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speed you. repeat in production expected to traffic little audience how this could impact this is an important part of the now does it is very good news to the world from. the. u.n. experts demand an investigation into evidence that saudi arabia hacked into the phone of the washington post's and amazon owner jeff bezos. play watching al-jazeera life among local headquarters in doha fully back t. ball also coming out he personally asked the foreign government to investigate his opponent opening arguments in president trump's impeachment trial the lead democratic prosecutor makes a case for mary for removing the president from his office. honestly we have
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a world of material they don't have the material the president in davos is defiant but democrats say he has been bragging about withholding evidence and old soul the stuff our china holds flies and trains out of the city of the center of a fire is outbreak that's killed 17 people so far. here those are all good sisterhood that's why the us was corrupt government was to look up we're also in beirut where protests rejecting lebanon's new government descended into quiet sense street battles. thank you for joining us u.n. human rights experts are calling for an investigation into new allegations that saudi arabia's crown prince was involved in hacking the phone of amazon and washington post boss jeff bezos relations between the waltz richest man and saudi
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arabia soured after the murder of journalist. he was a regular contributor to the washington post's nickel again. 15 months after the murder of saudi journalists. in the kingdom's consulate in istanbul the fallout continues jeff bezos the boss of the world's largest online shop amazon also owns the washington post the newspaper khashoggi wrote for he's now at the center of a hacking probe un human rights experts including agnes kalmadi who investigated crucial g.'s murder say they've looked at forensic analysis that points to dart of being stolen from basal says phone in 20 itin that happened after bay's also received whatsapp messages from the personal account of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin some on possibly the experts say to try and influence articles in the
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washington post the guinea shola expert conduct an. investigation concluded reason medium or high certainty that the show also of the hijacking was a videophile send to me stone. and account by the crown prince on the sidelines of the world economic forum the saudi energy minister responded to the allegation is it. was a democracy people are concerned. i'm stupid you know that at the same time the wall street journal reported that saudi officials close to the crown prince said they were aware of a plan to hack baze also as foreign as part of a broader intimidation campaign against how shoji but not aware of any attempt to blackmail him well i think upset is exactly the right way the idea that the conference would have jeff bezos of photos absolutely silly. as baze also supported
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g.'s fiance following his murder in 2018 relations with been some man soweth. bay's also security team alleged last march that the kingdom gained private information from his phone involving text messages between him and a former t.v. news presenter this latest analysis implicates the crown prince for the 1st time i think that it's hard to believe that if they had this successful capability and were brazenly willing to use it against one of the most powerful people in the world that they would stop there the saudis have been accused of other hacking attacks but baze also is by far the most high profile person involved and these latest allegations are expected to only worsen relations between the world's richest men and the kingdom a strategic ally of the us nicola gage al-jazeera i heard there from un
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special rapporteur agnes column on when she spoke to al-jazeera here's more from that interview. any shoulder expo to conduct an. investigation concluded reason medium to or high certainty that it was so also the hacking was a videophile send to me stove top web site. and account and by the crown prince we subsequently david kay and i asked independent expert to review the findings all of the initial team of experts and they to i've reached a similar level conclusion as the. forensic study i would want to point out i decided that you just saw a d.c. court for a forensic expert wheeze an incredible means and disposal to reach
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100 per cent. so teach you a certainty order so also the action that should be a wake up according to all of us that twee are confronting a technology and and an industry that is extremely difficult to trace even riza best and highest resources at our disposal those allegations place. the crime trend and the center of a campaign on the hacking surveillance and intimidation that's a fair saying in my view based on mine were created to the killing of democrats show game those allegations today reinforce the call and i have made for sorow independent investigation into the mastermind behind the killing of casualty
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and particularly an investigation into the nature and extent of their responsibilities at the highest level of the state including by mohammed bin salman . a short time ago jeff bezos tweeted a photo of himself with fiance and veiling a plaque last october marking the one year anniversary of g.'s murder and the hash tag led speech alan fischer is across the story for us from washington d.c. alan the u.n. wanting an investigation and the u.s. congress also wanting to get involved and set. ron wyden who is a democratic senator from oregon he has written to jeff bezos just in the last few hours saying you'd like some more information about the hike that jeff bezos has been talking about he says that this is part of a growing trend of saudi arabia hacking using tools to try and get information the timeline here is very important jeff bezos believes his phone was hacked around me
