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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2020 7:00am-7:33am +03

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on al-jazeera. world leaders prepare for a meeting the result the conflict in libya but russia isn't confident they'll reach a deal. hello i'm daryn jordan this is our desire live from doha also coming up. we're going to go around supreme leader calls for national unity and condemns western powers donald trump says he better watch his words. mexico's president offers jobs to thousands of migrants seeking to enter the u.s. but only if they stay in his country. and exposing the truth of west africa's deadly fake drugs trade our hidden cameras reveal
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a huge money making business. russia has cautioned both sides in libya's conflict ahead of a highly anticipated summit in berlin on sunday acting foreign minister sergei lavrov urged warlord anything after prime minister the u.n. backed government fires are surat to come together in burnin without adding conditions after hours counting greece ahead of those talks which are aimed at ending a 9 month conflict globality the most important thing now is that after the berlin conference if everything goes as planned and the security council supports the conclusions from the conference the libyan sides do not repeat their own past mistakes and start adding any additional conditions and blaming each other so as of now the relationships between them are very strange they don't even want to be in the same rooms let alone speak or meet each other. well russia turkey and egypt are
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among the countries attending some bones conference but the un recognized government is also calling for qatar and tunisia and to join the wind has more now from tripoli the foreign ministry in tripoli has sent an official letter to the german embassy in tripoli requesting that both qatar and tunisia be invited for the bit of talks we know that the government of national accord is keen to include both countries to achieve some kind of balance facing the other daily geisha in supporting the warlords really for have to do as you know at least 4 countries supporting the warlords leave for have are invited to take part in the 1000000000 talks on sunday including the united arab emirates egypt russia and france so by this move the government here in tripoli is trying to achieve
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balance it says that tunisia is very important to take part in these talks as tunisia not only as a neighboring country and being impacted and affected by the ongoing crisis in libya but it has been also costing thousands of libyan if you g.-d. and as for qatar the government says that qatar has been all supporting the freedom revolutions in libya since 2 n.t.l. live in and the government believes that qatar is a key. player in the peace talks in berlin. dozens of people have been injured in clashes in the iraqi capital baghdad security forces fired tear gas to break up a crowd of demonstrators trying to bridge baghdad's bridge the bridges close to tahrir square where thousands have been tempted for months and money political change in the country hundreds of people have been killed since mass protests began in october. iran's supreme leader says european countries can't be trusted in the
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go see asians over the 2050 nuclear deal only harmony made the comments during friday prayers it's the 1st time he's never been in tehran in 8 years and has more from the iranian capital for the day's events began with the customary. and the chants of death to america thousands of flock to friday prayers to hear this supreme leader. speak the last time he did this was in 2012 the myth of the arab spring the spiritual and political leader of iran turned its focus to the united states and europe with the european having cricket the dispute mechanism in the 2050 nuclear deal and with the rod to the united nations well you've got again germany france and even the government of the u.k. responded to their threat after the u.s. withdrawal from the nuclear deal i said i don't trust them and that they're american servants and clients these countries want to bring the iranian nation to
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its knees the u.s. which is your master couldn't do anything let alone you were smaller weaker korea deceitful in the negotiations with those a steel hand in a building glove they cannot be trusted we have no problem with talks but not with the u.s. but domestically the country has seen protests against price rises and in the last week condemnation of the downing of the ukrainian passenger jet after it left the ground with the loss of 176 lives the message one of regret and condolence. call to order the plane crash was a bitter accident he burned through a hot next month iran has parliamentary election polls show that the turnout could be very low an obvious concern for the legitimacy of the political system here in iran as he's firing as he made my dear brothers and sisters my d.n.a. sion of iran the presence of the iranian people is the most important factor of power and this presence is power in many places one of the most important goals is
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the election yes. the nation of military commander general cost them so the money by the united states had resulted in a wave of support throughout iran but that changed when its military shut down the ukrainian airline. how many decided to speak at a time when the country is experiencing tense pressure externally and domestically this. was about supporting the situation and getting iranians to face up to the challenges that the coming months and years this country may face. to her on. donald trump has responded to those comments made by ayatollah ali hominidae on twitter said the so-called supreme leader of iran has not been so supreme lately and some nasty things to say about the united states and europe their economy is crashing and their people are suffering it should be very careful with his words well bill schneider is from george mason university he says trump's response is
