa haftar says a ceasefire with the internationally recognized government in tripoli is over fighting has broken out in the south of the capital just a few hours the u.s. house of representatives will vote to hand over impeachment charges to the senate where president donald trump's trial take place democrats have released new
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evidence adding context to charges that crane to investigate political rivals while withholding. 40000 people have been forced to leave their homes in the philippines as the volcano spews. into the air several new cracks have opened in the ground nearby scientists say a bigger eruption could be on its way they want the area completely evacuated. pakistan winter storms have killed more than 100 people rescue workers are battling harsh conditions to reach those stranded in stan and pakistan administered kashmir forecast suggests the harsh weather will continue. this time for the bottom line now stay with us. we were told that between russia has this been addressed by turkey we listen what is the proposal.
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we meet with global news makers and the stories that matter to 0. hi i'm steve clemons and i have a question president trump wants to reduce the american presence in the middle east and replace it with nato how would that work let's get to the bottom line. last week during his self-congratulatory speech after the assassination of iranian general cos i'm sorry manny president trump made a vague request. today i am going to ask nato to become much more involved in the middle east process over the last 3 years under my leadership our economy is stronger than ever before in america's achieved energy independence these historic accomplishment shade's our strategic priorities
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but what does that mean the north atlantic treaty organization was established by western countries more than 70 years ago.


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