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2800 that's a number of months before the death of jamal khashoggi although he was writing critical comments critical columns in the washington post at that time but it's also our own that time that jeff bezos was doing a tour around in the middle east because he was talking about citing a large share of put a farm somewhere in the area and sodium arabia was very keen to land that $1000000000.00 project so there is the real possibility that his phone was hacked because the saudis wanted to get information who else was he talking to what incentives was he being offered by other countries to say to their and so that is why this is so important there's another reason which we'll get to in a 2nd but let me tell you that the saudi embassy in the u.s. has tweeted out that it's absurd to think that mohammed bin selman what jeff bezos is phone and called for an investigation that led to a number of people responding saying you know the sort of investigation that
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someone like oh i don't know jamal khashoggi with cardio of course he can't because you mark why is this all very important well it also extends to the white house that is because because jerry cushion or who is a close advisor to president donald trump talks to mohammed bin solomon on a regular basis he's talked about the situation in iran he's talked about middle east peace and how is it carried out these communications well he's done it through what's up so of course people are know beginning to wonder is there a possibility that jerry ford has been compromised by the saudi. certainly the f.b.i. are talking about investigation and that is probably one of the things that they will want to know and certainly people like the n.s.c. who deal with security of this type will be looking jared for and we want to find out more information from him so this isn't just about a businessman jamal khashoggi on a server farm this could potentially have much bigger implications thank you allan
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for that alan fischer live in washington now earlier i spoke to jody westby who is the c.e.o. of the consultancy global cyber vest she says the hack should not be linked to jamal khashoggi is mad at the consultant indicated that malware was sent through a video file using what's app it has whatsapp as we know is encrypted in into and messaging program that's very popular doesn't have anything to do with the security of what's app it was the video file that was sent. as a bio what's app to mr b.'s those that apparently contain the malware that when that was opened then it would have entered into his phone by of that message well i think people are wrong to link this hacking to jim office shoki i don't think that i think the saudis were implicated in the hacking it's good they're kind of admitting that but i think it had to do with their with the crown prince is very
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keen efforts to have amazon web services establish a web center in saudi arabia in january of 28 team. amazon announced his interest in saudi arabia and may of 28 teens mr bezos had met with with the crown prince and then the hacking occurred shortly after there after i don't. show he wasn't killed until october of 2018 so between may and october there's a big gap and happens all the time we know the malware is out there and it's used by different bad actors for different purposes remember the united states was spying on angela merkel and had access to her cell phone and it caused to create a lot of problems between the u.s. and germany so certainly what this case highlights is the ability of nation states not only to conduct cyber attacks but to conduct surveillance or cyber attacks on the leaders of the country as well as its economic leaders and certainly mr bezos as a global economic leader with the valuation of amazon and how much it contributes to
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global economies. live pictures right now from the u.s. senate floor and to president. president donald trump's impeachment trial continues in the u.s. senate the democrats to his prosecution as have been giving their opening statements speaking right now is jason kroll earlier we had heard from adam schiff . being as the chief prosecutor in this trial he's leading the charge for the democrats in his opening statements schiff said he charms actions present actions show that he believes he is above than on that the democrats have 3 days to make their case before the president gets 3 days to deliver they have rebuttal and the child could potentially and next week present trump it's all but certain to be acquitted 20 senators from his republican party need to vote in favor of his
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removal and so far none have said to that in an unprecedented fashion the president ordered the entire executive branch of the united states of america to categorically refuse and completely obstruct the house's impeachment investigation such a wholesale obstruction of uncrushed congressional impeachment has never before occurred in our democracy and it represents one of the most blatant efforts to cover up in history if not remedied by his conviction in the senate and removal from office president trump's abuse of his office and obstruction of congress will permanently alter the balance of power among the branches of government inviting future presidents to operate as if they are also beyond the reach of accountability congressional oversight and the law. let's check in with