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consistent with his policy towards iran. we are in a tit for tat situation with iran in the united states threatening each other but that's the way trump prefers to operate he believes that strength is the key threats are the way to communicate that strength and so far he's had some success in doing that he pulled out of the nuclear accord that accord appears to be breaking down which is exactly what he wants and he's threatening iran that if they resume their income their increased enrichment of uranium there could be serious serious consequences and he's backed up his threats when he killed the stage the attack on the iranian general showing that he was extraordinarily serious about these threats it's got americans very worried about the possibility of a war with iran and one of the effects may be that it's increasing support in the democratic party for one of the contenders bernie sanders who is an antiwar
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democrat democrats are very worried about war and as it happens trump believes the easiest democrat for him to defeat would be bernie sanders so it could be working in that respect as well but f.b.i. says it believes the saudi arabian government has been helping people from the gulf state to escape the u.s. criminal justice system a newly declassified document dated last august says saudi officials almost certainly assisted us based saudi citizens in fleeing the united states in order to avoid legal issues a newspaper investigation last year documented 2 dozen saudi citizens would fled the country after being accused of crimes including manslaughter and right. u.s. president donald trump's defense team for his upcoming impeachment trial has been announced so let's take a closer look at 2 of the major players ken starr is a one time u.s. circuit judge he led the last impeachment investigation into bill clinton and he was also a part of the legal team for convicted sex offender geoffrey epstein then there's
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alan dershowitz a former professor of law at harvard law school his previous clients include jeffrey epstein and o.j. simpson was also a part of the defense team for disgraced media mogul weinstein. well our correspondent gable elizondo is in washington he says isn't taking any chances with his legal team. trump is taking this very very seriously i mean these 2 lawyers that he brought in to be part of this team are celebrity lawyers that are very very well known in washington and have a long history in this city and really in the nation 1st looking at alan dershowitz a long time a law professor at harvard he's considered one of the preeminent constitutional lawyers in the u.s. dershowitz is actually a democrat and voted for hillary clinton however he has come out very strongly over the last 3 to 4 months or so before that saying that he believes that this impeachment trial is something that should not be pursued constitutionally and that
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there are no high crimes and so-called misdemeanors and so that's really caught trump's attention and i think that's probably why he brought dershowitz on his team also dershowitz his peers on television here in the united states as a legal analyst a lot so he's very adept with the media spotlight and i think that's something that trump probably appreciates also you have ken starr who was from the late ninety's where he well known in washington d.c. as you mentioned briefly he was the independent counsel that helped to prosecute or bring the trial impeachment trial against the then president bill clinton and so i think starr is very well known to and i think that's why he was probably brought on this team as well i think you can read into this that trump wants the absolute best people that he can get his hands on. nearly 3000 migrants heading towards the mexican border have been offered jobs by the president unveils manya numbers obrador if they're going to stay back on the heading north through what tamala
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hoping to get to the u.s. but central american countries have come under increasing pressure from washington to stop migrants crossing into the united states our correspondent john holmes is with us migrants in guatemala city. this is the queue of people from honduras that have traveled in a caravan they were aiming to get to mexico many of them to get through mexico and to the united states were actually outside of a migrant shelter here in guatemala city so this is just one of the stops on the way for them there's already people that have gone on and are already at the border of guatemala mexico now what's going to happen there is the mexican government's already said that it's not going to give them transit so that they can get through and get to the united states he says that the most you can offer them is to enter the country and to ask for asylum there's actually quite a backlog for asylum in mexico city so the people here as we said that a lot of them are sort of destined for disappointment really in the in the hope of
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reaching that dream of the united states the reasons that they go in and the reasons that they're leaving home to it are really 2 things boylan's they're fleeing from going city extort and kill much of the population in various different parts of the country and also poverty in honduras is not a lot of opportunities this in a canonic situation it's been bad in the in recent years it's been getting worse what people say they just don't earn enough to live so looking for more opportunities in the north they come many of them with what they carrying is who they have. taken to stop here in the shelter you can see they're just going in and the new the next stop and they were ignored. time for a short break here on out is iraq when we come back and the bills are piling up but nepal's parliament can't pass them into nor find out what's behind the months long dead network. and how china has found itself being blamed for choking the flow of
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the mekong river borno state us. how our weather conditions in the levant are not that brilliant that circulation of clad this but in the eastern med is spread all the way through lebanon northern syria southern turkey and into wards iran and this i think is where we're going to find it moving to and enhanced itself in the iranian mountains as it's slowly only slowly eases in places like lebanon but the showers are still there for the south in israel and northern egypt and you might just catch than here this line of cloud occasional thunderstorms drifting south 3 societies towards bahrain that's the picture on saturday on sunday that more or less disappears and there's quite a rush of many light showers over iraq by this time the other system which should be moving eastwards towards afghanistan and pakistan isn't making
