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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 16, 2020 5:00pm-5:33pm +03

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zerah. the a. russian warplanes strike at the heart of syria's edlin province despite a cease fire deal that was supposed to protect civilians. hello again i missed and this is al jazeera live from also coming up the e.u. pleads with iran's president to preserve the 2015 nuclear deal tehran says its a rich in more uranium now than before the equipment. the u.s. senate prepares to swear in the judge and jury as for donald trump's impeachment trial. and fears of a volcanic tsunami and the philippines sent thousands fleeing their homes and others defying evacuation notices.
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now russian and syrian warplanes have resumed attacks on the last rebel held province and he's $21.00 civilians have been killed in edge and in recent days and that's despite a cease fire that was supposed to start on sunday the white helmets rescue group has recorded more than a dozen of violations of that cease fire. reports. the damage caused by one of several air strikes in the northwest province of survivors trying to salvage what's left. emergency crews combed the rubble to recover the body of a child the. other civilians room on the casualties from his lips city. in the afternoon lips which he was targeted by easter cord 23 church they hit the industrial area and a. hallmark it must of those hurt have serious injuries. in
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a nearby hospital friends console a father grieving his son was a ceasefire which started on sunday was shattered on a one step 6. i was in syrian and russian jets attacked it that city as well as several rebel held town was the ceasefire was brokered by turkey which supports the rebels and russia which backed the syrian government's 9 month offensive thank fighters link to al qaeda are the strongest forces in these areas home to around 3000000 civilians according to the u.n. close 240-0000 syrians have been forced from their homes and it lives in the past 10 weeks no time no shelter no food people are starving to death in this governor and they're not being well they're dying because they're hungry the kremlin says
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it's targeted rebels who've attacked civilian government held areas and what's supposed to be a so-called deescalation zone i russia and turkey are reported to have been to go sheeting the establishment of a secure zone for the displaced during the winter and russia has announced humanitarian corridors have already been established to allow people in its lips to cross over into government held territory it's unclear how many have chosen to go. up this with a yawn al-jazeera. now more than $5000000.00 children have been displaced since that conflict began 9 years ago that's according to the united nations which says abuse is rife a report by the un commission of inquiry for syria says warring parties on both sides have killed maimed and subjected children to serious violations pro-government forces used cluster munitions and chemical weapons sexual violence and torture were used against men women and children thousands of schools have been destroyed or used for military purposes and more than 2000000 boys and girls are
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not attending classes regularly well earlier i spoke to one in the gallery who's a member of that u.n. commission of inquiry on syria and which released that report he says the majority of children dying in syria could have been saved. we're seeing children who have been dying not just because of the bombings and the sieges but today as we speak children are dying because of the lack of humanitarian access and the lack of medical care and poor conditions but i guess for me what's been shocking is to look at what hope there is for children in syria today going forward we're still as i said seeing preventable deaths education is now devastated and you know in what way will they be able to catch up who we're talking to a generation that has lost schooling you know 5000000 displaced internally and externally right now obviously the 1st thing that could be done is everybody stops
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bombing schools and facilities that children need that's pretty going forward and what we've said in the report is we need. to start rebuilding these places so children can be back at school rather than be out about out on the streets or involve them in the conflict etc we need to be looking at the medical facilities and and the humanitarian assistance that children need desperately because they're dying you know which is quite remarkable that at this stage we're still reporting we were reporting on children dying when they were sieges when nobody could get in and out but you know why should children die in the ad lib region. you know there's nothing really that should be preventing international humanitarian assistance other than bureaucracy un resolutions and the lack of cooperation on the part of states. now turkey is president says the deployment of turkish troops to libya has
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begun and fighting near tripoli has resumed to following the failure of talks in last go on monday to agree a truce or a plea for have to his forces have been trying to capture the capital and to depose the internationally recognized government now for the past 9 months or so then costello is in istanbul and she says turkey's military presence is intended to act as a deterrent to khalifa haftar its forces. so since of the it has been signed between jna and turkey we heard 35 troops were deployed there i spoke to the other 3 officials in ankara are they a void giving end in numbers exact numbers about how many troops have been deployed there and how many will be there they're just telling us that the number of troops over there changes depending on the day and depending on the need and they are avoiding to say the targeted number of troops to be deployed to evolve any in
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any speculation by the involved parties but we know that d.n.a. and turkey as stablished a coordination office to run out this defense and security deal between the 2 i have to remind that the core of their forces the troops turkish troops will not be combat they are training the genny forces over there which have at least $56.00 or 7 factions we don't know the exact number and even for the future i'm told that there is no name for combat forces this is just this is just for training them but why the prisons added on repeated the statement today as if it was something new is important it seems that our don is also trying to give a message to general half there who has left the negotiation table in moscow who said that he won't be abiding with the cease fire so the meaning of turkish military presence in libya is much more about the turns between jenny and half
