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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2020 3:00am-3:34am +03

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don't you see. what. i do clashes in the lebanese capital security forces fired tear gas and defiant protesters who say they're tired of waiting for a change. i'm given al this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a prime minister of libya's u.n. bad government drives and then if a big stalks along with his rival for power warlords from the fall have done. 'd
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scuffles at the border between guatemala and mexico hundreds of wygant trying to head to the u.s. . first a fire now flooding heavy rain sweeps across eastern australia. has been a nicer violence in lebanon's capital as protesters demand a resolution to the economic crisis but it's turned water cannon integris on demonstrators in beirut when 200 people have been injured in a horde of reports. rage in the streets of the capital in what might be a new phase in an uprising against lebanon's leadership that is now in its worst months fierce confrontations between anti-riot police and anti-establishment protesters turned downtown beirut into a war zone this is the epicenter of a protest movement that until a few days. it was relatively peaceful running battles began when demonstrators who
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want the political class they blamed for mismanagement and corruption to leave power tried to storm parliament building security forces responded with tear gas like the message protesters to back off and that they can't win and i think that the message of everybody here is that. lebanon's economy has been in turmoil for months a proposal to tax what's up holes which should be a free service triggered the protests in mid october unemployment was rising and the lebanese local currency was losing value in an economy everybody's going to everybody's going to need to do this. i don't have to convince anybody about what's happening today it's clear what's happening who can get their money in the banks we lost a job finally everything that says. it was an
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amazing country they took everything. this is our only option is to go down on the streets and violence we have to use violence and off i think a 40 year career up the government. there is anger at banks which imposed caps on withdrawals there is a shortage of dollars it's been almost 2 hours since the violence began anti-riot police have been using excessive amounts of tear gas to disperse the crowd but. protesters are defiant the wounded were in the dozens both protesters and security forces were taken to hospitals there is a political vacuum many lebanese are growing impatient with politicians who are refusing to form an independent government free of the influence of political parties instead they are bickering among themselves for ministerial posts in the next cabinet that's you know got. from an office allegedly technocrats that was
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really just a smokescreen for the old ruling oligarchic elite so the processes were really upset this is the 3rd night of violence as tuesday when activists said they plan to revive the momentum of the protest movement after a brief lull they announced what they called a week of rage they seem to be living up to that promise. the united nations has already described events in lebanon as dangerous chaos it is what comes next that many fear that a fatality to be able to. and might have is director of research at the arab sent to washington d.c. he says the ruling elite just isn't doing enough to also people of the hmong problem is that the ruling class is not responding to what people on the streets want. pony of course one of them performing the formation of a new government even though the protesters have given the new. prime minister
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designate. a whole month so far to form this one called government but apparently he is not being allowed even by the people who leave him and they picked him to do that job not being allowed to vote that government so the state county is really very very and in very bad shape unemployment. exchange rate the local currency everything has collapsed and things are going well that mean what's happening or since tuesday has been expected i mean that people cannot take it anymore this is we've just entered the 4th month and i think it's going to go on like this at all. to libya now where waller had evolved and the leader of the un recognized government have arrived and then the head of a highly anticipated peace conference it's hoped progress will be made in the german capital that would lead to
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a ceasefire in the conflict the turkish russian and french presidents are all expected to attend the u.n. backed meeting on sunday forces loyal to often have attacked 5 eastern oil ports in the state oil has closed down the sites that's expected to result in the loss of $800000.00 barrels per day of puts mahmoud's of the one he does in tripoli and says the oil blockade is already having an impact on global markets. in less than 24 hours their libyan dinar has lost about. 10 percent of its value compared to hard core of his b. because of the blockade of the terminals and oil exporting ports in the east of the country the united nations' support the mission in libya has 1st concert of the blockade of the installations and it's sad that the. must not be
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part of the conflict end there and no see that's the state oil for the national oil corporation must stay neutral away from the current of the conflict that's going on the oil revenues are of the bag borne of libya's national income which is estimated at about $55000000.00 a day lost because of the. as i mentioned earlier world leaders are gathering in berlin for that conference on libya. has more from the german capital. this was the moment libya's arch rivals were supposed to agree to a cease fire prime minister phases and warlord in moscow for a meeting brokered by vladimir putin and. but after walked out of the last minute the collapse of those talks has been a setback for international efforts to and the conflict many are now waiting to see