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the heidi on capitol hill for us heidi it's more than 4 hours now since the democrats began their opening arguments talk this with their main point so far what have we heard. it fully so one thing that stuck out over these opening arguments thus far is that democrats are using some of this newly developed evidence that was not part of the impeachment inquiry those hearings into president trump and this new evidence that was just released in the last few weeks while the senate was waiting for this trial to begin some of it includes these messages that the president's personal attorney rudy giuliani had been sending to the president of the ukraine in which giuliani claims he was acting with the full knowledge and consent of the president in conducting what others have called this shadow campaign trying to pressure ukraine's president to announce investigations into trump's political rival joe biden and not
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a part of another piece of new evidence is the impeach a manager citing the government report that just came out last week it was reduced by a nonpartisan federal watchdog agency that found the security aide that trump withheld from ukraine the $400000000.00 that the holding itself was illegal according to the watchdog agency so these are these are new pieces of evidence that haven't been talked about in judicial format prior to today so that is something new apart from that we have seen these prosecutors walk through the existing evidence getting these 100 senators who are ultimately the ones that will decide whether president truck remains in office to go through that evidence piece by piece highlighting excerpts from those witnesses use showing the video excerpts of the witnesses testifying to the exist. since of this shuttle campaign and of how important the
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security aid really was to ukraine the question of whether or not this is landing you know with these senators evan and how they're responding to it that is an open question if you go out into the senate chamber which our producer catherine berger has done you can see that the senators themselves some are taking notes some are and last night as these arguments went of well into the middle the night some were taking now so it's a situation where certainly they're taking this very seriously paying attention and then on the outside speaking with reporters sticking by their partisan gods no surprises there with democrats extremely critical of the president saying that you know he endangered national security and that he's guilty of a cover up in not allowing congress to fully investigate these accusations while present trends republican defenders saying that they will go down in history as defending the president's innocence in this matter and of course the context of all
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this as you pointed out the beginning fully is it is a huge hurdle to cross in order for these democrats to convince the senate to convict or remove president 2 thirds majority meaning 20 republican senators would have to agree to do that and at this point that is very very slim the possibility id thank you very much for that update. for us in washington d.c. now president meanwhile is on his way back to washington he's expected very soon flying back from switzerland where he attended the economic forum in davos our white house correspondent kimberly halkett has more. he was in davos switzerland to talk trade with world leaders but in his 1st press conference since the senate impeachment trial began donald trump couldn't help lashing out at his democratic adversaries calling them major sleaze bags that his mind set focused on his defense told. reporters he wanted to let members of his administration testify like former
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national security advisor john bolton secretary of state mike pump a o. and other top officials he even floated the possibility of showing up himself left . the white house. right the front row and stare their corrupt faces i'd love to do it i don't know. you may convince me to do it trump seemed fixated on the trial back home even as the white house hoped trump would use the world economic forum to highlight accomplishments on trade trampas corey when asked when he'll tariff imports of european cars to the united states i have a date in my mind and it's a fairly quick date past threats of tariffs have sparked backlash from european officials and it could hurt efforts to negotiate another trump trade priority reform of the world trade organization and
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a new trade deal with the united states and european union still trump says he hopes to have a deal before the 2020 presidential election. also confirmed he's expanding his controversial travel ban barring citizens of certain countries from entering the u.s. a couple of countries to we have to be safe our country has to be safe. trumps ban sparked protests in the u.s. when he introduced it less than a week after taking office. here. and he called it a muslim ban for targeting muslim majority countries like iran and somalia and fought it in court 2018 the supreme court upheld the policy the white house promises countries can be removed from the travel ban list if they step up security but those headlines from trump's impromptu press conference were once again overshadowed at the impeachment trial on capitol hill mr justice. believes could
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shape his legacy when i finish i think that this is going to go down as one of the greatest things i've done for our country thank you very much despite allegations to the contrary trump insists he's committed no wrongdoing and efforts to remove him from office are an attempt to undo the results of the 2016 election and influence the next one. as you heard there trying to use his press conference in davos to lash out against the impeachment proceedings he also both said about withholding some evidence from the democrats they had a phony concocted story made so his story did nothing wrong it was a perfect conversation it was totally appropriate the best lawyers in the world of looked at it the department of justice has looked at it given it a sign of there was nothing wrong so we're doing very well i got to watch enough i thought our team did a very good job but honestly we have all the material they don't have the material