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their forces well our correspondent whatever why it is in tripoli and he says that turkish military assistance has helped the internationally recognized government defends that city. half the us forces have been striving over the past few months to get into into the capital city center but they have not so far because of the turkish military existence in the form of troops or advanced weapons remember that the government of national called several times that. request the official request . to turkey to send troops and weapons because the government says it is the only libyan legitimate institution by virtue of that legitimacy it can request officially from another government military assistance and that's the same president of the un said in several occasions he said that we we will not mind to send troops and weapons to libya as long as we receive an official request of
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invitation from legitimate government the government of national accord said several times that if have. a legitimate. leader is that a good unofficial mercenaries from russia from african countries like sudan and chad then the government believe that it is their right it is its right to. to request help from another legitimate government as long as it's defending itself and also facing the aggression by have to the forces on the capital tripoli. now despite international pressure to abide by its 2015 nuclear deal commitments around says it will continue to enrich uranium in a televised speech president hassan rouhani said taran has now surpassed the limits set under that agreement his statement comes just days after 3 nations that were
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party to the deal launched a dispute mechanism that could lead to more sanctions being imposed on iran. do. i want to live in when the u.s. pulled out of the nuclear deal we contacted the other parties and expressed our preparedness to fulfill our obligations however today we in terms of the nuclear power we have no limit we are in a much better situation compared to before the deal our uranium enrichment today it's much higher than that stipulated in the deal we had earlier signed we cannot sit on our hands they abandon their obligations we will reciprocate so now there is a sandbag has on his comeuppance. it was a very defiant message by president rouhani now we know that iran has been phasing back is cutting back its commitments in regards to that 2015 nuclear deal that started last year it's been in 5 phases the last phase was early january now according to that deal they're not allowed to enrich uranium past 3.67 percent we
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know that it's over 4.5 percent we know that they're not allowed to stockpile uranium more than 300 kilograms we know that they've exceeded that but iran has been very clear and transparent about this that they've said that the europeans are not sticking to their commitments as part of that deal so iran has slowly been reducing its commitments president rouhani spoke about the state of the economy he said that we accepted the risks when we started that reduction in commitments yes it has been difficult but the economy is working and again a very defiant message saying to the world that yes we we are reducing these commitments but iran is willing to talk at all these reductions are reversible if the european countries come back to their obligations to that deal and also saying to the european countries that they need to stand up to the united states because the united states unilaterally pulled out of this deal under donald trump the swedish foreign minister linda and there has been speaking has been speaking to
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british media this morning and she said that the e 3 countries are trying to force iran and the united states back to the negotiating table and back to the nuclear deal but she rejected the idea by u.k. prime minister barak johnson that iran should negotiate a new deal under donald trump when the next but still ahead on al-jazeera melting pressure on iran for full disclosure about its shooting down of a ukrainian airliner. and poland's polarized by the arts have become a battleground for the country's political divisions. hello again welcome back to international weather forecasts were here across japan unfortunately as we go into the weekend the weather is going to get worse we do have a developing system just off the coast and down towards the south that's going to
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be some have a very heavy rain to parts of osaka here by the time we get towards friday evening and as we go towards saturday it's really going to be tokyo where the winds and with a very heavy rain so expect some slocombe delays at the airports as well attempt a few of about 9 degrees there up towards and died though it is going to be a better day but a chilly day with a temperature of 6 well here across the philippines we are watching very carefully in terms of ray we don't want any heavy rain to be developing across much of the philippines because of the mud flows that could potentially come out of that so only light rain is expected on our forecast map as we go towards friday extending into saturday as well down towards the south though jakarta expect to see more rain in the forecast particular into the weekend with attempt a few of about 30 degrees there and as we go towards india as well as nepal we are seeing an increase of rain and that is going to be a big problem we could be seeing some very heavy accumulations in terms of snow over the next day for katmandu it is going to be rain and in the overnight hours switching over to snow there temps wise 13 degrees for katmandu but for new delhi
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it is going to be a cloudy day with a temperature of 70. 1 is the last time you out on the streets and see whether on line you feel the weight of the system when you walk through each and every level or layer further and further into the jail oh if you join us on sand and shrink has to start from day one back there again you and attention or you incarcerate this is a dialogue everyone has a voice but i thought the states that supply clock coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people their reason for joining the global conversation on how does iraq.