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whether leaders from 12 countries can achieve what eluded put in and done in moscow and persuade rival factions to reach a truce while people in conferences try to do is get agreement between the states meddling in libya to stop their support to the warring parties problem is that western states on the operated put pressure on half past 4 and alters in particular the u.a.e. so the problem is that the foreign medicine. 2nd killing it in ring hollow german chancellor angela merkel is pushing for a permanent ceasefire in libya and implementing an arms embargo but that may not be an easy task libya has been marred by an armed conflict for years after is leading an offensive to capture tripoli backed by the u.a.e. arabia france and russia the general has brushed aside reconciliation efforts. he's intent on defeating his opponent as prime minister of the international recognized
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government based in tripoli. they were suggesting any talks taking place when tripoli is under a question is an absolute disrespect for those who are killed for the sake of democracy it is a disrespect for those forced out of their villages and cities have to has a list of demands he wants armed factions in the west to disband and his libyan national army to take over he's also made it clear that the military and maritime deal said was just government signed with turkey should be scrapped for the leaders attending the berlin peace talks the libyan conflict has reached a tipping point violence is on the wires and an arche has paved the way for a wave of mass in areas to join the conflict raising fears it could be a prolonged and spillover threatening your security that's why the international committee is determined to end war in libya. in. migrants any u.s.
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bound caravan have begun crossing into mexico earlier there were scuffles on the quote violent mexican border since then mexico has allowed some people to cross central american countries have come under increasing pressure from washington to stop migrants from reaching the u.s. border at home and has more from a guatemalan city on the mexican border. it was a scuffle it was a few young men who were trying to push their way across and they got repulsed by the mexican border guards and then after that the gates of that border bridge closed from then on in the midst of 30 started letting people through the 20th time the question was where they were taking them off to that they would take them in buses to migrant stations state run migrant stations n.g.o.s later told us that the migrants would be able to get out of the question to many that was sort of looking on and not going through that border was wherever they were being processed for
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visas for work or for asylum or if they were being deported back to them dualists not while a lot of people held back they didn't go through those gates into mexico and they sort of in a standby mode waiting for more people in this caravan to arrive it's about full of found some people that's what guatemalan authorities say that would go through this country trying to get to mexico and we know that some have gone to another part of the border some of arrived here and a lot of them still on their way still ahead on out to say i mean. today i am being seriously threatened in my physical integrity and that of my family the venezuelan government is accused of offering bribes to the opposition. and u.s. airports to screen passengers coming in from china more cases of a deadly new virus have been concern.
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hello there some coldplay conditions across northern sections of china we have got one of the. across the korean peninsula studly away from japan but look at this because this is in northern china under those cold clear skies it's a week ahead of the lunar new year and this is known as the chinese little new year's have plenty of good case guys to enjoy the dry conditions as well if you want sunday across the northern sections of the korean peninsula maybe just some snow flurries in the not too bad sunday across much of japan one to 2 showers and snow flurries working their way east was all monday but mostly dry across much of china and not a bad day in hong kong 22 degrees celsius now the rain is a very widespread throughout indonesia we've had so few days of dry conditions not sure about sunday across much of borneo it's as we head off into monday we see some much heaviest spells of rain this could lead to some localized flooding and also some heaviest piles into northern and western areas of
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a fairly quiet picture in india we have seen a few showers to the north as so quote of course that we're also being played again by this fall this is up into punjab and just look at the is so very dense nothing really to clear that either as we go through the next couple of days maybe a few showers into southern india but still cool in new delhi at a high of just 16. when . that open topped the space. race is the problem it's not accountable and it's impossible for people to school end up on people trying to take a lead at the forefront of strong demand or song woman getting the growth projection is in. europe's forbidden colony episode 2 on al-jazeera. the in
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the the us. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour lebanese police turned water cannon and tear gas on protesters demanding a resolution to the economic crisis there more than $200.00 people have been injured by room. full of belief a half dollar and the leader of libya's un recognized government of iraq to the head of talks aimed at ending 9 months of conflicts be turkish russian and french presidents all all expected to attend the u.n. fact meeting on sunday. migrants in a u.s. bound caravan have begun crossing into mexico earlier there were scuffles on the bottom on the mexico border since then mexico has allowed some people to process.
