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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2020 10:00am-10:33am +03

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a witness documentary on. the. the eyes are 53 the nays are 47 the resolution is agreed to republicans block efforts to release evidence and call witnesses as day one of donald trump's impeachment trial in the u.s. . and i'm starting at hand this is al jazeera live from cairo also coming up lebanon has a new government after months of political uncertainty but the protesters refused to back down. china is warning that the new coronavirus could adopt a new tape as the death toll rises to 9. and india's highest court asked the government to respond to allegations that it recently introduced citizenship nor
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violates the constitution. now the senate has agreed on the rules for the impeachment trial of donald trump following more than 14 hours of debate senate republicans blocked every democratic attempt to obtain documents and evidence trump is charged with abuse of power and obstruction of justice she had written the reports on a long opening day that stretched well into the nice. trust of the senate to run short term at the last moment senate majority leader mitch mcconnell with his proposed rules for the impeachment trial gone was the possibility that the evidence collected during the various house inquiries might not be entered into evidence in the senate trial of the democratic party house managers and white house lawyers would now have 3 days and not 2 to make their opening statements that left the issue of witnesses and documents house. democrats argue that they were withheld in
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the course of their inquiries into whether donald trump was withholding congressionally mandated military aid for ukraine in return for an investigation into full of vice president joe biden and that these must be produced in the senate trials a leader mcconnell wants a trial with no existing evidence and no new evidence a trial without evidence is not a trial it's a cover up the white house argues that the request for more evidence proves the democrats don't have a strong case against the president they said in their brief we have overwhelming evidence and they're afraid to make their case think about it think about it it's common sense overwhelming evidence to impeach the president of the united states and then they come here on the 1st day and they say you know what we need some more evidence the white house also argues that the documents and witnesses are privileged in order to shape foreign policy
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the president must be able to have private deliberations with advisers and that's an argument rejected by the democrats make the argument that the president's conduct here was was was conduct that every president should be allowed to engage in and i think that most americans don't believe that that mr chief justice i yield back the democrats failed to pass their amendments on the mcconnell's rules though they will be another chance to debate the need for more witnesses and documents but only after opening arguments and the cross-examination of the house managers and white house lawyers he just watch donald trump was reported to be monitoring proceedings while attending the world economic forum in switzerland his position remains unchanged there's a hoax. well it's just going to i am in washington d.c. and she have a tansey is still live for us on capitol hill she had so often some 14 hours of debate on amendments now we're saying we've seen the policy line vote to keep the rules just as they were proposed essentially. and this is what we expected to
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happen but it's slowly became clear what the democrats are up to they knew this was going to happen but what they were trying to do is get as much evidence and much information on the record into the public sphere as possible in case this is their last chance to specify which witnesses they want to talk to which documents that they that they need there is another voice next week all of them bringing in witnesses and documents but as it stands according to the rules it might be a very generous general rather generic ungenerous sort of debate about these things shall we have more witnesses and documents the democrats seem to think about it's not going to give them a chance to go into detail about each of the witnesses and the documents which is exactly what they did today this is why i'm still here this is where we're still we've only just sort of ended our live coverage of this impeachment impeachment debate they went into the mine you show off transcripts and quotes and all sorts of
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things from the house hearings so therefore they've got if you if you are watching this if your if you want to get your mind change or you're open to have your mind changed you now have the evidence even without the witnesses and the documents you know what what you might be what you might be missing but as things stand there things will remain as mitch mcconnell proposed 1314 hours ago with the timetable that we set out at the beginning of the of this program and if as seems i mean wouldn't listen to some of this today it does seem to they don't think yet that they have the full votes they need from the republicans to call witnesses if things do stay like that the republicans are still on track for getting this entire impeachment process finished before february the 4th and president from state of the union address say have i see that out of the 11 amendments that were voted on tonight there was one defection at one point susan collins i believe tell us a little more about that and could we see more defections going forward. and that's
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what the democrats are this is a procedural amendments about how much time each side will have to reply to motions the that are being introduced to the proceedings that they aren't being censored have time to read the motions before they vote on the mitch mcconnells rules as they stand and have been passed as i have about 2 hours to respond to the different motions of each side rather has only 2 hours to respond to each motion the proposal was they should have 24 hours to respond so you can break on our own not proceed drool on a procedural amendment perhaps easier for her to break on something like that rather than having john bolton testify and so on the point for these for these suppose it's called moderate republicans they have to keep on showing that they are engaged in the process they don't let up simply rubber stamping things because they need to convince swing voters in their states which could go either democrat or republican but they all just trump lackeys so they have to be seen to be doing
