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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 17, 2020 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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down to 0. the end. warlord holy fire have to hold talks with turkey's regional rival greece head of sunday's peace summit in belin. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up. the uk i'm going to. calls for national unity in iran the country's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei delivers his 1st friday press and in 8 years. ken starr the lawyer who led the pietschmann investigation into bill clinton joins the legal team representing donald trump that is strong. and a small begin mergence
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e for european cities ranking among the most polluted in the world protesters demand they governments take action. oh welcome to the program our top story libyan warlord have to has secretly flowed to greece for talks with the prime minister and the foreign minister of greece has criticized its exclusion from a un backed peace conference set to take place on sunday the internationally recognized tripoli government which have to is trying to overthrow the recently signed a maritime military cooperation deal with turkey which and good greece the greek prime minister could attack as has threatened to veto any libya peace deal with the european union because of the deal with turkey or have to who heads the libyan national army is scheduled to hold 2 days of talks in athens before flying to
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butlins for sunday's peace summit is russia and turkey who support opposite sides in this conflict will also be at that conference. glumly it's a good the most important thing now is that after the berlin conference if everything goes as planned and the security council supports the conclusions from the conference the libyan sides do not repeat their own past mistakes and start adding any additional conditions and blaming each other so as of now the relationships between them are very strange they don't even want to be in the same rooms let alone speak or meet each other. and john psaropoulos has more on the talks now from athens in general have to his meeting with because then there is the foreign minister mr benn the us told reporters after. he and general have to have agreed that among general have to aims of the peace conference to secure a cease fire and security in his country should be the pursuit of the.
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a blockade against any other was reaching the warring sides a departure of foreign mercenaries that played such a large part in this war and also no mint of the maritime jurisdiction agreement reached by crafters rival the government in tripoli with turkey last november that is an agreement greece has taken particular objection to because it infringes upon areas in the mediterranean that greece also sees as its maritime jurisdiction belonging to its eastern a.g.n. islands and so it wants that agreement and all that is its main concern in these talks but of course it is aligned with its european union allies and partners in wanting international law to prevail in libya and an agreement that's acceptable to all sides all he for have to has contacted russia in an effort to
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gain support from his longtime ally step mawson has the details on that now from the russian capital moscow. the press service of the kremlin has just made public that i have to have send a letter to president putin to reaffirm his willingness to go to moscow again to continue the dialogue the peace talks and he also said mr president my dear friend i wish to express my personal gratitude and appreciation to russia for africa stores establishing peace and stability in libya and this is all of course very interesting because this latter concept a little over 4 days after have to pretty much embarrass president putin after he left moscow there were peace negotiations going on for more than 7 hours so russia the prime minister of the u.s. backed government in libya had signed this cease fire agreement and have to ask some time until the morning to think about it and then suddenly in the middle of
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the night left moscow without any signature so this was seen as a failure of course for moscow and for president putin and this letter now seems to be safe face saving operation to make sure that russia is back in the game meanwhile the internationally recognized government in tripoli wants catarrh and tunisia to attend the peace conference on sunday are put a month old up to why it has more on that now from tripoli. foreign ministry in tripoli has sent an official letter to the german embassy in tripoli requesting that both qatar and tunisia be invited for the talks we know that the government of national accord is keen to include both countries to achieve some kind of balance facing the other the delegation supporting the warlord khalifa haftar as you know at least 4 countries supporting
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the warlord khalifa haftar are invited to take part in the bilin talks on sunday including the united arab emirates egypt russia and france so by this move the government here in tripoli is trying to achieve balance it says that tunisia is very important to take part in these talks as not only as a neighboring country and being impacted and affected by the ongoing crisis in libya but it has been also costing thousands of libyans if you did and as for qatar the government says that qatar has been all supporting the freedom revolutions in libya since 2011 and the government believes that qatar is a key. player in the peace talks in berlin.
