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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 16, 2020 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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who are your customers a lot of people but how does the violence actually. rewind stray bullets on al-jazeera. 0. 00 that i missed and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes russian jets strike at the heart of syria's it led province despite a cease fire agreement that was supposed to protect civilians. iran's president says his country isn't rich in more uranium than before the 2015 nuclear deal but says dialogue with the international community is still possible. the u.s. senate prepares to swear in the judge and jurors for donald trump's impeachment trial. and we're live in the philippines where all eyes are on the tolerable which
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is already forced thousands from their homes. and in big changes for african football's biggest international tournament the 2021 africa cup of nations in cameroon will start in january. now russian and syrian warplanes have resumed attacks on province syria's the last remaining rebel held area and that's despite a cease fire that was supposed to come into force on sunday at least $21.00 people have been killed in recent days the white helmets rescue group says it's recorded more than a dozen violations of that cease fire will have more on the die humanitarian situation in edges but 1st this report from cutting up has what area. the damage caused by one of several airstrikes in the northwest part. it's
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a bit like survivors trying to salvage what's left i emergency crews combed the rubble to recover the body of a child was there civilians were among the casualties and it lip city i was. delighted to david to point out that in the afternoon it lapses he was targeted by stroke or 23 jets they hit the industrial area and alcohol markets and must of those hurt have serious injuries. in a nearby hospital france console a father grieving his son was a ceasefire which started on sunday was shattered on a one step 6. i was in syrian and russian jets attacked it that city as well as several rebel held town was the ceasefire was brokered by turkey which supports the rebels and russia which backed the syrian
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government's 9 month offensive thank fighters linked to al qaeda are the strongest forces in these areas home to around 3000000 civilians according to the u.n. close 240-0000 syrians have been forced from their homes and it lives in the past 10 weeks the kremlin says it's targeted rebels who've attacked civilian government held areas and what's supposed to be a so-called deescalation zone i russia and turkey are reported to have been a go she to be a sampling of a secure zone for the displaced during the winter and russia has announced humanitarian corridors have already been established to allow people in its lips to cross over into government held territory it's unclear how many have chosen to go. with a yawn al-jazeera. now the turkish humanitarian organization is based in and it says in the past 2 and a half months nearly 400000 syrians have been forced from their homes in crete
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including a quarter of a 1000000 children and $100.00 children are among $311.00 civilians killed many survivors are in during the winter and makeshift tents with poor hygiene and the turkish organization accuses the syrian government and its russian allies of bombing markets mosques schools health centers and water treatment plants. is this year a researcher at human rights watch and she joins us now on skype from amman in jordan sorry let's start with the situation on the ground at the moment the ceasefire is effectively over so how many people are now left caught up in the fighting that currently in the we have over 4000000 people the larger portion of them civilians who are essentially trapped in the. northwest syria governors between the turkish looked border and relentless laurent from the syrian regime military alliance all of their lives right now our troops sorry i also am curious because we've seen
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these huge population movements since this latest offensive began people moving towards the turkish border how are people coping with winter conditions there. i mean the humanitarian situation the really dire since december 1st you have 350000 people who've north as a result of the syrian national military offensive and although humanitarian organizations are scaling up their operations they simply can't keep up with the demands so you have families that are out in the open in the middle of the freezing freezing weather no tents no shelter no food people are starving to death in this gov and they're not being bombed they're dying because they're hungry so i remember the amount of and access to cross border aid in that meeting with slashed in order to get that resolution through the security council so what's been the impact on the ground as a result of that in terms of the good thing is that the 2 border crossings where aid is coming into live has been have survived even though they've only
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survived for 6 months so we don't know what's going to be happening in 6 months but we do know that the iraqi border crossing will be out of here which goes to northeast syria has been slashed resulting in decreased humanitarian aid to up to around 1000000 and a half people who are in northeast syria. the slashing of this resolution essentially is a clear signal to the international community that could in 6 months the same crisis could be exacerbated in the sar there's already a u.n. investigation going on into whether war crimes have been committed in it and broadly in syria throughout the war these latest ass strikes that we've been talking about has a market in your opinion are war crimes ongoing there. inherent touches of sustenance yes it's likely that many of these attacks on protected civilian infrastructure infrastructure where there's