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stuff and that's why what mcconnell did between monday and tuesday seems very significant when mcconnell 1st published the rules propose rules for the trial he said that either side we have 2 days to make their opening statements and there was uproar and then the narrative we had this morning was mitch mcconnell changed that to 3 days because of people like susan collins who made that stands and that gave susan collins on the moderates the leeway to basically rubber stamp everything today except for that one amendment let's have to see whether yeah i mean how sort of have of this is all being played out how engaged now independents these supposed it in these moderate senators really are or whether they are simply just going through the motions to try and prove that they are independent but in the end they're probably going to acquit donald trump anyway sabotage at the end of a very long night on capitol hill thank you very much. well moving on to other news now and lebanon has a new governments with prime minister house and naming a cabinet of specialists and academics they mainly backed by hezbollah and its
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allies which is angered protesters who want ministers without political loyalties to reports from beirut. lebanon's new prime minister has sunday has finalized his cabinet lineup it took weeks of political horse trading even though those who are fighting over seats are allies and part of the ruling alliance jab's critics call him a pawn of the political elite but addressing the nation he tried to defend his cabinet at a time of mass protests over lebanon's worst economic crisis in decades was a family thought to be him we will endeavor to answer their demands to ensure that we have an independent judiciary to bring back stolen money to fight corruption to protect the poor social classes from high taxation to tackle an employment and to put in place a new electoral law that brings everyone together and then one national identity that the street has asked for oh use of the government announcement brought
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protesters who have been demanding a new leadership back onto the streets they gathered in central beirut the epicenter of a 3 month old movement to topple the political class they accuse of mismanagement and corruption protestors disputed insistence that the 20 ministers who are specialists with no political loyalties i'm here because i don't trust this new government that's going to be formed because it came from the people who have been in charge for the past 30 years and in bad doesn't bring good and bad only brings back. the few of us government has also been criticized for being controlled by the iranian backed hezbollah and for being one sided political opponents of the ruling alliance including outgoing prime minister saad and heidi refused to join the government. there just playing the same moves of the plagued $100.00 days ago so as a foot of the just stopping us in the face are laughing at us still like who are
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those people and what are they doing on the streets the government faces many challenges in the midst of an unprecedented nationwide multi-sector. uprising deb's government is expected to receive the vote of confidence in parliament but it is the support of international investors and donors that lebanon needs to get out of the economic and financial crisis the last time the un created international support group for lebanon met in december it made no financial pledges and instead called for a credible government that listens to public opinion expressed in the ongoing popular uprising. the for weeks many lebanese have been struggling to make their voices heard seen told the security forces protecting parliament building that the steel and concrete barriers will be able to protect those in power. i'm here to demonstrate against the corrupt
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regime that has been. raping this country for 30 years or more they were the only words that have killed each other. to groups each other. there is determination to continue their struggle or what people here call the revolution but the government announcement on choose they sent a clear message that the established parties are still in power lebanon's crisis is not over. beirut. india's supreme court has given the government 4 weeks to respond to more than 100 legal challenges to its new citizenship the citizenship amendment 2 weeks of protests across the country and gives prosecutors minorities from 3 neighboring countries the right to apply for citizenship but experience muslims critics say the legislation is discriminatory and petitions were filed challenging its constitutional the legacy well our correspondent elizabeth
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cohen joins us now live from new delhi let's talk us through what's been happening in the courtroom today. the stasia after 6 weeks of protests since the citizenship amendment act was passed the supreme court finally began to hear the petitions against the nor what there were more than 140 petitions filed by all sorts of groups civil society human rights organizations political parties including the main opposition congress and the indian union muslim league and we are joined now by the president of the indian union muslim league mr k. m. the more had the mr modi the in thank you for talking taking time to talk to us on algis the us a firstly why did your group father petition against the law at the supreme court the. citizens. of india. in wars against american spirit of the indian constitution. indian consumers
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in a poor. country but the bull act passed by the parliament goes against the very secular principle. president of india or pakistan. said in securely india there can't be any discriminated in legislation but he does it does community legislation and the only 3 countries muslim countries are name and muslims are excluded 6 other communities are included in this kind of disconnect here diligence you cannot we paused in the parliament there for the very act to power our bill passed by the parliament which in no is a become or an act is going quite contradictory to the very principle of the constitution if the goods against the various political litter of the constitution you should be fired as unconstitutional their choice. to kids against the.