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a lot of progress but the line is there you see south of that is a rush of dry pictured is through most of tropical africa and to get towards lake victoria and then you get massive sunder storms built sometimes at night or the like sometimes by day of the d.r. congo drowned or burned in this vessel heavy rain recently in tanzania and that will be repeated in daily showers on the on daily showers a night time ones form around uganda like victoria day time ones are in tanzania prompted for the heat of the sun. talked to al jazeera we were told to get it without betraying all the ration has this been addressed by choking we listen what is the proposal of spain for a couple on your we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter is there a. revealing eco friendly solutions
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to comeback threats to our planet on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick amount of our top stories this hour russia has called on both sides in libya's conflict to come together at a summit in burma and without putting conditions talks are aimed at ending a 9 month conflict. iran's supreme leader says european states can't be trusted in the go see oceans of the 2050 nuclear deal tell the early hominid made the comments during friday prayers the 1st time is now the summit in tehran thank news. carved out of nearly $3000.00 migrants heading towards the mexican border has been offered
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jobs by president under his monument was open to all if they agreed not to go on to the united states the county heading north through what a lot of. turkish president richard type has accused the syrian government of breaking a cease fire deal and killing 20 people in the opposition held province of idlib the deal came into effect last sunday but the violence has continued pushing more people from their homes and protesters onto the streets that's fine. oh. the ceasefire deal was short lived in a loop syria's lost opposition on play. brokered by turkey and russia it came into effect on sunday. this was filmed on thursday it shows a russian jet in the syrian army pounding opposition positions they say they were provoked. but the most enough military operations result on
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southeastern fronts after the insurgents violated the truce and targeted humanitarian corridors. the insurgents a rebels aligned with the syrian opposition the last fighters in a war that began nearly 9 years ago is supported by turkey president responded to the escalation after friday prayers and you know. unfortunately this is clear proof that the syrian regime is not abiding by the steps that we took regarding the ceasefire and the excuse is always ready this is the excuse terrorist organizations are doing this or that these are all lies. you are living in this province a 3000000 people it's the last opposition stronghold with little recourse they sing of the suffering heart full of not for fear. this is as much a protest as a funeral they say despite the ceasefire 2 bombs killed their friends here on wednesday. and in the shadows 350000 syrians
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who fled their homes since early december michael hart the found shelter in mosques across the province and that then we have no one on a been knocked on the door in the morning and took us with him myself and my younger brother he pushed us here as we were living on relief aid. life is stark here in the winter many refugees seem to be just building carcasses there's no heat . let me get back either from the how does it all know what are we are waiting for someone to have mercy on us come to help us here we committed no crime to be punished this way no one is looking at us in mercy my husband and son of both disabled our life is destroyed this was meant to be temporary now the ceasefire is broken again charlotte dallas al-jazeera. protesters in the yemeni city of tire these are demanding that the government does more to end nearly 4 years of conflict
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the southern region is on the front line yemen's conflict under struggled with famine and poverty program ron who the rebels and saudi u.a.e. backed fighters a battling for control of the city. police in the democratic republic of congo have dispersed demonstrators were tear gassed in the capital kinshasa under government protests were led by the former presidential candidate martin for unity to mourn the killing of hundreds of civilians in the north east by rebel groups the protest was initially banned by the authorities. activists in the general calling for action to stop attacks by armed groups in this whole region at least 170 soldiers have been killed in less than 2 months and thousands of people have been displaced off but it just has more now from the capital the army. the presence of a large number of police officers on the streets of the capital of nigeria dampen the spirits of the protesters they planned to come out on the streets and demand the government takes action to end the violence in the especially near the border
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with mali while the country has lost at least $160.00 soldiers in less than 2 months. we only learnt on social media that our request to protest was outlawed we weren't informed officially and you can see this large deployment of police to chase away as if we were fighting the government the government should understand that we are not at war with them but we are gathering to show support for our soldiers. a small group of demonstrators gathered in the capital but they were chased away by police who mounted roadblocks all across the city to prevent them accessing their destination which is of course the national assembly why they intended to gather what we see here is just a small number of protesters who have not doing much. of course to watch what the police are doing right now.