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a large civilian presence and norrie military targets are likely to be war crimes well documented these attacks on displacement centers on schools and hospitals and it seems that the pattern has not has not stopped sorry you've been covering this for some time and it's been years and years of war now where do we go from here for the people of it. i think this is this is the question that needs to be asked we have form of him people who are relying on us to do something to protect them we've raised the countless times the syrian arsenal military alliance has not the turkey has not opened its border to people sleeping the violence this is it this is the moment of truth unless something changes drastically on the ground it's likely that we're going to be seeing this tragedy unfold before our very eyes and we will be other sponsible for the deaths of millions of civilians sorry sara such as human rights watch thank you for joining us on al-jazeera us our. local reports say that
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12 afghan police officers have been killed in a taliban attack in the northern province of condos and reportedly happened in the khanabad area that's about 25 kilometers east of the provincial capital the last day of the taliban and launched a major attack in condo's city killing and wounding dozens of people before afghan security forces cleared the fighters from the city. now despite international pressure to abide by its 2015 newquay deal commitments iran says it will continue to enrich uranium in a televised speech president hassan rouhani said tehran has now surpassed the limits set to that agreement his statement comes just days after 3 e.u. nations you launched a dispute mechanism that might bring u.n. sanctions on iran well our correspondent us and beg is live for us in tehran this appears to have been a very deliberate calculation by rouhani what's his message now to the international community. it's
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a message of defiance and rouhani and president rouhani has been speaking this morning it was a very defiant speech but it's not something that we're not aware of already according to the 2015 nuclear deal iran is allowed to and richard rain during it up to 3.6 percent we know that now it's at these 4.5 percent they're also not allowed to have a stockpile of uranium more than 300 kilograms and we know they've got over that and iran has admitted that they've been scaling back their commitments to the 2015 nuclear deal since last year in 5 phases the last phase was this january early this january where iran said that they are no longer restricted by those restrictions placed out in the 2015 nuclear deal but yes it is a message of defiance they're saying despite the sanctions despite the e.u. not sticking to their commitments from the iranian perspective despite everything that the united states has been doing and saying that iran's economy is still strong that iran is still defiant enriching uranium the stockpiling uranium but you
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also said that we accepted the risks of reducing our commitments to d.j. c.p.o. a that 2015 nuclear deal he said that yes we have struggled our oil experts have exports have been reduced but our economy is in a good position but also the foreign minister of sweden has been speaking to british media this morning and she said that the 3 the european 3 countries are trying to put pressure on both the united states and iran to sit down and talk and she and return to the j.c. p.o. agreement and she rejected the idea by u.k. prime minister barak's johnson that iran should sit down and really go shake a new donald trump she rejected that idea but yes president rouhani is just outlining what iran has been doing reducing the commitments to that 2015 deal enriching uranium jar higher percentage and stockpiling more than was agreed in the 2015 nuclear deal and said he also seemed to have quite
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a bit to say to his domestic audience seemingly defending his government's record how much pressure are they under at the moment. well the government and the political establishment here on are under immense pressure because president rouhani came in with a message of hope when he was elected he was going to open up the country he was going to negotiate and he staked his political career and his reputation on this nuclear deal and now since the united states unilaterally pulled out and impose sanctions on iran that has been a very difficult time for the economy and people have been very upset just back in november there were widespread and to government protests because of a fuel price increase there's been a nation of general kassam so the money which was put out lots of people out onto the streets and the president rouhani mentioned this in his speech because he sees this as support for his government term political establishment but now we are seeing people very upset at the downing of the ukrainian airliner they have been
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protests but also he's looking forward to the parliamentary elections are taking place next month and that would be indicative of who gains power in this country in terms of political factions so it's trying to reassure people and trying to build support for his political faction and he's government in terms of a message of hope and trying to get people to get behind the government and have faith that something will eventually come through in terms of the nuclear deal an easing of sanctions as said bag there for us in terror on thank you. well plenty more ahead for you this news hour including the u.s. and china sign an initial deal to try to end that 18 month long trade war but the stock markets aren't too impressed we'll have the view from beijing. and another dire warning new climate days or so as the past decade is the hottest on record. and in sport the video assistant referee cup celebrations shortened the english f.a. cup andy's here with that story. now
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u.s. president donald trump is set to stand trial before the senate on impeachment charges later on thursday the presiding judge will be sworn in trump is accused of abuse of power and obstruction of congress he is only the 3rd president in u.s. history to face such proceedings his or castro has moved from capitol hill inside the jamba locus are the articles of impeachment documents accusing president donald trump of abusing his power in obstructing congress the 7 newly ordained impeachment prosecutors follow democratic members of the house who will argue that trump should be removed from office the president is not above the law he will be held accountable he has been held accountable he has been in future the senate's reception of the articles marks the beginning of the trial phase of trump's impeachment the 100 u.s.