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iran's supreme leader says european countries can't be trusted in negotiations over the 2015 nuclear deal ayatollah ali khamenei made the comments during friday prayers this is the 1st time he's led the sermon in tehran in 8 years as a bank has more now from the iranian capital. the day's events began with the customary. and the chants of death to america as thousands of faithful flock to friday prayers to hear this supreme leader khamenei speak the last time he did this was in 2012 in the midst of the arab spring now the spiritual and political leader of iran turned his focus to the united states and europe with the europeans having triggered the dispute mechanism in the 2015 nuclear deal and referred to iran to the united nations while you got to germany france and even government of the u.k. responded to their threat after the us withdrawal from the nuclear deal i said i don't trust them and that they're american servants and clients these countries
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want to bring the iranian nation to its knees and the u.s. which is your master couldn't do anything let alone you to a smaller weaker we had a seat fall in the negotiations with those a steel hand in a velvet glove they cannot be trusted we have no problem with talks but not with the us. but domestically the country has seen protests against fuel price rises and in the last week condemnation of the downing of the ukrainian press indigent after it left the fraud with the loss of 176 lives the message one of regret and condolence hopes to order the plane crash was a bitter accident but through a whole lot next month iran has parliamentary elections polls show that the turnout could be very low an obvious concern for the legitimacy of the political system here in iran better their analysis for analyses made my dear brothers and sisters my d.n.a. should have iran in the presence of the iranian people is the most important factor
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of this president says power many places one of the most important roles is the election as. the cessation of military commander general qassam so the money by the united states had resulted in a wave of support throughout iran but that changed when its military shut down the ukrainian airline ayatollah khamenei decided to speak at a time when the country is experiencing intense pressure externally and of domestic this. was about rolling support pawning the situation and getting iranians to face up to the challenges that the coming months and years this country may face. the her own. meanwhile the united states is sanctioning one of the iranian revolutionary guards brigadier generals for his involvement in a violent crackdown on protesters in november at least 300 people were killed when nationwide protests erupted over an increase in fuel prices. the united states is listing i.r.g.c. brigadier general husain shover poor under section 7031 see.
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these sanctions general shop or committed gross violations of human rights against protesters in mushy shar he oversaw the massacre of 148 helpless iranians in the musher are region last november general shop a poor was in command of units responsible for the violent crackdown and lethal repression around musher shar. u.s. president donald trump has announced his defense team for the upcoming impeachment trial it includes ken starr a prosecutor in the failed impeachment of bill clinton some 22 years ago and celebrity lawyer alan dershowitz has represented jeffrey epstein o.j. simpson roman polanski and mike tyson the trial will be led by white house counsel at separ loney and trump's lawyers. the legal process was set in motion in the senate on thursday let's speak now to our white house correspondent kimberly
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halkett so he was obviously off to a headline grabbing high profile defense team and that's what he's got with the addition of these names. yeah absolutely and here in the united states especially they are household names you often hear alan dershowitz on national television news being interviewed on a variety of legal subjects and for those of us who covered the previous presidential impeachment myself included you know ken starr household name back in the late 1990 s. because of course he did defend. rather not defend but he did lead the charge as independent counsel in the case against president bill clinton so the addition of these 2 individuals is certainly experience that's what the president is looking he's looking for people that have a resume that is particularly successful behind them as well and we should point out in just the last few moments we've also confirmed in addition to the white
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house legal team our senior producer chris sheridan getting this that the white house director of communications former florida attorney general has also confirmed to be a part of this defense team in the senate trial for president trump her name pam bondi well known again here in the united states but certainly not to the same level as the other 2 celebrity attorneys that you mentioned at the top of the show there. on the last claim he was clamoring for a name recognition what does that suggest then about the strategy that will be used . i think when it comes to alan dershowitz this is particularly interesting because he's known as someone who sort of leans to the left politically so that's what makes this a bit of a surprise but gives us some insight into how this defense might be crafted we know that he voted for hillary clinton in the last u.s. election but what he is is a very sharp constitutional legal mind and certainly he opposed the impeachment of president bill clinton back in the late 1990 s.