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and the u.s. the house impeachment managers have filed a brief laying out their arguments for the charges against the president saying he must be removed from office the trial on capitol hill was formally opened on thursday with opening statements expected on tuesday in their briefing documents democrats say trump's removal is necessary to protect the integrity of this year's election meanwhile the president's defense team has said trump is on solid legal and constitutional grow scobell and his own daughter has more from washington d.c. moment team's 1st briefing ahead of that trial. they are going to argue they say the fundamentals of the 2 articles of impeachment against the president the abuse of power and obstruction of congress they're going to say from a constitutional and legal standpoint that nothing the president as being accused of is necessarily a crime and they will say it does not rise to the levels of high crimes and
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misdemeanors something the president shouldn't be impeached for so they'll have one argument on a legal basis then they will say also number 2 that there's a procedural problem they're going to argue that the democrats in the house of representatives did not follow proper procedural avin use when they were pursuing impeachment in the house of representatives and that that was biased against the president they're going to argue that a number 3 they're going to also or a few a 3rd more subjective thing they are going to say and they wrote in this brief and this is their words if this impeachment is a brazen attempt to overturn the 2016 election and they will say it is also an attempt to affect the 2020 election they're basically going to make the argument that the democrats could not be donald trump at the polls and so that is why they are trying to impeach him and kick him out of office well making their own demands for trump's removal from power thousands of protesters in washington and across the
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u.s. they held rallies marking the 3rd anniversary of the woman's months that drew millions of protesters to the streets the day off to trump's inauguration in 2017 as well as the main event in washington rallies were held in chicago new york and los angeles they say trump must go in order to protect city equality and human rights. in yemen 30 government soldiers died in a missile strike in the northern region of moderate dozens of people will also enjoy its sources say who the rebels were behind the attack. members of venezuela's opposition tossing say they have transcripts of government officials offering them bribes i say audio recordings reveal $700000.00 each was offered for them to turn on later one ls in america editor of c.n.n. human reports from caracas. a new twist in the hostile takeover of the news whalers opposition controlled parliament. nearly 2 weeks ago soldiers prevented opposition
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leader from entering the legislature. while a small group of dissident deputies installed their own man as speaker of the house with the government's full support. now the majority opposition leadership is showing would it says is proof of how the government tried to buy off deputies to oust why the law including. the things we agreed on $700.00 initially there was another proposition of $1000000.00 i suggested $1.00 but they came back with $500.00 and said no that's unacceptable so we arrived ability ground of 700000 which is still money you know. kina says he met and taped. a deputy who'd been expelled from his opposition party offering him the bribe just ahead of the january 5th vote for control of parliament he says only 16 out of more than 100 deputies took the bait and that he and others who refused are
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now in danger. today i am being seriously threatened in my physical integrity and that of my family al-jazeera tried without success to speak to who nevertheless responded to the accusations on twitter calling the recording a hoax and threatening to take his accusers to court for slander he added if deputy mad gina had this audio why didn't he make it public 2 weeks ago after the election as a director of the national assembly he didn't because he did. didn't have what is a vulgar montage we asked mccain not the very same question and he responded that it was because of fears for his and other deputies safety now that they've gone public he says that if anything happens to them they will hold president nicolas maduro personally responsible the white house has accused than israel and government of using bribery tactics to oust what it regards as the legitimate opposition leadership and slap sanctions on deputy no idea that according to the
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voice transcript the so-called turncoat deputies met with president mahmoud a personality the night before the bribe offer was made to calculate how many votes were needed. none of this is admissible in a court of law but then it's the court of public opinion that the opposition is trying to win over. you see in human al-jazeera. at least 6 people have been killed by flooding and landslides in southeast brazil firefighters arrived by helicopter on saturday to rescue people trapped in houses buried in mud officials say a whole month's worth of rain fell in just 24 hours turning streets into rivers it's destroying buildings away. after a season of devastating bushfires severe flooding is all sweeping through parts of the strait here heavy rain has soaked coastal areas of queensland and new south wales for the last few days shelob ellis reports. risky from fire now