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senators will soon be sworn in as jurors with arguments to begin next week republicans hold the majority in the senate and their leader mitch mcconnell has boice strong opposition to the impeachment if the shutter blesses this unprecedented and diverse house process by agreeing to complete case at a subjective basis or enough to impeach a president. we will almost guarantee the impeachment of every future president of either party or the house like that bird trump is only the 3rd president in u.s. history to be impeached he denies the allegations that he withheld u.s. security aid to ukraine in order to pressure ukraine's president volodymyr zelinsky to announce an investigation into joe biden new evidence continues to emerge in the case on tuesday impeachment investigators released text messages and notes from an associate of trump's private attorney rudy giuliani get the linsky to announce that
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the biden case will be investigated wrote the associate who had been dispatched to ukraine and in a letter addressed to the president of ukraine giuliani says he is acting with trump's knowledge and consent witnesses may tell the truth and witnesses may not tell the truth documents joe generally like whether the new documents or potential new witnesses will play a role in trump's trial is an open question the president's defenders say no the polling shows the majority of americans think senators should hear new evidence in order to have a fair trial the senate is on trial as well as the president does the senate conduct the trial according to the constitution to vindicate the republic or does the senate participate in the president's crimes by covering them up at least 4 republican senators would need to agree to open the trial to new witnesses that's
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possible but the odds for conviction and remove all are much steeper support from 20 senate republicans will be required to make that happen but a historic trial of a president is now guaranteed heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington. well the u.s. senate will effectively become a court that will stage president on trump's trial that will only happen next week but there's a formal process that needs to happen before that now in the coming hours the chief justice of the supremes court john roberts will be sworn in as the presiding judge he'll then deliver an oath to all $100.00 senators swearing them in as jurors for the trial after that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will introduce the rules which will govern the trial the senate to then issues a summons to president trump informing him of the charges he's facing and requesting a response finally on tuesday next week the impeachment trial will officially begin but robert grucci is an associate professor at lancaster university in the united
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kingdom and he joins us now on skype from there robert i want to focus on the political calculations that both sides are making it's a given that republicans have the majority in the senate presumably president trump is going to be acquitted but the democrats have decided to go through with this anyway and push to call witnesses so is this now about trying to get potentially damaging information out in the senate. yeah i mean i think that's the best that the democrats can hope to learn from from this trial to be quite honest and you know republicans are going to fall in line and they're going to follow mcconnell they're going to follow the other leaders in how they vote these are not autonomy. senators as it were there are there are larger political block you're going to follow the guidance of the leaders of the best of democrats can probably hope for some sort of smoking gun. though it does look like if they had a small begun it would have come out when the house was was debating this robot you save that it's a political block but i also recall mr mcconnell has said he's essentially going to
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coordinate with the white house and that has made some moderate republicans pretty nervous i say they'll now be a discussion about witnesses and documentary evidence which mcconnell was previously completely opposed to so it doesn't mean that some moderate republicans could flip. well certainly and if they do slip it would be with the approval of the leaders that they would just make that decision in their own offices that would be something that would be coordinated among the republicans as as a whole so if doubt if that were approved the leaders would be pretty confident that that evidence and those witnesses wouldn't be too too damaging to do to donald trump who certainly is going to be using this trial in the actions of the democrats against them in this 2020 election i say that one of those witnesses could potentially now be john bolton a very big name there and initially we had that there was going to be no one
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potentially testifying from the white house so now do you think that nancy pelosi is decision to delay sending these articles of impeachment to the senate has essentially paid off. well the john bolton part is really interesting that you know bolton and trump weren't necessarily big fans of of each other and so is john bolton who could be a key witness if he does come forward certainly watching the delay of the papers heading over to the senate also corresponded with u.s. strikes and with iran and that tension that we saw in those those those military bases in iraq so there was some question about whether the delay had to do with military action had to do with this sort of back backdoor sort of negotiation over what's going on in terms of witnesses and evidence but what's going to be happening starting next week is going to be an unprecedented political debate in
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india logical war happening on the floor of the senate something that could be very helpful for donald trump if he's able to sway it in his direction and something that could be right do you have a jing to democrats if they're not able to make their case and say an ideological war how is all that's likely to pat with faces and can. well you know then we look back at what happened in the impeachment with with president clinton certainly that was a divisive time for the country going through a cultural revolution of sorts and certainly a divide between republicans and democrats this time it's very different we've seen violence happen at rallies for republicans and for donald trump we've seen white supremacy exploding on the streets throughout the united states we've seen a lot of news coverage of this of this violence and so there is great concern that