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and this is the reason he's made this argument repeatedly and that is the concern that this is being used for political purposes that the process of impeachment is being weaponized and sets a dangerous precedent because future presidents could face this and also we know that there are many members of the democratic party that have opposed president trump policies from day one that really wanted to see him impeached from the day of his inauguration so this gives us a sense of how this defense will be shaping up even as the president is still coming to grips with the fact that the senate trial is even taking place we are hearing from our sources that in fact he's still hoping there may be a motion to dismiss all of this that appears unlikely in fact this is expected to really get going on tuesday of next week thank you very much i want house correspondent kimberly how it was a busy week ahead i guess. so i had for you on al jazeera families that with
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nothing left to lose hope for a better future outside white amala. and flying over an erupting crater we join the 1st helicopter reconnaissance of the devastation caused by volcano tower. however the next big storm system that is winding up just here over the british isles heading towards norway trails all the way down through france to spain where in the last 24 hours it's given to the northwest $101.00 millimeters of rain still an active frontal system and it's marching east through its early in the next 24 hours and then slowly to slovenia north lay dramatic snow on the northern edge the blue is rain this march of course start to nudge the fog out of the way it has been sitting in the balkan valleys recently now that is the picture for saturday not
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extreme in any event but if we go into sunday and look again at spain in the western men down here that is developing system which i think eventually one into quite a storm once again for the barracks and the north of africa and the east of spain at the moment it's the 2 ends the measure trade it will see active weather it's been pretty nasty here through cyprus and the levant in the last 3 or 4 days and of course in the next couple was that slowly disappears and it will be slowly with that breeze to cry stronger into libya and egypt it's the western side where you'll find the effect is felt in morocco algeria and eventually to micio. what went wrong in society that opened up the space for him it got a bridge is the european problem and it's not
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a political and it's impossible for the people to get it is for link up our people of trying to take more of their leader the forefront of strong demand our song moment while getting the growth projection is in this part of the world because the model doesn't work europe's forbidden colony episode 2 on al-jazeera. a come back and look at the headlines stories now the libyan warlord play for have to has made a sudden and unexpected trip to athens for talks with turkey's regional rival greece now greece has criticized its exclusion from a un backed peace conference set to take place in germany on sunday. iran's supreme
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leader says european countries can't be trusted in negotiations over the 2015 nuclear deal. made the comments during friday prayers the 1st time he's led the sermon in tehran in 8 years. and u.s. president donald trump has announced his defense team for the upcoming impeachment trial it includes can start a prosecutor in the failed impeachment of bill clinton 22 years ago celebrity lawyer alan dershowitz who has represented jeffrey epstein o.j. simpson rather polanski and mike tyson. a caravan of almost $3000.00 people is heading north through guatemala towards the mexican border with the aim of reaching the united states most people are escaping extreme poverty and gang violence in honduras but it's unlikely they'll ever get the chance to step on u.s. soil as john heilemann reports now from guatemala city. a caravan of more than 2700 homebrewed and hoping to get to the u.s.