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carry from floods last week bushfires came within 10 kilometers of the straining rift park never got it coming in the park a war. since thursday heavy rain has lesh parts of australia as east coast for queensland and new south wales plagued by record breaking busch buys this was welcome relief i might. just drinking. in new south wales a wounded kuala looks water off the road roof fire service has sued rain fell across most of its fires although doesn't still it's just beautiful listening to what they are seeing to it on the roof it's a long time since we've had it here so we're enjoying it up to $300.00 millimeters of rain fell in southern queensland forcing commuters to get creative 70 percent of queensland is affected by drought. that. this was the 1st time
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14 month old lacey soon had ever seen right. much of a strike has been in drought for a good 23 years but said they crossed where the fossils been at their worst if you're looking at really heavy rainfall coming in on the ground the trees obviously damaged if not destroyed so then i want to soak up the water the ground struck hard they will tend to just wash off so that's why you essentially get that the flooding . for many astray ians flooding is a small price to pay the price chapman's farmers in the grips of drought he's been hand feeding his cash want to keep them alive. yes. i love it i don't care how weird. i can ride old all awake as far as i'm concerned we've never had so much rain in so many. new 70.
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the rain is expected to move south over the next few days and bring relief to the state of victoria where firefighters continue to be dogged by flames and they could use more help from above charlotte bellus al-jazeera. and syria warplanes have bombed a shelter housing displaced people in that killing 4 people it's the latest attack to violate a cease fire that came into force a week ago they are lopez how they are reports. a desperate rush to save lives in this shelter for displaced people was one of several sites hit by recent airstrikes in syria. inside is a family including several young children and i did origen see crews take the injured to hospital come across some of the missiles hit several towns in the northern province of aleppo. but for others it's too late for that
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some of the airstrikes hit this house which was for displaced people they came here looking for shelter trying to escape the bombing when we arrived we found 4 bodies on the ground. turkey's president research by apparent on says syria's government violated the cease fire brokered by turkey and russia. the target province is the last territory controlled by rebel groups in serious northwest region. thousands of civilians are caught in the violence the u.n. says more than 300000 syrians have been forced from their homes over the last 10 weeks women men and children simply carrying out everyday activities at the workplace in markets and. schools are being killed and maimed in senseless violence. these protestors say they've had enough they are tired of short lives cease fire agreements that go ignored. those of us living in syria we know the
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talks of cease fire turned out to be large is no ceasefire a few days ago there was a massacre here that killed civilians many women so many families are now packing their belongings and leaving so many don't yet know where they can go and be safe. with so the young al jazeera. east africa is seeing a massive rise in locust swarms adding to fears over food security in a region that still reeling from floods and droughts kenya has one of the worst affected countries the insects fly together by the millions and have destroyed hundreds of thousands of hecht is of crops. yeah we have lost our lungs we have lost all for that we thought that we shall be still over the next coming fall yes that it is time you know if you can see this this tree is already cleaned all this was i cleaned the grass isn't it should also know of him also been destroyed health
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officials and the chinese city of warhol and have confirmed 4 more people are infected with a deadly new virus scientists in london say there could be more than 700 unconfirmed cases a number of airports in the u.s. and elsewhere even passengers arriving from mohan there are new concerns about the virus spreading ahead of next weekend's lunar new year when millions of chinese people will be traveling. is a senior scholar at john hopkins center for health security he says this is the 1st time they've identified this particular type of coronavirus. it doesn't appear that is widely transmissible between human to human but there is some suggestion that it might be possible we have seen cases in individuals who did not have contact with the seafood market for example cases that are in thailand in japan both did not have contact with. the market so there may be some limited human to human but it's not spreading very efficiently and that's a good thing so we're really just really trying to understand where this is coming from a nazi food market which animal there were some environmental samples positive in
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the seafood section but there are other animals that are housed there so there really is a lot of epidemiological detective work that needs to be done to figure out where this virus originated so the quicker you can actually understand what caused this virus to emerge and if this is transmitting between humans how severe the infections are the the faster you can spring into action and get that information out to the world and public health authorities the better chance you have of stopping it from spreading right now we haven't seen this have the type of spread that we saw with sars we know for example that health care workers have not been infected in china and health care workers are sort of the canaries in the coal mine they're the sentinel people who get infected when something is transmissible so it doesn't appear that this will pose a risk to the everyday people in there is a very strong link to that seafood market which has since been closed and been clean so hopefully this will be contained and there is a lot of good news in this when you compare it to what happened with with sars so i don't think that panic is warranted at this time. along calls media's reporting i