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whatever turmoil might be coming out on on the senate floor in terms of political banter could actually explode into something in neighborhoods in communities or at rallies as well as we're looking at both sides holding lots of these public events with massive security. and gatherings of a lot of hot heads across the country so what we see happening on the senate floor could actually happen on the streets of the united states unfortunately in environment in violent ways a potentially divisive here had there on that katie from lancaster university thanks for your insight on al jazeera thanks now warnings of and now the volcanic eruption in the philippines have forced thousands more people to abandon their homes access to high risk areas is limited near the town volcano buildings have collapsed and evacuation centers our own last full public pride joined scientists as they monitored
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a volcano on the tigers province and sent us this report. it looks deceptively small and right now deceptively benign. but it's in a lake formed in the crater of a much larger ancient volcano. the combination of molten rock and water is explosive and threatening what experts call a volcanic tsunami are missing we just need the ingredients for us and water. up there since sunday's 1st eruption after being dormant for 40 years scientists from the philippines volcanic agency 5th arcs are working overtime to try and predict what the hull might do next. in. the next few days we're in we are trying to if this right now are going to intensify. researchers are tracking the number and intensity of
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many earthquakes coming from the volcano as well as testing for gases it emits. although the plumes of volcanic dust and ash have declined the amount of invisible sulfur dioxide gas is a good indicator of how much molten rock is moving towards or reaching the surface ok those are very tricky so whatever it's not always you get a lot so there are a lot of things happening underneath and in that one we to know actually what the volcano is doing right now and their need is if we monitored this over it. these tests are proving to hard poses a potential danger and provoking warnings of an imminent full panic explosion forcing $40000.00 filipinos to seek safety. there's been criticism of the philippines vulcanologists that they weren't able to give more of a warning about this eruption especially as increased activity was detected months
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ago but in spite of their experience active volcanoes such as this one on notoriously unpredictable and no one can predict what will do next rob mcbride al-jazeera batangas province northern philippines now the economic cost of the bushfire emergency in australia is soaring $3.00 and a half $1000000000.00 is the latest estimate as jessica washington reports from new south wales fruit farmers are among the many devastated by the disaster. it's summer in a stray and this orchard would usually draw hundreds of visit has become to pick their own fruit this is just one of many small businesses devastated by the bush is almost old trees were destroyed by flames the trees were uninsured and it cost the family about $1000000.00 to replant them and repair the damage my parents had in the business for $35.00 yes and yes it takes a bit of
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a tall. much. the for. many farms around australia had already been suffering through the relentless drought and this bushfire season has just made this situation so much worse but the financial impact of this natural disaster won't just be felt on farms it will be felt around the country this is a. bushfire emergency began months. and. the most severely affected areas only account for about one percent of the economy but the disaster is having a global impact. of tourism coming into this country people are already canceling and whether there's a cost associated with the. nation analysts have downgraded forecasts one of australia's biggest banks westpac estimates it could slash half
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a percent from economic growth already there are around $1000000000.00 worth of insurance claims and the government has committed around one and a half $1000000000.00 to rebuilding infrastructure but it says they could be more money if it's needed. scientists say the push by season has been exacerbated by climate change and that's put a strain as leaders under more pressure to raise targets to reduce carbon emissions but coal is one of his biggest exports and prime minister scott morrison has said although policies could be involved he won't engage in what he called reckless job destroying targets the government has indicated there may be a formal inquiry into the fires including any role climate change may have had in sparking one of australia's most expensive natural disasters ever just in washington al-jazeera built in australia. now imagine seekers in pakistan
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administered kashmir have a come in $21.00 bodies as they search for victims of recent avalanches malan valley is the west hit area where heavy snow has trapped some kashmiris in their homes elsewhere the cold weather is being blamed for the deaths of at least 160 people in pakistan and afghanistan. well now it's time for the weather kevin talk us through some of these snowy conditions in afghanistan that's where we have been talking a lot about parts of pakistan but we are now seeing of course in afghanistan some of the same snow that came with the same situation i want to take you there right now and show you some video that has community area in kabul we're talking about 39 people have died because of very heavy snow 60 people actually injured about 300 homes have been destroyed because of the very heavy snow across the region in the areas where they didn't still we were talking about flash flooding across the region what we're still dealing with even though that the snow has gone across much of this area in terms of falling we still have snow on the ground the temperatures have been quite low we are expecting