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hello again you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour the united nations says atrocities against children in syria continue to be committed by warring sides the u.n. commission of inquiry released the report as violence intensifies in province russian and syrian jets have killed at least 21 people in recent days. turkey's president says the deployment of troops to libya has begun turkish soldiers are being sent to support the internationally recognized government in tripoli its fighting forces loyal to war old khalifa haftar. underruns president says the rainy i'm in richmond limit set under the 2050 nuclear deal has been exceeded the 3 european signatories to that deal launched a dispute this week accusing the iranians of violating that deal the dispute may lead to more sanctions. now the presiding judge for
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donald trump's impeachment trial is due to be sworn in choose day as the date that's been set for the start of proceedings in the senate budget revelations from a former associate of lawyer rudy giuliani have to in a spanner in the works well let's now go to our white house correspondent kimberly how could he joins us from washington d.c. these stocking revelations can be from left potus this associate of trump's personal lawyer how will all of these new details about claims of his direct involvement play into the impeachment process. yeah well this is certainly a story that has been percolating in washington continuing to spiral not good news for the u.s. president because essentially these claims are making the case for democrats who have been saying there's new evidence this needs to come out in the trial and there is a need to call witnesses something the white house has been trying to discourage discourage these latest allegations as you point out an associate of the president's lawyer rudolph giuliani a man by the name of lev parness has given an explosive interview here in the
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united states or essentially he says in his own words that the president knew exactly what was going on with the pressure campaign to dig up dirt on political rival former vice president joe biden he knew exactly what was going on and it was in lock step with left parness and others as this was being carried out his exact quote the president knew exactly what was going on he was aware of my movements now in the midst of all of this we are also hearing explosive new information that ukraine has announced that they will be opening an investigation into the possible surveillance of and a former u.s. ambassador to ukraine a woman by the name of marie yvonne of it we heard from her in the trial or rather in the inquiry in the house of representatives that now is being investigated because what's alleged there is that in fact according to left parness she was booted out of her role as the ambassador from the united states to ukraine because
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she was trying to block the efforts by the trumpet ministration to conduct this investigation which was really outside normal channels so these are the allegations that are being made at this hour the white house we should very quickly say is pushing back on this the press secretary stephanie grisham saying in just the last few moments these allegations are being made by a man who is currently out on bail for federal crimes and is desperate to reduce his exposure to prison the facts haven't changed. the president did nothing wrong in this impeachment which is manufactured carried out by democrats it's been a sham from the start so that's the news that's been dropping in just the last hour last half hour really and we're continuing to follow it and kimberly all these explosive claims how they are likely to play out during the trial in the senate yeah well as i mentioned this is essentially the crux of the debate in the senate whether or not there should be witnesses republicans pushing back on that democrats
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saying there need to be witnesses as a result of this new information it's going to be harder for the white house to shut this down now in light of these new details and kimberly we're also expecting all of those proceedings to really kick off today this judge to be sworn in talk us through the process of what happens yeah real quickly the timeline in about 3 hours we're going to see this house managers that were parading across the capitol of the been named as the prosecutors in this case they are going to go to the senate read the articles of impeachment a couple hours after that we're going to see the chief justice of the supreme court john roberts he'll be sworn in and then in turn he will swear in the senators as jurors and then we expect this trial to begin on tuesday. came to a halt at their white house correspondent thank you commissions across that story for us well moving on now and pressure is building on iran to fully disclose details of the downing of a ukrainian plane over terror on last week foreign ministers from 5 countries whose
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citizens were killed have now held a memorial service in london they want tehran to cooperate with foreign investigators ukraine and canada demanding compensation for families all 176 people on board diet after an initial denial iran's military admitted that it shot down the jet by mistake while back i was at that meeting are going to says unarmed and he says all the countries hit by the tragedy one more details about the final moments of that flight. but hope is that it's the end of all of this with the investigation finally wraps up that they will be on susan that they will be justice as well the ministers from the 5 nations that lost nationals in the downing of flight p.s. 75 to began this be seeing with a moment of reflection a moment of silence they they lit candles are now locked in talks behind closed doors canada has been very much in the forefront in calling for accountability and for justice and eventually closure when it comes to the victims ever since to iran