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. and live to kimberly halkett now our white house correspondent kimberly the white house is keeping tabs on this trial in the senate tell us about their reaction so far. yeah the latest statements coming back ground from white house officials to al-jazeera the statement from the president's long time personal attorney who is one of the team members arguing the case on behalf of the president the senate jay sekulow he says that there is a lot to rebut and we will rebut we will challenge aggressively the case that they are putting forward meaning the democrats they specifically take issue with adam schiff one of the house managers the lead house managers the point that he has been repeatedly making is that the president. conducted quid pro quo in his conduct with ukrainian leader but they point out that this never alternately ended up in the 2 articles of impeachment in other words the 2 things that the president did wrong in
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fact this is something that has been pounced on him as well by a number of attorneys generals from republican states these would be the highest lawyers that each of those states controlled by republicans they've sent a letter to the u.s. senate stating in fact that they believe this case against the president is particularly weak given the fact that he has not been charged with obstruction of justice in this trial but instead of struction of congress which is not actually a criminal charge so there is a lot of defense coming not surprisingly from the white house as we watch democrats argue this case but also from outside washington from republican attorneys generals in states all around the united states and the president himself seems very pleased with the case his legal team has been making. yes and in fact they are using this as a way to fund raise we just got an e-mail that is coming from the trump presidential reelection campaign in fact they are asking supporters to donate because of this
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what they call the phony impeachment hoax they're trying to raise $2000000.00 in the next 24 hours we've seen these types of fundraising efforts in the past where the president has not only met those fundraising goals but exceeded them and in fact the truck campaign manager brad parr schell saying that this is really fired up supporters in fact they according to their focus groups say that no one is really paying attention to this trial they see this as a case and this was what one of the calculations democrats feared most that the president would come across as a victim in all of this and this would boost his re-election efforts interesting thank you so much kimberly for speaking to us about asking me how kate is alive on white house correspondent live there from washington other world news now in planes trains and public transport in the chinese city of have been shut down as authorities battle the spread of a deadly new virus at least 17 people have died across china due to the corona virus while hundreds more have fallen ill people have also been banned from leaving
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one hot unless they have a specific reason japan south korea the united states and taiwan have also reported one case each and there are reports it's also spreading to hong kong from wagering brown reports. as the disease spreads to more of china's provinces the leadership has issued an unequivocal order to all officials be honest and transparent that now includes the media. state t.v. is devoting more coverage to the containment measures in wu han where the outbreak began 3 weeks ago medical teams have been instructed to intensify their efforts after warning the virus could mutate and expand mine and. we advise everyone not to go to. and we advise one residents not to leave the city and less do special circumstances this will help reduce the flow of people and the risk of transmission but the flow of people to china goes on at calhoun west train station in hong kong most passengers were heeding the advice to wear face masks in
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crowded places. the writ to direct trains a day from here to woo han own wednesday many passengers were canceling trips and seeking refunds hi yeah yeah someday mobo you i'm to fire my was supposed to be going to woo her on my had not being bank for 15 years now there is this big disease and my aren't till we not to come i think it's pretty serious here way they did on toward to a i done i'm worried about the huge crowns on the transport system and a possible big outbreak of the virus ok this is the suspected source of the virus a whole sale seafood market in lieu hand media reports say it's sold of the riaa t. of wild meet under new measures announced on wednesday the trade in such meet as well as life pull tree is now banned the majority of those who've died so far had underlying illnesses a most were elderly chinese official say they'll be attending wednesday's key
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meeting of the world health organization which is expected today clear this virus a global health emergency some think it hasn't done since the outbreak of the a bolo virus 6 years ago adrian brown al-jazeera on call to levanon end scenes of chaos anger in fighting have erupted in bayville it's barely a day after in your goffman to forms the cabinet met for the 1st aman when sake promising to end months of political and economic crisis is but to protester is a pot of the same political elite they blame for widespread corruption zana hodder has ari off from bay or it's the people versus the state leben on is in turmoil anti establishment protesters briefly a broke through security barriers outside parliament square there is anger over a new government heard is slowed like a lier the because it who it is the not made your main ourself react mit the authorities are all liars corrupt we don't trust i'm they can't deceive us they