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a cool about 4 degrees now that is average for this time of year but down here towards pakistan korda we're only looking at the terms of there are 2 this is well below average for this time of year and unfortunately the snow is not going to be really melting anytime soon because it is so low across much of this area overnight . the overnight hours we're talking about minus 11 minus 12 degrees as the overnight lows there were also watch what is happening across the north part of parts of india as well as nepal very carefully look at all the rain coming in across the northern areas as well as then turning to snow across the higher elevations we're going to expecting to see anywhere between $75.00 and possibly $100.00 centimeters of snow falling across nepal and then shifting a little bit more towards the northwest into parts of northern india so this will be something we'll watch watch over the next few days back to you thanks ken well still ahead on al-jazeera. will tell you why banks have become the target of protesters in lebanon. polarized why they aren't
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so become a battleground for the country's divisions. and the support arrests of fellow bron james and the l.a. lakers. the 21st century began with extraordinary economic growth across much of latin america. but since this halted in 2008 there's been a political shift to the right on a continent twice socialism once a thriving. politician goes on a journey to meet leading leftwing ficus to understand why that politics have lost ground so dramatically. latin america a giant in time oil coming soon. when investigating crime an admission of guilt is the ultimate corroboration. or isn't there or can be used
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to get innocent people to confess to crimes they didn't commit witness explores the shocking phenomenon of people incriminating themselves the person who falsely confessed actually came to believe the lie that they were told about their own behavior false confessions on al-jazeera. why the one form. and again i'm the stars here today and our hot reminder of our top stories this hour russian and syrian warplanes have resumed attacks on syria's last remaining rebel held province at least 21 people have been killed in recent days and that's
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despite a cease fire that was supposed to start on sunday. iran's president says his country has now suppose that you rein him in richmond limit set under the 2015 u.k. deal his statement comes just days after 3 e.u. nations that were part of the deal rules to dispute mechanism which may bring new sanctions on iraq. and warnings have been on the volcanic eruption in the philippines have forced thousands of new people to abandon their homes during video shows one town near the top volcano devastated by ash for. more than 15000 people are in about creation centers across batangas province our correspondent john allen duggan joins us live from one of them in santo tomas city jamila on the enough resources there to support these thousands of evacuees how are people coping. well i am in one of the biggest evacuation centers here in but the biggest province the city is called son to come us this is
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a university and we've spoken to the site manager earlier who said the camp was full to the brim and since yesterday every single group of evacuees that have been evacuated from many parts are moved to different areas because there they can no longer accommodate more here from where i am what i can see is that there is enough food and not do nations coming in from different organisations bringing in much needed food meant this in blankets and clothing but we're also getting reports that in some other areas some other far flung areas aid is harder to reach let's just give you i sense of how difficult it is over the last few days we have been going. around the province of but on the us it is difficult when it's sunny it is dusty and visibility is difficult for travel but when it rains it gets even harder because access is it is blocked completely that makes it difficult for rescuers for those who are leading evacuation efforts and even local government officials clearing the roads but beyond the physical discomfort here we've spoken to evacuees
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who say they think about the long term impact they don't know how long they will be staying here they had to leave everything that they worked hard for behind their homes their farms their cattle their children are unable to go to school and they worry about where they will get the money to rebuild their homes to start over a deal this point until the government knows for sure that it's safe they will continue to impose the status quo which is everybody within the 14 kilometer ranges of that volcano should be evacuated to some towns remain on lockdown at this point tomorrow what is that message now from government how in the end is another volcanic explosion at the stage. well it's level 4 which means an imminent hazard hazardous eruption is quite a minute but today at the press conference they also admitted that some of their observatories have been compromised by sunday's explosion so now they're asking the
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u.s. naza to help them determine how much magma had been accumulated in the volcano there have been seeing features basically around the volcano which signals the pressure coming from underneath days don't know for sure they're asking for help from international organizations to help them determine what would be the next possible course of action until that point it remains on level 4 and people need to be evacuated they're saying basically that this next explosion could be so devastating that it could reach as far as 17 kilometers this is why they need to stay put and just to to keep everybody out until they know for sure tomorrow and again that on the ground for us and the tigers province thank you jamal and stay safe. now in libya there's been more fighting between world khalifa have to his forces and the internationally recognized government there are reports of clashes in the capital tripoli and the city of sirte fighting resumed on wednesday after
