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we should not says so much to the rest of the world's indigenous people who live here with realized that now is the smoke fills the sky it's the ashes pollute the river the rest of the world is beginning to realize it too. the. new cabinet meets for the 1st time to find a way out of the economic crisis but some protesters are heading back to the streets. to watch i'll just 0 a life from a headquarters in doha and also ahead donald trump announces plans to add more countries to the u.s. travel ban as he heads home to his impeachment trial. you see what's going on of the world country has to be seen so we have a very strong travel ban and we'll be adding
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a few countries to. china fears it's killer virus could mutate as the death toll rises and it spreads through the u.s. . costs opponents of india citizenship law their day in court supreme court judges give the government 4 weeks to respond to dozens of positions. hello it's facing an unprecedented economic crisis it's endured months of public unrest but lebanon does now have a new government the 1st cabinet meeting has been held in beirut and president michel all told the session the government must address the deteriorating economic situation and regain the confidence of the people while the announcement ended months of political deadlock it hasn't appeased some protesters and for more on this will bring in santa whether he's joining us from beirut because we understand
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we do expect some protesters to come out a little later on clearly they're trying to keep up the pressure on the new government so you know. what yes act. this is people who support the sectarian and nationwide protest movement believe that this government is similar to the previous one it's not going to change anything it's not going to make any difference and they won't be able to tackle the dire economic and financial conditions in the country the prime minister himself has found to have is under no illusion that this is going to be a very difficult task he described the situation is desperate he says lebanon is facing catastrophe he needs a support from the international community it's not just who's been saying that the president the house speaker members of the ruling alliance they know that without the help and support of the international community they will not be able to get lebanon out of this crisis donors and investors need to be convinced to unlock billions of dollars in aid that this country needs but the international community
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has been demanding a credible government a government that meets the aspirations of the people the french president manuel mccomas the 1st foreign official to comment on lebanon since the government was formed he stopped short of mentioning gaps government but he said that france would stand by legged on and our friends in the lebanon we will help them do that to face this deep crisis so it's still not clear whether or not france does support a cabinet line up but international support like i said is so important for lebanon to come out of this crisis but anger in the streets that has been the initial reaction since the government was announced late last night. lebanon's new prime minister has sunday has finalized his cabinet lineup it took weeks of political horse trading even though those who are fighting over seats are allies and part of the ruling alliance depp's critics call him a pawn of the political elite but addressing the nation he tried to defend his
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cabinet at a time of mass protests over lebanon's worst economic crisis in decades was a family thought to be him. we will endeavor to answer their demands to ensure that we have an independent judiciary to bring back stolen money to fight corruption to protect the poor of social classes from high taxation to tackle and employment and to put in place a new electoral law that brings everyone together under one national identity that the street has asked for the use of the government announcement brought protesters who have been demanding a new leadership back onto the streets they gathered in central beirut the epicenter of a 3 month old movement to topple the political class they accuse of mismanagement and corruption protestors disputed insistence that the 20 ministers who are specialists with no political loyalties i'm here because i don't trust this new
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government that's going to be formed because it came from the people who have been in charge for the past 30 years and in bad doesn't bring good and bad only brings bad. the. government has also been criticized for being controlled by the iranian backed hezbollah and for being one sided political opponents of the ruling alliance including outgoing prime minister saad and refused to join the government. they're just playing the same move that they played 100 days ago so of they're just stopping us in the face to laughing at us who are those people and what are they doing on the streets the government faces many challenges in the midst of an unprecedented nationwide. uprising deb's government is expected to receive a vote of confidence in parliament but it has the support of international investors and donors that lebanon needs to get out of the economic and financial crisis the last time created international support group for lebanon met in
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december it made no financial pledges and instead called for a credible government that the since the public opinion expressed in the long. growing popular uprising. for weeks many lebanese have been struggling to make their voices heard seen told the security forces protecting parliament building that the steel and concrete barriers won't be able to protect those in power. i'm here to demonstrate against the corrupt that is. right this country for 30 years or more they were the only words killed each other. groups each other. there is determination to continue their struggle or what people here cold their revolution the government announcement on tuesday sent