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can't form a government to wade they want their will not stay in power we will not leave the streets we are hungry and dead and we have nothing left to lose. for hours out-i riot police tried to quell the unrest using teargas and water cannons but the few 100 young men were defiant challenging security forces for hours using rocks stones and firecrackers central beirut has been a battleground in the past week but in the past few hours the confrontations have to ask those that are violent. the most violent and aggressive since the protest movement against the political class began in october anger is escalating among the lebanese who are demanding a new leadership they believe the new cabinet reflects the previous one protesters are not convinced politicians will carry out the needed reforms because that would mean losing access to the state's resources for personal gain they also question
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whether the ministers appointed by politicians are able to hold corrupt officials accountable. to scandal the remarks not to shop and of many of them this government doesn't represent the lebanese the politicians brought their sleeves to thinking we wouldn't look nice but they are both looking at a little known engineering professor and one time minister as lebanon's new prime minister has was the choice of the country's ruling alliance his cabinet line up has been criticised for lacking change and being one sided it convened for its 1st session on wednesday and it now needs to work on an economic and financial programme to reassure the lebanese about their future but president michel aoun also told the government they need to regain the confidence of the international community foreign support is needed to unlock billions of dollars in aid the international community cares about one thing today is the ability of his government to deliver on the form when this team proved to be really independent.
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when when they. proved they can but they are not but isn't the office system. in place. and. opponents of the political class are divided over the way forward some believe the movement should remain peaceful while others support a violent campaign. for a 2nd consecutive night yes serious you'd try to convince the security forces to join their ranks and to stop protecting the elite who he said are responsible for all their pain. orders were carried out and the arrest was eventually contained scenes like these are becoming more frequent it's cause i'm concerned about the future of a country deeply divided with those who are defending the status quo and those demanding a new look at on center for their al-jazeera beirut. the u.n.
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envoy for yemen is calling for an urgent deescalation of violence. fighting has intensified north of yemen's capital sanaa since an attack on government soldiers on saturday sunday led military coalition has launched air strikes on who he positions in nam killing dozens of people in recent days 15 others died in fighting between the rebels and forces neuer to recognize confident in saying. hello again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera un human rights experts are calling for an investigation into new allegations that saudi arabia's crown prince was involved in the hacking of the phone of amazon and washington post boss jeff bezos relations between the world's richest man and saudi arabia solid
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after the murder of janice jamal. the senate impeachment trial of donald trump is underway. a at the heart of the case against the president is a phone call with ukraine's leader during which trump allegedly pressured him to investigate a rival adam schiff the chief prosecutor in the trial has said in his opening statement that trump's actions show that he believes he is a boss than all the president was the key player in the scheme everyone was in the loop he directed the actions of his team he personally asked the foreign government to investigate his opponent these facts are not in dispute ultimately the question for you is whether the president's undisputed actions require the removal of the 45th president of the united states from office meanwhile president trump is on his way back to washington after attending the world economic forum in switzerland he uses for eskom friends in davos to lash out against impeachment proceedings he also boasted about withholding some evidence from the democrats.
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plain strains in public transport in the chinese city of we have been shut down as authorities battled the spread of a deadly new virus at least 7000 people have been killed across china by the corona virus 100 small have fallen ill people have also been banned from leaving unless they have a specific reason they've been scenes of chaos on the streets solve lebanon's capital beirut after fighting erupted protesters have been venting their anger about the formation of a new government a cabinet met earlier for the 1st time saying it would work to end months of political and economic turmoil. and those are the headlines as always spente more news on our website at al-jazeera dot com the very latest on all of the top stories on there coming up next here it's people empower us to stay with us. examining the impact of today's headlines you use the misinformation and i've used the term by
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setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions how unique a load is this in terms of modern american history when it comes to racism you have the makings of a nail fascist mold international filmmakers and world class journalists bring programs to inspire. on al-jazeera. humanity relies heavily on insects to pollinate crops that feed the world but have pesticides intensive farming and climate change rule to represent damage on that crucial ecosystem some ecologists of want that at least 40 percent of insect species could be facing extinction could potentially catastrophic consequences for life on earth 2 and a half journalist eric campbell has been to find out why.


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