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a cease fire agreement ended following failed peace talks in moscow well at speed to market up the wahid who joins us now live from tripoli what it seems that this cease fire as well and truly over talk us through what's happening on the ground than now. well it seems that it's still the ceasefire or the chose as the government military sources tell us that they have been documenting violations by have that as forces in civil areas in southern tripoli and that includes launching model rockets in several areas and also continuing gideon force meant sending reinforcements and regrouping in certain areas in southern tripoli it seems that it is still a long way to go until trust is built between the 2 rival factions and meanwhile here in tripoli the head of the. government of national called met with the
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local allies including military commanders ministers and also heads of or political parties and they have stressed on that. he's keen some of his kin to attend the berlin talks on the conference to be held in berlin on the 19th of this month's it says that he has accepted germany's invitation and meanwhile we're getting news that have to. be for have to get in the eastern city of benghazi has received the german foreign minister inviting him to attend the meeting on running thousands of this month meanwhile the government of national called here say that it's a blaming the european union dupion countries for not. providing or submitting an initiative to deescalate this conflict and that's why turkey and the russia the m. initiative ceasefire initiative by turkey and russia that were submitted last week
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is will come by the. government of national accord. there are hopes that this meeting and berlin will continue their deescalation efforts and put an end to the. importing for both the rival factions and also to go to empty the safety of civilians in his dental areas near the fighting sites laughable why had that on the ground for us in tripoli thank you mark world. now the world's 2 largest economies have signed a deal to ease their trade war china has promised to increase u.s. imports and to strengthen intellectual property rules and exchange the u.s. will remove some tariffs on chinese goods bought as mike hanna reports it's an initial agreement and most tariffs remain in place. but. it was another white house ceremony crowded with have the members all bakers and
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executives from large u.s. corporations president trump hailed the deal as remarkable. today we take a momentous step one that has never been taken before with china toward a future of fear and reciprocal trade as we signed phase one of the historic trade deal between the united states and china together we are righting the wrongs of the past and delivering a future of economic justice and security for american workers farmers and families and sentiments echoed by china's signatory to the deal drew me down war for. china and the united states with the larger picture in mind have taken a serious approach to our differences and work to manage the entire appropriately reaching the phase one trade agreement that is good for china for the united states in the world. the reality though that this is just an initial deal and many
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problematic issues the u.s. and china relationship remain an address i think that has moved the needle a little bit with with china and it has made some progress but at the same time i don't think that it achieves the fundamental structural changes that are going to need to happen for us. the u.s. tech sector in particular to really feel comfortable for president trump's political opponents insist he's been outsmarted by his chinese counterpart i greatly fear that president xi is laughing at us behind our backs for having given away so little at the expense of american workers farmers and businesses the administration in order to get a deal at all costs before the 2020 alexion has thrown the american worker and american business overboard and they're going to be the ones left to face the consequences and that's the smiles and celebrations the awareness that this is not
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an end to the trade war as it is at the stage really the truth mike hanna al-jazeera washington. on china's foreign ministry has praised the progress in trade negotiations with the u.s. after wednesday's deal with religion to you don't need to do it i can be signing this phase one trade deal benefits china and the u.s. and the whole world but so is that we can entirely we're cast a solution that can properly and effectively deal with the relevant issues through dialogue and consultation based on equality and you to respect all that speak loud to end a tongue and he is an advisor to the chinese government on economic and development issues and he joins us now from beijing and bursting u.s. imports by $200000000000.00 above 2017 levels is a huge concession i know they're saying it's a win win deal but how is this being viewed in china. well it's
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a very difficult number to reach especially when you start talking about agriculture if you go back to 2017 which was the highest point of the of the number of imports from the u.s. to china actually they only reach 24 i don't know how they're going to reach 40 remember a lot of farmers cut back because of the uncertainties so at this point it's very hard if impossible to see that number being done it seems that donald trump has traded big numbers which will help him he hopes in the election and also some slogans you know this idea of the snapback that if something they don't like isn't resolved that somehow that they can he take measures against china without china doing anything unfortunately the truth is that if china doesn't like what the u.s. is doing they can just simply leave the agreement so i think there is a truce but it's certainly not a phenomenal final step and i you say about 200000000000 is an impossible number so how much of this actually needs to be implemented before everyone gathers around