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a clear message that the established parties are still in power lebanon's crisis is not over the officials are trying to reach out to the people promising a new beginning telling them give us a chance now some people may be willing to do that because there is a need for a government in order to deal with the dire economic conditions but there are others who have lost faith in the state and they say that they will stay on the streets and they will continue to demand for a new lebanon but the question is 3 months of protests did little to convince those in power to relinquish power so what protests can actually achieve is really not clear ok zain i will cross back to you later thank you for the time being. now the u.s. president is planning to extend his controversial travel ban to more countries he made that announcement a short time ago as he left the world economic forum in davos and headed back to washington d.c. where his impeachment trial is starting. we have to be safe our country has to be
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safe you see what's going on in the world our country has to be safe so we have a very strong travel ban and we'll be adding a few countries to let's find out more from our white house correspondent kimberly how could any more detail on what trungpa to say over a davos on the travel ban yeah we know the countries that could be affected by this expansion include bella reuss burma nigeria tens of eritrea 1000000 mark here to stand in sudan this is a highly controversial process policy of the trumpet ministration particularly when it was brought in shortly after donald trump's inauguration many people felt that it was an even called it a muslim band at the time because it had applied to mostly muslim majority countries now the white house pushed back on that saying there are certainly many muslim majority countries that aren't on the list they also said that this is about security protocols and so in fact when this 1st came out there were 2 countries that were actually lifted when they began to adhere to what the u.s.
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said was required in order to get off this list namely stepping up biometrics also counterterrorism partnerships with the united states so these new countries that according to the white house a statement to al jazeera apparently not in compliance with u.s. standards but again the white house saying that should they come into line they can be removed from the list and during that press conference can believe that he was giving over in davos he made a few surprising comments some would say when it came to the his impeachment trial currently underway in the u.s. . yeah and some colorful ones at that too the u.s. president one point calling some of his critics with regard to the impeachment trial using the word sleazebags which is certainly something i've never heard a u.s. president say before he also did talk about not just in shocking language but the fact that he is maintaining his innocence that he believes that he's done nothing wrong and while he would like to have witnesses testify in this including the
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former national security adviser john bolton he says he can't allow that because of national security basically what he's saying once again nothing new but alleging that this is all just an effort to undo the 2016 results of the u.s. election take a listen. to the hopes it's a disgrace they talked about their tremendous case and. their tremendous case they had no case it's all a hoax it's a con job like he's a corrupt politician now one of the men that has been giving a sort of interviews in the united states in recent weeks is man by the name of lev parness he in fact says that he has intimate knowledge of this repair a little diplomacy possible quid pro quo that the u.s. president was conducting as part of his policy towards ukraine the u.s. president in that davos press conference saying in fact that he was nothing more in love partisan as a groupie who showed up at fundraisers in fact the president says he's done nothing
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wrong his transcript shows that it was a perfect phone call and he says with regard to this impeachment trial that is just another hoax as you heard in that sound bite there what he's doing is standing for good and that history will look back on him favorably he says he's not enjoying it but is the greatest thing i've ever done for our country ok can really thanks for that update from washington. so as you mentioned the u.s. senate has now agreed on the rules for the impeachment trial following nearly 13 hours of debate. reports on a long opening day that stretched well into the night its founders trusted the senate to rise above short term passions at the last moment senate majority leader mitch mcconnell altered his proposed rules for the impeachment trial gome was the possibility that the evidence collected during the various house inquiries might not be entered into evidence in the senate trial of the democratic party house managers and white house lawyers would now have 3 days and not 2 to make their
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opening statements that left the issue of witnesses and documents house democrats argue that they were withheld in the course of their inquiries into whether donald trump was withholding congressionally mandated military aid for ukraine in return for an investigation into former vice president joe biden and that these must be produced in the senate trials a leader mcconnell wants a trial with no existing evidence and no new evidence a trial without evidence is not a trial it's a cover up the white house argues that the request for more evidence proves the democrats don't have a strong case against the president they said in their brief we have overwhelming evidence and there are afraid to make their case think about it think about it it's common sense overwhelming evidence. to impeach the president of the united states and then they come here on the 1st day and they say you know what we need some more evidence the white house also argues