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you just saw the police i kind of stuff tear gas dispersing the little crowd we had in front of the camera now this is exactly what's happening in most parts of the city to demonstrate to saying they're going to regroup and decide on the next line of action. canada's prime minister says iran must commit to a full investigation into the downing of a ukrainian airliner justin trudeau says iran must hand over flight and data recorders to a country that's better equipped to examining them trudeau also announced compensation of the families of the canadian citizens and permanent residents who died. anti-government protests have again been held in chile capital santiago demonstrations started in october over an increase in subway fares but quickly transformed into widespread anger in the struggling economy and inequality at least 26 people have died since the protests began. that water levels on the mekong river which flows through china and 5 other countries have dipped sharply at the china
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began testing equipment in one of the rivers up or downs and as florence reports from southeast cambodia the water levels there expect the drop by as much as 25 centimeters. ostroff has been fishing in the mekong river for more than 20 years just like his father did before him we mourn matai from all the used to be a lot more fish we only had to count down it and they'd be full we used to catch about $70.00 to $80.00 kilos each time but now there's hardly any. he says fish used to be abundant even in the dry season but not since the last couple of years he's also noticed more extreme fluctuations in water levels. there are 11 dams in the upper reaches of the mekong river in china environmental advocates say these have had an impact on the river and the life in that 70 percent in them they teach
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this that migrate 3. species meaning that then my quit. and downstream in vietnam all the way up to not and part of thailand so they depend lastly on the seasonal water level of the meco river that driven by day drought and flat sokol in early january china issued a statement to say its testing equipment in one of its dams increasing outflow by more than half the mekong river commission and into governmental organization warned countries in the lower reaches of the river including cambodia to expect lower water levels this week this season's drought has caused the water level in the mix to fall to its lowest in 60 years and there's been an exceptionally low flow of water in most parts of the river basin the 6 months further from the me is another village one that relies mostly on rice farming here people rely on water stored in horn's during the dry season but even these have dried up.
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when there's no water there's lots of problems we have to spend a lot of money to drill a well an equipment. pump isn't good enough we have to get a bigger one it already spent double of what i normally would the mikko river commission and china have said they'll conduct a study to identify the causes and impacts of the season strout but with more dams being planned for the mekong it's communities who rely on the river who continue to pay the price florence louis al-jazeera province cambodia. thousands of volcano evacuees in the philippines have been temporarily allowed to return to their homes in the danger zone in one town the evacuation order was lifted so people could collect belongings and rescue their animals the volcano's activity has weakened in the last few days but there are warnings another eruption may still be imminent. nepal's parliament has been unable to pass any laws for 3
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months that's because its speaker was forced to resign in the wake of rape allegations but attempts to appoint someone new of being stalled by a dispute over who should replace him so been interesting reports now from katmandu . the boss parliament has a series of new laws ready to be endorsed but there is a problem under its rules there has to be a speaker present for them to be sent to the president and the post has been vacant for months in early october speaker of the house christian about the man i was accused of rape and arrested and political leaders have not been able to agree on a replacement new bosses of the ruling communist party have asked the deputy speaker shiva to resign so a new speaker and deputy can be chosen but she says she should be appointed as the new speaker knew what i'm so good why should i pay the price for the wrongdoings of the speaker if they find a fault in my conduct they should impeach me this is about institutionalizing a fist i'm the leaders cannot breach the constitution and the mabus says she's
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a victim of political horse trading and sexism them have a as a member of communist party that was formed from a merger with mao was followed guerillas in may 2082 of the past communist parties united to form a majority government but they created still has to chairperson and is clearly divided both factions 11 of their own people to be the speaker constitutionally have of the speaker ever deputy cannot be the same gender nor from the same political party both factions are proposing the more influential role of parliamentary speaker should go to a man and the post of deputy to a woman member of the opposition a poly congress which leaves the mandate out in the cold. way that. we were often told we're ready to give any position to women but they lack a passage when it comes to doctor to pay she has all the qualities she's better