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. it's one of several that have set out from honduras since 2018 carrying many seeking to escape violence in extreme poverty i think it was also men where i meet is a coffee grower is traveling with his youngest son he says they've no choice and then one day you know i have big debts and one douras that i just can't pay because your work doesn't pay enough to support even yourself. this woman says her nephews were killed over christmas and she's left so they can't get her son to she's too scared to let us film her face only you are. losing a son would hit me more than anything else with already made the decision even if they don't let us pass we can't go back. to now with the casa then we could run to shelter in guatemala city is safe and have medical care food and a place to sleep even if it is only under the top pulled in that 5 of them out of the center direct through setting up he expected more than
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a 1000 i asked how they were going to fit in the mother they have to do what else are we going to do we have to work miracles here that's the situation we're in those in the caravan would be more miracles heading north mexico under pressure from u.s. president donald trump has said he won't let them through those who do manage to get to the us border find disappointment right at the moment the 1st caravan upon good is trying to get through guatemala and eventually to the united states plane loads of their countrymen are actually being sent back and already got there and asked for asylum to hear what the mother and that tells you how little they chances are of actually being accepted for asylum at the end of this journey miles here knows that he's one of those who've gotten past caravans without success ask him why he's trying again not going to them or not putting one foot on one and then we have nothing to lose because in honduras we have nothing you understand our lives are at risk in honduras as we leave the shelter people are queuing to get in they
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know that journey is only going to get harder but they're still going on. john home of how does it work the motor city. just a quick bit of news from iraq several protesters have been injured in clashes in the capital baghdad demonstrators threw molotov cocktails and security forces responded with tear gas protesters had gathered near baghdad's bridge which has been closed. when to small is an annual misery across the balkans region of europe widespread reliance on coal and wood fires has a severe impact on the quality of the air but a growing number of citizens across the region of taking to the streets to demand government action call brand reports. belgrade sarajevo pristina and scorpio in recent weeks all 4 have been ranked in the top 10 list of the world's most polluted cities january has been a suffocating ordeal for the residents of the balkans probably in
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a most is. a way for the whole of mankind this is not good at sarajevo then belgrade and all of the city it is pleated because of cars and bad fuel coal and like night. a recent un report agreed finding that more than 60 percent of people here rely on coal and fire wood stoves to heat their homes 20 percent of the region's premier choi deaths were directly linked to chronic air pollution the bosnian capital saudi aver sits in a valley ringed by high mountains and most of the past week pollution in the form of microscopic airborne particles has been at least twice and sometimes 8 times higher than the e.u. safe limits to d.c. we can hardly breathe when we go out it's especially hard for patients with heart and lung problems sometimes you can't even walk on the street even with a scarf on it was suffocating. in the bosnian town of tuzla this week carrying
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banners saying we want to brief hundreds protested their anger at government inaction we were showing. the local authorities tell us stories about some nebulous temperature inversion and the like but we all know that the basic cause of pollution in this city is particle pollution and from individual heat and stoves the city is simply not investing enough because. you know she's not that i came here to support these protests and to finally motivate people to enforce a change to show that they care about the city and about breathing with. governments and local authorities often downplay the issue some politicians refer to it as choking season simply typical for the time of year this year though campaigners are rejecting that narrative like never before and. clean energy be made more accessible that older polluting vehicles should be banned the regulations on industry emissions and power plants be tarred and all that requires money
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investment and with impeccable timing the european union last month announced a new green deal fund promising $1.00 trillion dollars of investment in the western balkans it can't come soon enough o'brien and al-jazeera meanwhile huge crowds of people have joined climaxes gratitude for a climate march in the swiss as he of luzon demonstration is planned for the 1st anniversary of the climate strike movement inspired by 10 bag and a straight a sang happy birthday to mark the occasion before setting out on the march it proceeds next week's wild economic forum in davos which timberg is planning to attend to the world leaders and those in power i would like to say. that you haven't seen anything yet you have not seen the last of us we can assure you that it's. the was. and that is the message that we will bring to the world economic forum
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in davos was next week. the indigenous leaders in brazil say they are fighting to preserve their land and culture they've been meeting in the amazon region for 4 days now to find a way to counter the environmental policies of present diable sonora which they say are devastating that communities can't you lopez had a on reports. oh lord in the heart of brazil's rain forest dozens of indigenous leaders me to form an alliance together they want to stop government policies they say are putting their livelihoods at risk president also not o. want to open up the amazons reservations for commercial mining and agriculture that's of great concern to many tribes who see it as a threat. brazil's most respected and revered indigenous leader chief ronnie is leading the resistance against the plants but he admits the issue has caused