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that the documents and witnesses are privileged in order to shape foreign policy the president must be able to have private deliberations with advisers and that's an argument rejected by the democrats make the argument that the president's conduct here was was it was conduct that every president should be allowed to engage in and i think that most americans don't believe that mr chief justice i yield back the democrats failed to pass their amendments on the mcconnell's rules so they will be another chance to debate the need for more witnesses and documents but only after opening arguments and the cross-examination of the house managers and white house lawyers he just watch donald trump was reported to be monitoring proceedings while attending the world economic forum in switzerland his position remains unchanged. folks so the democrats now have 3 days beginning on wednesday to make their opening arguments the white house says its lawyers may not need that much time and certainly hopes that all of this will be wrapped up before the state
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of the union address on february 4th with donald trump's acquittal. washington. credits. for church program. hello there has been substantial snow in her car the nose in japan as the cold air comes out of siberia but for the rest of japan it's not been a cold winter temps are about average day but the lack of snow is telling me has been some in the finals west of honshu otherwise it's just the high ground in the middle of the main islands and there is rain and there's more rain in the forecast it tends to be for the sas it's certainly catching tokyo and it's later belt will move further south rather than right across the island but the chinese end of it
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shows substantial rain in the middle of china again heading south tails off into the high ground of you none and then disappears almost all together but that certainly potential for flash flood and we're talking the middle of winter i'm talking rain we're not really talking snow even in beijing the temperatures plus 3 it shouldn't really be though it is getting colder once more to the south of that you'd expect to be see big shout developing in sumatra and java the biggest songs here and borja there are fewer in borneo and in the forecast to tend to be a little bit further south and west but anywhere into these here is like you see substantial right it's the right time of the year whereas in thailand things are so quiet the day qualities questionable in bangkok nothing's moving. but. frank assessments the one good thing about these bushfires is that really well
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you know the politics of climate change informed opinions economy i think is actually what's keeping donald trump afloat right now critical debate sequel on the streets don't even know what the law is all about this argument is astonishingly patronize an in-depth analysis of the day's headlines this is the beginning of the iraq of the new conscious and aware use of that struggle against an ethnic sectarian kotor inside story on al-jazeera. you're. here with al-jazeera the top stories this hour the 1st meeting of lebanon's new cabinet was held in beirut a few hours ago presidents michel and told the session the government must address
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the deteriorating economic situation and regain the confidence of the public. u.s. president donald trump is planning to extend his controversial travel ban there are reports that 7 countries will be added to the list including bella reuss eritrea kurdistan me and more nigeria sudan and tanzania trump cited security as the reason . the world health organization is meeting to decide whether to declare an international health emergency over the old break of a new virus in china 9 people have so far died from corona virus and more than 470 cases confirmed and now china's government is urging people to avoid traveling in or out of the city of where it originated it suspected the virus might have spread to hong kong. and with this rapid flow of people across the border it makes hong kong even more vulnerable should there's a d.c. spirit so i want to assure you of that we have a system with
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a protocol we have the resources we have the isolation facilities in our public hospitals as well as in some of the makeshift isolation facilities making use of holiday camps if quarantine is needed for some of those in close contact with this particular passenger through very effective contact tracing so that's kerry speaking at the world economic forum in davos let's bring in a germ brown who's joining us from hong kong what more are we learning about this one case so far as far as we know in hong kong adrian or you know. yes tonight we've been hearing from sophia changi the health secretary here in hong kong and she confirmed at a media conference several hours ago that hong kong now has its 1st confirmed case of somebody suffering from this virus she says the person is a mainland tourist who had traveled from will which of course is the epicenter of this fire it's now he is now being admitted to hospital he is in isolation he was
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detected when he arrived to west kaolin station passengers arriving there have their temperatures tested automatically with thermal imaging and he was identified very quickly but what is surprising is that his family were allowed to go into hong kong they stayed the night in a hotel here arriving on tuesday night and then later flew out to the philippines so questions are being asked as to why that family wasn't quarantined and it's another reminder of just how easily possibly this far as canal travel not just here in china but also across the rest of asia earlier today we heard from china's vice minister of the country's national health commission and he confirmed that the death toll that the infection rate had now risen from 442471 with 9 deaths confirmed also we've had confirmed cases in neighboring macau as well as taiwan so all of greater china now is affected by this fire as the question now is