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the table for a phase 2 will we even see a phase 2. well quite frankly i don't know that it's going to be ever reached i think you're going to see an impasse towards the end of the year and then it comes down to who is going to blink i mean donald trump has his name his fingerprints all over this deal his going to be trumpeting it on the campaign trail as one of the promises kept and the fact is that if he if he pushes too hard and china doesn't follow through. and they leave the deal it makes donald trump look less effective less the deal maker less the strong man that he likes to portray himself out so it's a very very difficult chemistry at this point remember that the election will be in november and there will still be time in between when there theoretically could be orders made so at this point people are kind of watching and seeing but it
1:43 pm
certainly is not the fundamental change that that he said was going to happen and the only way it's going to that he would ever sign something in the phase 2 is seems to be far far away and how is donald trump viewed by need as in beijing. how is he regarded in beijing i think they're not quite certain they see him as kind of a wild card they've taken of a come part mentalizing approach to dealing with him so they're fully expecting that there's going to be some bravado moves more ships going through the taiwan straits more criticism of hong kong. jiang it sacha so you know they they know that he's going to strike a different areas the hallway cases coming up miss manning has a. hearing coming up on the 20th of january and it's
1:44 pm
quite clear that the u.s. will be pushing very hard on that so there are all these pressure points i think in his eyes this is the way to get to phase 2 i just don't know that the chinese feel the same time and that an advisor to the chinese government on economic and development us is thank you for joining us again now is there. now there's been a 2nd night of violence on lebanon streets over the government's economic policies security forces fired tear gas and protesters in the commercial hot of beirut dozens of people were injured banks have been restricting access to accounts and blocking transfers aboard and frustration is growing over the lack of action from the government then hold a has been following that story since anti-government protests fast broke out in october. running battles in the streets of the lebanese capital for the 2nd consecutive nights untied riot police using tear gas to disperse protesters who as
1:45 pm
you can see are out in the floor so there is growing frustration is growing in lebanon on it is that although for some months since i think i'll tell you stop it . because our 7 people took to the street to the mound a change in leadership the country's economy is in near collapse the people close to us here there are banks people vandalizing banks are destroying cash machines preventing very angry at the banking sector that goes that will no capital controls prevent people from access a lot of their deposits or savings there is a calculation the withdrawal of proper the withdrawal of lebanese pounds here gas has been used by iraq for the early years the protesters were outside at least if they decide you say. ok you have to give it
1:46 pm
a little bit to speak to this week i think he was very very proud of the country without a doubt it is a political vacuum because the end of october a people are going on the government out will tell you it will settle. and so what what the politicians have been doing is triggering a month or so. over the entire. the united nations has more than that the situation is quote dangerous dangerous chaos in lebanon and blaming really the politicians for a failing financial system. now the political divide between the right and left wing in poland is mirrored in the all much has changed since the end of communism almost 30 years ago and conservative attitudes are often as odds with more liberal thinking not just in politics but on stage too from the baltic port of. the reports to the to
1:47 pm
the conflict the cold night in good danskin thousands of people pay tribute to their former man pavel a dime of it should campaign for the rights of migrants was murdered on stage at this very event a year ago. this year's fundraiser here part of a national charity drive raising money for hospital equipment was dedicated to. it used to be shown live on public television since 2017 it's only been carried by a private channel. this event's been going for nearly 3 decades but in recent years it's become controversial for some people here included it's just one example of the culture wars being waged between liberals and conservatives. the head of one regional councils actually refused to take part in this year's fundraiser claiming the event had become political decision was supposed to be in on our 2 monolith hospital and who was murdered i asked pawel adama vich is widowed now
1:48 pm
a center left member of the european parliament and campaigner against hate speech what she made of that maybe they are not aware bad in day or sell of there is a lot of hate there is a lot of maybe disappointment in daily life and a half. bad ideas but as we see in the arab i hear we have a new law in. the. we gather more in law. some poll sympathetic to the ruling lower and justice party see the charity's founder yes as a left wing in his politics or at odds with traditional values. it's a view shared by today is going to host a current affairs show on television. his liberal attitude as expressed in his motto do whatever you want at the same time he supports very problematic issues like abortion and euthanasia which are contrary to the current government's vision and that struggle for control over poland's cultural space is
1:49 pm
now moved here in this city between art and society the. center for contemporary arts in warsaw the new director here he was appointed by poland's culture minister has spoken of the art world being dominated by a neo marxist ideology saying he wants to promote artists with other views conservative pro-family this nomination is the most traditional of power because it's. just known for extremely conservative views and. he doesn't have the art community which will make this mission extremely difficult political landscape is perhaps more polarized than it's ever been with little appetite for compromise that's only likely to make it harder to see the world through someone else's. al-jazeera warsaw. well still ahead in the sport will hear from the form that ultimate fighting championship title and interest
1:50 pm
story his reputation. from.