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surprise admission that it had shot down this civilian aircraft last week it's enabled investigators from different countries to access the crash site we know that ukrainian officials and i'm possession of the black box flight recorder very very little is currently known about the aircraft's last moments possibly because a lot of the information maybe sensitive to iran may be classified but we do know increasingly more more about some of the passengers on board including an entire family that was killed and also a leading several leading scientists from canada as well it's justice for these people that the canadian leadership are pushing for. russia's parliament has approved the president's choice for prime minister mikhail machine as the former head of the federal tax sadness and he will replace dmitri medvedev who quit on wednesday along with the entire government the resignations came after president
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vladimir putin proposed a series of sweeping constitutional changes. southern africans are facing a hunger crisis on an unprecedented scale the un's want food program says 45000000 people are an urgent need of food aid drought flooding and economic hardship some brain health of zimbabwe's 15000000 people face chronic food shortages and zambia the suzhou maybe and several other countries are also hard hit women and children all the west affected now thousands more people in the philippines have abandoned their homes because of the threat of a major volcanic eruption buildings in towns near tal volcano have collapsed under the weight of filling ash evacuation centers all over batangas province are also almost full one of those busiest centers for the homeless is in the university and our reporter jamila island organ is there. we've spoken to the site manager earlier who told us that there around 3000 evacuees here already and that there are many
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more supposed to be arriving but they are moving them in different sites it's important to know there are that there are at least $100.00 over $100.00 evacuation sites across the provinces of but angus and give it well now the situation here although it's getting crowded all do a little difficult is manageable we're seeing a lot of aid coming in from different organizations different groups bringing in much needed food blankets clothes and medicine there is also a daily supply of water beyond the physical discomfort here we've spoken to civilians who say it is the agony of waiting that makes it difficult that is because alert level is still at the alert level for which means the hazard just eruption is imminent so they're not exactly sure when they can go home because they had to leave everything that they worked hard for behind their children are unable to go to school so now this is exactly what the national government is asking everyone to be patient because what they need to do is to ensure that when that
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mazur disruption actually strikes almost everyone is ready out of the 14 kilometer danger zone all scientists studying that running volcano around the clock our pride went to see that why. it looks deceptively small and right now deceptively benign. but it's in a lake formed in the crater of a much larger ancient volcano. the combination of molten rock and water is explosive and threatening what experts call a volcanic tsunami are missing we just need the ingredients for us and water. up there since sunday's 1st eruption after being dormant for 40 years scientists from the philippines volcanic agency 5th arcs are working overtime to try and predict what the hull might do next. in. the next few days we're in we are trying to if this right
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now are going to intensify. researchers are tracking the number and intensity of many earthquakes coming from the volcano as well as testing for gases it emits. although the plumes of volcanic dust and ash have declined the amount of invisible sulfur dioxide gas is a good indicator of how much molten rock is moving towards or reaching the surface . very tricky so whatever it's not always you get a lot so there are a lot of things happening underneath and in that one we need to know actually what the volcano is doing right now and their need is if we monitored this over it. these tests are proving to hard poses a potential danger and provoking warnings of an imminent fall can make explosion forcing $40000.00 filipinos to seek safety. there's been criticism of the
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philippines vulcanologists that they weren't able to give more of a warning about this eruption especially as increased activity was detected months ago but in spite of their experian. it's active volcanoes such as this one tourist the unpredictable no one can predict what a hole will do next rob mcbride al-jazeera batangas province world in philippines. yet another dire warning has been issued on our overheating planet nasa and the u.s. oceanic and atmospheric administration say the past decade was the hottest ever recorded scientists also say the arctic is warming 3 times faster than anywhere else and extreme weather will become more common if the current levels of greenhouse gas emissions are introduced thousands of people across france are again marching against the government's plans for pension reform these latest demonstrations come as a national strike enters its 7th week the government has made some concessions over