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what will china do next president xi jinping is promising to take tough action to protect he says the chinese people he says protecting their health is paramount. as the disease spreads to more of china's provinces the leadership has issued an unequivocal order to all officials be honest and transparent that now includes the media. state t.v. is devoting more coverage to the containment measures in wu han where the outbreak began 3 weeks ago medical teams have been instructed to intensify their efforts after a warning the virus could mutate and expand my man again we are told we advise everyone not to go to war and we advise one residents not to leave the city and less do special circumstances this will help reduce the flow of people and the risk of transmission but the flow of people to china goes on but kalyan west train
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station in hong kong most passengers were heeding the advice to wear face masks in crowded places. there are 2 direct trains a day from here to han on wednesday many passengers were canceling trips and seeking refunds i am certainly more on the fire i was supposed to be going to and i had not been back for 15 years now there is this big disease and my aunt told me not to come i think it's pretty serious the way they didn't want to and i'm worried about the huge crowds on the transport system and a possible big outbreak of the virus. this is the suspected source of the virus a wholesale seafood market in moon hand media reports say it's sold out of the rioting of wild meat under new measures announced on wednesday the trade in such meat as well as live poultry is now banned the majority of those who've died so far
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had underlying illnesses and most were elderly chinese officials say they'll be attending wednesday's key meeting of the world health organization which is expected to declare this virus a global health emergency something it hasn't done since the outbreak of the apolo virus 6 years ago adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong india supreme court has given the government 4 weeks to respond to more than 100 legal challenges to its new citizenship laws. the citizenship amendment act has led to weeks of protests across the country it gives persecuted minorities from 3 neighboring countries the right to apply for citizenship but excludes muslims critics say the legislation is discriminatory and petitions were filed challenging its constitutional village it seems elizabeth purana is in new delhi with more on the court's decision and the continuing protests against the law. after that more than one month of protests and the citizenship was the supreme court 3 judges
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a 3 judge bench including the chief justice of the supreme court of india and here in petitions again they have given the indian government 4 weeks to respond to these petitions most of the petitions say that by granting citizenship on the basis of religion the citizenship against india secular constitution they have also been protests from the northeastern states and they have a completely different issue with the citizenship. they receive northeastern states have received the largest number of. citizenship this way regardless of what religion people they say that it goes against agreement with the government and the supreme court decided on that that it will hear those issues separately in 2 months that we've seen around the country continuing here in the capital new delhi. which is the capital.
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among 3 states have passed resolutions at the state. against the north something like 10 states that. say that they are going to go ahead with this. around the country and those protests we are expecting them to continue. its experts wants an investigation into new evidence that the saudi crown prince was involved in hacking the phone of amazon boss jeff bezos. who investigated the killing of the journalist. says they've received forensic analysis that shows dots how was stolen from bezos his phone what happened officer who received whatsapp messages from been sent money bezos owns the washington post newspaper which employs. who was murdered by a team of assassins at the saudi consulate in istanbul. the iranian president's
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chief of staff says iran and saudi arabia should work together to resolve their problems tensions have long been high between the 2 countries diplomatic relations were severed after an attack on the saudi embassy into iran and 2016. has more from to. this comes at a time when iran finds itself in a situation where it needs all the friends it has in this region this is something the chief of staff alluded to he said that there is no reason for iran not to have good relations with its neighbors including saudi arabia of course iran and saudi have had a very tumultuous relationship over the past few years and it began in january of 2016 when number of the rainy and stormed the saudi embassy in tehran and the stroy what was inside because they were angry about an execution of a shia cleric in saudi arabia since then saudi officials have cut diplomatic relations with tehran and things have just escalated since then given the war in
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yemen and a number of other things that have taken place so there is a sense on the iranian side anyways for now that there needs to be a close look at this relationship and one of the main sticking points for a rainy and is the war in yemen they want to see an end to that as soon as possible and they say they are ready to go back to stablish the relationship with saudi arabia as soon as that happens and the statement we heard from rouhani chief of staff today just a highlights how important saudi arabia is for iran and of course in the to having stability in this region. the new presidents of greece is the 1st woman elected to the large these ceremonial posts it cuts a rainy secular rope alou who's due to be sworn in in march has the wide support of m.p.'s the prime minister says the election of the former judge shows greece is entering a new era. despite repeated warnings that that's how volcano the philippines could erupt any time some people still refuse to leave the danger zone so that's