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supreme court and how hopeful are you that the petition will get a fair share hearing at the supreme court again given that it was passed by both houses of parliament by a government that has such a strong mandate a majority in this country right now. the parliament a bill was passed not with the time being majority. but there was good or late 37 percent of the people to vote 63 percent of the peoples of india had water against a government therefore you can't say it is the deal of the majority people of india then the bill passed in the parliament with dierdre brutal murder did this but did this a bill has become to know who are go to before the supreme court we were observing the way in which the supreme court was
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a reacted did support sympathetic to the supreme court's reaction was quite sympathetic we've learned to believe that it meant war to be a passage also there are police and within 4 weeks time the government of india has had to give all the answers to the petitions and of within the 4 weeks' time the supreme court will do some sort of were hoodwinked. fun shooting. the constitution bench to hear the bill do you year the case or do it really busy or something like that on some of the relief wells or they may produce up to point b. extent there is a belief thank you very much for the time so that is the president of the indian union muslim league one of the parties that have followed the petitions and the government now has 4 weeks and what that time given to the government the protests that we've seen of round the country are set to continue against the citizenship
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law and that's a situation we'll continue watching very closely elizabeth cronon there for us in the telling thank you miles. well still ahead on al-jazeera one of the men credited with creating the cia's post 911 torture program says he'd do it again. had some pretty quiet conditions across central and eastern areas of europe tom it is not too bad guys what we're focusing on is this is massive weather out across the southwest and also a new system working its way across more northern areas of europe but have a look at this because this is some of the western med it really is far reaching this is the island of corsica it is mountainous there's been some very heavy snow and this is the just one of those results so to say this is what we're focusing on it has already brought some tremendous amounts of rain to eastern as
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a spain damaging winds as well and then look at this because we have got more snow in the 4 calls and southern france is actually next in the firing line wednesday on into thursday in fact we could pick up about 160 millimeters of rain and maybe $160.00 centimeters of snow meanwhile you'll notice by thursday there is more rain pushing into areas of the southwest so that southern areas of portugal and more western areas of spain but really by thursday it stays fine and dry across the central areas but to the north we've got some pretty strong winds in the focus of the to bring more rain and also some snow across into scandinavia still want to show that system really impacting morocco not so much across into areas of algeria but it does tend to linger so again a cool day. day at 17. frank assessment the one thing about these bushfires this is really what's going to.