1:51 pm
well now it's time for sports and he's going to tell us about some african football yes some some big news actually african football set for a big huge surge in the next edition of the consonance premier international competition the africa cup of nations will start now in january rather than june cameron is the host nation and the football federation asked for it to happen earlier in the year so as to avoid the country's rainy season means backtracks on the 27 same decision to shift its ormont permanently so the northern hemisphere
1:52 pm
summer while last year's events in egypt was the 1st cup of nations to take place in june and july moving next year's edition means it won't clash with thief is revamped club world cup which will debut in june 2021 feet temporarily in charge of african football wealth was governing body took over the confederation of african football last year in the wake of a corruption scandal many european clubs will be unhappy with this changed time slot it means they'll lose their african stars in the middle of the league season well let's get more on this from the nigerian football rights of cohen who joins us from breakfast time over in the usa virginia beach college thanks so much for being with us what should we actually read into this decision is it really a bounce the weather in cameroon. that's a pretty good excuse i mean it sort of makes everything all fine and dandy but i mean anybody who knows anything about how these things were will know that it's
1:53 pm
to less about the weather and more about the i mean what are the issues that you've talked about it the global government to clash with the africa cup of nations and i think that's a shame really because for years. everybody else wanted the african nations got to move from generally from very to june july to the summer and then there was an africa kept saying that no the weather conditions here do not fit with that move and eventually it was that was made for the 1st time. of the last tournament and that we're about to square one so this was all about the money it's less about the weather and more about the money and just tell us at the moment face to temporarily in control of the confederation of african football how much of a role would they have played in making this decision to think well i mean he will close. calls until you know so that's exactly what's going on
1:54 pm
in my estimation that's probably what's going on here because as far as we're concerned here in africa. so this isn't just sort of sums to people about handing over this period so. you know who or what about how about elders is going to be one well how about i want to split it you know that is the voice of. what i've got the whys of. that and that sort of thing. and just how it's going what's the reaction coming expect from the players money fame rob see pasted in your opinion. i haven't spoken to any players yet. expect a speech. sorry there we scenes who have lost the connection there with colin the decision that taken some moves the africa cup of nations from june july so january get more on
1:55 pm
the story throughout the day in england manchester united are through to the 4th round of the f.a. cup they beat fellow premier league team walls one nil nil had an early goal ruled out here the video system referee spotting a ham ball there in the build up. on mass at school the decisive goal for united in the 2nd half mixed up for united going against liverpool on sunday. thunderstorms of help clear the air in melbourne ahead of tennis's 1st grand slam of the year starts on monday smoke from bushfires had been badly affecting some players taking part in australian open qualifiers earlier on in the week defending men's champion of a joke of it will start his efforts to win and 8 title against germany's strength japan's sucker is the reigning women's champion the 22 year old admitting she still gets nervous at the sights of serina williams if i were to talk to syria where she talks to me and i get surprised that she talks to me and that i don't talk that
1:56 pm
close so that you have all surrounded. no i just say hi how are you. and then she says i don't know i don't know i have like plank out when she talks to me on air. in the n.b.a. the l.a. lakers 9 game winning streak is over they were beaten by the orlando magic by just one point the bron james had this 3 pointer time to tie the game. though to be a rare missed despite the defeat the lakers remain top of the western conference. now you have 6 biggest commercial draw is getting ready for his 1st fight since october 28th seen allan's khana mcgregor will take on a dancer only in the last 5 years this saturday outside of the arts can mcgregor is facing serious sexual assault allegations he does deny the claims and hasn't been charged in 2016 mcgregor became the 1st fighter to hold belts in soon u.f.c.
1:57 pm
white's categories it's more than 3 years now since he last won a fart's. i was i'm coming in we full preparation full commitment and full confidence in my in my striking abilities and my shots and who knows maybe a summation but i'm going to go for it in arkansas. and allen's t 20 cricket saying of pulled off a big shots of 8 world champions the west indies i've been bounced from pole stirling the star of the show smashing 95 runs off just 47 bores me and kevin o'brien hit 93 in the 1st 6 i was breaking the world record school in one powell like the windies needed 609 so when they came up just short as ireland won by 4 runs game 2 of this 3 match series is coming up on saturday. ok that is why sport is looking for a 1000 thanks very much and a lad sent from a must for this news hour but darren jordan will be here in just
1:58 pm
a moment with more of the day's news stay with us. frank assessments the one thing about these bush voters is that really the. climate change informed opinions economy i think is actually what's keeping donald trump afloat right now critical debate sucralose through school board noise on a bogus argument is astonishingly patronize an in-depth analysis of the day's headlines this is the beginning of a new iraq of the new punches in a world youth about struggle against an ethnic sectarian kotor inside story on
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al-jazeera. we understand the difference is i'm similarities have cultures across the world. so no matter what you see al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. what went wrong in society that opened up the space for the image get a break she is the european parliament that's not accountable and it's impossible for the people to bear that is for link up our people don't want to take the lead that the full front of strong demand our song woman was getting the growth of rejectionism of this world because the model doesn't work europe's forbidding colony episode 2 on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. every.
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russian warplanes strike at the heart of syria's in libya happens despite a cease fire deal that was supposed to protect civilians. along down jordan this is obviously a live from doha also coming up iran's president says his country isn't reaching more uranium than before the 25th the nuclear deal but dialogue with the international community is still possible. the u.s. senate prepares to swear in the judge and jurors for donald trump's impeachment trial. and in the philippines all eyes are on the tile volcano that's forced
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