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resulting in stand offs with the military who have been ordered to evacuate anyone and everyone from the area and dog and reports from province. on patrol the attack volcano it's been over a week since the initial eruption and soldiers continued to try to keep away residents with homes here i mean let me let me know if we're going to die we are going to die here just allow us to go in in there i mean giving up i don't know you can say you have no for me sure the give me the pound of sun that they receive is on lockdown one of the many towns within the 14 kilometer government declared danger zone its evacuation was ordered because of the eruption danger but that hasn't stopped people from returning and not only are we have 10 pegs how are they going to be fed we're ok. no has exploded yet. they're stubborn
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they insist they are safe and they don't know what they're doing it with the police can't stop them. there along the border than 100000 filipinos forced from their homes because of the threat of an imminent major eruption many are in temporary shelters while others stay with relatives nearby the majority come from coastal villages like this one where hundreds of families depend on fishing for their livelihood many continue to brave the waters no matter how dangerous we reached the coastal villages on the same scene and that is that our pain no current in nationalists mail-o. peaceful but it's actually this relative period of call that make people here more nervous. experts say the apparent a volcanic in the uk to vittie this in mean the danger is over the alert level remains at $41.00 below the highest in just that is there's only been toileted that
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. really really explode it will really rob. it is our duty to go back for them and what they were because we were in the grip. getting out of. town was a well known tourist destination now many areas are reduced to this colorless barren landscape. some are defying the teacher no matter what refusing to accept that the life they've always known never to see again. al-jazeera sent that they received that but on this province northern philippines the leader of italy's 5 star movement is expected to resign putting further strain on the coalition government but it's thought luigi demaio will continue his foreign minister the popularity of the anti establishment party has collapsed since its landslide election within 2 years ago 315 star m.p.'s have either been expelled or defected
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in party infighting since well you can read much more about that on our website al-jazeera dot com very you'll find the day's top stories as well al jazeera dot com. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera this hour 1st meeting of lebanon's new cabinet was held in beirut a few hours ago president michel and told the session the government must address the deteriorating economic situation and regain the confidence of the people u.s. president donald trump was planning to extend his controversial travel ban and there were poor it starts 7 countries will be added to the list including belarus eritrea kurdistan me and nigeria sudan and tanzania trump cited security as the reason we have to be safe our country has to be safe you see what's going on in the world
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our country has to be safe so we have a very strong travel ban and we'll be adding a few countries too. china's government has issued a travel advisory to avoid a city at the center of a new virus the 1st case of the respiratory infections now been confirmed in the u.s. and hong kong's chief executive has confirmed there's a highly suspected case there as well and with this rapid flow of people across the border it makes hong kong even more vulnerable should there's d.c. spirit so i want to assure you that we have a system with a protocol we have the resources we have the isolation facilities in our public hospitals as well as in some of the makeshift isolation facilities speaking use of quality camps if quarantine is needed for some of those in close contact with this particular passenger through very effective contact tracing into a supreme court has given the government 4 weeks to respond to more than 100 legal
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challenges to its new citizenship law these citizenship amendment act has led to weeks of protests across the country it gives persecuted minorities from 3 neighboring countries the right to apply for citizenship but excludes muslims critics say the legislation is discriminatory un human rights experts once investigation into new evidence of the saudi crown prince was involved in hacking the phone of amazon boss jeff bezos agnus color maher who investigated the killing of journalist. in turkey says they've received forensic analysis that shows dots how was stolen from instance phone and that happened after he received whatsapp messages from crown prince mohammed bin sandman those are the headlines the bottom line is coming up next on al-jazeera thanks for watching. we understand the difference is similarities of cultures across the ground similar matter how you
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take a. current affair. hi i'm steve clements and i have a question the trial to remove president donald trump has begun but how does it end let's get to the bottom line. for only the 3rd time in the history of america the president of the united states will face trial by the legislative branch of government according to democrats what's at stake is the rule of law and the future of democracy according to many republicans who hold the majority of the u.s. senate this is a wasteful and divisive charade or to quote president trump a hoax now as the senate turns into a big courtroom the big question is does the president have the right to push other countries in this case ukraine to do his bidding wait a minute every president does that sort of thing the real question is whether it.


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