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climate change in depending on the economy i think is actually what's keeping donald trump afloat when. no critical debate cyclone goes to school board lawyers all 'd of this argument is astonishing we are trying very in-depth analysis of the day's headlines this is the beginning of the iraq of the new countries in the use of the struggle against an ethnic sectarian culture the inside story on al-jazeera . the. time again i'm just on a reminder of our top stories this hour the rules have been agreed in u.s. president on trump's impeachment trial after more than 14 hours of debate republicans blocked every democratic attempt to obtain documents and evidence trump
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is charged with abuse of power and obstruction of congress. levanon has a new government with prime minister has sunday naming a cabinet of specialists and academics there mainly backed by hezbollah and its allies which is angered protesters who want ministers without political loyalties. and the indian government has been given 4 weeks to respond to legal challenges over its new citizenship and gives persecution minorities the right to apply for citizenship but excludes muslims critics say that violates india's secular constitution. well as impeachment proceedings took place in the senate the us president was hoffa while the way the world economic forum in davos trump says he's at the gathering of political and business leaders in switzerland in order to encourage investment in the united states choosing to steer away from the subject of impeachment address instead held america's economic progress. today i'm proud to wear that the united states is in the midst of an economic boom the likes of which
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the world has never seen before we've regained their stride. rediscovered our spirit and reawaken the powerful machinery of american enterprise america's thriving america is flourishing and yes america is winning again like never before. china's health ministry has warned a deadly new virus could mutate making it even more difficult to contain and control the world health organization will need place on wednesday to decide whether to take the rest of declaring a public health emergency of international concern at least 9 people have now died from the coroner virus and 440 cases have been confirmed in originated in the city of wood that has now spread to other countries in asia and the 1st case has also been identified in the united states. we were told we advise everyone not to go to
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war and we advise 100 and not to leave the city and this new special circumstances this will help reduce the flow of people and the risk of transmission and we've already strengthened monitory and prevention making ism's in provinces with all confirmed cases but our correspondent adrian brown joins us live now from hong kong adrian i see the chinese officials are now saying they're at the most critical stage of prevention and control when it comes to this outbreak presumably they're incredibly worried about what happens when millions start traveling for chinese new year. yeah absolutely right this week china becomes a nation in motion some 400000000 people will be on the move we saw some of them today hong kong scouting west railway station people though were queuing not to get on trains but to get their money back on tickets say at purchase we spoke to one man who was due to go to hand yesterday but canceled his trip he said that he got
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a call from the and he was due to see but decided not to go because she pleaded with him because the situation was so serious others were also pulling out because they said they were concerned about being on a public transport system that was sort of swarmed with so many people so the message is getting through the blue hand it's not a destination you want to go to and as you heard in that clip from leavin the deputy minister for china's national health commission the warning from china is blunt do not go to han what you're seeing it seems to me is that there is now a partial lockdown in force and it's possible that that partial lockdown could spread to other infected areas of china because when the chinese communist party gets behind something they tend to be very serious and major in the most similar virus that we know of to this one of us saw oz and memories in hong kong of sounds very much still alive had lessons been learned there since.
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yes i think lessons have been learned hong kong of course suffered terribly during that outbreak 17 years ago almost 300 people died here what we know though about this strain of corona virus is that it's slightly weaker than the sars virus but at the same time many more people are now traveling by train when compared to 17 years ago hong kong on tuesday announced that it was going to take a number of health camps holiday camps out of mothballs and put them on one side in readiness for what they anticipate will be people becoming infected so far we have not one had one confirmed infection here in hong kong but of course officials are saying it's only a question of time before that happens given that so many people across the border in the mainland have become infected and there is you know a real belief here that the official figure is in fact much higher adrian brown there live for us from hong kong thank you. now at least 36 people have been killed
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after an attack by on trips and on monday and happened in 2 villages near the logo in the north of the country 3 others were wounded the government has now announced 2 days of mourning. well for a huge number of people the consequences of a warming planet a possibility they're already a reality in somalia drought has forced more than 2 and a half 1000000 people from their homes as their farmland towns barren ramadan has this report from. dusty and parched. desert sand is slowly taking over once foretell fields in somalia. just 2 years of to the last drought and the country's again facing one of the drivers thrain is seasons in more than 3 decades. the victims are visible almost everywhere makeshift camps like this one for those affected by drought can be found in almost every city this
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is by door in southwest somalia these people of just arrived from the countryside. however builds a heart for her family from old clothes she says it took them a month to get his own name by an animal i wanted our cattle died fast and then the crops failed and we fled hanging out here and but it is still follows as we have had no help. the people of somalia have always name droughts and use the buses total milestones but that was one droughts what and or 15 years up odds now they've become the new norm and scientists say that the country has dried up mark foster in the 20th century than at any other time in the past 2000 years. these bought in plains of sundin's 2 and have always known long dry spells but they've always been followed by rain enough at least to rebuild hubs so that's can be repaid and