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see what a parent case is there but there's been no official confirmation that anyone has been infected with the coronavirus it comes as people are preparing to celebrate the chinese new year separately the government has cancelled some of it so the concerns about the months protests surplus reports. the streets a decorated in traditional chinese new year stock markets in victoria park essential to the busy and colorful festival plants and flowers signify hope and promise for a new year our own son but the government is bad the sell of what are known as. dry goods any items with a political reference that hasn't stopped pro-democracy groups holding their own independent markets because of the protests and also we think that people with their take more control on their own freedom and in the moment so we plan to set up this market. hopefully hong kong people can have their freedom on how to use their money for research this is one of
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a number of crowd funded markets being held across the city cold then feed on sila handicrafts and products and message would still hold those cain to reaffirm their political stance in a pos hong kong that is that raising some problems with bodies. we want to leave us a message in the happy trying to scale again and to let them feel happy and the product can show the whole commerce of the around 15 independent organize markets being held at the chinese new year holiday break the location of some of them is not being shared publicly you have to register 1st to get those details in the current climate organizers fear any politicized the band will be targeted by police security checks are in place across the mind festival locations but the government isn't taking any chances the annual fireworks display has been cancelled so too has the traditional chinese new year from right what was once considered the most
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significant festival of the year in hong kong is rather low key 2020 antigovernment protests is a planning another rally on sunday which might further dampen the celebrations. al-jazeera hong kong. and you can find much more on our website sounds there. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories lebanese from turned water cannon and take gas on protesters demanding a resolution to the economic crisis there than 200 people injured in beirut. all orderly for half dollar and the leader of libya's un recognized government have arrived the then head of talks and ending 9 months of conflicts the turkish russian and french presidents are all expected to attend the u.n. backspacing on sunday migrants in a u.s.
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bound caravan have begun crossing into mexico earlier there was scuffles only quote a mile in mexico border since then mexico has allowed some people to cross central american countries are under pressure from washington to stop migrants from reaching the u.s. border. well in the u.s. house impeachment managers have filed a brief laying out their arguments for the charges being brought against president donald trump a senate trial has formally are finished with statements expected on tuesday in their briefing document the democrats say transfer moville is necessary to protect the integrity of this year's election. meanwhile the president's defense team has given its 1st briefing saying trump is on solid legal and constitutional grounds gabriel and is on there has more from washington d.c. they are going to argue they say the fundamentals of the 2 articles of impeachment against the president the abuse of power and obstruction of congress they're going
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to say from a constitutional and legal standpoint that nothing the president is being accused of is necessarily a crime and they will say it does not rise to the levels of high crimes and misdemeanors something that the president shouldn't be impeached for at least 6 people have been killed by flooding and landslides in southeast brazil firefighters arrived by helicopter on saturday to rescue people trapped in houses buried in mud officials say a whole month's rain fell in just 24 hours. east africa is seeing a massive rise and locusts it's adding to phase of a food security in a region that still reeling from floods and kenya is one of the worst affected countries the in 6 have destroyed hundreds of thousands of hectares of crocs. the headlines stay with us inside story is coming up next.
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the u.k. puts the squeeze on lebanon's hezbollah the entire group political and military is on the ukase terrorist blacklist and all of its assets are now frozen but why now is iran the real target and does it complicate an already tense situation in the middle east this is inside story. i'm richelle carey and welcome to the program the u.k. has added lebanon's entire has movement to its blacklist of what its terms terrorist organizations and now it's freezing has assets and will prosecute anyone
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in the u.k. who continues to have accounts or financial services connected to the group it was in march of last year when the british government said it could no longer distinguish between the.


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