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qualified than all the male candidates who are preferred by the leaders this issue has made us realize how important a women's caucus is for us. party leaders say they must be the ones to appoint the new speaker not activists but with the deputy speaker refusing to step down and both factions within the ruling party standing firm this dispute is in deadlock and that means so is now part of parliament to be part of the route that went to. now the world health organization says hundreds of thousands of people are killed by fake medicines every year in africa leaders are meeting in togo's capital alone made to sign an agreement to crack down on the trade but it's big business in west africa alone the trade worth $200000000000.00 with counterfeit drugs coming in from china india and nigeria nicolas sarkozy poured from dakar in senegal. it started with an itch and turned into a rash it was then factors are decided to get some medicine but to save money she
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bought pills from a man out of market after taking them she found she couldn't walk she started vomiting and even lost her teeth she ended up in hospital in intensive care. the doctor told me i was going to die i had to tell them the truth i couldn't afford to buy drugs in the pharmacy so i bought them on the street. to the pills from a market like this one cameras are not welcome here ours is concealed. we're soon approached this man tells us he buys and sells medicine then shows us what he has among the drugs he selling or the pills that poison in fact to he tells us it's good quality it's from france he says. this is the medicine that we bought inside the market we bought the exact same one at a local pharmacy now some of these drugs look completely different others are identical would be impossible to tell which one is real in which one isn't selling
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drugs outside of a pharmacy on the streets is illegal here in san diego and throughout most west african countries but the law is rarely enforced the world health organization says that the african continent is flooded with counterfeit medicine saying that at least $100000.00 people die every year ingesting think medicine counterfeit drugs is a $200000000000.00 trade and it's said to be booming in west africa the fake medicines are made in china india or nigeria pharmacist say their warnings about the counterfeit are too often ignored it is not if it's the state's responsibility to protect its citizens this is poison in our health care system and this is having a devastating impact on our population. no longer trusts medicines she's focusing instead on the food. saying a good diet may be the best way to stay healthy nicholas hawke al-jazeera. now experts have confirmed that a painting found hidden inside
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a wall in an italian gallery is an authentic work by the austrian artist gustav claimed the artwork called portrait of a lady it was stolen in 1997 it was found by cleaners behind a trap door inside a plastic bag and he's believed thieves have used a fishing line to hook the masterpiece off the wall and hold it up through an open skylight. top a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera russia has called on both sides in libya's conflict to come together at a summit in berlin without putting conditions or anything after hours and greece ahead of those talks which aimed at ending the 9 month conflict drove me to the most important thing now is that after the berlin conference if everything goes as planned and the security council supports the conclusions from the conference the libyan sides do not repeat their own past mistakes and start adding any additional
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conditions and blaming each other as of now the relationships between them are very strange they don't even want to be in the same rooms let alone speak or meet each other dozens of people have been injured in clashes in the iraqi capital baghdad security forces fired tear gas to break up a crowd of demonstrators trying to breach baghdad's bridge bridges close to tahrir square where thousands have been talent out for months demanding political change in the country 7. iran's supreme leader says european states can't be trusted in negotiations over the 2050 nuclear deal. made the comments during friday prayers the 1st time he's read the sermon in tehran in 8 years. yours president donald trump's defense team thing he's upcoming impeachment trial as been announced it includes ken starr who live the last impeachment investigation into bill clinton a 1000000 alan dershowitz was previous clients include jeffrey epstein and o.j. simpson the trial be led by it white house counsel chip a loony and trumps person the tourney jay secular really $3000.00 migrants heading
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towards a mexican border been off of jobs by president i'm there is man your lopez obrador if they agreed to stayed that county heading north through guatemala open to get to the u.s. but central american countries of come on doing creasing pressure from washington stop migrants i'm crossing into united states thousands of volcano evacuees in the philippines a been temporarily agreed to return to the danger zone in one town the evacuation order was lifted its of people could collect belongings in the rescue their animals a volcanoes activity has weakened in the last few days but they're all warnings another eruption my still be imminent well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera to talk to us they're also watching. the climate crisis and the environment takes center stage at this year's world economic forum in davos business people experts and leaders from around the world can expect an icy reception from some as they discuss how to save the planet from the threats of
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rising temperatures get the latest updates on al-jazeera. see. last january the almost unknown president of the israelis opposition controlled national assembly took his country and the world by surprise. into the main just. declared himself interim president the justification was that president nicolas maduro was not a legitimately elected leader but a usurper and a dictator. venezuelans desperate for economic and political change rushed to show their support with the united states leading the charge nearly 60 countries followed suit. but 12 months later the promise of political.


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