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milk provided for the children. that's changed 91 year old lou says he has never seen shifting weather patterns the some forgiving. her and. i don't remember how it's not having food and people recently this droughts are quite different from what we used to see there is no time for recovery they just keep coming back. just a few months ago the shadow of the man had 25 goods now she has just 5 the rest with it and died in the current drought well all up at the my welcome my high so i survive on donations from well wishers there's no pastures for the goats and i'm forced to look for grass for them and found and at times i even have to share my food with them. and it will harden is still just an economic activity for the people of somalia it is who they are. and as the climate changes they too of being
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forced change. in by door somalia now opposition politicians in venezuela have called off attempts to enter the national assembly saying they're trying to avoid violence they ended up holding a makeshift session in a public square away from congress security forces and civilians have been blocking the entrance to the opposition controlled congress for several weeks now venezuela has been facing an ongoing political crisis after one white are declared himself interim president and labeled the reelection of nicolas maduro as in the jesness and prosecutors in brazil have charge 16 people with murder over a mining dam disaster that killed more than $250.00 people last year the collapse in the southeastern states of me last year rice was brazil's worst industrial accident a nation a torrent of toxic waste its owner mining giant valley has also been charged with environmental crimes along with a german fan that certified the structure as safe. one of the 2 psychologists
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credited with creating the cia's torture program has testified at guantanamo bay as part of a pretrial hearing for 5 men charged over the september 11th attacks jim mitchell a defended his role in the controversial program as a matter of moral courage roslyn jordan reports when jim mitchell was a contract psychologist for the cia he waterboard khalid sheikh muhammad 183 times on tuesday with muhammad sitting just meters away mitchell testified at the 911 pretrial hearing mitchell said his job as an interrogator was to make suspected al qaeda members talk the fact that people are being held in isolation for years incommunicado from their families told that they're going to die there and lack all ordinary protections of
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a person in prison is outrageous mitchell said the bush administration pressured the cia and the f.b.i. to do anything and everything to prevent future attacks he said the cia persuaded him 1st to take on the case of abu zubaida and that his work with other detainees including muhammad only grew with time human rights groups say the statements detainees gave to both the cia and later the f.b.i. were given under duress and never should be used as evidence in the trial mitchell testified he knew defense lawyers are trying to keep f.b.i. statements out of this case but he chose to show up for the sake of the $911.00 victims and their families. just before tuesday's testimony and psychologist jim mitchell told the court room this let me tell you i get up today and do it again if the cia were to ask him to take part in its enhanced interrogation program mitchell
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returns to the stand for more testimony on wednesday roslyn jordan al jazeera guantanamo bay. and again this is al jazeera and these are the headlines the rules have been approved for us president on trump's impeachment trial after nearly 13 alice of debate republicans blocked every democratic attempt to obtain documents and evidence trump is charged with the abuse of power and obstruction of congress she have returns he has more from capitol hill. slowly became clear what the democrats are up to they knew this is going to happen but what they were trying to do is get as much evidence and much information on the record into the public sphere as possible in case this is their last chance to specify which witnesses they want to talk to which documents that they that they need there is another next week almost
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bring in witnesses documents well as those impeachment proceedings took place in the senate the u.s. president was hoffa whiled away at the wild economic forum in davos choosing to stay well away from the subject of impeachment trumps address instead held america's economic progress. lebanon has a new government with prime minister has naming a cabinet of specialists and academics they are mainly backed by hezbollah and its allies which is angered protesters who want ministers without political loyalties. the indian government has been given 4 weeks to respond to legal challenges over its new citizenship law it gives persecuted minority is the right to apply for citizenship but it excludes muslims critics say that violates india's secular constitution china's health ministry has warned a deadly new virus could mutate making it more difficult to contain and control the
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world health organization will meet later on when say to decide whether to take the rare step of declaring a public health emergency of international concern at least 9 people have now died from the corona virus and 440 cases have been confirmed it originated in the city but has now spread to other countries in asia and the 1st case has been identified in the united states at least 36 people have been killed after an attack by armed groups and became a fast so on monday it happened in 2 villages near buffalo go in the north of the country 3 others were injured the government has now announced 2 days of mourning well those are the headlines the news continues here on the inside story do stay with us. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take a. current affairs.
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the great and the good of global business and politics arrive in davos for their annual get together it comes off to millions of people in almost every corner of the world protested against economic inequality so will the elites in switzerland do anything to close what many say is a widening gap between rich and poor this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program on dennis' our economic system is broken richard.


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