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a rift within tribal communities. there all relatives who support both scenarios ideas so the president is causing a division but those who support him are making a mistake we are against him and we will defend ourselves deforestation rates have nearly doubled in the amazon since paul so narrow became president in january his critics believe the fires that devastated the amazon last year were a result at least in part of his policies but speaking before the un general assembly he downplayed the damage. it's a fallacy to say that the amazon is the heritage of humankind in a misconception confirmed by scientists to say that our amazonian forest of the lungs of the world based on these fallacies certain countries is that of helping them bottle media lies and behaved in a disrespectful manner with the colonialists spirit indigenous leaders are now looking for more support at home and abroad. we have to come together
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only through these alliances and movements we be able to bar the strategic agenda that reflects bilson our us government. or about 900000 people make a brazil's native tribes the president has promised to integrate them into a modern day economy but these indigenous communities fear the price of doing so could lead to irreparable damage to the environment and their culture. ukraine's president to me is a lenski has not accepted his prime minister's resignation off to a less ski criticize the former comedian's limited political experience and leaked audio recordings a voice sounding like hunch is heard saying zelinsky knows nothing about the economy has not confirmed the voice is actually his but he has offered to step down to remove any doubt that he respects and trust the president says he said he would give one shark a 2nd chance that it wasn't the time to shake up the country politically. tens of
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thousands of people in the philippines displaced by an erupting volcano on sunday being advised not to return to their homes despite a power lull in its activity vulcanologists say it might take up to 2 weeks to decide whether the tal volcano is finally safe but it is safe for the moment to fly over the crater dogan was invited to join the 1st telescope to mission. these government officials want a closer look at the rumbling a volcano so they've come to this military air base in bhutan this province the plan to fly over the crater of the top. and decide how to respond to the threat it continues to pose it's been days since that erupted but the crisis is far from over. we flew over the past city towards our late what we saw there was
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beyond human comprehension. what was once a popular tourist destination is now on recognizable. from above we can see the end it was killed when kabul came no spewed steam and lava farmlands this choice to communities damage to a province in crisis but in the middle of the destruction some are deteriorating to return for many this is all that they have left. we finally reach the volcano this crater. this is what alert level for looks like up close experts are warning their eruption is imminent. seconds later a fountain of plaques steam erupts and the pilot has to maneuver quickly to escape a reminder of how the tile the situation is. very vital.
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from the filippi. that hour and how long it's great very area that by now both you know eruption and what they have so far they say. what we saw you. expect. the people are right and it was heartbreaking to see the devastation last us for us the military is concerned we know that the. to be done in. the sense. and focus more than 50000 people have been evacuated from a 40 kilometer danger zone. but beyond the physical discomfort officials say it is the uncertainty of what might happen next that breaches the government to prepare for the worst volcanic eruptions are difficult to accurately predict but more are expected and government officials see there leaving nothing to chance.
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but then this province northern philippines. more everything right here al jazeera dot com you can watch us on life streaming as well. quick check of the headlines now on walorski faffed has made a sudden and unexpected trip to athens for talks with turkey's regional rival greece greece has criticized its exclusion from the un backed peace conference in germany on sunday russia and turkey who support opposite sides in the libyan conflict will both be there. the most important thing though is that after the berlin conference if everything goes as planned and the security council supports the conclusions from the conference if the libyan sides do not repeat their own past mistakes and start adding any additional conditions and blaming each other as
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of now the relationships between them are very strange they don't even want to be in the same rooms let alone speak or me to each other. and iran's supreme leader is saying european countries can't be trusted in negotiations of the 2050 nuclear deal . made the comments during friday prayers 1st time he's led the sermon in teheran in 8 years common i also called for national unity in his address meanwhile at least 25 people have been injured in clashes in the iraqi capital baghdad demonstrators threw molotov cocktails and security forces responded with tear gas protesters had gathered near the bridge which has been closed at a coastal says say the protests a protest that died after a tear gas canister was launched directly at his neck. u.s. president donald trump has announced his defense team for the upcoming impeachment trial it includes kenneth starr prosecutor in the failed impeachment of bill clinton 22 years ago on the celebrity lawyer alan dershowitz who has represented
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jeffrey epstein o.j. simpson roman polanski and mike tyson the trial will be led by white house counsel pat scipione and trump's lawyer jay sekulow the legal process was set in motion in the senate on thursday. on the 1st aerial images of the tell the kaino in the philippines show the extent of the devastation there tens of thousands of people have been displaced and have been advised not to return home because of fears the volcano could erupt again we're risking it all is a program coming up next looking at the libyans risking snakes floods and landslides to deliver that brazil not harvest.
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