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the retirement age and other sticking points but unions are promising to continue their campaign. now the political divide between the right and left wing in poland has narrowed and they all swelled much has changed since the end of communism only aesthetic years ago and conservative asser chants are often at odds with more liberal thinking not just in politics but on stage. from the baltic course of. reports. to the contrary a cold night in good dance can thousands of people pay tribute to their former man pavel a dime of it should campaign for the rights of migrants was murdered on stage at this very events a year ago. this year's fundraiser here part of a national charity drive raising money for hospital equipment it was dedicated to. it used to be shown live on public television since 2017 it's only been carried by a private channel. this event's been going for nearly 3 decades but in recent years
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it's become controversial for some people here and now that it's just one example of the culture wars being waged between liberals and conservatives. the head of one regional councils actually refused to take part in this year's fundraiser claiming the event had become political decision was supposed to be an owner to moderate house band who was murdered i asked pawel adama vich his widow now a center left member of the european parliament and campaigner against hate speech what she made of that maybe they are not aware bad in their cell of there is a lot of hate there is a lot of maybe disappointment in daily life and a half. bad ideas but as we see in the arab i hear we have a new law in the. records we gather more and more so the phone to some poll sympathetic to the ruling lower and justice party see the charities found
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yes your options as a left wing of his politics are at odds with traditional values. it's a view shared. today is going to be who hosts a current affairs show television. using. his liberal attitude as expressed in his motto do whatever you want at the same time he supports very problematic issues like abortion and euthanasia which are contrary to the current government's vision and that struggle for control over poland's cultural space is now moved here in this field between our society the. center for contemporary arts in warsaw the new director here who was appointed by poland's co-chair minister has spoken of the art world being dominated by a neo marxist ideology saying he wants to promote artists with other views conservative pro-family this nomination is the most traditional of power because. he's known for extremely conservative views.
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he doesn't have the art community which will make his mission extremely difficult political landscape is perhaps more polarized than it's ever been with little appetite for compromise that's only likely to make it harder to see the world through someone else's. the dream bob al jazeera. america and i must tell it with the headlines on al-jazeera the un says atrocities against children in syria continue to be committed by all the warring sides the u.n. commission of inquiry released a report as violence intensifies and the province the country is the last rebel held region at least 21 people have been killed in recent days and that's despite a ceasefire that was supposed to stones that on sunday the white helmets rescue group has now reported more than a dozen violations of that cease fire. turkey's president says the deployment of
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troops to libya has begun turkish soldiers are being sent to support the internationally recognized government in tripoli and fighting forces loyal to warlord cliff after. iran's president says the uranium enrichment limit set under the 2015 nuclear deal has now been exceeded the 3 european signatories to that deal launched a disappears earlier this week accusing the iranians of violating the deal the disputes may lead to more sanctions. after someone. when the u.s. pulled out of the nuclear deal contacted the other party and expressed our preparedness to fulfill our obligations however we in terms of the nuclear power we have no limit we are in a much better situation compared to before the deal are you really i'm in richmond today it's much higher than that stipulated in the deal we had signed we cannot see . the abundant their obligations we will reciprocate. more pressure is also
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mounting on iran to fully disclose the details of the downing of a ukrainian plane over terror on last week foreign ministers from 5 countries whose citizens were killed have held a memorial service in london they want to run to cooperate with foreign investigations ukraine and canada are demanding compensation for families after an initial denial iran's military admitted it shut down the jet by mistake and cheers a is the day is set for the start of donald trump's impeachment trial the presiding judge for the trial in the senate is due to be sworn in translated straight denounce the trial as a conjured by his democratic rivals well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the stream. one day i might be covering politics and the next i might be protesting from serbia hungry the what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they're going through so that i can be the headlines in the most human way possible. here and i just you know we believe
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everyone has a story worth hearing. ok and joined the stream today will social media manipulate the 2020 us election we'll talk to a cambridge analytical whistleblower about how big tech could be undermining the democratic process you too can be part of the conversation really easy to send us your questions and comments. you changed it ringback. my memory is great and i tell by a lot i am. close to that and you know in this. in 2018 it was revealed that the now defunct political consulting firm.


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